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Gender Differences in Cognitive Load when Applying Game-Based Learning with Intelligent Robots. Chen, Beyin; Hwang, Gwo-Haur; Wang, Shen-Hua Report Jul 1, 2021 7940
Happiness and Personality Traits as Predictors of Optimism in School and College Teachers. Akhtar, Nasreen; Saleem, Samar Dec 22, 2020 3854
Who Is Pulling the Leash? Effects of Human Gender and Dog Sex on Human-Dog Dyads When Walking On-Leash. Shih, Hao-Yu; Paterson, Mandy B.A.; Georgiou, Fillipe; Pachana, Nancy A.; Phillips, Clive J.C. Oct 1, 2020 9951
The Effect of Emphasizing Credibility Elements and the Role of Source Gender on Perceptions of Source Credibility. Bigham, Ariana; Meyers, Courtney; Li, Nan; Irlbeck, Erica Report Jun 1, 2019 7035
Gender Differences in the Multiple Intelligence Skills of Library and Information Science Professionals in Universities in Tamil Nadu, India. Jeyshankar, R. Report Feb 1, 2019 8685
A study of gender differences among invulnerable children. Nanda, Gopal Krishna; Biswal, Ashok Kumar Sep 1, 2018 3984
RightPet Study: Children Enjoy Pet Rats Over Dogs and Cats. Aug 8, 2018 479
The wings of moral judgment and dark triad: gender differences. Chowdhury, Devdeep Roy; Gupta, Sadhan Das Mar 1, 2018 2878
Gender Differences in Verbalizing-Visualizing and Wholistic-Analytic Cognitive Styles. Batool, Iffat Report Dec 22, 2017 5361
Sex Difference in the Effect of Peer Influence on Submaximal Running in Recreational Runners. Carnes, Andrew J.; Barkley, Jacob E. Report Dec 1, 2017 5600
GENDER DIFFERENCE IN PSYCHIATRIC MORBIDITY AMONG INMATES OF JUVENILE HOMES. Kaimal, Ganga Gangadhara; Padmam, Madhavy Sukumaran Razeena Report Sep 28, 2017 2421
When women are dissatisfied: gender differences in product failure attribution. Song, Sujin; Sheinin, Dan A.; Yoon, Sukki Report Sep 1, 2017 4317
Personality Differences among Adolescent Boys and Girls. Raina, Gayatri; Verma, Pooja Report Sep 1, 2017 2586
How financially literate are women? An overview and new insights. Bucher-Koenen, Tabea; Lusardi, Annamaria; Alessie, Rob; Van Rooij, Maarten Jun 22, 2017 12263
Gender moderates the effect of homo economicus belief on trust. Chen, Xi; Liu, Guofang Report Jun 1, 2017 3059
Effect of age and gender on psychological correlates of peer pressure in adolescents. Chatterjee, Sayantani; Sehgal, Aastha; Kundu, Angana; Ghatak, Debopriya; Dotta, Noel; Patla, Padmini Report Mar 1, 2017 6403
Effect of age and gender on psychosocial correlates of self identity in adolescents. Chatterjee, Sayantani; Neogyi, Snehasree Report Mar 1, 2017 6409
Better possible self or better other? Gender affects who is more inspirational. Han, Youngjee; Nam, Myungwoo Report Mar 1, 2017 5218
Gender differences in strategies for coping with foreign language learning anxiety. Kao, Po-Chi; Chen, Kate Tzu-Ching; Craigie, Philip Report Mar 1, 2017 2393
Gender differences and professional identities in health and engineering. Vieira, Adriane; de Padua Carrieri, Alexandre; Monteiro, Plinio Rafael Reis; Roquete, Fatima Ferreir Report Jan 1, 2017 9580
Attitudes towards Transgender: A Study of Gender and Influencing Factors. Bukhari, Sana; Mushtaq, Hajira; Aurangzaib, Sadaf Report Dec 31, 2016 7187
Age-related cognitive decline: women are more resilient than men, study says. Clinical report Sep 22, 2016 307
More women than men are troubled by anxiety. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 156
The effect of birth order and sex on perceptions of the sibling relationship among college students. Van Volkom, Michele; Beaudoin, Elizabeth Report Sep 1, 2016 4380
Undergraduates' day-to-day lying behaviors: implications, targets, and psychological characteristics. Chiu, Su-Lin; Hong, Fu-Yuan; Chiu, Shao-I Report Sep 1, 2016 4103
Attitudes and Practices of Secondary School Students about Information Communication Technology: A Comparison by Gender, Locale and Subjects of Study. Hassan, Mehboob-Ul-; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali Report Jun 30, 2016 5348
An examination of motivational regulations, dispositional flow and social physique anxiety among college students for exercise: a self-determination theory approach. Ersoz, Gozde Report Jun 1, 2016 6804
Gender and locality differences in body image among college students. Behmani, Rakesh Kumar; Kumar, Suresh Report Mar 1, 2016 3686
He stress, she stress: scientists puzzle over why men and women react differently to pressure. Gaidos, Susan Jan 23, 2016 2136
Gender-based relationship between eating behavior and sense of coherence in Japanese young adults. Horiguchi, Masami; Tanaka, Gohichi; Ogasawara, Haruko; Maruyama, Ryoko Report Jan 1, 2016 5746
Sex influences ability to read crowd's emotions. Sanders, Laura Report Nov 14, 2015 212
Substance use and treatment needs: constructions of gender in Swedish addiction care. Samuelsson, Eva Sep 22, 2015 12275
Lean in: I've found the women of my generation to be more accepting of each other's choices than articles I've read on the subject, and that makes me glad, because what we really need from each other is support and acceptance. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Aug 1, 2015 683
Post-traumatic coping with the loss of a child among women and men. Komarnicka-Jedrzejewska, O.; Walczak, H.; Jedrzejewski, W. Report Jun 1, 2015 5097
Money or attention? Sex differences in reactions to social exclusion. Wang, Ziwei; Tu, Ping Report Jun 1, 2015 3964
Assessment of quality of life in patients after lower limb amputation/Procena kvaliteta zivota pacijenata nakonamputacije donjih ekstremiteta. Knezevic, Aleksandar; Salamon, Tatjana; Milankov, Miroslav; Ninkovic, Srdan; Knezevic, Milica Jeremi Report Mar 1, 2015 3764
Gender differences in online media usage. Ularu, Vera Report Jan 1, 2014 2316
Self-concept among primary school students according to gender and academic achievement variables in Jordan. Srour, Nadia Hayel Al-; Ali, Safa Mohammad Al- Report Sep 22, 2013 6599
Bank-firm relationships: do perceptions vary by gender? Saparito, Patrick; Elam, Amanda; Brush, Candida Jul 1, 2013 10752
Evaluation of trait anger-anger expression in team and individual sports according to gender and sport experience. Certel, Zehra; Bahadir, Ziya; Karabulut, Ebru Olcay Report Jun 1, 2013 2890
Gender differences in buyer-seller negotiations: emotion regulation strategies. Yurtsever, Gulcimen; Ozyurt, Berrin; Ben-Asher, Zohar Report May 1, 2013 2377
Prospective Associations between Youth Assets, Neighborhood Characteristics and No-Tobacco Use among Youth: Differences by Gender. Tolma, Eleni L.; Oman, Roy F.; Vesely, Sara K.; Aspy, Cheryl B.; Boeckman, Lindsay Report Mar 22, 2013 394
Approval versus disapproval of dogfighting and cockfighting among college students. Molina, Melody; Arikawa, Hiroko; Templer, Donald I. Report Mar 1, 2013 2214
Personality, gender, and background predictors of partner preferences. Furnham, Adrian; Tsoi, Teresa Report Dec 1, 2012 7736
Comparison of social anxieties among Han, Tibetan, and Muslim university students in China. Chen, Yongyong; Huo, Yongquan Report Nov 1, 2012 4904
Girls' and boys' choices of peer behavioral characteristics at age five. Braza, Francisco; Sanchez-Martin, Jose R.; Braza, Paloma; Carreras, Rosario; Munoz, Jose M.; Azurmen Report Nov 1, 2012 4470
Gender differences in what works for boys and girls. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 292
How workplace accounting experience and gender affect ethical judgment. Lv, Wei; Huang, Yunhui Report Oct 1, 2012 2623
Psychology. Author abstract Sep 22, 2012 2658
Whether men or women are responsible for the size of gender gap in alcohol consumption depends on alcohol measure: a study across the United States. Roberts, Sarah C.M. Jun 22, 2012 5555
The gender-mediated impact of a career development intervention. Cassie, Diana V.W.; Chen, Charles P. Report May 10, 2012 6348
Does gender influence physical activity and psychosocial factors in older exercisers? A pilot study. Orsega-Smith, Elizabeth; Getchell, Nancy; Palkovitz, Lindsay Report Mar 22, 2012 5487
Gender similarity or gender difference? Contemporary women's and men's career patterns. Whitmarsh, Lona; Wentworth, Diane Keyser Report Mar 1, 2012 8591
"What do you want to do when you grow up?" Occupational aspirations of Taiwanese preschool children. Lee, Hung-Chang Report Feb 1, 2012 5114
Observed support provision in couples: the influence of biological sex and gender identity. Verhofstadt, Lesley L.; Devoldre, Inge Report Feb 1, 2012 742
Social anxiety in relation to social skills, aggression, and stress among male and female commercial institute students. Ali, Majed. M. Al-; Singh, Ajai Pratap; Smekal, Vladimir Report Dec 22, 2011 4036
The gender wage gap during Serbia's transition. Kecmanovic, Milica; Barrett, Garry F. Report Dec 1, 2011 10896
You don't look like an athlete: the effects of feminine appearance on audience perceptions of female athletes and women's sports. Jones, Amy; Greer, Jennifer Report Nov 29, 2011 7774
Clothing color preferences of boys and girls aged between six and nine. Kilinc, Nurgul Report Nov 1, 2011 3032
The influence of survey format on reports about fathers and mothers. Plunkett, Scott W.; Ainsworth, Andrew T.; Henry, Carolyn S.; Behnke, Andrew O. Report Sep 22, 2011 6852
Alimony: what social science and popular culture tell us about women, guilt, and spousal support after divorce. McMullen, Judith G. Sep 22, 2011 22492
Cupid's arrows pierce men's hearts faster than women, says Josh Ackerman of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Brief article Sep 22, 2011 110
247 tales. Knight, Gavin Jun 22, 2011 1589
Gender, gender role, and creativity. Stoltzfus, Geniffer; Nibbelink, Brady Leigh; Vredenburg, Debra; Thyrum, Elizabeth Report Apr 1, 2011 3087
Stereotype threat leads to reduction in number of math problems women attempt. Rivardo, Mark G.; Rhodes, Michael E.; Camaione, Tyler C.; Legg, Jessica M. Report Mar 1, 2011 4456
Gender differences in statistics anxiety among graduate students learning English as a foreign language. Hsiao, Tsung-yuan; Chiang, Steve Report Feb 1, 2011 235
Who's sorry now? My bad. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 185
Relationships among middle-school adolescents' vocational skills, motivational approaches, and interests. Turner, Sherri L.; Conkel, Julia; Starkey, Michael T.; Landgraf, Rachel Dec 1, 2010 6883
Sex differences in college students' elementary arithmetic ability. Weinstein, Lawrence; Laverghetta, Antonio Report Sep 1, 2010 948
Gender differences in the factor structure of the 2x2 achievement goal framework. Alkharusi, Hussain; Aldhafri, Said Report Sep 1, 2010 4285
The influence of social class salience on self-assessed intelligence. Kudrna, Laura; Furnham, Adrian; Swami, Viren Report Jul 1, 2010 2417
Exploring the maintenance of spatial zones by male and female students in four university environments. Khan, Anber Y.; Kamal, Anila Report Jun 30, 2010 6455
Job Skills: What Gender Are They? Kedraka, Katerina Author abstract Apr 1, 2010 269
Sex typing for sport. Dreger, Alice Report Mar 1, 2010 2158
Gender differences in psychiatric symptomatology in adolescents attending a community drug and alcohol treatment program. Edokpolo, Osamede; James, Philip; Kearns, Caitriona; Campbell, Ann; Smyth, Bobby P. Report Mar 1, 2010 3691
Gender-related issues in Romanian print advertising. Berariu, Elena-Cristina; Moraru, Adela; Peterlicean, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2010 1809
GENDER DIFFERENCES IN NON VERBAL REASONING SKILLS. Ramay, Muhammad Khalid; Khan, Ghulam Mehdi Hayat Report Dec 31, 2009 1447
Factors affecting international students' transition to higher education institutions in the United States. Kwon, Yangyi Report Dec 1, 2009 7679
Gender differences in crime, drug addiction, abstinence, personality characteristics, and negative emotions. Chen, Gila Report Sep 1, 2009 8863
Gender differences in psychosocial functioning across substance abuse treatment. Rao, Sandhya R.; Czuchry, Michael; Dansereau, Donald F. Report Sep 1, 2009 4674
Women autism and: gender differences key to better understanding. Robinson, Melinda Jun 22, 2009 2238
The structure of problem behavior in a sample of maltreated youths. Culhane, Sara E.; Taussig, Heather N. Report Jun 1, 2009 5907
Sex, gender values, and expected leadership conflict management styles in the Taiwanese public relations field. Wu, Ming-Yi Report Apr 1, 2009 4679
Determinants of sex segregation within practice settings. Irion, Glenn L.; Cossman, Jeralynn Mar 22, 2009 3735
Language and gender variance: constructing gender beyond the male/female binary. Corwin, Anna I. Report Jan 1, 2009 6538
Gender differences in perceived parenting styles and socioemotional adjustment of adolescents. Kausar, Rukhsana; Shafique, Nadia Report Dec 22, 2008 4029
Gender-based differences in the patterns of emotional self-disclosure. Sultan, Sarwat; Chaudry, Huma Report Dec 22, 2008 5535
The quality of young people's heterosexual relationships: a longitudinal analysis of characteristics shaping subjective experience. Wight, Daniel; Parkes, Alison; Strange, Vicki; Allen, Elizabeth; Bonell, Chris; Henderson, Marion Report Dec 1, 2008 9748
Teenagers' sexual identity may not reflect behavior; both are linked to risk. Hollander, D. Report Dec 1, 2008 1022
Does the counselor's gender matter? a clinician of the same sex doesn't always produce optimal results. Duffy, Brian Report Nov 1, 2008 757
College students and the work world. Farner, Susan M.; Brown, Edward E. Report Sep 1, 2008 3211
Variations in students' school- and teacher-related attitudes across gender, ethnicity, and age. Sullivan, Jeremy R.; Riccio, Cynthia A.; Reynolds, Cecil R. Report Sep 1, 2008 5334
Gender differences in sexual information sources, and sexual attitudes and behaviors of university students in Turkey. Gelbal, Selahattin; Duyan, Veli; Ozturk, Aslihan Burcu Report Sep 1, 2008 7127
Interrelations of gender schemas in children and adolescents: attitudes, preferences, and self-perceptions. Signorella, Margaret L.; Frieze, Irene Hanson Report Aug 1, 2008 5895
Medical students' gender-specific examination performance. Mistik, Selcuk Report Aug 1, 2008 3062
Gender effects on bias in complex financial decisions. Endres, Megan Lee; Chowdhury, Sanjib K.; Alam, Intakhab Jun 22, 2008 6636
Evaluation of job involvement potency of Nigerian male and female managers in education: implications for balancing gender gap in employment. Onyene, Virgy Report Jun 1, 2007 5768
Sex differences in children's physical risk-taking behaviors: natural observations at the San Antonio Zoological Gardens. Ginsburg, Harvey J.; Rogerson, Kimberly; Voght, Elizabeth; Walters, Jennifer; Bartels, Roger D. Jun 1, 2007 2501
The role of gender in opportunity identification. DeTienne, Dawn R.; Chandler, Gaylen N. May 1, 2007 10050
Gender, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial career intentions: implications for entrepreneurship education (1). Wilson, Fiona; Kickul, Jill; Marlino, Deborah May 1, 2007 8883
Identity as a moderator of gender differences in the emotional closeness of emerging adults' same- and cross-sex friendships. Johnson, H. Durell; Brady, Evelyn; McNair, Renae; Congdon, Darcy; Niznik, Jamie; Anderson, Samantha Mar 22, 2007 7144
Gender, romance novels and plastic sexuality in the United States: a focus on female college students. Wu, Huei-Hsia Report Nov 1, 2006 4407
When are women more generous than men? Cox, James C.; Deck, Cary A. Oct 1, 2006 8346
Coping with stress in the australian job network: gender differences. Patton, Wendy; Goddard, Richard Sep 1, 2006 4843
Gender differences in adolescent identity formation. Sandhu, Damanjit; Tung, Suninder Report Jun 22, 2006 3927
Gender differences in the relationship of anger and depression in a clinical sample. Newman, Jody L.; Fuqua, Dale R.; Gray, Elizabeth A.; Simpson, David B. Mar 22, 2006 4640
Men talk: an exploratory study of communication patterns and communication apprehension of Black and White males. Jordan-Jackson, Felecia F.; Davis, Kimberly A. Mar 22, 2005 8563
Who seeks help? Examining the differences in attitude of Turkish university students toward seeking psychological help by gender, gender roles, and help-seeking experiences. Turkum, Ayse Sibel Mar 22, 2005 5178
The evolving culture of computing: similarity is the difference. Blum, Lenore; Frieze, Carol Jan 1, 2005 6594
Sensory and postural input in the occurrence of a gender difference in orienting liquid surfaces. Robert, Michele; Longpre, Sophie Jan 1, 2005 8602
The essential difference: the male and female brain. Baron-Cohen, Simon Jan 1, 2005 1937
Taking science seriously: conservative dogma about sex roles ignores inconvenient realities. Young, Cathy Critical Essay Aug 1, 2004 1294
Women remember how you look. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 292
Romantic behaviors of University students: a cross-cultural and gender analysis in Puerto Rico and the United States. Quiles, Jose A. Sep 1, 2003 6090
Assessing student learning outcomes: an investigation of the relationship among feedback measures. Rucker, Mary L.; Thomson, Stephanie Sep 1, 2003 1879
Gender doesn't affect insomnia. Brief Article Jul 15, 2003 144
Gender differences in the consequences of a coercive sexual experience among adolescents attending alternative schools. (Research Papers). Buzi, Ruth S.; Tortolero, Susan R.; Roberts, Robert E.; Ross, Michael W.; Markham, Christine M.; Fle May 1, 2003 5012
Nonverbal and verbal communication in "involved" and "casual" relationships among college students. McGinty, Kristen; Knox, David; Zusman, Marty E. Mar 1, 2003 1376
A gender-based comparison of the learning strategies of adult business students. Sizoo, Steve; Malhotra, Naveen; Bearson, Joe Mar 1, 2003 2675
Boy books, girl books: should we re-organize our school library collections? Doiron, Ray Feb 1, 2003 2224
Gender, aging, and subjective well-being. Inglehart, Ronald Dec 1, 2002 7188
Gender differences in African American attitudes toward gay males. Battle, Juan; Lemelle, Anthony J., Jr. Sep 22, 2002 3419
Male and female college students' learning styles differ: an opportunity for instructional diversification. Keri, Gabe Sep 1, 2002 3666
Self-concept: differences among adolescents by gender. Glaeser, Barbara C. Jun 22, 2002 2663
Social connectedness, social appraisal, and perceived stress in college women and men. Lee, Richard M.; Keough, Kelli A.; Sexton, Janel D. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 5719
Are gifted girls motivationally disadvantaged? Review, reflection, and redirection. Yun Dai, David Jun 22, 2002 15967
Math gap between boys and girls may not exist. (What the Numbers Say). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 135
Gender Differences on a Mental Rotation Task: The Effects of Stereotype Threat. (Psychology). Burns, Sheila L.; Peterson, Holly; Bass, Hope; Pascoe, Neil Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 235
Gender differences among elementary school-aged gifted students in achievement, perceptions of ability, and subject preference. Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula; Turner, Dana Mar 22, 2002 12830
Sex differences in general knowledge. Lynn, Richard; Irwing, Paul; Cammock, Thomas Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 4952
Male hubris and female humility? A cross-cultural study of ratings of self, parental, and sibling multiple intelligence in America, Britain, and Japan. Furnham, Adrian; Hosoe, Tatsuro; Tang, Thomas Li-Ping Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 7202
Achievement, gender and the single-sex/coed debate. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 126
Notes from the field: Gender issues in the management curriculum: a survey of student experiences. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 169
Rethinking Gender Differences in Literacy. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 117
Trends in gender differences in academic achievement from 1960 to 1964: An analysis of differences in mean, variance, and exteme scores. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 227
But fingerprints don't lie, eh? Prevailing gender ideologies and scientific knowledges. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 138
GIRLS RULE. Wilgoren, Jodi Mar 5, 2001 3280
Liberal undergraduate education and reasoning styles: using political scenarios in student assessment. Ishiyama, John T.; Wingo, Keri T.; Arteaga, Shirley S. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 4731
A Dyadic Protocol for Training Complex Skills: A Replication Using Female Participants. Sanchez-Ku, Maria L.; Arthur Jr., Winfred Sep 22, 2000 5010
The 'gender gap' in final examination results at Oxford University. Mellanby, Jane; Martin, Maryanne; O'Doherty, John Aug 1, 2000 5449
Gender effects in the evaluation of high school basketball officials. Graf, Richard G.; Konoske, Paula J. Sep 1, 1999 3150
Gender and the stratification of colleges. Jacobs, Jerry A. Mar 1, 1999 9459
Gender differences in the reliability of the EPQ? A bootstrapping approach. Miles, Jeremy N.V.; Shevlin, Mark; McGhee, Patrick C. Feb 1, 1999 3161
Coping with acute stress in sport as a function of gender: an exploratory study. Anshel, Mark H.; Porter,Anne; Quek, Jin-Jong Dec 1, 1998 4758
Gender differences in the dual-task effects on autobiographical memory retrieval during social problem solving. Goddard, Lorna; Dritschel, Barbara; Burton, Andrew Nov 1, 1998 8531
Women and the 'fear of crime': challenging the accepted stereotype. Gilchrist, Elizabeth; Bannister, Jon; Ditton, Jason; Farrall, Stephen Mar 22, 1998 8498
A Twin Study of Gender-influenced Individual Differences in General Cognitive Ability. KNOPIK, VALERIE, S.; DEFRIES, JOHN C. Mar 1, 1998 3881
Gender differences in the emotional tone of written sexual fantasies. Dubois, Stephanie L. Dec 22, 1997 4043
Gender differences on assessments. Latham, Andrew S. Dec 1, 1997 1034
Investigating leadership, gender, and coaching level using the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale. Jambor, Elizabeth A.; Zhang, James J. Sep 1, 1997 2884
Mental rotation as a mediator for sex-related differences in visualization. Delgado, Ana R.; Prieto, Gerardo May 1, 1997 5717
Gender differences in sexuality and interpersonal power relations among French-speaking young adults from Quebec: a province-wide study. Otis, Joanne; Levy, Joseph; Samson, Jean-Marc; Pilote, Francois; Fugere, Annie Mar 22, 1997 6770
Men's and women's organizational peer relationships: a comparison. Fritz, Janie Harden Jan 1, 1997 6777
Motive to avoid success and fear of appearing incompetent: an assessment of sex differences. Tung, Sunindar Report Dec 22, 1996 1463
Decomposing the gender gap in cognitive skills in a poor rural economy. Alderman, Harold; Behrman, Jere R.; Ross, David R.; Sabot, Richard Jan 1, 1996 10128
Women and men, morality and ethics. Dawson, Leslie M. Jul 1, 1995 2918
Gender, beliefs, and achievement in remedial college-level mathematics. Stage, Frances K.; Kloosterman, Peter May 1, 1995 6119
Sex and math, revisited. Bracey, Gerald W. Column Jan 1, 1994 955
Hands-on teaches best. Needham, Nancy R. Nov 1, 1993 455
Investments in the schooling and health of women and men: quantities and returns. Schultz, T. Paul Sep 22, 1993 10177
Gender differences in the returns to schooling and in school enrollment rates in Indonesia. Deolalikar, Anil B. Sep 22, 1993 9140
Educational investments and returns for women and men in Cote d'Ivoire. Vijverberg, Wim P.M. Sep 22, 1993 9288
Darwin's minds. Bower, Bruce Cover Story Oct 12, 1991 2752
The 'math gap': puzzling sex differences. Bower, Bruce Dec 6, 1986 686

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