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EU Public Procurement Policy During Covid-19: A Turning Point for Legitimate EU Governance? Pircher, Brigitte Sep 1, 2022 7949
Mediatization Research and Causality: Toward a Critical Realist Ontology. Ansaldo, Sebastian Aug 1, 2022 8870
Energy from "Softness": Exploring the Perspectives of Healthy Older Adults Participating in a Community-Based Tai Chi Exercise Program. van der Linden, Nerida Koert; Pearson, Erin S.; Gotwals, John K.; Klarner, Taryn; Cameron, Erin Report Jun 1, 2022 9985
Ancient book about aliens shows that humans believed they were around 300 YEARS ago; A book published more than 300 years ago by a Dutch scientist has proven that the people of the past believed in alien life and question whether humans are alone in the universe. By, Declan Carey May 21, 2022 553
Reflection - an effective strategy for outcome-based learning in basic medical sciences. Mussarat, Uzma; Zainub, Abeerah; Hanif, Rabia; Ayub, Sadaf; Naureen, Fakhra; Inam, Tahira Report Apr 12, 2022 2316
Taking the research journal 'in a new direction'. Dec 1, 2021 569
Intercultural Teaching in the EFL Classroom - the Polish Context. Sobkowiak, Pawel Jul 1, 2021 10377
IUB publishes literary-research based book 22 LOG. May 4, 2021 437
Perceptions of Justice among Guatemalan-Mayans and Latinos of South Florida: A Call for Further Study of Procedural Justice in Minority Communities. Lowrey-Kinberg, Belen; Barak, Maya P.; Mellinger, Hillary Mar 22, 2021 8209
THE TRANSITION OF A FRENCH DISTANCE LEARNING INSTITUTION TO A FEE-BASED MODEL: An Ethnographic Study. Marty, Olivier; Amirault, Ray J. Report Mar 22, 2021 8586
Account of a female Pakistani Ph.D. scholar: An Autoethnographic exploration. Saleem, Maimoona Mar 1, 2021 9860
Research Reflections on the Positives of COVID-19 for Work in the Northern Territory. Guenther, John Jan 1, 2021 1792
Student Veterans: Meaning in Life, Negative Career Thoughts, and Depression. Buzzetta, Mary E.; Lenz, Janet G.; Hayden, Seth C.W.; Osborn, Debra S. Dec 1, 2020 6676
Unintentional Reverse Transfer from L2 (English) to L1 (Spanish) in Tertiary Levels. Agullo, Gloria Luque Dec 1, 2020 7291
Comparative Studies of Internet Use: A Review of SSCI-Indexed Journal Articles, 1969-2019. Zhao, Hui; Liu, Jun Nov 1, 2020 8658
Neuropsychological and Emotional Functioning in Patients with Cushing's Syndrome. Na, Sabrina; Fernandes, Mary A.; Ioachimescu, Adriana G.; Penna, Suzanne Aug 31, 2020 8345
Springer Nature enticed by DORA aura. Aug 1, 2020 401
GU-Q celebrates first 40 books featuring scholarly research published by CIRS. Jul 9, 2020 620
Supralocalisation Processes in Early Modern English Urban Vernaculars: New Manuscript Evidence from Bristol, Coventry and York. Gordon, Moragh; Oudesluijs, Tino; Auer, Anita Jul 1, 2020 8910
Transforming Pedagogical Practices Through Collaborative Work/Transformar las practicas pedagogicas mediante el trabajo colaborativo. Insuasty, Edgar Alirio; Osorio, Maria Fernanda Jaime Jul 1, 2020 6110
Re-Signifying Teacher Epistemologies Through Lesson Planning: A Study on Language Student Teachers/Resignificar la epistemologia docente mediante la planificacion de clases: un estudio sobre profesores de idiomas en formacion. Ubaque-Casallas, Diego F.; Aguirre-Garzon, Edgar Jul 1, 2020 7938
Enhancing English Speaking Skills through Self-Assessment-Based Action Research/Mejoramiento de las habilidades de expresion oral en ingles mediante la investigacion-accion sustentada en la autoevaluacion. Avilez, Ariadna Pinto; Larenas, Claudio Diaz Jul 1, 2020 9219
Equity Pedagogy as a Means to Address Educational Needs of Students to Burgeon Inclusive Culture in Colleges and Universities. Samina Ashraf and Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan Jun 30, 2020 6826
Psychological Capital as an Index of Workplace Flourishing of College Faculty Members. Samra Afzal, Marium Din and Hukam Dad Malik Jun 30, 2020 6775
Heads over Tails? An Exploration of Anatomical Arrangement within Cremation Urns from Bronze Age Hungary. Williamson, Kylie A.; Danella, Erika B.; Ullinger, Jaime; Paja, Laszlo; Giblin, Julia Jun 22, 2020 12746
It's all about the Mental Game: The Experiences of Position Specialists in a Collegiate Team Sport Environment. Smith, Allison B.; Zakrajsek, Rebecca A.; Hardin, Robin; Graham, Jeffrey Jun 1, 2020 11561
Effects of Collection Durations on the Determination of Energy Values and Nutrient Digestibility of High-Fiber Diets in Growing Pigs by Total Fecal Collection Method. Liu, Zhengqun; Zhong, Ruqing; Chen, Liang; Xie, Fei; Li, Kai; Liu, Lei; Zhang, Hongfu Report Feb 1, 2020 8025
REGULATION OF BOOK MARKETS. Marcowitz-Bitton, Miriam; Nussim, Jacob Feb 1, 2020 30211
Corpus Linguistics approaches to trainee translators' framing practice in news translation. Pan, Yun Jan 1, 2020 14019
Perceived Impact of Attitudes and Competencies of Lecturers on Academic Performance of Female Students at a University in Zimbabwe. Manwa, Lilian; Chireshe, Regis; Chireshe, Excellent Report Jan 1, 2020 7050
Action Research in Education: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition. Book review Jan 1, 2020 235
A Contribution-Oriented Self-Directed Mobile Learning Ecology Approach to Improving EFL Students' Vocabulary Retention and Second Language Motivation. Wang, Zhuo; Hwang, Gwo-Jen; Yin, Zhaoyi; Ma, Yongjun Jan 1, 2020 7823
Relationship between Task-Oriented Leaders' Behavior and Organizational Performance in Higher Education Institutions. Gulshan Fatima Alvi and Rizwan Akram Rana Report Dec 31, 2019 4659
Scientists Claim Alcohol Saved Humans' Ancestors From Extinction. Inigo Monzon Dec 9, 2019 373
Evidence-Based Relationship Factors: A New Focus for Mental Health Counseling Research, Practice, and Training. Parrow, Kimberly K.; Sommers-Flanagan, John; Cova, J. Sky; Lungu, Hugo Oct 1, 2019 6780
E-Democracy and Digital Activism: From Divergent Paths Toward a New Frame. Blasio, Emiliana De; Sorice, Michele Oct 1, 2019 8041
Success, Balance, but Never Both: Exploring Reified Forms of Success in School-Based Agricultural Education. Traini, Haley Q.; Claflin, Kellie; Stewart, Josh; Velez, Jonathan J. Oct 1, 2019 8233
A systematic review of the validity and reliability of patient-reported experience measures. Nutr, Claudia Bull B.; Comm, Joshua Byrnes B.; Ruvini Hettiarachchi, B.D.S.; Martin Downes, M.V.B. Report Oct 1, 2019 10635
Determination of the energy contents and nutrient digestibility of corn, waxy corn and steam-flaked corn fed to growing pigs. Ma, Dongli; Li, Juntao; Huang, Chengfei; Yang, Fengjuan; Wu, Yi; Liu, Ling; Jiang, Wei; Jia, Zhichen Oct 1, 2019 4669
When camp dogs run over maps: 'proper-way' research in an Aboriginal community in the north-east of Western Australia. Povey, Rhonda; Trudgett, Michelle Report Sep 22, 2019 7066
The Value of Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Advancing the Scientific Study of Growth Through Adversity. Jayawickreme, Eranda Sep 22, 2019 3359
Comparing Discursive and Performative Contributions to Legitimation of Government: A Study of Municipal Policy Making in Chengdu. Pan, Lingling; Chen, Qinying; Jacobson, Tom Report Sep 1, 2019 8765
Exploring the Effect of Professional Development on Practice in World Music Education: A Mixed Methods Study. Mellizo, Jennifer Sep 1, 2019 7835
Japanese Gender Role Expectations and Attitudes: A Qualitative Analysis of Gender Inequality. Belarmino, Melanie; Roberts, Melinda R. Aug 1, 2019 8742
Making Open Science Work for Science and Society. Elliott, Kevin C.; Resnik, David B. Report Jul 1, 2019 7238
What could happen when action research meets ideas of sociomateriality?/Que podria pasar cuando la investigacion-accion se reune con las ideas de socio-materialidad?. Allen, Stephen; Marshall, Judi Jul 1, 2019 6238
The Intersection: Where Do Human Needs and Space Allocation Cross? Menzies, Matthew; Nilson, Michelle; Paterson, David Jul 1, 2019 5662
The Impact of Information Gap Activities on Young EFL Learners' Oral Fluency/El impacto de las actividades con vacio de informacion en la fluidez oral de estudiantes jovenes de ingles como lengua extranjera. Neira, Ramon Antonio Ortiz Jul 1, 2019 5682
A Circuitous Path. Worobec, Christine D. Personal account Jun 22, 2019 4128
Success Rates of Recovering Teeth and Infant-Sized Bones Dispersed among Leaf Litter. Pokines, James T.; Purcell, Briana J.; Atkinson, Megan L.; Kilroy, Grace S.; Udoni, Makala M.; Stark Jun 22, 2019 7708
Research Needs for Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection in Developing Countries: From Scientists' to Implementers' Perspectives. Murillo, Raul; Robles, Claudia May 31, 2019 6443
The impact of cultural values on Vietnamese ethnic entrepreneurs in Germany. Phuong, Quynh Duong; Harima, Aki Apr 1, 2019 11673
Understanding the Development of Honors Students' Connections with Faculty. Dean, Shannon R. Mar 22, 2019 4761
Identifying the Agricultural Mechanics Knowledge and Skills Needed by Iowa School-based Agricultural Education Teachers. Hainline, Mark S.; Wells, Trent Jan 1, 2019 10172
Comparative Study of the Party Politics in theBritish Punjab: A Discourse of the Major Political Parties (1885-1937). Dec 31, 2018 16226
Enhancing social--emotional development through evidence-based resources. White, Antoinette; Walker, Sue Dec 1, 2018 6383
Publishers Association research shows books adapted for drama productions attract higher revenue. Jul 10, 2018 332
Pakistani Learners in British State Maintained Islamic Schools: The effects of social economic class and faith identity on the gender gap in attainment. Jun 30, 2018 6144
The influence of vehicle system dynamics on rail foot heat transfer. Bosomworth, Chris; Spiryagin, Maksym; Alahakoon, Sanath; Cole, Colin Jun 1, 2018 6577
American Journal Experts and Research Square Host Regional Society of Scholarly Publishing Event in North Carolina. May 23, 2018 490
The Big Book Competition! Schor, Jacob Report May 1, 2018 2088
Escape FDI and the Varieties of Capitalism: Why History Matters in International Business. Kobrak, Christopher; Oesterle, Michael-Jorg; Rober, Bjorn May 1, 2018 7241
An exploratory Investigation of New Entrant Motor Carriers' Longitudinal Safety Performance. Miller, Jason; Saldanha, John P. Mar 22, 2018 10236
Workplace Integration: Key Considerations for Internationally Educated Nurses and Employers. Ramji, Zubeida; Etowa, Josephine Mar 1, 2018 10686
Inspiring music teachers: A study of what is important in practice. Robinson, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2018 4428
Going negative by metaphors: The Donbass conflict in the Russian and the Ukrainian press. Diedkova, Ganna; Landtsheer, Christ'l De Jan 1, 2018 12126
A Survey of Information Literacy (IL) Programmes in Technical University (Tu) Libraries in Ghana. Agyekum, Baffour Ohene; Ntiamoah-Sarpong, Kwabena; Arthur, Beatrice Jan 1, 2018 5830
Scientists Discovered Fossils from a Giant Penguin in New Zealand. Dec 13, 2017 193
2,000-Year-Old Rock Art Found In Venezuela. Dec 7, 2017 476
Clinging to Borders and Boundaries? The (Sorry) State of Transnational American Jewish Studies. Krah, Markus Oct 1, 2017 6008
Attachment and self-efficacy in career search activities: a structural model. Wright, Stephen L. Jun 1, 2017 6764
"Speaking back" to the self: a call for "voice notes" as reflexive practice for feminist ethnographers. Mazanderani, Fawzia Haeri Feb 1, 2017 7386
CMIP5 SCIENTIFIC GAPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CMIP6: The scientific gaps identified in the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) that guided the experiment for its next phase, CMIP6, are identified. Stouffer, R.J.; Eyring, V.; Meehl, G.A.; Bony, S.; Senior, C.; Stevens, B.; Taylor, K.E. Jan 1, 2017 7888
A SURVEY OF INFORMATION LITERACY (IL) PROGRAMMES IN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (Tu) LIBRARIES IN GHANA. Agyekum, Baffour Ohene; Ntiamoah-Sarpong, Kwabena; Arthur, Beatrice Jan 1, 2017 6022
CMIP5 scientific gaps and recommendations for CMIP6: the scientific gaps identified in the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intel-comparison Project (CMIP5) that guided the experiment for its next phase, CMIP6, are identified. Stouffer, R.J.; Eyring, V.; Meehl, G.A.; Bony, S.; Senior, C.; Stevens, B.; Taylor, K.E. Jan 1, 2017 7875
Growing up in contexts with armed conflict: Individual exposure to large-scale violence and differences in emancipative values in Colombia and Mexico. Vicente, Nohemi Jocabeth Echeverria; Hemmerechts, Kenneth; Kavadias, Dimokritos Jan 1, 2017 13199
Implementation and acceptability of an adapted classroom check-up coaching model to promote culturally responsive classroom management. Pas, Elise T.; Larson, Kristine E.; Reinke, Wendy M.; Herman, Keith C.; Bradshaw, Catherine P. Nov 1, 2016 8805
La mujer y el Mercado editorial en Espana (1651-1750). Ulla Lorenzo, Alejandra Nov 1, 2016 4398
First research and book centre inaugurated in Tataouine. Oct 6, 2016 141
'Caterpillars and catalysts': a year of literacy learning in an early years classroom privileging dramatic pedagogies. Harden, Annette Sep 1, 2016 6576
The interface between research on individual difference variables and teaching practice: The case of cognitive factors and personality. Biedron, Adriana; Pawlak, Miroslaw Sep 1, 2016 11314
American responses to the Holocaust: new research, new controversies. Medoff, Rafael Jul 1, 2016 13493
Professional development through clinical supervision. Farhat, Amal Jun 22, 2016 7096
El Palmendos (1589) de Anthony Munday en el mercado editorial ingles de la Edad Moderna: impresion y recepcion. Alvarez-Recio, Leticia Jun 1, 2016 7921
Second language learners' divergence from target language pragmatic norms. Gomez-Laich, Maria Pia Report Jun 1, 2016 7547
Measuring Freedom of Information: Issues and Opportunities from an Expert Survey. Giannone, Diego; de Frutos, Ruth Jan 1, 2016 9674
A review of research on student learning with implications for teaching college science in Idaho. Lysne, Steven J.; Miller, Brant G. Dec 1, 2014 4585
The giant water bug, Belostoma lutarium (Stal): an ideal system for studies of ecology, evolution, and behavior. Klug, Hope; Hicks, Patrick Aug 1, 2014 5753
Exploring transition back to occupational therapy practice following a career break. Dodds, Kylie; Herkt, Jackie Sep 1, 2013 6430
Democratic change in the Arab world, past and present. Chaney, Eric Mar 22, 2012 12464
Elsevier releases first issue of Operations Research for Health Care. Mar 21, 2012 145
The role of emotion in predicting violence. Matsumoto, David; Hwang, Hyi Sung; Frank, Mark G. Jan 1, 2012 5343
Designing embodied cues for dialogue with robots. Mutlu, Bilge Dec 22, 2011 8246
Does it really take a village to raise a child (or just a parent?): an examination of the relationship between the members of the residence of a middle-school student and the student's satisfaction with school. Gould, Jonathon A. Survey Sep 22, 2011 4008
A survey of children's and young adult books in Iran: 2000-2008. Azad, Mina Akhbari; Abazari, Zahra Report Jul 1, 2011 1317
The language of knowledge management: a linguistic approach to metaphor analysis. Steen, Gerard Report Mar 1, 2011 4836
Ethnicity and neighbourhoods: looking backward, facing forward. Zucchi, John Reprint Sep 22, 2010 6982
A descoberta do insolito: Carolina Maria de Jesus e a imprensa Brasileira (1960-77). Medeiros da Silva, Mario Augusto Sep 22, 2010 8581
Cross price elasticity and income elasticity of demand: are your students confused? Graves, Philip E.; Sexton, Robert L. Sep 22, 2009 1937
The UN and Transnational Corporations: From Code of Conduct to Global Compact. Nissan, Edward Sep 22, 2009 1571
Stories from the skies of the past; Uni studies result in book. Mar 3, 2009 361
Modest systems psychology: a neutral complement to positive psychological thinking. Hogan, Michael J. Report Nov 1, 2008 9728
The disconnect between youths with mental health and special education disabilities and juvenile court outcomes. Mallett, Christopher A. Sep 1, 2008 4767
Nordic entrepreneurship research. Hjorth, Daniel Mar 1, 2008 11219
Has prey availability for arctic birds advanced with climate change? Hindcasting the abundance of tundra arthropods using weather and seasonal variation. Tulp, Ingrid; Schekkerman, Hans Report Mar 1, 2008 8340
Transforming genetic research practices with marginalized communities: a case for responsive justice. Goering, Sara; Holland, Suzanne; Fryer-edwards, Kelly Mar 1, 2008 9083
Three meanings of Islamic science: toward operationalizing Islamization of science. Setia, Adi Jun 22, 2007 12392
Climate change, health, and vulnerability in Canadian northern Aboriginal communities. Seguin, Jacinthe Dec 1, 2006 7283
Used book sales are on the increase, study shows. Sep 29, 2005 154
African American popular and scholarly interest in Central and South America, 1960 to 2005. Fikes, Robert, Jr. Author abstract Jun 22, 2005 8693

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