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The Effect of Alcoholic Extract of Anabasis syriaca Iljin on Biochemical and Histological Parameters in Rats. Kloub, Suad M.; Banihani, Saleem A.; Atrooz, Omar M.; Hananeh, Wael M. Mar 24, 2022 3943
The Importance of Thiol/Disulfide Homeostasisand Ischemia-Modified Albumin Levels in Acute Coronary Syndrome and Their Relationship with Angiographic Scoring Systems. Ermis, Emrah; Hanikoglu, Ferhat; Ucar, Hakan; Allahverdiyev, Samir; Yildinm, Erkan; Neselioglu, Sali Report Dec 1, 2020 5362
Outbreak of Haff Disease along the Yangtze River, Anhui Province, China, 2016. Ma, Huilai; Wu, Jiabing; Qin, Wei; Lin, Chao; Li, Dan; Zha, Bing; Chen, Qi; Ma, Yan; Zhou, Tichao; L Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 4173
Protein Supplementation Does Not Enhance Recovery from Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage. Starkoff, Brooke E.; Lenz, Elizabeth K.; Mattern, Craig O.; Too, Danny; Byrne, Heidi K. Feb 1, 2020 5192
Role of cerebrospinal fluid lactate dehydrogenase and creatine phosphokinase in the differential diagnosis of bacterial, viral, and tubercular meningitis. Banik, Ankur; Chatterjee, Sourish; Chakraborty, Milan Report Nov 1, 2018 2819
Cardioprotective effect of extended remote ischemic preconditioning in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting: a randomized clinical trial. Karami, Ali; Khosravi, Mohamad Bagher; Shafa, Masih; Azemati, Simin; Khademi, Saeed; Akhlagh, Seyed Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 6119
Changes in markers of fatigue following a competitive match in elite academy rugby union players. Roe, G.; Till, K.; Darrall-Jones, J.; Phibbs, P.; Weakley, J.; Read, D.; Jones, B. Author abstract Mar 1, 2016 3204
Determining myocardial infarction after PCI: CK-MB, troponin, both, or neither? Tricoci, Pierluigi; Leonardi, Sergio Jan 1, 2015 1942
Effect of preconditioning by light load eccentric exercise versus heat on markers of muscle damage in collegiate males. Zaheer, Sumbul; Moiz, Jamal Ali; Shareef, Mohammad Yaqoob; Hussain, Ejaz Sep 1, 2014 4352
Evaluation of creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, and amylase concentrations in umbilical blood of preterm infants after long-term tocolysis. Nakajima, Yoshiyuki; Masaoka, Naoki Report Jan 1, 2014 4414
Prediction of HIE by nucleated RBC's in cord blood, serum creatine kinase and assessment of outcome by follow up upto 6 months. Shivaprakash, N.C.; Nigam, Gaurav Clinical report May 13, 2013 3477
The effects of ibuprofen on muscle performance, workload and plasma creatine kinase during a strength training session. Correa, Cleiton Silva; Cadore, Eduardo Lusa; Bijoldo, Jocelito Martins; da Silva, Eduardo Ramos; Pin Report Mar 1, 2012 3462
Difference in the magnitude of muscle damage between elbow flexors and knee extensors eccentric exercises. Saka, Tolga; Akova, Bedrettin; Yazici, Zeynep; Sekir, Ufuk; Gur, Hakan; Ozarda, Yesim Report Mar 1, 2009 6016
Differences in muscle pain and plasma creatine kinase activity after 'up' and 'down' Comrades marathons. Burgess, Theresa L.; Lambert, Michael I. Report Aug 1, 2008 4187
How much can exercise raise creatine kinase level--and does it matter? Latham, Joshua; Campbell, Darren; Nichols, William Aug 1, 2008 1236
Screening for mutant clones of creatine kinase. (Medical Science and Health Poster Session 09:00 AM-10:00 AM). Dlwgosh, Jennifer M.; Fraga, Dean Abstract Mar 1, 2003 229
Functional and evolutionary implications of the distribution of phosphagens in primitive-type spermatozoa. Ellington, W. Ross; Kinsey, Stephen T. Dec 1, 1998 5552
Different intracellular compartmentations of cardiac troponins and myosin heavy chains: a causal connection to their different early release after myocardial damage. Bleier, Jurgen; Vorderwinkler, Karl-Paul; Falkensammer, Jurgen; Mair, Peter; Dapunt, Otto; Puschendo Clinical report Sep 1, 1998 4297

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