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Data Analytics in Mental Healthcare. Ul haq, Ayesha Kamran; Khattak, Amira; Jamil, Noreen; Naeem, M. Asif; Mirza, Farhaan Report Jul 31, 2020 6734
Machine Learning Based Psychological Disease Support Model Assisting Psychoanalysts and Individuals in Clinical Decision Ministration. Kamra, Vikas; Kumar, Praveen; Mohammadian, Masoud Jul 1, 2020 8318
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods and Conventional Logistic Regressions for Predicting Gestational Diabetes Using Routine Clinical Data: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Ye, Yunzhen; Xiong, Yu; Zhou, Qiongjie; Wu, Jiangnan; Li, Xiaotian; Xiao, Xirong Report Jun 30, 2020 7090
A Gradient Boosting Crash Prediction Approach for Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Crash Analysis. Lu, Pan; Zheng, Zijian; Ren, Yihao; Zhou, Xiaoyi; Keramati, Amin; Tolliver, Denver; Huang, Ying Jun 30, 2020 6639
A Log-Based Anomaly Detection Method with Efficient Neighbor Searching and Automatic K Neighbor Selection. Wang, Bingming; Ying, Shi; Yang, Zhe Report Jun 30, 2020 11333
Machine Learning Approach for Answer Detection in Discussion Forums: An Application of Big Data Analytics. Khan, Atif; Ibrahim, Ibrahim; Uddin, M. Irfan; Zubair, Muhammad; Ahmad, Shafiq; Firdausi, Muhammad D Report Jun 30, 2020 5895
DARPA's Role in Machine Learning. Alspector, Joshua; Dietterich, Thomas G. Jun 22, 2020 7690
Sparse Logistic Regression: Comparison of Regularization and Bayesian Implementations. Zanon, Mattia; Zambonin, Giuliano; Susto, Gian Antonio; McLoone, Sean Report Jun 1, 2020 11116
Prediction of Drug Side Effects with a Refined Negative Sample Selection Strategy. Liang, Haiyan; Chen, Lei; Zhao, Xian; Zhang, Xiaolin May 31, 2020 8438
A Model and Complexity Analysis of the Relationship Based on Organizational Justice and Embeddedness Theories. Su, Xin; Zhang, Hui; Guo, Shubing May 31, 2020 12523
A Novel Method for Inference of Chemical Compounds of Cycle Index Two with Desired Properties Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Integer Programming. Zhu, Jianshen; Wang, Chenxi; Shurbevski, Aleksandar; Nagamochi, Hiroshi; Akutsu, Tatsuya Report May 1, 2020 19024
Recognition of Point Sets Objects in Realistic Scenes. Gao, Ruizhen; Li, Xiaohui; Zhang, Jingjun Report Apr 30, 2020 7758
The Impact of Emotional Music on Active ROI in Patients with Depression Based on Deep Learning: A Task-State fMRI Study. Gui, Renzhou; Chen, Tongjie; Nie, Han Report Mar 31, 2020 7036
Assessing the Efficacy of Machine Learning Techniques for Handwritten Digit Recognition. Saleem, Tausifa Jan; Chishti, Mohammad Ahsan Mar 1, 2020 5696
GeoAI: A Model-Agnostic Meta-Ensemble Zero-Shot Learning Method for Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Classification. Demertzis, Konstantinos; Iliadis, Lazaros Report Mar 1, 2020 12217
Air Transportation Direct Share Analysis and Forecast. Zheng, Xufang; Liu, Chia-Mei; Wei, Peng Mar 1, 2020 7907
Looking younger is easy after this study. ANI Jan 28, 2020 482
A Grey-Box Ensemble Model Exploiting Black-Box Accuracy and White-Box Intrinsic Interpretability. Pintelas, Emmanuel; Livieris, Ioannis E.; Pintelas, Panagiotis Report Jan 1, 2020 6924
A Soft-Voting Ensemble Based Co-Training Scheme Using Static Selection for Binary Classification Problems. Karlos, Stamatis; Kostopoulos, Georgios; Kotsiantis, Sotiris Report Jan 1, 2020 11948
Combinatorial and Computational Approaches in Polymeric Biomaterial Research: Review. Harikrishnan, Pandurangan; Krishnan, Avinesh Jan 1, 2020 3172
Machine Learning Model Helps Predict Risk for MI, Cardiac Death; Model integrates clinical and quantitative imaging-based variables to predict long-term cardiac risks. Dec 27, 2019 257
Principled Technologies Study Finds a Dell EMC Server with Intel Technology Performed Image-Classification Models More Cost-Effectively Than the Same Server with a GPU. Dec 12, 2019 230
Estimating treatment effects with machine learning. McConnell, K. John; Lindner, Stephan Dec 1, 2019 7752
Predictive Analytics on Big Data--an Overview. Nagarajan, Gayathri; Babu, Dhinesh Dec 1, 2019 27074
Prediction Model of Corrosion Current Density Induced by Stray Current Based on QPSO-Driven Neural Network. Wang, Chengtao; Li, Wei; Xin, Gaifang; Wang, Yuqiao; Xu, Shaoyi Nov 30, 2019 8638
Student's findings gain recognition. Nov 25, 2019 121
New System Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict Lightning Strikes. Inigo Monzon Nov 19, 2019 361
Innovations in AI, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence, 2019 Research Report. Report Nov 6, 2019 483
Evaluation of Semi-Supervised Clustering and Feature Selection for Human Activity Recognition. Abudalfa, Shadi; Qusa, Hani Nov 1, 2019 5120
Automatic Identification of Honeypot Server Using Machine Learning Techniques. Huang, Cheng; Han, Jiaxuan; Zhang, Xing; Liu, Jiayong Oct 31, 2019 5124
Virtusa, UTHealth, Cardinal Health, AWS collaborate to advance medical research. Oct 30, 2019 187
Deep Learning Is Overtaking Classic Machine Learning Methods, Study Finds. Report Oct 29, 2019 848
Global Information Technology Research Review 2019. Oct 22, 2019 919
Google suspends controversial field research program that reportedly targeted black homeless people in Atlanta. Oct 5, 2019 661
Metabolic acidosis in critically ill patients with cirrhosis: Epidemiology and short-term mortality risk factors. Gao, Feng; Lin, Miao-Tong; Yang, Xing-Yi; Cai, Meng-Xing; Hao-Nan; Xie, Wei; Huang, Zhi-Ming Oct 1, 2019 5990
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Technology and Applications in Agriculture. Hassler, Samuel C.; Baysal-Gurel, Fulya Oct 1, 2019 12714
Metabolic acidosis in critically ill patients with cirrhosis: Epidemiology and short-term mortality risk factors. Gao, Feng; Lin, Miao-Tong; Yang, Xing-Yi; Cai, Meng-Xing; Hao-Nan; Xie, Wei; Huang, Zhi-Ming Oct 1, 2019 5847
Boeing Australia collaborates on AI research for unmanned systems. Sep 25, 2019 327
AI Model Better Predicts CV Risk, Mortality Using Cardiac Imaging; Vessel scores based on machine learning model that uses data from coronary CT angiography. Jul 1, 2019 257
Fast estimation of earthquake arrival azimuth using a single seismological station and machine learning techniques/Estimacion rapida del azimut de llegada de un terremoto utilizando registros de una sola estacion sismologica y tecnicas de aprendizaje de maquinas. Gutierrez, Luis Hernan Ochoa; Jimenez, Carlos Alberto Vargas; Vasquez, Luis Fernando Nino Jun 1, 2019 5493
A Systematic Review of Deep Learning Approaches to Educational Data Mining. Herrera-Flores, Antonio Hernandez-Blanco Boris; Tomas, David; Navarro-Colorado, Borja May 31, 2019 18090
Machine learning could predict death or heart attack with over 90% accuracy: Study. May 12, 2019 535
A Review of Deep Learning Research. Mu, Ruihui; Zeng, Xiaoqin Report Apr 1, 2019 10000
Accurate Fatigue Detection Based on Multiple Facial Morphological Features. Li, Kangning; Wang, Shangshang; Du, Chang; Huang, Yuxin; Feng, Xin; Zhou, Fengfeng Mar 31, 2019 6789
The Scientist Lists CAAT's Breakthrough Machine Learning Research as a Top Technical Advance of 2018. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 127
Advanced insider threat detection model to apply periodic work atmosphere. Oh, Junhyoung; Kim, Tae Ho; Lee, Kyung Ho Report Mar 1, 2019 5510
Lufthansa inks research tie-up with AI group. Feb 1, 2019 510
Prediction of RNA- and DNA-Binding Proteins Using Various Machine Learning Classifiers. Asghari, Mehdi Poursheikhali; Abdolmaleki, Parviz Report Jan 1, 2019 4994
AI powered research intelligence for data-driven decision making. Dec 1, 2018 267
Murder by numbers; Disputed forensic evidence affected both the Jill Dando murder investigation and the inquiry into the Bloody Sunday killings. Research in Newcastle could mean such cases might never happen again. MIKE KELLY reports. Nov 27, 2018 890
The Dark Side of Open Data. Clobridge, Abby; Hinsdale, Eric Nov 1, 2018 2065
Cascaded Feature Selection for Enhancing the Performance of Collaborative Recommender System. Shamri, Mohammad Yahya H. Al-; Juniad, Abdulmajid F. Al-; Qaid, Talal S.; Ahmed, Mahdi H.A.; Raweh, Technical report Nov 1, 2018 9925
Implementation and Analysis of Combined Machine Learning Method for Intrusion Detection System. Wahyudi, Bisyron; Ramli, Kalamullah; Murfi, Hendri Report Aug 1, 2018 7562
Learning Overcomplete Representations using Leaky Linear Decoders. Yadav, Sarthak; Bist, Ankur Singh Jul 1, 2018 3451
Google rebrands its Research division to Google AI. May 8, 2018 410
Early Machine Learning Research in Ljubljana. Kononenko, Igor Report Mar 1, 2018 2882
Explanation of Prediction Models with ExplainPrediction. Robnik-Sikonja, Marko Report Mar 1, 2018 6930
Arguments in Interactive Machine Learning. Mozina, Martin Report Mar 1, 2018 5251
Borealis AI expanding its AI research team. Feb 27, 2018 168
Assessment of Transient Stability through Coherent Machine Identification by Using Least-Square Support Vector Machine. Soni, Bhanu Pratap; Saxena, Akash; Gupta, Vikas; Surana, S.L. Report Jan 1, 2018 6765
Similarity-Based Summarization of Music Files for Support Vector Machines. Jakubik, Jan; Kwasnicka, Halina Jan 1, 2018 7266
The Power of Visual Texture in Aesthetic Perception: An Exploration of the Predictability of Perceived Aesthetic Emotions. Liu, Jianli; Lughofer, Edwin; Zeng, Xianyi; Li, Zhengxin Report Jan 1, 2018 4478
A Machine Learning Approach to the Detection of Pilot's Reaction to Unexpected Events Based on EEG Signals. Binias, Bartosz; Myszor, Dariusz; Cyran, Krzysztof A. Report Jan 1, 2018 7044
Towards Effective Network Intrusion Detection: A Hybrid Model Integrating Gini Index and GBDT with PSO. Li, Longjie; Yu, Yang; Bai, Shenshen; Cheng, Jianjun; Chen, Xiaoyun Jan 1, 2018 7210
Detecting Malware with an Ensemble Method Based on Deep Neural Network. Yan, Jinpei; Qi, Yong; Rao, Qifan Jan 1, 2018 11806
Feature Selection and Overlapping Clustering-Based Multilabel Classification Model. Peng, Liwen; Liu, Yongguo Jan 1, 2018 7784
Big Data Transforms Education Research: Can machine learning unlock the keys to great teaching? Petrilli, Michael J. Dec 31, 2017 1523
Explaining Match Outcome during The Men's Basketball Tournament at The Olympic Games. Leicht, Anthony S.; Gomez, Miguel A.; Woods, Carl T. Report Dec 1, 2017 4402
Have That Extra Cup of Coffee, It Has Health Benefits. Nov 15, 2017 452
A.I., Imaging Tech Create 'Brain Atlas': Completing four centuries of work in less than a year, researchers have built comprehensive brain maps that will greatly benefit future research. O'Neill, Erin Nov 1, 2017 1161
Technology to the rescue? Aumen, Adrian Sep 1, 2017 814
Automated cars get confused by vandalized street signs. Aug 7, 2017 269
Facebook AI chatbots made up their own language by accident. Jun 20, 2017 267
A modified Frank Wolfe algorithm for social recommendation based on user preference in multimedia application. Sukanya, P.; Shanthi, D.; Manivannan, K. Report May 1, 2017 4057
A slide generation approach via content categorization. Sivaranjani, V.; Shanthi, G.; Kumaresan, A.; Vijayakumar, K. Report Apr 30, 2017 2481
IBM eyes speech to spot mental maladies. Klie, Leonard Mar 22, 2017 773
Algorithm of the enlightenment. Finn, Ed Essay Mar 22, 2017 3130
A biologically inspired model based on a multi-scale spatial representation for goal-directed navigation. Li, Weilong; Wu, Dewei; Du, Jia; Zhou, Yang Report Mar 1, 2017 5845
Forest Pruning Based on Branch Importance. Jiang, Xiangkui; Wu, Chang-an; Guo, Huaping Report Jan 1, 2017 8363
Deep Recurrent Neural Network-Based Autoencoders for Acoustic Novelty Detection. Marchi, Erik; Vesperini, Fabio; Squartini, Stefano; Schuller, Bjorn Report Jan 1, 2017 10791
A Hybrid Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection Model for High-Dimensional Data. Song, Hongchao; Jiang, Zhuqing; Men, Aidong; Yang, Bo Report Jan 1, 2017 6503
Kernel Parameter Optimization for Kriging Based on Structural Risk Minimization Principle. Su, Hua; Gong, Chunlin; Gu, Liangxian Report Jan 1, 2017 5332
A Multiple Hidden Layers Extreme Learning Machine Method and Its Application. Xiao, Dong; Li, Beijing; Mao, Yachun Report Jan 1, 2017 6247
Efficient Approximation of the Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Online Multitarget Tracking. Wang, Ping; Ma, Liang; Xue, Kai Report Jan 1, 2017 5529
An Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Strategy Enhanced SVM and Its Application in Predicting the Second Major. Wei, Yan; Ni, Ni; Liu, Dayou; Chen, Huiling; Wang, Mingjing; Li, Qiang; Cui, Xiaojun; Ye, Haipeng Report Jan 1, 2017 7452
Probability Distribution and Deviation Information Fusion Driven Support Vector Regression Model and Its Application. Fan, Changhao; Yan, Xuefeng Report Jan 1, 2017 5551
Machine Learning-Based Parameter Tuned Genetic Algorithm for Energy Minimizing Vehicle Routing Problem. Cooray, P.L.N.U.; Rupasinghe, Thashika D. Report Jan 1, 2017 8158
A Machine Learning and Cross-Validation Approach for the Discrimination of Vegetation Physiognomic Types Using Satellite Based Multispectral and Multitemporal Data. Sharma, Ram C.; Hara, Keitarou; Hirayama, Hidetake Report Jan 1, 2017 4724
K Important Neighbors: A Novel Approach to Binary Classification in High Dimensional Data. Shahraki, Hadi Raeisi; Pourahmad, Saeedeh; Zare, Najaf Report Jan 1, 2017 5597
Pfizer collaborates with IBM for immuno-oncology research. Dec 5, 2016 170
Pfizer collaborates with IBM for immuno-oncology research. Dec 5, 2016 166
Study of multi-classification of advanced daily life activities on SHIMMER sensor dataset. Mehmood, Amir; Raza, Akhter; Nadeem, Adnan; Saeed, Umair Report Aug 1, 2016 5895
Facebook donates servers to speed up research into AI. Feb 26, 2016 332
Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications 2014. Zhang, Yudong; Balochian, Saeed; Agarwal, Praveen; Bhatnagar, Vishal; Housheya, Orwa Jaber Jan 1, 2016 4302
A modified sparse representation method for facial expression recognition. Wang, Wei; Xu, LiHong Report Jan 1, 2016 6794
Generalization bounds derived IPM-based regularization for domain adaptation. Meng, Juan; Hu, Guyu; Li, Dong; Zhang, Yanyan; Pan, Zhisong Report Jan 1, 2016 5520
Solar energy prediction: an international contest to initiate interdisciplinary research on compelling meteorological problems. McGovern, Amy; Gagne, David John, II; Basara, Jeffrey; Hamill, Thomas M.; Margolin, David Aug 1, 2015 4547
An ensemble model for predicting energy performance in residential buildings using data mining techniques. Manimaran, Subramanian; AlBastaki, Ibrahim; Mangai, J. Alamelu Report Jul 1, 2015 5641
Bag of visual words method based on PLSA and chi-square model for object category. Zhao, Yongwei; Peng, Tianqiang; Li, Bicheng; Ke, Shengcai Report Jul 1, 2015 7570
Molecular pursuits: using quantum chemistry to sift through a sea of compounds could launch a manufacturing revolution. Ehrenberg, Rachel Report Jun 13, 2015 3073
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning: A Survey. Al-Emran, Mostafa Apr 1, 2015 4138
A semantic approach to enhance HITS algorithm for extracting associated concepts using ConceptNet. Alsoos, Madhat; Kheirbek, Ammar Report Feb 1, 2015 4742
Tree-based phone duration modelling of the Serbian language. Sovilj-Nikic, S.; Delic, V.; Sovilj-Nikic, I.; Markovic, M. Report Mar 1, 2014 5024
Bilinear grid search strategy based support vector machines learning method. Lin, Li; Xiaolong, Zhang; Kai, Zhang; Jun, Liu Report Mar 1, 2014 4538
Classifier generation by combining domain knowledge and machine learning. Mirchevska, Violeta Report Mar 1, 2014 1393
Predicting increased blood pressure using machine learning. Golino, Hudson Fernandes; Amaral, Liliany Souza de Brito; Duarte, Stenio Fernando Pimentel; Gomes, C Report Jan 1, 2014 8573
Design of iterative learning control method with global convergence property for nonlinear systems. Xu, Guang-Wei; Shao, Cheng; Han, Yu Report Jan 1, 2014 3723
A parametric learning and identification based robust iterative learning control for time varying delay systems. Zhai, Lun; Tian, Guohui; Li, Yan Report Jan 1, 2014 6248
Iterative learning control with forgetting factor for linear distributed parameter systems with uncertainty. Dai, Xisheng; Tian, Senping; Luo, Wenguang; Guo, Yajun Report Jan 1, 2014 3611
A new AILC for a class of nonlinearly parameterized systems with unknown delays and input dead-zone. Wei, Jian-ming; Hu, Yun-an; Sun, Mei-mei Report Jan 1, 2014 7363
A novel data-driven terminal iterative learning control with iteration prediction algorithm for a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems. Jin, Shangtai; Hou, Zhongsheng; Chi, Ronghu Report Jan 1, 2014 5170
Approximation algorithms and an FPTAS for the single machine problem with biased tardiness penalty. Moslehi, G.; Kianfar, K. Report Jan 1, 2014 6711
Adaptive control of nonlinear discrete-time systems by using OS-ELM neural networks. Li, Xiao-Li; Jia, Chao; Liu, De-Xin; Ding, Da-Wei Report Jan 1, 2014 5697
Dimensionality reduction by weighted connections between neighborhoods. Xie, Fuding; Fan, Yutao; Zhou, Ming Report Jan 1, 2014 3469
A reward optimization method based on action subrewards in hierarchical reinforcement learning. Fu, Yuchen; Liu, Quan; Ling, Xionghong; Cui, Zhiming Report Jan 1, 2014 4212
Cooperation-controlled learning for explicit class structure in self-organizing maps. Kamimura, Ryotaro Report Jan 1, 2014 9888
A particle swarm optimization variant with an inner variable learning strategy. Wu, Guohua; Pedrycz, Witold; Ma, Manhao; Qiu, Dishan; Li, Haifeng; Liu, Jin Report Jan 1, 2014 11001
Improving predictions of multiple binary models in ILP. Abudawood, Tarek Report Jan 1, 2014 7280
Link-based similarity measures using reachability vectors. Yoon, Seok-Ho; Kim, Ji-Soo; Ha, Jiwoon; Kim, Sang-Wook; Ryu, Minsoo; Choi, Ho-Jin Report Jan 1, 2014 8755
SVM-RFE based feature selection and Taguchi parameters optimization for multiclass SVM classifier. Huang, Mei-Ling; Hung, Yung-Hsiang; Lee, W.M.; Li, R.K.; Jiang, Bo-Ru Report Jan 1, 2014 6815
Support vector machine based on adaptive acceleration particle swarm optimization. Abdulameer, Mohammed Hasan; Abdullah, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh; Othman, Zulaiha Ali Report Jan 1, 2014 4425
Frequent statement and dereference elimination for imperative and object-oriented distributed programs. Zawawy, Mohamed A. El- Report Jan 1, 2014 6768
Density-based penalty parameter optimization on C-SVM. Liu, Yun; Lian, Jie; Bartolacci, Michael R.; Zeng, Qing-An Report Jan 1, 2014 5120
A Hybrid monkey search algorithm for clustering analysis. Chen, Xin; Zhou, Yongquan; Luo, Qifang Report Jan 1, 2014 8181
Dynamic scene stitching driven by visual cognition model. Zou, Li-hui; Zhang, Dezheng; Wulamu, Aziguli Report Jan 1, 2014 5708
Pruning the computation of distributed shortest paths in power-law networks. D'Angelo, Gianlorenzo; D'Emidio, Mattia; Frigioni, Daniele Report Sep 1, 2013 9980
Project dispute prediction by hybrid machine learning techniques. Chou, Jui-Sheng; Tsai, Chih-Fong; Lu, Yu-Hsin Report Aug 1, 2013 8762
An informative feature extraction algorithm for kernel machines. Liu, J.S. Report Jul 1, 2013 2990
Semi-supervised learning for quantitative structure-activity modeling. Levatic, Jurica; Dzeroski, Sago; Supek, Fran; Smuc, Tomislav Report Jun 1, 2013 4699
A novel fault identifying method with supervised classification and unsupervised clustering. Xu, Tao Report Jun 1, 2013 3164
The doctor's computer will see you now. May 1, 2013 449
Collaborative similarity metric learning for semantic image annotation and retrieval. Wang, Bin; Liu, Yuncai Report May 1, 2013 8096
Algorithm research for supply chain demand prediction--taking fresh agricultural product enterprises as example. Wang, He Report Apr 1, 2013 2766
Multi-output least square support vector machine for the reconstruction of perfect electric conductor below rough surface. Cai, Jiliang; Tong, Chuangming; Ji, Weijie Report Mar 1, 2013 3466
A support vector machine for identification of monitors based on their unintended electromagnetic emanation. Mo, Fan; Lu, Yinghua; Zhang, Jinling; Cui, Qiang; Qiu, Sihai Report Mar 1, 2013 3322
An approach to the inference of finite state machines based on a gravitationally-inspired search algorithm/Meetod loplike automaatide genereerimiseks gravitatsiooniseadusest inspireeritud otsimisalgoritmi abil. Spichakova, Margarita Report Mar 1, 2013 5210
Adjusting effort estimation using micro-productivity profiles/Tookoormuse hinnangu tapsustamine mikroproduktiivsuse profiili abil. Toth, Gabriella; Vegh, Adam Zoltan; Beszedes, Arpad; Schrettner, Lajos; Gergely, Tamas; Gyimothy, Ti Report Mar 1, 2013 6253
Classification of power quality disturbances using wavelets and support vector machine. Milchevski, A.; Kostadinov, D.; Taskovski, D. Report Feb 1, 2013 4701
Research of QoS routing algorithm in Ad Hoc networks based on reinforcement learning. Fu, Yuchen; Liu, Quan Report Feb 1, 2013 3681
Non-simultaneous sampling deactivation during the parameter approximation of a topic model. Jeong, Young-Seob; Jin, Sou-Young; Choi, Ho-Jin Report Jan 1, 2013 8084
Real-time automated cardiac health monitoring by combination of active learning and adaptive feature selection. Bashir, Mohamed Ezzeldin A.; Shon, Ho Sun; Lee, Dong Gyu; Kim, Hyeongsoo; Ryu, Keun Ho Report Jan 1, 2013 8205
Challenges of natural language communication with machines. Delic, V.; Secujski, M.; Jakovljevic, N.; Gnjatovic, M.; Stankovic, I. Report Jan 1, 2013 7287
Intelligent model based fault detection and diagnosis for HVAC system using statistical machine learning methods. Guo, Ying; Wall, Josh; Li, Jiaming; West, Sam Report Jan 1, 2013 3765
Geometric distribution weight information modeled using radial basis function with fractional order for linear discriminant analysis method. Chen, Wen-Sheng; Zhang, Chu; Chen, Shengyong Report Jan 1, 2013 4500
A novel artificial bee colony approach of live virtual machine migration policy using Bayes theorem. Xu, Gaochao; Ding, Yan; Zhao, Jia; Hu, Liang; Fu, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2013 11374
Single machine problem with multi-rate-modifying activities under a time-dependent deterioration. Huang, M.; Wu, Huaping; Cho, Vincent; Ip, W.H.; Wang, Xingwei; Ng, C.K. Report Jan 1, 2013 7733
On iterative learning control for remote control systems with packet losses. Liu, Chunping; Xiong, Rong; Xu, Jianxin; Wu, Jun Report Jan 1, 2013 3956
A mathematical programming model for cell formation problem with machine replication. Raminfar, Reza; Zulkifli, Norzima; Vasili, Mohammadreza Report Jan 1, 2013 6053
Antioptimisation of trusses using two-level population-based incremental learning. Tontragunrat, Phinit; Bureerat, Sujin Report Jan 1, 2013 8163
A multistage control mechanism for group-based machine-type communications in an LTE system. Hung, Wen-Chien; Huang, Sun-Jen; Yang, Feng-Ming; Hsu, Chun-Yen Report Jan 1, 2013 6663
Sign inference for dynamic signed networks via dictionary learning. Cen, Yi; Gu, Rentao; Ji, Yuefeng Report Jan 1, 2013 7520
Online coregularization for multiview semisupervised learning. Sun, Boliang; Li, Guohui; Jia, Li; Huang, Kuihua Report Jan 1, 2013 7903
Feature selection method based on artificial bee colony algorithm and support vector machines for medical datasets classification. Uzer, Mustafa Serter; Yilmaz, Nihat; Inan, Onur Report Jan 1, 2013 7535
Machine learning for personalized medicine: predicting primary myocardial infarction from electronic health records. Weiss, Jeremy C.; Natarajan, Sriraam; Peissig, Peggy L.; McCarty, Catherine A.; Page, David Report Dec 22, 2012 7086
Toward adapting cars to their drivers. Rosenfeld, Avi; Bareket, Zevi; Goldman, Claudia V.; Kraus, Sarit; LeBlanc, David J.; Tsimhoni, Omer Report Dec 22, 2012 6552
Increasing splicing site prediction by training gene set based on species. Ahn, Beunguk; Abbas, Elbashir; Park, Jin-Ah; Choi, Ho-Jin Report Nov 1, 2012 7565
Stakeholder conflict resolution model (S-CRM) based on supervised learning. Jeon, Chang-Kyun; Kim, Neung-Hoe; Lee, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Taek; In, Hoh Peter Report Nov 1, 2012 4933
Multiagent learning: basics, challenges, and prospects. Tuyls, Karl; Weiss, Gerhard Report Sep 22, 2012 10330
Analyzing EEG signals with machine learning for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease. Podgorelec, V. Report Aug 1, 2012 2667
An MR brain images classifier via principal component analysis and kernel support vector machine. Zhang, Y.; Wu, L. Report Aug 1, 2012 5804
A new method for fault diagnosis of mine hoist based on manifold learning and genetic algorithm optimized support vector machine/Naujas sachtos keltuvo gedimu diagnostikos metodas, pagristas daugialypiu mokymusi ir optimizuotu atraminiu vektoriu masinos genetiniu algoritmu. Du, Sunwen Report Jul 1, 2012 2485
A mind from math: Alan Turing foresaw machines' potential to mimic brains. Siegfried, Tom Jun 30, 2012 2103
Machine learning and sensor fusion for estimating continuous energy expenditure. Vyas, Nisarg; Farringdon, Jonathan; Andre, David; Stivoric, John "Ivo" Report Jun 22, 2012 6206
Ambient lighting controller based on reinforcement learning components of multi-agents/Daugelio agentu paskatos mokytis komponentais grindziamas aplinkos apsvietimo valdiklis. Bielskis, A.A.; Guseinoviene, E.; Dzemydiene, D.; Drungilas, D.; Gricius, G. Report May 1, 2012 2658
Automated intruder detection from image sequences using minimum volume sets. Ahmed, Tarem; Wei, Xianglin; Ahmed, Supriyo; Pathan, Sakib Khan Al- Report Apr 1, 2012 3750
A novel video image text detection method. Zhou, Lin; Ping, Xijian; Gao, Haolin; Xu, Sen Report Apr 1, 2012 4588
Challenges and opportunities in applied machine learning. Brodley, Carla E.; Rebbapragada, Umaa; Small, Kevin; Wallace, Byron C. Report Mar 22, 2012 9103
Robust adaptive beamforming using a fully data-dependent loading technique. Huang, C.C.; Lee, J.H. Report Feb 1, 2012 6544
Learning predictive qualitative models with Pade. Zabkar, Jure; Mozina, Martin; Bratko, Ivan; Demsar, Janez Report Dec 1, 2011 5793
Recommender systems in requirements engineering. Mobasher, Bamshad; Cleland-Huang, Jane Report Sep 22, 2011 4794
Adaptive iterative learning control for vibration of flexural rectangular plate/Adaptyvus priartejimo budu apsimokantis lenkiamos staciakampes plokstes vibraciju valdymas. Yang, Jingyu; Chen, Guoping Report Sep 1, 2011 3618
A dynamic machine learning-based technique for automated fault detection in HVAC systems. Wall, Josh; Guo, Ying; Li, Jiaming; West, Sam Report Jul 1, 2011 3631
A machine learning approach to policy optimization in system dynamics models. Chen, Yao-Tsung; Tu, Yi-Ming; Jeng, Bingchiang Report Jul 1, 2011 10942
Optimal decision tree based multi-class support vector machine. Bala, Manju; Agrawal, R.K. Report Jun 1, 2011 7842
A shadow dynamic finite state machine for branch prediction: an alternative for the 2-bit saturating counter. Abdel-Hafeez, Saleh; Albosul, Asem; Shatnawi, Ahmad; Gordon-Ross, Ann; Harb, Shadi Report Jun 1, 2011 5617
Analysis of results of ecological simulation models with machine learning. Trajanov, Aneta Report Jun 1, 2011 1333
Deep transfer: a Markov logic approach. Davis, Jesse; Domingos, Pedro Report Mar 22, 2011 1383
The case for case-based transfer learning. Klenk, Matthew; Aha, David W.; Molineaux, Matt Report Mar 22, 2011 8908
Transfer learning through analogy in games. Hinrichs, Thomas R.; Forbus, Kenneth D. Report Mar 22, 2011 7546
Transfer learning progress and potential. Senator, Ted E. Report Mar 22, 2011 1604
Reports of the AAAI 2010 Fall Symposia. Azevedo, Roger; Biswas, Gautam; Bohus, Dan; Carmichael, Ted; Finlayson, Mark A.; Hadzikadic, Mirsad; Report Mar 22, 2011 6373
Lightweight named entity extraction for Korean short message service text. Seon, Choong-Nyoung; Yoo, JinHwan; Kim, Harksoo; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Seo, Jungyun Report Mar 1, 2011 7239
On an SVD-based algorithm for identifying meta-stable states of Markov chains. Tifenbach, Ryan M. Report Jan 1, 2011 7281
Two efficient SVD/Krylov algorithms for model order reduction of large scale systems. Chahlaoui, Younes Report Jan 1, 2011 14915
Real-time classification of Internet application traffic using a hierarchical multi-class SVM. Yu, Jaehak; Lee, Hansung; Im, Younghee; Kim, Myung-Sup; Park, Daihee Report Oct 1, 2010 6862
Enabling automatic just-in-time evaluation of in-class discussions in on-line collaborative learning practices. Caballe, Santi; Lapedriza, Agata; Masip, David; Xhafa, Fatos; Abraham, Ajith Report Oct 1, 2010 6527
Towards building ranking models with annual reports. Qiu, Xin Ying Report Oct 1, 2010 4587
Analyzing parts of speech and their impact on stock price. Schumaker, Robert P. Report Aug 1, 2010 4303
System of bosting voting with multiple learning algorithms. Chen, Chien-Hsing; Hsu, Chung-Chian Report Jun 1, 2010 5182
PCA-SVM-Based automated fault detection and diagnosis (AFDD) for vapor-compression refrigeration systems. Han, Hua; Cao, Zhikun; Gu, Bo; Ren, Neng Report May 1, 2010 8438
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