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Intelectual modifications in patients with Schizophrenia. Oprea, Valentin; Ojog, Ecaterina Report Mar 1, 2018 2248
What Makes a Pencil a Pencil? Exploring the Roles of Working Memory and Intelligence in Creativity. Alloway, Tracy P.; Southard, Elizabeth; Frankenstein, Andrea N.; Guess, Dominik Report Apr 1, 2017 4810
Associations of Intellectual Ability with Emotional Intelligence, Academic Achievement and Aggression of Adolescents. Mursaleen, Mehwish; Munaf, Seema Report Dec 31, 2016 4627
Cognitive ability and the stock reallocations of retirees during the Great Recession. Browning, Chris; Finke, Michael Report Jun 22, 2015 7738
The influences of psycho ability in education of young people. Porfireanu, Maria-Cristiana; Popescu, Florentina; Ristea, Cristian Report Jun 1, 2014 3200
Intellectual arrogance and intellectual humility: an evolutionary-epistemological account. Gregg, P. Aiden; Mahadevan, Nikhila Report Mar 22, 2014 8978
IQ scores of children with moderate asthma: a comparison with healthy children. Ghaffari, Javad; Abaskhanian, Ali; Jalili, Masume Report Jan 1, 2014 2451
Antiepileptic drugs, breastfeeding, and IQ. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 125
PSYCHOLOGICAL ADJUSTMENT AMONG INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED SECONDARY SCHOOL CHILDREN. Riaz, Zaeema; Shahzad, Salman; Ahmad, Riaz; Khanam, Sarwat Jahan Report Dec 31, 2013 3230
Less is more for smart perception: high-IQ people more readily ignore less relevant features. Bower, Bruce Brief article Jun 29, 2013 270
Developmental fluoride neurotoxicity: clinical importance versus statistical significance. Sabour, Siamak; Ghorbani, Zahra Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2013 436
Developmental fluoride neurotoxicity: Choi et al. respond. Choi, Anna L.; Grandjean, Philippe; Sun, Guifan; Zhang, Ying Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2013 288
Development of emotional intelligence in first-year undergraduate students in a frontier state. Leedy, Gail M.; Smith, James E. Report Dec 1, 2012 3231
Soccer smarts. Brief article Sep 17, 2012 133
Rescuing the mind of Africa: sub-Saharan Africa is a hotbed of environmental and social scourges that compromise the development and health of the human brain--and undermine the region's future. Pellissier, Hank Report Sep 1, 2012 3465
Race, IQ, and wealth: what the facts tell us about a taboo subject. Unz, Ron Cover story Aug 1, 2012 9469
Prepregnancy obesity hurts child's intelligence. Aug 1, 2012 329
Worrying associated with high intelligence. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 114
Brain tax: estimating the population-level impact of environmental chemicals on IQ scores. Holtcamp, Wendee Report Apr 1, 2012 470
Group intelligence, teamwork, and productivity. Gwynne, Peter Mar 1, 2012 1467
Creative intelligence and its application to entrepreneurial opportunity and ethics. Hunter, Murray Report Jan 1, 2012 16925
Environment. Dec 31, 2011 433
Information, intelligence, and the origins of life. Isaac, Randy Essay Dec 1, 2011 7831
Teenage years can warp the brain: striking changes are possible in IQ and neuroanatomy. Sanders, Laura Nov 19, 2011 294
Constructing the semantic information model using a collective intelligence approach. Lyu, Kigon; Lee, Jungyong; Sun, Dongeon; Kwon, Daiyoung; Kim, Hyeoncheol Report Oct 1, 2011 4299
Review essay: Paul Berman's The Flight of the Intellectuals and Tariq Ramadan's What I Believe. Khawaja, Irfan Report Sep 22, 2011 12021
A relational frame training intervention to raise intelligence quotients: a pilot study. Cassidy, Sarah; Roche, Bryan; Hayes, Steven C. Report Mar 22, 2011 12227
Intellectual impairment in school-age children exposed to manganese from drinking water. Bouchard, Maryse F.; Sauve, Sebastien; Barbeau, Benoit; Legrand, Melissa; Brodeur, Marie-Eve; Bouffa Report Jan 1, 2011 6671
Manganese and children's IQ. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 159
Le sentiment de competence, moderateur du lien entre le QI et le rendement scolaire en mathematiques. Leclerc, Myriam; Larivee, Serge; Archambault, Isabelle; Janosz, Michel Report Jul 1, 2010 8493
Smoking tied to low IQ. Report May 1, 2010 111
Mindset, Motivation and Metaphor in School and Sport: Bifurcated Beliefs and Behavior in Two Different Achievement Domains. Atwood, Jason R. Report Apr 4, 2010 293
Intelligence Is Dynamic and Can Be Taught. Moberg, Eric Author abstract Aug 9, 2009 205
Sibling statistics. Meyerhoff, Michael K. Report Jul 1, 2009 1350
Sick mom, smart baby. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 150
Food combination may boost brainpower; Animal studies suggest that a diet rich in certain nutrients may improve intelligence. Apr 1, 2009 331
Three chronometric indices of relational responding as predictors of performance on a brief intelligence test: the importance of relational flexibility. O'Toole, Catriona; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Report Jan 1, 2009 6153
Theories of Intelligence, Learning, and Motivation as a Basic Educational Praxis. Van Hook, Steven R. Author abstract Jun 15, 2008 198
Brain exercise boosts IQ? Bateman, Chris Brief article Jun 1, 2008 282
A brain exercise designed to help people improve memory also boosted their problem-solving abilities, scientists said in a study that may lead to techniques to improve learning and stave off brain illnesses. Brief article May 5, 2008 182
Air pollution may lower IQ. Bateman, Chris Brief article Apr 1, 2008 134
Differences in intelligence between nondelinquent and dropout delinquent adolescents. Romi, Shlomo; Marom, Doron Report Jun 22, 2007 3651
Not a vegetarian? Maybe you were a stupid kid. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 100
Breast-feeding no aid to intelligence. Walsh, Nancy Brief article Jan 1, 2007 247
Motor coordination and intelligence level in adolescents. Planinsec, Jurij; Pisot, Rado Dec 22, 2006 3445
Up like Flynn: video games and IQ. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Nov 1, 2006 261
Smart and smarter. Excerpt Sep 22, 2006 378
On the irrelevance of intelligence in predicting responsiveness to reading instruction. Fuchs, Douglas; Young, Caresa L. Sep 22, 2006 13852
Black-White gap in IQ scores closing. (STUDY). Banerji, Shilpa Aug 10, 2006 349
Racial IQ gap narrows: blacks gain 4 to 7 points on whites. Jaffe, E. Aug 5, 2006 566
Planning abilities and chess: A comparison of chess and non-chess players on the Tower of London task. Unterrainer, J.M.; Kaller, C.P.; Halsband, U.; Rahm, B. Aug 1, 2006 4464
Smarty brains: high-IQ kids navigate notable neural shifts. Bower, Bruce Apr 1, 2006 544
Full-scale IQ gap found between XXYY, XXY males. Brunk, Doug Brief article Mar 1, 2006 290
Intellectual, academic, and behavioral functioning of students with high-incidence disabilities: a cross-categorical meta-analysis. Sabornie, Edward J.; Cullinan, Douglas; Osborne, Susan S.; Brock, Lynne B. Sep 22, 2005 9512
The Mozart effect. Sagall, Richard J. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 160
Estimating one's own personality and intelligence scores. Furnham, Adrian; Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas May 1, 2004 5137
Selective interest and psychological practice: a new interpretation of the Burt affair. Joynson, R.B. Aug 1, 2003 10428
Prenatal cocaine exposure has influence on IQ. (Special Education Needed). Brunk, Doug Jul 1, 2003 661
Essence of g: scientists search for the biology of smarts. Bower, Bruce Feb 8, 2003 1993
When IQ is controlled, does motivation still predict achievement? ** (Intelligence). Gagne, Francoys; St Pere, Francois Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 14420
Understanding our differences: there are many things that set us apart as individuals--fingerprints, DNA, and the ways in which we think and learn. (Cover Story). Reese, Susan Jan 1, 2002 2170
The relationship between academic and practical intelligence: a case study in Kenya. Sternberg, Robert J.; Nokes, Catherine; Geissler, P. Wenzel; Prince, Ruth; Okatcha, Frederick; Bundy Nov 1, 2001 8779
Age differences in the structure of intelligence Influences of information processing speed. Hertzog, Christopher; Bleckley, M. Kathryn Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 13265
Performance on Raven's Matrices by African and White University Students in South Africa. RUSHTON, PHILIPPE J.; SKUY, MERVYN Dec 1, 2000 5656
Measuring Cognitive Aptitude Using Unobtrusive Knowledge Tests: A New Survey Technology. LEGREE, PETER J.; MARTIN, DANIEL. E.; PSOTKA, JOSEPH Dec 1, 2000 6146
Genetic Influence on the Variance in Coincidence Timing and Its Covariance with IQ: A Twin Study. WRIGHT, MARGARET J.; SMITH, GLEN A.; GEFFEN, GINA M.; GEFFEN, LAURIE B.; MARTIN, NICHOLAS G. Dec 1, 2000 5457
Changing conceptions of human intelligence and reasoning: Implications for the classroom. St. Julien, John Nov 1, 2000 9129
The theory of multiple intelligences: A case of missing cognitive matter. Allix, Nicholas M. Nov 1, 2000 8194
Response to Nicholas Allix. Connell, Michael Nov 1, 2000 2243
Approaching A Taxonomy 21. Daly, William C. Sep 1, 2000 2739
A New Lens for Detecting Giftedness "Becoming". Haensly, Patricia Sep 1, 2000 2801
Differences in Cognitive Processes Between Gifted, Intelligent, Creative, and Average Individuals While Solving Complex Problems: An EEG Study. JAUSOVEC, NORBERT Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 9494
Doomed Before Kindergarten? May 1, 2000 795
Calendrical Calculation and Intelligence(1). O'CONNOR, NEIL; COWAN, RICHARD; SAMELLA, KATERINA Mar 1, 2000 9234
Negligible Sex Differences in General Intelligence. COLOM, ROBERTO; JUAN-ESPINOSA, MANUEL; ABAD, FRANCISCO; GARCIA, LUIS F. Mar 1, 2000 6256
Emotional Intelligence Meets Traditional Standards for an Intelligence. MAYER, JOHN D.; CARUSO, DAVID R.; SALOVEY, PETER Dec 1, 1999 16173
EQ vs. IQ. Kemper, Cynthia L. Oct 1, 1999 2665
Explore how you think - your intellectual bandwidth. Cathcart, Jim Sep 22, 1999 1989
Kids adopted late reap IQ increases. Bower, B. Brief Article Jul 24, 1999 520
All Kinds of Smarts. Weiss, Stefanie Mar 1, 1999 1004
The Modified Blink Reflex and Individual Differences in Speed of Processing. SMYTH, MARY; ANDERSON, MIKE; HAMMOND, GEOFF Mar 1, 1999 10522
Inspection Time Correlates with General Speed of Processing but not with Fluid Ability. BURNS, NICHOLAS R.; NETTELBECK, TED; COOPER, CHRISTOPHER J. Mar 1, 1999 3688
Generalizability of Component Processes in Intelligence as Revealed by Latency Measures. MELIS, COR; VAN BOXTEL, ANTON; HETTEMA, JOOP Mar 1, 1999 15839
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brain Size/IQ Relations in Turkish University Students. TAN, UNER; TAN, MELIHA; POLAT, PINAR; CEYLAN, YASAR; SUMA, SELAMI; OKUR, ADNAN Mar 1, 1999 4294
Active Moms, Smarter Kids? Jun 22, 1998 159
Theory-of-mind deficits and causal attributions. Kinderman, Peter; Dunbar, Robin; Bentall, Richard P. May 1, 1998 6965
What are intelligence? And why? Davis, Randall Mar 22, 1998 11763
Intelligence and paranormal belief: examining the role of context. Smith, Matthew D.; Foster, Christa L.; Stovin, Gordon Mar 1, 1998 4421
From Good Senses to Good Sense: A Link Between Tactile Information Processing and Intelligence. SHU-CHEN, LI; JORDANOVA, MALINA; LINDENBERGER, ULMAN Mar 1, 1998 11542
Three Paper-and-Pencil Tests for Speed of Information Processing: Psychometric Properties and Correlations with Intelligence. NEUBAUER, ALJOSCHA C.; KNORR, EVELYN Mar 1, 1998 13821
Relation of Successive Percentiles of Reaction Time Distributions to Cognitive Variables and Adult Age. SALTHOUSE, TIMOTHY A. Mar 1, 1998 5290
The suppressed relationship between IQ and the reaction time slope parameter of the Hick function. Jensen, Arthur R. Jan 1, 1998 4222
Improved reaction time method, information processing speed, and intelligence. Bates, Tim; Stough, Con Jan 1, 1998 3860
Similarity in general mental ability in Bedouin full and half siblings. Elbedour, Salman; Bouchard, Thomas J., Jr.; Hur, Yoon-Mi Sep 1, 1997 4633
Individual differences in practical intelligence and success in immigration. Nevo, Baruch; Chawarski, Mark C. Sep 1, 1997 4624
Self-confidence and performance on tests of cognitive abilities. Stankov, Lazar; Crawford, John D. Sep 1, 1997 8305
Charting the cognitive sphere: tactile-kinesthetic performance within the structure of intelligence. Roberts, Richard D.; Stankov, Lazar; Pallier, Gerry; Dolph, Bradley Sep 1, 1997 16953
Relationships between ability and personality: three hypotheses tested. Austin, Elizabeth J.; Deary, Ian J.; Gibson, Gavin J. Jul 1, 1997 7561
Visual information processing and intelligence. Deary, Ian J.; McCrimmon, Rory J.; Bradshaw, Jonathan May 1, 1997 9103
Enriched mice show adult neuron boost. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Apr 5, 1997 403
Speaking of differences. Chance, Paul Mar 1, 1997 1435
Geniuses with black hair. Alias, A.G. Mar 1, 1997 550
Uncoupling learning from initial recall: the relationship between speed and memory deficits in old age. Nettelbeck, T.; Rabbitt, P.M.A.; Wilson, C.; Batt, R. Nov 1, 1996 6428
The relationship between intelligence, personality and inspection time. Stough, C.; Brebner, J.; Nettelbeck, T.; Cooper, C.J.; Bates, T.; Mangan, G.L. May 1, 1996 5849
Intelligence theory transforming teaching. Nuzzi, Ron Cover Story Mar 29, 1996 1275
Activity levels and cognitive functioning in an elderly community sample. Christensen, Helen; Korten, Ailsa; Jorm, A.F.; Henderson, A.S.; Scott, Ruth; Mackinnon, A.J. Jan 1, 1996 6065
The suitability of school feeling and thought scale in appraising intellectual ability. Isa, Abd. Majid Mohd.; Elias, Habibah; Hewap, Abu Hassan Report Jun 22, 1994 3118
Annett's theory that individuals heterozygous for the right shift gene are intellectually advantaged: theoretical and empirical problems. McManus, I.C.; Shergill, S.; Bryden, M.P. Nov 1, 1993 9133
The association between mental, social and physical activity and cognitive performance in young and old subjects. Christensen, H.; Mackinnon, A. May 1, 1993 3917
Brain clues to energy-efficient learning. Bower, Bruce Apr 4, 1992 449
The origin of intelligence. Juneman, Frederick B. Column Feb 1, 1992 740
The educated IQ. Sep 21, 1991 227
Birthing trauma linked to diminished IQ. Fackelmann, Kathy A. May 11, 1991 629
Smarter children in prospect? column May 1, 1991 399
The effects of cognitive style on the design of expert systems. Vassallo, Helen G.; Lanasa, John M. Dec 22, 1990 3876
Drinking while pregnant risks child's IQ. Bower, Bruce Feb 4, 1989 577
Relationship between personality adjustment and high intelligence: Terman versus Hollingworth. Grossberg, Ingrid N.; Cornell, Dewey G. Nov 1, 1988 3394
Family size tied to SAT, IQ scores. Greenberg, Joel Jun 1, 1985 779

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