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Quantifying the Geometric Shell Shape between Populations of True Limpets Lottia Mesoleuca (Mollusca: Lottidae) in Colombia. Echeverry, Ana Maria; Londono-Cruz, Edgardo; Benitez, Hugo A. Apr 1, 2020 5749
Crab shells and wood make for a natural pairing for sustainable packaging. Jun 4, 2018 891
Green Biodiesel Synthesis Using Waste Shells as Sustainable Catalysts with Camelina sativa Oil. Hangun-Balkir, Yelda Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5188
Shell shapes of the Chinese pond mussel Sinanodonta woodiana (Lea, 1834) from Lawis stream in Iligan City and Lake Lanao in Mindanao, Philippines. Demayo, Cesar G.; Cabacaba, Krichi May C.; Torres, Mark Anthony J. Report Apr 1, 2012 2718
Microstructural characterization of inner shell layers in the freshwater bivalve Anodonta cygnea. Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Rocha, Antonio; Goncalves, Fernando; Andrade, Jose; Machado, Jorge Report Dec 1, 2010 2657
The research of biology coupling characteristics on the shells of Haliotis discus hannai Ino. Li, Xiu-juan; Liang, Yun-hong; Tian, Xi-mei; Ren, Lu-quan; Lu, Guang-lin Report Oct 19, 2010 2431
Abrasive wear of geometrical surface structures of Scapharca subcrenata and Burnt-end Ark against soil. Zhang, Rui; Lu, Zhi-li; Li, Jian-qiao Report Oct 14, 2010 1489
Snail in shining armor. Grossman, Lisa Brief article Feb 13, 2010 143
Tiles stack for shell strength in abalone. Brief Article Feb 12, 2005 264
Sea urchin shell lights the way for optical material. Brief Article Aug 21, 2004 245
Conch yields clues for future materials. Gorman, J. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 486
Oyster shell protein and atomic force microscopy of oyster shell folia. Sikes, C.S.; Wheeler, A.P.; Wierzbicki, A.; Dillaman, R.M.; De Luca, L. Jun 1, 1998 7534
Carbohydrates of the organic shell matrix and the shell-forming tissue of the snail Biomphalaria glabrata (Say) Marxen, Julia C.; Hammer, Maren; Gehrke, Tilman; Becker, Wilhelm Apr 1, 1998 5864
Scallop shells exhibit optimization of riblet dimensions for drag reduction. Anderson, Erik J.; MacGillivray, Patrick S.; DeMont, M. Edwin Jun 1, 1997 1836
Shell microstructure of gastropods from Lake Tanganyika, Africa: adaptation, convergent evolution, and escalation. West, Kelly; Cohen, Andrew Apr 1, 1996 5602
Computer-simulated shell size and shape variation in the Caribbean land snail genus Cerion: a test of geometrical constraints. Stone, Jonathon Richard Feb 1, 1996 3408
Disarticulation of turtle shells in north-central Florida: how long does a shell remain in the woods? Dodd, C. Kenneth, Jr. Oct 1, 1995 3559
Developmental plasticity in the shell of the queen conch Strombus gigas. Martin-Mora, Elizabeth; James, Frances C.; Stoner, Allan W. Apr 1, 1995 8564
Inorganic overgrowth of aragonite on molluscan nacre examined by atomic force microscopy. Giles, R.; Manne, S.; Mann, S.; Morse, D.E.; Stucky, G.D.; Hansma, P.K. Feb 1, 1995 4500
Elemental distributions in marine bivalve shells as measured by synchrotron X-ray fluorescence. Thorn, Kurt; Cerrato, Robert M.; Rivers, Mark L. Feb 1, 1995 5673

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