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Desmopressin acetate decreases blood loss in patients with massive hemorrhage undergoing gastrointestinal surgery. Wang, Li-Chun; Hu, Ying-Fang; Chen, Lei; Xing, Rui; Lin, Xin-Feng; Kou, Qiu-Ye Jun 1, 2020 5538
Desmopressin acetate decreases blood loss in patients with massive hemorrhage undergoing gastrointestinal surgery. Wang, Li-Chun; Hu, Ying-Fang; Chen, Lei; Xing, Rui; Lin, Xin-Feng; Kou, Qiu-Ye Jun 1, 2020 5495
Cockayne Syndrome as a Rare Cause of Hemiplegia: Review of the Literature Accompanied by a Case Report/Nadir Bir Hemipleji Nedeni Olarak Cockayne Sendromu: Bir Olgu Sunumu Esliginde Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Inceer, Besir Sahin; Bulut, Onur; Savas, Yilmaz Report Mar 1, 2019 1218
Evaluation of local hemostatic effect of microporous polysaccharide hemospheres products in thyroid surgery: a prospective randomized controlled study/Mikro gozenekli polisakkarit hemosfer urunlerinin tiroid cerrahisinde lokal hemostatik etkilerinin degerlendirilmesi: Prospektif randomize kontrollu calisma. Kunduz, Enver; Aysan, Erhan; Idiz, Ufuk Oguz; Ersoy, Yeliz Emine; Bektasoglu, Huseyin Kazim; Yigman, Report Mar 1, 2019 2748
Prospective randomized single-blind study of postoperative bleeding after minor oral surgery in patients with cirrhosis. Efeoglu, Candan; Calis, Aylin Sipahi; Karasu, Zeki; Koca, Huseyin; Boyacioglu, Hayal Report Feb 1, 2019 4012
Evaluation of the blood ammonia level as a non-invasive predictor for the presence of esophageal varices and the risk of bleeding. Elzeftawy, Asmaa; Mansour, Loai; Kobtan, Abdelrahman; Mourad, Heba; El-Kalla, Ferial Report Jan 1, 2019 4474
Percutaneous glue embolization for recalcitrant iatrogenic portal hemorrhage. Majdalany, Bill S.; Khaja, Minhaj S.; Sanogo, Mamadou L.; Saad, Wael E. Report Nov 1, 2018 1970
The management of rectal bleeding following transrectal prostate biopsy: A review of the current literature. Quinlan, Mark R.; D., Damien Bolton; Casey, Rowan G. Report Mar 1, 2018 5300
Evaluation of CRUSADE and ACUITY-HORIZONS Scores for Predicting Long-term Out-of-Hospital Bleeding after Percutaneous Coronary Interventions. Zhao, Xue-Yan; Li, Jian-Xin; Tang, Xiao-Fang; Xian, Ying; Xu, Jing-Jing; Song, Ying; Jiang, Lin; Xu, Report Feb 3, 2018 3368
Fluorescein Leakage within Recent Subretinal Hemorrhage in Pathologic Myopia: Suggestive of CNV? Mi, Lan; Zuo, Chengguo; Zhang, Xiongze; Liu, Bing; Peng, Yuting; Wen, Feng Jan 1, 2018 3724
High-dose vs. Low-dose Proton Pump Inhibitors post-endoscopic hemostasis in patients with bleeding peptic ulcer. A meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis. Sgourakis, George; Chatzidakis, George; Poulou, Androniki; Malliou, Panagiota; Argyropoulos, Theodor Jan 1, 2018 4918
A Preliminary Observational Study of Anovulatory Uterine Bleeding After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Brown, Suzanne M.; Fifield, Susan W.; Pizzi, Michael A.; Alejos, David; Richie, Alexa N.; Dinh, Tri Report Dec 1, 2017 4704
Comparing adrenaline with tranexamic acid to control acute endobronchial bleeding: A randomized controlled trial. Fekri, Mitra Samareh; Shafahi, Ahmad; Zarshenas, Ahmad Report Mar 1, 2017 4367
The effectiveness of a collector bag for measurement of post-partum hemorrhage. Abbaspoor, Zahra; Vaziri, Leila Report Mar 1, 2017 2713
Does Microscope Assistance in Cold Steel Tonsillectomy Reduce the Risk of Postoperative Hemorrhage? Results of a Prospective Cohort Study. Wilhelm, Thomas; Wittlinger, Jan; Georgiew, Robert; Guldner, Christian; Hoch, Stephan; Teymoortash, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 5716
Purpura and bleeding due to calcium channel blockers: A preliminary study. Report Dec 31, 2016 3290
Estimation of blood loss and factors influencing blood loss in transurethral resection of prostate: a prospective study. Vetrichandar, S.; Aysha, Shaheen B. Report Dec 26, 2016 3030
Clinical features and course of patients with peripheral exudative hemorrhagic chorioretinopathy. Cebeci, Zafer; Dere, Yasemin; Bayraktar, Serife; Tuncer, Samuray; Kir, Nur Report Sep 1, 2016 3380
Severe post-pancreatoduodenectomy haemorrhage: an analytical review based on 118 consecutive pancreatoduodenectomy patients in a South African Academic Hospital. Bernon, M.M.; Krige, J.E.J.; Jonas, E.; Kloppers, J.C.; Burmeister, S.; Naidoo, N.G.; Beningfield, S Report Sep 1, 2016 2714
Maternal deaths from bleeding associated with caesarean delivery: a national emergency. Hofmeyr, G.J. Report May 1, 2016 877
Maternal deaths from bleeding associated with caesarean delivery: a national emergency. Fawcus, S.; Pattinson, R.C.; Moodley, J.; Moran, N.F.; Schoon, M.G.; Mhlanga, R.E.; Baloyi, S.; Bekk May 1, 2016 4389
Uterine Artery Rupture After Induced Abortion and Extraction of an Intrauterine Device. Yu, Xiao-Ming; Guan, Jing; Sun, Ting-Ting Apr 1, 2016 1684
Exsanguinating hemorrhage during open biopsy in a primary breast angiosarcoma: a case report. Akrami, Majid; Mohammadipour, Mastoureh; Mokhtari, Maral; Dayani, Malihe Report Mar 1, 2016 1560
Variant PTA Terminating in Cerebellar Artery, Associated with Multiple Aneurysms. Hwang, Yeong Uk; Kim, Jin Woo Case study Jan 1, 2016 1513
Four Methods for Calculating Blood-loss after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Gao, Fu-Qiang; Li, Zi-Jian; Zhang, Ke; Sun, Wei; Zhang, Hong Report Nov 1, 2015 3211
Blood clots after knee replacement. Leipzig, Rosanne M. Report May 1, 2015 313
Oxytocin-ensuring appropriate use and balancing efficacy with safety. Farina, Z.; Fawcus, S. Report Apr 1, 2015 3381
Gastroesophageal Varices (Bleeding) and Splenomegaly: The Initial Manifestations of Some Pancreatic Body and Tail Carcinoma. Li, Xiao-Bin; Zhao, Luo; Liao, Quan; Xu, Qiang; Zhang, Tai-Ping; Cong, Lin; Mu, Bing; Song, Yi-Min; Report Apr 1, 2015 2229
Time since injury is the major factor in preventing tranexamic acid use in the trauma setting: an observational cohort study from a major trauma centre in a middle-income country. Thurston, B.; Chowdhury, S.; Edu, S.; Nicol, A.J.; Navsaria, P.H. Clinical report Mar 1, 2015 3218
Atypical intrapapillary hemorrhage in a patient with glaucoma/Glokomlu bir hastada atipik intrapapiller kanama. Gungor, Sirel Gur; Ozisik, Gulce Gokgoz; Akman, Ahmet; Asena, Leyla Report Jan 1, 2015 772
Effects of acute bleeding followed by hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 or a crystalloid on propofol concentrations, cerebral oxygenation, and electroencephalographic and haemodynamic variables in pigs. Silva, Aura; Ortiz, Ana Liza; Venancio, Carlos; Souza, Almir P.; Ferreira, Luisa Maria; Branco, Paul Report Jan 1, 2014 10073
Substituting Prasugrel for Clopidogrel in triple therapy may increase bleeding risk. Brief article Apr 14, 2013 126
Factors influencing yield of platelet aphaeresis using continuous flow cell separator. Patel, Jitendra; Nishal, Arpita; Pandya, Amrish; Patel, Prashant; Wadhwani, Sangita Report Apr 1, 2013 1889
The effectiveness of a new hemostatic agent (Ankaferd Blood Stopper) for the control of bleeding following tooth extraction in hemophilia: a controlled clinical trial / Hemofililerde Yeni Bir Hemostatik Ajanin (Ankaferd Blood Stopper) Dis Cekimi Sonrasi Kanama Kontrolune Etkisi: Kontrollu Bir Klinik Calisma. Kazancioglu, Hakki Oguz, Cakir, Onur, Ak, Gulsum, Zulfikar, Bulent Report Mar 1, 2013 4343
Proinflammatory responses of heme in alveolar macrophages: repercussion in lung hemorrhagic episodes. Simoes, Rafael L.; Arruda, Maria Augusta; Canetti, Claudio; Serezani, Carlos H.; Fierro, Iolanda M.; Report Jan 1, 2013 6275
Abnormal post-operative bleeding in patients with congenital heart diseases undergoing open heart surgery. Al-Khashab, Siddiq; Al-Hassani, Fouzi A.A. Clinical report Sep 30, 2012 2463
Dental management of haemophilic pediatric patients. Noor, Nouman; Maxood, Anser; Mumtaz, Rubina Report Jun 30, 2012 2984
Gorgas Scholarship poster competition. Report Apr 1, 2012 4799
Women can deliver safely without controlled traction on the cord. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 287
Systematic review of oxytocin dosing at caesarean section. Stephens, L.C.; Bruessel, T. Report Mar 1, 2012 4511
Bivalirudin during PCI may result in decreased risk of bleeding. Brief article Dec 31, 2011 102
Hemorrhage into a vocal fold cyst. Chowdhury, Farhad R.; Reddy, Nishant; Sataloff, Robert T. Report Dec 1, 2011 537
Pearls for postpartum hemorrhage. Courtney, Wendell Brief article Oct 1, 2011 210
CSF picture in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Ghosh, Sayantani; Dey, Saugat; Maltenfort, Mitchell; Jallo, Jack Report Jul 1, 2011 2238
Haemorrhage associated with caesarean section in South Africa--be aware. Fawcus, S.; Moodley, J. Report May 1, 2011 2042
The role of pre-emptive control of vascular pedicle in laparoscopic splenectomy: an experience with 19 consecutive patients. Golash, Vishwanath Report Mar 1, 2011 3575
Report finds TXA could be lifesaver. Brief article Jul 19, 2010 309
How high is too high? INR and acute care physical therapy. Tuzson, Ann Report Mar 22, 2009 3496
The tumescent technique to reduce blood loss in burn surgery. Engelbrecht, J.J.K. "Kotze" Sep 1, 2008 1011
Experience reduces operative time, blood loss. Wachter, Kerri Brief article Aug 1, 2008 282
Safety considerations with omega-3 fatty acid therapy. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 230
Carvedilol beats band ligation for variceal bleed. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 277
Idraparinux causes more bleeding than vitamin K antagonists. Tucker, Miriam E. Mar 1, 2008 550
Thrombolysis for DVT ups risk of death. Zoler, Mitchel L. Oct 15, 2007 438
A single episode of pre-hospital hypotension predicts the need for early operative intervention following major trauma. Robertson, Simon; Dickson, Euan Clinical report Aug 1, 2007 224
Life blood: drug stops mothers' bleeding after births. Brownlee, C. Oct 14, 2006 420
Potential causes of mortality for horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) during the biomedical bleeding process. Hurton, Lenka; Berkson, Jim Apr 1, 2006 4536
Inhibition of platelet activating factor (PAF)-induced aggregation of human thrombocytes by ginkgolides: considerations on possible bleeding complications after oral intake of Ginkgo biloba extracts. Koch, E. Jan 1, 2005 4122
Esophageal variceal hemorhages and alcohol. (Medical News From Around The World). Brief Article Mar 22, 2003 199

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