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Epilepsy associated with brain volume differences: Study. Jan 22, 2018 644
Invitae data shows increased diagnosis rates with custom NGS technique allowing simultaneous genetic sequencing and copy number variant detection. Oct 17, 2017 1634
New research: More Americans have epilepsy than ever before. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2017 716
Psychiatric and Behavioural Problems in Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy. Salayev, K.A.; Sanne, B.; Salayev, R. Report Sep 1, 2017 7357
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: A Retrospective Autopsy Study of 112 Epileptic Patients. Melez, Ipek Esen; Arslan, Murat Nihat; Melez, Deniz Oguzhan; Sanli, Ahmet Necati; Koc, Sermet Sep 1, 2017 8222
Case of Neuroacanthocytosis Course With Neuropathy, Epilepsy and Choreiform Movement Disorder. Sonmez, Ali; Gol, Mehmet Fatih; Erdogan, Fusun Ferda Case study Sep 1, 2017 1990
Electroencephalographic Patterns Recorded by Continuous EEG Monitoring in Patients with Change of Consciousness in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit. Altindag, Ebru; Okudan, Zeynep Vildan; Ozkan, Sedef Tavukcu; Krespi, Yakup; Baykan, Betul Report Jun 1, 2017 5710
Cannabidiol In Marijuana Helps Curing Children With Fatal Epilepsy Disorder. May 25, 2017 578
Cannabis Derivative Cannabidiol Reduces Seizures in Severe Epilepsy Disorder. May 24, 2017 724
Pregnancy Combined with Epilepsy and Cerebral Cavernous Malformation. Xu, Ya-Lan; Liu, Jun-Tao; Song, Yi-Jun; Zhou, Xi-Ya; Qi, Qing-Wei; Bian, Xu-Ming; Xu, Zhi-Qin; Li, L Case study May 1, 2017 962
Heightened Religiosity, Epilepsy Linked: Study. Mar 9, 2017 348
Neuronal autoantibodies call for attention in epilepsy. Yavuz, Ebru Vanli; Ekizoglu, Esme Report Mar 1, 2017 928
Intelligence, functioning, and related factors in children with cerebral palsy. Turkoglu, Gozde; Turkoglu, Serhat; Celik, Canan; Ucan, Halil Report Mar 1, 2017 5079
Statistics method shows networks differ in epileptic brains. Mar 1, 2017 818
Perceptions of the community about epilepsy in rural Tamil Nadu, India. Dhikale, Prasad Tukaram; Muruganandham, R; Dongre, Amol Rambhau Report Mar 1, 2017 3942
Study finds first visit comes months to years before correct diagnosis. Oakes, Kari Feb 1, 2017 573
Study suggests people with epilepsy taking perampanel should be closely monitored due to higher risk of falls. Jan 26, 2017 275
Study suggests people with epilepsy taking perampanel should be closely monitored due to higher risk of falls. Jan 26, 2017 271
Influence of Marital Status on the Quality of Life of Chinese Adult Patients with Epilepsy. Wang, Fu-Li; Gu, Xiang-Min; Hao, Bao-Yun; Wang, Shan; Chen, Ze-Jie; Ding, Cheng-Yun Jan 1, 2017 3478
A rare case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) presented with cerebral venus sinus thrombosis. Alhemaid, Fawaz Mohammed; Helali, Motaz Gafer; Sulieman, Noha Case study Jan 1, 2017 1156
UNDERSTANDING CHILDHOOD ABSENCE EPILEPSY. Palmer, Laura Scott Report Jan 1, 2017 1553
The croatian model of integrative prospective management of epilepsy and pregnancy. Miskov, Snjezana; Juraski, Romana Gjergja; Mikula, Ivan; Basic, Silvio; Pasic, Marija Bosnjak; Kosec Report Dec 1, 2016 8264
New studies target epilepsy's mysteries. Nov 1, 2016 533
Influence of Occupational Status on the Quality of Life of Chinese Adult Patients with Epilepsy. Gu, Xiang-Min; Ding, Cheng-Yun; Wang, Ning; Xu, Cheng-Feng; Chen, Ze-Jie; Wang, Qin; Yao, Qin; Wang, Report Nov 1, 2016 3197
Comparison of Cognitive Parameters Between Bilateral and Unilateral Hippocampal Sclerosis. Vanli Yavuz, Ebru Nur; Bilgic, Basar; Matur, Zeliha; Bebek, Nerses; Gurses, Candan; Gokyigit, Aysen; Sep 1, 2016 4373
Surgical management of epilepsy. Enslin, J.M.N.; Rothemeyer, S.J.; Fieggen, A.G. Report Aug 1, 2016 3552
Perceived changes in sleep in adults with epilepsy. Miller, Wendy R.; Otte, Julie L.; Pleuger, Madona Report Aug 1, 2016 3796
Stimulation of Anterior Thalamic Nuclei Protects Against Seizures and Neuronal Apoptosis in Hippocampal CA3 Region of Kainic Acid-induced Epileptic Rats. Meng, Da-Wei; Liu, Huan-Guang; Yang, An-Chao; Zhang, Kai; Zhang, Jian-Guo Report Aug 1, 2016 5192
Powerful Brain Signals between Seizures May Explain Memory Problems in Patients with Epilepsy. Apr 25, 2016 790
Switzerland : Novartis drug Afinitor significantly reduces seizures in Phase III study of patients with tuberous sclerosis complex. Apr 21, 2016 790
Research Presented At 68th Annual Meeting Of The American Academy of Neurology Estimates That More Than One Million U.S. Emergency Department Visits Annually Are Related To Epilepsy. Apr 18, 2016 1083
Dislocation of bilateral temporomandibular joint in a critically ill patient after seizure. Prakash, Sanjay; Wankhade, Prashant R. Report Feb 1, 2016 877
Improving the molecular diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy with complex genetic testing. Elliott, Aaron; Bergner, Amanda Disease/Disorder overview Feb 1, 2016 1311
Assessing the usefulness of electroencephalography in psychiatry: outcome of referrals at a psychiatric hospital. Molokomme, Molokashe; Subramaney, Ugasvaree Clinical report Feb 1, 2016 1440
Genomics, cannabidiols drive epilepsy research: personalized medicine facilitated by genomic breakthroughs and expanding research on the usefulness of cannabidiols highlighted the recent American Epilepsy Society meeting. Fletcher, Bevin Jan 1, 2016 1540
Predictor factors for relapse after remission of seizure in adults with remote symptomatic epilepsy. Alshareef, Aysha Abdulmalek; Alhubayshi, Madihah Shetewe Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 3685
Survey on smoking, consuming alcohol, and using illicit drugs in patients with epilepsy. Yeni, Naz; Tumay, Feray; Tonguc, Ozge; Azaroglu, Elvin; Bozok, Naz Survey Dec 1, 2015 3913
Long-term Effectiveness of Antiepileptic Drug Monotherapy in Partial Epileptic Patients: A 7-year Study in an Epilepsy Center in China. Zhu, Fei; Lang, Sen-Yang; Wang, Xiang-Qing; Shi, Xiao-Bing; Ma, Yun-Feng; Zhang, Xu; Chen, Ya-Nan; Z Report Nov 20, 2015 4077
A comparative study between early-onset and late-onset epilepsy in elderly patients. Sarmah, Binod; Rajkhowa, Kamal; Devi, Lucy Clinical report Nov 19, 2015 2690
High-frequency Oscillations and the Seizure Onset Zones in Neocortical Epilepsy. Sun, Yan-Ping; Wang, Yu-Ping; Wang, Zhi-Hong; Wu, Feng-Yu; Tang, Li-Ou; Zhang, Shou-Wen; Pei, Hai-Ta Report Jul 5, 2015 2259
Treatment and Outcome of Epileptogenic Temporal Cavernous Malformations. Shan, Yong-Zhi; Fan, Xiao-Tong; Meng, Liang; An, Yang; Xu, Jian-Kun; Zhao, Guo-Guang Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 2924
Management, treatment outcome and cost of epilepsy in a tertiary health care facility in northern Nigeria. Ipingbemi, Aduke E. Jul 1, 2015 6556
NeuroPace Study Claims RNS System Reduces Seizures in Epilepsy Patients. Feb 3, 2015 495
Treatment of Epilepsy with Bipolar Electro-coagulation: An Analysis of Cortical Blood Flow and Histological Change in Temporal Lobe. Cui, Zhi-Qiang; Luan, Guo-Ming; Zhou, Jian; Zhai, Feng; Guan, Yu-Guang; Bao, Min Report Feb 1, 2015 3277
Study: Beneficial Effects of Brain Surgery for Intractable Epilepsy Are Sustained for More Than 15 years. Clinical report Jan 28, 2015 710
Epilepsy drug is threat to unborn babies, says study; Liverpool research team reveals danger to future IQ. Oct 30, 2014 404
Lebanese scientist finds consciousness switch. Jul 12, 2014 1023
US researchers find biomarker predicting febrile seizure-related epilepsy. Jun 26, 2014 196
Managing psychiatric illness in patients with epilepsy: appropriate treatment of mental health problems can improve the global prognosis for the patient who has a seizure disorder. Puvvada, Sowmya C.; Kommisetti, Satyanarayana; Reddy, Abhishek Clinical report May 1, 2014 3969
Comparing mental health level of epileptic patients with healthy people. Mahvi-Shirazi, Majid; Ahmadi, Ebrahim; Beheshti, Masoumeh Report Apr 15, 2014 2178
Spectrum of abnormalities detected on MRI in 250 cases of focal epilepsy in a tertiary care hospital. Multani, Amritpal Singh; Kaur, Harkirat; Thapar, Karuna; Aggarwal, Sneh Lata; Thukral, C.L.; Singh, Report Dec 23, 2013 2204
Upsher-Smith To Present New Research On USL255 (Extended-Release Topiramate) At 2013 American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting. Nov 18, 2013 1476
Psychiatric and neurocognitive evaluation focused on frontal lobe functions in rolandic epilepsy/Rolandik epilepside frontal lob islevlerine odaklanan norobilissel ve ruhsal degerlendirme. Ayaz, Muhammed; Karakaya, Isik; Ayaz, Ayse Burcu; Kara, Bulent; Kutlu, Mahire Report Sep 1, 2013 5329
Study Published in Epilepsia Demonstrated Improved PK Profile for USL255 (Extended-Release Topiramate) vs Immediate-Release Topiramate. Report Aug 13, 2013 1307
Predictive value of EEG for neurodevelopmental outcome in neonatal seizures. Verma, Yogendra S.; Dutt, Rajdhar; Rajput, Neelam; Patil, Rajesh Report Jul 22, 2013 3836
To provoke or not provoke: ethical considerations in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Updyke, Monica; Duryea, Barbara Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 4449
Upsher-Smith Successfully Completes Phase III Study Of USL255 (Extended-Release Topiramate) For Adjunctive Treatment Of Epilepsy In Patients With Refractory Partial-Onset Seizures. May 22, 2013 943
Imaging in pediatric epilepsy: spectrum of abnormalities detected on MRI. Chaurasia, Rachna; Singh, Shuchi; Mahur, Sachin; Sachan, Pankaj Report May 13, 2013 3230
Anti-Epilepsy Drug Use During Pregnancy Raises Risk For Autism: Study. Apr 23, 2013 655
Study of interictal E.E.G in epilepsy. Rani, M. Usha Report Apr 22, 2013 3250
Epilepsy drug has long-term effect on child IQ: study. Report Mar 24, 2013 306
Researchers study bed alarms for nocturnal seizures. Feb 13, 2013 867
Epilepsy drug has long-term effect on child IQ: study. Jan 24, 2013 410
New Study Supports Fasting Treatment For Seizures In Kids. Report Dec 7, 2012 704
FEBSTAT study hints at predictors of epilepsy. Smith, Jennie Dec 1, 2012 843
Scientists Show Biological Mechanism Can Trigger Epileptic Seizures. Sep 19, 2012 1056
Epilepsy: Scientists Find New Way to Pinpoint Seizure Area. Aug 25, 2012 320
Epilepsy drug reverses memory loss in Alzheimer's mouse model. Aug 7, 2012 370
Pivotal Study of Eisai's Partial Epilepsy Treatment Fycompa (perampanel) Published in Neurology. Jul 25, 2012 1784
New Gene Mutations That Lead to Enlarged Brain Size, Cancer, Autism, Epilepsy Identified. Jul 2, 2012 616
Experts' epilepsy research pays off. Jun 16, 2012 389
Boffins make strides in the study of epilepsy. Jun 16, 2012 322
Workmates raise thousands for research into epilepsy. May 14, 2012 307
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices with respect to Epilepsy among Preparatory School Students in Mekelle City, Ethiopia. Gedefa, Mulat; Wolde, Tesfaye; Solomon, Gebremedhin Report Mar 1, 2012 5195
An open-label clinical study on the efficacy of melatonin prophylaxis in migraine: a preliminary report/Migrende melatonin proflaksisinin etkinligine yonelik acik uclu klinik calisma: on rapor. Karadas, Omer; Odabasi, Zeki Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 2330
Barriers to epilepsy care continue to frustrate. Sullivan, Michele G. Jan 1, 2012 745
Epilepsy and the risk of violent crime are not linked, scientists find. Dec 28, 2011 483
Volumetry of the thalamus in idiopathic generalized epilepsy/Idyopatik jeneralize epilepsili olgularda talamometri. Ozemir, Zeynep Aydin; Terzibasioglu, Ege; Sencer, Serra; Baykan, Betul Report Dec 1, 2011 3602
New study finds potential therapy for tumour-associated epilepsy. Sep 12, 2011 239
NIH-funded research points to potential therapy for tumor-associated epilepsy. Brief article Sep 12, 2011 130
Eisai Presents New Research on Epilepsy Pipeline, Portfolio at the 29th International Epilepsy Congress. Sep 1, 2011 535
Eisai presents data from Phase III study of Zonegran in newly diagnosed epilepsy patients. Jul 12, 2011 228
New Study Shows Zonegran (Zonisamide) Monotherapy is Effective in Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy Patients. Jul 11, 2011 1559
Modulation of pentylenetetrazole-induced kindling and oxidative stress by curcumin in mice. Agarwal, Nidhi Bharal; Jain, Seema; Agarwal, Nitin K.; Mediratta, Pramod K.; Sharma, Krishna K. Report Jun 15, 2011 3358
Pregnancy and epilepsy--managing both, in one patient: when a woman who has epilepsy is pregnant or planning for pregnancy, you face the challenge of balancing the benefits and teratogenic risks of her antiseizure medication. Here is help. Sethi, Nitin K.; Wasterlain, Amy; Harden, Cynthia L. Report Jun 1, 2011 3578
Positive Results Reported for Phase II Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Using External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS(TM)) - The USB Port to the Brain(TM). Clinical report Apr 28, 2011 926
Epidemiological studies on epilepsy in Siberia. Shnayder, Natalia; Dmitrenko, Diana; Sadykova, Anna; Sharavii, Lada; Shulmin, Andrey; Shapovalova, E Clinical report Apr 1, 2011 3743
New-onset psychosis: consider epilepsy. Bowe, Adina; Bhanot, Veena Report Apr 1, 2011 558
Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Cardiac Pacing Helps Epilepsy Patients with Ictal Asystole. Mar 23, 2011 446
Vertex reports Phase II study data with VX-765 in epilepsy patients. Clinical report Mar 11, 2011 206
Investigation of the relationship between clinical and EEG findings of photosensitive epilepsy and GABA receptor alpha 1 subunit (GABRA1) gene mutations/Fotosensitif epilepsilerde klinik ve EEG bulgularinin GABA reseptor alfa 1 alt unitesi (GABRA1) geni mutasyonlari ile iliskisinin arastirilmasi. Yavuz, Ebru Nur; Demirkan, Ayse; Moen, Sanne; Ozdemir, Ozkan; Catal, Suzin; Bebek, Nerses; Ozbek, Ug Report Mar 1, 2011 3118
The demographic, clinical and forensic profile of offenders diagnosed with epilepsy referred to the Free State Psychiatric Complex observation unit in terms of section 77 and/or 78 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977. Marais, P.J.; Calitz, F.J.W.; Pretorius, P.J.; Joubert, G. Mar 1, 2011 4351
Ketogenic diet may help some with epilepsy: seizure control may improve with switch from the modified Atkins diet to the stricter ketogenic diet. Mahoney, Diana Report Feb 1, 2011 565
Uncontrolled epilepsy can be fatal: study finds more deaths in adults whose seizures persist. Seppa, Nathan Jan 29, 2011 404
Study: Lasting Childhood Epilepsy Triples Mortality. Jan 8, 2011 543
Neurostimulation poised to tame tough seizures. Mahoney, Diana Report Jan 1, 2011 1362
Breastfeeding and epilepsy. Report Jan 1, 2011 150
Data Suggests Positive Pharmacokinetic Results From Phase I Research of Extended-Release Topiramate. Dec 6, 2010 1231
Previous findings on epilepsy, psych comorbidities confirmed. Wendling, Patrice Dec 1, 2010 566
Epilepsy drugs don't harm IQ of breastfed babies: Study. Report Nov 25, 2010 375
Eisai reports Phase III study data for perampanel in epilepsy. Clinical report Aug 24, 2010 326
Small study: antiepileptics interfere with OCs. Splete, Heidi Clinical report Jul 1, 2010 550
Combination MMRV Vaccine Associated with Two-Fold Risk of Febrile Seizures Compared with Separate MMR & Varicella Vaccines. Jun 28, 2010 1440
Antiepileptics may hinder oral contraception. Splete, Heidi Clinical report Jun 15, 2010 543
Valproate use for epilepsy may prevent MI. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Apr 15, 2010 234
Implant short-circuits some epileptic seizures. Mahoney, Diana Report Mar 15, 2010 850
Newly-Published Study Reinforces Role of Antiepileptic Drug Vimpat(R) (lacosamide) (C-V) as an Add-on Treatment that Significantly Reduces Partial-onset Seizures in Adults with Epilepsy. Report Mar 11, 2010 1978
Hair mineral analysis to define past or low level chronic exposures. Blaurock-Busch, E. Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 2618
Pivotal Study of Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy Shows Long-Term Reduction in Seizure Rate in Patients with Severe Epilepsy. Dec 6, 2009 1063
Content and characteristics of goals created during a self-management intervention for people with epilepsy. Walker, Elizabeth Reisinger; Wexler, Bethany; Dilorio, Colleen; Escoffery, Cam; McCarty, Frances; Ye Report Dec 1, 2009 6841
Pioneering ways to target epilepsy; North researchers make breakthrough. Dec 1, 2009 709
Comparison between the effects of propofol and etomidate on motor and electroencephalogram seizure duration during electroconvulsive therapy. Tan, H.L.; Lee, C.Y. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 5158
Pulmonary actinomycosis imitating malignancy in an epileptic patient/Epileptik bir hastada maligniteyi taklit eden pulmoner aktinomikoz. Yilmaz, Aydin; Sahin, Sezgi; Biber, Cigdem; Erdogan, Yurdanur; Ciftci, Bulent; Turay, Ulku Yilmaz; E Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 1641
Clinical and laboratory findings of patients with breath holding spells/ katilma nobetli hastalarin klinik ve laboratuvar bulgulari. Ozdemir, Ozlem; Can, Serpil Caliskan; Semizel, Evren; Okan, Mehmet S. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 4207
Anti-epileptic drugs in pregnancy. Kent, Athol Brief article Aug 1, 2009 181
Global: international study breakthrough in epilepsy treatment. Germain, Leah Aug 1, 2009 235
Epilepsy patients' conceptions of epilepsy as a phenomenon. Raty, Lena K.A.; Larsson, Gerry; Starrin, Bengt; Larsson, Bodil M. Wilde Report Aug 1, 2009 6857
EXONHIT Expands Neurological Research Activities to Epilepsy. Mar 31, 2009 842
Procedures for working with children with epilepsy in physical education & recreational settings. Lucas, Matthew D.; Lynch, Susan E. Report Mar 22, 2009 3996
Scientists find potential clues to epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia. Dec 10, 2008 309
Data from Pivotal Study Show Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy Reduced Seizure Rate in Patients with Severe Epilepsy. Dec 8, 2008 1142
Dangerous Side-Effects of Epilepsy Drugs Reduced in New Research. Sep 8, 2008 481
Maternal infections may predispose fetus to epilepsy. Thompson, June Brief article Jul 1, 2008 236
Breast-fed babies unhurt by moms' antiepileptics. Napoli, Denise Clinical report Jun 15, 2008 365
A descriptive analysis of seizure events among adults who participated in a computer-based assessment. Dilorio, Colleen; Reisinger, Elizabeth L.; Yeager, Katherine; Schemer, Donald L.; Henry, Thomas R.; Jun 1, 2008 4840
Brain Study May Lead to Improved Epilepsy Treatments. Apr 14, 2008 191
Researchers Report Results from Study of Brain Electrical Activity Using Cyberkinetics' NeuroPort(TM) System at the American Epilepsy Society Meeting. Dec 3, 2007 1234
Quality of life and burden in caregivers of patients with epilepsy. Westphal-Guitti, Ana Carolina; Alonso, Neide Barreira; Migliorini, Rosa Cristina Vaz Pedroso; da Sil Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 4965
Ketogenic diet underused for control of seizures: biology is not understood, but studies show the high-fat, low-carb diet is effective for epilepsy patients. Muirhead, Greg Dec 1, 2007 903
Research pinpoints epilepsy triggers in the brain. Aug 20, 2007 368
Less flake, less shake. Bell, John R. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 85
Artwork offers window on epilepsy experience. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2007 460
High-altitude seizure rare but real, study finds. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2007 408
Concerta effective for ADHD plus epilepsy in small study. Brunk, Doug Dec 1, 2006 514
Lipid lowering inefficacy of high-dose statin therapy due to concurrent use of phenytoin. Khandwala, Hasnain M. Clinical report Dec 1, 2006 1913
Cambria Biosciences Presents New Screening Model for Epilepsy Drug Discovery at Society for Neuroscience Meeting. Oct 16, 2006 518
Neurologic dysfunction, cued by 'soft signs,' may predate PTSD. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 1, 2006 346
Perceived family reactions and quality of life of adults with epilepsy. Saburi, G.L.; Mapanga, K.G.; Mapanga, M.B. Jun 1, 2006 7229
Defect rate drops with reduced use of valproate in Australia. Sullivan, Michele G. Statistical data Mar 1, 2006 591
Birth defects decline as valproate is used less. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 15, 2006 501
Chanda Gunn, US Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team Goalie, and Team, Donate Signed Shirt on eBay to Support New Epilespy Research; Gunn, Athlete with Epilepsy, Shares Daily Olympic Experience from Torino with Other Patients Through Blog. Feb 14, 2006 860
Emotions in relation to healthcare encounters affecting self-esteem. Raty, Lena; Gustafsson, Barbro Feb 1, 2006 7498
Please help with study. Jan 10, 2006 132
Google link helps Epilepsy Research Foundation increase funding. Jan 3, 2006 132
Primary HHV-6 infection is linked with prolonged febrile seizures, study shows. Mahoney, Diana Nov 1, 2005 492
Cleveland Clinic-led research identifies gene linked to epilepsy, movement disorder. May 1, 2005 829
New findings improve counseling for epilepsy surgery. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2005 675
Flickering light and seizures. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 142
Consider low-dose topiramate for newly diagnosed epilepsy. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 292
Deep brain stimulation may control severe seizures. MacReady, Norra Mar 1, 2005 279
Neurostimulation signals option in treating epilepsy. MacReady, Norra Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 203
Potential block for epilepsy: researchers find new drug target. Lock, C. Jul 24, 2004 478
Psychiatric issues cloud frontal lobe epilepsy Dx. Sullivan, Michele G. Jun 1, 2004 547
Late-onset seizures and stroke. Brief Article May 15, 2004 125
Frontal lobe epilepsy: Dx can prove tricky. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2004 544
Monotherapy may be best for refractory epilepsy: fewer seizures. Mahoney, Diana Mar 15, 2004 540
Women with epilepsy: may not be getting adequate health care. (Medicine & Health). Shafer, Patricia Osborne May 1, 2003 2266
Brain waives, seizures and the child with autism. (EP on Autism). Tuchman, Roberto Mar 1, 2003 2144
Adolescents' lived experience of epilepsy. Eklund, Pernilla Garmy; Sivberg, Bengt Feb 1, 2003 7883
Preliminary studies of gene therapy in an epilepsy rat model. (South Carolina Junior Academy Of Sciences Abstracts). Allen, Kelty Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 252
Reprise pattern seen in 33% of nonepileptic spells. (In 2% With Epilepsy). Zoler, Mitchel L. Feb 1, 2002 177
LACK OF UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 706
Epileptic seizures may be predictable. Netting, J. Brief Article May 5, 2001 495
Prognosis for Epilepsy. Shinnar, Shlomo Dec 1, 2000 3682
Endgame for Epilepsy? CHRISTENSEN, DAMARIS Jun 3, 2000 2169
National Epilepsy Month -- November 1999. Brief Article Oct 29, 1999 239
Seeing and controlling chaos in the brain. Pennisi, Elizabeth Aug 27, 1994 596
Epilepsy. Azimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 148
EEG study of video epilepsy. Brief article Feb 1, 1991 118

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