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The valuation performance of mathematically-optimised, equity-based composite multiples. Nel, Soon; Roux, Niel Le Dec 1, 2017 13504
Addressing the commercialization of business reputation. Friedman, David Adam Jun 22, 2017 6818
Research shows trial uncertainty's negative effect on legal claim valuations. Apr 15, 2015 413
Research shows trial uncertainty's negative effect on legal claim valuations. Apr 15, 2015 451
Valuation of entities operating in creative industries. Camska, Dagmar; Scholleova, Hana Report May 1, 2014 829
Economic valuation of Papantiri forest management at Muna district. Iswandi, R. Marsuki; Rianse, Usman; Sidu, Dasmin Report Apr 1, 2014 3151
Valuation of financial securities in Romania: educational aspects. Bonaci, Carmen Giorgiana; Strouhal, Jiri; Mustata, Razvan V.; Krabec, Tomas Report May 1, 2013 439
Study of efficacy of in price of Tehran securities exchange. Koosha, Samaneh Report Feb 1, 2013 1761
Does the management's forecast of merger synergies explain the premium paid, the method of payment, and merger motives? Ismail, Ahmad Report Dec 22, 2011 16836
Corporate disclosure, market valuation, and firm performance. Jiao, Yawen Report Sep 22, 2011 16835
Does corporate governance predict future performance? Evidence from Hong Kong. Cheung, Yan-Leung; Connelly, J. Thomas; Jiang, Ping; Limpaphayom, Piman Report Mar 22, 2011 20756
Future rice is discounted less steeply than future money in Thailand. Takahashi, Masaharu; Masataka, Nobuo; Malaivijitnond, Suchinda; Wongsiri, Siriwat Report Mar 22, 2008 7483
The decision to use benefit transfer or conduct original valuation research for benefit-cost and policy analysis. Allen, Bryon P.; Loomis, John B. Report Jan 1, 2008 7419
Advanced research techniques of the Lum Library (1). Goodman, Eric Jan 1, 2004 2407
Gifts, cash, and stigma. Waldfogel, Joel Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 9726
Gated Communities and Residential Property Values. Bible, Douglas S.; Hsieh, Chengho Apr 1, 2001 3414
Obtaining welfare bounds in discrete-response valuation studies: a non-parametric approach. Boman, Mattias; Bostedt, Goran; Kristrom, Bengt May 1, 1999 5787
The impact of detrimental conditions on property values. Bell, Randall Oct 1, 1998 5683
Evidence or rational market valuations for home energy efficiency. Nevin, Rick; Watson, Gregory Oct 1, 1998 5068
How client pressure affects the appraisal of residential property. Worzala, Elaine M.; Lenk, Margarita M.; Kinnard, William N., Jr. Oct 1, 1998 7680
Willingness to pay or intention to pay: the attitude-behavior relationship in contingent valuation. Luzar, E. Jane; Cosse, Kelli J. May 1, 1998 6494
Value allocation in regional shopping centers. Eppli, Mark J. Apr 1, 1998 4675
Improved estimation of willingness to pay in dichotomous choice contingent valuation studies. Langford, Ian H.; Bateman, Ian J.; Jones, Andrew P.; Langford, Hugh D.; Georgiou, Stavros Feb 1, 1998 5683
Valuation process and market efficiency for US Treasury bonds. Klein, Linda S.; Tirtiroglu, Dogan Dec 22, 1997 3907
Modeling response incentives in dichotomous choice contingent valuation data. Alberini, Anna; Kanninen, Barbara; Carson, Richard T. Aug 1, 1997 8235
The gains from combining travel cost and contingent valuation data to value nonmarket goods. Kling, Catherine L. Aug 1, 1997 5997
Venture capitalists' appraisal of investment projects: an empirical European study. Manigart, Sophie; Wright, Mike; Robbie, Ken; Desbrieres, Philippe; Waele, Koen de Jun 22, 1997 6809
Valuing public goods: discrete versus continuous contingent-valuation responses. Boyle, Kevin J.; Johnson, F. Reed; McCollum, Daniel W.; Desvousges, William H.; Dunford, Richard W.; Aug 1, 1996 7936
Difference between continuous and discrete contingent value estimates. Ready, Richard C.; Buzby, Jean C.; Hu, Dayuan Aug 1, 1996 8679
Reserve asset values and the Hotelling Valuation Principle: further evidence. Watkins, G.C. Jan 1, 1995 4657
Willingness to pay for gains and losses in visibility and health. Loehman, Edna T.; Park, Sehoon; Boldt, David Nov 1, 1994 6834
Consequences of using different question formats in contingent valuation: a Monte Carlo study. Jordan, Jeffrey L.; Elnagheeb, Abdelmoneim Feb 1, 1994 7268
A survey of appraisers regarding factors in discounting partial interests. Sirmans, C.F.; Doiron, John C.; Guidry, Krisandra A. Oct 1, 1993 3364
Market value and public value: an exploratory essay. Roddewig, Richard J.; Papke, Gary R. Jan 1, 1993 5449
Confidence intervals for evaluating benefits estimates from dichotomous choice contingent valuation studies. Park, Timonthy; Loomis, John B.; Creel, Michael Feb 1, 1991 4020
Temporal reliability of contingent values. Reiling, Stephen D.; Boyle, Kevin J.; Phillips, Marcia L.; Anderson, Mark W. May 1, 1990 4033
A non-parametric approach to the estimation of welfare measures in discrete response valuation studies. Kristrom, Bengt May 1, 1990 2621
Commodity specification and the framing of contingent-valuation questions. Boyle, Kevin J. Feb 1, 1989 3106

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