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Study: Leprosy patients migrating due to social stigma, rejection. Oct 10, 2020 384
Occurrence of bacterial biofilm in leprosy plantar ulcers. Ebineshan, Kumar; Pallapati, Michael Sukumar; Srikantam, Aparna Report Jun 1, 2020 4090
The challenge of health-seeking: recollections of leprosy inpatients in post-elimination Nepal. Engelbrektsson, Ulla-Britt; Subedi, Madhusudan; Nicholls, Peter Report Dec 1, 2019 6338
Ultrasonography versus clinical examination in detecting leprosy neuropathy. Kumaran, Muthu Sendhil; Thapa, Manisha; Narang, Tarun; Prakash, Mahesh; Dogra, Sunil Report Dec 1, 2019 3310
Individuals who are missed during household contact examinations. Butlin, Cynthia Ruth; Nicholls, Peter; Bowers, Bob; Singh, Suren; Alam, Khorshed Report Sep 1, 2019 2777
Innovative Methods for Leprosy New Case Detection by Tent Awareness Programmes in an Urban Setting in India. Govindharaj, Pitchaimani; John, Annammma S. Report Jun 1, 2019 1773
Histopathological findings in nerve biopsies from patients suspected with pure neural leprosy in two teaching hospitals in Mumbai in the period 2008-2015. Shetty, Vanaja Prabhakar; Khodke, Ashish; Khadilkar, Satish; Thatte, Mukund Report Dec 1, 2018 2374
Hansen's disease in the archipelago. Roy, Avijit; Rao, Shivani; Thatkar, Pandurang Vithal; Sethuraman, Ajay Raj Report Nov 1, 2018 3828
Immunohistochemistry of skin lesions in leprosy and leprosy reactions. Govindan, Aparna; Sasidharanpillai, Sarita; Ajithkumar, Kidangazhiyathmana; Parambath, Sathi Puthen; Report Sep 1, 2018 5381
Characterization of New Leprosy Cases in Northeast of Iran within the Last 15 Years. Ghavidel, Mahdis; Taghanaki, Hamid Reza Bahrami; Samiee, Amin; Nourian, Kimiya; Ghazvini, Kiarash Report Jul 1, 2018 2581
The relationship between transforming growth factor-[beta] with erythema nodosum leprosum recurring events based on immunoglobulin M anti-phenolic glycolipid-1 and cortisol. Report Mar 31, 2018 3468
ROLE OF MAST CELLS IN LEPROSY--A STUDY OF 62 CASES. Jindal, Shivani; Manjari, Mridu; Girdhar, Monika Report Sep 18, 2017 3089
Electrophysiological profiles of leprosy neuropathy. Marahatta, Suchana; Bhattarai, Sabina; Paudel, Bishnu Hari Report Sep 1, 2017 3285
Grade 2 deformity and new leprosy cases, an issue of concern--a retrospective, descriptive study in a tertiary care hospital. Rajaram, Muthukumaran; Pandiyan, Subhashini Sundarara; Alagarsamy, Sudha Report Aug 10, 2017 2591
Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase (IDO) level in leprosy patients with positive serology. Report Jun 30, 2017 2095
Delayed diagnosis of neural signs of leprosy. Report Jun 30, 2017 1598
A study of clinico-pathological concordance in patients with Hansen's disease across the spectrum. Lakshmy, R.; Samad, K. Abdul; Nandakumar, G.; Samson, Joan Felicita Report Jun 19, 2017 2288
The diagnostic dilemma of erythema nodosum leprosum--a clinicohistological study. Chatterjee, Debajyoti; Saikia, Uma Nahar; Narang, Tarun; Dogra, Sunil Report Jun 1, 2017 4185
An unusual presentation of lepromatous leprosy as verrucous growth in the oral cavity. Shrestha, Smriti; Karn, Dharmendra; Shekhar, K.C.; Mishra, Aditi Clinical report Jun 1, 2017 1524
Current trends in leprosy- a retrospective study from a tertiary care centre in Kerala. Mathew, Rani; Sobhanakumari, Kunjumani Report Apr 13, 2017 2187
Clinical and electrophysiological study of leprous neuritis. Narayana, G. Surya; Subhashini, C.; Balachandrudu, B.; Jahnavi, S.; Kumar, Ch. Naveen; Patro, Suneet Report Mar 13, 2017 2606
Impact of socio-economic development, contact and peer counselling on stigma against persons affected by leprosy in Cirebon, Indonesia--a randomised controlled trial. Dadun, D.; Van Brakel, Wim H.; Peters, Ruth M.H.; Lusli, Mimi; Zweekhorst, Marjolein B.M.; Bunders, Report Mar 1, 2017 9841
Stigmatisation and discrimination: experiences of people affected by leprosy in Southern Ghana. Dako-Gyeke, Mavis; Asampong, Emmanuel; Oduro, Razak Mar 1, 2017 9395
Nerve decompression for leprous neuropathy: a prospective study from Ecuador. Wan, Eric L.; Noboa, Jonathan; Baltodano, Pablo A.; Jousin, Renato Martinez; Ericson, William B.; Wi Report Mar 1, 2017 5927
Clinical presentation and serum antibody reactivity of leprosy patients attending a dermatology clinic in Caracas, Venezuela. Rada, Elsa M.; Duthie, Malcolm S.; Bellorin, Duniashka; Morales, Sabelys; Crespo, Lucibel Report Mar 1, 2017 4836
Histopathology of skin lesions of leprosy before and after fixed duration treatment. Sasidharanpillai, Sarita; Govindan, Aparna; Riyaz, Najeeba; Binitha, Manikoth Payyanadan; Parambath, Report Mar 1, 2017 3597
Corneal astigmatism in leprosy and its importance for cataract surgery. Nongrum, Benjamin; Chacko, Shirley; Mathew, Priya Thomas; Paulson Report Mar 1, 2017 1899
qPCR detection of Mycobacterium leprae in biopsies and slit skin smear of different leprosy clinical forms. de Campos Soriani Azevedo, Michelle; Ramuno, Natalia Mortari; Fachin, Luciana Raquel Vincenzi; Tassa Report Jan 1, 2017 5841
Deck chair sign in lepromatous leprosy. Case study Dec 31, 2016 1079
High resolution sonographic examination: a newer technique to study ulnar nerve neuropathy in leprosy. Gupta, Swati; Bhatt, Shuchi; Bhargava, Satish Kumar; Singal, Archana; Bhargava, Sumeet Report Dec 1, 2016 3530
Lucio phenomenon of leprosy LL type on pregnancy: a rare case. Prakoeswa, Cita Rosita Sigit; Herwanto, Nanny; Agusni, Regitta Indira; Natalya, Fransiska Rismauli; Clinical report Dec 1, 2016 1316
Protocol for a randomised controlled trial investigating decompression for leprous neuropathy (The DELN Protocol). Wan, Eric L.; Rivadeniera, Andres F.; Serrano, Hector A.; Napit, Indra; Garbino, Jose Antonio; Joshu Report Dec 1, 2016 3322
An unusual case of dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome in a leprosy patient. Case study Sep 30, 2016 1281
Vesiculopustuloulcerative lesions in erythema nodosum leprosum as initial manifestation of leprosy. Arvind Mishra, Varun Kumar Singh, Shilpa, K.K. Gupta Case study Aug 1, 2016 1315
Leprosy in 21st century. Jun 30, 2016 1369
A clinicodemographic study of lepra reaction in patients attending dermatology department of a tertiary care hospital in Eastern India. Clinical report Dec 31, 2015 3106
Erythema nodosum leprosum research: ENLISTing support. Walker, Stephen L.; Lockwood, Diana N. Editorial Dec 1, 2015 1123
Leprosy [lep're-se]. Dec 1, 2015 311
Epidemiological and clinical study of childhood Hansens in a tertiary care hospital. Mohammed, Shahana; Mahaboob, Khan P.; Aakurati, Padma; Udaya, Kumar B. Clinical report Oct 19, 2015 1592
Epidemiological indicators and clinical profile of leprosy cases in Dhaka. Report Sep 30, 2015 3097
Health beliefs surrounding leprosy induced foot ulceration; an exploratory qualitative study from South Nepal. Desancha, Maximilian; Jha, Kiran; Williams, Anita Report Sep 1, 2015 5026
Leprosy presenting as a non-healing ulcer and associated unusual myth. Yadav, Pravesh; Verma, Prashant; Singal, Archana Case study Sep 1, 2015 1480
Compressive ulnar nerve neuropathy resembling nerve abscess at a leprosy referral hospital in Purulia, a high endemic district in India. Suresh, Mani; Darlong, Joydeepa Case study Sep 1, 2015 1361
Current knowledge on Mycobacterium leprae transmission: a systematic literature review. Bratschi, Martin W.; Steinmann, Peter; Wickenden, Anna; Gillis, Thomas P. Report Jun 1, 2015 17253
Dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome in a lepromatous leprosy patient--a case report. Gavilanes, Maria Catalina; Palacio, Adriana Lucia; Chellini, Patricia Rocha; Nery, Jose Augusto Da C Report Jun 1, 2015 1983
Leprosy and Lobomycosis: first report from the Amazon Region. Ihara, Gabriel Maroja; Massone, Cesare; Schettini, Antonio Pedro; Maroja, Maria De Fatima Case study Jun 1, 2015 2005
Leprosy: type 1 reaction precipitated by doxorubicin and cisplatin. Report Mar 31, 2015 1021
The role of ERBB2 gene polymorphisms in leprosy susceptibility. Rego, Jamile Leao; Oliveira, Joyce Moura; Santana, Nadja de Lima; Machado, Paulo Roberto Lima; Caste Report Mar 1, 2015 1758
Profile of oxidative stress in response to treatment for Type 1 leprosy reaction. Chhabra, Namrata; Bhattacharya, Sambit Nath; Singal, Archana; Ahmed, Rafat S.; Verma, Prashant Report Mar 1, 2015 4208
Reply to the role of contact tracing and prevention strategies in the interruption of leprosy transmission. Lockwood, Diana N.J.; Krishnamurthy, P.; Pannikar, Vijay; Penna, Gerson Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 1005
What stops people completing multi-drug therapy? Ranked perspectives of people with leprosy, their head of family and neighbours--across four Indian states. Raju, M.S.; John, Annamma S.; Kuipers, Pim Report Mar 1, 2015 7052
American Leprosy Missions (ALM), 1 ALM Way, Greenville, SC, USA. Saunderson, Paul Conference notes Mar 1, 2015 3011
Chemoprophylaxis: sufficient evidence for starting implementation pilots. Richardus, Jan Hendrik Editorial Mar 1, 2015 1189
Marcos gets research award. Brief article Jan 9, 2015 216
Leprosy in Sukkur region: A series of 143 cases from 2001-2011 at leprosy centre Sukkur Sindh. Report Dec 31, 2014 1649
Correlation between the spatial distribution of leprosy and socioeconomic indicators in the city of Vitoria, State of ES, Brazil. Sampaio, Poliane Barbosa; Bertolde, Adelmo Inacio; Maciel, Ethel Leonor Noia; Zandonade, Eliana Dec 1, 2013 4666
A clinical study of ocular manifestations in leprosy. Kusagur, Shivayogi R.; Kusagur, Mamatha S.; Gururaj, K.J. Clinical report Sep 9, 2013 3269
Bacteriological results and leprosy reactions among MB leprosy patients treated with Uniform Multidrug Therapy in China. Shen, Jianping; Bathyala, Nagaraju; Kroeger, Axel; Arana, Byron; Pannikar, Vijay; Mou, Hongjiang; Ba Clinical report Jun 1, 2012 3526
A comparison of the change in clinical severity scale score and a retrospective physician assessment of neurological outcome in individuals with leprosy associated nerve function impairment after treatment with corticosteroids. Walker, Stephen L.; Nicholls, Peter G.; Dhakal, Sushmita; Hawksworth, Rachel A.; MacDonald, Murdo; M Clinical report Jun 1, 2012 4151
Patterns and trends of leprosy in Mexico: 1989-2009. Larrea, Maria Ruperez; Carreno, Maria Cristina; Fine, Paul Em Report Jun 1, 2012 4905
Limitations in activities of people affected by leprosy after completing multidrug therapy: application of the SALSA scale. Nardi, Susilene Maria Tonelli; Paschoal, Vania Del'Arco; Zanetta, Dirce Maria Trevisan Report Jun 1, 2012 5186
The prevention of leprosy related disability as an integral component of the government health delivery programme in Myanmar. Cross, Hugh Report Jun 1, 2012 4728
High anti-phenolic glycolipid-I IgM titers and hidden leprosy cases, Amazon Region. Salgado, Claudio Guedes; Ferreira, Denis Vieira Gomes; Frade, Marco Andrey Cipriani; Guimaraes, Laya Letter to the editor May 1, 2012 1466
Serological detection of leprosy employing Mycobacterium leprae derived serine-rich 45kDa, ESAT-6, CFP-10 and PGL-I: a compilation of data from studies in Indian populations. Parkash, Om Dec 1, 2011 2929
Clinical, bacteriological and histopathological study of 62 referral relapse cases between Jan 2004 and Dec 2009 at the Foundation for Medical Research, Mumbai. Shetty, Vanaja P.; Wakade, Anju V.; Ghate, Sunil D.; Pai, Vivek V. Sep 1, 2011 4196
Hansen disease among Micronesian and Marshallese persons living in the United States. Woodall, Patricia; Scollard, David; Rajan, Latha Report Jul 1, 2011 3833
Molecular typing of Mycobacterium leprae strains from northern India using short tandem repeats. Lavania, Mallika; Katoch, Kiran; Sharma, Rahul; Sharma, Pragya; Das, Ram; Gupta, Anuj Kumar; Chauhan Report Jun 1, 2011 4779
Leprosy stigma: ironing out the creases. Kazeem, Omobolanle; Adegun, Temitayo Report Jun 1, 2011 2897
Leprosy in Eastern Nigeria and the social history of colonial skin. Manton, John Report Jun 1, 2011 6142
Pride and prejudice--identity and stigma in leprosy work. Harris, Kristine Report Jun 1, 2011 6589
Leprosy and stigma in the context of international migration. White, Cassandra Report Jun 1, 2011 4322
Leprosy, the key to another kingdom. Poestges, Heide Report Jun 1, 2011 6807
Social implications of leprosy in the Netherlands--stigma among ex-leprosy patients in a non-endemic setting. De Groot, Roos; Van Brakel, Wim H.; De Vries, Henry J.C. Report Jun 1, 2011 4656
In vitro and skin lesion cytokine profile in Brazilian patients with borderline tuberculoid and borderline lepromatous leprosy. Venturini, James; Soares, Cleverson Teixeira; Belone, Andrea De Faria Fernandes; Barreto, Jaison Ant Mar 1, 2011 4407
Relapse study in smear positive multibacillary (MB) leprosy after 1 year WHO-multi-drug therapy (MDT) in Cebu, Philippines. Maghanoy, Armi; Mallari, Irene; Balagon, Marivic; Saunderson, Paul Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 2033
Report on the sixth meeting of the IDEAL (Initiative for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Assays for Leprosy) consortium held in Beijing, China on 23-25 August 2010. Dockrell, Hazel M.; Geluk, Annemieke; Brennan, Patrick; Saunderson, Paul R.; Oskam, Linda; Lockwood, Mar 1, 2011 2199
Integration of leprosy into GHS in India: a follow up study (2006-2007). Pandey, Aparna; Rathod, Harish Report Dec 1, 2010 5354
Assessment of needs and quality care issues of women with leprosy. John, Annamma Succhanda; Rao, Pamidipani Samuel Sundar; Das, Sonali Mar 1, 2010 3263
Interventions for erythema nodosum leprosum. A Cochrane review. Van Veen, Natasja H.J.; Lockwood, Diana N.J.; Van Brakel, Wim H.; Ramirez, J., Jr.; Richardus, Jan H Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2009 7647
The decline of leprosy in Japan: patterns and trends 1964-2008. Koba, A.I.; Ishii, Norihisa; Mori, Shuichi; Fine, Paul E.M. Dec 1, 2009 2783
The contemporary relevance of the mouse foot pad model for cultivating M. leprae. Katoch, V.M. Jun 1, 2009 1858
>Collaborative programmes of research in leprosy: the INFIR programme. Cairns, W.; Smith, S.; Lockwood, Diana N.J.; Van Brakel, Wim H.; Nicholls, Peter G.; Soutar, Doug Jun 1, 2009 2283
Spatial distribution of leprosy in the Amazon Region of Brazil. Penna, Maria L.F.; Wand-del-Rey de Oliveira, Maria L.; Penna, Gerson Report Apr 1, 2009 2034
Variations in leprosy manifestations among HIV-positive patients, Manaus, Brazil. Talhari, Carolina; Matsuo, Christiane; Chrusciak-Talhari, Anette; de Lima Ferreira, Luis Carlos; Mir Report Apr 1, 2009 1154
Assistive devices for people affected by leprosy: underutilised facilitators of functioning? Borg, Johan; Larsson, Stig Report Mar 1, 2009 3816
Corticosteroids for treating nerve damage in leprosy. A Cochrane review. Van Veen, Natasja H.J.; Nicholls, Peter G.; Smith, W. Cairns S.; Richardus, Jan Hendrik Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2008 4628
Schwann cell invasion by M. Leprae: the probable Trojan horse. Eapen, Bell Raj Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 1371
The frequency of drug resistance mutations in Mycobacterium leprae isolates in untreated and relapsed leprosy patients from Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. Matsuoka, Masanori; Budiawan, Teky; Aye, Khin Saw; Kyaw, Kyaw; Tan, Esterlina Virtudes; Dela Cruz, E Dec 1, 2007 5185
Dorsal sensory impairment in hands and feet of people affected by Hansen's disease in Israel. Wexler, Ruth; Melchior, Hanna Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 3233
Histopathological and clinical findings in leprosy patients with chronic neuropathic pain: a study from Hyderabad, India. Lund, Caroline; Koskinen, Mika; Suneetha, Sujai; Lockwood, Diana N.J.; Haanpaa, Maija; Haapasalo, Ha Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 5031
Increased level of urinary nitric oxide metabolites in leprosy patients during Type 2 reactions and decreased after antireactional therapy. Mohanty, Keshar K.; Gupta, Manisha; Girdhar, B.K.; Girdhar, A.; Chakma, J.K.; Sengupta, U. Dec 1, 2007 1983
Erythrocyte superoxide dismutase, catalase activities and hydrogen peroxide induced lipid peroxidation in leprosy. Prasad, C.V. Balasubrahmanya; Kodliwadmath, Mallikarjun V.; Kodliwadmath, Girija Basavaraj Dec 1, 2007 3717
Novel approach fights leprosy. Brief article Oct 14, 2006 221
Health systems research training as a tool for more effective Hansen's disease control programmes in Brazil. Ramos, Alberto Novaes, Jr.; Heukelbach, Jorg; Gomide, Marcia; Hinders, Duane C.; Schreuder, Pieter A Sep 1, 2006 6944
My pilgrimage in mission. Brand, Paul W. Jul 1, 2002 5382

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