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Research leads retail interior trends. Oct 13, 2018 819
New Research Highlights Critical Importance of RFID Technology to Ensure Inventory Accuracy and Enable Unified Commerce. Apr 12, 2017 655
Role of manager-employee relationships in retaining knowledge workers in IT industry. Premalatha, P. Jan 1, 2016 4743
Retail free riding: the case of the wallpaper industry. Doane, Michael J.; Farris, Paul W.; Kucuk, S. Umit; Maddux, Robert C. Mar 22, 2013 8940
Effects of lot-sizing integration and learning effect on managing imperfect items in a manufacturer-retailer chain. Tsao, Yu-Chung; Chen, Tsung-Hui; Wu, Pei-Ying Report Jan 1, 2013 7518
Alcohol retailing in Canadian and Nordic contexts: challenges and opportunities in balancing trade and prevention agendas. Giesbrecht, Norman; Osterberg, Esa Mar 22, 2012 11745
BPF gives retail study to Portas. Report Aug 31, 2011 283
Emergence of entrepreneurial retail forms. Anitsal, Ismet; Anitsal, M. Meral Company overview Jul 1, 2011 6375
Retail trading and IPO returns in the aftermarket. Chan, Yue-Cheong Report Dec 22, 2010 12480
Free riding and resale price maintenance: insights from marketing research and practice. Gundlach, Gregory T.; Cannon, Joseph P.; Manning, Kenneth C. Jun 22, 2010 14797
Market Intelligence Center survey shows fewer internet stores closing down. Jan 11, 2010 709
Turning Shoppers Into Buyers. Excerpt Mar 29, 2009 675
RESEARCH: Retail CIOs Still Bullish, Despite Tough Economy. Mar 26, 2009 600
What's a common denominator? Apr 16, 2007 347
Sentimental journey: two keys for greeting card success: draw shoppers to the display, and give them the cards they've already written in their hearts. Tarnowski, Joseph; Chanil, Debra Jan 1, 2007 2083
E-retailing continues to expand boundaries. Column Oct 2, 2006 320
Confronting the big boxes: competitive strategies for small businesses. Bradley, Don B., III; Spice, Andrew; Rubach, Michael J. Jan 1, 2006 6167
The welfare effects of distribution regulations in OECD countries. Bradford, Scott Oct 1, 2005 12118
Reaching the cruisers: a new study, which finds in-store advertising to be very effective in promoting purchases, points toward revenue opportunities for retailers. Litwak, David Aug 1, 2005 766
Nine minutes ... and counting: builders have just under nine minutes to make an impression on home shoppers in a model home, which is why they have to start thinking more like retailers. Zurier, Steve Jul 1, 2005 1632
An appealing outcome? Industrial arbitration and extended retail trading hours in New South Wales in the 1980s. Lyons, Micheal Apr 1, 2005 7770
Extended trading hours--more retail jobs? Price, Robin Apr 1, 2005 7473
The skinny on being narrow: a longitudinal study on the influence of niche-width in the presence of market turbulence. Gaudes, Andrew Dec 1, 2004 7439
Consumers' quest for value is reshaping landscape. Mar 22, 2004 873
Interfirm influence strategies within distribution channels in the emerging Indian market. Bandyopadhyay, Soumava Jan 1, 2004 4653
Today's consumers know what they want. Jun 9, 2003 1307
Supermarkets must be competitive on price. Jun 9, 2003 836
Dollar stores not just for those on a budget. Jun 9, 2003 642
Retailers should be prudent in exiting Chapter 11. (Opinion). Welty, Jim Column Apr 21, 2003 874
Front-End Focus study is revisited after five years. (Merchandising). Brief Article Apr 21, 2003 238
New study says `top-down retail success a myth'. (Topics). Apr 21, 2003 935
QUESTIONS 67 AND 68. Shoulberg, Warren Feb 24, 2003 575
German shoppers pull back. (Global). Brief Article Jan 13, 2003 222
Consumers' use of credit cards: store credit card usage as an alternative payment and financing medium. Lee, Jinkook; Kwon, Kyoung-Nan Dec 22, 2002 9342
Kansas State University examines online shopping this Christmas. Brief Article Nov 22, 2002 102
Consumer price sensitivity and price thresholds. (Articles). Han, Sangman; Gupta, Sunil; Lehmann, Donald R. Dec 22, 2001 10907
The manufacturer-retailer-consumer triad: Differing perceptions regarding price promotions. (Articles). Moreaua, Page; Krishna, Aradhna; Harlam, Bari Dec 22, 2001 10208
Retail location decision-making and store portfolio management. Hernandez, Tony; Biasiotto, Marco Sep 22, 2001 7482
Low-Income Communities Have Worth. Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 132
Emerging Markets: Defining Global Opportunities. Fenwick, Laura May 1, 2001 1247
Can culture affect prices? A cross-cultural study of shopping and retail prices. Ackerman, David; Tellis, Gerard Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 12641
N.G.A. Finds Independents Doing More Electronic Marketing. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 516
Exclusive versus common dealership. Sorgard, Lars Oct 1, 1999 8126
The Structure of S[tilde{a}]o Paulo Street Markets: Evolving Patterns of Retail Institutions. ZINKHAN, GEORGE M.; M. FONTENLLE, SUZANA de; BALAZS, ANNE L. Jun 22, 1999 9589
`Customer Service' Franchising -- A Trend or a Deviant Case? Stanworth, John; Stanworth, Celia Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 1999 1813
The role of perceived risk in the quality-value relationship: a study in a retail environment. Sweeney, Jillian C.; Soutar, Geoffrey N.; Johnson, Lester W. Mar 22, 1999 10149
The determinants of franchisee performance: an empirical investigation. Fenwick, Graham D.; Strombom, Marnie Jul 1, 1998 7778
Information and channel profits. Chu, Wujin; Messinger, Paul R. Dec 22, 1997 4347
Modeling retail trade areas using higher-order, multiplicatively weighted Voronoi diagrams. Boots, Barry; South, Robert Dec 22, 1997 6343
Retail market structure change: implications for retailers and consumers. Morganosky, Michelle A. Aug 1, 1997 2410
Factory outlets emerge as major growth sector in retail distribution market. Aug 1, 1997 582
The importance of country-of-origin information and perceived product quality in Uzbekistan. Zain, Osman M.; Yasin, Norjaya M. Apr 1, 1997 3660
Services marketing: perspectives on service excellence. Bitner, Mary Jo Mar 22, 1997 1758
What do consumers really want? Mathews, Ryan Nov 1, 1995 1728
Coordination and manufacturer profit maximization: the multiple retailer channel. Ingene, Charles A.; Parry, Mark E. Jun 22, 1995 9450
A framework for more valid measures of channel member performance. Spriggs, Mark T. Dec 22, 1994 6588
Time use in shopping: the role of personal characteristics. McDonald, William J. Dec 22, 1994 7679
Impact of strength of ethnic identification on Hispanic shopping behavior. Donthu, Naveen; Cherian, Joseph Dec 22, 1994 4096
Shelf management and space elasticity. Dreze, Xavier; Hoch, Stephen J.; Purk, Mary E. Dec 22, 1994 9856
The impact of dependence on dealer satisfaction: a comparison of reseller-supplier relationships. Gassenheimer, Jule B.; Ramsey, Rosemary Sep 22, 1994 4683
Hong Kong retailers: the relationship between environment hostility, planning and performance. Phillips, Lisa A.; Calantone, Roger Jan 1, 1994 6796
Retail barometer has its ups and downs in first year. Jan 1, 1994 608
Market segmentation and competitive analysis for supermarket retailing. Segal, Madhav N.; Giacobbe, Ralph W. Jan 1, 1994 5480
Micro-scale retail location: Cinderella or ugly sister? Brown, Stephen Nov 1, 1993 5270
Measures of product attractiveness and the theory of constraints. Gardiner, Stanley C. Nov 1, 1993 2186
Retail gross margins: some international comparisons. O'Riordan, Don Jul 1, 1993 3920
Consumer search and retail analysis. Miller, Harvey J. Jun 22, 1993 9169
The Rangill Forum. Harris, Kim May 1, 1993 3800
West German retailing goes East. Clarke-Hill, C.M.; Robinson, T.M.; Foot, R. Nov 15, 1992 3431
The relationship between purchases made on promotion and shopping trip behavior. Kahn, Barbara E.; Schmittlein, David C. Sep 22, 1992 6829
Competitive strategies and business performance within the retailing industry. Helms, Marilyn M.; Haynes, Paula J.; Cappel, Sam D. Sep 1, 1992 7066
Apparel product dissatisfaction and the post-complaint process. Kincade, Doris H.; Redwine, Ann; Hancock, Gregory R. Sep 1, 1992 4752
The role of the buyer in UK multiple retailing. Swindley, David G. Mar 1, 1992 6048
Japan's distribution system: institutional structure, internal political economy, and modernization. Goldman, Arieh Jun 22, 1991 10084
An empirical comparison of direct product profit and existing measures of SKU productivity. Borin, Norm; Farris, Paul Sep 22, 1990 4022
An empirical study of retail crowding: antecedents and consequences. Eroglu, Sevgin A.; Machleit, Karen A. Jun 22, 1990 4833

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