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Climate change threatens the price of a dram; Drier Mays could drive up the cost of barley...and whisky. Aug 18, 2019 657
Effect of Integrated Inorganic and Organic Fertilizers on Yield and Yield Components of Barley in Liben Jawi District. Abera, Tolera; Tufa, Tolcha; Midega, Tesfaye; Kumbi, Haji; Tola, Buzuayehu Report Jan 1, 2018 6521
Purchase Of Certified / Tl / Research Seeds Of Mustard Barley & Lentil (on Consignment Basis). Oct 4, 2016 122
Barley to ward off bad cholesterol: Study. Clinical report Jun 11, 2016 279
Comparison of Barley-based Intercropping System for Productivity and Net Economic Return. Abu-Bakar, Muhammad; Ehsanullah, Riaz Ahmad; Zahir, Zahir A. Report Dec 31, 2014 4585
Making a barley fish feed product. Avant, Sandra Jul 1, 2014 920
Effect of salinity stress on germination and seedling growth of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) varieties. Kanbar, Adnan; El drussi, Ibrahim Report Jan 1, 2014 2461
Sources of resistance in advanced barley lines to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. hordei. Safavi, Safar Ali Report Feb 1, 2012 2959
Comparison of grain driller in barley cropping in Shoushtar region, Iran. Jamshidi, A.R.; afzali, H.; Tayari, E. Report Jan 1, 2012 1352
Effects of moisture and a saponin-based surfactant during barley processing on growth performance and carcass quality of feedlot steers and on in vitro ruminal fermentation. Wang, Y.; Gibb, D.; Greer, D.; McAllister, T.A. Report Nov 15, 2011 7012
Substituting bakery waste for barley grains in fattening diets for Awassi lambs. Hindiyeh, M.Y.; Haddad, S.G.; Haddad, S.K. Report Nov 1, 2011 2768
Effect of different chemical and bio-fertilizers on morphological traits, yield and yield components of barley. Mousavi, S.G.R.; Seghatoleslami, M.J. Report Sep 1, 2011 4339
Study on annual population density of Eurygaster integriceps on Sardari and Azar 2 wheat cultivars and Sahand barley cultivar in Kivi, Ardabil, Iran. Ebadollahi, Asgar; Honarmand, Parisa Report Sep 1, 2011 2802
Evaluation barley germination in NaCl + Ca[Cl.sub.2] solution, natural saline water and saline soil. Mohammadi, Khosro; Eskandari, Mokhtar Report Sep 1, 2011 3048
Effect of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles spraying on barley (Hordem vulgare L.) under field condition. Moaveni, Payam; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1273
Study of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles spraying effect on the some physiological parameters in barley (Hordem Vulgare L.). Moaveni, Payam; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1201
Genetic Gain through Selection Indices in Hulless Barley. Eshghi, Roham; Ojaghi, Javid; Salayeva, Samira Report Apr 30, 2011 6879
Comparison of multiple linear regressions (MLR) and artificial neural network (ANN) in predicting the yield using its components in the hulless barley. Zaefizadeh, Mohammad; Jalili, Aref; Khayatnezhad, Majid; Gholamin, Roza; Mokhtari, Tahereh Report Jan 1, 2011 2382
New fuels from an ancient crop. Perry, Ann Nov 1, 2010 542
Like Malt? You'll love this malting barley research! Wood, Marcia Feb 1, 2010 495
Barley examined as source for potential fish feed. Durham, Sharon Feb 1, 2010 514
Boosting barley for bioenergy. Perry, Ann Feb 1, 2010 486
ARS research program in oats and barley. Feb 1, 2010 406
Analysis of the genotype x environment interaction of barley grain yield (Hordeum Vulgare L.) under semi arid conditions. Kadi, Zahia; Adjel, Farrah; Bouzerzour, Hamenna Report Jan 1, 2010 3582
Effects of different levels of sodium chloride on yield and chemical composition in two barley cultivars. Sadeghi, H. Report Sep 1, 2009 4461
Validation of quantitative trait loci for multiple disease resistance in barley using advanced backcross lines developed with a wild barley. Yun, S.J.; Gyenis, L.; Bossolini, E.; Hayes, P.M.; Matus, I.; Smith, K.P.; Steffenson, B.J.; Tuberos May 1, 2006 7161
Effects of four independent low-phytate mutations on barley agronomic performance. Bregitzer, Phil; Raboy, Victor May 1, 2006 4955
Registration of 'Ishi' barley. Gallagher, L.W.; Jackson, L.F.; Vogt, H.E. May 1, 2006 734
Registration of 'Stellar-ND' barley. Horsley, R.D.; Franckowiak, J.D.; Schwarz, P.B.; Neate, S.M. Mar 1, 2006 1842
Registration of 'Sublette' barley. Obert, D.E.; Wesenberg, D.M.; Burrup, D.E.; Erickson, C.A.; Whitmore, J.C.; Jones, B.L. Mar 1, 2006 1779
Characterization of barley tissue-ubiquitous [beta]-amylase2 and effects of the single nucleotide polymorphisms on the enzyme's thermostability. Clark, Suzanne E.; Hayes, Patrick M.; Henson, Cynthia A. Sep 1, 2005 7202
Registration of 'Aquila' spring barley. Roche, D.; Hole, D.J, Albrechtsen, R.S.; Clawson, S.M.; Young, S.A. May 1, 2005 1144
Estimation of quantitative genetic parameters for outcrossing-related traits in barley. Abdel-Ghani, Adel H.; Parzies, Heiko K.; Ceccarelli, Salvatore; Grando, Stefania; Geiger, Hartwig H. Jan 1, 2005 6144
Use of a water stress index to identify barley genotypes adapted to rainfed and irrigated conditions. Rizza, F.; Badeck, F.W.; Cattivelli, L.; Lidestri, O.; Di Fonzo, N.; Stanca, A.M. Nov 1, 2004 9344
Registration of 'Post 90' barley. Mornhinweg, D.W.; Edwards, L.H.; Smith, E.L.; Morgan, G.H.; Webster, J.A.; Porter, D.R.; Carver, B.F Nov 1, 2004 898
Differentiation of [beta]-amylase phenotypes in cultivated barley. Zhang, Wensheng; Kaneko, Takafumi; Ishii, Makoto; Takeda, Kazuyoshi Sep 1, 2004 5153
Variability of Barley radiation-use efficiency. Kemanian, Armen R.; Stockle, Claudio O.; Huggins, David R. Sep 1, 2004 9521
Registration of 'Radiant' barley. von Wettstein, D.; Cochran, J.S.; Ullrich, S.E.; Kannangara, C.G.; Jitkov, V.A.; Burns, J.W.; Reisen Sep 1, 2004 1574
New sources of resistance to greenbug in barley. Porter, David R.; Mornhinweg, Dolores W. Jul 1, 2004 1951
Cloning and identification of highly expressed genes in barley lemma and palea. Abebe, Tilahun; Skadsen, Ronald W.; Kaeppler, Heidi F. May 1, 2004 6580
Genetic diversity in the Batini barley landrace from Oman: II. Response to salinity stress. Jaradat, A.A.; Shahid, M.; Al-Maskri, A. May 1, 2004 10725
Genetic diversity in the Batini barley landrace from Oman: I. spike and seed quantitative and qualitative traits. Jaradat, A.A.; Shahid, M.; Al Maskri, A.Y. Jan 1, 2004 8349
Registration of 'Tyto' barley. Helm, J.H.; Nyachiro, J.M.; Cortez, M.; Oro, M.; Juskiw, P.E.; Salmon, D.F. Jan 1, 2004 1000
New study shows U.S. barley is competitive. Brief Article Dec 8, 2003 177
Inheritance of resistance to fusarium head blight in four populations of barley. Capettini, Flavio; Rasmusson, Donald C.; Dill-Macky, Ruth; Schiefelbein, Edward; Elakkad, Amar Nov 1, 2003 5172
Diallel analysis of Fusarium head blight resistance in soft red winter wheat. Hall, M.D.; Van Sanford, D.A. Sep 1, 2003 6920
Genetic relationship between kernel discoloration and grain protein concentration in barley. Canci, Paulo C.; Nduulu, Lexingtons M.; Dill-Macky, Ruth; Muehlbauer, Gary J.; Rasmusson, Donald C.; Sep 1, 2003 6943
Improvement Strategy for Mature Plant Breeding Programs. Peel, Michael D.; Rasmusson, Donald C. Sep 1, 2000 4856
Marker-Based Selection of QTL Affecting Grain and Malt Quality in Two-Row Barley. Igartua, E.; Edney, M.; Rossnagel, B. G.; Spaner, D.; Legge, W. G.; Scoles, G J.; Eckstein, P. E.; P Sep 1, 2000 6355
Competitive Ability in Mixtures of Small Grain Cereals. Juskiw, P. E.; Helm, J. H.; Salmon, D. F. Jan 1, 2000 6179
Cadmium phytoavailability in some New Zealand soils. Gray, C. W.; McLaren, R. G.; Roberts, A. H. C.; Condron, L. M. May 1, 1999 9526
Inheritance of Phyllochron in Barley. Dofing, Stephen M. Mar 1, 1999 3868
Low Cell-Wall Extensibility Can Limit Maximum Leaf Growth Rates in Rice. Lu, Zhongjin; Neumann, Peter M. Jan 1, 1999 4713
The nonselective nature of a modified single-seed descent breeding procedure. Gourmet, C.; Kolb, F.L.; Brown, C.M.; Smyth, C.A.; Biradar, D.P.; Rayburn, A.L. Sep 1, 1997 3585
Temperature effects prior to double ridge on apex development and phyllochron in spring barley. Frank, A.B.; Bauer, A. Sep 1, 1997 5165
Visible and near-infrared reflectance assessment of salinity effects on barley. Penuelas, Josep; Isla, Ramon; Filella, Iolanda; Araus, Jose Luis Jan 1, 1997 3691
Breeding a better beer. Stelljes, Kathryn Barry Oct 1, 1994 548
Can better barley be bred? Wood, Marcia Feb 1, 1994 1760
Influence of topsoil removal on soil fertility and barley growth. Malhi, S.S.; Izaurralde, R.C.; Solberg, E.D. Jan 1, 1994 3975

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