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Emergent Reading via Stimulus Pairing with Orientation Response. Ribeiro, Giovan W.; Kawasaki, Hindira N.; Menzori, Leticia R.F.; Amd, Micah; de Rose, Julio C.; de S Report Sep 1, 2020 8161
Pilot Assessment of the Scholar Checklist: A Tool for Early Childhood Health & Education. Becker, Craig M.; Norris, Ashley; Berry, Susannah; Chaney, Beth; Robinson, Molly Jun 22, 2020 4920
Examining early childhood teachers' attitudes and responses to superhero play. Wiwatowski, Megan; Page, Jane; Young, Sarah Jun 1, 2020 6786
Using metaphor to illuminate quality in early childhood education. Fenech, Marianne; Harrison, Linda J.; Press, Fran; Sumsion, Jennifer Jun 1, 2020 6587
Highlighting the diversity, originality and significance of early childhood research. Howitt, Christine Dec 1, 2019 1484
Children's drawings speak a thousand words in their transition to school. Kaplun, Catherine Report Dec 1, 2019 6437
Teachers' perspectives of children's social behaviours in preschool: Does gender matter? Smith, Jessica; McLaughlin, Tara; Aspden, Karyn Dec 1, 2019 6401
EFFECTS OF A FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM ON EARLY READING DEVELOPMENT. Gustafson, Stefan; Nordstrom, Thomas; Andersson, Ulrika B.; Falth, Linda; Ingvar, Martin Sep 22, 2019 5464
Multiple perspectives on attachment theory: Investigating educators' knowledge and understanding. Wilson-Ali, Nadia; Knaus, Marianne Report Sep 1, 2019 6635
Collaborative drawing: A creative tool for examination of infant--toddler pedagogical practices. Quinones, Gloria; Ridgway, Avis; Li, Liang Report Sep 1, 2019 6251
Professional identity in the infant room. Davis, Belinda; Dunn, Rosemary Report Sep 1, 2019 6451
Multiplicities in early childhood reform engagement in Victorian long day care centres: Discourse, position and practice. Armstrong, Lauren Report Sep 1, 2019 6655
Coaching for continuous improvement in collaborative, interdisciplinary early childhood teams. Page, Jane; Eadie, Patricia Sep 1, 2019 7707
Evidencing leadership and management challenges in early childhood in Australia. Alchin, Ian; Arthur, Leonie; Woodrow, Christine Report Sep 1, 2019 6516
Early years teachers' perspectives on the effects of NAPLAN on stakeholder wellbeing and the impact on early years pedagogy and curriculum. Roberts, Pauline; Barblett, Lennie; Robinson, Ken Report Sep 1, 2019 6565
The 'dark side' of leadership in early childhood education. Brooker, Melinda; Cumming, Tamara Jun 1, 2019 6530
Celebrating 50 Years of Child Development Research: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives. Brief article Jun 1, 2019 113
Pathologizing Culture in Early Childhood Education: Illuminating Microaggressions from the Narratives of the Parents of Black Children. Essien, Idara Mar 22, 2019 8739
Intentional teaching: Can early-childhood educators create the conditions for children's conceptual development when following a child-centred programme? Lewis, Rebecca; Fleer, Marilyn; Hammer, Marie Report Mar 1, 2019 6547
Interactions between children and their early childhood educators: The effect of cultural match on communication. Webb, Gwendalyn; Williams, Cori Mar 1, 2019 6676
Transitions outside the mainstream: Stories of children and their families. Warren, Jane; Harden-Thew, Kathryn Mar 1, 2019 6742
Sociocultural education and empathy in early childhood: Analyzing the battle of Gallipoli. Keskin, Yusuf; Coskun, Sevgi; Kirtel, Aysegul Report Mar 1, 2019 6820
Supporting parents' informed early childhood education and care choices through playgroups. Stratigos, Tina; Fenech, Marianne Report Dec 1, 2018 6608
Rights, power and agency in early childhood research design: Developing a Rights-Based Research Ethics and Participation Planning Framework. Mayne, Fiona; Howitt, Christine; Rennie, Leonie Report Sep 1, 2018 6203
Collaborative forum: An affective space for infant--toddler educators' collective reflections. Quinones, Gloria; Li, Liang; Ridgway, Avis Report Sep 1, 2018 6538
Photographic agency and agency of photographs: Three-year-olds and digital cameras. Magnusson, Lena O. Report Sep 1, 2018 6174
Child task-based interaction in EFL settings: research and challenges. Mayo, Maria Del Pilar Garcia Report Jul 1, 2018 10826
Young children and digital technology: Australian early childhood education and care sector adults' perspectives. Zabatiero, Juliana; Straker, Leon; Mantilla, Ana; Danby, Susan; Edwards, Susan Survey Jun 1, 2018 6837
Early Childhood Open-Mindedness: An Investigation Into Preservice Teachers' Capacity to Address Controversial Issues. Bautista, Nazan; Misco, Thomas; Quaye, Stephen John Report Mar 1, 2018 12324
Renowned Early Childhood Program Increases College Success: 30-Year Study Shows Impact on Leading Social Determinant of Health. Clinical report Feb 6, 2018 1038
Globalization and Early Childhood Education: Urban Families Perceptions. Bhamani, Shelina Report Dec 31, 2017 3504
Engaging vulnerable children and families: Learning from a new model of education and care. Fordham, Loraine; Kennedy, Anne Dec 1, 2017 6575
Determining educators' needs to support healthy eating environments in early childhood settings. Wallace, Ruth; Devine, Amanda; Costello, Leesa Report Jun 1, 2017 6684
Enabling the exercise of choice and control: how early childhood intervention professionals may support families and young children with a disability to exercise choice and control in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Brien, Jackie; Page, Jane; Berman, Jeanette Report Jun 1, 2017 6479
Interrater reliability of early childhood education professionals involved in developmental surveillance for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions. Mozolic-Staunton, Beth; Donelly, Michelle; Yoxall, Jacqui; Barbaro, Josephine Report Jun 1, 2017 6385
Oral language usage in prekindergarten classrooms. Ratcliff, Nancy; Carroll, Kimberly; Savage-Davis, Emma; Costner, Richard; Jones, Cathy; Pritchard, N Mar 22, 2017 6479
The combined bachelor of education early childhood and primary degree: student perceptions of value. Harrison, Cathie; Joerdens, Sarah Heinrich Report Mar 1, 2017 6922
Childcare teachers' attitudes toward the integration of care and education in Korea. Park, Soyeon; Yang, Sungeun; Sims, Margaret Report Mar 1, 2017 6594
Play: challenging educators' beliefs about play in the indoor and outdoor environment. Leggett, Nicole; Newman, Linda Report Mar 1, 2017 6572
Young children's learning of literacies in transnational and sociocultural contexts in families with immigrant mothers in Taiwan. Hsin, Ching-Ting Report Mar 1, 2017 6350
Including playful aggression in early childhood curriculum and pedagogy. Hart, Jennifer L.; Nagel, Michael C. Report Mar 1, 2017 6082
Risk burden, participation in early childhood education and care, and child outcomes. Biddle, Nicholas; Crawford, Heather; Seth-Purdie, Robyn Report Mar 1, 2017 6674
Gender differences in early literacy and mathematics achievement and self-regulatory behaviours in the first year of school: an Australian study. Walker, Sue; Berthelsen, Donna Report Mar 1, 2017 7174
The selection of ECEC programs by Australian families: quality, availability, usage and family demographics. Cloney, Dan; Tayler, Collette; Hattie, John; Cleveland, Gordon; Adams, Ray Report Dec 1, 2016 7292
Building pedagogical leadership knowledge in early childhood education. Carroll-Lind, Janis; Smorti, Sue; Ord, Kate; Robinson, Lesley Report Dec 1, 2016 6412
The pushes and pulls of pedagogy in the early years: competing knowledges and the erosion of play-based learning. Barblett, Lennie; Knaus, Marianne; Barratt-Pugh, Caroline Report Dec 1, 2016 6157
Infant-toddler educators' language support practices during snack-time. Degotardi, Sheila; Torr, Jane; Nguyen, Nga Thanh Dec 1, 2016 7091
Noisy neighbours: a construction of collective knowledge in toddlers' shared play space. Li, Liang; Quinones, Gloria; Ridgway, Avis Dec 1, 2016 5225
The view from the helicopter: examining the Australian early childhood workforce using the national census of population and housing. Jackson, Jen Report Dec 1, 2016 5200
More money, certainty needed to upgrade pre-K, study finds. Nov 23, 2016 1049
Speech development and infant feeding: possible implications/ Desenvolvimento da fala e alimentacao infantil: possiveis implicacoes. Vieira, Victor Costa Alves Medeiros; de Araujo, Claudia Marina Tavares; Jamelli, Silvia Regina Ensayo Nov 1, 2016 5770
The Quality of Center-Based Child Care and Education for Infants/A Qualidade Observada em Salas de Bercario. Tadeu, Barbara; Aguiar, Cecilia Oct 1, 2016 8035
A transdisciplinary approach to research on early childhood education. Burger, Kaspar Report Oct 1, 2016 2449
The self-reported academic self-concept of four-year-old children: global and fixed, or nuanced and changing in the year before school? Cohrssen, Caroline; Niklas, Frank; Logan, Danielle; Tayler, Collette Report Sep 1, 2016 5324
Supporting young children's oral language and writing development: teachers' and early childhood educators' goals and practices. Peterson, Shelley Stagg; McIntyre, Laureen J.; Forsyth, Donna Report Sep 1, 2016 6586
Playing cool: the sustainable cool cubby. Boyd, Wendy Report Sep 1, 2016 6214
Early childhood teachers' work in a time of change. Grant, Sandra; Danby, Susan; Thorpe, Karen; Theobald, Maryanne Report Sep 1, 2016 6591
Supporting children's resilience: early childhood educator understandings. Archdall, Kerryn; Kilderry, Anna Report Sep 1, 2016 6287
A cooperative pedagogical program linking preschool and foundation teachers: a pilot study. Dunham, Annette; Skouteris, Helen; Nolan, Andrea; Edwards, Susan; Small, Jennifer Report Sep 1, 2016 6194
'One of the kids': parent perceptions of the developmental advantages arising from inclusion in mainstream early childhood education services. Blackmore, Roger; Aylward, Elizabeth; Grace, Rebekah Report Jun 1, 2016 3478
Transition of children with disabilities into early childhood education and care centres. Warren, Jane; Vialle, Wilma; Dixon, Rose Jun 1, 2016 7023
Reforming Australian early childhood education and care provision (2009-2015). Tayler, Collette Report Jun 1, 2016 3820
Social rules according to young children. Carter, Margaret Anne Report Jun 1, 2016 6095
Smoothing the way: investigating the role of a supported playgroup located at a school. Knaus, Marianne; Warren, Judy; Blaxell, Rebecca Jun 1, 2016 6957
Farsighted kids suffer lower literacy rates. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 288
Giving voices and providing skills to families in culturally and linguistically diverse communities through a productive parenting program. Deans, Jan; Liang, Rachel; Frydenberg, Erica Report Mar 1, 2016 3921
Parents' satisfaction with kindergarten services in Beijing at a time of systemic expansion. Nyland, Berenice; Pan, Beibei; Cooper, Brian; Nyland, Chris; Zeng, Xiaodong Report Mar 1, 2016 6347
An analysis of young children's engagement with single and group interview methods. Ey, Lesley-Anne Report Mar 1, 2016 6339
The effect of a learner-support intervention on perceptual-motor skills of kindergarten learners from deprived environments. Loubser, Annemarie; Pienaar, Anita E.; Klopper, Audrey; Ellis, Suria Report Mar 1, 2016 7124
The shaping of Australian early childhood education and care: what can we learn from a critical juncture? Logan, Helen; Press, Frances; Sumsion, Jennifer Report Mar 1, 2016 6352
The impact of publicly provided early childhood education programs on district-level test scores. Artz, Benjamin; Welsch, David M. Report Jan 1, 2016 13657
Strengthening aboriginal child development in central Australia through a universal preschool readiness program. Moss, Bonita; Harper, Helen; Silburn, Sven Report Dec 1, 2015 6019
Intergenerational collaborative drawing: a research method for researching with/about young children. Knight, Linda; McArdle, Felicity; Cumming, Tamara; Bone, Jane; Li, Liang; Peterken, Corinna; Ridgway Report Dec 1, 2015 6284
The tensions between food choices and sustainable practices in early childhood centres. Boyd, Wendy Report Dec 1, 2015 6462
The impact of free-choice motor activities on children's balance control. Shoval, Ella; Zaretzky, Ester; Sharir, Tal; Shulruf, Boaz Report Dec 1, 2015 6902
The sleeping elephant in the room: practices and policies regarding sleep/rest time in early childhood education and care. Staton, Sally; Irvine, Susan; Pattinson, Cassandra; Smith, Simon; Thorpe, Karen Report Dec 1, 2015 7145
Tolerance of food intolerance: a sociocultural study of parent perceptions on food, behaviour and learning in children aged between two and 14. Golemac, Dianne; Hallowell, Leanne Report Dec 1, 2015 6087
What do early childhood teacher graduands say about working with infants and toddlers?: An exploratory investigation of perceptions. Garvis, Susanne; Pendergast, Donna Report Dec 1, 2015 5660
Defining 'meaningfulness': enabling preschoolers to get the most out of parental involvement. Zhang, Qilong Report Dec 1, 2015 6430
Renewing childhood's promise: the history and future of federal early care and education policy. Stevens, Katharine B. Report Nov 1, 2015 18441
Social capital in metropolitan playgroups: a qualitative analysis of early parental interactions. Gibson, Hebba; Harman, Bronwyn; Guilfoyle, Andrew Report May 1, 2015 5861
Optimising children's readiness to learn through mediating social disadvantage: exploring models of best practice. Targowska, Anna; Teather, Susan; Guilfoyle, Andrew Report May 1, 2015 6497
Just another meeting?: investigating mentoring for early childhood teachers in Victoria. Morrissey, Anne-Marie; Nolan, Andrea Report May 1, 2015 6380
Enabling change through education for children and their families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage: the understandings of early childhood professionals. Roberts, Wendy Report May 1, 2015 6680
The influence of a structured physical education plan on preschool children's psychomotor development profiles. Costa, Helder Jose Teixeira; Barcala-Furelos, Roberto; Abelairas-Gomez, Cristian; Arufe-Giraldez, Vi Report May 1, 2015 6279
Why is group teaching so important to Chinese children's development? Hu, Bi Ying; Fan, Xitao; Sao Leng leong, Sylvia; Li, Kejian Report Feb 1, 2015 7060
Thirty-one is a lot! Assessing four-year-old children's number knowledge during an open-ended activity. Pollitt, Rachel; Cohrssen, Caroline; Church, Amelia; Wright, Susan Report Feb 1, 2015 6754
What makes people sick? The drawing method and children's conceptualisation of health and illness. Liamputtong, Pranee; Fernandes, Sydel Report Feb 1, 2015 6350
Insides and outsides: investigating preschoolers' understanding of biological and environmental aspects of essentialism with novel categories. Grace, Diana; Straiton, Melissa; Hewett-Reeves, Willow; Platow, Michael J. Report Feb 1, 2015 6663
Colour, magnets and photosynthesis. O'Brien, Frances; Herbert, Sandra Report Feb 1, 2015 3351
Organisational capacity building: readiness for change in Australian child care. Davis, Elise; Corr, Lara; Gilson, Kim-Michelle; Ting, Christina; Ummer-Christian, Rahila; Cook, Kay; Report Feb 1, 2015 4545
Children's school readiness: the experiences of African refugee women in a supported playgroup. New, Rebecca; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Harman, Bronwyn Report Feb 1, 2015 6116
Teacher knowledge, child interest and parent expectation: factors influencing multicultural programs in an early childhood setting. Guo, Karen Report Feb 1, 2015 6176
Diversity in teaching and learning: practitioners' perspectives in a multicultural early childhood setting in Australia. Buchori, Sylvia; Dobinson, Toni Report Feb 1, 2015 6308
Early childhood teachers' views towards using constructivist internet-based environments to support children's learning activities: a mixed-methods study. Tzuo, Pei-Wen; Toh, Lai Poh Emily; Liang, Jyh-Chong Report Feb 1, 2015 6796
Learning from early childhood philosophy, theory and pedagogy: inspiring effective art education. Boyd, Wendy; Cutcher, Lexi Report Feb 1, 2015 6390
Young children's perspectives of outdoor learning spaces: what matters? Merewether, Jane Report Feb 1, 2015 6661
What works and why? Early childhood professionals' perspectives on effective early childhood education and care services for Indigenous families. Leske, Rachel; Sarmardin, Dixie; Woods, Annette; Thorpe, Karen Report Feb 1, 2015 6678
Educational benefits extend to adults. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 265
Is the care--education dichotomy behind us? Should it be? Sims, Professor Margaret Report Dec 1, 2014 5829
Pre-service early childhood educators' leadership development through reflective engagement with experiential service learning and leadership literature. Diamond, Alexandra Report Dec 1, 2014 6365
From forest preschool to Bush Kinder: an inspirational approach to preschool provision in Australia. Elliott, Sue; Chancellor, Barbara Report Dec 1, 2014 6324
Mothers and fathers resourcing early learning and development. Nichols, Sue Report Dec 1, 2014 6544
Supported playgroups in schools: what matters for caregivers and their children? McLean, Karen; Edwards, Susan; Colliver, Yeshe; Schaper, Clare Report Dec 1, 2014 5827
The place of infants in the evolving Australian policy context. Fleet, Alma; Farrell, Lynn Report Dec 1, 2014 6067
Pausing for learning: responsive engagement in mathematics activities in early childhood settings. Cohrssen, Caroline; Church, Amelia; Tayler, Collette Report Dec 1, 2014 5887
Parents' beliefs and evaluations of young children's computer use. Hatzigianni, Maria; Margetts, Kay Report Dec 1, 2014 6401
Habitus and the accomplishment of natural growth: maternal parenting practices and the achievement of 'school-readiness'. Podesta, Jennifer Report Dec 1, 2014 6528
Why mothers attend playgroup. Harman, Bronwyn; Guilfoyle, Andrew; O'Connor, Moira Report Dec 1, 2014 5617
Examining program quality disparities between urban and rural kindergartens in China: evidence from Zhejiang. Hu, Bi Ying; Zhou, Yisu; Li, Kejian; Roberts, Sherron Killingsworth Report Oct 1, 2014 11116
The 'state of play' in Australia: early childhood educators and play-based learning. Sumsion, Jennifer; Grieshaber, Sue; McArdle, Felicity; Shield, Paul Report Sep 1, 2014 6983
Exploring how adults who work with young children conceptualise sustainability and describe their practice initiatives. Hill, Allen; Emery, Sherridan; Nailon, Di; Dyment, Janet; Getenet, Seyum; McCrea, Nadine; Davis, Jul Report Sep 1, 2014 5484
Communicating for quality in school age care services. Cartmel, Jennifer; Grieshaber, Susan Report Sep 1, 2014 4444
Joining the tots: visual research tools to connect families and community in early childhood education. Duncan, Judith; Te One, Sarah Report Sep 1, 2014 5984
Through the eyes of parents: a Singaporean perspective of the importance of cognitive and non-cognitive skills for six-year-old children. Carter, Margaret Anne; Frewen, Amie; Chunn, Jennifer Report Sep 1, 2014 6575
Family day care educators' knowledge, confidence and skills in promoting children's social and emotional wellbeing: baseline data from Thrive. Davis, Elise; Corr, Lara; Ummer-Christian, Rahila; Gilson, Kim-Michelle; Waters, Elizabeth; Mihalopo Report Sep 1, 2014 6651
Cautionary tales on interrupting children's play: a study from Sweden. Weldemariam, Kassahun Tigistu Report Jul 1, 2014 4243
Global education diplomacy and inclusion in developing countries: lessons from West Africa. Bayat, Mojdeh Report Jul 1, 2014 5283
Our language is like food: can children feed on home languages to thrive, belong and achieve in early childhood education and care? Harvey, Nola; Myint, Htwe Htwe Report Jun 1, 2014 6497
Child-related factors that influence teacher--child relationships using an Australian national sample. Cheryl, Teo Shu Lin; Walker, Susan Report Jun 1, 2014 5538
Utilisation of early childhood education and care services in a nationally representative sample of Australian children: a focus on disadvantage. Wong, Sandie; Harrison, Linda; Rivalland, Corine; Whiteford, Chrystal Report Jun 1, 2014 7238
Reporting of ethics in early childhood journals: a meta-analysis of 10 journals from 2009 to 2012. Mayne, Fiona; Howitt, Christine Report Jun 1, 2014 6656
Interrupting listening to children: researching with children's secret places in early childhood settings. Moore, Deborah Case study Jun 1, 2014 6223
Children's perspectives on values and rules in Australian early education. Johansson, Eva; Cobb-Moore, Charlotte; Lunn-Brownlee, Joanne; Walker, Sue; Boulton-Lewis, Gillian; A Report Jun 1, 2014 7298
Kindergarten children's introduction to sustainability through transformative, experiential nature play. Haas, Chris; Ashman, Greg Report Jun 1, 2014 6527
We're offering true play-based learning: teacher perspectives on educational dis/continuity in the early years. Hunkin, Elise Report Jun 1, 2014 3662
Social media technologies for collaboration and communication: perceptions of childcare professionals and families. Yost, Helen; Fan, Si Report Jun 1, 2014 4032
Effect of HIV/AIDS on children's attitudes toward learning: voices of teachers and caregivers in Western Kenya. Jepkemboi, Grace; Aldridge, Jerry May 1, 2014 3164
The gender journey in picturebooks: a look back to move forward. Mattix, April; Sobolak, Michelle J. May 1, 2014 2439
Tracing the heritage of popular children's songs: more than a minute worth of meaning. Lim, Seok Jeng Jane Report Apr 1, 2014 3498
Preschool teachers on implementation of digital technology in Norwegian Kindergartens. Alvestad, Marit; Jernes, Margrethe Report Mar 22, 2014 4368
Teacher- and child-managed academic activities in preschool and kindergarten and their influence on children's gains in emergent academic skills. de Haan, Annika K.E.; Elbers, Ed; Leseman, Paul P.M. Report Jan 1, 2014 8478
Can videogames be used to develop the infant stage educational curriculum?/Podemos utilizar los videojuegos para el desarrollo del curriculo de la etapa de infantil? Diaz, Veronica Marin; Martin-Parraga, Javier Jan 1, 2014 11063
How drawing can support writing acquisition: text construction in early writing from a Vygotskian perspective. Mackenzie, Noella; Veresov, Nikolai Report Dec 1, 2013 5604
Literacy and technology in the early years of education: looking to the familiar to inform educator practice. McLean, Karen Report Dec 1, 2013 9421
A fine balance: understanding the roles educators and children play as intentional teachers and intentional learners within the Early Years Learning Framework. Leggett, Nicole; Ford, Margot Report Dec 1, 2013 6633
Documenting the transition experiences of children, families and staff through the relocation and integration of two Australian early childhood services. McFarland-Piazza, Laura; Allen, Sydnye; Webb, Rachael Report Dec 1, 2013 6537
Mid-day naps help preschool children learn: study. Nov 8, 2013 317
Tympanometric findings in a group of students/Achados timpanometricos em um grupo de escolares. Lindau, Tamara de Andrade; Delecrode, Camila Ribas; Cardoso, Ana Claudia Vieira Nov 1, 2013 3477
From Malaysia to America: community-based character education for children and youth. Haslip, Meishi Lim; Haslip, Michael J. Report Sep 1, 2013 3875
"Reel" character education: using film to promote global citizenship. Russell, William Benedict, III; Waters, Stewart Report Sep 1, 2013 4791
Odd alliances: working theories on 'unintended consequences" of early childhood education in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Stover, Sue Report Sep 1, 2013 3289
The PhotoStory method as a legitimate research tool in evaluations: more than a nice story. Skrzypiec, Grace; Harvey-Murray, Rosalind; Krieg, Susan Report Sep 1, 2013 6863
Attitudes of preschool teachers in Northern Greece on children and TV viewing. Theodosiadou, Sophia; Markos, Angelos Report Sep 1, 2013 6422
Pedagogies of inclusive transition to school. Petriwskyj, Anne Report Sep 1, 2013 6061
Conceptions of learning in pre-service and in-service early childhood education students and the impact of teaching experience. Leung, Chi-hung; Wong, Betty Kit-Mei; Wong, Judith Report Sep 1, 2013 5750
Becoming multimodal authors: pre-service teachers' interventions to support young children with autism. Oakley, Grace; Howitt, Christine; Garwood, Rebekah; Durack, Annie-Rose Report Sep 1, 2013 7640
Perceptions of rebates for nanny care: an analysis of an online discussion. Garvis, Susanne; Pendergast, Donna Report Sep 1, 2013 5189
The leveraging influence of strategic alignment: what constitutes Early Childhood in current Australian policy debates? Dobozy, Eva Report Sep 1, 2013 4025
Poverty. Kohler, Maxie; Christensen, Lois; Kilgo, Jennifer; Broughton, Anthony; Mclnerney, Noelle; Wang, Wenj Jul 1, 2013 3806
The experience of parents as their children with developmental disabilities transition from early intervention to kindergarten. Villeneuve, Michelle; Chatenoud, Celine; Hutchinson, Nancy L.; Minnes, Patricia; Perry, Adrienne; Di Report Jul 1, 2013 9937
Development of a Model for Streamlining Early Childhood Education in Pakistan. Deeba, Farah; Anjum, Muhammad Saeed Report Jun 30, 2013 3653
The animal as fourth educator: a literature review of animals and young children in pedagogical relationships. Bone, Jane Report Jun 1, 2013 6425
A cultural-historical construction of safety education programs for preschool children: findings from SeeMore Safety, the pilot study. O'Neill, Susie; Fleer, Marilyn; Agbenyega, Joseph; Ozanne-Smith, Joan; Urlichs, Megan Jun 1, 2013 7537
Intentional mathematics teaching in early childhood classrooms. Jung, Myoungwhon; Conderman, Gregory Report May 1, 2013 2539
National board certification and developmentally appropriate practices: perceptions of impact. McKenzie, Ellen Nancy Report Apr 1, 2013 5811
Goal setting during early childhood parent-teacher conferences: a comparison of three groups of parents. Cheatham, Gregory A.; Ostrosky, Michaelene M. Report Apr 1, 2013 11102
"This is spiderman's mask." "No, it's Green Goblin's": shared meanings during boys' pretend play with superhero and generic toys. Parsons, Amy; Howe, Nina Report Apr 1, 2013 8813
Adapting cognitive task analysis to explore young children's thinking competence. Lee, Scott W.F. Report Apr 1, 2013 7623
Promoting the development of children's emotional and social wellbeing in early childhood settings: how can we enhance the capability of educators to fulfil role expectations? Temple, Elizabeth; Emmett, Susan Report Mar 1, 2013 5358
Reexamining quality in early childhood education: exploring the relationship between the organizational climate and the classroom. Dennis, Sarah E.; O'Connor, Erin Report Jan 1, 2013 9036
Integrated services in Australian early childhood education and care: what can we learn from our past? Wong, Sandie; Press, Frances Report Dec 22, 2012 8520
Factors affecting the transition to school for young children with disabilities. Schischka, Janice; Rawlinson, Catherine; Hamilton, Richard Report Dec 1, 2012 6243
Interaction or interruption? Five child-centered philosophical perspectives. Widger, Susan; Schofield, Anne Report Dec 1, 2012 2690
Parent and family perception of engagement: lessons from early years programs and supports. Underwood, Kathryn; Killoran, Isabel Report Dec 1, 2012 10244
Assessing the phonological skills of bilingual children from preschool through kindergarten: developmental progression and cross-language transfer. Lopez, Lisa M. Report Oct 1, 2012 9109
Teaching beyond the basics: young children participate in a cognitive apprenticeship. Essary, Jessica N. Sep 1, 2012 2738
A case study of children's literacy development in a voluntary prekindergarten classroom. Sep 1, 2012 668
Evaluating large-scale studies to accurately appraise children's performance. Sep 1, 2012 665
First-grade methods of single-digit addition with two or more addends. Sep 1, 2012 513
Examining Mexican-Heritage children's representations of relationships with mothers and teachers in preschool. Sep 1, 2012 397
Child care providers' strategies for supporting healthy eating: a qualitative approach. Sep 1, 2012 503
Promoting preschool literacy: a family literacy program for homeless mothers and their children. Di Santo, Aurelia Report Jul 1, 2012 6079
Emotional intelligences: a missing link in educating our youth. Jacob, Shirley W.; Wadlington, Elizabeth; Enloe, Alicia Report Jul 1, 2012 1258
The assessment of young children through the lens of universal design for learning (UDL). Dalton, Elizabeth M.; Brand, Susan Trostle Report Mar 22, 2012 7200
Levelling the playing field for kindergarten entry: research implications for preschool early literacy instruction. Callaghan, Georgia; Madelaine, Alison Report Mar 1, 2012 8627
Toddlers as mathematicians? Lee, Shiree Report Mar 1, 2012 6204
School readiness practices in the United States. Daily, Sarah; Burkhauser, Mary; Halle, Tamara Dec 22, 2011 1984
Effects of a culturally responsive speech and language intervention for students of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage. McIntosh, Kent; Mathews, Susanna; Gietz, Carmen; MacKay, Leslie D.; Pelser, Janet; Mah, Inga; Rowe, Report Nov 1, 2011 5325
Closing the education gap: a case for aboriginal early childhood education in Canada, a look at the aboriginal headstart program. Nguyen, Mai Report Nov 1, 2011 7860
Children's leadership strategies in early childhood. Mawson, Brent Brief article Oct 1, 2011 5891
Multimodal literacy narratives: weaving the threads of young children's identity through the arts. Binder, Marni; Kotsopoulos, Sally Report Oct 1, 2011 9721
Effects of quality improvement system for child care centers. Ma, Xin; Shen, Jianping; Kavanaugh, Amy; Lu, Xuejin; Brandi, Karen; Goodman, Jeff; Till, Lance; Wats Oct 1, 2011 8492
Many images on TV can upset preschool kids, finds study. Jul 4, 2011 227
Argumentative discourse of kindergarten children: features of peer talk and children-teacher talk. Ehrlich, Sara Zadunaisky Report Jul 1, 2011 10767
Assessment of the design efficacy of a preschool vocabulary instruction technique. Roskos, Kathleen; Burstein, Karen Report Jul 1, 2011 9465
Social skills of first-grade primary school students and preschool education. Gulay, Hulya; Akman, Berrin; Kargi, Eda Report Mar 22, 2011 5958
The effectiveness of Kindergarten Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies for students with disabilities. Rafdal, Brooke H.; McMaster, Kristen L.; McConnell, Scott R.; Fuchs, Douglas; Fuchs, Lynn S. Mar 22, 2011 10048
Supporting Young Children's Explanations Through Inquiry Science in Preschool. McEntire, Nancy Brief article Mar 3, 2011 131
A Two-Generational Child-Focused Program Enhanced with Employment Services: Eighteen-Month Impacts from the Kansas and Missouri Sites of the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project. Hsueh, JoAnn; Jacobs, Erin; Farrell, Mary Author abstract Mar 1, 2011 427
A Two-Generational Child-Focused Program Enhanced with Employment Services: Eighteen-Month Impacts from the Kansas and Missouri Sites of the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project. Executive Summary. Hsueh, JoAnn; Jacobs, Erin; Farrell, Mary Author abstract Mar 1, 2011 233
A Research Review: The Importance of Families and the Home Environment. Cole, Jennifer Author abstract Mar 1, 2011 319
Effects of Teacher Credentials, Coursework, and Certification on Student Achievement in Math and Reading in Kindergarten: An ECLS-K Study. Leak, James A.; Farkas, George Clinical report Jan 1, 2011 733
Looking back and looking forward: lessons learned from early reading first. Hoffman, Jessica L. Report Sep 22, 2010 5084
What did you learn in school today? The importance of socioemotional development--a comparison of U.S. and Danish child care. Kragh-Muller, Grethe; Gloeckler, Lissy R. Report Sep 22, 2010 5634
Rhythmic characteristics of improvisational drumming among preschool children. Whitcomb, Rachel Sep 1, 2010 5442
New municipal action guide available on improving family, friend and neighbor care. Karpman, Michael Jul 19, 2010 692
Indigenous Children's Ability to Pattern as They Enter Kindergarten/Pre-Prep Settings: An Exploratory Study. Warren, Elizabeth; Miller, Jodie Jul 3, 2010 254
Literacy Express. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 469
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