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Big Data Enabled the Development of Public Sports Health Emergency Corpus: Taking MACPHE as an Example. Cui, Hongjing; Zhang, Huican; Pan, Deng; Zhao, Bing Sep 10, 2022 5951
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccination on Dental Restorative Practices in the Geriatric Population. Celik, Zeynep Ceren; Ata, Gul Dinc Aug 1, 2022 2746
Patients Perceived Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Dental Abscess Management in Periurban District, Ghana. Damilare, Kingsley Adeoye; Abass, David; Antwi-Agyei, David; Osei-Owusu, Frederick; Ahenkan, Ebeneze Report Jun 20, 2022 6653
Challenges encountered by human immunodeficiency virus positive pregnant women on taking antiretrovirals in a public health unit of the Manzini region, Swaziland. Mbatha, Trusty L.; Habedi, Debbie SK. Report May 1, 2022 5437
Contact Tracing during COVID-19--A Systemic Public Health Failure. Asif, Rabiah; Hussain, Azhar Report Apr 1, 2022 6099
Distribution of Orthopedic Surgery Interventions: Evaluation of 6236 Cases. Gunay, Ali Eray; Karaman, Ibrahim; Yazici, Alparslan; Oner, Mithat; Ekici, Mehmet; Kafadar, Ibrahim Report Mar 1, 2022 3528
WHAT IS GROUP WELL-BEING? Wiland, Eric Jan 1, 2022 10122
The Future of Microbiome Research and Precision Nutrition: Prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and more will offer emerging pathways to benefit public health. Montemarano, Mike Jan 1, 2022 2801
How Effective Are Vaccines Against Omicron? Interview Dec 19, 2021 1051
Full Text: China releases chronicle of international cooperation on WHO-convened Global Study of Origins of SARS-CoV-2: China Part. Oct 7, 2021 4868
Prof. Abanobi: Exit of an erudite public health scholar. Oct 2, 2021 950
MINDBODYSTRONG. Long, Tracey Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 910
AstraZeneca-jabbed up to 3 times more likely to get Covid than Pfizer, study claims; Scientists at Imperial College London have used estimates from clinical trial data, including Public Health England, to suggest the AstraZeneca jab preventing symptoms of Covid less than Pfizer. By, Ryan Merrifield Jul 16, 2021 591
Pandemic shows global need to take public health seriously: WCM-Q study. Jun 10, 2021 474
Melioidosis in Children, Brazil, 1989-2019. Lima, Rachel Ximenes Ribeiro; Rolim, Dionne Bezerra Report Jun 1, 2021 2241
mRNA technology showing promise for range of diseases: COVID-19 vaccine spurs more research. Barna, Mark Jun 1, 2021 1248
Rational drug use in elderly patients in a primary care center. Yazicioglu, Bahadir; Yardan, Elif Dikmetas Report May 2, 2021 1889
Confronting Racism in Environmental Health Sciences: Moving the Science Forward for Eliminating Racial Inequities. Payne-Sturges, Devon C.; Gee, Gilbert C.; Cory-Slechta, Deborah A. Report May 1, 2021 7660
Public Health English study indicates COVID-19 vaccines cut household transmission by up to a half. Apr 28, 2021 178
Public Health English study indicates COVID-19 vaccines cut household transmission by up to a half. Apr 28, 2021 177
Experts: South African coronavirus variant more dangerous, unpredictable. Apr 8, 2021 1048
All the studies say the vaccine is safe; public health chief reassures public. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Mar 18, 2021 571
Coronavirus immunity 'could last just 5 months and people can still pass it on'; A Public Health England study identified 44 possible cases of reinfection, while experts warned it is likely those who have recovered from coronavirus could still carry the disease and pass it to others. By, Nina Massey Jan 14, 2021 914
Impact of MenAfriVac on Meningococcal A Meningitis in Cameroon: A Retrospective Study Using Case-by-Case-Based Surveillance Data from 2009 to 2015. Gake, Bouba; Babinne Graobe, Bonaventure; Abdouraman, Bouba; Satou Ngah, Crescence; Aissatou, Ahmado Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5889
Member groups present health awards during APHA's 2020 Annual Meeting. Warnick, Aaron Jan 1, 2021 1485
IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON MENTAL HEALTH OF HEALTHCARE WORKERS DURING PANDEMIC; AN EXPERIENCE AT A TERTIARY CARDIAC CARE SET UP. Sajida Parveen, Sajal Awan, Faiza Rabbani, Farrah Pervaiz, Aleena Khan, Fahad Ahmad Khan, Rehana Jav Dec 31, 2020 2449
No Data Showing Increased Severity Among People Infected With New Coronavirus Strain, Research Continuing - Public Health Center. Dec 21, 2020 300
2015 World Health Organization Classification of Pulmonary Tumors "A Valid Classification Until the New Classification"/2015 Dunya Saglik Orgutu Pulmoner Tumor Siniflandirmasi "Yeni Siniflandirmaya Kadar Gecerli Bir Siniflama". Eliyatkin, Nuket Ozkavruk; Cetin, Nesibe Kahraman Report Dec 1, 2020 6098
Antibody tests could give false positives for one in five people, study says; Scientists from Public Health England and the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Warwick tested blood samples from 2,847 key workers using the rapid coronavirus finger-prick test. By, Matthew Dresch Nov 12, 2020 590
Molecular Typing and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Recovered from Bovine Mastitis and Nasal Samples. Santos, Renata P.; Souza, Fernando N.; Oliveira, Ana Claudia D.; de Souza Filho, Antonio F.; Aizawa, Nov 1, 2020 4269
Reflections for global public health research and evidence-based medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Davids, E.L. Editorial Nov 1, 2020 901
Burden of Disease Study (GBD) reveal rising chronic diseases and public health failures, fuelling COVID-19 pandemic. Oct 21, 2020 252
Coronavirus antibody study suggests 1.2million Londoners may have already caught it; Public Health England data suggests a 13.4 percent prevalence rate among Londoners who have donated blood, suggesting one eighth of the city's population has already had coronavirus. By, Ryan Merrifield Oct 12, 2020 478
Digital Health and the Generation Gap in Romanian Context. Marinescu, Valentina Oct 1, 2020 5548
The Effect of Care Provided at Home by Public Health Nurse on Control of Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Bulucu-Buyuksoy, Gizem Deniz; Karatas, Nimet Report Oct 1, 2020 7653
The Effect of Health Belief Model-Based Training on Cervical Cancer Screening Behaviors. Bal, Meltem Demirgoz; Sahiner, Nejla Canbulat Sep 1, 2020 3671
Human papillomavirus vaccine acceptability among healthcare workers, parents, and adolescent pupils: a pilot study in public health centers of Bali, Indonesia. Susanto, Tantut; Rif'ah, Erwin Nur; Susumaningrum, Latifa Aini; Rahmawati, Ira; Yunanto, Rismawan Ad Report Sep 1, 2020 6988
The Results of 16 Years of Iodization: Assessment of Iodine Deficiency Among School-age Children in Antalya, Turkey. Celmeli, Gamze; Curek, Yusuf; Kucukcetin, Ikbal Ozen; Gulten, Zumrut Arslan; Ozdem, Sebahat; Akcurin Sep 1, 2020 3423
Socioeconomic Status and Maternal Health-seeking Behavior: A Comparative Study between a Rural Site and an Urban Community in Bangladesh. Hossain, Delwar Report Aug 1, 2020 4735
Culture and Health Communication: A Comparative Content Analysis of Tweets from the United States and Korea. Choi, Minhee; McKeever, Brooke Weberling Jul 1, 2020 9008
More bikes in city mean fewer crashes. (JOURNAL WATCH: Highlights from recent issues of APHA's American Journal of Public Health). Barna, Mark Jul 1, 2020 199
Juice-drink labels blur healthy value. (JOURNAL WATCH: Highlights from recent issues of APHA's American Journal of Public Health). Barna, Mark Jul 1, 2020 174
Menu options tied to alcohol consumption. (HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research). Krisberg, Kim Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 178
Teen diabetes, obesity linked to stroke risk. (HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research). Krisberg, Kim Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 187
Stress increasing for middle-age people. (HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research). Krisberg, Kim Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 194
Children exposed to chemicals in carpets. (HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research). Krisberg, Kim Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 182
Occurrence of bacterial biofilm in leprosy plantar ulcers. Ebineshan, Kumar; Pallapati, Michael Sukumar; Srikantam, Aparna Report Jun 1, 2020 4090
WHO cites PH for advances in health research. May 25, 2020 534
Coronavirus could take up to five years to bring under control, WHO warns; Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organisation's chief scientist said factors include whether the virus matures, containment measures and development of a vaccine. By, Ella Pickover & Ryan Merrifield May 14, 2020 947
Synairgen jumps as SNG001 trial on coronavirus patients labelled as an Urgent Public Health study. Apr 15, 2020 245
Prevalence of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Comparative Assessment Based on Criteria Established by the International Diabetes Federation, World Health Organisation and National Cholesterol Education Program. Koken, Ozlem Yayici; Kara, Cengiz; Yilmaz, Gulay Can; Aydin, Hasan Murat Report Mar 1, 2020 5914
Impact of Strain Competition on Bacterial Resistance in Immunocompromised Populations. DeNegre, Ashley A.; Myers, Kellen; Fefferman, Nina H. Report Mar 1, 2020 5979
Consumption of Antibiotics and Epidemiology of Clostridioides difficile in the European Union in 2016--Opportunity for Practical Application of Aggregate ECDC Data. Jachowicz, Estera; Rozanska, Anna; Pobiega, Monika; Topolski, Mariusz; Wojkowska-Mach, Jadwiga Mar 1, 2020 4724
The Power of a Data-Informed Partnership: Working with Community-Based Organizations to Address Social Determinants of Health. O'Neil, So; Stagner, Matthew Report Feb 1, 2020 1227
Member groups present health awards at APHA 2019 in Philadelphia. Warnick, Aaron Jan 1, 2020 1544
The Occurrence and Characterization of Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Diagnostic Specimens of Equine Origin. Elias, Leta; Gillis, David C.; Gurrola-Rodriguez, Tanya; Jeon, Jeong Ho; Lee, Jung Hun; Kim, Tae Yeo Report Jan 1, 2020 9301
Measles, rubella, mumps and Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in saliva of vaccinated students of schools and universities in Sao Paulo City, Brazil. Sampaio, Barbara Carvalho Fialho; Rodrigues, Jaqueline Polizeli; Meireles, Luciana Regina; Andrade, Jan 1, 2020 4443
Is it time for South Africa to end the routine high-dose vitamin A supplementation programme? Coutsoudis, A.; Sanders, D.; Dhansay, M.A.; van Stuijvenberg, M.E.; Benn, C.S. Dec 1, 2019 4161
Most Infants, Toddlers Consuming Added Sugars; Findings could have implications for public health and long-term dietary habits. Nov 20, 2019 267
Health Highlights: Nov. 12, 2019; EPA Proposal Would Limit Use of Science in Public Health Rules Americans' Cholesterol Levels Decline: Study First Double Lung Transplant Performed for Patient With Vaping-Related Illness Jimmy Carter to Have Surgery to Relieve Pressure on Brain. Nov 12, 2019 765
Microplastics in water 'don't appear to pose health risk to humans', study claims; Based on the findings, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling for further research into the health risks posed by microplastics in drinking water. Clinical report Aug 26, 2019 606
Top 10 Research Priorities in Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology. Jia, Peng; Lakerveld, Jeroen; Wu, Jianguo; Stein, Alfred; Root, Elisabeth D.; Sahel, Clive E.; Verme Jul 1, 2019 7072
Comparing Fluoride Exposures in Pregnant Canadian Women: Fluoridated versus Nonfluoridated Drinking Water. Nicole, Wendee Jul 1, 2019 1274
Stricto sensu postgraduate education in the Brazilian Federal District: the experience of the Higher School of Health Sciences (ESCS). Amorim, Fabio Ferreira; Santana, Levy Aniceto; Gottems, Leila Bernarda Donato Jun 1, 2019 4088
Qualitative research and the transformation of public health. Baixinho, Cristina Lavareda; Presado, Maria Helena; Ribeiro, Jaime May 1, 2019 554
Clinical research must be part and parcel of public health system (minister). Feb 7, 2019 192
Can Personalized Nutrition Disrupt Cancer? Brief article Jan 1, 2019 280
APHA member groups present health awards at San Diego Annual Meeting. Haskins, Julia Jan 1, 2019 1306
Student-led research tackling international public health issues. Currie, Donya Jan 1, 2019 448
Who is Meeting the Healthy People 2020 Objectives?: Comparisons Between Racially/Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Children and Adults. Berge, Jerica M.; Fertig, Angela; Trofholz, Amanda; Tate, Allan; Neumark-Sztainer, Ianne Report Dec 1, 2018 14772
Intersectoral Planning for Public Health: Dilemmas and Challenges. Synnevag, Ellen Strom; Amdam, Roar; Fosse, Elisabeth Report Nov 1, 2018 9948
'Selfie deaths have become a major public health problem': Study. Oct 5, 2018 248
'Selfie deaths have become a major public health problem': Study. Oct 5, 2018 208
Estimating the Cost of Providing Foundational Public Health Services. Mamaril, Cezar Brian C.; Mays, Glen P.; Branham, Douglas Keith; Bekemeier, Betty; Marlowe, Justin; T Report Aug 1, 2018 6051
Advocates for gun rights, public health team up to prevent suicide. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Jul 13, 2018 1171
Pronouncements on humanization: professionals and users in a complex health institution. Ferreira, Laura Ribeiro; Artmann, Elizabeth May 1, 2018 8874
License Overload? Lawmakers are questioning whether we've gone too far with occupational and professional licensing. Downs, Albert; Hentze, Iris Apr 1, 2018 2326
Public Trust in Health Information Sharing: A Measure of System Trust. Platt, Jodyn E.; Jacobson, Peter D.; Kardia, Sharon L. R. Apr 1, 2018 8383
The relationship between medication errors in prescribing phase and service quality on national health insurance patients of pharmacy unit in public hospital in Bandung city. Putriana, Norisca Aliza; Nurjanah, Nunung; Kautsar, Angga Prawira Report Apr 1, 2018 2715
Across-sectional study on the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its association with various sociodemographic factors in Surendranagar city, Gujarat. Joshi, Jwalant B.; Jasani, Pratik K.; Jadeja, Yadeepsinh M.; Nimavat, Jay H.; Kartha, Girija P. Report Mar 1, 2018 3313
Five-year follow-up of participants diagnosed with chronic airflow obstruction in a South African Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) survey. Allwood, B.W.; Gillespie, R.; Bateman, M.; Olckers, H.; Taborda-Barata, L.; Calligaro, G.L.; van Zyl Report Feb 1, 2018 5652
Ultrafine and Fine Particle Number and Surface Area Concentrations and Daily Cause-Specific Mortality in the Ruhr Area, Germany, 2009-2014. Hennig, Frauke; Quass, Ulrich; Hellack, Bryan; Kupper, Miriam; Kuhlbusch, Thomas A.J.; Stafoggia, Ma Report Feb 1, 2018 8617
Estimated Effect of Temperature on Years of Life Lost: A Retrospective Time-Series Study of Low-, Middle-, and High-Income Regions. Sewe, Maquins Odhiambo; Bunker, Aditi; Ingole, Vijendra; Egondi, Thaddaeus; Astrom, Daniel Oudin; Ho Report Jan 1, 2018 10498
Is the health care price inflation in US urban areas stationary? Evidence from panel unit root tests. Murthy, Vasudeva; Okunade, Albert Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 9583
Stroke in the 21st Century: A Snapshot of the Burden, Epidemiology, and Quality of Life. Donkor, Eric S. Report Jan 1, 2018 7647
Assessment of the attributes of primary health care in leprosy control actions/ Avaliacao dos atributos da atencao primaria a saude nas acoes de controle da hanseniase/Evaluacion de los atributos de la atencion primaria a la salud en las acciones de control de la lepra. Vieira, Nayara Figueiredo; Lanza, Fernanda Moura; Lana, Francisco Carlos Felix; Martinez-Riera, Jose Jan 1, 2018 5337
Impact and Lessons Learned from a National Consortium for Participatory Health Research: PartKommPlus--German Research Consortium for Healthy Communities (2015-2018). Wright, Michael T.; Hartung, Susanne; Bach, Mario; Brandes, Sven; Gebhardt, Birte; Jordan, Susanne; Jan 1, 2018 6562
Current Visceral Leishmaniasis Research: A Research Review to Inspire Future Study. Bi, Kaiming; Chen, Yuyang; Zhao, Songnian; Kuang, Yan; Wu, Chih-Hang John Jan 1, 2018 8124
Comprehensive estimates, trends of disease burden, risk factor in India released. Nov 14, 2017 3009
A Center of Excellence for Poultry Research. Suszkiw, Jan Nov 1, 2017 1185
An Eye on Animal Influenza and Public Health. Avant, Sandra Nov 1, 2017 1191
Treat gun violence like the public health crisis it is. Campos-Outcalt, Doug Editorial Nov 1, 2017 547
Embedding research in health policy and systems in the Americas. Langlois, Etienne V.; Nhan, Tran T.; Ghaffar, Abdul; Reveiz, Ludovic; Becerra-Posada, Francisco Oct 1, 2017 1158
Possible ways for Public Health Surveillance practices evaluation. Vilela, Maria Filomena de Gouveia; Santos, Dario Nunes dos; Kemp, Brigina Ensayo Oct 1, 2017 6071
Small-Scale Food Animal Production and Antimicrobial Resistance: Mountain, Molehill, or Something in-between? Graham, Jay P.; Eisenberg, Joseph N.S.; Trueba, Gabriel; Zhang, Lixin; Johnson, Timothy J. Report Oct 1, 2017 4856
Why and how political science can contribute to public health? Proposals for collaborative research avenues. Gagnon, France; Bergeron, Pierre; Clavier, Carole; Fafard, Patrick; Martin, Elisabeth; Blouin, Chant Report Sep 1, 2017 4021
Study finds housing assistance has many benefits for public health. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2017 143
Focusing anti-discrimination efforts in areas of most relevance to people affected by leprosy. Noordende, Anna T. Van't; Krylova, Vera Lacey; Duck, Mathias; Kuipers, Pim Report Sep 1, 2017 2596
Association of long-term exposure to transportation noise and traffic-related air pollution with the incidence of diabetes: a prospective cohort study. Clark, Charlotte; Sbihi, Hind; Tamburic, Lillian; Brauer, Michael; Frank, Lawrence D.; Davies, Hugh Report Aug 1, 2017 9300
Toward consistent methodology to quantify populations in proximity to oil and gas development: a national spatial analysis and review. Czolowski, Eliza D.; Santoro, Renee L.; Srebotnjak, Tanja; Shonkoff, Seth B.C. Report Aug 1, 2017 10309
Opportunities and challenges for personal heat exposure research. Kuras, Evan R.; Richardson, Molly B.; Calkins, Miriam M.; Ebi, Kristie L.; Hess, Jeremy J.; Kintzige Report Aug 1, 2017 9605
The case for universal screening of private well water quality in the U.S. and testing requirements to achieve it: evidence from arsenic. Zheng, Yan; Flanagan, Sara V. Report Aug 1, 2017 5149
Nature contact and human health: a research agenda. Frumkin, Howard; Bratman, Gregory N.; Breslow, Sara Jo; Cochran, Bobby; Kahn, Peter H., Jr.; Lawler, Report Jul 1, 2017 22174
The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: a model for community-based environmental monitoring for public health action. English, Paul B.; Olmedo, Luis; Bejarano, Ester; Lugo, Humberto; Murillo, Eduardo; Seto, Edmund; Won Report Jul 1, 2017 4171
Indoor wood-burning stove and fireplace use and breast cancer in a prospective cohort study. White, Alexandra J.; Sandler, Dale P. Report Jul 1, 2017 7301
Weighing in on Canadian school-based vision screening: A call for action. Bennett, Katie P.; Maloney, Wendy Jul 1, 2017 4456
Une sante mondiale repensee: la perspective de futures chercheuses- praticiennes. Mac-Seing, Muriel; Osorio, Cielo Perez; Tine, Stella; Omenka, Charity Oga; Gueutue, Rolande Chegno Jul 1, 2017 2110
Study: vision key to health of seniors: highlights from the april issue of APHA's American journal of public health. Wahowiak, Lindsey Report Jul 1, 2017 169
No one-size-fits-all for research sharing. Krisberg, Kim Jul 1, 2017 196
WCM-Q research studies oral health in Qatar. May 27, 2017 632
Diet and body fat in adolescence and early adulthood: a systematic review of longitudinal studies/Dieta e gordura corporal na adolescencia e inicio da vida adulta: uma revisao sistematica de estudos longitudinais. Schneider, Bruna Celestino; Dumith, Samuel Carvalho; Orlandi, Silvana Paiva; Assuncao, Maria Cecilia Ensayo May 1, 2017 7465
The way forward. Bouis, HE; Saltzman, A; Low, J; Ball, A; Covic, N Report Apr 1, 2017 4665
Looking for life's MIDUS touch. Apr 1, 2017 696
The forest and the trees: how population-level health protections sometimes fail the individual. Seltenrich, Nate Apr 1, 2017 4549
User's satisfaction of primary health care: a qualitative study in the Northeast of Brazil/Satisfacao de usuarios da atencao primaria a saude: um estudo qualitativo no Nordeste do Brasil/Satisfaccion de los usuarios de la atencion primaria: estudio cualitativo en el Nordeste del Brasil. Arruda, Carlos Andre Moura; Bosi, Maria Lucia Magalhaes Apr 1, 2017 6205
Knowledge Assessment about Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco Use in Patients coming to a DHQ Hospital. Report Mar 31, 2017 2734
College binge drinking and its association with depression and anxiety: A prospective observational study. Nourse, R.; Adamshick, P.; Stoltzfus, J. Report Mar 1, 2017 6064
A tribute to Mark Wainberg, a pioneer in HIV/AIDS research/Hommage a Mark Wainberg, pionnier de la recherche sur le VIH et le sida. Hankins, Catherine Editorial Mar 1, 2017 3377
Region-level obesity projections and an examination of its correlates in Quebec. Jahagirdar, Deepa; Lo, Ernest Report Mar 1, 2017 4998
Pathways to policy: lessons learned in multisectoral collaboration for physical activity and built environment policy development from the Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP) initiative. Politis, Christopher E.; Mowat, David L.; Keen, Deb Report Mar 1, 2017 5145
Regulation of Corticosteroidogenic Genes by MicroRNAs. Robertson, Stacy; Diver, Louise A.; Alvarez-Madrazo, Samantha; Livie, Craig; Ejaz, Ayesha; Fraser, R Report Jan 1, 2017 5721
Opinions and attitudes of students of public health to the issues of transplantation medicine. Boratynski, W.; Mularczyk, P.; Sarnacka, E. Report Dec 1, 2016 4252
AUB: First Scientific Study Demonstrates Enormity of Waste Crisis Effect on Public Health in Lebanon. Nov 17, 2016 438
The next generation of risk assessment multi-year study--highlights of findings, applications to risk assessment, and future directions. Report Nov 1, 2016 13368
Pacific island countries and climate change: examining associated human health vulnerabilities. Averett, Nancy Report Nov 1, 2016 1192
Health impacts of climate change in Pacific island countries: a regional assessment of vulnerabilities and adaptation priorities. McIver, Lachlan; Kim, Rokho; Woodward, Alistair; Hales, Simon; Spickett, Jeffery; Katscherian, Diann Report Nov 1, 2016 7504
Clinical presentation and outcome of dengue cases in a tertiary-care hospital, hyderabad. Thaher, Mohammad Abdul; Ahmad, Sultan Rizwan; Chandrasekhar, Addepalli Case study Oct 1, 2016 2166
Adverse events in childhood can continue to affect adults throughout their life; Many people are subjected to traumatic experiences during childhood. But how much of an impact do they have on our wellbeing later in life? Public Health Wales has conducted a pioneering study to explore the subject further. Sep 7, 2016 1189
Adverse events in childhood can continue to affect adults throughout their life; Many people are subjected to traumatic experiences during childhood. But how much of an impact do they have on our wellbeing later in life? Public Health Wales has conducted a pioneering study to explore the subject further. Sep 5, 2016 1293
Obstetric fistula: a narrative review of the literature on preventive interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. Lufumpa, Eniya K.; Steele, Sarah Report Sep 1, 2016 5034
The World Health Organization's mechanisms for increasing the health sector budget: the South African context. Venter, F.H.J.; Wolvaardt, J.E. Report Aug 1, 2016 4897
UNC study shows enormity of abortion's impact on public health, minorities: study included abortion in nation's mortality statistics. O'Bannon, Randall K. Aug 1, 2016 944
World Health Organization's cancer research body reclassifies coffee. Facenda, Vanessa L. Jul 1, 2016 403
Health-related education for sustainability: public health workforce needs and the role of higher education. Patrick, Rebecca; Kingsley, Jonathan; Capetola, Teresa Jul 1, 2016 6431
Rewards and lessons learned from implementation of a healthy homes research project in a Midwestern public health department. Brand, Juanita Ebert; Caine, Virginia A.; Rhodes, Jo; Ravenscroft, Jason Jul 1, 2016 2542
Strengthening systems and scholarship for global health - and public health/Renforcer les systemes et l'erudition pour la sante modiale - et la sante publique. Zarowsky, Christina; Haddad, Slim; O'Hearn, Shawna; Belaid, Loubna; Fregonese, Federica Editorial Jul 1, 2016 2340
Quatre principes de recherche pour comprendre les defis des systemes de sante des pays a faible et moyen revenu. Robert, Emilie; Ridde, Valery Report Jul 1, 2016 3013
Corporate sponsorship of global health research: questions to promote critical thinking about potential funding relationships. Brisbois, Ben W.; Cole, Donald C.; Davison, Colleen M.; Di Ruggiero, Erica; Hanson, Lori; Janes, Cra Report Jul 1, 2016 2399
Pursuing performance and maintaining compliance: balancing performance improvement and accountability in Ontario's public health system. Price, Alex; Schwartz, Robert; Cohen, Joanna; Scott, Fran; Manson, Heather Report Jun 1, 2016 8485
Experts share ideas on public health at Doha forum. May 3, 2016 408
Spreading the disease. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article May 1, 2016 316
The new secrets to perfect sleep. Levitt, Shelley May 1, 2016 1737
Public health systems under attack in Canada: evidence on public health system performance challenges arbitrary reform. Guyon, Ak'ingabe; Perreault, Robert Report May 1, 2016 2593
The impact of the medicines control council backlog and fast-track review system on access to innovative and new generic and biosimilar medicines of public health importance in South Africa. Leng, H.M.J.; Pollock, A.M.; Sanders, D. Apr 1, 2016 3121
Informing 21st-century risk assessments with 21st-century science. Birnbaum, Linda S.; Burke, Thomas A.; Jones, James J. Report Apr 1, 2016 3351
Ebola epidemic. Woldemariam, Yohannes; Giacomo, Lionel Di Mar 22, 2016 8603
Nutrition on a global scale. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 102
A bitter pill: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment's effect on its subjects and descendants carries to this day, bearing relevance to minority and lower-income public health. Morris, Catherine Feb 11, 2016 2545
APRNs' quest for independence: the public health perspective. Baek, Susan Jan 1, 2016 2027
Health related quality of life and social support: a rural mobilizing for action through planning and partnerships feasibility study. Story, Chandra R.; Knutson, Douglas; Kao, Wei-Kang; Stuck, Anna; Shreffler, Rachel; Pratt, Kari; Cro Jan 1, 2016 4996
Retail food environments research in Canada: a scoping review. Minaker, Leia M.; Shuh, Alanna; Olstad, Dana L.; Engler-Stringer, Rachel; Black, Jennifer L.; Mah, C Report Jan 1, 2016 10328
Status on Heart Transplantation in China. Hu, Xing-Jian; Dong, Nian-Guo; Liu, Jin-Ping; Li, Fei; Sun, Yong-Feng; Wang, Yin Report Dec 5, 2015 3718
Mandatory labeling requirements and over-the-counter cough and cold medication use in early childhood. Degroot, Julie; Anderson, Laura N.; Chen, Yang; Birken, Catherine S.; Parkin, Patricia C.; Carsley, Report Nov 1, 2015 4555
Prevalence and risk factors of asthma in First Nations children living on reserves in Canada. Senthilselvan, Ambikaipakan; Niruban, Selvanayagam John; King, Malcolm; Majaesic, Carina; Veugelers, Report Nov 1, 2015 5145
Les comportements sexuels et le harcelement sexuel en milieu postsecondaire dans l'Ouest canadien. Delaquis, Stefan R.; Gueye, Ndeye Rokhaya; de Moissac, Danielle L. Report Nov 1, 2015 6375
Investigation of anxiety and depression symptom co-morbidity in a community sample with type 2 diabetes: associations with indicators of self-care. Smith, Kimberley J.; Pedneault, Maxime; Schmitz, Norbert Report Nov 1, 2015 5078
An investigation of the healthy migrant hypothesis: pre-emigration characteristics of those in the British 1946 birth cohort study. Fuller-Thomson, Esme; Brennenstuhl, Sarah; Cooper, Rachel; Kuh, Diana Report Nov 1, 2015 6620
Folate status of women in Toronto: implications of folate fortification and supplementation. Shere, Mahvash; Kapur, Bhushan M.; Koren, Gideon Report Nov 1, 2015 4061
Ten-year trends in overweight/obesity among Ontario middle and high school students and their use in establishing baseline measures for government reduction targets. Allison, Kenneth R.; Irving, Hyacinth M.; Adlaf, Edward M.; Faulkner, Guy E.J.; Boak, Angela; Manson Report Nov 1, 2015 5750
Food safety knowledge, attitudes and self-reported practices among Ontario high school students. Majowicz, Shannon E.; Diplock, Kenneth J.; Leatherdale, Scott T.; Bredin, Chad T.; Rebellato, Steven Report Nov 1, 2015 6405
Comprendre la decision vaccinale des parents pour mieux accompagner leurs choix: etude qualitative phenomenologique aupres des parents francais. Engberink, Agnes Oude; Carbonnel, Francois; Lognos, Beatrice; Million, Elodie; Vallart, Marion; Gagn Report Nov 1, 2015 5076
Understanding young bisexual women's sexual, reproductive and mental health through syndemic theory. Flanders, Corey E.; Gos, Giselle; Dobinson, Cheryl; Logie, Carmen H. Report Nov 1, 2015 4976
Low-income working immigrant families in Quebec: exploring their challenges to well-being. Pitt, Rebecca S.; Sherman, Jessica; Macdonald, Mary Ellen Report Nov 1, 2015 5939
The health of temporary foreign workers in Canada: a scoping review. Salami, Bukola; Meharali, Salima; Salami, Azeez Report Nov 1, 2015 6913
Parents and Tots Together: pilot randomized controlled trial of a family-based obesity prevention intervention in Canada. Walton, Kathryn; Filion, A. Jordan; Gross, Deborah; Morrongiello, Barbara; Darlington, Gerarda; Simp Report Nov 1, 2015 7321
Reasons for non-timely completion of the routine infant immunization schedule by children in rural south west Uganda. Atwiine, Barnabas; Rukundo, Aloysius; Elias, Batume; MacDonald, Noni E. Report Nov 1, 2015 903
Industry, health organizations raise awareness for iodine intake. Oct 1, 2015 431
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