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Effect of Preoperative Trapezius Myalgia on Postoperative Pain. Tunay, Abdurrahman; Erden, Veysel; Ferlengez, Ayse Gul Feb 1, 2022 2923
Intraoral Botulinum Toxin Injection in Mental Foramen Site in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Nvabazam, Alireza; Judi, Reza Jan 25, 2021 2724
Social Participation in College Students with Chronic Pain. McCarthy, Karen; Chamberlain, Megan; Chinn, Megan; Pineda, Jennifer; Santiago, Camille Jan 1, 2021 7430
The Effect of Low Dose Ketamine on the Need for Morphine in Patients with Multiple Trauma in Emergency Department. Heydari, Farhad; Azarian, Reza; Masoumi, Babak; Ghahnavieh, Alireza Abootalebi Dec 1, 2020 4777
Outcomes of pain management in chronic pancreatitis: experience from a tertiary care hospital in India. Sugumar, Kavin; Deshpande, Aparna Report Dec 1, 2020 5093
A Comparative Neuro-Histological Assessment of Gluteal Skin Thickness and Cutaneous Nociceptor Distribution in Horses and Humans. Tong, Lydia; Stewart, Melinda; Johnson, Ian; Appleyard, Richard; Wilson, Bethany; James, Olivia; Joh Nov 1, 2020 7038
Development of a Facial Expression Scale Using Farrowing as a Model of Pain in Sows. Navarro, Elena; Mainau, Eva; Manteca, Xavier Nov 1, 2020 6055
Identification of Body Behaviors and Facial Expressions Associated with Induced Orthopedic Pain in Four Equine Pain Scales. Ask, Katrina; Rhodin, Marie; Tamminen, Lena-Mari; Hernlund, Elin; Andersen, Pia Haubro Nov 1, 2020 7987
Eli Lilly Reyvow demonstrated superior pain freedom at two hours versus placebo. Oct 6, 2020 654
Dietary Supplementation with Palmitoyl-Glucosamine Co-Micronized with Curcumin Relieves Osteoarthritis Pain and Benefits Joint Mobility. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Peritore, Alessio Filippo; Impellizzeri, Daniela; Cordaro, Marika; Siracusa, Ro Oct 1, 2020 8277
The Utility of Grimace Scales for Practical Pain Assessment in Laboratory Animals. Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Olmos-Hernandez, Adriana; Verduzco-Mendoza, Antonio; Hernandez, Elein; Martinez- Oct 1, 2020 11100
Reducing the prevalence of low-back pain by reducing the prevalence of psychological distress: Evidence from a natural experiment and implications for health care providers. Brown, Timothy T.; Ahn, Christie; Huang, Haoyue; Ibrahim, Zaidat Report Oct 1, 2020 8391
FISH PAIN DEBATE. Sep 22, 2020 2980
Objective Assessment of Acute Pain in Foals Using a Facial Expression-Based Pain Scale. Loon, Johannes van; Verhaar, Nicole; Berg, Els van den; Ross, Sarah; Grauw, Janny de Report Sep 1, 2020 4215
Tail Docking of Piglets 2: Effects of Meloxicam on the Stress Response to Tail Docking. Morrison, Rebecca; Hemsworth, Paul Report Sep 1, 2020 5274
Comparison of Vacuum-assisted Closure and Conventional Dressing Treatment Modalities for Fournier's Gangrene. Vuruskan, Ediz; Gurlen, Guclu; Alma, Ergun; Ercil, Hakan; Unal, Umut; Altunkol, Adem; Bozkurt, Osman Sep 1, 2020 4223
Can Endocrine Dysfunction Be Reliably Tested in Aged Horses That Are Experiencing Pain? Gehlen, Heidrun; Jaburg, Nina; Merle, Roswitha; Winter, Judith Aug 1, 2020 9158
Continuous Hemofiltration Reduces Mortality in Severe Acute Pancreatitis: A Meta-Analysis. Guo, Yulin; Cao, Feng; Li, Chen; Yang, Huaxia; Xia, Shaoyou; Li, Fei Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 7330
Psychotherapy for Physical Pain in Patients with Fibromyalgia: A Systematic Review. Gomez-de-Regil, Lizzette; Estrella-Castillo, Damaris F. Jul 31, 2020 6391
Sex Difference in Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Response to Exercise: Role of Oxidative Stress. Rostami, Zahra; Ghasemi, Sahar; Farzadmanesh, Hamed; Safari, Manouchehr; Ghanbari, Ali Jul 31, 2020 6695
Imagined and Actual Acupuncture Effects on Chronic Low Back Pain: A Preliminary Study. Cao, Jin; Orr, Scott P.; Wilson, Georgia; Kong, Jian Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 5056
Rare gene variant acts as natural painkiller for pregnant mums during childbirth; Researchers say they have found gene acts "like a natural epidural" reducing ability of nerve cells to send pain signals to the brain. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 22, 2020 396
Pain Management and Its Possible Implementation Research in North Ethiopia: A before and after Study. Tequare, Mengistu Hagazi; Huntzicker, James John; Mhretu, Hagos Gidey; Zelelew, Yibrah Berhe; Abraha Jun 30, 2020 5159
Zelira Therapeutics forming new partnership for chronic pain study in retired athletes. Jun 18, 2020 485
Zelira Therapeutics forming new partnership for chronic pain study in retired athletes. Jun 18, 2020 487
Application of a Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram and Its Relationship with Gait in a Convenience Sample of 60 Riding Horses. Dyson, Sue; Pollard, Danica Jun 1, 2020 8520
Effects of Cold Band Application Treatment on Pain and Quality of Life in Migraineurs: A Self-Controlled Study. Cura, Sengul Uzen; Acaroglu, Rengin Report Jun 1, 2020 4150
Can Isoflurane and Meloxicam Mitigate Pain Associated with Cautery Disbudding of 3-Week-Old Goat Kids? Hempstead, Melissa N.; Waas, Joseph R.; Stewart, Mairi; Cave, Vanessa M.; Sutherland, Mhairi A. May 1, 2020 7952
A Review of Nonanesthetic Uses of Ketamine. Pribish, Abby; Wood, Nicole; Kalava, Arun Apr 30, 2020 13955
Low-Dose Ketamine for Outpatient Hysteroscopy: A Prospective, Randomised, Double-Blind Study. Goswami, Devalina; Nisa, Neisevilie; Sharma, Ankur; Dadhwal, Vatsala; Baidya, Dalim Kumar; Arora, Ma Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 4884
Analysis of Biomechanical Properties of the Lumbar Extensor Myofascia in Elderly Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain and That in Healthy People. Wu, Zugui; Zhu, Yue; Xu, Wu; Liang, Junquan; Guan, Yingxin; Xu, Xuemeng Mar 31, 2020 8462
Effect of Peat Intervention on Pain and Gait in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Prospective, Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Study. Kim, Myeongkyu; Lee, Kyu Hoon; Han, Seung Hoon; Lee, Sung Jae; Kim, Choong- Gon; Choi, Jae Ho; Hwang Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 6208
MDCT Findings in Focal Fat Infarction of Appendage of Falciform Ligament--An Unusual Cause of Epigastric Pain. Gupta, Ranjana; Yadav, Rishabh; Singh, Simar Abheet; Mittal, Puneet; Yadav, Narender Feb 10, 2020 924
Study in prestigious medical journal makes a strong case that unborn babies are capable of experiencing pain. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2020 645
Researchers find first successful treatment for pain using human stem cells. ANI Jan 24, 2020 370
Study to help family carers manage pain relief for seriously ill children. Jan 23, 2020 481
Comparison of Doppler Guided Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (DG-HAL-RAR) with Open Haemorrhoidectomy. Darshan, B.; Arava, Srinivas; Naveen, H.M.; Pavan, B.M.; Sunil, N.P. Jan 20, 2020 3073
The Effect of Behavioural Indicators of Calf Discomfort Following Routine Procedures on Cow Maternal Care. Turner, Simon P.; McIlvaney, Kirstin; Donbavand, Jo; Turner, Matt J. Report Jan 1, 2020 7169
Knowledge, Practice and Beliefs of Pediatric Nurses about Pain. Cirik, Vildan Apaydin; Ciftcioglu, Sule; Efe, Emine Sep 1, 2019 5806
Surgical mesh complications--as study in pain, loss and isolation. O'Connor, Teresa Report Aug 1, 2019 2401
Hit treadmill to ease period pain, study suggests. Jul 6, 2019 433
Virtual reality reduces pain and need for intravenous sedation by at least 50 pc: Study. Jun 2, 2019 538
Smartphone app improves pain control, reduces opiate use after knee surgery: Study. Jun 2, 2019 531
Effects of Electroacupuncture on Pain Memory-Related Behaviors and Synchronous Neural Oscillations in the Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Freely Moving Rats. Shen, Zui; Zhu, Yilin; Liu, Boyi; Liang, Yi; He, Qiaoying; Sun, Jing; Wu, Zemin; Zhang, Haiyan; Yao, May 31, 2019 7520
Pain perception disconnect during laser procedures. Brunk, Doug May 1, 2019 312
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Intervention for patients intubated and conscious to decrease peritraumatic distress (IPIC-PTD)--Preliminary results. Gosselin, Emilie; Lavoie, Stephan; Gelinas, Celine; Bourgault, Patricia Report Mar 22, 2019 7896
A Randomized Double-Blind Study: Evulation of Comparing Intravenous Fentanyl with Intravenous Tramadol Administered to Patients with Pain Control Due to Urinary Stone Disease. Kocak, Abdullah Osman Clinical report Mar 1, 2019 5054
Rx: Earth--The Original Painkiller! Exploiting the Planet's Natural Anti-Inflammatory Power for Pain Relief. Oschman, James L.; Sinatra, Stephen T.; Chevalier, Gaetan; Zucker, Martin Report Nov 1, 2018 4196
Transcriptomic differential IncRNA expression is involved in neuropathic pain in rat dorsal root ganglion after spared sciatic nerve injury. Mao, P.; Li, C.R.; Zhang, S.Z.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, B.T.; Fan, B.F. Report Oct 1, 2018 5354
Evaluation of the effects of dexmedetomidine and remifentanil on pain with the analgesia nociception index in the perioperative period in hysteroscopies under general anesthesia: A randomized prospective study. Gazi, Mustafa; Abitagaoglu, Suheyla; Turan, Guldem; Koksal, Ceren; Akgun, Fatma Nur; Art, Dilek E. Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 3653
Aromatherapy. Tanvisut, R.; Traisrisilp, K.; Tongsong, T. Report Sep 22, 2018 584
Managing Patient Pain: A Focus on NSAID OTC Formulations for Relief of Musculoskeletal and Other Common Sources of Pain. D'Arcy, Yvonne; McCarberg, Bill Report Aug 1, 2018 5000
BODY MASS INDEX AND HEEL PAIN-A HOSPITAL-BASED STUDY. Barua, Debanga Sarma; Das, Manasjyoti; Lahkar, Shantanu Report Jul 16, 2018 2647
Heron's HTX-011 Reduces Postop Pain Intensity and Opioid Use. Clinical report Jun 26, 2018 326
Efficacy of Mechanical Vibration of Heel Stick Pain in Neonates/Yenidoganlarda Topuk Delme Isleminde Agri Kontrolu ve Mekanik Vibrasyonun Etkisi. Kaya, Fatos Nimet Dolu; Karakoc, Ayse Clinical report Jun 1, 2018 3872
Chamomile for cyclic breast pain. Tester, Jodie Jun 1, 2018 487
Management of pain in patients on hemodialysis. Liu, Rachel; Battistella, Marisa Report Apr 1, 2018 381
Approach to the Patient with Disproportionate Pain. Patterson, Diana C.; Grelsamer, Ronald P. Report Apr 1, 2018 8086
Comparison of conservative exercise therapy with and without Maitland Thoracic Manipulative therapy in patients with subacromial pain: Clinical trial. Mar 31, 2018 3206
MMPI-related Pain Research through the Lens of Bibliometric Analysis: Mapping Investigatory Domain. Piotrowski, Chris Report Mar 1, 2018 2872
Doc gets pregnant women in labour DANCING and scientific research shows it does help; Pain-busting dance routines are supported by scientific research. Jan 21, 2018 391
The Effect of Massage on Pain and Anxiety in Hospitalized Patients: An Observational Study. McMillan, Kathleen; Glaser, Debi; Radovich, Patti Report Jan 1, 2018 3491
Efficacy of Bilateral Transversus Abdominis Plane and Ilioinguinal-Iliohypogastric Nerve Blocks for Postcaesarean Delivery Pain Relief under Spinal Anesthesia. Ahemed, Seid Adem; Denu, Zewditu Abdissa; Kassahun, Habtamu Getinet; Fentie, Demeke Yilikal Report Jan 1, 2018 3995
Disparity between High Satisfaction and Severe Pain in Patients after Caesarean Section: A Prospective Observational-Controlled Investigation. Hesse, Thomas; Julich, Andreas; Paul, James; Hahnenkamp, Klaus; Usichenko, Taras I. Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 2878
Effectiveness of Bilateral Superficial Cervical Plexus Block as Part of Postoperative Analgesia for Patients Undergoing Thyroidectomy in Empress Zewditu Memorial Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Aweke, Zemedu; Sahile, Wosenyeleh A.; Abiy, Sileshi; Ayalew, Nugusu; Kassa, Adugna A. Report Jan 1, 2018 3434
The Diagnostic Value of Irisin in Pediatric Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain. Sarac, Fatma; Sarsu, Sevgi Buyukbese; Yeniocak, Selman; Sahin, Kamil; Yucetas, Esma; Yildirim, Dogan Report Jan 1, 2018 3677
The Efficiency of Anterior Repositioning Splints in the Management of Pain Related to Temporomandibular Joint Disc Displacement with Reduction. Pihut, Malgorzata; Gorecka, Malgorzata; Ceranowicz, Piotr; Wieckiewicz, Mieszko Jan 1, 2018 4031
Assessment of Acute Pain Management and Associated Factors among Emergency Surgical Patients in Gondar University Specialized Hospital Emergency Department, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018: Institutional Based Cross-Sectional Study. Andualem, Amare Agmas; Lema, Girmay Fitiwi; Nigatu, Yonas Addisu; Ahmed, Seid Adem Report Jan 1, 2018 6137
Pirt Together with TRPV1 Is Involved in the Regulation of Neuropathic Pain. Wang, Changming; Gu, Leying; Ruan, Yonglan; Gegen, Tana; Yu, Lei; Zhu, Chan; Yang, Yan; Zhou, Yuan; Jan 1, 2018 5520
Effect of Cutaneous Heat Pain on Corticospinal Excitability of the Tibialis Anterior at Rest and during Submaximal Contraction. Billot, Maxime; Neige, Cecilia; Gagne, Martin; Mercier, Catherine; Bouyer, Laurent J. Jan 1, 2018 5175
What lies beneath: Looking into the deep work of clinical practice. Grant, Airdre Report Dec 22, 2017 2553
Stressed babies may not show they are in pain: Study. Dec 4, 2017 490
Effect of Upper-Extremity Strengthening Exercises on the Lumbar Strength, Disability and Pain of Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Study. Atalay, Erdem; Akova, Bedrettin; Gur, Hakan; Sekir, Ufuk Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 7452
Heart stents 'fail to ease non-emergency chest pain'. Nov 13, 2017 481
Memory maximizers: here's the latest research to help you keep your brain sharp. Oct 1, 2017 548
Assessment and management of acute pain in older people: barriers and facilitators to nursing practice. Fitzgerald, Sally; Tripp, Henrietta; Halksworth-Smith, Gillian Report Sep 1, 2017 5181
Towards Effective Pain Management: Breaking the Barriers. Mahrezi, Abdulaziz Al- Editorial Sep 1, 2017 1419
The endocannabinoid system in pain and inflammation: Its relevance to rheumatic disease. Barrie, Nicola; Manolios, Nicholas Report Sep 1, 2017 7052
POSTOPERATIVE PAIN MANAGEMENT AFTER CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME SURGICAL TREATMENT: COMPARING PRACTICE WITH GUIDELINES. Utrobicic, Ivan; Utrobicic, Frane; Proloscic, Ivona; Utrobicic, Toni; Jeric, Milka; Kadic, Antonia J Report Sep 1, 2017 4091
Relieving Pain After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block or Adductor Canal Block? / Artroskopik Diz Cerrahisi Sonrasinda Agrinin Giderilmesi: Ultrason Esliginde Femoral Sinir Blogu mu, Adduktor Kanal Blogu mu? Rahimzadeh, Poupak; Faiz, Hamid Reza; Imani, Farnad; Hobika, Geoffrey Grant; Abbasi, Armaghan; Nader Report Aug 1, 2017 5548
Shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendinopathy and SLAP lesion: the efficacy of therapeutic/IMPINGEMENT, TENDINOPATIA DI CUFFIA E LESIONI SLAP: EFFICACIA DELL'ESERCIZIO TERAPEUTICO NELLE PATOLOGIE DI SPALLA. Cioni, Marta; Ristori, Diego; Miele, Simone; Testa, Marco Report Jul 1, 2017 14253
Effects of suspended moxibustion on delayed onset muscle soreness: a randomized controlled double-blind pilot study. Meng, Ding; Xiaosheng, Dong; Xuhui, Wang; Xu, Wang; Xijin, Zhang Report Jun 1, 2017 4255
Combination of chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis in a patient with limited flexion: Is the combination of chiropractic and acupuncture an alternative to knee arthroplasties in patients with knee osteoarthritis? a case study. Isaza, Adrian Case study Jun 1, 2017 2801
Intrathecal preservative-free ketamine with bupivacaine in comparison with bupivacaine alone for lower limb and lower abdominal surgeries--a clinical study. Sreekumar, V.; Veena, N. Report May 25, 2017 2873
RN pain communications before and after intensive, peer-delivered education. Kim, Grace; McIlhenny, Sarah; Highfield, Martha E.F.; Moughrabi, Samira Report May 1, 2017 5056
Therapeutic effects of physical agents in the treatment of chronic pain/Mehanizam dejstva fizikalnih agenasa u terapiji hronicnog bola. Boskovic, Ksenija; Todorovic, Snezana Tomasevic Editorial May 1, 2017 2209
Comparative study of response to experimental cold pain in dysmenorrheic and nondysmenorrheic women. Nayak, Vineetha K. Ramdas; Chikkanna, Shankarappa; Devi, Mayanglambam Sangeeta; Vidya, Joshi Report Apr 1, 2017 1961
Perceptions of pain, injury, and transition-retirement the experiences of professional dancers. Harrison, Carly; Ruddock-Hudson, Mandy Report Apr 1, 2017 8802
O19: The sympathetic nervous system is a factor in chronic Achilles tendinopathy: an in vivo study. Jewson, J.L.; Lambert, E.A.; Docking, S.; Storr, M.; Lambert, G.W.; Gaida, J.E. Report Mar 22, 2017 110
O23: Pressure pain thresholds? Don't do what we did! Rio, Ebonie K.; Ellis, Richard F.; Henry, Jono M.; Falconer, Victoria R.; Kiss, Zoltan S.; Cook, Jil Report Mar 22, 2017 118
O25: Microvascular volume in symptomatic Achilles tendons is associated with VISA-A score, but does not predict ESW-induced intrinsic tendon tenderness. Praet, S.F.E.; Ong, J.H.; Purdam, C.; Welvaert, M.; Lovell, G.; Dixon, L.; Gaida, J.; Manzanero, S.; Report Mar 22, 2017 150
Comparison of efficacy of aceclofenac and ibuprofen after surgical removal of impacted third molar. Agarwal, Sumit; Chattopadhyay, Subhrajyoti; Mandal, Mohanchandra Report Mar 13, 2017 6400
Breast pain. Etingin, Orli R. Jan 1, 2017 274
Painful Memories: Reliability of Pain Intensity Recall at 3 Months in Senior Patients. Daoust, Raoul; Sirois, Marie-Josee; Lee, Jacques S.; Perry, Jeffrey J.; Griffith, Lauren E.; Worster Report Jan 1, 2017 4921
Do Tonic Itch and Pain Stimuli Draw Attention towards Their Location? van Laarhoven, Antoinette I.M.; van Damme, Stefaan; Lavrijsen, A. (Sjan) P.M.; van Ryckeghem, Dimitr Report Jan 1, 2017 9536
Adaptations in Evoked Pain Sensitivity and Conditioned Pain Modulation after Development of Chronic Neck Pain. Shahidi, Bahar; Maluf, Katrina S. Report Jan 1, 2017 4120
Outcome, Pain Perception, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients Submitted to Percutaneous Ethanol Injection for Simple Thyroid Cysts. Negro, Roberto; Colosimo, Ermenegildo; Greco, Gabriele Report Jan 1, 2017 2783
Oxidative Stress as a Physiological Pain Response in Full-Term Newborns. Perrone, S.; Bellieni, C.V.; Negro, S.; Longini, M.; Santacroce, A.; Tataranno, M.L.; Bazzini, F.; B Report Jan 1, 2017 4514
Clinical Evaluation of Acupuncture as Treatment for Complications of Cerebrovascular Accidents: A Randomized, Sham-Controlled, Subject- and Assessor-Blind Trial. Liao, Hsien-Yin; Ho, Wen-Chao; Chen, Chun-Chung; Lin, Jaung-Geng; Chang, Chia-chi; Chen, Liang-Yu; L Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 5489
Efficiency of selected physiotherapeutic treatments for low back pain. Dakowicz, A.; Milewska, A.J.; Gradkowska, A.; Matys, A.; Tarkowska, K.; Bialowiezec, M. Report Dec 1, 2016 3984
A comparative study of post-operative continuous wound infiltration with dexmedetomidine--ropivacaine mixture and plain ropivacaine in patients undergoing lumbar spine surgeries. Bommalingappa, Basavaraj; Channabasappa, Shivakumar M. Report Nov 17, 2016 2162
A new technique to ease pain after spay surgery. Nov 1, 2016 301
Putting focal points into focus. Waller-Wise, Renece Oct 1, 2016 2438
Feeling no pain--or empathy. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 236
Morphine can prolong rats' pain: experiment suggests another drawback to using opioids. Sanders, Laura Jul 9, 2016 371
Minimizing the pain in local anesthesia injection - A review. Report Jun 30, 2016 2422
Identification and management of chronic shoulder pain in the presence of an MRA-confirmed humeral avulsion of the inferior glenohumeral ligament (HAGL) lesion. Karmali, Arif; McLeod, Jennifer Report Jun 1, 2016 2828
Study Finds that Minimally Invasive Treatment Could "Freeze Out" Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees. Apr 13, 2016 299
An exploratory pilot investigation of neurosteroids and self-reported pain in female Iraq/Afghanistan-era Veterans. Naylor, Jennifer C.; Kilts, Jason D.; Strauss, Jennifer L.; Szabo, Steven T.; Dunn, Charlotte E.; Wa Report Apr 1, 2016 7749
Pain research using veterans health administration electronic and administrative data sources. Abel, Erica A.; Brandt, Cynthia A.; Czlapinski, Rebecca; Goulet, Joseph L. Report Jan 1, 2016 6817
VHA pain research working group and VHA pain care. Gallagher, Rollin M. Jan 1, 2016 1193
Postmastectomy Pain: A Cross-sectional Study of Prevalence, Pain Characteristics, and Effects on Quality of Life. Beyaz, SerbüLent; Ergönenç, Jalan; Ergönenç, Tolga; Sönmez, ÖZlem Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 3497
Increasing the frequency and timeliness of pain assessment and management in long-term care: knowledge transfer and sustained implementation. Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas; Williams, Jaime; Kaasalainen, Sharon; Hunter, Paulette V.; Savoie, Maryse Report Jan 1, 2016 9845
Randomized Trial of Immediate Postoperative Pain Following Single-incision Versus Traditional Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Guo, Wei; Liu, Yang; Han, Wei; Liu, Jun; Jin, Lan; Li, Jian-She; Zhang, Zhong-Tao Report Dec 20, 2015 3637
Chiropractic vs tramadol and all other opioids for the treatment of nonspecific chronic low back pain: Which treatment is more effective at reducing disability? Isaza, Adrian Report Dec 1, 2015 2503
Congenital indifference to pain: a report of three cases from Pakistan/Konjenital agriya kayitsizlik; Pakistan'dan uc olgu sunumu. Qureshi, Ali Raza; Ayaz, Saeed Bin; Khan, Atif Ahmed; Gill, Zaheer Ahmed Report Sep 1, 2015 2374
Eating to ease arthritis pain: a targeted diet, rich in omega-is, fruits, and vegetables, may help reduce arthritis pain so you can keep moving. Dennett, Carrie Report Sep 1, 2015 909
Pharmacologic methods of postoperative pain management: opioids, nonopioids, and adjuvants. Ward, Cynthia W. Report Sep 1, 2015 2718
Calpain Inhibitor Reduces Cancer-induced Bone Pain Possibly Through Inhibition of Osteoclastogenesis in Rat Cancer-induced Bone Pain Model. Xu, Jia-Ying; Jiang, Yu; Liu, Wei; Huang, Yu-Guang Report Aug 1, 2015 3665
Percutaneous Nucleoplasty Using Coblation Technique for the Treatment of Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain: 5-year Follow-up Results. Ren, Da-Jiang; Liu, Xiu-Mei; Du, Sui-Yong; Sun, Tian-Sheng; Zhang, Zhi-Cheng; Li, Fang Report Jul 20, 2015 3502
Pain relief following spinal lesion treatment with stereotactic radiosurgery: Clinical experience in 65 cases. Hsu, Shih-Wei; Chao, Hsing-Lung; Lin, Kuen-Tze; Chou, Yu-Ching; Lo, Cheng-Hsiang; Lee, Shih-Yu; Huan Report Jul 1, 2015 3797
Collaborative care for a patient with complex low back pain and long-term tobacco use: a case report. Seidman, Michael B.; Vining, Robert D.; Salsbury, Stacie A. Case study Jul 1, 2015 4504
Wasabi: A Future Painkiller? Aarathi May 17, 2015 539
Comparing transcervical intrauterine lidocaine instillation with rectal diclofenac for pain relief during outpatient hysteroscopy: a randomized controlled trial. Mohammadi, Sussan S.; Abdi, Mina; Movafegh, Ali Report May 1, 2015 2288
The superoxide anion donor, potassium superoxide, induces pain and inflammation in mice through production of reactive oxygen species and cyclooxygenase-2. Maioli, N.A.; Zarpelon, A.C.; Mizokami, S.S.; Calixto-Campos, C.; Guazelli, C.F.S.; Hohmann, M.S.N.; Report Apr 1, 2015 7372
Preincisional periportal and intra peritoneal infiltration of levobupivacaine and ropivacaine in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a comparative study. Gupta, Prakash; Khayyam; Kumar, Alok; Jethva, D.D.; Chaturvedi, Shashi; Jethva, Durga Clinical report Mar 19, 2015 2005
Imaging pain's molecular anatomy: brain scans tracking proteins could point to best therapy. Yeager, Ashley Mar 7, 2015 518
Oncology nurses' perception of cancer pain: A qualitative exploratory study. Garcia, Alicia; Whitehead, Dean; Winter, Helen S. Report Mar 1, 2015 3871
Q: Does topical diclofenac relieve osteoarthritis pain? Hodge, Bryan; Skolnik, Debbie; Mounsey, Anne Clinical report Feb 1, 2015 1019
A cross-sectional study of elite adult Irish dancers: biopsychosocial traits, pain, and injury. Cahalan, Roisin; Purtill, Helen; O'Sullivan, Peter; O'Sullivan, Kieran Report Jan 1, 2015 9555
Boswellia: new studies show effective pain relief. Blanco, Julia Report Dec 1, 2014 5842
Effects of epidural analgesia on the mother and fetus in labour. Bindu, N. Hima; Nisty, Gangambika M.; Impashree, C.M. Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 3087
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Nov 1, 2014 2113
Pain & opioid addiction: hydrocodone update & zohydro: the paradigm for the epidemic .... continues. Hall, P. Bradley Nov 1, 2014 3534
Stress, pain and addiction affect the HPA, HPG, and HPT axis: part 1. Akoury, Dalai Report Oct 1, 2014 4276
The effect of functional stabilization training on the cross sectional area of the deep stabilizers muscles in healthcare workers with chronic low back pain: a pilot study/Effetto di un programma di stabilizzazione funzionale sul trofismo dei muscoli stabilizzatori profondi in operatori sociosanitari con lombalgia cronica: uno studio pilota. Maraschin, Matteo; Ferrari, Silvano; Cacciatori, Carlo Report Oct 1, 2014 4923
Clinical updates on Substance-P antagonist in pain management. Khan, Haroon Editorial Oct 1, 2014 1069
Study may explain how pain saps will: motivation in mice drained by molecule muffling reward cells. Sanders, Laura Sep 20, 2014 362
Laparoscopic evaluation and management of adnexal pathology among women attending tertiary care centre, Maharashtra. Pawar, Milind V.; Raghuwanshi, Tushar; Patil, Amol Clinical report Sep 15, 2014 2520
Think Positive to Reduce Pain: Study. Jul 22, 2014 418
A randomized controlled double-blinded prospective study of the efficacy of low dose of dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to intrathecal bupivacaine in hysterectomies. Bansal, Sangeeta Agarwal; Bansal, Vinita Agarwal Report Jul 1, 2014 3048
Experiencing pain during scaling and root planning: a clinical study using visual analogue scale. Dubey, Dhruv; Lal, Vijay; Rath, S.K.; Lohra, Parul Report Jul 1, 2014 2761
A double blind placebo controlled clinical trial of diclofenac sodium versus diclofenac potassium on dental extraction patients. Siddiqui, Humayun Kaleem; Anzar, Wajiha; Taheer, Talal Bin Clinical report Jun 30, 2014 2256
Feeling less pain may lengthen life: metabolism improves in mice that lack a sensory protein. Sanders, Laura Jun 28, 2014 370
Assessment and management of pain in hemodialysis patients: a pilot study. Kafkia, T.; Vehvilainen-Julkunen, K.; Sapountzi-Krepia, D. Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 3600
Biofeedback: a way to regain some control over pain: integrating biofeedback into a patient's treatment plan can ease pain and improve quality of life. Whitney, Anthony Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 3169
PS236k cash injection for pain relief study. May 9, 2014 286
Radiofrequency denervation of the hip joint for pain management: case report and literature review. Gupta, Gaurav; Radhakrishna, Mohan; Etheridge, Paul; Besemann, Markus; Finlayson, Roderick J. Report Apr 1, 2014 7090
Pain experience of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with comorbid chronic pain and posttraumatic stress. Outcalt, Samantha D.; Ang, Dennis C.; Wu, Jingwei; Sargent, Christy; Yu, Zhangsheng; Bair, Matthew J Report Apr 1, 2014 8024
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Centipede venom fights pain. Sanders, Laura Brief article Nov 2, 2013 166
Pills for pain? Schardt, David Oct 1, 2013 1040
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Pain management. Report Jun 1, 2013 8998
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Snakebite packs potent painkiller: venom reveals potential new strategy for relieving agony. Lewis, Tanya Nov 3, 2012 341
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Study Finds How Exercise Affects Nerve Pain. Jun 3, 2012 402
Soothe pain with foods, from fish to fruits. -Shawn Palmer Report Jun 1, 2012 792
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The Pill: fac ct and fiction; As a new study confirm ms the Pill really does reduce period pain, LISA SAL LMON looks at the facts and myths about the revolu utionar y contraceptive. Report Feb 13, 2012 1400
New Study Shows How to Boost Power of Pain Relief without Drugs. Feb 5, 2012 480
Placebos and distractions together provide greater pain relief. Feb 4, 2012 505
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Conclusion. Sep 1, 2011 1373
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Lab study probes psychoactive drug: harnessing hallucinogen could bring better pain treatments. Sanders, Laura Jan 15, 2011 416
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Opioids riskier than other agents in elderly. Moon, Mary Ann Report Jan 1, 2011 543
Running. Shuler, Loel Jan 1, 2011 2963
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Love conquers pain, scientific study reveals. Report Oct 14, 2010 179
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Prevailing over pain: Human Ecology faculty help hundreds of thousands of New York City seniors cope with persistent pain. May 1, 2010 1949
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Nursing staff satisfaction with the acute pain service in a surgical ward setting. Gleeson, Erica; Carryer, Jenny Report Mar 1, 2010 4891
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Study Examines Course, Treatment of Persistent Chest Pain. Feb 9, 2010 419
Pain management in recovery. McMain, Lorraine Report Feb 1, 2010 4143
Little evidence guides noncancer use of opioids. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2010 1205
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Pain response to duloxetine predicts efficacy. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Oct 15, 2009 262
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Vaccination pain. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 222
New pain management guidelines take aim at NSAIDs. Wendling, Patrice Jun 1, 2009 599
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Antioxidants may alleviate pain in pancreatitis. Hunter, Kim Report Mar 22, 2009 356
A nursing approach to pain in older adults. Baumann, Steven Report Mar 1, 2009 4368
Government comes up short in funding. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 213
Acupuncture's pain relieving effects of little clinical relevance. Jan 28, 2009 369
An unusual cause of patient pain during regional anaesthesia. Kumar, R.; Kumar, S.; Bharti, M.; Luckwal, M. Clinical report Jan 1, 2009 741
Tai chi may be beneficial in knee osteoarthritis. Boschert, Sherry Dec 1, 2008 636
Pain numeric rating scale may be only moderately accurate for pain screening. MacKenzie, Mary Baker Nov 1, 2008 338
Model predicts pain in patients with dementia. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Nov 1, 2008 1401
Pulsed short wave effect in pain and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Fukuda, Thiago Yukio; Ovanessian, Vanessa; da Cunha, Ronaldo Alves; Filho, Ziqui Jacob; Cazarini, Cl Report Sep 1, 2008 3849
Antidepressant relieves pain in fibromyalgia. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report Aug 15, 2008 583
Scientists find molecular key to paradoxical pain: study pinpoints trigger of burning by anesthetics. Yeager, Ashley Jul 19, 2008 468
Low Vitamin D levels may explain pediatric pain. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Report Jun 1, 2008 599
The Brachial Plexus Provocation Test. Jun 1, 2008 926
IV to po morphine conversion ratio of 1:3 achieves pain control. Wachter, Kerri Clinical report May 15, 2008 589
Levorphanol an option for refractory pain. Wachter, Kerri Report May 15, 2008 374
Therapy eases depression, pain in primary care. Tucker, Miriam E. Report May 15, 2008 903
Treating the diabetic patient with leg and foot pain. Clinical report May 1, 2008 2448
Identification and management of nighttime leg pain. Case study May 1, 2008 1825
Managing the patient with knee pain. Case study May 1, 2008 2361
Study finds disparities in emergency room pain relief. Brief article May 1, 2008 318
Powerful relief from inflammatory pain and other age-related disorders. Goodman, Steve May 1, 2008 3179
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Helpers sought for study into knee condition. Feb 15, 2008 424
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For many with chronic headaches, the anxiety-laden anticipation of an episode could be as debilitating as the pain itself. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 102
Treating insomnia may reduce osteoarthritis pain. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2008 570
Fight back against persistent pain; novel and traditional therapies are available to address the cause of your suffering and help you reclaim your life. Feb 1, 2008 942

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