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EIB finances CompuGroup Medicals's digital health research with up to EUR 200 million. Jul 26, 2022 199
CFD Model of Turboprop Engine Nacelle Airflow for Ground Idle Condition. Simeunovic, Goran; Popelka, Lukáš; Fišer, Jaromír; Vyhlídal, Tomáš; Hatschbach, Petr Jun 15, 2022 3756
Prof Zulfiqar Bhutta ranked among top 100 scientists in medicine globally. May 22, 2022 637
Pakistan's Prof Bhutta ranked among top 100 scientists in medicine. May 21, 2022 657
NI Closes Acquisition of NH Research, EV Systems Business of Germany's Heinzinger. Mar 10, 2022 295
Leading female data scientists call to support diversity, break stereotypes. Nov 14, 2021 384
Bitcoin is the most Googled cryptocurrency in the UK, says study. RAYANA ALQUBALI Oct 12, 2021 227
ONTOLOGY-BASED HBIM FOR HISTORIC BUILDINGS WITH TRADITIONAL WOODWORK IN TAIWAN. Cheng, Ying-Mei; Kuo, Chiao-Ling; Mou, Chia-Ching Technical report Jan 1, 2021 10401
'All Ears': A Questionnaire of 1516 Owner Perceptions of the Mental Abilities of Pet Rabbits, Subsequent Resource Provision, and the Effect on Welfare. McMahon, Sarah A.; Wigham, Ellie Oct 1, 2020 9909
Verto Health's Digital Twin Platform to Support McMaster HealthLabs' Voluntary COVID-19 Study of Arriving International Travellers. Sep 4, 2020 490
FRP Composite in Mitigating Seismic Risk of RC Structures in Near-Fault Regions with/without Aftershocks. Van Cao, Vui; Pham, Son Quang Jul 31, 2020 9223
THEORETICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE STRUCTURE OF NON-COVALENT COMPLEXES BETWEEN FULLERENES AND LACTAMS. Lieb, Shannon G.; Kirsch, Joe L.; Schemenauer, D.; Engle, A.; Brown, E.; Kanter, J.; Wade, J. Report Jul 1, 2020 6306
Infill Modelling Influence on Dynamic Identification and Model Updating of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings. Bovo, Marco; Tondi, Michele; Savoia, Marco Jun 30, 2020 9066
Invicro to Establish a Repository of Medical Image Datasets for COVID-19 Research. May 5, 2020 440
Image-Text Joint Learning for Social Images with Spatial Relation Model. Feng, Jiangfan; Fu, Xuejun; Zhou, Yao; Zhu, Yuling; Luo, Xiaobo Apr 30, 2020 7025
Cerner provides access to de-identified patient data for COVID-19 research. Apr 24, 2020 170
The prevalence of hypocalcemia following total thyroidectomy. A retrospective study based at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Althoubaity, Fatma K.; Almusallam, Sultan A.; Alghorair, Abdullah S.; AlQahtani, Faisal S.; Khotani, Report Apr 1, 2020 2327
Theoretical Study on Ionization of Boric Acid in Aqueous Solution by Ab Initio and DFT Methods at T=298.15 K/T=298,15 K'da Ab Initio ve DFT Yontemleri ile Borik Asidin Sulu Cozeltisinin Iyonlastirilmasi Uzerine Teorik Bir Calisma. Ghanizadeh, Hoodad; Kiani, Farhoush; Koohyar, Fardad; Khanlarzadeh, Bahareh Report Apr 1, 2020 4045
Attenuation of Cortically Evoked Motor-Neuron Potential in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats: A Study about the Effect of Diabetes upon Cortical-Initiated Movement. Madsen, Jesper Guldsmed; Ostergaard, Jakob Appel; Andersen, Henning; Pedersen, Michael Report Mar 31, 2020 3194
Standing on the Feet of Giants--Reproducibility in AI. Gundersen, Odd Erik Dec 22, 2019 9505
Check Point Research Leads to WhatsApp Group Chat Crash Issue Fix. Dec 17, 2019 759
Equifax Breach Vulnerability Surfaces as Top Network Attack; New research from WatchGuard also reveals significant increases in malware and network attacks as zero day malware accounts for 50% of all detections. Dec 11, 2019 1199
IDTechEx Research Asks How Autonomous Driving Will Shape the Future of the Mobility Sector? Nov 26, 2019 636
Digitally-Led Mid-Tier Merchants on Track to Win Global Innovation Race, Research by ACI Worldwide and Ovum Reveals. Oct 10, 2019 840
Three Day WebAssembly Security Course: From Reversing to Vulnerability Research (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - October 13-15, 2019). Sep 11, 2019 531
Researchers find Bluetooth devices at risk. Aug 22, 2019 138
New Survey Finds Fragmented Processes and System Silos Slowing Clinical Trials. Jun 24, 2019 628
Assessment of the Implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Kenya. Ogolla, Mercelline A.; Ondia, Miriam Report Jun 1, 2019 5273
North East tech sector unites behind single regional mission statement; 12 leading business organisations have worked together and produced research showing how growth has rocketed. May 13, 2019 630
Microsoft collaborated with Chinese military university on AI research, FT says. Apr 10, 2019 126
Security Modeling for Protecting Electronic Patients' Consent. Kapis, Kosmas; Damas, Emmanuel Apr 1, 2019 5285
By Light researcher discovers technique to bypass Microsoft application tool. Feb 12, 2019 178
By Light researcher discovers technique to bypass Microsoft application tool. Feb 12, 2019 164
By Light researcher discovers technique to bypass Microsoft application tool. Feb 12, 2019 178
Study shows gender, ethnic bias with Amazon's Rekognition tech, NYT reports. Jan 25, 2019 121
Branched-Chain Amino Acids Found to Regulate the Development and Progression of Cancer. Jan 21, 2019 1769
Electrical vehicle chargers vulnerable to hacking. Jan 4, 2019 413
Russian-Speaking APTs Turla and Sofacy Share Malware Delivery Scheme, and Overlap Some Targets in Asia. Oct 22, 2018 713
Olympic Destroyer Is Back, Targeting Chemical, Biological Threat Protection Entities. Jun 21, 2018 632
CA Technologies Strategic Research advances smart IoT systems. Jun 8, 2018 272
CA Technologies Strategic Research advances smart IoT systems. Jun 8, 2018 260
CA Technologies Strategic Research advances smart IoT systems. Jun 8, 2018 272
Criminals conceal miners under the guise of legitimate thematic applications: Kaspersky. Apr 9, 2018 592
Decoupling story-cost dependencies based on a proposed modal approach. Najafi, Leila Haj; Tehranizadeh, Mohsen Apr 1, 2018 7576
Do Pair Programming Approaches Transcend Coding? Measuring Agile Attitudes in Diverse Information Systems Courses. Chen, Kuanchin; Rea, Alan Report Mar 22, 2018 8602
Chinese-speaking APT actor caught spying on pharmaceutical organizations. Mar 16, 2018 546
Microsoft AI translates Chinese to English like humans. Mar 15, 2018 453
Dark Caracal: Lebanon in the age of cyberwarfare. Feb 6, 2018 3243
Detecting Malware with an Ensemble Method Based on Deep Neural Network. Yan, Jinpei; Qi, Yong; Rao, Qifan Jan 1, 2018 11806
Corrigendum #2 to "On Synergistic Integration of Adaptive Dithering Based Internal Model Control for Hysteresis Compensation in Piezoactuated Nanopositioner". Shome, Saikat Kumar; Prakash, Mangal; Pradhan, Sourav; Mukherjee, Arpita Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 173
A Survey on Breaking Technique of Text-Based CAPTCHA. Chen, Jun; Luo, Xiangyang; Guo, Yanqing; Zhang, Yi; Gong, Daofu Jan 1, 2018 8009
Impersonators can fool voice recognition systems: study. Report Nov 14, 2017 241
UAE residents fail to have password protected devices; research. Sep 5, 2017 312
Finance malware more common than ransomware; research. Jun 6, 2017 298
Millennials & Gen X Not Always So Different, FIS Study Finds. Jun 1, 2017 557
In the UAE, one in 136 emails is malicious: research. May 3, 2017 448
Opportunity for cloud providers to help customers align IT transformation with business requirements: 451 Research. Apr 1, 2017 590
Is The Tech World Woman-Friendly? Yes And No, Study Finds. Lydia O'Neal Jan 25, 2017 459
Ownership of Intellectual Property in the Library Complex. Roughen, Patrick F., Jr. Jan 1, 2017 5342
Microsoft Creates A 5,000-Person AI Research Team. Sep 29, 2016 611
Third-party applications get persistent protection. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 104
More than half links shared on Twitter remain unclicked: study. Report Jun 20, 2016 264
Sluggish demand, slipping occupancy: MPF research does show Q1 rent growth notably robust, retention rate 55.1%. May 1, 2016 696
Microsoft's Underwater Data Center Proving To be Seaworthy. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 197
The value-creating role of firm capabilities: mapping relationships among absorptive capacity, ordinary capabilities, and performance. Daspit, Joshua J.; D'Souza, Derrick E.; Dicke, Lisa A. Report Mar 22, 2016 7956
Indian researchers contribute the most to Facebook's bug bounty program. Mar 18, 2016 965
Nine-in-ten businesses caught out by unplanned growth: new research reveals businesses not prepared for a growth surge. Mar 1, 2016 586
Searching for the perfect wave: Profiling surf tourists who visit the Mentawai Islands. Towner, Nick Mar 1, 2016 7738
451 Research highlights IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite 4.2 in Impact Report. Report Feb 1, 2016 592
Family Tree Maker Users Can Save Trees, Charts & Research with Family Tree Heritage. Jan 2, 2016 508
Battery firepower: Microsoft researchers show that batteries with a dash of intelligence might make our devices last longer. Simonite, Tom Jan 1, 2016 544
Piecewise Linear Model for Multiskilled Workforce Scheduling Problems considering Learning Effect and Project Quality. Qin, Shujin; Liu, Shixin; Kuang, Hanbin Jan 1, 2016 7904
Norton by Symantec releases India findings from its report. Nov 20, 2015 1190
Smartphones responsible for reducing attention span: Microsoft study. May 18, 2015 425
Responsible conduct of research: not just for researchers. Schaller-Demers, Debra S. Mar 22, 2015 6060
Microsoft's quantum search for the "next transistor": investing in quantum physics research could lead to a whole new kind of computer. Simonite, Tom Sep 1, 2014 390
Microsoft Research transforms smartphone camera into a Kinect device. Aug 12, 2014 274
Strategic decision-making of a born global: a comparative study from three small open economies. Nummela, Niina; Saarenketo, Sami; Jokela, Paivi; Loane, Sharon Jul 1, 2014 10855
Study shows 45 percent of customers beyond pilot phase for cloud deployment. Mar 20, 2014 170
Study shows 45 percent of customers beyond pilot phase for cloud deployment. Mar 20, 2014 154
Study shows 45 percent of customers beyond pilot phase for cloud deployment. Mar 20, 2014 170
Researcher claims hackers can easily hijack 'unencrypted' Windows crash reports. Jan 6, 2014 298
Singapore to issue verdict Monday on death of US scientist found hanged. Jul 8, 2013 509
A cultural-historical construction of safety education programs for preschool children: findings from SeeMore Safety, the pilot study. O'Neill, Susie; Fleer, Marilyn; Agbenyega, Joseph; Ozanne-Smith, Joan; Urlichs, Megan Jun 1, 2013 7537
Google Search Safer Than Bing: Study Reveals Bing Results Deliver 5 Times More Malware Sites. Apr 12, 2013 461
VASIR: an open-source research platform for advanced iris recognition technologies. Lee, Yooyoung; Micheals, Ross J.; Filliben, James J.; Phillips, P. Jonathon Mar 1, 2013 16754
Microsoft bares study results on viruses, malware in newly-bought computers. Feb 25, 2013 649
Researchers show proof-of-concept Microsoft ERP hack. Conference news Dec 10, 2012 575
Roles and practices in management accounting: 2003-2012: this article is based on research supported by SAP, Alta Via Consulting, and IMA[R]. Clinton, Douglas B.; White, Larry R. Nov 1, 2012 3005
The formative experience of authorship: the Journal of Research Administration review process as an exemplar system of academic and professional mentoring. Gabriele, Edward F.; Roberts, Thomas J.; Adams, Mary S.; Steinert, Bruce Report Sep 22, 2012 6897
Flame's Windows Update hack required world-class cryptanalysis, researchers say. Jun 11, 2012 485
Enghouse Interactive Sponsored Study Reinforces Benefits of Virtual and Cloud-Based Contact Centers. May 3, 2012 710
Research advances core modeling. May 1, 2012 154
Ford, Microsoft in car wellness research. Jan 25, 2012 401
New Aberdeen Group Study Finds That CallidusCloud Customers Outperform Their Peers. Jan 16, 2012 472
Microsoft active in 3D imaging research. Jan 1, 2012 332
Aberdeen Research Explores Best-in-Class Logistics Outsourcing Strategies. Dec 2, 2011 425
Researchers say next-gen chips must resolve 'Dark silicon'. Buetow, Mike Sep 1, 2011 194
Study claiming 'Internet Explorer users dumb' a hoax. Aug 4, 2011 287
Internet Explorer users are dumb: Study. Jul 31, 2011 188
Microsoft Research's Barrelfish OS code now available. Jul 13, 2011 467
PC recreates 3D model of Rome's Colosseum with Flickr pictures. Nov 26, 2010 311
Research Shows That Most Small Businesses Use Over 3 Information Clouds. Nov 18, 2010 584
Moebs study finds that overdraft revenue likely to fall this year. Moed, Joyce Oct 20, 2010 1387
New Wikipedia translation tool from Microsoft Research now available in beta. Oct 18, 2010 250
Microsoft Research Collaborates With Wikipedia to Enhance Multilingual Content. Oct 18, 2010 605
New Study Explores the Efficacy of Storage in Integrating Wind in Regional Electric Systems. Aug 21, 2010 353
Study: iPad Owners Are Selfish, Rich Elitists. Jul 28, 2010 521
Binary Research International Announces New Version of the Universal Imaging Utility Including 64-Bit Windows 7 Support. Jun 9, 2010 372
LynuxWorks' virtualisation solution selected to support Norway's defence research establishment research into MILS based technology. Oct 19, 2009 208
LynuxWorks' virtualisation solution selected to support Norway's defence research establishment research into MILS based technology. Oct 19, 2009 206
Botnets beware: research detects spamming attacks. Oct 1, 2009 237
Mcafee, inc. names Jessica Biel the most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace. Aug 26, 2009 494
Linux to command 12.5% share of Taiwan's server market by end of 2009. Brief article Aug 17, 2009 258
Finjan's research unveils botnet trading platform for hacked PCs. Jul 1, 2009 467
RESEARCH: Retail CIOs Still Bullish, Despite Tough Economy. Mar 26, 2009 600
UC4 Workload Automation Suite chosen by Computer Research. Mar 10, 2009 198
Finjan's research reveals Cybercrime path to millions. Report Mar 1, 2009 336
HPC@KFUPM: Accelerating Saudi research. Feb 4, 2009 1610
Wrangling the high-performance computer: an international organization of researchers is available to step in with specialist expertise. Meyer, Rob Feb 1, 2009 1210
Secure comes on top in study. Sep 1, 2008 306
In the clouds: Some down-to-earth research is needed before moving to cloud computing. Bradley, Susan Jun 1, 2008 1669
Cenix BioScience using TIBCO Spotfire DXP 2.0 enterprise analytics platform for research. Feb 13, 2008 177
Marketplace site for security research. Aug 1, 2007 164
Security researchers find the flaws in Windows Vista. Jan 17, 2007 360
Microsoft develops foot-mat for e-mail users. Brief Article Mar 2, 2006 193
Microsoft and Google to fund software research. Dec 16, 2005 220
McAfee increases risk assessment on new IRCbot worm. Brief Article Aug 18, 2005 142
Eli Research acquires 41 journals from Element K. Jun 30, 2005 393
Sophos detects Trojan that attacks Microsoft anti-spyware product. Brief Article Feb 9, 2005 151
How we read web pages. Castelluccio, Michael Nov 1, 2004 1119
Brandworkz research shows top brands fail to protect themselves online. Brief Article Oct 20, 2004 187
Microsoft white paper available on optimizing digital imaging systems. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 94
Birdstep Technology ASA joins EU research project. Brief Article Sep 20, 2004 196
Microsoft teams up for EU R&D. Blau, John Sep 1, 2004 990
First ever pocket PC virus poses no threat. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 261
ImperaData research finds small firms could backup more frequently. Brief Article Jul 13, 2004 119
Challenges for Indian software firms to sustain their global competitiveness. Momaya, Kirankumar Jul 1, 2004 3161
Microsoft claims up to 16m systems infected by MSBlast. Brief Article Apr 5, 2004 155
Global project management: best practices; As projects are becoming increasingly complex, professional project management is vital to achieving successful results in both the public and private business sectors. Garrett, Gregory A. Apr 1, 2004 3460
Evaluation of the IASB's proposed accounting and disclosure requirements for share-based payment. Mar 1, 2004 6699
Hackett: companies stint on technology. Heffes, Ellen M. Mar 1, 2004 528
Gartner observes a fall in enterprise resource planning market. Jun 19, 2003 103
Stress of life: analyzing a medical device at an early design stage makes it easier to save lives later. Mar 1, 2003 650
Sophos research finds SMEs could be better protected. Brief Article Feb 27, 2003 118
Suunto Ltd and Microsoft enter into R&D cooperation. Brief Article Jan 9, 2003 118
A proposed taxonomy of management systems. (Research Paper). Felix, Reto Jan 1, 2003 5013
THE FUTURE IS NOW. Campbell, Meg Dec 9, 2002 2437
New research from VERITAS examines the use of hardware in Europe and South Africa. Brief Article Nov 18, 2002 189
Websense looks at the spread of pornographic web sites. Brief Article Nov 6, 2002 106
Top Ten Viruses and Hoaxes in July 2002. Sep 1, 2002 220
Top Ten hoaxes reported to Sophos during July 2002 are as follows. Sep 1, 2002 160
New eye-tracking typing software developed by Cavendish Laboratory. Brief Article Aug 22, 2002 142
Central Command reveals the most common viruses for March 2002. Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 108
Modeling aims at efficient engines. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 323
Internet diffusion in Japan: cultural considerations. Ferle, Carrie La; Edwards, Steven M.; Mizuno, Yutaka Mar 1, 2002 8686
Visualizing the weather. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 258
Tripwire sets a trap for intruders. Brief Article Nov 10, 2001 423
Submarine exploration. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 302
Implementation of a Neural Network HEMT Model Into ADS. (Technical Feature). Thompson, Willie L. II; Miller, Eric V.; White, Carl Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 4330
VoiceXML In The Real World. Karp, Ziv Oct 1, 2001 1099
SEASICK SIMULATOR. Sharke, Paul Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 335
DIGITAL AMOEBA HELPS HUMAN CELL STUDY. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 203
Global contest nets encryption standard. Petersen, I. Brief Article Oct 7, 2000 374
The DNA race heats up. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 304
Complementary Video AND Audio Analysis FOR Broadcast News Archives. WACTLAR, HOWARD D.; HAUPTMANN, ALEXANDER G.; CHRISTEL, MICHAEL G.; HOUGHTON, RICKY A.; OLLIGSCHLAEGE Feb 1, 2000 2891
Integrated Technologies FOR Indexing Spoken Language. KUBALA, FRANCIS; COLBATH, SEAN; LIU, DABEN; SRIVASTAVA, AMIT; MAKHOUL, JOHN Feb 1, 2000 4493
MAESTRO: Conductor OF Multimedia Analysis Technologies. Feb 1, 2000 3823
Transcribing Broadcast News FOR Audio AND Video Indexing. Gauvain, Jean-Luc; Lamel, Lori; Adda, Gilles Feb 1, 2000 3774
State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Modeling Environment. Arneson, Larry A. Nov 1, 1999 3087
SAMPLING, SYNTHESIS, AND INPUT DEVICES. Fitzmaurice, George W.; Balakrishnan, Ravin; Kurtenbach, Gordon Aug 1, 1999 5158
Visually Exploring GIGABYTE DATA SETS in REAL TIME. Bryson, Steve; Kenwright, David; Cox, Michael; Ellsworth, David; Haimes, Robert Aug 1, 1999 4573
Object-Oriented Abstractions for Distributed Programming. Guerraoui, Rachid; Fayad, Mohamed E. Aug 1, 1999 1533
Optimizing casting yield using computer simulation. Outten, John F. Cover Story May 1, 1999 2255
OO distributed programming is not distributed OO programming. Apr 1, 1999 2370
Building Cognitively Rich Agents. SLOMAN, AARON; LOGAN, BRIAN Mar 1, 1999 3095
Agents in Tank Battle Simulations. BAXTER, JEREMY; HEPPLEWHITE, RICHARD Mar 1, 1999 981
Agents in E-commerce. MA, MOSES Editorial Mar 1, 1999 868
Agents That Buy and Sell. MAES, PATTIE; GUTTMAN, ROBERT H.; MOUKAS, ALEXANDROS G. Mar 1, 1999 3364
The best terms for all concerned. Sandholm, Tuomas Mar 1, 1999 908
Seven Good Reasons for Mobile Agents. Lange, Danny B.; Oshima, Mitsuru Mar 1, 1999 1413
Study Reveals Enhanced Learning For Students With Laptops. Feb 1, 1999 178
Myths about Rough Set Theory. Koczkodaj, Waldemar W.; Orlowski, Marian; Marek, Victor W. Nov 1, 1998 932
The evolution of strategic simplicity: exploring two models of organizational adaption. Miller, Danny; Lant, Theresa K.; Milliken, Frances J.; Korn, Helaine J. Nov 1, 1996 10287
LinkWinds: interactive scientific data analysis and visualization. Jacobson, Allan S.; Berkin, Andrew L.; Orton, Martin N. Apr 1, 1994 6261
Design issues for a Dexter-based hypermedia system. Gronbaek, Kaj; Trigg, Randall H. Technical Feb 1, 1994 5962
The Amsterdam Hypermedia Model: adding time and context to the Dexter model. Hardman, Lynda; Bulterman, Dick C.A.; van Rossum, Guido Technical Feb 1, 1994 7205
CMIFed - an AHM-based authoring environment. Hardman, Lynda; Bulterman, Dick C.A.; van Rossum, Guido Technical Feb 1, 1994 833
Cooperative hypermedia systems: a Dexter-based architecture. Gronbaek, Kaj; Hem, Jens A.; Madsen, Ole L.; Sloth, Lennert Technical Feb 1, 1994 7019
Viewing Dexter with open eyes. Leggett, John J.; Schnase, John L. Technical Feb 1, 1994 4668
The Rendezvous language and architecture. Hill, Ralph D.; Brinck, Tom; Patterson, John F.; Rohall, Steven L.; Wilner, Wayne T. Cover Story Jan 1, 1993 2025
Competitive agents for information filtering. Baclace, Paul E. Brief Article Dec 1, 1992 619
Object behavior analysis. Rubin, Kenneth S.; Goldberg, Adele Technical Sep 1, 1992 8476
Collective dynabases. Press, Larry Technical Jun 1, 1992 3803
Metacomputing. Catlett, Charles E. Cover Story Jun 1, 1992 4185
Next-generation database systems. Cattell, R.G.G. Oct 1, 1991 2072
The O2 system. Deux, O. Oct 1, 1991 8495
The POSTGRES next-generation database management system. Stonebraker, Michael; Kemnitz, Greg Oct 1, 1991 10199
Extensions to Starburst: objects, types, functions, and rules. Lohman, Guy M.; Lindsay, Bruce; Pirahesh, Hamid; Schiefer, K. Bernhard Oct 1, 1991 11372
Database systems: achievements and opportunities. Silberschatz, Avi; Stonebraker, Michael; Ullman, Jeff Oct 1, 1991 7569
Real-time disturbance control. Chandrasekaran, B.; Bhatnagar, R.; Sharma, D.D. technical Aug 1, 1991 8262
Intelligent real-time control of robotic vehicles. Payton, David W.; Bihari, Thomas E. technical Aug 1, 1991 10083
Declarative control architecture. Kohn, Wolf technical Aug 1, 1991 7273
Reducing problem-solving variance to improve predictability. Paul, C.J.; Acharya, Anurag; Black, Bryan; Strosnider, Jay K. technical Aug 1, 1991 7876
A storage and access manager for ill-structured data. Kotteman, Jeffrey E.; Gordon, Michael D.; Stott, Jack W. technical Aug 1, 1991 5098

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