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Structural and Evolutionary Adaptation of NOD-Like Receptors in Birds. Ma, Xueting; Liu, Baohong; Gong, Zhenxing; Yu, Xinmao; Cai, Jianping Report Jan 1, 2021 7991
Genome-Wide Analysis of Nubian Ibex Reveals Candidate Positively Selected Genes That Contribute to Its Adaptation to the Desert Environment. Chebii, Vivien J.; Oyola, Samuel O.; Kotze, Antoinette; Entfellner, Jean-Baka Domelevo; Mutuku, J. M Nov 1, 2020 7562
ASSISTED EVOLUTION. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 216
Adaptive Variations for Salt Tolerance in Mineral Content and Photosynthetic Characteristics in Different Evolutionary Types of Soybean. Report Oct 31, 2016 5723
Cancer as adaptation: rethinking the cause and treatment of malignancy. Nigh, Greg Aug 1, 2016 3313
Cities alter plant, animal evolution: urban living forces wildlife to adapt at human timescales. Milius, Susan Jul 23, 2016 796
The adaptive significance of developmental plasticity in the wild: an experimental test using the brown anole lizard (Anolis sagrei). Cates, Corey Dale; Warner, Daniel Brief article Apr 1, 2015 261
Early animals couldn't catch a breath: low oxygen levels may have hindered evolution of complex life. Ehrenberg, Rachel Nov 29, 2014 476
Fish reared out of water give clues to land transition: terrestrial environment altered animals' development. Milius, Susan Oct 4, 2014 612
Elevational range expansion in a neotropical live-bearing fish from Panama: implications for adaptive evolution. Ingley, Spencer J. Report Sep 1, 2014 2512
Ants evolved swimming several times: multiple species can rescue themselves after falling from trees. Milius, Susan Jul 26, 2014 576
Neandertal legacy written in fat metabolism: DNA from interbreeding may have helped humans adjust to new environments in Europe. Rosen, Meghan May 3, 2014 485
Snake DNA offers clues to the evolution of venom, binge eating: python and cobra genes changed quickly as new hunting adaptations arose. Saey, Tina Hesman Jan 11, 2014 634
Poop in termite nests foils pest control: bacteria in feces protect Formosan species against fungus. Milius, Susan Oct 19, 2013 491
Alga benefits by borrowing. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Apr 6, 2013 163
Morphological and chemical analysis of archaeological fish otoliths from the Lower Murray River, South Australia. Disspain, Morgan C.F.; Wilson, Christopher J.; Gillanders, Bronwyn M. Report Oct 1, 2012 7919
Moringa oleifera (Horseradish Tree) Leaf Adaptation to Temperature Regimes. Muhl, Quintin E.; Toit, Elsa S. Du; Robbertse, Petrus J. Report Dec 31, 2011 2845
A 100-year flood in a low-gradient stream: response of the resident and non-resident fish assemblages. Deboer, Jason A.; Ogren, Stephanie A.; Holtgren, J. Marty; Snyder, Eric B. Report Oct 1, 2011 3549
Considering local adaptation in issues of lepidopteran conservation--a review and recommendations. Aardema, Matthew L.; Scriber, J. Mark; Hellmann, Jessica J. Report Apr 1, 2011 5751
Bird in the hand. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jul 18, 2009 191
Biometeorological forecasts as adaptation measures in the contest of climate change/ Biometeorologines prognozes kaip adaptacijos priemone klimato kaitos kontekste. Nariunaite, Ieva; Liukaityte, Judita Report Jul 1, 2009 2583
Arthropods came ashore in shells: gear may have kept gills wet during transition onto land. Perkins, Sid May 9, 2009 341
Antipredator defense and phenotypic plasticity of sclerites from Renilla muelleri, a tropical sea pansy. Clavico, Etiene E.G.; De Souza, Allan T.; Da Gama, Bernardo A.P.; Pereira, Renato C. Oct 1, 2007 4058
Evolutionary psychology and behavior analysis: toward convergence. Genovese, Jeremy E.C. Mar 22, 2007 4269
Protein stability in Artemia embryos during prolonged anoxia. Clegg, James S. Feb 1, 2007 5024
Tail's inheritance: challenging secondary school student's ideas about the inheritance of acquired traits. Stern, Luli; Ben-Akiva, Iris Feb 1, 2007 2837
The hypoxic tolerance of the protobranch bivalve Nucula sulcata bronn. Miller, Nicola Dec 1, 2006 1919
A special role for marine biology. Olds, James L. Editorial Dec 1, 2006 712
Voyage of discovery: a historic South American cruise led to groundbreaking findings about the wild kingdom. Chiang, Mona Oct 1, 2005 1073
Chew on this. Thilmany, Jean Nov 1, 2003 654
Geographical variation and successive adaptive radiations of yellow-flowered Teucrium (Labiatae) in the mediterranean region. Oualidi, Jalal El; Puech, Suzette; Navarro, Teresa Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2002 10706
Similarity in habitat adaptations of Arctic and African ungulates: evolutionary convergence or ecological divergence? Klein, David R. Mar 22, 2001 3478
The adaptive significance of spines on pine cones. Coffey, Kimberly; Benkman, Craig W.; Milligan, Brook G. Jun 1, 1999 5782
Phenotypic plasticity in foraging behavior of sawfly larvae. Kause, Antti; Haukioja, Erkkii; Hanhimaki, Sinikka Jun 1, 1999 7940
Selection of flowering time: an adaptive fitness surface for nonexistent character combinations. O'Neil, Pamela Apr 1, 1999 9181
Natural hybridization: how low can you go and still be important? Arnold, Michael L.; Bulger, Mark R.; Burke, John M.; Hempel, Alice L.; Williams, Joseph H. Mar 1, 1999 7544
Avian habitat selection: pattern from process in nest-site use by ducks? Clark, Robert G.; Shutler, Dave Jan 1, 1999 9287
Hey, Ma, Can't You See I'm Starving? Miller, Claire Dec 1, 1998 362
Wildlife Scientists Are Having a Field Day On Ted Turner's Western Ranchlands. Dworetzky, Tom Brief Article Oct 1, 1998 736
Gender and environmental sensitivity in nestling Collared Flycatchers. Sheldon, Ben C.; Merila, Juha; Lindgren, Gabriella; Ellegren, Hans Sep 1, 1998 6963
Parental care seen in mountain plants. Milius, Susan Brief Article Jul 11, 1998 500
Adaptation to competition by new mutation in clones of Alexandrium minutum. Costas, Eduardo; Nieto, Blanca; Lopez-Rodas, Victoria; Salgado, Conchita; Toro, Miguel Apr 1, 1998 2930
Selection for knockdown resistance to heat in Drosophila melanogaster at high and low larval densities. Bubli, Oleg A.; Imasheva, Alexandra G.; Loeschcke, Volker Apr 1, 1998 4908
Evidence from the fossil record of an antipredatory exaptation: conchiolin layers in corbulid bivalves. Kardon, Gabrielle Feb 1, 1998 7845
Body size, natural selection, and speciation in sticklebacks. Nagel, Laura; Schluter, Dolph Feb 1, 1998 8427
A comparative analysis of the ecological significance of maximal locomotor performance in Caribbean Anolis lizards. Irschick, Duncan J.; Losos, Jonathan B. Feb 1, 1998 6241
Trophic cascades and compensation: differential responses of microzooplankton in whole-lake experiments. Pace, Michael L.; Cole, Jonathan J.; Carpenter, Stephen R. Jan 1, 1998 9215
Stem tilting and pseudocephalium orientation in Cephalocereus columna-trajani (cactaceae): a functional interpretation. Zavala-Hurtado, Jose Alejandro; Vite, Fernando; Ezcurra, Exequiel Jan 1, 1998 5693
Likelihood of ancestor states in adaptive radiation. Schluter, Dolph; Price, Trevor; Mooers, Arne O.; Ludwig, Donald Dec 1, 1997 8968
Prey adaptation as a cause of predator-prey cycles. Abrams, Peter A.; Matsuda, Hiroyuki Dec 1, 1997 7885
The genetics of adaptation: the genetic basis of resistance to wasp parasitism in Drosophila melanogaster. Orr, H. Allen; Irving, Shannon Dec 1, 1997 6878
Stabilizing selection and the comparative analysis of adaptation. Hansen, Thomas F. Oct 1, 1997 10046
Generalists, specialists, and the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in sympatric populations of distinct species. Tienderen, Peter H. van Oct 1, 1997 6071
Local adaptation in two subspecies of an annual plant: implications for migration and gene flow. Nagy, Eric S.; Rice, Kevin J. Aug 1, 1997 8860
Genetic differentiation of fitness-associated traits among rapidly evolving populations of the Soapberry bug. Carroll, Scott P.; Dingle, Hugh; Klassen, Stephen P. Aug 1, 1997 4052
Population structure of Dipodomys ingens (heteromyidae): the role of spatial heterogeneity in maintaining genetic diversity. Good, Sara V.; Williams, Daniel F.; Ralls, Katherine; Fleischer, Robert C. Aug 1, 1997 10764
Habitat continuity and the genetic structure of Drosophila populations. Shoemaker, D. DeWayne; Jaenike, John Aug 1, 1997 4686
What determines fitness when dispersal is limited? Peck, Joel R.; Waxman, David Aug 1, 1997 6424
Impact of water calcium on the phenotypic diversity of alpine populations of Gammarus fossarum. Meyran, Jean-Claude Jul 1, 1997 5924
Physiological variation among clonal genotypes in the sea anemone Haliplanella lineata: growth and biochemical content. McManus, Michael G.; Place, Allen R.; Zamer, William E. Jun 1, 1997 10223
A critique of Sewall Wright's shifting balance theory of evolution. Coyne, Jerry A.; Barton, Nicholas H.; Turelli, Michael Jun 1, 1997 28483
Is the production of multiple sperm types adaptive. Snook, Rhonda R. Jun 1, 1997 8178
Adaptation and specialization in a two-resource environment in Drosophila species. Joshi, Amitabh; Thompson, John N. Jun 1, 1997 6176
Genetic evidence for long term persistence of marine invertebrate populations in an ephemeral environment. Burton, Ronald S. Jun 1, 1997 5222
Compound eye fine structure in Paralomis multispina Benedict, an anomuran half-crab from 1200 m depth (crustacea; decapoda; anomura). Eguchi, Eisuke; Dezawa, Mari; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Apr 1, 1997 4398
Effect of salinity on ionic shifts in mesohaline scyphomedusae, Chrysaora quinquecirrha. Wright, David A.; Purcell, Jennifer E. Apr 1, 1997 4237
Measuring phenotypic selection of an adaptation: lamellae of damselflies experiencing dragonfly predation. McPeek, Mark A. Apr 1, 1997 6670
Long-term patterns of mast fruiting in Fraxinus excelsior. Tapper, Per-Goran Dec 1, 1996 3544
Ecological explanation through functional morphology: the feeding biology of sunfishes. Wainwright, Peter C. Jul 1, 1996 5773
Effects of nutrient level on cost and benefit of apical dominance in Epilobium ciliatum. Aarssen, L.W.; Irwin, D.L. Jul 1, 1996 4583
Composition of bodies of cave crickets (Hadenoecus subterraneus), their eggs, and their egg predator, Neaphaenops tellkampfi. Studier, Eugene H. Jul 1, 1996 4493
Complex adaptations and the evolution of evolvability. Wagner, Gunter P.; Altenberg, Lee Jun 1, 1996 7582
Adaptation to fine-grained environmental variation: an analysis of within-individual leaf variation in an annual plant. Winn, Alice A. Jun 1, 1996 5294
Drought stress and inbreeding depression in Lychnis flos-cuculi (Caryophyllaceae). Hauser, Thure P.; Loeschcke, Volker Jun 1, 1996 4903
Dependence of gene flow on geographic distance in two solitary corals with different larval dispersal capabilities. Hellberg, Michael E. Jun 1, 1996 6011
Generalization in pollination system, and why it matters. Waser, Nickolas M.; Chittka, Lars; Price, Mary V.; Williams, Neil M.; Ollerton, Jeff Jun 1, 1996 11989
Adaptive mechanisms and correlated responses in experimental lines of Escherichia coli. Bennett, Albert F.; Lenski, Richard E. Apr 1, 1996 7692
Life-history adaptation and reproductive isolation in a grasshopper hybrid zone. Orr, Matthew R. Apr 1, 1996 6756
Adaptation to fermenting resources in Drosophila melanogaster: ethanol and acetic acid tolerances share a common genetic basis. Chakir, Mohamed; Capy, Pierre; Genermont, Jean; Pla, Eliane; David, Jean R. Apr 1, 1996 5729
Adaptation to predators in a new community: swimming performance and predator avoidance in damselflies. McPeek, Mark A.; Schrot, Ann K.; Brown, Jonathan M. Mar 1, 1996 8928
Adaptation of Escherichia coli at a niche boundary. Mongold, Judith A.; Bennett, Albert F.; Lenski, Richard E. Feb 1, 1996 5417
Differing selection on plant physiological traits in response to environmental water availability: a test of adaptive hypotheses. Dudley, Susan A. Feb 1, 1996 7746
The response to differing selection on plant physiological traits: evidence for local adaptation. Dudley, Susan A. Feb 1, 1996 6069
Comparative methods at the species level: geographic variation in morphology and group size in grey-crowned babblers (Pomatostomus temporalis). Edwards, Scott V.; Kot, Mark Dec 1, 1995 7884
Ontogenetic reaction norms in Lobelia siphilitica (Lobeliaceae): response to shading. Pigliucci, Massimo; Schlichting, Carl D. Oct 1, 1995 6024
Experimental evidence for the evolutionary significance of temperature-dependent sex determination. Janzen, Fredric J. Oct 1, 1995 7520
Bacterial chatter: how patterns reveal clues about bacteria's chemical communication. Lipkin, Richard Cover Story Mar 4, 1995 1722
Variation among replicate populations in correlated responses to novel environments. Travisano, Michael; Vasi, Farida; Lenski, Richard E. Feb 1, 1995 9367
Acclimation and adaptive behavior of Drosophila robusta and D. tripunctata adults in response to combined temperature and desiccation stress. McDaniel, Rene; Hostert, Ellen E.; Seager, Robert D. Jan 1, 1995 2772
Local adaptation in the armored scale insect Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Homoptera: Diaspididae). Hanks, Lawrence M.; Denno, Robert F. Dec 1, 1994 6304
Adaptation and constraint in the evolution of specialization of Bahamian Anolis lizards. Losos, Jonathan B.; Irschick, Duncan J.; Schoener, Thomas W. Dec 1, 1994 7800
Adaptation of Escherichia coli to a temporally varying environment. Leroi, Armand; Lenski, Richard E.; Bennett, Albert F. Aug 1, 1994 5066
Genetics of physiological differentiation within the marine mussel genus Mytilus. Hilbish, Thomas J.; Bayne, Brian L.; Day, Amanda Apr 1, 1994 10781
Evolutionary shifts in the spectral properties of spider silks. Craig, Catherine L.; Bernard, Gary D.; Coddington, Jonathan A. Apr 1, 1994 4872
Does outcrossing provide an escape from herbivores adapted to the parent plant? Strauss, Sharon Y.; Karban, Richard Apr 1, 1994 6395
Does outcrossing pose a problem for thrips adapted to the host-plant clone? Strauss, Sharon Y.; Karban, Richard Apr 1, 1994 6549
Using phylogenies to test hypotheses of adaptation: a critique of some current proposals. Frumhoff, Peter C.; Reeve, H. Kerne Feb 1, 1994 5767
Adaptive genetic variation in growth and development of tadpoles of the hybridogenetic Rana esculenta complex. Semlitsch, Raymond D. Dec 1, 1993 7403
Genetics of host-cactus response and life-history evolution among ancestral and derived populations of cactophilic Drosophila mojavensis. Etges, William J. Jun 1, 1993 8047
Phenotypic plasticity in body sizes and sexual size dimorphism in European grass snakes. Madsen, Thomas; Shine, Richard Feb 1, 1993 2993
Turtle's cold water survival strategy. Brief Article Sep 26, 1992 239
Grasshoppers change coats to beat the heat. Pennisi, Elizabeth Aug 24, 1991 627
Experiments challenge genetic theory. Hendricks, Melissa Sep 10, 1988 411
One way to survive mass extinction. Aug 30, 1986 225

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