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Psychobiological Personality Traits Related to Sleep Disorders and Sexual Dysfunction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis/Uyku Bozukluklari ve Cinsel Islev Bozukluklari ile Ilgili Psikobiyolojik Kisilik Ozellikleri: Sistematik Bir Derleme ve Meta-analiz. Rezaei, Farzin; Hemmati, Azad; Rahmani, Khaled; Komasi, Saeid Report Jun 1, 2021 9661
Sleep Quality: Role in the Risk and Severity of Coronary Artery Obstruction Due to Atherosclerosis. Behzad, Hesham Habib; Bacaksiz, Ahmet Report Apr 1, 2021 342
New study shows Insomnia as a possible risk factor for Type II diabetes. Sep 14, 2020 780
Struggling With Sleeplessness? Insomnia Can Lead To Heart Attack Or Stroke. Ilin Mathew Nov 7, 2019 470
Behavioral Problems In Childhood Can Lead To Adult Insomnia: Study. Sep 9, 2019 495
Sleeping Too Much Can Also Increase Heart Attack Risk. Sep 4, 2019 649
Sleep medication and dementia: Studies find risks, benefits. Smith, Jennie Sep 1, 2019 1317
The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Insomnia Patients (A Single-arm Trial Plan)/Insomnia Hastalarinda Kabul ve Kararlilik Tedavisinin Etkililigi (Tek-kollu Calisma Plani). Zakiei, Ali; Khazaie, Habibolah Sep 1, 2019 6305
Insomnia linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke: Study. Aug 24, 2019 292
Insomnia Linked To High Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke. Aug 20, 2019 387
For Many, Pot Is Now an Alternative to Opioids or Sleep Meds. Jul 2, 2019 725
Sleep Promoting Effects of IQP-AO-101: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Exploratory Trial. Bongartz, Udo; Tan, Bee-Kwan; Seibt, Stephanie; Bothe, Gordana; Uebelhack, Ralf; Chong, Pee-Win; Wsz May 31, 2019 6689
Stress test; Leaving Cert students are suffering anxiety and insomnia due to pressure of exams, study shows. May 17, 2019 440
A New View of Insomnia: New research breaks insomnia into five types based on personality traits. Arjyal, Sushrusha May 1, 2019 692
Insomniacs unable to get emotional distress off their minds: Study. Apr 25, 2019 452
Sleep tight: Researchers try to find ways to help people with MS get a good night's rest. De Milto, Lori Dec 22, 2018 1411
Sleep tight! Insomnia does NOT cause an early death reveals. Nov 22, 2018 566
"no connection" between insomnia and early death : recent study. Report Nov 18, 2018 265
Clinical features of depression in the elderly and younger patients at tertiary care center of Saurashtra, India--A comparative study. Srivastava, Anoopkumar P.; Patel, Vishal K.; Tiwari, Deepak S.; Raja, Hitarth H.; Patel, Dhruvkumar Report Oct 1, 2018 3475
Insomnia and its associated factors: A cross-sectional study in rural adults of North India. Kumari, Rashmi; Kumar Gupta, Rajiv; Langer, Bhavna; Singh, Parveen; Akhtar, Najma; Anuradha Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 2707
Sleep loss can affect memory in seniors. Jun 13, 2018 403
Scientists validate nature's sleeping pills. Jun 7, 2018 819
Impact of Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Sleep Quality and Health of Insomnia Patients. Report Mar 31, 2018 4144
Study finds hereditary insomnia link. Mar 19, 2018 113
64% women experience insomnia in late pregnancy. Jan 30, 2018 447
Over 60% women suffer from insomnia in late pregnancy: Study. Medical condition overview Jan 30, 2018 354
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Antenatal Depression in Ethiopia: Systematic Review. Getinet, Wondale; Amare, Tadele; Boru, Berhanu; Shumet, Shegaye; Worku, Wubet; Azale, Telake Report Jan 1, 2018 6417
Sleep Environment and Insomnia in Elderly Persons Living at Home. Desaulniers, Jonathan; Desjardins, Sophie; Lapierre, Sylvie; Desgagne, Alain Report Jan 1, 2018 5949
Senile Depression with Somatzation Symptoms and Insomnia is Diagnosed as Multiple System Atrophy: A Case Report. Yue, Ling; Yu, Hai; Li, Uanjun; Xiao, Shifu Case study Dec 1, 2017 2941
Could Insomnia's Connection To Alcohol Use Pose A New Risk For Teens? Nov 12, 2017 515
Lack of sleep and mental health problems. Oct 4, 2017 849
Children sleep poorly if mothers suffer from insomnia symptoms: Study. Sep 1, 2017 412
Study Suggests Binge-Watching Is Linked To Insomnia. Aug 17, 2017 566
Changes in cognitive function in patients with primary insomnia. Guo, Hui; Wei, Meijie; Ding, Wantao Report Jun 1, 2017 5832
Insomnia linked with increased risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. Farham, B. Clinical report May 1, 2017 205
Psychological Distress in Healthy Low-Risk First-Time Mothers during the Postpartum Period: An Exploratory Study. Murphey, Christina; Carter, Patricia; Price, Larry R.; Champion, Jane Dimmitt; Nichols, Francine Report Jan 1, 2017 9374
Sleep in the Postpartum: Characteristics of First-Time, Healthy Mothers. Creti, Laura; Libman, Eva; Rizzo, Dorrie; Fichten, Catherine S.; Bailes, Sally; Tran, Dieu-Ly; Zelko Jan 1, 2017 6675
Hunter-gatherers may get less sleep: but foragers don't appear to suffer from insomnia, study finds. Samoray, Chris Brief article Nov 14, 2015 322
A double blind, randomized, parallel group, prospective, clinical study for evaluation of efficacy and safety of low dose Doxepin in comparision with Zopiclone in adult and elderly patients with primary insomnia. Rastogi, Pali; Rastogi, Deepti Clinical report Nov 12, 2015 3817
Disentangling the effects of insomnia and night work on cardiovascular diseases: a study in nursing professionals. Silva-Costa, A.; Griep, R.H.; Rotenberg, L. Report Feb 1, 2015 5977
The efficacy and safety of herbal medicine for insomnia in adults: an overview of recent research. Taslaman, Megan Report Sep 1, 2014 6192
Exploring the subconscious with hypnosis to alleviate insomnia. Papadakis, Debbie Report Mar 22, 2013 5787
Valerian extract characterized by high valerenic acid and low acetoxy valerenic acid contents demonstrates anxiolytic activity. Felgentreff, F.; Becker, A.; Meier, B.; Brattstrom, A. Report Oct 15, 2012 4780
Curing insomnia without drugs: new studies offer hope. Rufus, Anneli Jul 1, 2012 452
Insomnia is a troubling and under-treated problem: consider gabapentin or eszopiclone to help wakeful women get some sleep at last. Barbieri, Robert L. Report Nov 1, 2011 1894
Insomnia costing US workforce $63.2 bln a year in lost productivity: Study. Sep 1, 2011 287
Chronic insomnia. Abstract Apr 1, 2011 3111
To help overcome insomnia, get out of bed - study. Jan 25, 2011 616
Insomnia on the rise among IT engineers in India: Study. Nov 27, 2010 347
New Study Shows Increased Risk of Death in Men with Insomnia. Sep 2, 2010 649
The math of sleep. Thilmany, Jean Brief article May 1, 2010 249
Healing with homeopathy: homeopathic treatment of a sensitive woman with insomnia. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Report Apr 1, 2010 2284
Hypnosis and Sleep. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 108
Pharmacological studies on the sedative-hypnotic effect of Semen Ziziphi spinosae (Suanzaoren) and Radix et Rhizoma Salviae miltiorrhizae (Danshen) extracts and the synergistic effect of their combinations. Fang, X.Sh.; Hao, J.F.; Zhou, H.Y.; Zhu, L.X.; Wang, J.H.; Song, F.Q. Report Jan 1, 2010 5599
Actelion reports Phase III study findings for almorexant in primary insomnia patients. Clinical report Dec 21, 2009 405
Nighttime voiding similar with OAB, insomnia. McNamar, Damian Clinical report Dec 1, 2009 585
Wellness methods help insomnia. Klotter, Jule Report Dec 1, 2009 980
Melatonin for insomnia in autistic children. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 288
Insomnia is linked to premature death in men. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article Dec 1, 2009 145
Sleep problem in the elderly/Yaslida uyku sorunu. Yazgan, Pelin Report Oct 1, 2009 1074
Fruit flies can't fall or stay asleep: strain bred to help track genetic factors leading to insomnia. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 20, 2009 468
Effect of physical therapy program on insomnia severity in a patient population with fibromyalgia syndrome/Fibromiyalji sendromlu bir grup hastada fizik tedavi programinin uykusuzluk siddeti uzerine etkisi. Kulcu, Duygu Geler; Gulsen, Gulcin Report Jun 1, 2009 2477
Improve sleep with group CBT for insomnia. Schumpf, Jamie; Rego, Simon A. Apr 1, 2009 457
When facing a restless night in bed, many people have at least tried to catch a few winks by counting sheep. Jun 1, 2008 378
Insomnia in patients with addictions: a safer way to break the cycle; Fight relapse by improving sleep with nonaddictive agents and behavior therapy. Conroy, Deirdre; Arnedt, J. Todd; Brower, Kirk J. May 1, 2008 3935
Insomnia in the primary care practice. Survey Apr 1, 2008 2646
Managing insomnia: a physician-patient partnership. Apr 1, 2008 2856
Treatment of insomnia in elderly can be tricky. Splete, Heidi Feb 1, 2008 629
Treating insomnia may reduce osteoarthritis pain. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2008 570
Lack of sleep increases mortality risk. Kiefer, Dale Brief article Jan 1, 2008 228
Lost soul swims in fish bowl. Napoli, Denise Brief article Nov 15, 2007 195
Consider CBT in cases of secondary insomnia. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Aug 1, 2007 603
Single dose of doxepin eases transient adult insomnia. Splete, Heidi Brief article Jul 15, 2007 262
Try reserving melatonin for severe insomnia. Splete, Heidi Brief article Jun 1, 2007 244
Studies quantify use of sleep aids in children: insomnia is cited as a major problem in young patients, of whom many, including preschoolers, are medicated. Wendling, Patrice Apr 15, 2007 828
Consider behavioral strategies first line for pediatric insomnia. Wendling, Patrice Apr 15, 2007 493
Melatonin for insomnia in autism. Apr 1, 2007 345
Sleeping well the natural way. Mar 5, 2007 421
Adolescent insomnia may be risk factor for disorders later. Worcester, Sharon Nov 1, 2006 322
Teen insomnia a risk factor for disorders later. Worcester, Sharon Brief article Oct 15, 2006 257
CBT more effective than zopiclone for insomnia. Bell, John R. Editorial Aug 1, 2006 472
Insomnia appears to be a risk factor for anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2006 590
Sleep of children of abused women in transitional housing. Humphreys, Janice C.; Lee, Kathryn A. Jul 1, 2006 5449
Midnight munchies linked to sleeping pills. Jun 1, 2006 714
With age comes wisdom, but also insomnia. Wachter, Kerri May 1, 2006 982
Improving sleep habits may benefit the chronic migraine. Lerman, Debbie Sep 1, 2005 490
Insomnia may blunt response to antidepressants. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2005 621
Beautiful dreamer: lack of sleep could be causing more than bags under your eyes--how about that saddlebag around your waist! Ryan, Benjamin Jun 21, 2005 492
Anxieties stoke bipolar unrest. Brief Article Feb 12, 2005 265
Sleep problems and attention difficulties in adults intertwined. Brunk, Doug Jan 15, 2005 359
Sleep architecture and insomnia: alterations in the structure of sleep can lead to sleep disruption. Hirshkowitz, Max Sep 1, 2004 1539
Elderly patients are especially vulnerable to insomnia: sleep cycle changes, medical and emotional disorders, and polypharmacy are a few factors contributing to sleep disruption in your elderly patients. Cadieux, Roger J. Sep 1, 2004 752
Changing sleep hygiene may hold promise for insomniacs. Mulcahy, Nicholas Sep 1, 2004 501
Eszopiclone consistently effective for insomnia: investigational nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic received 'approvable' letter from the FDA earlier this year. Norton, Patrice G.W. Jul 1, 2004 745
Indiplon improves sleep quality without next-day sedation. Norton, Patrice G.W. Jul 1, 2004 609
Seizure drug useful in primary insomnia patients. Norton, Patrice G.W. Jul 1, 2004 710
Valerian for insomnia. Walsh, Nancy Apr 15, 2004 868
A deadly prion disease: fatal familial insomnia. Sundstrom, Dianne G.; Dreher, H. Michael Dec 1, 2003 4189
Study shows body's need for REM sleep. Mar 22, 2003 424
Snoozing soundly staves off the big sleep. (Bad Sleepers Hurry Death). Bower, B. Feb 8, 2003 444
Stress and sleepless nights. D.C. Brief Article Jul 15, 2000 146
Help is on the way for insomnia. Brief Article Apr 3, 1999 355
Effects of partial and total sleep deprivation on driving performance. Peters, Robert D.; Wagner, Ester Kloeppel; Alicandri, Elizabeth; Fox, Jean E.; Thomas, Maria L.; Tho Jan 1, 1999 2452
Is caffeine a factor in subjective insomnia of elderly people? Curless, R.; French, J.M.; James, O.F.W.; Wynne, H.A. Jan 1, 1993 2345
Need for sleep changes as you age. Sep 1, 1989 391
Body's clock keeps insomniacs wide awake. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Jul 1, 1989 274

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