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Shear field in the mold cavity of multimelt multi-injection molding revealed by the morphology distribution of a model polymer blend. Wu, Jing-Jing; Yang, Wei; Zhang, Kai; Zhang, Rui-Yan; Feng, Jian; Liu, Zheng-Ying; Xie, Bang-Hu; Zha Report Oct 1, 2014 5179
Sources of irreversibilities in a perfectly axisymmetric geometry at low Reynolds numbers. Loux, C.; Bouchet, G.; Bouquey, M.; Muller, R. Report Sep 1, 2014 6090
Effect of electron beam irradiation dose on the rheology, morphology, and thermal properties of branched polypropylene/polybutene-1 blend. Ardakani, Farzaneh; Jahani, Yousef; Morshedian, Jalil Report Aug 1, 2014 5166
Morphological, thermal, and mechanical properties of poly(vinyl chloride)/acrylonitrile butadiene rubber blend using CuS[O.sub.4] x 5[H.sub.2]O cross-linking agent. Liu, Hai; Wang, Jie; Wen, Sheng; Dong, Lijie; Xiong, Chuanxi; Yao, Junlong Report Aug 1, 2014 4784
Experimental and numerical studies on bubble dynamics in nonpressurized foaming systems. Emami, Maryam; Thompson, Michael R.; Vlachopoulos, John Report Aug 1, 2014 7029
Preparation and properties of rice husk-filled plasticized wheat gluten biocomposites. Emadi, Seyederfanhossein; Seki, Yoldas; Sever, Kutlay; Sarikanat, Mehmet Report Jul 1, 2014 3599
Molecularly imprinted poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid) matrix with sclareol. Dima, Stefan-Ovidiu; Dobre, Tanase; Chetraru, Olga; Nicolae, Cristian-Andi; Spataru, Catalin-Ilie; S Report Jul 1, 2014 7305
3D features in the calendering of thermoplastics a computational investigation. Polychronopoulos, Nickolas D.; Sarris, Ioannis E.; Papathanasiou, T.D. Report Jul 1, 2014 6585
The influence of thermo-mechanical history on structure development of elastomeric and amorphous glass thermoplastic polyurethanes. Silva, Jorge; Meltzer, Donald; Liu, Jia; Cox, Mark; Maia, Joao Report Jun 1, 2014 5459
Dispersive mixing efficiency of an elongational flow mixer on PP/EPDM blends: morphological analysis and correlation with viscoelastic properties. Rondin, Jerome; Bouquey, Michel; Muller, Rene; Serra, Christophe A.; Martin, Gregory; Sonntag, Phili Report Jun 1, 2014 7882
The composition and morphology of epoxidized trans-1,4-polyisoprene obtained by heterogeneous synthesis method. Shao, Huafeng; Yu, Qianhua; Yao, Wei; He, Aihua; Han, Mingzhe; Huang, Baochen Report Jun 1, 2014 3122
Morphological factors affecting the permeation resistance of nanocomposite blend films. Bhuva, Nihir A.; Goettler, Lloyd A. Report Jun 1, 2014 5311
Thermal, mechanical, and morphological characterization of biobased thermoplastic starch from agricultural waste/polypropylene blends. Pang, Ming Meng; Pun, Meng Yan; Ishak, Zainal Arifin Mohd. Report Jun 1, 2014 6335
Morphology and mechanical properties of nanostructured acrylic tri-block-copolymer modified epoxy. Bashar, Mohammad T.; Sundararaj, Uttandaraman; Mertiny, Pierre Report May 1, 2014 5361
Rheological properties of bitumen modified with ethylene butylacrylate glycidylmethacrylate. Bulatovic, Vesna Ocelic; Rek, Vesna; Markovic, Josipa Report May 1, 2014 5935
Miscibility analysis in LLDPE/LDPE blends via thermorheological analysis: correlation with branching structure. Dordinejad, Abdol Kamal; Jafari, Seyed Hassan Report May 1, 2014 3775
Polyamide 6-cellulose composites: effect of cellulose composition on melt rheology and crystallization behavior. Report Apr 1, 2014 5956
Modeling the Rheology of SR1500 and LY556 Epoxies Under Manufacturer's Recommended Cure Cycles after Viscosimetry and Rheometry Characterization. Faria, Hugo; Pires, Andrade F.M.; Marques, Torres A. Report Apr 1, 2014 5590
Morphology and Structure of Nylon-6 Crystallized in Epoxy Resin Matrix. Vyas, Aniket; Iron, Jude O. Report Apr 1, 2014 4849
Morphology and Properties of Highly Filled iPP/[Ti0/sub.2] Nanocomposites. Zohrevand, Ahmad; Ajji,Abdellah; Frej, Mighri Report Apr 1, 2014 9082
Systematic Organophilization of Montmorillonite: The Impact Thereof on the Rheometric and Mechanical Characteristics of NBR and SBR Based Nanocomposites. Essawy, Hisham A.; Tawfik, Magda E.; Khalil, Ahmed M.; El-Sabbagh, Salwa H. Report Apr 1, 2014 4845
Copolymers based on epoxidized soybean oil and diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A: relation between morphology and fracture behavior. Altuna, Facundo. I.; Pettarin, Valeria; Martin, Loli; Retegi, Alona; Mondragon, Inaki; Ruseckaite, R Report Mar 1, 2014 4642
Thermoplastic polyurethane/polypropylene blends based on novel vane extruder: a study of morphology and mechanical properties. Jia, Shikui; Qu, Jinping; Liu, Weifeng; Wu, Chengran; Chen, Rongyuan; Zhai, Shufeng; Huang, Zan Report Mar 1, 2014 4814
Mechanical and morphological properties of a ternary polyamide 6 Nanocomposite with optimized stiffness/ toughness performance. Geier, Simon Report Feb 1, 2014 4911
Effects of reactive and nonreactive poss types on the mechanical, thermal, and morphological properties of plasticized poly(lactic acid). Kodal, Mehmet; Sirin, Humeyra; Ozkoc, Guralp Report Feb 1, 2014 6530
Structure memory effects of polyethylene blends in temperature window. Gai, Jing-Gang; Kang, Jian; Gong, Xiao-Lei; Wang, Wei-Wei Report Feb 1, 2014 4011
Experimental study of the melt fracture behavior of filled high-density polyethylene melts. Baldi, Francesco; Briatico-Vanqosa, Francesco; Franceschini, Anika Report Feb 1, 2014 7881
Blends of high-density polyethylene with chlorinated polyethylene: morphology, thermal, rheological, and mechanical properties. Vikas, Chaudhry; Mittal, Vikas Report Jan 1, 2014 5304
Melt rheological investigation of polylactide-nanographite platelets biopolymer composites. Narimissa, Esmaeil; Gupta, Rahul K.; Kao, Nhol; Choi, Hyoung J.; JoHands, Margaret; Bhattacharyal, S Report Jan 1, 2014 8389
Rheological and electrical properties of carbon black-based poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites. Wang, Jianghong; Wu, Defeng; Li, Xiang; Zhang, Ming Report Dec 1, 2013 4193
Dynamic and capillary shear rheology of natural fiber-reinforced composites. Moigne, Nicolas Le; ven den Oever, Martien; Budtova, Tatiana Report Dec 1, 2013 7850
Silicon carbide-strengthened magnetorheological elastomer: preparation and mechanical property. Yang, Jie; Gong, Xinglong; Zong, Luhang; Peng, Chao; Xuan, Shouhu Report Dec 1, 2013 5834
Effect of added amines on the morphology of multivesiculated polyester particles. Dias, Angela; Machado, Joao; Moniz, Jorge; Mendes, Adelio; Magalhaes, Fernao D. Report Nov 1, 2013 4039
Rheological properties and stability of ethylene vinyl acetate polymer-modified bitumen. Bulatovic, Vesna Ocelic; Rek, Vesna; Markovic, Kristina Jurkas Report Nov 1, 2013 4477
Study of the morphology and rheological behavior of polymer-modified asphalt blends prepared with poly(styrene-b-butadiene-b-styrene) and poly(styrene-b[[(butadiene).sub.1-x] -[(ethylene-co-butylene).sub.x]]-b-styrene) of star-like molecular architecture. Aguirre, Paola Gonzalez; Torres, Luis Medina; Fonteix, Christian; Pla, Fernand; Najera, Rafael Herre Report Nov 1, 2013 6010
Curing behavior and rheology properties of alkyl-imidazolium-treated rectorite/epoxy nanocomposites. Li, Wei; Hou, Linxi; Zhou, Qi; Yan, Liu; Loo, Leslie S. Report Nov 1, 2013 4312
Chemorheological behavior of [beta]-SiAION aqueous suspensions in gelcasting process. Roghabadi, Farzaneh Arabpour; Kokabi, Mehrdad; Bahramian, Ahmad Reza Report Oct 1, 2013 2973
Influence of the addition of lubricant on the properties of poly(ether ether ketone) fibers. Luan, Jiashuang; Zhang, Shuling; Geng, Zhi; Wang, Guibin Report Oct 1, 2013 2872
Effect of EPDM-g-MAH on the morphology and properties of PA6/EPDM/HDPE ternary blends. Zhou, Yan; Wang, Wei; Dou, Rui; Li, Lan-peng; Yin, Bo; Yang, Ming-bo Report Sep 1, 2013 6527
Characterization of morphology and gas separation performance of dry-cast polycarbonate membranes. Fu, Ywu-Jang; Chen, Jung-Tsai; Chen, Chun-Chieh; Liao, Kuo-Sung; Hu, Chien-Chieh; Lee, Kueir-Rarn; L Report Aug 1, 2013 3831
Influence of moieties on morphology, thermal, and dielectric properties in polyamide-polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxanes nanocomposites. Gnanasekaran, D.; Walter, P. Ajit; Reddy, B.S.R. Report Aug 1, 2013 3388
Influence of shape and surface modification of nanoparticle on the rheological and dynamic-mechanical properties of polyamide 6 nanocomposites. Marini, Juliano; Bretas, Rosario Elida Suman Report Jul 1, 2013 7674
Superimposed effects in high-shear-rate capillary rheology of polystyrene melt. Guan, Wei-Sheng; Huang, Han-Xiong Report Jul 1, 2013 4799
Flow instabilities in Rheotens experiments: analysis of the impacts of the process conditions through Neural Network modeling. Tronci, Stefania; Coppola, Salvatore; Bacchelli, Fabio; Grosso, Massimiliano Report Jun 1, 2013 6665
Morphological aspects of injected polypropylene/clay nanocomposite materials. Salah, Hend Ben Hadj; Daly, Hachmi Ben; Denault, Johanne; Perrin, Florence Report May 1, 2013 4950
Mechanical, thermal, barrier, and rheological properties of poly(ether-block-amide) elastomer/organoclay nanocomposite prepared by melt blending. Choi, Myung-Chan; Jung, Ji-Yoen; Yeom, Hyun-Sik; Chang, Yong-Wook Report May 1, 2013 5490
Investigation on variable shear modulus of magnetorheological elastomer based on natural rubber due to change of fabrication design. Yoon, Ji-Hyun; Yang, In-Hyung; Jeong, Un-Chang; Chung, Kyung-Ho; Lee, Jung-Youn; Oh, Jae-Eung Report May 1, 2013 4486
Investigation of the influence of processing conditions on the thermal, rheological and mechanical behavior of polypropylene nanocomposites. Mattausch, H.; Laske, S.; Duretek, I.; Kreith, J.; Maier, G.; Holzer, C. Report May 1, 2013 6772
Effect of the nanoclay types on the rheological response of unsaturated polyester-clay nanocomposites. Rezadoust, Amir Masoud; Esfandeh, Masoud; Beheshty, Mohammad Hosain; Heinrich, Gert Report Apr 1, 2013 4938
The effect of recycled polymer addition on the thermorheological behavior of modified lubricating greases. Martin-Alfonso, J.E.; Valencia, C.; Sanchez, M.C.; Franco, J.M.; Gallegos, C. Report Apr 1, 2013 4962
The aspect ratio of epoxy matrix nanocomposites reinforced with graphene stacks. Corcione, Carola Esposito; Freuli, Fabrizio; Maffezzoli, Alfonso Report Mar 1, 2013 5476
Nanocomposites of poly(ethylene oxide) and multiwall carbon nanotube prepared using an organic salt-assisted dispersion technique. Ratna, Debdatta; Jagtap, Siddheshwar B.; Abraham, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2013 4409
Dynamic Rheology and morphology of HDPE-fumed silica composites: effect of interface modification. Nandi, Sangita; Bose, Sanjukta; Mitra, Susanta; Ghosh, Anup K. Report Mar 1, 2013 4154
Rheological and thermal behaviors of commercial poly(aryletherketone)s. White, Kevin L.; Jin, Lin; Ferrer, Nangelie; Wong, Minhao; Bremner, Tim; Sue, Hung-Jue Report Mar 1, 2013 6433
Thermal, mechanical, and rheological properties of polylactide/poly(1,2-propylene glycol adipate). Zhang, Huiliang; Fang, Jianyong; Ge, Huanhuan; Han, Lijing; Wang, Xuemei; Hao, Yanping; Han, Changyu Report Jan 1, 2013 3830
Multiphase, multicomponent simulation for flow and transport during polymer flood under various wettability conditions. Lee, Ji Ho; Lee, Kun Sang Report Jan 1, 2013 3585
Rheological behavior of cycloolefin copolymer/graphite composites. Kasgoz, Alper; Akin, Dincer; Durmus, Ali Report Dec 1, 2012 5236
Thermorheological properties of poly [epsilon]-caprolactone/polylactide blends. Noroozi, Nazbanoo; Schafer, Laurel L.; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G. Report Nov 1, 2012 5380
Molecular and structural analysis of epoxide-modified recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) from rheological data. Xiao, Liren; Wang, Hai; Qian, Qingrong; Jiang, Xia; Liu, Xinping; Huang, Baoquan; Chen, Qinghua Report Oct 1, 2012 4271
Rheological and electrical percolation thresholds of carbon nanotube/polymer nanocomposites. Penu, Christian; Hu, Guo-Hua; Fernandez, Amaia; Marchal, Philippe; Choplin, Lionel Report Oct 1, 2012 5118
Thermal, mechanical, and rheological characterization of polypropylene/layered double hydroxide nanocomposites. Lonkar, Sunil P.; Therias, Sandrine; Leroux, Fabrice; Gardette, Jean-Luc; Singh, Raj Pal Report Sep 1, 2012 4850
Relaxation properties of polyoxymethylene and ethylene-octene copolymer blend in solid and melt states/Poluoksumetuleeni ja eteeni ning okteeni kopolumeeri segu relaksatsiooniomadused tahkes ja sulaolekus. Grigalovica, Agnese; Bartule, Madara; Zicans, Janis; Meri, Remo Merijs; Heim, Hans-Peter; Berger, Ch Report Sep 1, 2012 2727
Rheological behavior of polypropylene nanocomposites at low concentration of surface modified carbon nanotubes. Thomas, Selvin P.; Girei, Salihu Adamu; Atieh, Muataz Ali; De, S.K.; Al-Juhani, Abdulhadi Report Sep 1, 2012 3129
Rheological properties and morphological evolutions of polypropylene/ethylene-butene copolymer blends. Zhang, Xian-Ming; Li, Hao; Chen, Wen-Xing; Feng, Lan-Fang Report Aug 1, 2012 4161
Study on viscosity of polymer melt flowing through microchannels considering the wall-slip effect. Zhao, Danyang; Jin, Yifei; Wang, Minjie Report Aug 1, 2012 4384
Effects of the aliphatic/aromatic structure on the miscibility, thermal, optical, and rheological properties of some polyimide blends. Cosutchi, Andreea Irina; Nica, Simona-Luminita; Hulubei, Camelia; Homocianu, Mihaela; Ioan, Silvia Report Jul 1, 2012 6371
The rheological, thermostable, and mechanical properties of polypropylene/fullerene [C.sub.60] nanocomposites with improved interfacial interaction. Wan, Dong; Wang, Yujie; Wen, Xin; Qiu, Jian; Jiang, Zhiwei; Tan, Haiying; Tang, Tao Report Jul 1, 2012 4485
Effect of dispersion on rheological and mechanical properties of polypropylene/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites. Zhou, Kai; Gu, Shu-Ying; Zhang, Yi-Han; Ren, Jie Report Jul 1, 2012 5818
Rheological, physical, and thermal characterization of single-site catalyst based polyethylenes for seal layer applications. Sadeghi, F.; Ajji, A. Report May 1, 2012 5744
Relating fracture behavior to spherulite size in conrolled-rheology polypropylenes. Salazar, A.; Rico, A.; Rodriguez, S.; Navarro, J.M.; Rodriguez, J. Report Apr 1, 2012 5088
Shear-induced crystallization of isotactic polypropylene studied by simultaneous light intensity and rheological measurements. Tiang, Jen Shueng; Dealy, John M. Report Apr 1, 2012 8698
Rheological properties and irreversible dispersion changes in Carbon nanotube/epoxy systems. Schuiz, Sonja Carolin; Schlutter, Jana; Buschhorn, Samuel T.; Schulte, Karl; Bauhofer, Wolfgang Report Apr 1, 2012 4386
The role of filler network in nonlinear viscoelastic behavior of vapor grown carbon nanofiber filled polystyrene: a strain dependent rheological behavior and electrical conductivity study. Zhao, Li; Yang, Hongmei; Song, Yihu; Tan, Yeqiang; Hu, Guo-Hua; Zheng, Qiang Report Mar 1, 2012 2992
Capillary flow of low-density polyethylene. Ansari, Mahmoud; Zisis, Thanasis; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G.; Mitsoulis, Evan Report Mar 1, 2012 8264
Influence of injection velocity and joint geometry on quality of insert molding. Lin, Chung-Chih Report Feb 1, 2012 5064
Mechanical, thermal, and rheological behavior of ethylene methyl acrylate-MWNT nanocomposites. Basuli, Utpal; Chaki, Tapan Kumar; Chattopadhyay, Santanu Report Feb 1, 2012 6926
Rheological hybrid effect in dually filled polycarbonate melt containing liquid crystalline polymer. Mi, Qinyong; Zhang, Xiaocheng; He, Jiasong Report Feb 1, 2012 5603
Entropically-driven ring-opening polymerization of cyclic butylene terephthalate: rheology and kinetics. Chen, Hongliang; Yu, Wei; Zhou, Chixing Report Jan 1, 2012 6939
Extensional rheology of raw natural rubber from new clones of Hevea brasiliensis. Lotti, Cybele; Moreno, Rogerio M.B.; Goncalves, Paulo de S.; Bhattacharya, Satinath; Mattoso, Luiz H Report Jan 1, 2012 6046
Morphology and rheological behavior of polylactic acid/clay nanocomposites. Singh, Satpal; Ghosh, Anup K.; Maiti, Saurindra N.; Raha, Sumanta; Gupta, Rahul K.; Bhattacharya, Sa Report Jan 1, 2012 3962
Rheological properties of cotton pulp cellulose dissolved in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride solutions. Liu, Zhen; Wang, Hui; Li, Zengxi; Lu, Xingmei; Zhang, Xiangping; Zhang, Suojiang; Zhou, Kebin Report Dec 1, 2011 2768
Morphology prediction and the effect of core-shell structure on the rheological behavior of PP/EPDM/HDPE ternary blends. Lan-Peng, Li; Yin, Bo; Yang, Ming-Bo Report Dec 1, 2011 3964
Elongation properties of polyethylene melts. Liang, Ji-Zhao; Zhong, Lei Report Dec 1, 2011 2841
Rheology/morphology relationship of plasticized and nonplasticized thermoplastic elastomers based on ethylene-propylene-diene-terpolymer and polypropylene. Shahbikian, Shant; Carreau, Pierre J.; Marie-Claude, Heuzey; Ellul, Maria D.; Nadella, Hari P.; Chen Report Nov 1, 2011 8484
Melt-compounding of PP/Clay nanocomposite and relationship between its microstructure and shear strain in the flow field based on rheological analysis. Jiang, Guo; Huang, Han-Xiong Report Nov 1, 2011 3861
Thixotropy and physical aging in acrylic emulsion paint. Baldewa, Bharat; Joshi, Yogesh M. Report Oct 1, 2011 5230
Processing and rheological behavior of ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposites via single screw capillary extrusion. Sanchez, Saul E.; Ibarra, Rigoberto Report Sep 1, 2011 4275
A study on fusion and rheological behaviors of PVC/Si[O.sub.2] microcomposites and nanocomposites: The Effects of Si[O.sub.2] particle size. Ari, Gulsen Albayrak; Aydin Ismail Report Aug 1, 2011 3792
Evaluation of the degree of dispersion of nanofillers by mechanical, rheological, and permeability analysis. Corcione, Carola Esposito; Cavallo, Anna; Pesce, Emanuela; Greco, Antonio; Maffezzoli, Alfonso Report Jul 1, 2011 4214
Processing and characterization of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) blends with chain extenders, thermoplastic elastomer, and/or poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate). Srithep, Yottha; Javadi, Alireza; Pilla, Srikanth; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gong, Shaoqin; Clemons, Craig; Report Jun 1, 2011 5483
Effect of the addition of silane coupling agents on the properties of wollastonite-reinforced poly(ether ether ketone) composites. Ma, Gang; Yue, Xigui; Zhang, Shuling; Rong, Changru; Wang, Lifeng; Wang, Guibin; Wang, Hongliang Report Jun 1, 2011 4154
Effects of carbon nanotubes and their state of dispersion on the anionic polymerization of [epsilon]-caprolactam: II. rheology. Penu, Christian; Hu, Guo-Hua; Fonteix, Christian; Marchal, Philippe; Choplin, Lionel; Feng, Lian-Fan Report Jun 1, 2011 3268
Effect of molecular structure and rheology on the compression foam molding of ethylene-[alpha]-olefin copolymers. Zhang, Ying; Kontopoulou, Marianna; Ansari, Mahmoud; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas; Park, Chul B. Report Jun 1, 2011 4704
Effect of processing procedures and conditions on structural, morphological, and rheological properties of polyethylene/polyamide/nanoclay blends. Mederic, Pascal; Ville, Julien; Huitric, Jacques; Moan, Michel; Aubry, Thierry Report May 1, 2011 6243
Influence of molecular weight on rheological, thermal, and mechanical properties of PEEK. Yuan, Mingjun; Galloway, Jeffrey A.; Hoffman, Richard J.; Bhatt, Sanjiv Report Jan 1, 2011 5722
Rheological study on high-density polyethylene/organoclay composites. Tang, Youhong; Yang, Cheng; Gao, Ping; Ye, Lin; Zhao, Chengbi; Lin, Wei Report Jan 1, 2011 5321
A UV-initiated reactive extrusion process for production of controlled-rheology polypropylene. He, Guangjian; Tzoganakis, Costas Report Jan 1, 2011 3890
Effects of nanotalc inclusion on mechanical, microstructural, melt shear rheological, and crystallization behavior of polyamide 6-based binary and ternary nanocomposites. Balamurugan, Prasath G.; Maiti, S.N. Report Oct 1, 2010 8657
Rheological properties of fiber suspensions flowing through a curved expansion duct. Lin, Jianzhong; Zhang, Qihua; Zhang, Kai Report Oct 1, 2010 4889
Cure advancement of urethane networks using a sigmoidal chemorheological model. Teyssandier, F.; Love, B.J. Report Mar 1, 2010 2932
Rheological behavior of polydispersed bubble suspensions in shear flows. Joh, Sung Wu; Lee, Seung Hwan; Youn, Jae Ryoun Report Jan 1, 2010 5988
Selectivity of allylic coagent-mediated polypropylene maleation. Sengupta, Saurav S.; Parent, J. Scott; Chaudhary, Bharat I. Technical report Oct 1, 2009 2923
Melt processing and rheology of an acrylonitrile copolymer with absorbed Carbon Dioxide. Wilding, Matthew D.; Baird, Donald G. Technical report Oct 1, 2009 9879
Effect of cellulose concentration in NMMO * [H.sub.2]O solution on prediction of MW and MWD of cellulose using a rheology-based method. Zhang, Huiru; Liu, Xiaoyun; Li, Dongshuang; Li, Rongxian Technical report Mar 1, 2009 3215
The effect of hyperbranched polymers on processing and thermal stability of biodegradable polyesters. Shaked, Yanir; Dodiuk, Hanna; Kenig, Samuel; McCarthy, Stephen Technical report Mar 1, 2009 4023
The rheological modification of talc-filled polypropylene by epoxy-polyester hybrid resin and its effect on morphology, crystallinity, and mechanical properties. Jahani, Yousef; Ehsani, Morteza Technical report Mar 1, 2009 6318
Evolution of rheological properties and morphology development during crosslinking of polyolefin elastomers and their TPV blends with polypropylene. Li, Zuning; Kontopoulou, Marianna Technical report Jan 1, 2009 5559
Rheological study of aqueous dispersions of in situ gelable thermosensitive polymer nanogels. Wang, Qin; Xu, Huibi; Yang, Xiangliang; Yang, Yajiang Report Jan 1, 2009 3026
Effect of thermomechanical history on the crystallization of poly(ether-block-amide). Tavernier, Bruno; Mewis, Jan; Puyvelde, Peter Van; Takenaka, Mikihito; Ernst, Benoit; Hashimoto, Tak Technical report Dec 1, 2008 4756
Chemorheological characterization of thermosetting polyurethane formulations containing different chain extender contents. Haddadi, Hamed; Nazockdast, Ehssan; Ghalei, Behnam Technical report Dec 1, 2008 4978
Correlation of the melt rheological properties with the foaming behavior of immiscible blends of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether) and poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile). Ruckdaschel, Holger; Rausch, Julius; Sandler, Jan K.W.; Altstadt, Volker; Schmalz, Holger; Muller, A Technical report Nov 1, 2008 9085
Polyester containing isocyanate groups--modified epoxy resin: rheological, dynamic-mechanical, and impact properties. Soares, Bluma G.; Goncalez, Viviane; Galimberti, Rurik; Barcia, Fabio L.; Sirqueira, Alex S. Technical report Oct 1, 2008 2985
Rheological and thermal properties of ethylene-styrene copolymers. Marques, Maria de Fatima Vieira; Moraes, Luanda Silva de Technical report Oct 1, 2008 1691
Rheological characterization of starch derivatives/polycaprolactone blends processed by reactive extrusion. Bossard, Frederic; Pillin, Isabelle; Aubry, Thierry; Grohens, Yves Technical report Sep 1, 2008 4794
Linear and nonlinear melt-state viscoelastic properties of polypropylene/organoclay nanocomposites. Nazockdast, Ehssan; Nazockdast, Hossein; Goharpey, Fatemeh Technical report Jul 1, 2008 5981
A new method for producing high melt strength polypropylene with reactive extrusion. Tang, Hongxia; Dai, Wenli; Chen, Baiquan Technical report Jul 1, 2008 2902
Rheological characterization of room temperature vulcanized silicone sealant: effect of filler particle size. Xu, Xiaoming; Gao, Chuanhua; Zheng, Qiang Technical report Apr 1, 2008 2910
Effects of welding procedures on mechanical and morphological properties of hot gas butt welded PE, PP, and PVC sheets. Balkan, Onur; Demirer, Halil; Ezdesir, Ayhan; Yildirim, Huseyin Technical report Apr 1, 2008 8964
Yield stress and rheological characterization of the low shear zone of an epoxy molding compound for encapsulation of semiconductor devices. Yoshii, Masaki Technical report Apr 1, 2008 4037
The effect of recycling on LDPE foamability: elongational rheology. Kabamba, Eddy Twite; Rodrigue, Denis Technical report Jan 1, 2008 4460
The experimental observation and numerical modeling of cast film deformation using novel capillary markers. Hallmark, Bart Technical report Jan 1, 2008 9461
Prediction of molecular weight scale and molecular weight distribution of cellulose using a rheology-based method. Zhang, Huiru; Tong, Mingwei; Li, Rongxian Technical report Jan 1, 2008 3062
Molecular, rheological, and crystalline properties of low-density polyethylene in blown film extrusion. Majumder, Khokan Kanti; Hobbs, Graham; Bhattacharya, Sati N. Technical report Dec 1, 2007 4800
The effect of epoxy-polyester hybrid resin on mechanical properties, rheological behavior, and water absorption of polypropylene wood flour composites. Jahani, Yousef Technical report Dec 1, 2007 4703
Rheological, mechanical and thermal properties of propylene-ethylene block copolymer/polyalphaolefins blends. Ha, H.S.; Kang, M.C.; Cho, H.H.; Kim, B.K. Technical report Nov 1, 2007 3132
Influence of epoxy resin on the morphological and rheological properties of PBT/ABS blends compatibilized by ASMA. Yao, Zengzeng; Lin, Mei; Zhou, Jing; Wang, Haitao; Zhong, Wei; Du, Qiangguo Technical report Nov 1, 2007 4005
The effect of multiwall carbon nanotube on the crystallization, morphology, and rheological properties of nylon 1010 nanocomposites. Wang, Biao; Sun, Guangping; He, Xiaofeng; Liu, Jingjiang Oct 1, 2007 7331
Rheological characterization of HDPE/sisal fiber composites. Mohanty, Smita; Nayak, Sanjay K. Oct 1, 2007 5271
The draw ratio-Deborah number diagram: a useful tool for coating applications. Bourrigaud, S.; Marin, G.; Dabas, V.; Dupuy, C.; Silagy, D. Mar 1, 2006 5577
Tailoring HASE rheology through polymer design: effects of hydrophobe size, acid content, and molecular weight. Shay, Greg D. Apr 1, 2005 7510
Rheological and viscoelastic properties of multiphase acrylic rubber/fluoroelastomer/polyacrylate blends. Kader, M. Abdul; Bhowmick, Anil K. Apr 1, 2003 4277

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