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Elevated Levels of Soluble ST2 were Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity and Ameliorated Inflammation in Synovial Fibroblasts. Shi, Lian-Jie; Liu, Chen; Li, Jian-Hong; Zhu, Xiao-Yun; Li, Ying-Ni; Li, Jiang-Tao Report Feb 3, 2018 4039
IL1F7 Gene Polymorphism Is not Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Susceptibility in the Northern Chinese Han Population: A Case-Control Study. Zhang, Xiao-Ying; Zuo, Yu; Li, Chun; Tu, Xin; Xu, Hu-Ji; Guo, Jian-Ping; Li, Zhan-Guo; Mu, Rong Report Feb 1, 2018 3444
Meta-analysis of the association between PADI4 -92C/G polymorphism and rheumatoid arthritis in the Chinese population. Guo, Z.Y.; Zhang, J.X.; Wu, M.; Mei, Y.F.; Lin, X.J.; Bu, C.; Xie, Y.; Wang, J. Report Oct 1, 2017 3514
Eating fish frequently helps rheumatoid arthritis. Farham, B. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 199
Changes in sirtuin 2 and sirtuin 3 mRNA expressions in rheumatoid arthritis. Kara, Murat; Yolbas, Servet; Sahin, Cem; Koca, Suleyman Serdar Report Jun 1, 2017 3898
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Are psychological factors effective in disease flare? Yilmaz, Volkan; Umay, Ebru; Gundogdu, Ibrahim; Karaahmet, Zeliha Ozgur; Ozturk, Arif Erhan Report Jun 1, 2017 5537
Visceral leishmaniasis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis undergoing treatment with methotrexate: Case report and review of the literature. Trigkidis, Kyriakos; Geladari, Eleni; Kokkinakis, Evangelos; Vallianou, Natalia Report Jun 1, 2017 1719
Hand involvement in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A may resemble rheumatoid arthritis. Melikoglu, Meltem Alkan Case study Jun 1, 2017 538
Assessment of corneal densitometry in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Anayol, Mustafa Alpaslan; Bostanci, Basak; sekeroglu, Mehmet Ali; simsek, Mert; Gunaydin, Suleyman; Report May 1, 2017 3663
Ileri yas artritleri: Romatoid artrit tanisiyla takip edilen paraneoplastik artrit olgusu/Arthritis at advanced age: a case of paraneoplastic arthritis who was followed-up with the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Ergin, Emine Sureyya; Kibar, Sibel; Ozet, Fatma Ozlem; Evcik, Deniz; Ay, Saime Report Mar 1, 2017 1997
Quercetin improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and disease activity. Report Mar 1, 2017 220
Felty's syndrome: a qualitative case study. Woolston, Wendy; Connelly, Lynne M. Mar 1, 2017 3705
Correlation of ocular manifestations with the duration and activity of disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Jayaraj, Kezhukkut; Alvin, Treasa George; Charles, Kakkuzhiyil Skariah; Antony, T.P. Report Jan 1, 2017 1784
Rheumatoid arthritis in Agricultural Health Study spouses: associations with pesticides and other farm exposures. Parks, Christine G.; Hoppin, Jane A.; De Roos, Anneclaire J.; Costenbader, Karen H.; Alavanja, Micha Report Nov 1, 2016 8298
Apium graveolens (Celery) in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis. Tester, Jodie Report Sep 1, 2016 684
Silibinin improves the effects of methotrexate in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis: pilot clinical study. Hussain, Saad Abdulrahman; Mortada, Ahmed Hashem; Jasim, Nazar Abdulateef; Gorial, Faiq Isho Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 4727
Mood, disability, and quality of life among a subgroup of rheumatoid arthritis individuals with experiential avoidance and anxiety sensitivity. Mehta, S.; Rice, D.; Janzen, S.; Pope, J.E.; Harth, M.; Shapiro, A.P.; Teasell, R.W. Report Jan 1, 2016 5173
From symptoms to diagnosis: an observational study of the journey of rheumatoid arthritis patients in Saudi Arabia. Hussain, Waleed; Noorwali, Abdulsalam; Janoudi, Nahid; Baamer, Maatouqa; Kebbi, Lina; Mansafi, Hanad Report Jan 1, 2016 4320
Genetic studies of rheumatoid arthritis. Yamamoto, Kazuhiko; Okada, Yukinori; Suzuki, Akari; Kochi, Yuta Report Aug 1, 2015 7841
Improvement thresholds for morning stiffness duration in patients receiving delayed-versus immediate-release prednisone for rheumatoid arthritis. Buttgereit, Frank; Kent, Jeffrey D.; Holt, Robert J.; Grahn, Amy Y.; Rice, Patricia; Alten, Rieke; Y Report Jul 1, 2015 6792
IMAGES IN CLINICAL MEDICINE. Report Jun 30, 2015 135
Early diagnosis, referral to rheumatologist, target to treatment approach gives better results in RA - Dr. Beena Hameed. Report May 31, 2015 1265
Post-Chikungunya rheumatoid arthritis, Saint Martin. Foissac, Maud; Javelle, Emilie; Ray, Simon; Guerin, Bruno; Simon, Fabrice Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 1344
Boswellia in rheumatoid arthritis. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2014 653
Chinese herb combines well with methotrexate for RA. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2014 510
The prevalence of "MEFV" gene mutations in rheumatoid arthritis patients inhabiting the van province and surroundings/Van ve cevresinde yasayan romatoid artrit hastalarinda MEFV gen mutasyonlarinin prevalansi. Ozkol, Halil; Yildirim, Ibrahim Halil; Tuluce, Yasin; Ediz, Levent; Delen, Veysel; Gulcu, Elif Report Mar 1, 2014 2565
Low-dose methotrexate induces pancytopenia in rheumatoid arthritis patients: are the risk factors predictors for physicians?/Romatoid artritli hastalarda dusuk doz metotreksata bagli pansitopeni; risk faktorleri yol gosterici midir? Uskudar Teke, Hava; Ozen, Mustafa Report Mar 1, 2014 2213
Successful treatment with etanercept of rheumatoid arthritis occurring in a patient with Familial Mediterranean fever/Ailesel akdeniz atesi olan bir hastada ortaya cikan romatoid artritin etanersept ile basarili tedavisi. Alpayci, Mahmut; Yazmalar, Levent Case study Mar 1, 2014 1771
Bilateral sacroiliitis in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis/Erken donem romatoid artritli hastada bilateral sakroiliit. Koca, Irfan; Tutoglu, Ahmet; Ucar, Mehmet; Altindag, Ozlem; Madenci, Ercan Report Mar 1, 2014 1938
Rheumatoid arthritis: early treatment with corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Ruoff, Gary Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 3347
DPP-4 inhibition in diabetic rheumatoid arthritis patients: Diabetik Romatoid Artrith Hastalarda DPP-4 inhibisyonu. Pamuk, Baris Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2013 945
Body image and self-esteem in patients with rheumatoid arthritis/Romatoid artrit'li hastalarda beden imaji ve benlik saygisi. Kurt, Emine; Ozdilli, Kursat; Yorulmaz, Hatice Report Sep 1, 2013 5431
Arthritis at advanced age: rheumatoid arthritis and differential diagnosis/Ileri yasta artrit: romatoid artrit ve ayina tanisi. Ergin, Emine Sureyya; Kibar, Sibel Report Sep 1, 2013 6522
Positive Phase 2a study results in refractory rheumatoid arthritis. May 6, 2013 344
Positive phase 2a study results in refractory rheumatoid arthritis. May 6, 2013 236
Model for predicting heart disease in RA bests others. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Dec 1, 2012 370
ADACTA Study Showed ACTEMRA Improved Signs and Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis Significantly More Than Adalimumab as a Single-Agent Therapy. Nov 10, 2012 1534
Rituximab therapy for flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis after total knee replacement surgery. Report Oct 31, 2012 1918
Multiple tooth loss linked to rheumatoid arthritis risk. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2012 563
Scientists find a potential inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis development. Aug 1, 2012 207
Kirenol exerts a potent anti-arthritic effect in collagen-induced arthritis by modifying the T cells balance. Lu, Yue; Xiao, Juan; Wu, Zai-Wang; Wang, Zhe-Ming; Hu, Jia; Fu, Hong-Zheng; Chen, Ying-Yu; Qian, Rui Report Jul 15, 2012 5696
A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, controlled phase III clinical trial of chicken type II collagen in rheumatoid arthritis. Author abstract Jul 1, 2012 408
Study Validates Use of Crescendo Bioscience's Vectra[TM] DA Test as an Objective Measure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity. Jun 26, 2012 1076
Research centre gives hope to arthritis patients. Jun 11, 2012 340
Abbott to present investigation research data on HUMIRA (Adalimumab) at the annual meeting of the European League Against Rheumatism. May 29, 2012 403
New target to battle rheumatoid arthritis identified. May 21, 2012 589
New classification criteria released for research on Sjogren's Syndrome. Apr 11, 2012 118
Joint surgery growing less common in RA. McCall, Becky Feb 15, 2012 572
RainDance Technologies Teams with Hospital Saint-Louis and BGI to Confirm Mutations Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Jan 9, 2012 1016
Rheumatoid arthritis disability on the decline. Napoli, Denise Nov 15, 2011 581
Atypical CVD presentation can be fatal in RA. Kubetin, Sally Koch Nov 15, 2011 736
Studies Show Vectra[TM] DA Multi-Biomarker Test Algorithm More Accurate Than Other Established Disease Activity Measures in Identifying Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients at Risk for Joint Damage Progression. Nov 5, 2011 2112
Depressed mood, RA disease activity linked. Napoli, Denise Report Oct 15, 2011 601
Thyroid disorders in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Mobini, Maryam; Kashi, Zahra; Ravanbakhsh, Nazanin Report Sep 30, 2011 2750
Investigation of glucocorticoid receptor gene Bcl-1 polymorphism in rheumatoid arthritis/romatoid artritte glukokortikoid reseptoru geni Bcl-1 polimorfizminin arastirilmasi. Aydeniz, Ali; Sever, Tugce; Pehlivan, Sacide; Pehlivan, Mustafa; Altindag, Ozlem; Budeyri, Selin; Gu Report Sep 1, 2011 2829
AB Science announces recruitment of first patient in phase 2B/3 study of masitinib in rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical report Aug 3, 2011 1017
COPD prevalence doubled in RA patients. Freeman, Sara Report Aug 1, 2011 553
Statin reverses Tofacitinib-Induced lipid changes. Mahoney, Diana Jul 1, 2011 555
Pulse wave velocity and electroneurophysiological evaluation in patients of rheumatoid arthritis. Sharma, Geetanjali; Sood, Sushma; Handa, R.; Singh, H. Report Jul 1, 2011 2656
TNF inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis: a year in review. Simsek, Ismail Clinical report Jul 1, 2011 3726
Vitamin d receptor gene polymorphisms in rheumatoid arthritis / romatoid artritte d vitamini reseptoru geni polimorfizmleri. Ates, Omer; Dolek, Bilgen; Dalyan, Levent; Topal-SARIKAYA, Aysegul Report Jun 1, 2011 3087
Integrative medicine perspective by Dr. Julie: calming an inflamed body. Chen, Julie T. Case study Jun 1, 2011 1827
Roche reports positive study data for RoACTEMRA in rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical report May 26, 2011 396
Studies Show Crescendo Bioscience's Vectra[TM] DA Can Track Early Response to Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy and Predict Joint Damage at the Molecular Level. May 24, 2011 1472
Intima thickness predicted cardiac events in RA. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman May 1, 2011 586
Association between hand deformities and disability in patients with rheumatoid arthritis/Romotoid artrit hastalarinda el deformiteleri ile disabilitearasmdaki iliski. Yasa, Eylem; Oz, Bengi; Olmez, Nese; Memis, Asuman Report Mar 1, 2011 4307
The association of anticitrullinated peptid antibodies with rheumatoid factor and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis/Romatoid artrit hastalarinda anti-CCP2 antikorlarin romatoid faktor ve hastalik aktivitesi ile iliskisi. Mandiroglu, Sibel; Uckun, Asli Caliskan; Ucan, Halil; Celik, Canan; Gokkaya, Nilufer Kutay Ordu; Tur Report Mar 1, 2011 1608
Diagnostic accuracy of the 2002 EULAR criteria for the clinical suspicion of rheumatoid arthritis and the sensitivity of the new 2010 ACR/EULAR classification criteria in "early arthritis" / 2002 EULAR klinik romatoid artrit suphesi kriterlerinin tanisal dogrulugu ve yeni 2010 ACR/EULAR siniflandirma kriterlerinin "erken artrit"teki duyarliligi. Sizova, Lyudmila Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 3098
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Romatoid Artritli Hastalarda Metabolik Sendrom Prevalansi. Mesci, Banu; Oguz, Aytekin Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 1308
Intra-articular steroids slowed bone loss in RA. Brunk, Doug Report Feb 1, 2011 668
Emerging oral therapies for multiple sclerosis. Miller, Colleen E.; Umhauer, Margaret A. Report Feb 1, 2011 7701
The beneficial omega-6 fatty acid. Stokel, Kirk Report Jan 1, 2011 4730
DNA tests whether bacteria trigger RA. Splete, Heidi Report Jan 1, 2011 325
4SC completes enrollment in Phase IIb study of vidofludimus in RA patients. Clinical report Dec 20, 2010 234
Vitamin B6 supplementation lowers inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 187
Renal dysfunction may predict heart disease risk in RA. Worcester, Sharon Report Dec 1, 2010 660
Study: use of statins may limit effect of rituximab in RA. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Nov 15, 2010 443
Use of statins may limit effect of rituximab in RA. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Nov 15, 2010 382
Pfizer's Phase III study of tasocitinib meets two primary endpoints in active rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical report Nov 8, 2010 190
ACTEMRA Data Presented at ACR Annual Meeting on Rapid Response and Long-Term Efficacy in People with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nov 7, 2010 1819
GRS and CORRONA Form Strategic Partnership for Expansion of Clinical Research in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Nov 4, 2010 427
Rose hips for rheumatoid arthritis. Murphy, Kathleen Brief article Sep 22, 2010 264
The relationship between Boston questionnaire and electrophysiological findings in carpal tunnel syndrome/Karpal tunel sendromunda Boston sorgulama formu ve elektrofizyolojik bulgular arasindaki iliski. Kurt, Semiha; Cevik, Betul; Kaplan, Yuksel; Karaer, Hatice; Erkorkmaz, Unal Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 2206
OA patients at substantial cardiovascular risk. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2010 486
ALCOHOL HOPE FOR ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS; Study confirms relief effects. Jul 29, 2010 327
Alcohol eases rheumatoid arthritis: study. Jul 28, 2010 446
Taking the nutritional supplement glucosamine provided no significant benefit to arthritis patients with chronic lower back pain, according to the first large, long-term study of its kind. Jul 12, 2010 327
Susceptibility genes for rheumatoid arthritis: a rapidly expanding harvest. Gregersen, Peter K. Report Jul 1, 2010 2788
TNF inhibitors: new and old agents for rheumatoid arthritis. Simsek, Ismail Report Jul 1, 2010 5834
Anti-interleukin-6 therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Woodrick, Robert; Ruderman, Eric M. Report Jul 1, 2010 4134
Moderate RA not treated aggressively in older patients. Freeman, Sara Clinical report Jun 15, 2010 634
Biologic may inhibit CVD, depression in RA. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report May 15, 2010 590
Data link periodontitis to rheumatoid arthritis. Molitor, Jerry A. May 1, 2010 844
'Switching off' the agony of arthritis; Scientists in North create new treatment. Clinical report Apr 10, 2010 719
All DMARD patients need hepatitis screening. Jancin, Bruce Report Apr 1, 2010 846
Infection risk in RA linked with comorbidities. Johnson, Kate Mar 15, 2010 870
Link between RA and carotid artery stenosis questioned. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Mar 15, 2010 695
Index measures impact of RA on patients' lives. Mahoney, Diana Mar 15, 2010 804
Blood test could diagnose RA before symptoms appear. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 126
Optimal arthritis control: multi-targeted compounds combat inflammation. Goepp, Julius Report Mar 1, 2010 1698
Rose hip herbal remedy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis--a randomised controlled trial. Willich, S.N.; Rossnagel, K.; Roll, S.; Wagner, A.; Mune, O.; Erlendson, J.; Kharazmi, A.; Sorensen, Report Feb 1, 2010 6035
Rheumatoid arthritis does not affect computer typing. Jan 29, 2010 465
Trubion says Pfizer starts Phase II study of SBI-087 for rheumatoid arthritis. Jan 13, 2010 234
Statin use linked to reduced incidence of RA. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jan 1, 2010 608
When it comes to RA, hit it hard and early: drug combinations should be used, since the 'data show we undertreat' RA. Kubetin, Sally Koch Jan 1, 2010 686
RA progression hinges on Genetics, lifestyle, sex, severity. Kubetin, Sally Koch Report Jan 1, 2010 801
RA Turned less deadly in past decade. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jan 1, 2010 464
Genentech, Biogen Idec announce positive results from Phase III study of antibody in RA. Clinical report Dec 11, 2009 192
Metabolic syndrome in patients with rheumatoid arthritis/Romatoid artritli hastalarda metabolik sendrom. Akbal, Ayla; Selcuk, Barin; Gurcan, Aysel; Kurtaran, Aydan; Ersoz, Murat; Akyuz, Mufit Clinical report Dec 1, 2009 2642
Current advances in the genetic basis of rheumatoid arthritis/Romatoid artritin genetik temeline iliskin guncel gelismeler. Yuksel-Konuk, Berrin; Baltaci, Volkan Report Dec 1, 2009 3078
Link between RA, carotid disease questioned. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Nov 15, 2009 554
Study outlines path for treating early RA. Kubetin, Sally Koch Nov 15, 2009 498
Insecticide use tied to RA, lupus in women. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Report Nov 15, 2009 594
RA progression halted in year 2 with infliximab. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Nov 15, 2009 564
Septic arthritis risk raised with anti-TNF use. Napoli, Denise Report Nov 15, 2009 445
Anti-TNF drugs tied to skin cancer. Napoli, Denise Report Nov 15, 2009 423
Characteristics of subjects self-reporting arthritis in a population health survey: distinguishing between types of arthritis. Gariepy, Genevieve; Rossignol, Michel; Lippman, Abby Report Nov 1, 2009 4602
Phase III Study Showed Two Years of ACTEMRA[R] (tocilizumab) Inhibited Progression of Joint Damage and Improved Disease Remission. Oct 17, 2009 1467
Early RA may benefit from prompt infliximab. Kubetin, Sally Koch Report Oct 1, 2009 639
Principles of medical treatment in elderly patients with rheumatic diseases/Yaslida romatizmal hastaliklar medikal tedavi ilkeleri. Kirazli, Yesim Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 2000
Immunizations should precede rituximab. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report Sep 15, 2009 902
Severity, duration of rheumatoid arthritis predict CVD. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 364
Prescription drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions can increase the risk of potentially deadly cancer in children and teenagers, the FDA said in ordering stronger warnings on such medications. Brief article Aug 10, 2009 131
First-line methotrexate upheld by Euro panel. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Aug 1, 2009 1213
Relationship between body composition and regional BMD in premenopausal women with rheumatoid/Romatoid artritli premenopozal kadinlarda vucut kompozisyonu ile bolgesel KMY degerleri arasindaki iliski. Karatay, Saliha; Yildirim, Mustafa; Melikoglu, Meltem Alkan; Seven, Bedri; Yildirim, Kadir; Senel, K Report Aug 1, 2009 2789
Report quantifies impact of arthritis on CVD risk level: effect similar to having type 2 diabetes. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Jul 1, 2009 968
Another TNF blocker for adult RA. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 191
Timing prednisone release eased stiffness in RA. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Jul 1, 2009 536
Madecassoside attenuates inflammatory response on collagen-induced arthritis in DBA/1 mice. Li,; Gong, Xia; Zhang, Li; Zhang, Zhuo; Luo, Fuling; Zhou, Qixin; Chen, Jin; Wan, Jingyuan Report Jun 1, 2009 4872
Peripheral neuropathy in rheumatoid arthritis patients: an electroneurophysiological study/ Romatoid artritli hastalarda periferik noropati: elektronorofizyolojik calisma. Aktekin, Lale Akbulut; Gozlukaya, Hilmi; Bodur, Hatice; Borman, Pinar; Koz, Ozlem Report Jun 1, 2009 2890
Plantar pressure changes of patients with heel valgus in rheumatoid arthritis/ Topuk valguslu romatoid artritli hastalarin taban basinc degisiklikleri. Tastekin, Nurettin; Tuna, Hakan; Birtane, Murat; Uzunca, Kaan Report Jun 1, 2009 3423
Arthritis as a risk factor for incident coronary heart disease in elderly Japanese-American males: the Honolulu Heart Program. Kishimoto, Mitsumasa; Greenberg, Jeffrey; Lee, Ryan; Masaki, Kamal H.; Chen, Randi; Rodriguez, Beatr Apr 1, 2009 5152
Serologic and molecular diagnosis of Human Parvovirus B19 in rheumatoid arthritis patients/Romatoid artritli hastalarda Human Parvovirus B19'un Serolojik ve Molekuler Tanisi. Solak, Ozlem; Altindis, Mustafa; Toktas, Hasan; Dundar, Umit; Koken, Resit; Turel, Aycan; Tunc, Nedi Report Mar 1, 2009 2040
Management of inflammatory rheumatologic diseases with orthoses/Inflamatuvar romatizmal hastaliklarin ortezle tedavisi. Kaya, Taciser Report Mar 1, 2009 2522
After years of decline, RA on the rise among women. Bates, Betsy Feb 1, 2009 558
Study finds no definitive role of diets in rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Jan 28, 2009 576
TNF blockers don't increase cancer risk in patients with history of malignancy. Kubetin, Sally Koch Dec 1, 2008 517
Smoking cessation reduces disease burden in RA. Bates, Betsy Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 491
Suppressive effects of bee venom on the immune responses in collagen-induced arthritis in rats. Kim, Kyung-Woon; Shin, Yong-Seung; Kim, Kap-Sung; Chang, Young-Chae; Park, Kwan-Kyu; Park, Jae-Bok; Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 6554
Study Results Demonstrate More Patients With Early Erosive Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated With ORENCIA(R) (abatacept) and Methotrexate (MTX) Achieved DAS28 (CRP)-Defined Remission Compared to MTX Alone. Clinical report Oct 27, 2008 1925
Rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease and coronary artery disease. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 252
Insulin resistance differs in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus. Worcester, Sharon Sep 1, 2008 398
Vegan diet may ease rheumatoid arthritis, study reveals. Clinical report Aug 31, 2008 345
Smoking affects response to TNF blockers in arthritis. Clinical report Aug 15, 2008 581
Bone mineral density in women with rheumatoid arthritis and related factors: controlled study/Romatoid artritli kadin hastalarda kemik mineral yogunlugu ve etkileyen faktorler: kontrollu calisma. Paker, Nurdan; Bugdayci, Derya Soy; Akcan, Zeynep; Tekdos, Demet; Sabirli, Feride Report Aug 1, 2008 3424
Study Showed Half of Patients Treated with Enbrel(R) (etanercept) Plus Methotrexate Can Achieve DAS Clinical Remission and 80 Percent Had No Progression of Joint Damage in Active Early Rheumatoid Arthritis. Clinical report Jul 15, 2008 2848
Data from Phase II Exploratory Study Suggest That ORENCIA(R) (abatacept) May Delay Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Adults with Undifferentiated Inflammatory Arthritis. Clinical report Jun 13, 2008 2154
Rheumatoid arthritis Dx, bariatric surgery and mortality, prostate cancer screening. Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2008 3081
A pilot study of a Mediterranean-type diet intervention in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis living in areas of social deprivation in Glasgow. Clinical report May 1, 2008 281
HELPING HANDS; The latest arthritis drugs are being give to hundreds of city patients thanks to the worldwide reputation of a medical research centre in Fazakerley EXCLUSIVE. Mar 24, 2008 580
Autopsy study elucidates coronary disease in RA. Jancin, Bruce Mar 15, 2008 598
Heart failure drives excess mortality in RA. Jancin, Bruce Mar 15, 2008 731
Heart failure undertreated in rheumatoid arthritis. Mahoney, Diana Mar 15, 2008 406
Why you must take vitamin B6 if you have arthritis. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 333
Rheumatoid factor and anti-CCP autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis: a review. Lee, Ashley Nicole; Beck, Carolyn E.; Hall, Margot Jan 1, 2008 3131
Abatacept partially disrupts vaccine response. Walsh, Nancy Oct 1, 2007 550
MRI can improve rheumatoid arthritis care. Walsh, Nancy Oct 1, 2007 569
Tocilizumab improves outcomes in moderate to severe RA. Walsh, Nancy Oct 1, 2007 549
'Anemia of inflammation' explains iron issues in RA. Tucker, Miriam E. Oct 1, 2007 622
Certain RA patients benefit from combo therapy. Evans, Jeff Clinical report Oct 1, 2007 246
Stop anti-TNF therapy 4 weeks before surgery. Walsh, Nancy Sep 15, 2007 767
Depression lowers clinical response to arthritis therapy. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2007 394
Can diet or supplements relieve your arthritis aches and inflammation? Palmer, Sharon Report Aug 1, 2007 1157
Herpes reactivation increases with TNF-blocking agents. Walsh, Nancy Jul 15, 2007 529
Green tea may help ease rheumatoid arthritis inflammation. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 126
Atherosclerosis boosts mortality in RA patients: patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis should also undergo screening for peripheral atherosclerosis. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jun 1, 2007 446
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis feel better after exercises in warm water than after similar exercises on land. Jamtvedt, Gro; Hagen, Kare Birger Report Jun 1, 2007 421
Predicting response to TNF antagonists in rheumatoid arthritis: the promise of pharmacogenetics research using clinical registries. Greenberg, Jeffrey D.; Ostrer, Harry Report Jun 1, 2007 3171
Adalimumab and antibodies. Brief article May 15, 2007 255
Questions remain about RA lymphoma risk. Walsh, Nancy May 1, 2007 895
Infliximab may improve RA-associated anemia. Walsh, Nancy Apr 15, 2007 685
Biologics showing efficacy for psoriasis. Boschert, Sherry Apr 1, 2007 760
Serum levels of matrix metalloproteinase 3 (stromelysin 1) for monitoring synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis. Kobayashi, Ari; Naito, Satoko; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Shiomoi, Takayuki; Kimura, Tokuhiro; Obata, Ken'ic Clinical report Apr 1, 2007 5626
Rheumatoid arthritis and your heart: controlling inflammation can reduce your risk of atherosclerosis--and maybe even save your life. Mar 1, 2007 1221
Smoking tied to arthritis in women. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 211
Data Shows ENBREL Provides Sustained Clinical Improvements for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis for up to Three Years. Nov 13, 2006 2268
Arthritis often negatively affects sexuality. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Nov 1, 2006 305
Serum leptin levels in rheumatoid arthritis and relationship with disease activity. Koseoglu, Mehmet Oct 1, 2006 4301
Injectable MTX better than oral form for RA. Walsh, Nancy Brief article Oct 1, 2006 291
DMARDs alone inadequate for early rheumatoid arthritis. Walsh, Nancy Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2006 500
Persistent response noted after infliximab halted. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2006 582
Arthritis can raise cardiac risks: why joint inflammation is your cue to pay more attention to heart threats. Sep 1, 2006 464
The pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis. Weissmann, Gerald Jun 22, 2006 3140
Pharmacogenetics in the rheumatic diseases. Cronstein, Bruce N. Jun 22, 2006 2213
The role of the synovial fibroblast in rheumatoid arthritis: cartilage destruction and the regulation of matrix metalloproteinases. Abeles, Aryeh M.; Pillinger, Michael H. Jun 22, 2006 3714
Mineral deposit: asbestos linked to lupus, arthritis. Jaffe, E. Jun 17, 2006 438
A systematic review of randomised clinical trials of Tripterygium wilfordii for rheumatoid arthritis. Canter, P.H.; Lee, Hyang Sook; Ernst, E. Clinical report May 1, 2006 5213
Easing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Perry, Patrick May 1, 2006 285
A new drug for rheumatoid arthritis? Brief article Jan 1, 2006 138
Partners target inflammatory conditions. Brief Article Dec 19, 2005 215
LUNESTA(TM) Data Presented at American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting; Pilot Study Shows Improvement for Insomnia Patients With Co-Existing Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nov 15, 2005 1097
Elan and Biogen Idec Announce TYSABRI(R) Safety Evaluation Findings in Crohn's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients; TYSABRI Safety Evaluation Complete; No New Confirmed Cases of PML. Oct 17, 2005 354
Statin therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Coblyn, Jonathan S. May 1, 2005 6031
T cells implicated in RA patients with lung disease. Mahoney, Diana Apr 15, 2005 765
Common variable immunodeficiency: experience in Puerto Rico. Santaella, Maria L.; Font, Ivonne; Disdier, Orville Mar 1, 2005 2189
Anti-TNF agents are proving safe, effective in everyday practice settings. Jancin, Bruce Jan 15, 2005 660
RA linked to higher heart failure risk. Kirn, Timothy F. Dec 15, 2004 350
Arthritic patients no better off than diabetics after acute MI. Jancin, Bruce Oct 15, 2004 280
Rhe-2. Intra-muscular gold therapy for rheumatoid arthritis in patients with concomitant hepatitis C infection. Serebro, Leonard Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 304
Early arthritis clinics speed care to RA patients; critics take aim at the implication that primary care doctors are not fully capable of diagnosing RA. Mahoney, Diana Oct 1, 2004 1717
Chronic RA pain treatment inadequate for most. Jancin, Bruce Oct 1, 2004 329
'Pain free' called invalid criterion for RA remission. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 225
Fish oil for rheumatoid arthritis. Walsh, Nancy Oct 1, 2004 755
Abatacept effective in early or established RA. Jancin, Bruce Sep 15, 2004 537
UK registry is tracking safety of biologics. Walsh, Nancy Brief Article Sep 15, 2004 257
Rofecoxib approved as rheumatoid arthritis Tx. Wachter, Kerri Sep 1, 2004 515
Aggressive RA drug combos fare well at 1 year: follow-up of BEST participants continues in an effort to learn the long-term impact of the four approaches. Jancin, Bruce Aug 15, 2004 947
Anti-TNF agents safe and effective in 'real-life' trials. Jancin, Bruce Aug 15, 2004 626
Bisphosphonate slows RA erosion progress. Kerr, Martha Aug 1, 2004 660
Nutritional implications of rheumatoid arthritis. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Jul 1, 2004 468
Cardiovascular disease related to depression, RA. Walsh, Nancy Jun 1, 2004 726
Help for rheumatoid arthritis. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 243
Angiogenesis targeted in rheumatoid arthritis: numerous inhibitors in pipeline. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2004 534
Swedish study shows effectiveness of combination treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Brief Article Feb 27, 2004 136
Rheumatoid arthritis associated with increased MI risk in women. (Inflammation Probably Plays a Role). Evans, Jeff Apr 15, 2003 474
RA tied to higher risk of cardiovascular disease. (Compared with Osteoarthritis). Wachter, Kerri Brief Article Apr 15, 2003 263
Swedish study reveals Mediterranean diet can relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Brief Article Feb 20, 2003 115
Swedish scientists identify key rheumatoid arthritis gene. Brief Article Dec 4, 2002 111
CD34-selected stem cell transplantation safe for rheumatoid arthritis. Brief Article Nov 13, 2002 116
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ZymoGenetics to discuss novel therapeutic approaches. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 919
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Smoking increases disease's severity. Brief Article Feb 1, 1998 356
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Lu T. Garrett Center for research announced. column Sep 1, 1988 179
Major endowment for arthritis research announced. Jan 1, 1988 197

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