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Multiple Metal Resistant Bacillus cereus 3.1S Isolated from Industrial Effluent has Promising Arsenite Oxidizing Potential. Report Nov 24, 2020 6406
Recycled water in UAE is free of Covid-19 coronavirus: New research. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jun 7, 2020 545
No Covid virus in treated sewage water, confirms UAE research team. Jun 5, 2020 524
Simultaneous Removal of Pollutants and Recovery of Nutrients from High-Strength Swine Wastewater Using a Novel Integrated Treatment Process. Shim, Soomin; Reza, Arif; Kim, Seungsoo; Ahmed, Naveed; Won, Seunggun; Ra, Changsix Report May 1, 2020 9397
Newcastle University is creating a sustainable future for water in the North East and globally; For the past 70 years Newcastle University has been at the forefront of water research, developing solutions both locally and internationally. By, nechronicle Administrator Feb 18, 2020 688
Reduction of turbidity and metal pollution from domestic wastewater (greywater) using sediment microbial fuel cell (SMFC). Sri Magfirah, H.S.; Nafie, Nursiah La; Baharuddin; Budimawan; Taba, Paulina; Demmallino, Eymal B. Report Jan 1, 2020 3556
Latest Innovations in Biofuels, Cancer Treatment, Water Treatment, Fireproofing Forests, Fuel Cell Membranes, and Quantum Computing, 2019 Research Report. Report Dec 18, 2019 376
WCM-Q researcher, students study biodiversity of Al Karaana Lagoons. Nov 11, 2019 537
Effects of Irrigation with Treated Wastewater or Well Water on the Nutrient Contents of Two Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.) Cultivars in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Soufan, Walid; Okla, Mohammad K.; Al-Ghamdi, Abdullah A. Nov 1, 2019 8711
Drinking Water Contains Nano And Microplastics, Study Finds. Sep 9, 2019 465
OU reports wastewater treatment research. May 15, 2019 193
Optimal conditions, kinetic model and Packed Bed Reactor system for biodegradation of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate by AOS-15 microorganism. Jangiam, Witawat; Petra, Sarayut Report Sep 1, 2018 4458
Glenbard South students work with Argonne scientist on research -BYLN- By Peg Mannion Glenbard District 87. Mar 9, 2018 155
Glenbard South students working with Argonne scientist on research. Mannion, Peg Mar 5, 2018 161
Characterization of Microbial Communities in Pilot-Scale Constructed Wetlands with Salicornia for Treatment of Marine Aquaculture Effluents. Ma, Xiaona; Song, Xingqiang; Li, Xian; Fu, Songzhe; Li, Meng; Liu, Ying Jan 1, 2018 8427
Assessment of Grey water quality by using modified sand filter. Naveen, P.R.; Viswanathan, A.; Kumar, S.B. Santhosh; Shanmugabalan, S.; Krishna, Prashanth S. Apr 30, 2017 2442
Study about Doping Ion [La.sup.3+] onto Surface of Pyrolusite Ore for Removing Simultaneously Both Fluoride and Phosphate from Wastewater. Hue, Nguyen Thi; Tung, Nguyen Hoang Technical report Jan 1, 2017 7396
Electrocoagulation-Adsorption to Remove Anionic and Cationic Dyes from Aqueous Solution by PV-Energy. Castaneda-Diaz, J.; Pavon-Silva, T.; Gutierrez-Segura, E.; Colin-Cruz, A. Technical report Jan 1, 2017 8597
Ceramic-Based 3D Printed Supports for Photocatalytic Treatment of Wastewater. Hernandez-Afonso, Lorena; Fernandez-Gonzalez, Ricardo; Esparza, Pedro; Borges, M. Emma; Gonzalez, Se Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4190
Rheology and Microbiology of Sludge from a Thermophilic Aerobic Membrane Reactor. Abba, Alessandro; Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Manenti, Sauro; Pedrazzani, Roberta; Todeschini, Technical report Jan 1, 2017 11546
Study of Nitrogen Removal Performance When Treating Low Carbon Sewage Using External Solid Carbon Sources in SBBR Systems. Zhang, Li-qiu; He, Pei-fen; Wu, Dan; Li, Shu-geng; Huang, Yi-liang; Huang, You-wen; Wang, Deng-min Report Jan 1, 2017 3643
Elimination of organic matter effluents from chemical laboratory of anatomy, pathology of a hospital. Bjijou, W.; Asali, O.; Azzouzi, E. EL.; Elyahyaoui, A.; Fekhaoui, M. Report May 1, 2015 2331
Solar nanofilters screen out antibiotics. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 227
Macrofiltration Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment - BlueTech Research Insight Report. Apr 18, 2013 272
Use of Anthropic Acclimated Spirulina platensis (Arthrospira platensis) Bio-adsorption in the Treatment of Swine Farm Wastewater. Tzu-Yen Wang; Hsiu-Chuan Liu; Yen Lee Report Feb 28, 2013 3212
Characterization and Environment Risk Assessment of Galvanic Sludge. Ozdemir, Ozgul Dere; Piskin, Sabriye Report Aug 31, 2012 3063
Impacts of biological additives, part 2: septic tank effluent quality and overall additive efficacy. Pradhan, S.; Hoover, Michael T.; Clark, G.H.; Gumpertz, M.; Cobb, C.; Strock, J. Report Dec 1, 2011 4994
Impacts of biological additives, part 1: solids accumulation in septic tanks. Pradhan, S.; Hoover, Michael T.; Clark, G.H.; Gumpertz, M.; Cobb, C.; Strock, J. Report Dec 1, 2011 3864
The effect of iron salt on anaerobic digestion and phosphate release to sludge liquor/Gelezies druskos itaka anaerobinio dumblo pudymo procesui ir fosfatu issiskyrimui I dumblo vandeni. Ofverstrom, Svetlana; Dauknys, Regimantas; Sapkaite, Ieva Report Nov 1, 2011 2262
Short stay in jail cuts crime study finds. Jun 22, 2011 236
Performance of a Surface Flow Constructed Wetland System Used to Treat Secondary Effluent and Filter Backwash Water. Report Dec 31, 2010 4600
Potential Impacts of Industrial Reclaimed Water on Landscape Irrigation. Report Sep 30, 2010 4931
Removal of Metals from the Refinery Wastewater through Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands. Report Sep 30, 2010 1914
The influence of aerator mounting and wastewater treatment plant design on the performance of aeration systems/Aeratoriu montavimo budo ir nuoteku valyklos konstrukcijos itaka aeravimo sistemu darbui. Sokolova, Ala; Rimeika, Mindaugas Report Sep 1, 2010 2508
ARS Chesapeake Bay research intensifies. Comis, Don Aug 1, 2010 1460
Multiple Heavy Metal Tolerant Ciliates, Oxytricha fallax and Paramecium caudatum, Isolated From Industrial Effluents and Their Potential Use in Wastewater Treatment. Report Jun 30, 2010 4467
Isolation and Characterization of Arsenic Reducing Bacteria from Industrial Effluents and their Potential Use in Bioremediation of Wastewater. Report Jun 30, 2010 4399
Comparison of methods for the extraction of genomic DNA from aerobic digest. Blankinship, Lisa Ann Report Jul 1, 2009 5881
Making every last drop count: reusing water in the desert southwest. McGinnis, Laura Jan 1, 2009 1476
New ways to clean up water and use it again. Perry, Ann Jan 1, 2009 1013
A combined system of optimization pond and constructed wetland for wastewater treatment. Azimi, A.; Mehrdadi, N.; Rahmani, A. Report Jun 1, 2008 5011
The performance of UASB reactors treating high-strength wastewaters. Aslan, Sibel; Sekerdag, Nusret Technical report Jan 1, 2008 2520
Nutrient leaching and changes in soil characteristics of four contrasting soils irrigated with secondary-treated municipal wastewater for four years. Sparling, G.P.; Barton, L.; Duncan, L.; McGill, A.; Speir, T.W.; L.A. Schipper; Arnold, G.; Van Scha Mar 15, 2006 9311
Score one for anammox. Vanotti, Matias B.; Szogi, Ariel A. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 202
Flushed with death. Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 120
The effectiveness of education as a tool to manage onsite septic systems. Silverman, Gary S. Jul 1, 2005 3723
Side-by-side comparison of three sampling methods for aerosolized endotoxin in a wastewater treatment facility. White, George Nov 1, 2004 2638
Salinity increases cadmium uptake by wheat and Swiss chard from soil amended with biosolids. Weggler-Beaton, K.; McLaughlin, M. J.; Graham, R. D. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 4058

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