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Effect of Acetone-n-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) as an Oxygenate on Combustion, Performance, and Emission Characteristics of a Spark Ignition Engine. Wu, Gang; Wu, Deng; Li, Yuelin; Meng, Lei Jan 1, 2020 5983
Study explains how electric vehicle improves air quality and climate outlook. Apr 13, 2019 564
Uncertainty Assessment of Octane Index Framework for Stoichiometric Knock Limits of Co-Optima Gasoline Fuel Blends. Vuilleumier, David; Huan, Xun; Casey, Tiernan; Sjoberg, Magnus Technical report Nov 1, 2018 13885
Active Control of Cylinder Charge Motion Using Vortex Generating Jets (VGJs) on Generic Intake Port Geometries. Sun, Shaowei; Eilts, Peter; Scholz, Peter; Haubold, Stefanie Technical report Oct 1, 2018 7293
Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder Volume Trace Deviation. West, Ivan Anagrius; Moreno, Carlos Jorques; Stenlaas, Ola; Haslestad, Fredrik; Jonsson, Ola Technical report Apr 1, 2018 10860
Knock Phenomena under Very Lean Conditions in Gasoline Powered Si-Engines. Doornbos, Gerben; Hemdal, Stina; Denbratt, Ingemar; Dahl, Daniel Technical report Feb 1, 2018 9961
Lean Burn Combustion of Iso-Octane in a Rapid Compression Machine Using Dual Mode Turbulent Jet Ignition System. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Gentz, Gerald; Stuecken, Thomas; Toulson, Elisa; Schock, Harold Technical report Feb 1, 2018 8646
Investigations on Spark and Corona Ignition of Oxymethylene Ether-1 and Dimethyl Carbonate Blends with Gasoline by High-Speed Evaluation of OH* Chemiluminescence. Langhorst, Thorsten; Toedter, Olaf; Koch, Thomas; Niethammer, Benjamin; Arnold, Ulrich; Sauer, Jorg Technical report Feb 1, 2018 9067
Exploring Engine Oil Reactivity Effects on End Gas Knock in a Direct-Injection Spark Ignition Engine. Szybist, Jim; West, Brian Technical report Feb 1, 2018 6198
Determination of Combustion Process Model Parameters in Diesel Engine with Variable Compression Ratio. Milojevic, Sasa; Pesic, Radivoje Jan 1, 2018 5100
The Effect of Cycle-to-Cycle Variations on the NOx-SFC Tradeoff in Diesel Engines under Long Ignition Delay Conditions. Kyrtatos, Panagiotis; Zivolic, Antonio; Brueckner, Clemens; Boulouchos, Konstantinos Report Dec 1, 2017 6561
Development of an Innovative Combustion Process: Spark-Assisted Compression Ignition. Chiodi, Marco; Kaechele, Andreas; Bargende, Michael; Wichelhaus, Donatus; Poetsch, Christian Report Dec 1, 2017 9190
Impact of Particle Characteristics and Engine Conditions on Deposit-Induced Pre-Ignition and Superknock in Turbocharged Gasoline Engines. Gupta, Ashutosh; Seeley, Rachel; Shao, Huifang; Remias, Joe; Roos, Joseph; Wang, Zhi; Qi, Yunliang Report Nov 1, 2017 7216
Investigation of Combustion and Emission Performance of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Diesel. Wu, Yanlong; Ferns, Jason; Li, Hu; Andrews, Gordon Report Nov 1, 2017 4277
Assessment of the Full Thermodynamic Potential of C8-Oxygenates for Clean Diesel Combustion. Zubel, Marius; Pischinger, Stefan; Heuser, Benedikt Report Nov 1, 2017 8329
Investigation of Spark Ignition Engine Mathematical Model Using MATLAB (GUI). Mashkour, Mahmoud A.; Ahmed, Ahmed Y. Report Sep 1, 2017 5328
Laminar Burning, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Premixed Methane- Dissociated Methanol-Air Mixtures. Zuo, Zinong; Pei, Yiqiang; Qin, Jing; Jia, Ruoyu; Li, Xiang; Zhan, Zhang Song; Liu, Bin; Hu, Tie Gan Report Jun 1, 2017 4852
A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Strategy with a Disturbance Observer for Spark Ignition Engines with External EGR. Zhu, Qilun; Prucka, Robert; Prucka, Michael; Dourra, Hussein Technical report May 1, 2017 7559
Analysis of combustion and performance characteristics of multilayer HVOF and plasma ceramic coatings on piston in a diesel engine. Dattatreya, V.; Bapu, B.R. Ramesh; Prasad, B. Durga Report Apr 30, 2017 2652
Numerical Simulation and Flame Analysis of Combustion and Knock in a DISI Optically Accessible Research Engine. Iaccarino, Salvatore; Breda, Sebastiano; D'Adamo, Alessandro; Fontanesi, Stefano; Irimescu, Adrian; Apr 1, 2017 7855
Study of the influence of magnesium hydroxide on the combustibility performance of polymer compositions based on ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. Chuleyeva, E.V.; Zolotaryov, V.M. Report Mar 1, 2017 2106
Effects of Injection Rate Profile on Combustion Process and Emissions in a Diesel Engine. Bai, Fuqiang; Zhang, Zuowei; Du, Yongchen; Zhang, Fan; Peng, Zhijun Jan 1, 2017 4160
A Study on the Combustion Performance of Diesel Engines with [O.sub.2] and C[O.sub.2] Suction. Tan, Qinming; Hu, Yihuai; Zhang, Xusheng; Zhang, Hongsheng Report Jan 1, 2017 3878
Estimating daily domestic hot-water use in North American Homes. Parker, Danny S.; Fairey, Philip; Lutz, James D. Report Jul 1, 2015 8058
Determining the range of variation of convective heat transfer coefficient during the combustion of alternative kinds of gaseous fuels/[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]. Brunetkin, O.I.; Gusak, A.V. Report Jul 1, 2015 197
Optimizing performance and emissions of diesel/LPG fuel mixture in a combustor nozzle--using computer numerical techniques. Hasan, Ali M. Report Jan 1, 2015 3305
Application of data from the cone calorimeter for analyses of the impact of a flame retardant applied on polymer material subjected to combustion on changes in smoke logging within a confined space. Konecki, Marek; Polka, Marzena; Tusnio, Norbert; Griskevicius, Mecislavas Report Dec 1, 2013 4319
Simulation of turbulent piloted methane non-premixed flame based on combination of finite-rate/eddy-dissipation model/Turbulentines valdomos nesumaisytos metano--oro liepsnos, suformuotos naudojant baigtinio greicio sukurines sklaidos modeli, tyrimas. Guessab, A.; Aris, A.; Bounif, A. Report Nov 1, 2013 4854
Effect of time and calcination temperatures on synthesis of zinc titanate nano-crystal powders via combustion technique. Ghanbarnezhad, Solmaz; Abolfazli, Maryam; Nemati, Ali Report Sep 1, 2013 1921
Analysis of solid phase nitrogen conversion process to gaseous oxides/ Kietosios fazes azoto virtimo dujiniais oksidais proceso analize. Pleckaitiene, R.; Buinevicius, K.; Puida, E. Report Sep 1, 2013 4722
Mild combustion in micro organic dust cloud considering radiation effect/Nesmarkus degimas organiniu mikrodaleliy dulkiu debesyje. Bidabadi, M.; Mostafavi, S.A.; Asadollahzadeh, P. Report Jul 1, 2013 4165
Application of high-low bed CFB combustion technology to oil shale combustion. Qing, Wang; Hongpeng, Liu; Jingru, Bai; Hong, Qin; Wen, Yang Report Jun 1, 2013 3545
Study of the combustion mechanism of oil shale semi-coke with rice straw based on Gaussian multi-peak fitting and peak-to-peak methods. Qing, Wang; Xudong, Wang; Hongpeng, Liu; Chunxia, Jia Report Jun 1, 2013 4910
Homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion: challenges and proposed solutions. Najafabadi, Mohammad Izadi; Aziz, Nuraini Abdul Jan 1, 2013 10407
Combustion rate of solid carbon in the axisymmetric stagnation flowfield established over a sphere and/or a flat plate. Makino, Atsushi; Hojo, Masahiro; Shintomi, Masahito Jan 1, 2013 15696
A case study on biomass burning in vaidotai settlement/Biomases deginimo tyrimai vaidotu katilineje. Alisauskas, Tomas; Viselga, Gintas; Jasinskas, Algirdas Report Dec 1, 2012 1215
Research opportunities for cancer associated with indoor air pollution from solid-fuel combustion. Reid, Britt C.; Ghazarian, Armen A.; DeMarini, David M.; Sapkota, Amir; Jack, Darby; Lan, Qing; Winn Report Nov 1, 2012 5711
Research of natural wood combustion and charring processes. Maciulaitis, Romualdas; Jefimovas, Andrejus; Zdanevicius, Povilas Report Oct 1, 2012 7652
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic compounds in ashes from biomass combustion. Straka, Pavel; Havelcova, Martina Report Oct 1, 2012 5498
Distribution of selected elements during the co-combustion of lignite with wood and wood wastes. Klika, Zdenek; Bartonova, Lucie; Serencisova, Jana Report Oct 1, 2012 6256
Comparative research into multicomponent Camelina sativa and rapeseed methyl ester biofuels/Daugiakomponenciu Camelina sativa ir rapso metilesterio biodegalu palyginamieji tyrimai. Zaglinskis, Justas; Rapalis, Paulius; Dauksys, Vygintas Report Aug 1, 2012 2388
Impact of oil shale opencast mining and combustion on Narva River and its tributaries: chemical and ecotoxicological characterisation. Orupold, Kaja; Heinlaan, Margit; Pollumaa, Lee; Dubourguier, Henri-Charles; Kahru, Anne Report Jun 1, 2012 7700
A shrinking model for combustion/gasification of char based on transport and reaction time scales/Kieto kuro daleliu mazejimo dujofikavimo metu modelis, pagristas pernasos ir reakciju laiko masteliais. Peters, B.; Dziugys, A.; Navakas, R. Report Mar 1, 2012 5775
Short-term tests on firing oil shale fuel applying low-temperature vortex technology. Pihu, T.; Konist, A.; Neshumayev, D.; Loosaar, J.; Siirde, A.; Parve, T.; Molodtsov, A. Report Mar 1, 2012 6261
Kinetic analysis of co-combustion of oil shale semi-coke with bituminous coal. Sun, B.-Z.; Wang, Q.; Shen, P.-Y.; Qin, H.; Li, S.-H. Report Mar 1, 2012 3833
Historical overview of using fluidized-bed technology for oil shale combustion in Estonia. Martins, A. Report Mar 1, 2012 4585
Thermal and combustion behavior of ethylene-vinyl acetate/aluminum trihydroxide/Fe-montmorillonite composites. Chen, Xilei; Jiao, Chuanmei; Zhang, Jun Report Feb 1, 2012 3631
Black carbon as an additional indicator of the adverse health effects of airborne particles compared with PM10 and PM2.5. Janssen, Nicole A.H.; Hoek, Gerard; Simic-Lawson, Milena; Fischer, Paul; Bree, Leendert Van; Brink, Report Dec 1, 2011 12785
Fast discrete resolution of combustion process in diesel engine based on cylinder pressure parameter/Greitas diskretus ipurskimo proceso dyzeliniame variklyje sprendimas pagal cilindro slegio parametrus. Wang, Jun; Zhang, Youtong Report Nov 1, 2011 4001
Study on the conversion of fuel nitrogen into NOx/Kure esancio azoto perejimo i NOx tyrimai. Pleckaitiene, Raminta; Buinevicius, Kestutis; Norinkeviciute, Ruta; Cerniauskas, Egidijus Report Nov 1, 2011 2345
Thermogravimetric analysis of the combustion characteristics of oil shale semi-coke/biomass blends. Qing, Wang; Hao, Xu; Hongpeng, Liu; Chunxia, Jia; Jingru, Bai Report Jun 1, 2011 4319
Impact of combustion time of lignite in the model of kinetic combustion in the boiler of "Kosovo B". Mulliqi, Ismet Sejdi; Terziqi, Avni Kahriman; Bajraktari, Bekim Veli; Mehush Rifat, Aliu Report Jan 1, 2011 1316
Fuel combustion with monitored moderate underburning. Roslyakov, Pavel Vasilievich; Pleshanov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich; Ionkin, Igor Lvovich Report Jan 1, 2011 1581
Impact of oxygen concentration on ignition time of birchwood. Martinka, Jozef; Chrebet, Tomas; Balog, Karol Report Jan 1, 2011 1462
Variability of charring along the wooden wall studs/Mediniu karkasiniu sienu statramsciu apanglejimo gylio kitimas. Just, Alar; Tera, Tarmo Report Dec 1, 2010 4382
Flame propagation in combustion synthesis of Ni-Ti structural bioimplant material. Li, Zhi-liang; Ilegbusi, Olusegun J. Report Oct 14, 2010 3015
Scientists set sights on green combustion system for cars; WELSH RESEARCH MAY HELP MOTORISTS USE LESS FUEL. Oct 13, 2010 569
Assessing the amount of chemical elements in biodegradable agricultural wastes and ash/Cheminiu elementu kiekio bioskaidziose zemes ukio atliekose ir ju pelenuose vertinimas. Kvasauskiene, Rasa; Baltrenas, Pranas Report Sep 1, 2010 2773
Study on reactivity of circulating fluidized bed combustion fly ashes in the presence of water. Salain, I.M.A.K. Report Mar 1, 2010 3005
The analysis of influencing factors on combustion time of the lignite in TC Kosova A in Obiliq. Terziqi, Avni Kahriman; Mulliqi, Ismet Sejdi; Kamberaj, Naim Sokol; Bajraktari, Bekim Veli Report Jan 1, 2010 1100
An experimental investigation to study temperature distribution and thermal transfer in a crucible furnace with oscillating combustion. Govardhan, J.; Rao, G.V.S. Report Dec 1, 2009 5215
Balancing act: creating the right regulation for coal combustion waste. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 87
Trash or treasure? Putting coal combustion waste to work. Tenenbaum, David J. Report Nov 1, 2009 4313
Black carbon exposure, oxidative stress genes, and blood pressure in a repeated-measures study. Mordukhovich, Irina; Wilker, Elissa; Suh, Helen; Wright, Robert; Sparrow, David; Vokonas, Pantel S.; Report Nov 1, 2009 7254
Comparison of performance and combustion parameters and emissions on a variable compression ratio diesel engine fueled with CsME. Rambabu, V.; Prasad, V.J.J.; Subramanyam, T.; Satyanarayana, B. Report Nov 1, 2009 3659
Effect of piston bowl geometry on flow, combustion and emission in DI diesel engine--a CFD approach. Gunabalan, A.; Ramaprabhu, R. Report Nov 1, 2009 2305
Stability of diesohol using biodiesel as additive and its performance and emission characteristics in a compression ignition engine under various compression ratios. Selvan, V. Arul Mozhi; Anand, R.B.; Udayakumar, M. Report Sep 1, 2009 4858
The influence of flame retardant treated timber density on combustibility/Antipireniniais tirpalais impregnuotos medienos uzsiliepsnojimo priklausomybe nuo medienos tankio. Karpovic, Zbignev Report Sep 1, 2009 1933
To build a better motor: the continued analysis of propellant addittives and their effects on combustion. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 300
Theoretical and experimental aspects of naval fuel drop burning. Turcoiu, Titi; Omocea, Ion; Radulea, Lilian Report Jan 1, 2009 1177
Results of additived naval fuel drop's burning. Turcoiu, Titi; Omocea, Ion; Radulea, Lilian Report Jan 1, 2009 1124
University gets boost towards green heat; Research is underway at the University of Glamorgan to help them deliver a new biomass combustion process that can provide 'green' heat, thanks to a contribution of nearly pounds 99,000 from the Carbon Turst. Oct 22, 2008 214
Thermal processing of dictyonema argillite and kukersite oil shale: transformation and distribution of sulfur compounds in pilot-scale galoter process. Elenurm, A.; Oja, V.; Tali, E.; Tearo, E.; Yanchilin, A. Report Sep 1, 2008 2955
A review on biodiesel production, combustion, emissions and performance. Basha, Syed Ameer; Gopal, K. Raja Report Sep 1, 2008 7934
Application of EOR techniques for oil shale fields (in-situ combustion approach). Kok, M.V.; Guner, G.; Bagci, S. Report Jun 1, 2008 2499
Computer simulation and combustion diagnostics of the performance of multicylinder 4-stroke SI engine using CNG as a fuel. Tirkey, J.V.; Gupta, H.N. Report May 1, 2008 3640
A comparative analysis of combustion, performance and emission characteristics of blends of methyl ester of jatropha oil and diesel in di diesel engine. Sundaresan, M.; Chandarasekaran, S.; Saravanakumar, L. Report Mar 1, 2008 1867
Burning velocity of 1, 1-diflurorethane (R-152a). Linteris, Gregory T. Jul 1, 2006 8240
Reaction stoichiometry for combustion of fluoroethane blends. Takizawa, Kenji; Takahashi, Akifumi; Tokuhashi, Kazuaki; Kondo, Shigeo; Sekiya, Akira Jul 1, 2006 6803
The elements distribution during the co-combustion of coal, wood, sludge, plastics and soap. Stach, Martin; Klika, Zdenek; Novackova, Martina; Roubicek, Vaclav Report Jan 1, 2006 8038
Ash characteristic in co-combustion of coal with wood residue, sewage sludge and municipal waste. Tomasek, Vladimir; Sustai, Ondrej; Seidlerova, Jana; Klika, Zdenek; Stach, Martin; Weiss, Zdenek; Ro Report Jan 1, 2006 4170
Fate of chlorine compound in combustion of alternative fuels. Wichterle, Kamil; Cieslar, Jan; Klecka, Antonin; Klika, Zdenek; Roubicek, Vaclav Report Jan 1, 2006 4533
Determination of efficiency in course of guarantee measurements. Kadlec, Zdenek; Cech, Bohumir; Matousek, Jan Report Jan 1, 2006 1992
Modelling of effects of operating conditions and coal reactivity on temperature of burning particles in fluidized bed combustion. Svoboda, Karel; Hartman, Miloslav; Pohorely, Michael; Trnka, Otakar Report Apr 1, 2004 6711
Criticism of prediction of coal self-ignition. Medek, Jiri; Weishauptova, Zuzana Report Apr 1, 2004 2353

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