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Effect of incubation period on measurement of alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity at 37[degrees]C. Karbhari, Nilam S.; Karbhari, Dipti S.; Kochar, Manmeet; Patel, Shailesh Jun 1, 2017 2470
Phosphotransferase Activity in Acid Phosphatase in Camel Heart. Report Oct 31, 2015 3711
Enzyme kinetic and molecular docking studies for the inhibitions of miltirone on major human cytochrome P450 isozymes. Zhou, Xuelin; Wang, Yan; Hu, Tao; Or, Penelope M.Y.; Wong, John; Kwan, Yiu Wa; Wan, David C.C.; Hoi, Report Feb 15, 2013 5052
In vitro effects of natural prenyloxycinnamic acids on human cytochrome P450 isozyme activity and expression. Genovese, S.; Epifano, F.; Curini, M.; Menger, D.; Zembruski, N.C.L.; Weiss, J. Report May 15, 2011 4097
Allozyme variation in a rare plant species, Pediomelum piedmontanum (Fabaceae), from the lower Piedmont Plateau of Georgia. Fitzpatrick, N.; Godfrey, A.; Legler, J.; Schwaner, T.D. Sep 22, 2007 2256
Allozyme identification of mussels (Bivalvia: Mytilus) on the pacific coast of South America. Sanjuan, Andres Dec 1, 2005 11273
Isozyme Diversity in North American Cultivated Red Clover. Yu, J.; Mosjidis, J. A.; Klingler, K. A.; Woods, F. M. Sep 1, 2001 3558
Accumulation of a Basic Peroxidase Isoenzyme in Leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana Following Inoculation with Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae or Wounding. TSUJI, J.; DONNELLY, M. Jul 1, 2000 2973
Isozyme Analysis of Entire and Core Collections of Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena Potato Cultivars. Huaman, Zosimo; Ortiz, Rodomiro; Zhang, Dapeng; Rodriguez, Flor Jan 1, 2000 3515
Evidence of a biogeographic break between populations of a high dispersal starfish: congruent regions within the Indo-west Pacific defined by color morphs, mtDNA, and allozyme data. Williams, S.T.; Benzie, J.A.H. Feb 1, 1998 7936
Species-wide population structure in a southeastern U.S. freshwater fish, Heterandria formosa: gene flow and biogeography. Baer, Charles F. Feb 1, 1998 5180
Development of the hybrid swarm between Pecos pupfish (Cyprinodontidae: Cyprinodon pecosensis) and sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus): a perspective from allozymes and mtDNA. Childs, Michael R.; Echelle, Anthony A.; Dowling, Thomas E. Oct 1, 1996 4617
Paternal mitochondrial DNA differentiation far exceeds maternal mitochondrial DNA and allozyme differentiation in the freshwater mussel, Anodonta grandis grandis. Liu, Hsiu-Ping; Mitton, Jeffrey B.; Wu, Shi-Kuei Apr 1, 1996 3610
Temporal variation in mitochondrial DNA haplotype frequencies in a brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) population that shows stability in nuclear allele frequencies. Hansen, Michael M.; Loeschcke, Volker Feb 1, 1996 2424
Allozyme diversity and genetic identity in Schiedea and Alsinidendron (Caryophyllaceae: Alsinoideae) in the Hawaiian Islands. Weller, Stephen G.; Sakai, Ann K.; Straub, Christina Feb 1, 1996 7419
Genetical population structure in plants: gene flow between diploid sexual and triploid asexual dandelions (Taraxacum section Ruderalia) Menken, Steph B.J.; Smit, Eric; Den Nijs, Hans (J.)C.M. Dec 1, 1995 7757
Phenological isolation, gene flow and developmental differences among low- and high-elevation populations of Euphilotes enoptes (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Peterson, Merrill A. Jun 1, 1995 6321
Sympatric convergence and environmental correlation between two land-snail species. Emberton, Kenneth C. Jun 1, 1995 3077
Evolution of the pygmy-forest edaphic subspecies of Pinus contorta across an ecological staircase. Aitken, Sally N.; Libby, William J. Aug 1, 1994 6642
Provincialism in plankton: endemism and allopatric speciation in Australian Daphnia. Hebert, Paul D.N.; Wilson, Christopher C. Aug 1, 1994 7455
Population structure and levels of gene flow in the Mediterranean land snail Albinaria corrugata (Pulmonata: Clausiliidae). Schilthuizen, Menno; Lombaerts, Marcel Jun 1, 1994 5285
Hierarchical population-genetic structure. Williams, Charles F.; Guries, Raymond P. Jun 1, 1994 7611

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