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Fitting CULTURE into translation process research. Extremera, Jose Jorge Amigo Report Jan 1, 2015 10132
Reflections on the current: ambiguity in contemporary culture and society/Dabarties refleksijos: nevienareiksmiskumas siuolaikineje kulturoje ir visuomeneje. Colak, Metin Report Dec 1, 2013 7073
Beyond nature and culture?/Anapus gamtos ir kulturos? Scarso, Davide Report Dec 1, 2013 6353
Returning in a different fashion: culture, communication, and changing representations of Lolita in Japan and the West. Hinton, Perry R. Report Aug 1, 2013 8374
Steampunk in Brazil: visuality and sociability in an urban retro-futuristic culture. Pegoraro, Everly Report Aug 1, 2013 5169
Worldwide pastimes: meet a scientist who studies board games to find out more about human cultures. Warren, Stephanie May 14, 2012 1208
Culture and self-deception: a theoretical perspective. Triandis, Harry C. Report Feb 1, 2011 4832
Exploring the influence of national cultures on non-compliance behavior. Dols, Taco; Silvius, A.J. Gilbert Report Aug 1, 2010 7740
What cannot be. Sep 22, 2009 510
Gymnastic exercises, or "work wrapped in the gown of youthful joy": masculinities and the civilizing process in 19th century Hungary. Hadas, Miklos Sep 22, 2007 9809
Local culture and governmental change: the endurance of culture in the face of structural change. Reese, Laura A.; Cox, Davia S. Report Jun 22, 2007 11108
Cross-cultural differences in the academic motivation of university students in Malaysia and the United States. Komarraju, Meera; Karau, Steven J.; Ramayah, T. Jun 1, 2007 7012
Organisational Culture--What Is It? Report Jan 1, 2006 334
Managing Culture--Making Culture Work for You. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 210
Classical Music in America: A History of Its Rise and Fall. Thurmaier, David Jan 1, 2006 1107
America's Holy City. Collum, Danny Duncan Nov 1, 2005 764
Culture as deficit: a critical discourse analysis of the concept of culture in contemporary social work discourse. Park, Yoosun Sep 1, 2005 8115
From the Moselle to the Pyrenees: commemoration, cultural memory and the 'debatable lands'. Kidd, William Mar 1, 2005 6587
Sudden civilized: new finds push back Americas' first society. Bower, B. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 307
Notes from the editor. Editorial Jan 1, 2005 5528
Anthony Richards and the search for Lawai: myths, maps and history. Smith, F. Andrew Jan 1, 2005 8947
On "Cultural Studies": a response to Remo Ceserani. Spackman, Barbara Sep 22, 2004 1782
We the media: the rise of citizen journalists. Gillmor, Dan Sep 22, 2004 3279
Weerstand teen teksgebonde navorsing: 'n bydrae tot 'n omgekeerde benadering tot kultuurstudie (1). Oets, Nelia Aug 1, 2004 10039
The other Sixties. Bawer, Bruce Mar 22, 2004 8737
The continuing legacy of the sixties. Teichmann, Max Jan 1, 2004 3097
In the name of progress and peace: the "standard of civilization" and the universalizing project. Bowden, Brett Jan 1, 2004 10605
The emergence of South Australian Anzac culture 1915-1925. Pavils, Janice Dec 1, 2003 10618
Cultural memory on film soundtracks. Hillman, Roger Dec 1, 2003 4556
The culture of race, class, and poverty: the emergence of a cultural discourse in early cold war social work (1946-1963). Curran, Laura Sep 1, 2003 8181
Theory and the "Chunnel": cultural studies and the retreat of ideology. Van Den Abbeele, Georges Jan 1, 2003 8852
Culture and its consequences for entrepreneurship. George, Gerard; Zahra, Shaker A. Editorial Jun 22, 2002 1536
Are entrepreneurial cognitions universal? Assessing entrepreneurial cognitions across cultures. Mitchell, Ronald K.; Smith, J. Brock; Morse, Eric A.; Seawright, Kristie W.; Peredo, Ana Maria; McKe Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 11076
National culture and entrepreneurship: a review of behavioral research. Hayton, James C.; George, Gerard; Zahra, Shaker A. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 8691
An institutional perspective on the role culture in shaping strategic actions by technology-focused entrepreneurial firms in China. Ahlstrom, David; Bruton, Garry D. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 8324
Assessing the psychometric properties of the entrepreneurial orientation scale: a multi-country analysis. Kreiser, Patrick M.; Marino, Louis D.; Weaver, K. Mark Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 10479
The influence of national culture and family involvement on entrepreneurial perceptions and performance at the state level. Chrisman, James J.; Chua, Jess H.; Steier, Lloyd P. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 8405
Gender, microenterprise success and cultural context: the case of South Asia. Kantor, Paula Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 7106
The moderating effect of national culture on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and strategic alliance portfolio extensiveness. Marino, Louis; Strandholm, Karen; Steensma, H. Kevin; Weaver, K. Mark Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 7456
Introduction. Kim, Sang Koo; Murphy, Patrick D. Jun 1, 2002 1517
The advent of critical memory studies and the future of legal argumentation. (Review Essay). Hasian, Marouf Jr. Jun 22, 2001 2718
Revisiting bedroom culture: New spaces for young women's politics. (Focus on Younger Women). Harris, Anita May 1, 2001 4800
Cultural Specificity of Nonverbal Communication in Humans - Studies on a Urban Population in Romania. Niculae, Marilena; Barca, Valentin Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 298
Trans-Scientific Frameworks of Knowing: Complementarity Views of the Different Types of Human Knowledge(a). Brier, Soren Sep 1, 2000 13406
Eyewitness Reporting by Navajo and Mainstream-Culture Children. Lindstedt, D. Elise Mar 22, 2000 6587
Monitoring Society's Mood. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 196
Senate Considers Establishing "Special Committee on American Culture". Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 285
The last archaeologist? Material culture and contested identities. Smith, Laurajane Sep 22, 1999 6487
Cultural Identification of American Indians and It's Impact on Rehabilitation Services. Rosenthal, David A. Jul 1, 1999 6137
Culture dimensions of Polish managers: Hofstede's indices. Nasierowski, Wojciech; Mikula, Bogusz Jun 22, 1998 5910
Measures of performance in UK international alliances. Glaister, Keith W.; Buckley, Peter J. Jan 1, 1998 11358
Assessing replication and extension: a commentary on Glaister and Buckley: measures of performance in UK international alliances. Geringer, J. Michael Jan 1, 1998 8450
African perspectives on cultural diversity and multiculturalism. Odhiambo, Atieno Dec 1, 1997 7718
Cultural differences in listening style preferences: A comparison of young adults in Germany, Israel, and the United States. Kiewitz, Christian; Weaver, James B., III; Brosius, Hans-Bernd; Weimann, Gabriel Sep 22, 1997 5103
Impetus for action: a cultural analysis of justice and organizational citizenship behavior in Chinese society. Farh, Jiing-Lih; Earley, P. Christopher; Lin, Shu-Chi Sep 1, 1997 9880
Culture: the missing concept in organization studies. Schein, Edgar H. Jun 1, 1996 5922
The influence of culture on American and British advertising: an exploratory comparison of beer advertising. Caillat, Zahna; Mueller, Barbara May 1, 1996 5991
Scots, Indians and empire: the Scottish politics of civilization 1519-1609. Williamson, Arthur H. Feb 1, 1996 15151
Culture and contrasts in a northern European village: lifestyles among manorial peasants in 18th-century Denmark. Christiansen, Palle Ove Dec 22, 1995 10750
On evangelism and culture: some reflections. Castro, Emilio Oct 1, 1995 7200
Personality, organizational culture, and cooperation: evidence from a business simulation. Chatman, Jennifer A.; Barsade, Sigal G. Sep 1, 1995 8871

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