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Pioneering research reveals gardens are secret powerhouse for pollinators. Daily News Egypt Feb 21, 2021 647
Larger bumblebees learn locations of flowers with richest nectar, scientists say; Big bumblebees take time to learn the locations of the best flowers, new research shows. Rod Minchin Dec 28, 2020 413
Neanderthals used flowers in their mortuary practices: study. Mohammed El-Said Feb 18, 2020 1446
Exploding flowers and virtual reality as technology village showcases globally significant research in Wales. Aug 9, 2019 158
How Honeybees Infect Wild Bumblebees. Jul 1, 2019 748
Honeybees infect wild bumblebees through shared flowers. Jun 27, 2019 697
How flower power can help keep our tomatoes safe from biggest threat: whitefly; Garden folklore claims growing marigolds helps protect tomatoes from whitefly. Newcastle University study proves the flower has the power. Mar 9, 2019 792
Plant Preferences of Halictus Latreille (Halictidae: Hymenoptera) in the Mediterranean Region of Southern Turkey. Dikmen, Fatih; Tore, Demet; Aytekin, Ahmet Murat Dec 1, 2018 2773
No durians without flying foxes, study shows. Feb 21, 2018 541
Climate change has some benefits for flowers. Jan 21, 2018 250
Yield in almond is related more to the abundance of flowers than the relative number of flowers that set fruit. Tombesi, Sergio; Lampinen, Bruce D.; Metcalf, Samuel; DeJong, Theodore M. Report Apr 1, 2017 4305
Comparative study of the floral biology and of the response of productivity to insect visitation in two rapeseed cultivars (Brassica napus L.) in Rio Grande do Sul/Estudo comparativo da biologia floral e da resposta da produtividade a visita por insetos em duas cultivares de canola (Brassica napus L.) no Rio Grande do Sul. Blochtein, B.; Nunes-Silva, P.; Halinski, R.; Lopes, L.A.; Witter, S. Report Nov 1, 2014 5344
Tribe buried dead with flowers 13,700 years ago, research shows. Jul 3, 2013 263
Reproductive Ecology of Opuntia macrocentra (Cactaceae) in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert. Mandujano, Maria C.; Golubov, Jordan; Huenneke, Laura Report Apr 1, 2013 4848
The immense diversity of floral monosymmetry and asymmetry across angiosperms. Endress, Peter K. Report Dec 1, 2012 11069
The immense diversity of floral monosymmetry and asymmetry across angiosperms. Endress, Peter K. Report Dec 1, 2012 13938
Systematic placement of Dasypogonaceae among commelinid monocots: evidence from flowers and fruits. Rudall, Paula J.; Conran, John G. Report Dec 1, 2012 4823
Floral morphology and organogenesis in Tinantia pringlei, along with a review of floral developmental variation in the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae. Hardy, Christopher R.; Ryndock, Jason Report Dec 1, 2012 3640
The diversity of insects visiting flowers of saw palmetto (Arecaceae). Deyrup, Mark; Deyrup, Leif Report Sep 1, 2012 11374
The chemical composition of flower lipids of Cordia sebestina. Adeosun, C.O.; Sojinu, O. Samuel Report Feb 1, 2012 970
Investigation on colour and fastness properties of wool fabrics dyed with colours obtained from the flowers of the Papaver Rhoeas L. (Common Poppy). Merdan, N.; Saclioglu, M.Z.; Kocak, D.; Sahinbaskan, B.Y. Report Feb 1, 2012 3328
Landmark and Outline Methods in Describing Petal, Sepal and Labellum Shapes of the Flower of Mokara Orchid Varieties. Report Oct 31, 2011 5014
Low hybrid onion seed yields relate to honey bee visits and insecticide use. Long, Rachael F.; Morandin, Lora Report Jul 1, 2011 2662
Flower thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) dispersal from alternate hosts into southern highbush blueberry (ericales: ericaceae) plantings. Rhodes, Elena M.; Liburd, Oscar E. Report Jun 1, 2011 4636
The Effects of Calcium on Postharvest Water Status and Vase Life of Rosa hybrida cv. Grand Gala. Cortes, Martha Huerta; Frias, Alberto Arriaga; Moreno, Sergio Gonzalez; Pina, Manuel Mandujano; Guzm Report Apr 30, 2011 3359
Primary research on bionic design of multi-surface solar concentrator based on the flower structure. Xue, Xiao-di; Zheng, Hong-fei; Tao, Tao; Xie, Guo Report Oct 14, 2010 2255
Bumblebees prefer striped flowers: Study. Oct 12, 2010 177
New ideas for longer lasting blooms blossom in California laboratory. Wood, Marcia Apr 1, 2010 994
Study of florets removal effects on grain and oil yield and their components in spring safflower. Sharrifmoghaddasi, M.; Omiditabrizi, A.H. Report Sep 1, 2009 1974
Building beauty: deconstructing flowers yields the secrets of petals, scents and hue. Ehrenberg, Rachel Apr 11, 2009 2242
Introducing Lycoris to U.S. flower lovers. Flores, Alfredo Dec 1, 2005 847
Day-glo flowers: some bright blooms naturally fluoresce. Milius, S. Sep 17, 2005 402
Salt-worthy flowers are stunning--and sensible. Peabody, Erin Aug 1, 2004 1562
Rewriting the nitrogen story: plant cycles nutrient forward and backward. Milius, S. Jul 3, 2004 504
Holy Ghost Ipomopsis (Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus). Brown, Wendy Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 232
Shut up! A thunderstorm's on the way. S.M. Brief Article Jul 21, 2001 272
Detailed yellow-bud research blossoms. Gorman, J. Brief Article Nov 11, 2000 139
Science Update. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 566
The Science of Big, Weird Flowers. MILIUS, SUSAN Sep 11, 1999 2406
Recipe found for orchid aphrodisiac. Brief Article Jul 3, 1999 265
Theoretical consequences of heterogeneous transport conditions for pollen dispersal by animals. Harder, Lawrence D.; Wilson, William G. Dec 1, 1998 13084
Floral display, pollinator discrimination, and female reproductive success in two monoecious Begonia species. Le Corff, Josiane; Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. Jul 1, 1998 7332
Pollination and flower diversity in Scrophulariaceae. Kampny, Christine M. Oct 1, 1995 6807
Evolutionary stable selfing rates of hermaphroditic plants in competing and delayed selfing modes with allocation to attractive structures. Sakai, Satoki Jun 1, 1995 6604
The evolution of floral longevity: resource allocation to maintenance versus construction of repeated parts in modular organisms. Schoen, Daniel J.; Ashman, Tia-Lynn Feb 1, 1995 7542

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