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Student, 19, fell to her death from plane after 'psychotic reaction' to malaria drug; Brit Alana Cutland was flying over Madagascar when she opened the door on her plane and fell out, an inquest heard, with concerns raised about the drug's "virtually undocumented" side effects. By, Talia Shadwell Nov 7, 2020 719
Invasive Asian mosquito species threatens African cities: study. Sep 15, 2020 410
UHS study shows safety and efficacy of malarial drug against coronavirus. Jul 21, 2020 817
Nutritional Status and Humoral Immune Response to Plasmodium falciparum in Children Aged 6-59 Months. Tepa, Arnaud; Abame, Idrissa; Makamta, Viviane; Fongang, Balotin; Donkeu, Josiane; Ayong, Lawrence; Jun 30, 2020 3884
Mass study into effect of anti-malaria drug on preventing Covid-19 given go-ahead to continue; More than 40,000 healthcare workers worldwide will be given chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine or a placebo in new global trial. By, Brett Gibbons Jun 30, 2020 370
Malaria Outbreak Facilitated by Appearance of Vector-Breeding Sites after Heavy Rainfall and Inadequate Preventive Measures: Nwoya District, Northern Uganda, February-May 2018. Nsereko, Godfrey; Kadobera, Daniel; Okethwangu, Denis; Nguna, Joyce; Rutazaana, Damian; Kyabayinze, May 31, 2020 6544
MKU wins Sh450m for malaria research in Homa Bay. May 20, 2020 603
Research reveals a new Malaria vaccine. Apr 23, 2020 199
Study Confirms Bitter Kola's Efficacy For Malaria Treatment. Mar 5, 2020 768
Evaluation of Malaria Cases Detected in Antalya Province between 2012 and 2017/Antalya Ilinde 2012-2017 Yillari Arasinda Saptanan Sitma Olgularinin Degerlendirilmesi. Ser, Onder Mar 1, 2020 4091
Haematological Profile of Adults with Malaria Parasitaemia Visiting the Volta Regional Hospital, Ghana. Sakzabre, Daniel; Asiamah, Emmanuel Akomanin; Akorsu, Elliot Elikplim; Abaka-Yawson, Albert; Dika, N Mar 1, 2020 5081
New study claims to have found root of fatal malaria infection. ANI Jan 9, 2020 394
Within human blood cells, researchers trace malaria parasites. ANI Dec 29, 2019 484
New Malaria Drug Appears Effective To Stop Deadly Infection. Darwin Malicdem Dec 24, 2019 392
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Malaria can be stopped by chicken soup, according to new research; Scientists studied 60 traditional broth recipes. Neil Shaw Nov 18, 2019 516
Drug for treating psoriasis can be used to treat malaria, finds study. Sep 19, 2019 523
Malaria infection linked to increased risk of heart failure: Study. Sep 2, 2019 364
Mosquito-repellent clothes lined with graphene could put an end to bite misery; Researchers claim the "wonder material" can provide a two-fold defense against mosquito bites. Aug 26, 2019 707
'Anti-malaria pills left student paranoid' before jumping from plane to her death; Alana Cutland, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, reportedly told conservation project boss that she feared being put in prison if she didn't finish her research in Madagascar. Aug 3, 2019 979
Be infected with malaria & get PS7,000; Vaccine study volunteers sought. Jul 27, 2019 170
Here's how mosquito immune system fights off malaria parasite. Jul 14, 2019 441
Phytochemical Screening and In Vivo Antimalarial Activity of Two Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants of Afar Region, Ethiopia, against Plasmodium berghei in Swiss Albino Mice. Gebrehiwot, Sibhatu; Shumbahri, Mohammed; Eyado, Amelework; Yohannes, Tilahun Report Jun 30, 2019 5871
Transgenic Fungus Kills Malaria Mosquitoes. Jun 3, 2019 1236
TRPV1 Contributes to Cerebral Malaria Severity and Mortality by Regulating Brain Inflammation. Pereira, Domingos Magno Santos; Teixeira, Simone Aparecida; Murillo, Oscar; Peixoto, Erika Paula Mac May 31, 2019 8828
New findings could lead to better detection, treatment of chronic malaria. Clinical report May 3, 2019 540
Adherence to Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine Treatment among Patients with Uncomplicated Malaria in Northern Ghana. Oduro, Abraham Rexford; Chatio, Samuel; Beeri, Paula; Anyorigiya, Thomas; Baiden, Rita; Adongo, Phil Apr 30, 2019 5580
Assessment of the Status of Awareness, Ownership, and Usage of Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets after Mass Distribution in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Omonijo, Adetunji; Omonijo, Adejumoke O. Report Apr 30, 2019 4329
177mn people are at high risk of malaria in Pakistan, prevalence rate in KP higher than other provinces: Study. Clinical report Apr 27, 2019 405
Antiplasmodial Activity of the n-Hexane Extract from Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex. Fr) P. Kumm: Pleurotusostreatus (Jacq. ex. Fr) P. Kumm. n-Hekzan Ekstresinin Antiplazmodiyal Etkisi. Afieroho, Ozadheoghene Eriarie; Noundou, Xavier Siwe; Onyial, Chiazor P.; Festus, Osamuyi H.; Chukwu Report Mar 1, 2019 3951
Study finds potential new weapon in fight against malaria. Feb 28, 2019 728
Submicroscopic Malaria in Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, Spain. Pousibet-Puerto, Joaquin; Cabezas-Fernandez, Ma. Teresa; Lozano-Serrano, Ana B.; Vazquez-Villegas, J Report Feb 1, 2019 2506
Scientists Divided over New Research Method to Combat Malaria. Nov 14, 2018 229
Dogs can sniff out malaria, study shows. Report Oct 31, 2018 802
Flea and Tick Meds For Malaria Prevention: New study raises the possibility and cites high safety factor. Sep 1, 2018 225
Platelets kill up to 60% of malaria parasites: Study. Clinical report Aug 4, 2018 347
Plasmodium ovale wallikeri in Western Lowland Gorillas and Humans, Central African Republic. Mapua, Mwanahamisi I.; Fuehrer, Hans-Peter; Petrzelkova, Klara J.; Todd, Angelique; Noedl, Harald; Q Report Aug 1, 2018 1568
Plasmodium falciparum Plasmepsin 2 Duplications, West Africa. Inoue, Juliana; Silva, Miguel; Fofana, Bakary; Sanogo, Kassim; Martensson, Andreas; Sagara, Issaka; Report Aug 1, 2018 1582
Malaria-Vector Dynamics in a Tropical Urban Metropolis, Nigeria. Onyishi, Grace C.; Aguzie, Ifeanyi Oscar N.; Nwani, Christopher D.; Obiezue, R.N.N.; Okoye, I.C. Report Jun 30, 2018 4907
Spillover of avian hemosporidian parasites (Haemosporidia: Plasmodium) and death of captive psittacine species. Report Jun 1, 2018 162
Maternal Peripartum Serum DDT/E and Urinary Pyrethroid Metabolite Concentrations and Child Infections at 2 Years in the VHEMBE Birth Cohort. Huang, Jonathan; Eskenazi, Brenda; Bornman, Riana; Rauch, Stephen; Chevrier, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2018 9786
Misuse of Artemisinin Combination Therapies by Clients of Medicine Retailers Suspected to Have Malaria Without Prior Parasitological Confirmation in Nigeria. Nwokolo, Ernest; Ujuju, Chinazo; Anyanti, Jennifer; Isiguzo, Chinwoke; Udoye, Ifeanyi; Bongos-Ikwue, Report Jun 1, 2018 4878
Scientists find drug to curb malaria during pregnancy. Medical condition overview May 23, 2018 428
Malaria genetics: study shows how disease became deadly. May 22, 2018 295
Children with malaria emit specific odour that attracts mosquitoes. Apr 17, 2018 433
CRISPR/Cas9 technique suppresses malaria infection in mosquitoes. Report Apr 1, 2018 366
African star apple prevents malaria in pregnancy -Study. Medical condition overview Feb 1, 2018 810
Malaria testing provides possibility for early HIV detection -Study. Feb 1, 2018 414
Children's Immune System Affected. Feb 1, 2018 373
How Malaria Tricks the Immune System. Feb 1, 2018 349
African star apple prevents malaria in pregnancy -Study. Medical condition overview Jan 25, 2018 814
Malaria testing provides possibility for early HIV detection -Study. Jan 25, 2018 412
'Robot scientist' finds that toothpaste ingredient could help fight against malaria; Researchers have used an artificially-intelligent robot called Eve to speed up drug development. Jan 18, 2018 355
Antimalarial Activity of Piperine. Thiengsusuk, Artitaya; Muhamad, Phunuch; Chaijaroenkul, Wanna; Na-Bangchang, Kesara Jan 1, 2018 3536
Cross-Study of Malaria Prevalence in History, Bed Net Utilization, and Knowledge about the Disease among Tanzanian College Students. Nyahoga, Yakobo; Bochkaeva, Zanda Survey Jan 1, 2018 2888
The Impact of Artesunate-Amodiaquine on Schistosoma mansoni Infection among Children Infected by Plasmodium in Rural Area of Lemfu, Kongo Central, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mbanzulu, Kennedy Makola; Zanga, Josue Kikana; Mukendi, Jean Pierre Kambala; Ntita, Felly Mbaya; Mat Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4437
In Vivo Antiplasmodial Activity of Two Sahelian Plant Extracts on Plasmodium berghei ANKA Infected NMRI Mice. Bonkian, Lea Nadege; Yerbanga, R. Serge; Koama, Benjamin; Soma, Aboubakar; Cisse, Mamoudou; Valea, I Jan 1, 2018 2818
Deforestation causing increase in malaria cases: study. Dec 19, 2017 262
Deforestation causing increase in malaria cases: study. Dec 12, 2017 312
PREDICTION OF OUTCOME IN SEVERE MALARIA BY GCRBS SCORE. Agakwalla, Sunil Kumar; Ali, Nasreen; Anand, Vishnu Report Dec 11, 2017 1939
Placental malaria and neonatal anti-tetanus antibody status: Any association? Bashir, M.F.; Elechi, H.A.; Ashir, G.M.; Rabasa, A.I.; Musa, A.B.; Akuhwa, R.T.; Farouk, A.G. Report Dec 1, 2017 5258
A STUDY OF INCIDENCE AND PROGNOSTIC SIGNIFICANCE OF RENAL IMPAIRMENT IN PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM MALARIA. Maya; Bipin, Kumar; Ajay, Kumar; Vijay, Achari; Rashmi, Singh; Sudhir, Singh Kumar Report Oct 30, 2017 4415
Scientists find a headway in Antimalarial Drugs. Oct 27, 2017 318
CLINICO-MICROBIOLOGICAL ASPECT OF MALARIA IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL. Maya; Ajay, Kumar; Bipin, Kumar; Vijay, Achari; Rashmi, Singh; Sudhir, Singh Kumar Report Oct 23, 2017 2625
Clinicopathological profile of malaria in Bareilly. Mittra, Purnima; Pandey, Manmohan Krishna Report Sep 1, 2017 2716
Role of MyD88-adaptor-like gene polymorphism rs8177374 in modulation of malaria severity in the Pakistani population. Rani, Asima; Nawaz, Syed Kashif; Irfan, Shazia; Arshad, Muhammad; Bashir, Razia; Shaheen, Najma Report Jul 1, 2017 5020
Deforestation causing increase in malaria cases: study. May 25, 2017 322
Factors associated with contracting malaria in ward 29 of Shamva District, Zimbabwe, 2014. Muchena, G.; Gombe, N.; Takundwa, L.; Tshimanga, M.; Bangure, D.; Masuka, N.; Juru, T. Report May 1, 2017 3923
Malaria in children adopted from the democratic republic of the Congo. Chiappini, Elena; Sollai, Sara; de Martino, Maurizio; Galli, Luisa Report Apr 1, 2017 1198
Introducing new antimalarial analogues of chloroquine and amodiaquine: A narrative review. Parhizgar, Arezoo Rafiee; Tahghighi, Azar Report Mar 1, 2017 6908
Net loss? Agrochemicals and insecticide resistance in the fight against malaria. Bird, Winifred Report Mar 1, 2017 6799
Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review of Cryptolepis sanguinolenta (Lindi.) Schlechter. Osafo, Newman; Mensah, Kwesi Boadu; Yeboah, Oduro Kofi Report Jan 1, 2017 10427
Parasitological Indices of Malaria Transmission in Children under Fifteen Years in Two Ecoepidemiological Zones in Southwestern Burkina Faso. Hien, Aristide S.; Sangare, Ibrahim; Coulibaly, Sanata; Namountougou, Moussa; Pare-Toe, Lea; Ouedrao Report Jan 1, 2017 5207
Discovery of Antimalarial Drugs from Streptomycetes Metabolites Using a Metabolomic Approach. Ahmad, Siti Junaidah; Rahim, Mohd Badrin Hanizam Abdul; Baharum, Syarul Nataqain; Baba, Mohd Shukri; Report Jan 1, 2017 5349
Submicroscopic and Asymptomatic Congenital Infection by Plasmodium vivax or P. falciparum in Colombia: 37 Cases with Placental Histopathology and Cytokine Profile in Maternal and Placental Blood. Agudelo-Garcia, Olga Maria; Arango-Florez, Eliana Maria; Carmona-Fonseca, Jaime Report Jan 1, 2017 10632
Observation of Blood Donor-Recipient Malaria Parasitaemia Patterns in a Malaria Endemic Region. Faruk, Jamilu Abdullahi; Ogunrinde, Gboye Olufemi; Mamman, Aisha Indo Jan 1, 2017 4136
Synthesis, SAR, and Docking Studies Disclose 2-Arylfuran-1,4-naphthoquinones as In Vitro Antiplasmodial Hits. Borgati, Tatiane Freitas; do Nascimento, Maria Fernanda Alves; Bernardino, Juma Fortunato; Martins, Report Jan 1, 2017 7495
Urinalysis and Clinical Correlations in Patients with P. vivax or P. falciparum Malaria from Colombia. Tobon-Castano, Alberto; Escobar, Sebastian Barrera; Castro, Cecilia Giraldo Report Jan 1, 2017 9055
Malaria Helped Kill Off Roman Empire: Study. Dec 6, 2016 386
Progress toward long-acting malaria pill: Study. Nov 18, 2016 140
Protection of military personnel against vector-borne diseases: a review of collaborative work of the Australian and US military over the last 30 years. Frances, Stephen P.; Edstein, Michael D.; Debboun, Mustapha; Shanks, G. Dennis Oct 1, 2016 4733
Asymptomatic Plasmodium infections in children in low malaria transmission setting, southwestern Uganda. Roh, Michelle E.; Orikiriza, Caesar OyePatrick; Wade, Martina; Kiwanuka, Gertrude N.; Mwanga-Amumpai Report Aug 1, 2016 2824
Current scenario of malarial trends in Jamnagar district: a cross-sectional study. Gohel, Aniruddha; Makwana, Naresh; Bhavsar, Sudip; Rathod, Mittal; Dhaduk, Kishor; Parmar, Dipesh Report Aug 1, 2016 1841
New Research Shows Mosquitoes Borrow Genes from Plants to Improve Their Survival. May 6, 2016 867
Parasitaemia and haematological changes in malaria-infected refugees in South Africa. Okafor, U.E.; Tsoka-Gwegweni, J.M.; Bibirigea, A.; Irimie, A.; Tomuleasa, C. Report Apr 1, 2016 3032
Deer have their own malaria: long-overlooked parasite found in some U.S. states. Milius, Susan Mar 5, 2016 719
Incidence and profile of severe anemia in children aged 1 month to 14 years attending tertiary level care hospital. Antony, Jenifer J.; Sai, Santhosh R.B.; Suresh, P. Clinical report Feb 29, 2016 1359
Prognostic factors in severe and complicated malaria. Pandya, Hiren P.; Bhansali, Prashant Report Feb 1, 2016 2748
Falling Plasmodium knowlesi malaria death rate among adults despite rising incidence, Sabah, Malaysia, 2010-2014. Rajahram, Giri S.; Barber, Bridget E.; William, Timothy; Grigg, Matthew J.; Menon, Jayaram; Yeo, Tsi Report Jan 1, 2016 6456
Borrowing biochemical bullets from a scourge's arsenal. Lougheed, Tim Jan 1, 2016 408
Pyrethroid and DDT resistance and organophosphate susceptibility among Anopheles spp. mosquitoes, Western Kenya. Wanjala, Christine L.; Mbugi, Jernard P.; Ototo, Edna; Gesuge, Maxwell; Afrane, Yaw A.; Atieli, Harr Report Dec 1, 2015 2315
Induction of multidrug tolerance in Plasmodium falciparum by extended Artemisinin pressure. Menard, Sandie; Haddou, Tanila Ben; Ramadani, Arba Pramundita; Ariey, Frederic; Iriart, Xavier; Begh Report Oct 1, 2015 6414
Rising CO2 may benefit malaria drug supply. Sep 1, 2015 460
Knowledge, beliefs, and practices regarding malaria in urban setting of East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya. Bhattacharyya, Himashree Report Aug 1, 2015 2537
Mosquito fauna of Lao People's Democratic Republic, with special emphasis on the adult and larval surveillance at Nakai District, Khammuane Province. Rueda, Leopoldo M.; Vongphayloth, Khamsing; Pecor, James E.; Sutherland, Ian W.; Hii, Jeffrey; Debbo Report Jul 1, 2015 3765
Molecular epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum malaria outbreak, Tumbes, Peru, 2010-2012. Baldeviano, G. Christian; Okoth, Sheila Akinyi; Arrospide, Nancy; Gonzalez, Rommell V.; Sanchez, Jua Report May 1, 2015 5290
Malaria imported from Ghana by returning gold miners, China, 2013. Li, Zhongjie; Yang, Yichao; Xiao, Ning; Zhou, Sheng; Lin, Kangming; Wang, Duoquan; Zhang, Qian; Jian May 1, 2015 2250
Hepatic dysfunction in falciparum malaria. Chandra, Subhash; Dhawale, Sanjay; Chouhan, Arvind Clinical report Jan 5, 2015 3209
Identification of risk factors for malaria control by focused interventions in Ranchi district, Jharkhand, India. Saxena, Rekha; Das, M.K.; Nagpal, B.N.; Srivastava, Aruna; Gupta, Sanjeev Kumar; Kumar, Anil; Tomar, Report Dec 1, 2014 3596
Artemisia vulgaris L. ethanolic leaf extract reverses thrombocytopenia/ thrombocytosis and averts end-stage disease of experimental severe Plasmodium berghei murine malaria. Bamunuarachchi, Gayan S.; Ratnasooriya, Wanigasekara D.; Premakumara, Sirimal; Udagama, Preethi V. Report Dec 1, 2014 5739
Larvicidal activity of the leaf extracts of Spondias mombin Linn. (Anacardiaceae) from various solvents against malarial, dengue and filarial vector mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae). Eze, Elijah Ajaegbu; Danga, Simon Pierre Yinyang; Okoye, Festus Basden Chiedu Report Dec 1, 2014 4345
Asymptomatic malaria in apparently healthy schoolchildren. Tin, Sim Sai; Wiwanitkit, Viroj Report Dec 1, 2014 360
Gazing at the crystal rods of malaria. Webster, Molly; Kumar, Vikram Sheel Oct 1, 2014 1366
Resistance to key malaria drug spreads: hard-to-treat parasites now affect several Asian countries. Seppa, Nathan Sep 6, 2014 725
India, Africa undersampled. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 101
'Anti-tank missile detector' may hold key to curing malaria: Study. Jul 18, 2014 241
The magnitude and pattern of malaria in district Kohat. Khattak, Aziz Marjan; Khan, Jaffar; Batool, Nafisa; Khan, Habibullah Report Jul 3, 2014 2402
Anti-malarial drug reverses resistance to breast cancer drug in mice: Study. Jun 14, 2014 133
Predictors of plasma DDT and DDE concentrations among women exposed to indoor residual spraying for malaria control in the South African study of Women and Babies (SOWB). Whitworth, Kristina W.; Bornman, Riana M.S.; Archer, Janet I.; Kudumu, Mwenda O.; Travlos, Gregory S Report Jun 1, 2014 8856
Clinico-epidemiological profile of patients with febrile illness attending malaria clinic at medical college hospital of Surat, Gujarat, India. Patel, Jitendra M.; Godara, Naresh Report Jun 1, 2014 1645
Study of clinical, haematological and hepatic manifestations in patients with falciparum malaria. Balaraj, K.P.; Sharath, Madhyastha P. Report May 5, 2014 1485
'The Revenge of Geography'. Seggie, Janet May 1, 2014 349
Odyssean malaria outbreaks in Gauteng Province, South Africa, 2007-2013. Frean, J.; Brooke, B.; Thomas, J.; Blumberg, L. Report May 1, 2014 2806
Diagnosis and treatment of imported and odyssean malaria. Dlamini, S.K. Editorial May 1, 2014 1148
The burden of imported malaria in Cape Town, South Africa. Opie, J.; Freeks, R.; du Pisani, L.A. Clinical report May 1, 2014 2014
Malaria origin updated. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 204
UAE battles to treat malaria as study shows hundreds of imported cases. Mar 25, 2014 337
A study of health seeking behavior, health care spending and awareness among cases of malaria like illness in a tribal area. Suryawanshi, Deodatt M.; Sinha, Sati Prasad Report Mar 3, 2014 2741
Correlation of thrombocytopenia in urban children with malaria. Joshi, Gurudutt; Chaudhary, Nilay; Labana, Yogesh; Tailor, Vimal Report Mar 1, 2014 1919
To study severity and risk prediction of mortality in malaria by the malaria severity score. Aharwar, S.; Kansal, A; Jatav, O.P.; Trikha, S.; Malviya, K. Clinical report Feb 17, 2014 6889
The robust and modulated biomarker network elicited by the Plasmodium vivax infection is mainly mediated by the IL- 6/IL-10 axis and is associated with the parasite load. da Costa, Allyson Guimaraes; Antonelli, Lis Ribeiro do Valle; Costa, Pedro Augusto Carvalho; Pimente Report Jan 1, 2014 5804
Genetic diversity of MSP1 block 2 of plasmodium vivax isolates from Manaus (Central Brazilian Amazon). Soares, Leidiane Amorim; Evangelista, Janarna; Orlandi, Patricia Puccinelli; Almeida, Maria Edilene; Report Jan 1, 2014 4690
Behaviors and numerical simulations of malaria dynamic models with transgenic mosquitoes. Liu, Xiongwei; Xu, Junjun; Wang, Xiao; Cheng, Lizhi Report Jan 1, 2014 4555
Antirelapse efficacy of various primaquine regimens for Plasmodium vivax. Rajgor, D.D.; Gogtay, N.J.; Kadam, V.S.; Kocharekar, M.M.; Parulekar, M.S.; Dalvi, S.S.; Vaidya, A.B Report Jan 1, 2014 8322
Single ascending dose safety and pharmacokinetics of CDRI-97/78: first-in-human study of a novel antimalarial drug. Shafiq, N.; Rajagopalan, S.; Kushwaha, H.N.; Mittal, N.; Chandurkar, N.; Bhalla, A.; Kaur, S.; Pandh Report Jan 1, 2014 6626
Imported malaria in Portugal 2000-2009: a role for hospital statistics for better estimates and surveillance. Fonseca, Ana Gloria; Dias, Sara S.; Baptista, Joao Luis; Torgal, Jorge Report Jan 1, 2014 6346
Assessment of risk factors associated with malaria transmission in Tubu Village, Northern Botswana. Chirebvu, Elijah; Chimbari, Moses John; Ngwenya, Barbara Ntombi Report Jan 1, 2014 8547
Exploiting unique structural and functional properties of malarial glycolytic enzymes for antimalarial drug development. Alam, Asrar; Neyaz, Md. Kausar; Hasan, Syed Ikramul Report Jan 1, 2014 9172
Forecasting malaria cases using climatic factors in Delhi, India: a time series analysis. Kumar, Varun; Mangal, Abha; Panesar, Sanjeet; Yadav, Geeta; Talwar, Richa; Raut, Deepak; Singh, Saud Report Jan 1, 2014 3419
Low prevalence of Pfcrt resistance alleles among patients with uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Niger six years after chloroquine withdrawal. Salissou, Adamou; Zamanka, Halima; Binze, Brigitte Biyghe; Riviere, Taiana; Tichit, Magalie; Ibrahim Report Jan 1, 2014 4791
Effect of iron/folic acid supplementation on the outcome of malaria episodes treated with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine. Sazawal, Sunil; Black, Robert E.; Kabole, Ibrahim; Dutta, Arup; Dhingra, Usha; Ramsan, Mahdi Report Jan 1, 2014 2688
Bioinformatic identification of peptidomimetic-based inhibitors against Plasmodium falciparum antigen AMA1. Alam, Asrar Report Jan 1, 2014 4255
Time course of the changes in novel trioxane antimalarial 99/411 pharmacokinetics upon antiepileptic drugs co-administration in SD rats. Singh, Yeshwant; Kushwaha, Hari Narayan; Misra, Anamika; Hidau, Mahendra Kumar; Singh, Shio Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 4014
Pharmacokinetic study and bioavailability of a novel synthetic trioxane antimalarial compound 97/63 in rats. Kushwaha, Hari Narayan; Mohan, Neel Kamal; Sharma, Ashok Kumar; Singh, Shio Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 6023
Evaluation of the quality of artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines distributed in Ghana and Togo. Osei-Safo, Dorcas; Agbonon, Amegnona; Konadu, Daniel Yeboah; Harrison, Jerry Joe Ebow Kingsley; Edoh Report Jan 1, 2014 9285
Pharmacovigilance practices for better healthcare delivery: knowledge and attitude study in the national malaria control programme of India. Gupta, Pooja; Anvikar, Anupkumar R.; Valecha, Neena; Gupta, Yogendra K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4001
Role of different Pfcrt and Pfmdr-1 mutations in conferring resistance to antimalaria drugs in Plasmodium falciparum. Ibraheem, Zaid O.; Majid, R. Abd; Noor, S. Mohd.; Sedik, H. Mohd.; Basir, R. Report Jan 1, 2014 14928
Allelic variation of polymorphic vaccine candidates merozoite surface protein-2 in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from South-East of Iran. Namdar, Fatemeh; Ebrahimzadeh, Adel; Mohammadi, Saeed Report Jan 1, 2014 2744
Immunological testing reveals exposure to malaria in the hypoendemic region of Iran. Obeidi, Narges; Rajasekariah, G-Halli; Nabipour, Iraj; Amirinejad, Roya; Dogcio, Diane; Emami, Habib Report Jan 1, 2014 4404
Recrudescence of Plasmodium malariae after quinine. Kugasia, Irfanali R.; Polara, Farhana K.; Assallum, Hussein Report Jan 1, 2014 1637
Antihemolytic activities of green tea, safflower, and mulberry extracts during Plasmodium berghei infection in mice. Audomkasok, Suthin; Singpha, Waraporn; Chachiyo, Sukanya; Somsak, Voravuth Report Jan 1, 2014 2093
Molecular and microscopic-based characterization of Plasmodium spp. in Fars and Hormozgan Provinces, South of Iran. Mohammadzadeh, Tahereh; Hatam, Gholamreza; Kalantari, Mohsen; Sarkari, Bahador; Motazedian, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2014 4682
Evidence of insulin resistance in adult uncomplicated malaria: result of a two-year prospective study. Acquah, Samuel; Boampong, Johnson Nyarko; Jnr, Benjamin Ackon Eghan; Eriksson, Magdalena Report Jan 1, 2014 6100
Amodiaquine-artesunate versus artemether-lumefantrine against uncomplicated malaria in children less than 14 years in Ngaoundere, North Cameroon: efficacy, safety, and baseline drug resistant mutations in pfcrt, pfmdr1, and pfdhfr genes. Ali, Innocent M.; Netongo, Palmer M.; Atogho-Tiedeu, Barbara; Ngongang, Eric-Olivier; Ajua, Anthony; Report Jan 1, 2014 7578
Does the use of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine in treating patients with uncomplicated falciparum malaria reduce the risk for recurrent new falciparum infection more than artemether-lumefantrine? Akpaloo, Wisdom; Purssell, Edward Report Jan 1, 2014 13544
Microscopic diagnosis and use of ICT as a tool for diagnosis of malaria--a comparative study in a tertiary care center in eastern Bihar. Biswas, Priyanka Paul; Yasmin, Tarannum; Sen, Aninda; Dey, Sangeeta Clinical report Dec 23, 2013 2421
Scientists discover potential vaccine that could help eradicate malaria. Dec 18, 2013 205
Scientists discover potential vaccine that could help eradicate malaria. Dec 17, 2013 230
Severe plasmodium vivax malaria in Pakistan. Zubairi, Ali Bin Sarwar; Nizami, Sobia; Raza, Afsheen; Mehraj, Vikram; Rasheed, Anita Fazal; Ghanchi Report Nov 1, 2013 2359
Malaria in South Africa: 110 years of learning to control the disease. Coetzee, M.; Kruger, P.; Hunt, R.H.; Durrheim, D.N.; Urbach, J.; Hansford, C.F. Report Oct 1, 2013 7778
Epidemiology of malaria in South Africa: from control to elimination. Maharaj, R.; Raman, J.; Morris, N.; Moonasar, D.; Durrheim, D.N.; Seocharan, I.; Kruger, P.; Shanduk Report Oct 1, 2013 4555
Malaria vector control in South Africa. Brooke, B.; Koekemoer, L.; Kruger, P.; Urbach, J.; Misiani, E.; Coetzee, M. Report Oct 1, 2013 5328
Case management of malaria: diagnosis. Frean, J.; Poonsamy, B.; Shandukani, B.; Moonasar, D.; Raman, J. Report Oct 1, 2013 5323
Case management of malaria: treatment and chemoprophylaxis. Ukpe, I.S.; Moonasar, D.; Raman, J.; Barnes, K.I.; Baker, L.; Blumberg, L. Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 5313
Health promotion: from malaria control to elimination. Groepe, M.A.; Urbach, J.; Jooste, H.; Hlongwana, K.W.; Baker, L.; Misiani, E.; Mayet, N.T. Report Oct 1, 2013 2071
What will move malaria control to elimination in South Africa? Moonasar, D.; Morris, N.; Kleinschmidt, I.; Maharaj, R.; Raman, J.; Mayet, N.T.; Benson, F.G.; Durrh Report Oct 1, 2013 5211
Situation of P. vivax malaria in Ahmedabad City--a study in purview of national guidelines. Joshi, Urvish; Solanki, Anand; Vyas, Sheetal Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 2873
US researchers reported a breakthrough in the search for a vaccine for malaria, the mosquito-born-disease that sickens millions worldwide. Oct 1, 2013 135
Laboratory tests for malaria: a diagnostic conundrum? Puri, B.; Mehta, P.; Ingole, N.; Prasad, P.; Mathure, T. Report Sep 1, 2013 2277
Thrombocytopenia in patients of malaria. Bajaj, Preeti; Shah, Balbir Singh; Dhooria, Amrit K.; Gupta, Manvi Report Jul 22, 2013 1535
Molecular methods for diagnosis of malaria. Shukla, Snehanshu; Pant, Harshita Jul 15, 2013 6077
Rising incidence of malaria in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2011-12. Palat, Paltial; Vijapura, Taherali; Patel, Nisheeth; Gajjar, Dipti Report Jul 1, 2013 2347
Interaction analysis of hemin with antimalaria artemisinin groups through in-silico and in-vitro approach. Dwira, Surya; Fadilah; Tedjo, Aryo Report Jul 1, 2013 2759
Knowledge, attitude and practice on insecticide treated nets in Myanmar. Oo, San San; Soe, Zay; Shwe, Wana Hla Report Jun 1, 2013 5740
Plasmodium falciparum with multidrug resistance 1 gene duplications, Senegal. Pascual, Aurelie; Fall, Becaye; Wurtz, Nathalie; Fall, Mansour; Camara, Cheikhou; Nakoulima, Aminata Letter to the editor May 1, 2013 1332
Efficiency of Malaria vaccine declines over time: study. Mar 25, 2013 575
Research suggests malaria can be defeated without a globally-led eradication programme. Mar 1, 2013 504
"A comparative evaluation of conventional staining methods and immunological techniques for the diagnosis of malaria". Pachpute, Samir; Pai, Chitra; Urhekar, A.D. Report Feb 18, 2013 3726
Dilaforette approved to conduct Phase II Study with Sevuparin for the treatment of severe malaria. Report Jan 30, 2013 172
Dilaforette approved to conduct Phase II Study with Sevuparin for the treatment of severe malaria. Report Jan 30, 2013 173
DNA research seeks vaccine for malaria. Jan 8, 2013 253
Alertness regarding malaria in rural community of Vadodara. Parekh, Alok; Parekh, Malay; Vadasmiya, Divyeshkumar; Kumar, Arvind Report Jan 1, 2013 2157
Cajachalcone: an antimalarial compound from Cajanus cajan leaf extract. Ajaiyeoba, E.O.; Ogbole, O.O.; Abiodun, O.O.; Ashidi, J.S.; Houghton, P.J.; Wright, C.W. Report Jan 1, 2013 3235
Selective intermittent preventive treatment of vivax malaria: reduction of malaria incidence in an open cohort study in Brazilian Amazon. Katsuragawa, Tony Hiroshi; Gil, Luiz Herman Soares; de Lima, Alzemar Alves; Freitag, Elci Marlei; do Report Jan 1, 2013 6597
Expanding access to malaria diagnosis through retail shops in western Kenya: what do shop workers think? Rusk, Andria; Goodman, Catherine; Naanyu, Violet; Koech, Beatrice; Obala, Andrew; O'Meara, Wendy Pru Report Jan 1, 2013 7388
A study on course of infection and haematological changes in falciparum-infected in comparison with artemisinin(s)-treated mice. Kuthala, Kalyan Kumar; Meka, Sowjanya; Kanikaram, Sunita Report Jan 1, 2013 7013
A battle plan to protect U.S. troops from harmful insects. Avant, Sandra Nov 1, 2012 4023
Australian Prime Minister welcomes collaborative malaria research. Oct 19, 2012 400
Marchantin A, a macrocyclic bisbibenzyl ether, isolated from the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, inhibits protozoal growth in vitro. Jensen, Sophie; Omarsdottir, Sesselja; Bwalya, Angela Gono; Nielsen, Morten, Agertoug; Tasdemir, Den Report Oct 15, 2012 4652
Duffy phenotype and Plasmodium vivax infections in humans and apes, Africa. Leighton Culleton, Richard; Ferreira, Pedro Eduardo Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2012 1236
'Humanized' mice enable malaria research breakthrough. Sep 11, 2012 537
Etymologia. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 197
Species composition of the Anopheles gambiae complex across eco-vegetational zones in Bayelsa State, Niger Delta region, Nigeria. Ebenezer, A.; Okiwelu, S.N.; Agi, P.I.; Noutcha, M.A.E; Awolola, T.S.; Oduola, A.O. Report Sep 1, 2012 2613
Resting behaviour of Anopheles stephensi type form to assess its amenability to control malaria through indoor residual spray. Nagpal, B.N.; Srivastava, Aruna; Dash, A.P. Report Sep 1, 2012 3670
Field evaluation of Icon[R]Life, a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) against Anopheles culicifacies and transmission of malaria in District Gautam Budh Nagar (Uttar Pradesh), India. Mittal, P.K.; Sood, Ripu Daman; Kapoor, Neera; Razdan, R.K.; Dash, A.P. Report Sep 1, 2012 4752
Platelet count and parasite density: independent variable in Plasmodium vivax malaria. Kochar, Dhanpat Kumar; Tanwar, Gajanand Singh; Agrawal, Renu; Kochar, Shilpi; Tanwar, Gayatri; Falod Report Sep 1, 2012 1029
Estimated effect of climatic variables on the transmission of plasmodium vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea. Kim, Young-Min; Park, Jae-Won; Cheong, Hae-Kwan Report Sep 1, 2012 5487
Antimalarial activity of ellipticine. Report Aug 15, 2012 652
Chloroquine-resistant malaria in travelers returning from Haiti after 2010 earthquake. Gharbi, Myriam; Pillai, Dylan R.; Lau, Rachel; Hubert, Veronique; Khairnar, Krishna; Existe, Alexand Report Aug 1, 2012 2545
Indoor insecticide treatments emerge as powerful tool against malaria. Jul 4, 2012 829
Mathematical model to predict malaria outbreaks. Jul 1, 2012 339
Prevalence of malaria and anemia among pregnant women attending a traditional birth home in Benin City, Nigeria. Oladeinde, Bankole Henry; Omoregie, Richard; Odia, Ikponmwosa; Oladeinde, Oladapo Babatunde Report May 1, 2012 3215
A spatial analysis of individual-and neighborhood-level determinants of malaria incidence in adults, Ontario, Canada. Eckhardt, Rose; Berrang-Ford, Lea; Ross, Nancy A.; Pillai, Dylan R.; Buckeridge, David L. Report May 1, 2012 5699
Assessment of Malaria Prevalence Among School Children In RuralAreas of Bannu District Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Report Apr 30, 2012 3344
Climate model may help predict malaria outbreaks in India. Apr 3, 2012 392
Malaria in highlands of Ecuador since 1900. Pinault, Lauren L.; Hunter, Fiona F. Report Apr 1, 2012 4581
Detection of Plasmodium spp. in human feces. Jirku, Milan; Pomajbikova, Katerina; Petrzelkova, Klara J.; Huzova, Zuzana; Modry, David; Lukes, Jul Report Apr 1, 2012 2144
Malaria's ancient mask. McRae, Mike Brief article Mar 1, 2012 270
Efficacy of artemether-lumefanthrine combination in rural Nigeria. Okoli, Charles Ogbonna; Mamah, Cyril Chukwukama; Ubaka, Chukwuemeka Michael; Ezike, Adaobi Chioma; A Report Mar 1, 2012 3924
Status of insecticide resistance in malaria vector, Anopheles culicifacies in Chhattisgarh state, India. Bhatt, R.M.; Sharma, S.N.; Barik, T.K.; Raghavendra, K. Report Mar 1, 2012 2067
Insecticide resistance status in Anopheles culicifacies in Madhya Pradesh, central India. Mishra, A.K.; Chand, S.K.; Barik, T.K.; Dua, V.K.; Raghavendra, K. Report Mar 1, 2012 2242
Susceptibility of malaria vectors to insecticides in Gadchiroli district (Maharashtra), India. Singh, R.K.; Mittal, P.K.; Gourshettiwar, M.P.; Pande, S.J.; Dhiman, R.C. Report Mar 1, 2012 2361
Entomological surveillance in a recent autochthonous malaria area of Spain. Bueno-Mari, Ruben; Baneres, Alberto Bernues; Chorda-Olmos, Francisco Alberto; Jimenez-Peydro, Ricard Report Mar 1, 2012 1808
'Test and Treat' model offers new strategy for eradicating malaria. Feb 7, 2012 381
Malaria kills twice as many as thought - study. Report Feb 4, 2012 336
Malaria kills 1.2 million people every year: study. Feb 4, 2012 838
Plasmodium falciparum in asymptomatic immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Spain. Monge-Maillo, Begona; Norman, Francesca; Perez-Molina, Jose Antonio; Diaz-Menendez, Marta; Rubio, Jo Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2012 1351
The impact of regional climate change on malaria risk due to greenhouse forcing and land - use changes in tropical Africa. Ermert, Volker; Fink, Andreas H.; Morse, Andrew P.; Paeth, Heiko Report Jan 1, 2012 6999
Intramuscular artemether versus intravenous quinine in treatment of cerebral malaria in pediatric patients. Khan, Muhammad Aqeel; Younas, Muhammad; Shah, Akhtar Ali; Munir, Arshia; Khan, Jehanzeb; Shah, Farid Clinical report Dec 31, 2011 2330
Presence and seasonal prevalence of Plasmodium spp in a rare endemic New Zealand passerine (tieke or saddleback, Philesturnus carunculatus). Report Dec 1, 2011 193
In vivo sensitivity monitoring of chloroquine for the treatment of uncomplicated vivax malaria in four bordered provinces of Thailand during 2009-2010. Congpuong, Kanungnit; Satimai, Wichai; Sujariyakul, Anupong; Intanakom, Somchai; Harnpitakpong, Waru Report Dec 1, 2011 4454
A study on pulmonary manifestations in patients with malaria from northwestern India (Bikaner). Nayak, K.C.; Mohini; Kumar, S.; Tanwar, R.S.; Kulkarni, V.; Gupta, A.; Sharma, P.; Sirohi, P.; Ratan Clinical report Dec 1, 2011 3077
Susceptibility of Laboratory-Reared Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) and Field-Collected Culex quinquefasciatus Larvae to Bacillus thuringiensis serovar. israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus in Lahore, Pakistan. Report Oct 31, 2011 2542
Plasmodium knowlesi. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 201
Plasmodium knowlesi infection in humans, Cambodia, 2007-2010. Khim, Nimol; Siv, Sovannaroth; Kim, Saorin; Mueller, Tara; Fleischmann, Erna; Singh, Balbir; Divis, Report Oct 1, 2011 1751
Plasmodium vivax seroprevalence in bred cynomolgus monkeys, China. Elmore, David B. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2011 429
Plants traditionally used in treating malaria, typhoid fever and piles in the Wa Municipality and Wa East (Funsi) District of the Upper West Region of Ghana. Sam, G.H.; Mensah, M.L.K.; Annan, Kofi; Zahree, Sena Report Sep 1, 2011 3735
Insecticide-treated bednet ownership and utilization in Rivers State, Nigeria before a state-wide net distribution campaign. Tobin-West, C.I.; Alex-Hart, B.A. Report Sep 1, 2011 2911
Evaluation of the impact of ZeroFly[R], an insecticide incorporated plastic sheeting on malaria incidence in two temporary labour shelters in India. Mittal, P.K.; Sreehari, U.; Razdan, R.K.; Dash, A.P. Report Sep 1, 2011 3623
HIV and malaria co-infection in Mumbai, western India. Shankarkumar, U.; Shankarkumar, A.; Ghosh, K. Report Sep 1, 2011 2327
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Vector abundance and species composition of Anopheles mosquito in Calabar, Nigeria. Oringanje, C.; Alaribe, A.A.A.; Oduola, A.O.; Oduwole, O.A.; Adeogun, A.O.; Meremikwu, M.M.; Awolola Report Sep 1, 2011 1493
NIH scientists find multiple potential anti-malaria compounds. Aug 5, 2011 231
Mosquito gut bacterium may curb malaria. Black, Harvey Report Aug 1, 2011 881
Prevalence of the molecular marker of chloroquine resistance (pfcrt 76) in Nigeria 5 years after withdrawal of the drug as first-line antimalarial: a cross-sectional study. Efunshile, Michael; Runsewe-Abiodun, Tamramat; Ghebremedhin, Beniam; Konig, Wolfgang; Konig, Brigitt Report Jul 1, 2011 2751
Serum enzymes activities in Plasmodium falciparum infection in Southern Pakistan. Amir, Faheem; Ali, Memon Sikander; Chin, Koay Yen; Ghani, Khurram Report Jul 1, 2011 1956
Severe Plasmodium knowlesi malaria in a tertiary care hospital, Sabah, Malaysia. William, Timothy; Menon, Jayaram; Rajahram, Giri; Chan, Leslie; Ma, Gordon; Donaldson, Samantha; Kho Report Jul 1, 2011 6153
Plasma Levels of Pro-Inflammatory (Cytokines TNFa, IL1 and IL6) in Protein Energy Malnourished Children affected by P. falciparum Malaria in Western Kenya. Report Jun 30, 2011 3586
Sickle-cell trait blunts malaria: may lessen severity of illness rather than prevent infection. Saey, Tina Hesman Report Jun 4, 2011 376
Impacts of climate change on public health in India: future research directions. Bush, Kathleen F.; Luber, George; Kotha, S. Rani; Dhaliwal, R.S.; Kapil, Vikas; Pascual, Mercedes; B Report Jun 1, 2011 6536
A history of field parasitology studies originating from the Reelfoot lake region of Tennessee and Kentucky. Turner, Hugh M. Jun 1, 2011 15124
Seasonal prevalence & resting behaviour of Anopheles minimus Theobald & An. fluviatilis James (Diptera: Culicidae) in east-central India. Sahu, S.S.; Gunasekaran, K.; Vanamail, P.; Jambulingam, P. Report Jun 1, 2011 4581
The association of NCF1 gene with the severity of Malaria. Shakirullah; Arshad, Muhammad; Afzal, Sohail; Zaib, Bahadar; Haq, Saba Report Jun 1, 2011 2535
Environmental factors associated with larval habitats of anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in irrigation and major drainage areas in the middle course of the Rift Valley, central Ethiopia. Kenea, Oljira; Balkew, Meshesha; Gebre-Michael, Teshome Report Jun 1, 2011 5218
Antagonistic antimalarial properties of pawpaw leaf aqueous extract in combination with artesunic acid in Plasmodium berghei-infected mice. Onaku, L.O.; Attama, A.A.; Okore, V.C.; Tijani, A.Y.; Ngene, A.A.; Esimone, C.O. Report Jun 1, 2011 3185
Insecticide susceptibility profile of the principal malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae s.l. (Diptera: Culicidae), in north-central Nigeria. Olayemi, I.K.; Ande, A.T.; Chita, S.; Ibemesi, G.; Ayanwale, V.A.; Odeyemi, O.M. Report Jun 1, 2011 2707
A passion for Africa: Michigan State's pioneering African studies center celebrates its 50th anniversary. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan May 26, 2011 1449
Scientists find genetic basis for key parasite function in malaria. May 26, 2011 142
HIV drugs can also kill malaria parasites: Study. May 3, 2011 166
Plasmodium knowlesi Malaria in children. Barber, Bridget E.; William, Timothy; Jikal, Mohammad; Jilip, Jenarun; Dhararaj, Prabakaran; Menon, Report May 1, 2011 5040
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Avian malaria deaths in parrots, Europe. Olias, Philipp; Wegelin, Maria; Zenker, Wolfgang; Freter, Sabrina; Gruber, Achim D.; Klopfleisch, Ro Report May 1, 2011 1265
Widespread availability of artemisinin monotherapy in the United States. Rakita, Robert M.; Malhotra, Uma Letter to the editor May 1, 2011 380
Geographic and ethnic distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia. Naing, Daw Khin Saw; Anderios, Fread; Lin, Zaw Report May 1, 2011 3633
Progress in lifesaving scientific research. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 169
Parenteral artesunate access programme aims at reducing malaria fatality rates in South Africa. Kift, E. Visser; Kredo, T.; Barnes, K.I. Report Apr 1, 2011 1372
Global deaths from AIDS, malaria, diarrhea declining: Study. Mar 16, 2011 287
Knowledge, attitude, perception of malaria and evaluation of malaria parasitaemia among pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Iriemenam, N.C.; Dosunmu, A.O.; Oyibo, W.A.; Fagbenro-Beyioku, A.F. Report Mar 1, 2011 3990
Field evaluation of lambda-cyhalothrin (ICON 10 CS) indoor residual spraying against Anopheles culicifacies in India. Raghavendra, K.; Ghosh, S.K.; Eapen, Alex; Tiwari, S.N.; Satyanarayan, T.S.; Ravindran, John; Sreeha Report Mar 1, 2011 5730
Malaria in Malawi: inside a research autopsy study of pediatric cerebral malaria. White, Valerie A. Feb 1, 2011 4431
Jet lag key to tackling malaria parasites: Study. Report Jan 12, 2011 215
Mosquito gut is new target for malaria control. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Report Jan 1, 2011 638
Tsunami, post-tsunami malaria situation in Nancowry group of islands, Nicobar district, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Manimunda, Sathya Prakash; Sugunan, Attayoor Purushottaman; Sha, Wajid Ali; Singh, Shiv Shankar; Shr Report Jan 1, 2011 4780
Global positioning system--a tool to strengthen malaria research and control. Saxena, Rekha; Nagpal, B.N.; Srivastava, Aruna Report Jan 1, 2011 4476
Lack of Polymorphism in Human Interleukin-2 Gene among Malarial Patients from District Bannu, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2010 2324
Azad asks ICMR to speed up research in Malaria and Cancer. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 9, 2010 268
Estimating a mosquito repellent's potential to reduce malaria in communities. Kiszewski, A.E.; Darling, S.T. Report Dec 1, 2010 2214
Artificial lighting as a vector attractant and cause of disease diffusion. Barghini, Alessandro; de Medeiros, Bruno A.S. Report Nov 1, 2010 4414
The figures don't add up in study on malaria. Oct 22, 2010 283
New gene study paves way for more anti-malaria treatments. Oct 11, 2010 222
Reemerging strain resists antibiotics. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2010 435
Severe Plasmodium vivax malaria, Brazilian Amazon. Alexandre, Marcia A.; Ferreira, Cynthia O.; Siqueira, Andre M.; Magalhaes, Belisa L.; Mourao, Maria Report Oct 1, 2010 2833
Community-based treatment of malaria, pneumonia could save lives: Study. Sep 22, 2010 508
New study could improve diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Sep 9, 2010 391
NIH-sponsored research yields promising malaria drug candidate. Sep 2, 2010 134
Worry about health basics, not malaria during SA World Cup: Study. Jun 6, 2010 488
Susceptibility of malaria vectors to insecticides in Gumla district, Jharkhand state, India. Singh, R.K.; Dhiman, R.C.; Mittal, P.K.; Das, M.K. Report Jun 1, 2010 1481
Crucell and NIH jointly start Phase 1 clinical study of Malaria vaccine. May 11, 2010 238
Climate change and malaria. Brief article May 1, 2010 172
Modeling the effects of weather and climate change on malaria transmission. Parham, Paul Edward; Michael, Edwin Report May 1, 2010 6819
Evaluation of Falcivax against Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) for the diagnosis of malaria. Gurung, Bimala; Bairy, Indira; Jagadishchandra; Manohar, Chetan Clinical report May 1, 2010 2863
An experimental once-a-day malaria drug worked as well at treating the mosquito-borne illness as Novartis AG's twice-daily pill Coartem, according to a study published in the journal The Lancet. Apr 26, 2010 254
Review of environmental factors in malaria's spread. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 89
Plasmodium knowlesi in human, Indonesian Borneo. Figtree, Melanie; Lee, Rogan; Bain, Lisa; Kennedy, Tom; Mackertich, Sonia; Urban, Merrill; Cheng, Qi Report Apr 1, 2010 1802
Antiplasmodial activity of Ajuga bracteosa against Plasmodium berghei infected BALB/c mice. Chandel, S.; Bagai, U. Report Mar 1, 2010 2709
Efficacy of artesunate-amodiaquine combination therapy for uncomplicated malaria in patients in south-eastern Nigeria. Okoli, Charles Ogbonnaya; Ugwu, Edwin Chika; Ubaka, Chukwuemeka Michael; Ezike, Adaobi Chioma; Akah, Report Mar 1, 2010 3083
New monkey malaria potentially fatal to humans. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 219
Global malaria research with particular reference to India in the light of a newly developed database. Srivastava, Divya; Kant, Rajni Report Mar 1, 2010 3575
World's first in-depth study of malaria parasite genome completed. Feb 6, 2010 230
Malaria pregnancy study. Feb 3, 2010 95
Plasmodium falciparum malaria, southern Algeria, 2007. Boubidi, Said C.; Gassen, Ibrahim; Khechache, Yacine; Lamali, Karima; Tchicha, Boualem; Brengues, Ce Report Feb 1, 2010 2002
Chemical study, antimalarial and antioxidant activities, and cytotoxicity to human breast cancer cells (MCF7) of Argania spinosa. Babili, Fatiha El; Bouajila, Jalloul; Fouraste, Isabelle; Valentin, Alexis; Mauret, Severine; Moulis Report Feb 1, 2010 2914
Making an impact through research. Feb 1, 2010 1965
Buzz over malaria. Interview Feb 1, 2010 502
Antibodies raised against hemolymph of Anopheles culicifacies reduce the fecundity and malaria parasite development. Kumari, Amrita; Gakhar, S.K.; Hooda, Vikas Report Dec 1, 2009 2780
Entomological assessment of the potential for malaria transmission in Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Kasili, Sichangi; Odemba, Nicholas; Ngere, Francis G.; Kamanza, John B.; Muema, Alexander M.; Kutima Report Dec 1, 2009 3682
Role of CR1 Knops polymorphism in the pathophysiology of malaria: Indian scenario. Gandhi, Monika; Singh, Arpita; Dev, Vas; Adak, T.; Dash, A.P.; Joshi, Hema Report Dec 1, 2009 3574
Polymorphism in merozoite surface protein-1 gene in north & northwest Indian field isolates of Plasmodium vivax. Farooq, Umar; Malla, N.; Dubey, M.L. Report Dec 1, 2009 3265
DDT may cause androgyny in babies--experts. Bateman, Chris Brief article Nov 1, 2009 295
Need for biomedical research in malaria eradication. Nov 1, 2009 365

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