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Avoiding hospital in pandemic increased heart disease deaths: Study. Report Dec 22, 2020 354
Avoiding hospital in pandemic increased heart disease deaths: Study. Report Dec 22, 2020 408
Value of C-reactive Protein/Albumin Ratio for Predicting Ischemia in Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy/C-reaktif Protein/Albumin Oraninin Miyokardiyal Perfuzyon Sintigrafisinde Iskemi Ongormedeki Rolu. Efe, Suleyman Cagan; Candan, Ozlem Ozdemir; Gundogan, Cihan; Oz, Ahmet; Yuksel, Yasin; Ayca, Burak; Oct 1, 2020 3543
Relation of Fibrinogen-to-Albumin Ratio to Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and Long-Term Prognosis in Patients with Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome. Li, Mingkang; Tang, Chengchun; Luo, Erfei; Qin, Yuhan; Wang, Dong; Yan, Gaoliang Report Aug 31, 2020 6360
Obesity-Induced Heart Rate Variability Impairment and Decreased Systolic Function in Obese Male Dogs. Pongkan, Wanpitak; Jitnapakarn, Wannida; Phetnoi, Warunee; Punyapornwithaya, Veerasak; Boonyapakorn, Report Aug 1, 2020 10274
Cardiac Repolarization Properties in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Erolu, Elif; Polat, Esra Jun 1, 2020 3580
Computational Study to Identify the Effects of the KCNJ2 E299V Mutation in Cardiac Pumping Capacity. Jeong, Da Un; Lee, Jiyeong; Lim, Ki Moo Apr 30, 2020 6368
Limb Ischemic Postconditioning Alleviates Postcardiac Arrest Syndrome through the Inhibition of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening in a Porcine Model. Wang, Zhengquan; Wu, Lifeng; Xu, Jiefeng; Gao, Jindan; Ye, Sen; Li, Zilong; Chen, Yuanzhuo; Zhang, X Apr 30, 2020 5708
Awareness on the Effects of Periodontal Diseases on the General Health of Individuals with Systemic Diseases and Determination of Influential Factors/Sistemik Hastaligi Bulunan Bireylerin Genel Saglikta Periodontal Hastaliklarin Etkisi Konusunda Farkindalik ve Etkileyen Faktorlerin Belirlenmesi. Kocaman, Gulhan Apr 1, 2020 3468
Subjective and objective cognition 6-week post-coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A descriptive pilot study. Ngcobo, Ntokozo N.; Tomita, Andrew; Ramlall, Suvira Survey Jan 1, 2020 5532
PharmEvo Cardiology Research Awards. Dec 31, 2019 344
Eating chili peppers cuts risk of death from heart attack and stroke, study says. Dec 18, 2019 185
Eating chili peppers cuts risk of death from heart attack and stroke, study says. Dec 18, 2019 234
BIRTH RELATED FACTORS DETERMINING RED BLOOD CELL TRANSFUSION AMONG SICK NEONATES. Viswanathan, Mini Chellamma; Vilambil, Sajith; Usha, Kumari Krishnakumariamma Chakrapani Jul 8, 2019 4113
Machine learning could predict death or heart attack with over 90% accuracy: Study. May 12, 2019 535
Heart attack risk highest on Christmas Eve, study says. Dec 13, 2018 343
CLARITY: New MI definition aims to better distinguish infarction from injury. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Oct 1, 2018 1008
Nawaz Sharif sent for treatment to PIMS instead of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology. Report Aug 31, 2018 690
Establishing more hospitals and Institutes Won't solve our problem - Anjum Jalal. Report Apr 15, 2018 1075
Already published research will not be considered for Research Awards-Prof. Abdul Basit. Mar 31, 2018 707
Awareness of Pleiotropic and Cardioprotective Effect of Statins in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Ozkan, Bugra; Orscelik, Ozcan; Uyar, Hakan; Balli, Mehmet; Gucer, Eren; Aslan, Onur; Temel, Gulhan; Jan 1, 2018 4598
Effect of Transmural Differences in Excitation-Contraction Delay and Contraction Velocity on Left Ventricle Isovolumic Contraction: A Simulation Study. Vaverka, J.; Bursa, J.; Sumbera, J.; Pasek, M. Jan 1, 2018 7602
Non-expert nurses' performance in classifying clinical indicators of decreased cardiac output/Performance de enfermeiros nao peritos na classificacao dos indicadores clinicos do debito cardiaco diminuido/Rendimiento de enfermeros no expertos en la clasificacion de los indicadores clinicos de la disminucion del gasto cardiaco. Paes, Graciele Oroski; Campos, Juliana Faria; Marinhow, Juliana Silva; Duran, Erika Christiane Moroc Jan 1, 2018 4131
Heart's development doesn't stop with birth: Study. Dec 5, 2017 262
Heart stents 'fail to ease non-emergency chest pain'. Nov 13, 2017 481
Enhanced cardiology. Gerber, Michael Report May 1, 2017 1577
Blood Test Determines Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cardiovascular Death, Study Claims. Mar 20, 2017 367
Metabolomics and Cardiology: Toward the Path of Perinatal Programming and Personalized Medicine. Pintus, Roberta; Bassareo, Pier Paolo; Dessi, Angelica; Deidda, Martino; Mercuro, Giuseppe; Fanos, V Report Jan 1, 2017 4526
Optical coherence tomography imaging of the basal ganglia: feasibility and brief review. Lopez, W.O. Contreras; Angelos, J.S.; Martinez, R.C.R.; Takimura, C.K.; Teixeira, M.J.; Neto, P.A. L Report Dec 1, 2015 1950
Congenital complete heart block (CCHB) is the complete electrical dissociation between atrial and ventricular electrical activity due to atrioventricular nodal dysfunction. Silva, Jennifer N.A. Sep 1, 2014 468
Spectral analysis of a block-triangular preconditioner for the Bidomain system in electrocardiology. Gerardo-Giorda, Luca; Mirabella, Lucia Report Jan 1, 2012 7273
Breakthrough in Clinical Cardiology: in-office assessment with pulse wave velocity (PWV) and digital pulse analysis (DPA). Peskin, Brian Scott; Rowen, Robert Jay Report May 1, 2010 4755
Do we need new cardiovascular disease risk factors? Aim treatment at the disease, not risk factors. Cohn, Jay N. Feb 1, 2010 347
What lies ahead: he is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Glossary Nov 1, 2007 4832
Infusion of patient's own bone marrow into damaged heart muscle increased left ventricular function, exercise ability. Dec 15, 2005 391
Radial approach for PCI safe. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 219
Sound waves detect heart health. Zipes, Douglas Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 273
'Old' heart beats waiting list. Brief Article Jul 15, 2004 179
'Old' heart beats waiting list. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2004 178
The body electric: a natural voltage within a growing embryo may teach it left from right. Travis, John Sep 20, 2003 2200
Human heart size of a grain of rice kept alive by Chinese physicians. Brief Article Jul 25, 2003 127
Age, perfusion test results and dipyridamole reaction. (Nuclear Medicine). Meyers, Art; Topham, Lee; Ballow, Jim; Totah, David; Wilke, Reid Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 2984
Post-CABG use of NSAIDs cut in-hospital atrial fibrillation. (Blinded Study is Next Step). Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 420
[beta]-blocker trials fail to define best doses for heart failure. (Cardiovascular Medicine: All were dose escalation studies). Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 519
Telltale Heart. NETTING, JESSA Jul 7, 2001 2483
Clinical outcomes of point-of-care testing in the interventional radiology and invasive cardiology setting. Nichols, James H.; Kickler, Thomas S.; Dyer, Karen L.; Humbertson, Sandra K.; Cooper, Peg C.; Maugha Apr 1, 2000 4978
Gender Differences in Gated Acquisition and Perfusion Tests. MEYERS, ART; BALLOW, JAMES Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 1999 3571
Electromagnetic fields may damage hearts. Raloff, Janet Brief Article Jan 30, 1999 612
Different intracellular compartmentations of cardiac troponins and myosin heavy chains: a causal connection to their different early release after myocardial damage. Bleier, Jurgen; Vorderwinkler, Karl-Paul; Falkensammer, Jurgen; Mair, Peter; Dapunt, Otto; Puschendo Clinical report Sep 1, 1998 4297
Evaluation of a protocol to select patients of all ages for cardioversion from atrial fibrillation. Lawson-Matthew, Peter J.; Ionescu, Adrian; McHugh, Patrick; Channer, Kevin S. Jul 1, 1997 2738
Seeing the heart through one cell. Jan 1, 1997 334
Community-wide youth exercise promotion: long-term outcomes of the Minnesota Heart Health Program and the Class of 1989 study. Kelder, Steven H.; Perry, Cheryl L.; Klepp, Knut-Inge May 1, 1993 4614
Reversing heart disease; no longer a dream. Jordan, Peg Nov 1, 1990 1059
How to be young at heart. SerVaas, Beurt column May 1, 1989 1397
A new way across the channel. Feb 16, 1985 360

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