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The potential of squid pen powder as an alternative wound healing agent. Esolana, May Ann; Inso, Carmenila; Dongao, Recille Concepcion; Alunan, Justyne Alessandra; Cempron, Report Jan 1, 2013 2690
'Octomom' 2.0? Woman Gets 'Pregnant In The Mouth' After Eating Squid. Jun 15, 2012 592
Oral administration of pharmacologically active substances to squid: a methodological description. Berk, William; Teperman, Jake; Walton, Kerry D.; Hirata, Kazunari; Sugimori, Mutsuyuki; Llinas, Rodo Feb 1, 2009 2506
Squid beaks are hardly soft. Castelvecchi, Davide Brief article Apr 5, 2008 272
Responses of host hemocytes during the initiation of the squid-Vibrio symbiosis. Koropatnick, Tanya A.; Kimbell, Jennifer R.; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J. Feb 1, 2007 6983
New information from fish diets on the importance of glassy flying squid (Hyaloteuthis pelagica) (Teuthoidea: Ommastrephidae) in the epipelagic cephalopod community of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Cherel, Yves; Sabatie, Richard; Potier, Michel; Marsac, Francis; Menard, Frederic Jan 1, 2007 3546
Seasonal and size-based predation on two species of squid by four fish predators on the Northwest Atlantic continental shelf. Staudinger, Michelle D. Oct 1, 2006 7237
First maternal care filmed in squid. Brief Article Jan 14, 2006 230
A new twist on how squid swim. Carlowicz, Mike Dec 1, 2005 452
Changes in tissue biochemical composition and energy reserves associated with sexual maturation in the ommastrephid squids Illex coindetii and Todaropsis eblanae. Rosa, R.; Costa, P.R.; Bandarra, N.; Nunes, M.L. Apr 1, 2005 15576
Diet of the minimal armhook squid (Berryteuthis anonychus) (Cephalopoda: Gonatidae) in the northeast Pacific during spring. Uchikawa, Kazuhisa; Bower, John R.; Sato, Yasuko; Sakurai, Yasunori Oct 1, 2004 4073
Axotomy inhibits the slow axonal transport of tubulin in the squid giant axon. Gallant, P.E. Oct 1, 2003 1178
Interactions between recombinant conventional squid kinesin and native myosin-V. Delacruz, John; Brown, Jeremiah R.; Langford, George M. Oct 1, 2003 941
Rab-GDI inhibits myosin V-dependent vesicle transport in squid giant axon. DeSelm, Carl J.; Brown, Jeremiah R.; Lu, Renne; Langford, George M. Oct 1, 2003 1140
Squid sperm to clam eggs: imaging wet samples in a scanning electron microscope. Gileadi, Opher; Sabban, Alon Oct 1, 2003 794
Formation of the blastoderm and yolk syncytial layer in early squid development. Wadeson, P.H.; Crawford, K. Oct 1, 2003 988
Lithium chloride inhibits development along the animal vegetal axis and anterior midline of the squid embryo. Crawford, K. Oct 1, 2003 847
Construction, characterization, and colonization of Vibrio fischeri amino acid auxotrophs. (Environmental Poster Session 10:00 AM-11:00 AM). Pollack, Amber G.; Whistler, Cheryl Abstract Mar 1, 2003 249
Geographic and temporal patterns in size and maturity of the longfin inshore squid (Loligo pealeii) off the northeastern United States. Hatfield, Emma M.C.; Cadrin, Steven X. Apr 1, 2002 9658
Seasonal Variation in Conduction Velocity of Action Potentials in Squid Giant Axons. ROSENTHAL, JOSHUA J. C.; BEZANILLA, FRANCISCO Oct 1, 2000 4978
Heavy Water ([D.sub.2]O) Alters the Sodium Channel Gating Current in Squid Giant Axons. Landowne, David Oct 1, 2000 960
Fluorescence Localization of K+ Channels in the Membrane of Squid Giant Axons. Clay, John R.; Kuzirian, Alan M. Oct 1, 1999 1285
Squid Axoplasm Supports the Retrograde Axonal Transport of Herpes Simplex Virus. Bearer, E. L.; Schlief, M. L.; Breakefield, X. O.; Schuback, D. E.; Reese, T. S.; LaVail J. H. Oct 1, 1999 1115
Substituted Cyclodextrin as a Model for a Squid Enzyme that Hydrolyzes the Nerve Gas Soman. Hoskin, Francis, C. G.; Steeves, Diane, M.; Walker, John E. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 903
Late postembryonic development of the symbiotic light organ of Euprymna scolopes (cephalopoda: sepiolidae). Montgomery, Mary K.; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J. Dec 1, 1998 4423
A closer look at the natural substrate for a nerve-gas hydrolyzing enzyme in squid nerve. Hoskin, Francis C.G.; Walker, John E. Oct 1, 1998 745
Evidence for multiple spawning by squids (Loligo pealei) in captivity. Maxwell, Michael R.; Macy, William K.; Odate, Shobu; Hanlon, Roger T. Oct 1, 1998 1526
Sampling the light-organ microenvironment of Euprymna scolopes: description of a population of host cells in association with the bacterial symbiont Vibrio fischeri. Nyholm, Spencer V.; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J. Oct 1, 1998 4810
Bacterial symbionts colonize the accessory nidamental gland of the squid Loligo opalescens via horizontal transmission. Kaufman, Melissa R.; Ikeda, Yuzuru; Patton, Chris; Van Dykhuizen, Gilbert; Epel, David Feb 1, 1998 3285
Laboratory culture of the sepiolid squid Euprymna scolopes: a model system for bacteria - animal symbiosis. Hanlon, Roger T.; Claes, Michael F.; Ashcraft, Susan E.; Dunlap, Paul V. Jun 1, 1997 7396
Post-hatching development of circular mantle muscles in the squid Loligo opalescens. Preuss, Thomas; Lebaric, Zora N.; Gilly, William F. Jun 1, 1997 6759
New evidence for bacterial diversity in the accessory nidamental gland of the squid (Loligo pealei). Barbieri, Elena; Gulledge, Jay; Moser, Duane; Chien, Chih-Ching Oct 1, 1996 1296
FUTURE SCOPE. Sep 1, 1996 750
Ontogeny of copepod predation in juvenile squid (Liligo opalescens). Chen, Donald S.; Dykhuizen, Gilbert van; Hodge, Jenny; Gilly, William F. Feb 1, 1996 5949
A flash of blue. Aug 3, 1985 157

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