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Endemic vs cosmopolitan tethyan benthic foraminifera from the lower Eocene Panoba Formation, Kohat sub basin, Pakistan: implications for early Eocene warming. Report Jun 30, 2016 3250
Fossil offers clues to ape evolution: living apes may have arisen from gibbonlike primate. Bower, Bruce Report Nov 28, 2015 548
Underwater cave proves a treasure trove. Jun 1, 2015 334
BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC STUDIES OF LOCKHART LIMESTONE, CHANGLAGALI AREA, NATHIAGALI- MURREE ROAD, HAZARA, NORTHERN PAKISTAN. Sameeni, Shahid Jamil; Haneef, Muhammad; Shabbir, Farhan; Ahsan, Naveed; Ahmad, Nazir Report Sep 30, 2013 1964
Functional morphology at the mall. Hippensteel, Scott P. Report Aug 1, 2012 3399
The initial India-Asia continental collision and foreland basin evolution in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet: Evidences from stratigraphy and palaeontology. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 478
Dorcatherium cf. nagrii from the Chinji Type Locality (Chakwal, Northern Pakistan) of the Chinji Formation, Lower Siwaliks, Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Akbar; Akhtar, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2011 4435
New IGCP projects launched. Kaljo, Dimitri; Hints, Olle Jun 1, 2011 726
Dawn of the dinosaurs: paleontologists probe the majestic reptiles' origin and rise. Witze, Alexandra May 21, 2011 2565
New Fossil Locality in the Middle Miocene of Lava from the Chinji Formation of the Lower Siwaliks, Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Akbar; Akhtar, Muhammad; Khan, Abdul Majid; Iqbal, Mehboob; Samiullah, Khizar; Ghaffa Report Mar 31, 2011 5202
Wide-bodies flew Cretaceous air: study suggests pterosaurs could soar halfway around globe. Milius, Susan Brief article Nov 6, 2010 259
Feathered dinosaurs, bold and in living color: stripes, spangles and spots abound. Perkins, Sid Feb 27, 2010 688
Amphiuma (Caudata: Amphiumidae) from the Pleistocene Clark Quarry local fauna of coastal Georgia. Parmley, Dennis; Clark, Josh; Mead, Alfred J. Report Jun 22, 2007 1992
Heads up. Hutchinson, Harry Dec 1, 2006 701
Amphibious ancestors: vertebrates' transition to dry land took some fancy footwork. Perkins, Sid Cover story Jun 17, 2006 1933
Remains may be an evolutionary relic. Brief article May 20, 2006 186
A dino's long, long reach. Brief article May 3, 2006 242
Dinosaur neck size reaches new extreme. Perkin, S. Brief article Apr 29, 2006 192
When dinosaurs dominated: ancient creatures arrive from China: A new exhibition "tells the story of how the planet changed while dinosaurs ruled the Earth--and how this affected the evolution of dinosaurs and other life. Jul 1, 2005 2735
Feathery find: scientists unearth evidence that some dinosaurs sported feathers. Janes, Patricia May 9, 2005 1350
The fossil spider family lagonomegopidae in cretaceous ambers with descriptions of a new genus and species from Myanmar. Penney, David May 1, 2005 2924
Early mammal had newfangled fangs. Brief Article Apr 30, 2005 228
Plenty of dinosaurs yet to be found. Brief Article Nov 20, 2004 280
Multidisciplinary investigations of alpine ice patches in southwest Yukon, Canada: paleoenvironmental and paleobiological investigations. Farnell, Richard; Hare, P. Gregory; Blake, Erik; Bowyer, Vandy; Schweger, Charles; Greer, Sheila; Go Sep 1, 2004 9042
Paleontology senior section. Dudley, Mark Jan 1, 2004 977
Paleobiology. Dec 20, 2003 317
Oh, what a sticky web they wove. Brief Article Aug 30, 2003 186
Reliability assessment of season-of-capture determination from archaeological otoliths. Andrews, Allen H.; Gobalet, Kenneth W.; Jones, Terry L. Aug 1, 2003 6254
Differential preservation of fossil elements in the Maricopa Brea, California. Muleady-Mecham, Nancy Eileen Aug 1, 2003 3422
The stone menagerie: the limestone beds at Riversleigh, in Australia's northeast, contain one of the most spectacular assemblages of vertebrate fossils found anywhere on Earth. Spanning a 25-million-year period, these ancient bones paint a uniquely detailed picture of everyday life in prehistoric Australia. Brace, Matthew Jul 1, 2003 1474
Early Hemingfordian (Early Miocene) Squamate Reptiles from the Quarry A Local Fauna, Logan County, Colorado. (Note). Holman, J. Alan Jan 1, 2003 1363
Paleobiology. (Science News of the year: the weekly newsmagazine of science). Brief Article Dec 21, 2002 280
Greeting Elliot the sauropod: Wendy Pyper has a dig at Australia's biggest dinosaur. (spectrum). Pyper, Wendy Oct 1, 2002 760
Clade perseverance from Mesozoic to present: a multidisciplinary approach to interpretation of pattern and process. Barnes, David K.A. Oct 1, 2002 7357
Was T-rex a slowpoke? (Paleontology). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 917
Theropod dinosaur trackways in the lower Cretaceous (Albian) Glen Rose Formation, Kinney County, Texas. Rogers, Jack V., II Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 2684
Unified erectus: fossil suggests single human ancestor. Pickrell, J. Brief Article Mar 23, 2002 601
Duck-faced croc had a gap-toothed grin. (Paleontology). Brief Article Mar 2, 2002 189
Analysis of horse (Equus) metapodials from the late Pleistocene of the lower Nueces Valley, south Texas. Baskin, Jon A.; Mosqueda, Antonia E. Feb 1, 2002 4015
Lemurs reveal clues to ancient Asian roots. (Science News of the week). Bower, B. Brief Article Oct 20, 2001 604
Even flossing wouldn't have helped. (Paleontology). Brief Article Oct 20, 2001 228
Excavation Impossible. Nicholls, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2001 1699
A Ticklish Debate. PERKINS, SID Aug 18, 2001 1889
Magnetic Menagerie, Fire and Ice. Jueneman, Frederic B. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 887
Lakehead hub of research activity. GOULIQUER, DIANNE Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 635
Scientists unearth ancestor of T-Rex. HS Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 261
Largest Dinosaur Roamed Oklahoma. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 363
Harrington's extinct mountain goat (Oreamnos harringtoni Stock 1936) from Muskox Cave, New Mexico. Jass, Christopher N.; Mead, Jim I.; Logan, Lloyd E. May 1, 2000 3217
Fossil crocodylians from the Eocene Devil's Graveyard and Canoe Formations, Brewster County, Texas. Brochu, Christopher A. Feb 1, 2000 2961
Prehistoric bacteria revived from buried salt. Travis, J. Jun 12, 1999 1035
Fossil feud. Chang, Maria L. Nov 2, 1998 1390
Attacking an enigma with engineering. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Aug 8, 1998 270
Nautiloids from the Cretaceous (Campanian) Ozan Formation, Taylor Group, Fannin County, Texas. Hanger, Rex A.; Echols, Joan Aug 1, 1998 1158
Recovery of Miocene terrestrial microvertebrates from the Fleming Formation in east Texas. Schiebout, Judith A.; Ting, Suyin Aug 1, 1998 1929
Dinosaurs kept warm in the polar chill. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article May 30, 1998 388
A sea turtle's salty tale. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article May 30, 1998 176
Fossil soil has the dirt on early microbes. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Mar 7, 1998 512
Reading the rocks of time. Soennichsen, John Feb 1, 1998 3070
Ancient animal sheds false identity. Monastersky, Richard Aug 30, 1997 567
T.rex bested by Argentinean beast. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article May 24, 1997 482
Amphibians and reptiles of the late Pleistocene Tonk Creek local fauna, Stonewall County, Texas. Parmley, Dennis; Pfau, Russell S. May 1, 1997 2267
Subway fossils. Goldstein, Debra Brief Article Mar 7, 1997 313
The Fort Polk Miocene terrestrial microvertebrate sites compared to those from east Texas. Schiebout, Judith A. Feb 1, 1997 3019
Prehistoric evidence for the use of Chenopodium (goosefoot) from the Hueco Bolson of west Texas. Leach, Jeff D.; Holloway, Richard G.; Almarez, Federico A. May 1, 1996 1163
A late Pleistocene mammal fauna from Stonewall County, Texas. Pfau, Russell S. Nov 1, 1994 1915
Farewell, Arcadia! Jun 22, 1994 418
Rodent jaw lights up dark age of evolution. Strobel, Gabrielle Oct 9, 1993 674
Myotis velifer in the quitaque local fauna, motley county, Texas. Czaplewski, Nicholas J. Feb 1, 1993 1642
Mammalian paleofaunas of central Texas from the late Wisconsinan glacial period to the latest Holocene. Wilkins, Kenneth T. Aug 1, 1992 7703
Heirs of ancient enigmas. Brief Article Jul 18, 1992 376
Tropical diversity: evolutionary cradle. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Jul 11, 1992 355
The fossil bird Ichthyornis in the Cretaceous of Texas. Parris, David C.; Echols, Joan May 1, 1992 3180
Paleontology of the Glen Rose Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Hood County, Texas. Barck, Alan Feb 1, 1992 5787
Counting the dead. Monastersky, Richard Feb 1, 1992 3574
Wading newts may explain enigmatic tracks. Monastersky, Richard Jan 4, 1992 415
Forgotten fossils reveal leggy legacy. Monastersky, Richard Nov 30, 1991 399
MRI provides glimpse into ancient bones. Monastersky, Richard Oct 20, 1990 315
Rare find: a teething dinosaur embryo. Chen, Ingfei Oct 6, 1990 366
A record of Bootherium bombifrons (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) from Hunt County, Texas. McDonald, Jerry N.; Echols, Joan May 1, 1990 2089
Ancient whale smiled like a sieve. Mar 10, 1990 308
A bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis, from the late Pleistocene of Mesa del Oro, Cibola County, New Mexico. Smartt, Richard A.; Hafner, David J.; Lucas, Spencer G. Feb 1, 1990 730
Call that bird 'Sir.' (paleontology) Monastersky, Richard Nov 18, 1989 392
A walk along the lakeshore, dinosaur-style. Monastersky, R. Jul 8, 1989 611
You can take a fish out of water. Monastersky, Richard Oct 22, 1988 344
Finding the evidence in excrement. Monastersky, Richard Oct 22, 1988 275
Huge dinosaur pelvis discovered in Colorado. Sep 24, 1988 297
Seals' story written in their own hand. Aug 13, 1988 326
Smile when you call me a dinosaur. Jul 9, 1988 389
Ancient amphibians found in Iowa. Monastersky, Richard Jun 25, 1988 318
Strands that stand the test of time. May 7, 1988 201
Dinosaur embryos: the story they tell. Apr 2, 1988 290
Dinosaurs in the dark: recent fossil finds in Alaska and Australia are raising questions about how the dinosaurs could have survived winters near the North and South Poles. Monastersky, Richard Mar 19, 1988 2648
Smallest fossil reptile. Feb 20, 1988 217
Bird fossil reveals history of flight. Monastersky, Richard Feb 13, 1988 393
New look at the sprawl in gator's gait. Weisburd, Stefi Jan 30, 1988 362
Fossils flesh out early vertebrates. Bower, Bruce Jan 9, 1988 420
Mammoth find fuels extinction debate. Bower, Bruce Dec 12, 1987 477
Fossil skeleton gets seabird size record. Bower, Bruce Nov 14, 1987 593
Extinctions on ice: mass extinctions of North American mammals at the end of the last Ice Age continue to draw scientific attention and debate. Bower, Bruce Oct 31, 1987 1654
Abrupt extinctions at end of Triassic. Monastersky, Richard Sep 5, 1987 730
Finding a family for an Ultrasaurus. Aug 29, 1987 223
Facing up to a backwards fossil. Jul 18, 1987 221
Early human skeleton apes its ancestors. Bower, Bruce May 30, 1987 609
A closetful of bones. May 9, 1987 179
Landing the earliest plants and animals. Jan 17, 1987 430
Fossil claw unearths a new family tree. Edwards, Diane D. Dec 6, 1986 423
Extinctions: the earthly argument. Murray, Mary Aug 23, 1986 650
Oldest bird and longest dinosaur. Weisburd, Stefi Aug 16, 1986 688
'Weird' crocodile. May 31, 1986 155
Oldest marsupial found? Weisburd, Stefi May 10, 1986 407
Oldest nest of household pest. Weisburd, Stefi Feb 8, 1986 315
Recipe for new life: stones over easy. May 18, 1985 330

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