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Germany : Researchers see need for action on forest fire risk. Sep 19, 2019 670
Providing Various Field Operation/Works In Experimental Areas, Agriculture Production, Horticulture And Forestry plantations In Research Farm Or Outreach Of Icar-iiswc, Research Centre, Vasad, Anand (gujarat). Aug 31, 2019 106
Various Forestry Works Under Research Range Pinjore. Aug 26, 2019 138
Indonesia : KLHK Inaugurates Two Research Professors. Aug 17, 2019 812
The IRSG and the Forests, Trees and Agroforestry research program of the CGIAR. Aug 1, 2019 107
Two Teams For Pilot Plant That Allow Extractions And Transformations Of Lignocellulosic Material At Atmospheric Pressure And Pressure Superior To Latmospheric For The Realization Of The Research Project "forest, The First Resource Of Green Economy" Projec. Jun 23, 2019 279
Scientists say forests suffering as climate changes; ENVIRONMENT. May 27, 2019 279
Construction Of Peripheral Protection Wall Against Research Farm Grazing For Faculty Of Agriculture, Veterinary And Forestry And Allied Works Under B.a.u. Kanke Ranchi. Feb 11, 2019 153
A Personal Safety Solution For Forestry And Fish Farming, Agricultural Production And Other Material Resources Production And Experimental Research. Oct 13, 2018 419
Forests in the Desert. Noyes, Lydia Aug 1, 2018 455
Gender in the jungle: a critical assessment of women and gender in current (2014-2016) forestry research/Question des sexes dans la jungle: une evaluation critique de la place des femmes et des sexes dans la recherche forestiere actuelle (2014-2016)/El tema del genero en la selva: una evaluacion critica sobre las mujeres y el genero en la investigacion forestal actual (2014-2016). Asher, K.; Varley, G. Report Jun 1, 2018 8245
Meteor that killed the dinosaurs also wiped out flying birds - but those on the ground survived, scientists claim; As forests burned around the world the only birds to survive were flightless species that lived on the ground, according to a new study. May 24, 2018 433
India : Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Signs MOU With Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council for Supporting Forest Based Communities. Mar 21, 2018 441
The motivation for community participation in forest management: the case of Sefwi-Wiawso forest district, Ghana/Motivation pour une participation des communautes dans la gestion forestiere: le cas du district forestier Sefwi-Wiawso, au Ghana/La motivacion para la participacion comunitaria en el manejo forestal: el caso del distrito forestal de Sefwi-Wiawso de Ghana. Acheampong, E.O.; Agyeman, K.O.; Amponsah, O. Report Mar 1, 2018 10262
Climate change linked to more flowery forests: Study. Feb 15, 2018 296
Climate change linked to more flowery forests: Study. Jan 20, 2018 468
Public Invitation To Tender (national) For The Awarding Of Basic Research And Risk Assessment For The Eu Life Project Application "life Heiden Und Dnen" Of The Federal Agency For Real Estate Tasks, Division Of Federal Forests (voek-225-17). Nov 26, 2017 126
Construction Of Store With Open Platform, Pump Shelter And Underground Pucca Water Storage Tank In Research Area Of Department Of Forestry At Ccshau, Hisar (including Public Health & Electrical Works). Nov 18, 2017 127
Continuity Of Data Centre (server Farm At Indian Council Of Forestry Research And Education (icfre, Dehradun For A Period Of Five (5 Years. May 27, 2017 134
Continuity Of Data Centre (server Farm At Indian Council Of Forestry Research And Education (icfre, Dehradun For A Period Of Five (5 Years. Apr 11, 2017 134
An ancient connection between forests and climate. Feb 1, 2017 470
Australia : Australia's Forestry Research Recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Nov 18, 2016 230
Australia : Australias forestry research recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Nov 18, 2016 228
Climate Change Claims Kelp Forests In Australia, Study Says. Jul 13, 2016 415
Characterization of cabinetmaking productivity in Quibdo, Choco-Colombia/Caracterizacion de la productividad de las ebanisterias de Quibdo, Choco-Colombia/Caracterizacao da produtividade ebanisterias Quibdo, Choco-Colombia. Serna-Mosquera, Yessika Biasney; Agualimpia-Ortiz, Leidy Johana Jul 1, 2016 7876
Short Communication - Influence of Matrix Habitats on the Occurrence of Terrestrial Mammals in Planted Forest Landscapes. Maeda, Kosuke; Koike, Sinsuke; Murao, Mina; Ishigane, Takuya; Harasawa, Shota; Masaki, Takashi; Soga Report Jun 30, 2016 2902
Performing Scientific Research In The Field Of Forest Resources On The Topic: Research On The Effectiveness Of Fire Safety In Forests And Preparation Of Science-Based Proposals For Fire Safety Measure. Apr 1, 2016 166
The game colouring number of powers of forests. Andres, Stephan Dominique; Hochstattler, Winfried Report Dec 1, 2015 4524
Seeing the forest for the trees. Apr 1, 2014 334
Dead forests release less C[O.sub.2] than expected. May 1, 2013 425
Hi-tech focus on the state of Wales' marine habitats; The mysterious netherworld of kelp forests and aquatic meadows at the heart of efforts to save Wales' fisheries have been captured in a unique way by a new video research project. Robin Turner reports. Mar 14, 2013 687
The Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem and the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture Lunch Project to Preserve and Rehabilitate Forests in the oPt. Nov 15, 2012 607
Threatened forests. Report Sep 14, 2011 361
Forests Absorb One-Third of Fossil Fuel Emissions: Study. Jul 16, 2011 393
Characterisation of dissolved organic matter in water extracts of thermally altered plant species found in box-ironbark forests. Quill, Eben S.; Angove, Michael J.; Morton, David W.; Johnson, Bruce B. Report Dec 1, 2010 8539
Comparative Assessment of Forested and Cultivated Soils for Sustainable Crop Production in Mubi Environment, Northeastern Nigeria. Sep 30, 2010 4644
Entrepreneurs resilience in the forestry industrial sector of the Province of Misiones--Argentine Republic. Tanski, N.C.; Baez, L.; Clerici, C. Report Jul 1, 2010 5635
Arthropod Communities in Different Agroforesty Landscapes. Report Jun 30, 2010 3609
Hurricane damage causes forests to emit carbon. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 186
Eastern Canadian Section 2008-2009 report June 4, 2009. Tardif, Patrice Jun 1, 2009 909
Pristine forests are better storehouses. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 231
Research and education priorities in agriculture, forestry, and energy achieving the 25x'25 renewable energy vision. Acke, Duane Oct 1, 2008 1111
Vines go wild on increased C[O.sub.2]. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 265
Aspen angst. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 137
More forests for the trees, not the climate. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 189
Top-down lowdown: predators shape coastal ecosystem. Cunningham, A. May 27, 2006 453
Forests. Mar 13, 2006 5718
Professional forestry--why won't the dust settle? A guest editorial written by a leading conservation professional. Mortimer, Michael J. Editorial Mar 1, 2006 657
New Yale study examines criteria for conservation priorities. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 186
Motes aren't just for dust anymore. Brief Article May 1, 2005 163
Value-added structural components from underused hardwoods. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 195
Additions to the flora of Ginn Woods, Delaware County, Indiana. Rothrock, Paul E. Jun 3, 2004 3435
Geography, forestry, conservation, and planning. Apr 1, 2004 2633
Comparison of standing vegetation and seed bank composition one year following hardwood reforestation in Southwestern Ohio (1). Leary, Cathlene I.; Howes-Keiffer, Carolyn Apr 1, 2004 5732
Finnish university professor outlines proposal for turning forestry waste products into energy. Brief Article Sep 22, 2003 157
San Antonio: restoring the urban oasis; this southwestern jewel, called the Venice of the U.S., shimmers with natural beauty, culture, and economic opportunities. But development and tree loss usually go hand in hand. Here's how one city is gathering the tools to change that scenario. Harte, Alexis Sep 22, 2003 2300
Canopy gap characteristics of an oak-beech-maple old-growth forest in Northeastern Ohio (1). Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Hix, David M. Sep 1, 2003 3482
Ground skidding and harvested stand attributes in Appalachian hardwood stands in West Virginia. Egan, Andrew F.; Baumgras, John E. Sep 1, 2003 4323
Lesser used species of Bolivia and their relevance to sustainable forest management. Barany, Marc; Hammett, A.L.; Araman, Phil Jul 1, 2003 4188
Changes in forest diversity at Aullwood Audubon Center and farm in Southwestern Ohio from 1978 to 2002. (Social Science, Environmental, Field Biology Poster Session 02:00 PM-03:00 PM). Ullmer, Joseph M.; Wilson, John Abstract Mar 1, 2003 287
A comparative study of diversity in three forest ecosystems in North East Ohio. (Pre-College Poster Session 03:00 PM). Webster, Rowan M.; McGarrigle, Mara J.; Slavick, Makella; Smith, Amanda A.; Haas, Abe J.; Quigley, T Abstract Mar 1, 2003 302
Nondestructive gamma radiation methods for detection of central rot in logs of Lenga (Nothogagus pumilio). (Fundamental Disciplines). Karsulovic, Jose T.; Dinator, Maria I.; Morales, Roberto Nov 1, 2002 2806
Earthworms damage soils in hardwood forests. (Techno News). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 179
Program pools resources for research: Forestry Partnership Program aims to address sustainability issues in Northern forests. (Forestry: Special Report). Ross, Ian Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 579
Research investment. (Forestry News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 81
Ecology and Biodiversity 9:00am Saturday, April 6, 2002 Battelle Hall 115 David J. Horn-Presiding. Mar 1, 2002 2519
Atje, Raymond, Linda Christanty, Tubagus Feridhanusetyawan, and Kurnya Roesad, 2001, Hutan sebagai asset strategis. Brief Article Jan 2, 2002 251
Hoare, Alison L., 2001. Cooking the Wild: the role of the Lundayeh of the Ulu Padas (Sabah, Malaysia) in managing forest foods and shaping the landscape. Brief Article Jan 2, 2002 305
Using soil properties to predict forest productivity in Southern Illinois. Woolery, M.E.; Olson, K.R.; Dawson, J.O.; Bollero, G. Abstract Jan 1, 2002 7392
Biology section. (Collegiate Division 2002). Jan 1, 2002 5108
New ASTM Publication Covers State-of-the-Art Conservation of Heritage Wood Buildings. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 108
Do woodland trees improve pastures? In the eucalypt woodlands of Australia's far north, trees may actually be pasture friendly. Davidson, Steve Jul 1, 2001 982
New test traces underground forest carbon. Millius, S. Brief Article Jun 16, 2001 438
Logs give seedlings a leg-up. Davidson, Steve Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 298
Constraints and Trade--Offs in Mediterranean Plant Communities: The Case of Holm Oak--Aleppo Pine Forests. ZAVALA, M. A.; ESPELTA, J. M.; RETANA, JAVIER Jan 1, 2000 15191
Do Whole Tree Silvic Characters Indicate Hybridization in Red Oak (Quercus Section Lobatae)? TOMLINSON, PATRICIA T.; JENSEN, RICHARD J.; HANCOCK, JAMES F. Jan 1, 2000 8033
Dogwood Anthracnose (Discula destructiva): Effects of and Consequences for Host (Cornus florida) Demography. CARR, DAVID E.; BANAS, LAUREN E. Jan 1, 2000 3766
The Contribution of Microartbropods to Aboveground Food Webs: A Review and Model of Belowground Transfer in a Coniferous Forest. JOHNSTON, JOHN M. Jan 1, 2000 6904
Seed dispersal near and far: patterns across temperate and tropical forests. Clark, James S.; Silman, Miles; Kern, Ruth; Macklin, Eric; HilleRisLambers, Janneke Jul 1, 1999 11515
Effect of calcined magnesite on soil and Pinus radiata foliage magnesium in pumice soils of New Zealand. Mitchell, A. D.; Loganathan, P.; Payn, T. W.; Tillman, R. W. May 1, 1999 6066
N:P balance in wetland forests: productivity across a biogeochemical continuum. Lockaby, B.G.; Conner, W.H. Apr 1, 1999 6194
Seed and seedling ecology of pinon and juniper species in the pygmy woodlands of western North America. Cambers, Jeanne C.; Vander Wall, Stepen B.; Schupp, Eugene W. Jan 1, 1999 20698
Patchy invasion and the origin of a hemlock-hardwoods forest mosaic. Davis, Margaret B.; Calcote, Randy R.; Sugita, Shiny A.; Takahara, Hikaru Dec 1, 1998 9643
How environmental conditions affect canopy leaf-level photosynthesis in four deciduous tree species. Bassow, S.L.; Bazzaz, F.A. Dec 1, 1998 7580
Do similar communities develop in similar sites? A test with zooplankton structure and function. Jenkins, David G.; Buikema, Arthur L., Jr. Aug 1, 1998 16238
Short-term effects of annual flooding on a population of Peromyscus leucopus in a Rio Grande riparian forest of Central New Mexico. Ellis, Lisa M.; Colles, Manuel C., Jr.; Crawford, Clifford S. Oct 1, 1997 2989
Modeling leaching as a decomposition process in humid montane forests. Currie, William S.; Aber, John D. Sep 1, 1997 10848
Root system differences among species: implications for early successional changes in forests of Western Oregon. Antos, Joseph A.; Halpern, Charles B. Jul 1, 1997 4578
Radial-growth averaging criteria for reconstructing disturbance histories from presettlement-origin oaks. Nowacki, Gregory J.; Abrams, Marc D. May 1, 1997 11821
Sustainability of land use in north-east India: issues involving economics, the environment and biodiversity. Tisdell, Clem; Roy, Kartik Jan 1, 1997 6247
River dynamics as a forest process: interaction between fluvial systems and alluvial forests in large European river plants. Schnitzler, Annik Jan 1, 1997 10676
Patterns of nutrient loss from unpolluted, old-growth temperate forests: evaluation of biogeochemical theory. Hedin, Lars O.; Armesto, Juan J.; Johnson, Arthur H. Mar 1, 1995 13114
Vegetation recovery following high-intensity wildfire and silvicultural treatments in sand pine scrub. Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Neary, Daniel G.; Harris, Lawrence D.; Linda, Steven P. Jan 1, 1995 5740
Species diversity following clearcutting in eastern Texas. Nixon, E.S.; Brooks, Angela R. Nov 1, 1991 1269
Woody vegetation of an old-growth creekbottom forest in north-central Texas. Nixon, E.S.; Ward, J.R.; Fountain, E.A.; Neck, J.S. May 1, 1991 3413

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