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Vectoelectronystagmography in children with dyslexia and learning disorder. Leite, Ana Carla Romero; Stenico, Mariana Banzato; de Oliveira, Leticia Sampaio; Franco, Eloisa Sart Jul 1, 2018 3594
7 things every child with dyslexia wishes you knew. Shaw, Angela Mar 1, 2017 2251
What's new in pedagogy research. Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Report Oct 1, 2016 1047
Dyslexia: legislative updates supporting innovative pathways toward student achievement in reading. Shaw, Angela Sep 1, 2016 2197
Theories of Dyslexia: Support by Changes in Auditory Perception/Teorias da Dislexia: Sustentacao com Base nas Alteracoes Perceptuais Auditivas. Prestes, Marta Regueira Dias; Feitosa, Maria Angela Guimaraes Jul 1, 2016 7608
Centre teams up with Greek scientists for dyslexia study. May 23, 2016 494
'No evidence' for vision-based dyslexia treatment. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article May 30, 2015 303
Physical education and dyslexia: possible convergences/ Educacao fisica e dislexia: possive is convergencias. Soares, Daniela Bento; De Marco, Ademir Nov 1, 2014 4212
Faulty brain wiring may contribute to dyslexia: adults with disorder showed difficulty relaying information among language areas. Mole, Beth Jan 11, 2014 393
Connectionist and dual route-models of reading: what insights can be gained by synthesizing both models? Pereira, Mauro Ramos D.J. Report Jan 1, 2013 2886
Prevalence of dyslexia in secondary school students in Lahore. Ashraf, Mujeeba; Majeed, Saima Report Jun 22, 2011 4381
Dyslexia, a deficit or a difference: comparing the creativity and memory skills of dyslexic and nondyslexic students in Iran. Tafti, Mahnaz Akhavan; Hameedy, Mansoor Ali; Baghal, Nahid Mohammadi Report Sep 1, 2009 3240
'Dyslexia gene hits reading' RESEARCH. Oct 1, 2008 97
Ginkgo biloba in dyslexia: a pilot study. Donfrancesco, Renato; Ferrante, Laura Jun 1, 2007 2361
Dyslexia and foreign language learning. Liszka, Sarah Ann Mar 22, 2006 2870
Research offers insights into dyslexia and IQ. Dec 27, 2005 152
What educators really believe about dyslexia. Wadlington, Elizabeth M.; Wadlington, Patrick L. Mar 22, 2005 7472
Cultured readers: Chinese kids show new neural side of dyslexia. Bower, B. Sep 4, 2004 511
Children with dyslexia process auditory and visual cues differently. Jan 1, 2004 271
Dyslexic brains can be retrained. Oct 1, 2003 564
Gene takes stage in learning disorder. Bower, B. Aug 30, 2003 540
A public policy change needed for an invisible problem: dyslexia. Feeg, Veronica D. Jul 1, 2003 815
Grammaticality effects in acquired dyslexic patients. Sanders, Nicole; Southwood, M, Helen Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 281
Brain training aids kids with dyslexia. (Neuroscience). Brief Article Mar 15, 2003 268
Dyslexia brain research: universal applications. (Curriculum update: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies). Oct 1, 2002 382
Speech loses beat in dyslexia. (Behavior). Bower, Bruce Brief Article Aug 10, 2002 227
Structural Neuroimaging Studies of Dyslexia: Issues of Validity and Value. Zadina, Janet N. Apr 1, 2002 266
Dyslexia gets a break in Italy. B.B. Brief Article Mar 31, 2001 248
Moving clues to dyslexia. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Sep 12, 1998 178
Tracing the brain's reading network. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Jul 25, 1998 243
Dyslexia risk linked to summer births. Bower, Bruce May 1, 1993 462

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