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Scientists discover that monoculture farming threatens the bee population. Oct 27, 2021 193
Effect of long-term crop rotation and fertilization management on soil humus dynamics in organic and sustainable agricultural management systems. Masilionyte, Laura; Kriauciuniene, Zita; Sarauskis, Egidijus; Arlauskiene, Ausra; Krikstolaitis, Ric Report Aug 1, 2021 8771
Factors Influencing the Decision of Illinois School-based Agricultural Education Teachers to Remain in the Profession. Solomonson, Jay K.; Still, Steven M.; Maxwell, Lucas D. Jul 1, 2021 7015
VC IUB's initiative of agricultural research with Sichuan University appreciated. May 22, 2021 434
IUB VC takes initiative for promotion of agricultural research. May 8, 2021 301
Drones, big data, and practical applications for agriculture. May 1, 2021 1179
Legumes can help farm finance s; Growing peas and beans and the adoption of precision farming techniques are among the most effective measures for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on farms, according to research. Feb 23, 2021 234
Research into crops suitability undertaken - minister. Feb 23, 2021 384
Navigating the Social Landscape of School-Based Agricultural Education: A Hermeneutic Phenomenology. Traini, Haley Q.; Stewart, Josh; Velez, Jonathan J. Jan 1, 2021 9254
SmARtview new ways of looking at dairy farming; Dairy farmers and vets have enlisted the help of video gaming experts to help enhance cow health in a new study which they hope will be a 'game-changer' for the care and treatment of dairy cattle. Dec 29, 2020 458
Research centre set up to rebuild agriculture in tribal districts. Dec 21, 2020 566
Measurement of Intensity of Technological Innovations in Farming of Grains: Western Australia. Laing, Gregory; Bennison, Jon Dec 1, 2020 1824
Agriculture deptts coordination vital to reap benefits from research work: Secy Agri S. Punjab. Oct 1, 2020 235
EFP to promote Agriculture Technical Research. Aug 21, 2020 357
Future of farming in the Welsh hills? STUDY LOOKS AT ALPACA GRAZING. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Aug 6, 2020 333
The Prevalence of Asthma and Asthma-Like Symptoms among Seasonal Agricultural Workers. Saglan, Yasemin; Bilge, Ugur; Oztas, Dilek; Saglan, Ramazan; Sari, Yunus Emre; Balcioglu, Huseyin; U Report Jul 31, 2020 3933
Using Eight Crops to Show the Correlation between Paucity Irrigation and Yield Reduction of Al-Hussainiyah Irrigation Project in Karbala, Iraq. Shammari, Musa Habib Jassim Al-; Algretawee, Hayder; Aboodi, Ali H. Al- Jul 31, 2020 8516
Preservice Teachers' Conceptualizations of Agricultural Mechanics. Whitehair, Rachael L.; Schramm, Kelsey Rae Sands; Wells, Trent; Hainline, Mark S. Jul 1, 2020 7654
Happy Spouse, Happy Greenhouse: Perceptions of the SBAE Teacher's Spouse Regarding Agricultural Education as a Career. Hopkins, Nicole; Sorensen, Tyson J.; Burrows, Michelle; Lawver, Rebecca G. Jul 1, 2020 9980
Study reveals trap crops crucial to stemming pest; Arable: Research aims to tackle cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jun 29, 2020 308
Occupational Pesticide Use and Risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Agricultural Health Study. Andreotti, Gabriella; Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Shearer, Joseph J.; Lerro, Catherine C.; Koutros, Ste Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 12552
Study finds cover crops disadvantage cash ones; Arable: Oat-based mixes not associated with subsequent yield loss. GEMMA MACKENZIE FARMING EDITOR May 13, 2020 322
Do Agricultural Package Programs Improve the Welfare of Rural People? Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia. Lee, Araya Teka Sung-Kyu May 1, 2020 11478
Acute and Subchronic Oral Toxicity Study of Polyherbal Formulation Containing Allium sativum L., Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb., Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb., and Amomum compactum Sol. ex. Maton in Rats. Sholikhah, E.N.; Mustofa, M.; Nugrahaningsih, D.A.A.; Yuliani, F.S.; Purwono, S.; Sugiyono, S.; Widy Report Apr 30, 2020 14495
Adult Agriculture and Natural Resource Leadership Development Program Participant Characteristics: An Evaluation of 28 Programs. Lamm, Kevan W.; Fuhrman, Nicholas E.; Lamm, Alexa J.; Carter, Hannah S. Apr 1, 2020 6136
Differences in Biomass Production and Water Use Efficiency among Seven Different Cover Crops in the Wet Winter Seasons of 2016/17 and 2018 in South Carolina. Aime, Ricardo St; Zehnder, Geoffrey W.; Talley, Christopher; Narayanan, Sruthi Apr 1, 2020 8663
The Effects of Catch Crops and Tillage Systems on Selected Physical Properties and Enzymatic Activity of Loess Soil in a Spring Wheat Monoculture. Harasim, Elzbieta; Antonkiewicz, Jacek; Kwiatkowski, Cezary A. Mar 1, 2020 7214
"Are They Aware, and Why?" Bayesian Analysis of Predictors of Smallholder Farmers' Awareness of Climate Change and Its Risks to Agriculture. Ngombe, John N.; Tembo, Moses C.; Masasi, Blessing Mar 1, 2020 13076
Mainstreaming Climate-Smart Agriculture in SmallScale Farming Systems: A Holistic Nonparametric Applicability Assessment in South Africa. Abegunde, Victor O.; Sibanda, Melusi; Obi, Ajuruchukwu Mar 1, 2020 9950
Impacting Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy: County Commissioners' Decision-Making Behaviors and Communication Preferences. Lawson, Kati; Kent, Kevin; Rampold, Shelli; Telg, Ricky W.; McLeod-Morin, Ashley Mar 1, 2020 5833
'Ocean currents could wreck UK arable farming' Research: How climate change could affect rainfall. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 14, 2020 302
Eden Research cheered by EU organic farming approval. Jan 8, 2020 269
Govt focusing on research for enhancing yield of cotton, other crops: PM. Jan 2, 2020 312
Govt focusing on research for enhancing yield of cotton, other crops: PM. Jan 2, 2020 370
Govt focusing on research for enhancing yield of cotton, other crops: PM. Jan 2, 2020 370
Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Team-Based Learning During an Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Course: A Mixed Methods Study. Figland, Whitney L.; Blackburn, J. Joey; Roberts, Richie Jan 1, 2020 6797
News and Views - Pakistan, China agree on joint ventures in agricultural sectors. Dec 31, 2019 435
MOCCAE, China's National Engineering Research Centre to cooperate in sustainable agriculture, desert farming. Dec 21, 2019 460
A Review of Studies from the Last Twenty Years on Plant--Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associations and Their Uses for Wheat Crops. Ganugi, Paola; Masoni, Alberto; Pietramellara, Giacomo; Benedettelli, Stefano Dec 1, 2019 8936
Pak-German ties in academy, research, agriculture sector to be fostered: German Ambassador. Nov 28, 2019 304
There is an exodus of workers in the agriculture sector, gov't study finds. Nov 15, 2019 391
Old is gold, researchers say on underutilised indigenous crops. Nov 15, 2019 531
'Exciting' results from research into cover crops; Soil: Bid to find ways to use digestate effectively. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 10, 2019 329
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Technology and Applications in Agriculture. Hassler, Samuel C.; Baysal-Gurel, Fulya Oct 1, 2019 12714
Success, Balance, but Never Both: Exploring Reified Forms of Success in School-Based Agricultural Education. Traini, Haley Q.; Claflin, Kellie; Stewart, Josh; Velez, Jonathan J. Oct 1, 2019 8233
Smallholder farming, growth linkages, structural transformation and poverty reduction: Lessons and prospects for sub-Saharan Africa. Suttie, David Sep 1, 2019 14169
Semantic Segmentation Based Remote Sensing Data Fusion on Crops Detection. Pena, Jose; Tan, Yumin; Boonpook, Wuttichai Jul 1, 2019 3976
Climate change affects crops in India: Study. Jun 18, 2019 466
State research to identify suitable food crops for Sh6bn Kimira Oluch project. Jun 13, 2019 394
Environmental and agricultural efficiency research centre is the first of its kind in UK. Jun 8, 2019 401
Study highlights role of cover crops in slowing herbicide resistant weed growth. May 12, 2019 252
Cover crops prove effective at increasing soil nitrogen for organic potato production. Wilson, Rob; Culp, Darrin; Peterson, Skyler; Nicholson, Kevin; Geisseler, Daniel Report May 1, 2019 6485
Scientists develop a method to boost seed oil yield in crops. Apr 20, 2019 594
Who works in agriculture? Exploring the dynamics of youth involvement in the agri-food systems of Tanzania and Malawi. Kafle, Kashi; Paliwal, Neha; Benfica, Rui Report Apr 1, 2019 11266
Underexploited Spice Crops: Present Status, Agrotechnology, and Future Research Directions. Book review Mar 1, 2019 136
Ethnography in Agricultural Research: A Tool for Diagnosing Problems and Sustaining Solutions. Owusu-Daaku, Kwame N.; Onzere, Sheila N. Report Jan 1, 2019 7828
THEORETICAL STUDY ON POWER PERFORMANCE OF AGRICULTURAL GANTRY SYSTEMS. Bulgakov, Volodymyr; Kuvachov, Volodymyr; Olt, Juri Jan 1, 2019 5067
Identifying the Agricultural Mechanics Knowledge and Skills Needed by Iowa School-based Agricultural Education Teachers. Hainline, Mark S.; Wells, Trent Jan 1, 2019 10172
Determinants of Agricultural Exports of Pakistan: An Application of Gravity Model. Kiani, Adiqa; Ijaz, Faisal; Siddique, Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Report Dec 31, 2018 4395
Louvain Cooperation Cambodia promotes agriculture research. Dec 13, 2018 297
Differential behavior of the summer cover crops in the absorption and translocation of copper/ Comportamento diferencial das plantas de cobertura de verao na absorcao e translocacao do cobre. Vendruscolo, Diogo; Santana, Natielo Almeida; Souto, Kelen Muller; Ferreira, Paulo Ademar Avelar; de Dec 1, 2018 6787
Govt should declare state of emergency in agriculture research sector -Professor Adebowale. Nov 13, 2018 237
Research study confirms significant impact of climate change on agriculture. Oct 19, 2018 298
Over The Edge: Factors Nudging Mid-Career, School-Based Agriculture Teachers Out of the Profession. Solomonson, Jay K.; Retallick, Michael S. Report Oct 1, 2018 8772
Assessing the Effects of the Smartphone as a Learning Tool on the Academic Achievement of School-Based Agricultural Education Students in Louisiana. Smith, H. Eric; Blackburn, J. Joey; Stair, Kristin S.; Burnett, Michael F. Report Oct 1, 2018 7130
Idaho research wants to help keep crops standing tall. Sep 25, 2018 342
Smart farming among sectors to benefit from research centre. Sep 18, 2018 528
Global warming will make insects hungrier, eating up key crops -- study. Aug 31, 2018 690
Swan decline not caused by farming, study finds. Jul 31, 2018 345
PIDS study bares millions of 'unpaid' women agriculture workers in PHL. Jul 30, 2018 612
The Profit Problem of American Agriculture: What We Have Learned with the Perspective of Time. Blank, Steven C. Report Jul 1, 2018 4195
Influence of Social Support on Teacher Self-Efficacy in Novice Agricultural Education Teachers. Korte, Debra S.; Simonsen, Jon C. Report Jul 1, 2018 10865
Student Perceptions of Workforce Readiness in Agriculture. Hendrix, Rachel; Morrison, Carley C. Report Jul 1, 2018 6214
How African universities and research institutions can facilitate agricultural development. Abdullah, M.; Chauhan, R.S. Jun 1, 2018 905
How African universities and research institutions can facilitate agricultural development. May 1, 2018 915
Predicting Likelihood to Pay Attention to Agriculture Related Issues in the News with Demographic Characteristics. Ruth, Taylor K.; Settle, Quisto; Rumble, Joy N.; McCarty, Keelee Report Apr 1, 2018 6305
Examining Study Abroad Involvement: A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis of Agriculture Teaching Faculty. Rampold, Shelli D.; Bunch, J.C.; Cater, Melissa; Blackburn, J. Joey; Burnett, Michael Report Apr 1, 2018 9504
Successful Secondary Agricultural Programs Outside the Classroom: A View of Champions. Bolton, Andrew; Edgar, Don W.; Carter, Vinson Report Apr 1, 2018 7489
Research on climate change impact on crops underway: Secy Agriculture. Feb 26, 2018 215
Research on climate change impact on crops underway: Secy Agriculture. Feb 26, 2018 215
Research on climate change impact on crops underway: Secy Agriculture. Feb 26, 2018 177
Agricultural aspects of radiocontamination induced by the Fukushima nuclear accident--A survey of studies by the Univ. of Tokyo Agricultural Dept. (2011-2016). Nakanishi, Tomoko M. Jan 1, 2018 8318
Research of Vulnerability for Fresh Agricultural-Food Supply Chain Based on Bayesian Network. Yang, Juan; Liu, Haorui Jan 1, 2018 7898
Agricultural research: 800 Tunisian scientific papers published. Nov 28, 2017 153
Spider Diversity in Some Common Oilseed Crops in Central Punjab, Pakistan. Riaz, Sobia; Kausar, Saima; Mohsin, Muhammad; Memon, Aamir Mahmood; Maqsood, Iram; Abbas, Muhammad N Report Nov 1, 2017 5055
Previous Experience Not Required: Contextualizing the Choice to Teach School-Based Agricultural Education. Marx, Adam A.; Smith, Amy R.; Smalley, Scott W.; Miller, Courtney Report Oct 1, 2017 8379
U.S. Adults with Agricultural Experience Report More Genetic Engineering Familiarity than Those Without. Stofer, Kathryn A.; Schiebel, Tracee M. Report Oct 1, 2017 7624
Professional Development Needs of Mid-Career Agriculture Teachers. Smalley, Scott W.; Smith, Amy R. Report Oct 1, 2017 3759
Review of research to inform California's climate scoping plan: Agriculture and working lands. Byrnes, Ryan; Eviner, Valerie; Kebreab, Ermias; Horwath, William R.; Jackson, Louise; Jenkins, Bryan Report Sep 1, 2017 7463
Research vital to increase yield of crops. Aug 21, 2017 166
Research vital to increase yield of crops. Aug 21, 2017 166
Accidents involving specialized aircraft in agriculture aerial spraying/Acidentes com aeronaves especializadas em aplicacoes aereas na agricultura. Ravelli, Marcelo Boamorte; Zerbato, Cristiano; de Oliveira, Mailson Freire; Correa, Rafael de Graff Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 3631
The Role of Teachers in Facilitating Mathematics Learning Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Everett, Michael W.; Sorensen, Tyson J. Report Jul 1, 2017 6712
Graduate STEM-Based Agriculture Education and Women Agriculturalists: An Agency Perspective. Mars, Matthew M.; Hart, Jeni Report Jul 1, 2017 9184
Fuel consumption efficiency of an agricultural tractor equipped with continuously variable transmission/Eficiencia no consumo de combustivel de um trator agricola equipado com transmissao continuamente variavel. de Farias, Marcelo Silveira; Schlosser, Jose Fernando; Linares, Pilar; Barbieri, Juan Paulo; Negri, Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 3410
Saving costs with cover crops. O'Brien, Dennis May 1, 2017 501
Integrating biofortified crops into community development programs. MacDonald, C; Hilton, B; Dove, R Report Apr 1, 2017 5518
Exploring Relationships between Personal Variables, Programmatic Variables, and Self-Efficacy in School-Based Agricultural Education. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Clement, Haley Q. Report Apr 1, 2017 6453
KP governor for promotion of research based activities for agriculture uplift. Oct 25, 2016 328
Simtrac--an application for simulation of traction efficiency of agricultural tractors with front wheel assist/ Simtrac--um aplicativo para a simulacao da eficiencia de tracao de tratores agricolas com tracao dianteira auxiliar. Santos, Fabio Lucio; de Queiroz, Daniel Marcal Oct 1, 2016 4137
Hunter-Gatherers Experimented With Farming In Turkey Before Migrating To Europe. Aug 8, 2016 350
Berry research at Hansen Agricultural REC helps growers increase yields. White, Hazel Aug 1, 2016 1734
Farming May Have Been Invented Multiple Times, Study Says. Jul 15, 2016 487
A review of health risks and pathways for exposure to wastewater use in agriculture. Dickin, Sarah K.; Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J.; Qadir, Manzoor; Pizzacalla, Katherine Report Jul 1, 2016 10096
Opening the doors to agriculture: the effect of transparent communication on attitude. Rumble, Joy N.; Irani, Tracy Jun 1, 2016 7105
Europe moves toward sustainable farming. Blau, John May 1, 2016 1212
BZU agri scientists trying to find out solution to agriculture sector issues: VC. Apr 12, 2016 142
Social motivations drive city growers. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 309
Agricultural Research Gives Farmers a New Lease on Life. Mar 16, 2016 877
NARC vital for country's existence. Mustafa, Sardar Ghulam Organization overview Aug 16, 2015 857
The role of ergonomics in sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria. Obi, O.F. Report Aug 1, 2015 5412
No harm to soils when cattle graze cover crops. O'Brien, Dennis Feb 1, 2015 416
Crops grown on 'land-grabbed' areas could help feed about 300 million people: Study. Jun 27, 2014 394
Farming shaped thinking modes: in China, cultural differences arose from growing rice or wheat. Bower, Bruce Jun 14, 2014 524
Biotech crops reduce emissions, raise farmers' income, study claims. May 19, 2014 175
A new study of urban farming in Los Angeles. Rehm, Zach Mar 1, 2014 1085
Ramping up a phytochemical compound in crops. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Nov 1, 2013 358
Addressing climate change in forests, container crops. O'Brien, Dennis Sep 1, 2013 1213
New study questions safety of GMO crops as feed for pigs. Jun 17, 2013 555
More pests resistant to GM crops-study. Jun 11, 2013 611
US pledges to continue support for Pak farming. Brief article May 26, 2013 203
Agri scientists need to focus on new research. Brief article Apr 28, 2013 239
New technologies for studying crops and crop diseases. O'Brien, Dennis Apr 1, 2013 1092
Putting more stock in agricultural R&D: as some countries boost funding for agricultural innovation, others struggle to catch up. Docksai, Rick Mar 1, 2013 1108
Rolling out cover crops for higher yields and improved soil quality. O'Brien, Dennis Feb 1, 2013 1097
Hard work, effective policies to boost agriculture produce. Brief article Dec 9, 2012 222
Pawar announces setting up of agriculture research centre in Chhattisgarh. Oct 7, 2012 288
Creating perennial crops. Keeney, Dennis Jan 1, 2012 1314
Fertilizer consumption and agriculture value added growth in G8 countries; Granger causality and cointegration tests. Kalmarzi, Hanieh Sedaghat; Yamchi, Michael Vellaei; Nademi, Younes Report Sep 1, 2011 1402
Study on the changes of the quality of the Karoun River at Khouzestan plain in the view of agricultural usages and its environmental effects. Allahyaripour, Forough Report Sep 1, 2011 3034
Seeking saponins and other compounds to fortify crops. Suszkiw, Jan Aug 1, 2011 1386
Sound science, sound air: helping agriculture and air quality at the same time. Walthall, Charles L. Jul 1, 2011 821
NAFB: strong and still growing. Haller, Ted Apr 1, 2011 863
Effect of agricultural formal and non-formal technical and vocational courses on farmer's employment situation in Isfahan Province, Iran. Lashgarara, Farhad; Dinpanah, Gholamreza Report Apr 1, 2011 2283
Wales leads field in plans to grow our own 'oil' for future; pounds 10M FOR RESEARCH INTO FUEL FROM CROPS. Feb 15, 2011 630
Farmers invited to research results; COUNTRY newsbulletin. Jan 25, 2011 177
Minister of Agriculture calls for benefiting from scientific research in Syria and Turkey, joint follow-up committee discusses cooperation. Nov 1, 2010 346
New study shows benefits of Bt corn to farmers. Oct 18, 2010 218
Agriculture research farm being established. Oct 10, 2010 215
Bt crops benefit other farmers says study. Report Oct 10, 2010 419
The investigation MIS workshops on Management Information System success in relation to Iran's Agricultural extension providers. Rezaei, Abdolmotalleb; Gholifar, Ehsan Report Sep 1, 2010 3086
New study backs intensive farming over organic. May 17, 2010 287
Africa and India in agri-cooperation. Brief article May 1, 2010 271
Strengthening Maghreb co-operation in farming research. Feb 18, 2010 172
New genome sequence will speed research on improved food and biofuel crops. Feb 11, 2010 436
NWFP Minister for Agriculture for establishing Research Oriented Horticulture Farms. Jan 28, 2010 428
IBM technology selected by Australian Research Organization to help develop smarter food crops. Jan 28, 2010 201
Traditional view of leaf-cutter ants overlooked nitrogen-fixing partner: bacteria boost nutrients for fungal crops that feed millions. Milius, Susan Dec 19, 2009 398
Scientists find key to creating drought resistant crops. Dec 4, 2009 383
New research on livestock science and dairy farming. Book review Dec 1, 2009 190
Agriculture research crucial for food security: Gondal. Oct 27, 2009 225
Research based agriculture is the need of hour: Kaira. Sep 15, 2009 120
Research based agriculture is the need of hour: Kaira. Sep 15, 2009 120
Sustainable agriculture: efficient and economical practices for maximum production and environmental stewardship. Shafer, Steven R. Sep 1, 2009 775
In the midwestern United States: growing biofuel crops sustainably. Comis, Don; Perry, Ann Sep 1, 2009 1528
ARS national research program on Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability. Sep 1, 2009 384
Pakistan wants to benefit from Chinese research in agriculture sector: Zardari. Aug 23, 2009 304
Lisbeth demonstrates a passion for pigs; Passing the latest research from scientists to farmers hasn't always been straightforward. Karen Dent speaks to the daughter of a Danish pig farmer who has the task of moving knowledge along the chain to pig producers in the North East. Jun 6, 2009 793
Research: we accomplish more together. Knipling, Edward B. Mar 1, 2009 830
ARS and international partners team up to solve common agricultural problems. Durham, Sharon; McGinnis, Laura; Wood, Marcia; Perry, Ann; Comis, Donald Mar 1, 2009 1930
Partnering with industry pays off. Perry, Ann; Bliss, Rosalie Marion; Comis, Don; Durham, Sharon; Suszkiw, Jan Mar 1, 2009 1685
Latest HGCA research revealed; Farming. Dec 23, 2008 262
Study of disease transfer in cattle; Farming. Dec 16, 2008 295
African research 'neglected' by donor policies. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 175
Scientists discover beef boost gene; Farming. Oct 15, 2008 281
The future of fuel. Fireovid, Bob Oct 1, 2008 775
Fueling the farm: waste for energy and independence. Perry, Ann Oct 1, 2008 582
Economic and biophysical models aid the process. McGinnis, Laura Oct 1, 2008 1725
A cornucopia of domestic energy crops. Comis, Don Oct 1, 2008 1140
How China's farmers adapt to climate change. Wang, Jinxia; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Huang, Jikun Oct 1, 2008 8823
Agricultural biotech thrives. Sep 15, 2008 1484
"Tunnel vision" tracks emissions dispersal. Perry, Ann Sep 1, 2008 1423
ARS national research programs in genotyping and phenotyping. Aug 1, 2008 371
Climate-change study gives edge to Minister's review of woodlands; country & farming Horsing around Wales Environment Link stresses value of trees for our quality of life. Jul 22, 2008 671
New study says cluster bombs have cost Southern farmers at least $22 million. Jun 14, 2008 861
NFU still backs GM crops despite latest study in US; Farming. Apr 21, 2008 453
Study finds badgers the TB suspects; Farming in association with RBS. Feb 14, 2008 445
Young farmers aid cancer research. Oct 2, 2007 160
Specialty crops move into the spotlight. Schneider, Sally M.; Wisler, Gail C. Oct 1, 2007 794
Specialty crops: more vulnerable than you think. Comis, Don Oct 1, 2007 1441
ARS-led effort tackles white mold. Suszkiw, Jan Oct 1, 2007 516
Into thin air: a simpler way to track pesticide emissions from agricultural fields. Peabody, Erin Oct 1, 2007 1028
Cream of the crop: genetic preservation of specialty crops. McGinnis, Laura; Wood, Marcia Oct 1, 2007 1666
ARS specialty crops research program. Oct 1, 2007 418
Lawyers complete FMD study; farming. Sep 28, 2007 214
Fighting moths with pheromones is now easier. Suszkiw, Jan Sep 1, 2007 513
A decade of advances in cover crops: cover crops with limited irrigation can increase yields, crop quality, and nutrient and water use efficiencies while protecting the environment. Delgado, Jorge A.; Dillon, Merlin A.; Sparks, Richard T.; Essah, Samuel Y.C. Report Sep 1, 2007 4272
Are cover crops being used in the US corn belt? Singer, J.W.; Nusser, S.M.; Alf, C.J. Report Sep 1, 2007 5337
Controlling tropical spiderwort in the Southeast. Durham, Sharon Sep 1, 2006 553
Farm-based energy and sustainable agriculture: twin missions for the 21st century. Asrar, Ghassem R. Aug 1, 2006 757
Ground-to-air coverage at Ames. Pons, Luis Aug 1, 2006 1062
A few of the many outstanding ARCS environmental advances. Bliss, Rosalie Marion; Comis, Don Aug 1, 2006 1001
What goes up? measuring air and soil carbon exchange from conservation cropping systems. McGinnis, Laura Aug 1, 2006 579
Stewards--for access to vital watershed data. Pons, Luis Aug 1, 2006 534
Israeli Research Paves the Way to Grow Crops in Saline Land. Jul 12, 2006 391
Top crop manager. Phillips, Peter Brief article Jul 1, 2006 233
Pre-schoolers on the farm at risk of injury. Brief article Jun 19, 2006 200
Antifreeze for crops to bring rich rewards. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 129
From the editor desk. Gabriele, Edward Editorial May 1, 2006 1136
Producer needs, thorough testing keys to AgriSolutions innovations. May 1, 2006 1222
Incorporated Administrative Agency National Agriculture and Bio-Oriented Research Organization obtains United States patent. Oct 1, 2005 90
Film traps fumigant in the soil. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 163
Ciclos de producao extensiva e intensiva na agricultura brasileira e seus impactos na ocupacao da mao-de-obra agricola (1960-2000). Ferrera de Lima, Jandir; Piacenti, Carlos Alberto; Alves, Lucir Reinaldo Jul 1, 2005 7145
Fine-tuning fertilizer. Kitchen, Newell R.; Sudduth, Kenneth A. Feb 1, 2005 134
Local WA Company Evaluates Canola Types for Biodiesel Fuel. Brief Article Jan 7, 2005 123
Net N mineralisation in acid sulfate soils amended with different sources of organic matter, lime, and urea. Hoa, Nguyen My; Trang, Trinh Thi Thu; Tinh, Tran Kim Sep 1, 2004 4857
Tailored climate data may help water managers be prepared: less rain in the forecast? Pons, Luis Jul 1, 2004 1006
Got milk? How about iron? Pons Luis Jul 1, 2004 467
The rise of specialty crops in Saskatchewan, 1981-2001. Carlyle, William J. Jun 22, 2004 8188
A bum rap for agricultural dust? Comis, Don May 1, 2004 1368
Managing disease in beneficial insects. Core, Jim Apr 1, 2004 549
Quieting the din at the gin. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 184
How Hessian flies harass wheat. Anthony, W. Stanley Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 169
Fingerprinting a killer a nematode killer, that is. Suszkiw, Jan Mar 1, 2004 383
Local dealers of agricultural inputs: who's your buyer? Foley, Daniel Mar 1, 2004 1457
Better rootstocks for sturdier citrus. Flores, Alfredo Dec 1, 2003 596
Helping states slow sediment movement: a high-tech approach to Clean Water Act sediment requirements. Pons, Luis Dec 1, 2003 1346
Nutrient boost for alfalfa silage. Spillman, Amy Dec 1, 2003 1007
Temperature rise might stall seed yield. (Science Update). Allen, L. Hartwell, Jr. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 179
BioEconomy: a new frontier for agriculture. Shimoda, Sano M. Jun 1, 2003 710
DNA Markers ... with a twist for improved bean breeding. Suszkiw, Jan May 1, 2003 960
Combining traditional practices and modern tools: food animal production. (Forum). Spence, Joseph T. Apr 1, 2003 851
Can egg follicle size indicate cow fertility? (What Makes Flossie Fertile?). Spillman, Amy Apr 1, 2003 1063
Putting community nutrition on the map. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Apr 1, 2003 1011
It's all about the brand. (Brand Building). Burns, Joseph Apr 1, 2003 932
U.S. and China to work on biotech crops together. (News Briefs). Brief Article Dec 16, 2002 97
Natural selection for survival improves freezing tolerance, forage yield, and persistence of festulolium. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Casler, M.D.; Peterson, P.R.; Hoffman, L.D.; Ehlke, N.J.; Brummer, E.C.; Hansen, J.L.; Mlynarek, M.J Sep 1, 2002 5145
Selection for resistance to southwestern corn borer using marker-asssisted and conventional backcrossing. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Willcox, M.C.; Khairallah, M.M.; Bergvinson D.; Crossa, J.; Deutsch, J.A.; Edmeades, G.O.; Gonzalez- Sep 1, 2002 10325
Interaction between waterlogging injury and irradiance level in alfalfa. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Barta, A.L.; Sulc, R.M. Sep 1, 2002 5521
Synchronous flowering and fruit set at phloem-isolated nodes in soybean. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Egli, D.B.; Bruening, W.P. Sep 1, 2002 5493
Physiological genetics of aluminum tolerance in the wheat cultivar Atlas 66. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Tang, Y.; Garvin, D.F.; Kochian, L.V.; Sorrells, M.E.; Carver, B.F. Sep 1, 2002 4216
Effects of lime and calcium on root development and nodulation of clovers. (Forage & Glazing Lands). Brauer, David; Ritchey, Dale; Belesky, David Sep 1, 2002 6651
A review of a few key factors regulating voluntary feed intake in ruminants (1). (Forage & Grazing Lands). Fisher, Dwight S. Sep 1, 2002 3826
Fresh versus field-cured grass quality, mineral, and nitrate concentration at different nitrogen rates. (Forage & Glazing Lands). Singer, Jeremy W. Sep 1, 2002 5267
Genetic relationships among selected crested wheatgrass cultivars and species determined on the basis of AFLP markers. (Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics). Mellish, Angus; Coulman, Bruce; Ferdinandez, Yasas Sep 1, 2002 5184
U.S. ARS scientist developing new apple quality control camera. Brief Article Aug 8, 2002 146
Kernel number prediction in maize under nitrogen or water stress. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Andrade, F.H.; Echarte, L.; Rizzalli, R.; Maggiora, A. Della; Casanovas, M. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 5798
Low red to far-red ratios reaching the stem reduce grain yield in sunflower. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Libenson, S.; Rodriguez, V.; Pereira, M. Lopez; Sanchez, R.A.; Casal, J.J. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 3993
Bradyrhizobium japonicum mutants allowing improved soybean yield in short season areas with cool spring soil temperatures. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Zhang, Hao; D'Aoust, Fredric; Charles, Trevor C.; Driscoll, Brian T.; Prithiviraj, B.; Smith, Donald Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 4109
Determinants of oil-corrected grain yield. (Crop Ecology, Management & Quality). de la Vega, Abelardo J.; Hall, Antonio J. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 7472
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Watermelon packs a powerful lycopene punch. Arnold, Jennifer Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 976
Spray-on bacteria stop potato rot fungus. Suszkiw, Jan Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 1071
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