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Priority Effects Allow Coreopsis tinctoria to Avoid Interspecific Competition with a [C.sub.4] Grass. Eddy, K.C.; Van Auken, O.W. Report Jan 1, 2019 4948
Sowing date of palisadegrass intercropped with grain sorghum and soybean yield in succession. Dias, Danyllo Santos; Umburanas, Renan Caldas; de Sena, Darly Geraldo, Jr. Report Apr 1, 2018 4037
Rangeland Grasses Recover Quickly After Fire. O'Brien, Dennis Sep 1, 2017 434
Nitrogen, potassium, calcium and sulfur omission in grass Convert. Miranda, Rafaela Pereira; Pietroski, Marizane; Matos, Fabiano Bernardo; Junior, Getulio Freitas Sebe Report Jul 1, 2017 3907
Silage preparation and fermentation quality of natural grasses treated with lactic acid bacteria and cellulase in meadow steppe and typical steppe. Hou, Meiling; Gentu, Ge; Liu, Tingyu; Jia, Yushan; Cai, Yimin Jun 1, 2017 10961
An old forage is new again. Aug 1, 2015 535
Switchgrass for ethanol: where it carne from--and where it's going. Perry, Ann Report Aug 1, 2014 1601
The effect of Trichoderma on heavy metal mobility and uptake by Miscanthus giganteus, Salix sp., Phalaris arundinacea, and Panicum virgatum. Kacprzak, Malgorzata J.; Rosikon, Karolina; Fijalkowski, Krzysztof; Grobelak, Anna Report Jan 1, 2014 7009
Development of molecular markers for characteristics of interspecific hybrids of foxtail. Nam, Irina Yangukovna; Zayakin, Vladimir Vasilievich; Reshetnikov, Vladimir Nikovaevich; Kondratskay Report Jan 1, 2014 1506
FLORISTIC COMPOSITION OF GRASS SPECIES IN THE DEGRADING RANGELANDS OF CHOLISTAN DESERT. Rafay, Muhammad; Khan, Rashid Ahmad; Yaqoob, Shahid; Ahmad, Munir Abstract Dec 31, 2013 2915
Effects of calcium fertilization on oxalate of napiergrass and on mineral concentrations in blood of sheep. Rahman, M.M.; Nakagawa, T.; Niimi, M.; Fukuyama, K.; Kawamura, O. Report Nov 15, 2011 3908
Switchgrass is a promising, high-yielding crop for California biofuel. Pedroso, Gabriel M.; De Ben, Christopher; Hutmacher, Robert B.; Orloff, Steve; Putnam, Dan; Six, Joh Report Jul 1, 2011 4615
'Nutcracker Man' preferred grazing: despite name, huge-jawed human relative ate grass, sedges. Bower, Bruce Brief article Jun 4, 2011 296
Managing grass germplasm and its microbial tenants. Suszkiw, Jan Jan 1, 2011 532
Interactive effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilization on oxalate content in napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum). Rahman, M.M.; Ishii, Y.; Niimi, M.; Kawamura, O. Report May 27, 2010 3171
Development and structure of the grass inflorescence. Perreta, Mariel G.; Ramos, Julio C.; Vegetti, Abelardo C. Report Dec 1, 2009 8109
Old field succession and Schizachyrium scoparium at sand prairie-scrub oak nature preserve, Mason County, Illinois. McClain, William E.; Ebinger, John E. Report Jul 1, 2009 2374
Panicum repens (Torpedo Grass) in Mississippi. Majure, Lucas C. Apr 1, 2009 3303
Effect of nitrogen fertilization on oxalate content in Rhodesgrass, Guineagrass and Sudangrass. Rahman, M.M.; Yamamoto, M.; Niimi, M; Kawamura, O. Report Feb 1, 2008 4070
The ability of Distichlis spicata to grow sustainably within a saline discharge zone while improving the soil chemical and physical properties. Sargeant, M.R.; Tang, C.; Sale, P.W.G. Report Feb 1, 2008 4591
In search of better forage grasses for the Southern Plains. Pons, Luis Jan 1, 2008 1055
Studies on the differentially expressed gene in Goosegrase (Eleusine indica [L.] Gaertn) resistant to glyphosate using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) approach. Mohamed, Masni Afiza; Sidik, Nik Marzuki; Surif, Salmijah; Ismail, B.S. Report Jan 1, 2008 2429
Forgotten treasures: as pastures and lawns wither in the grip of the extended drought, native grasses, maligned by pastoralists since -colonial times, are showing their remarkable pedigree and potential for Australian conditions. Researcher and businessman Ian Chivers is championing their strong credentials for both suburban and rural applications. O'Neill, Graeme Feb 1, 2007 1987
Interspecific competition between Coleogyne ramosissima seedlings and Bromus rubens. Lei, Simon A. Aug 1, 2006 4856
Longterm grass ley set aside on sandy soils: a case study. Fullen, M.A.; Booth, C.A. Jul 1, 2006 4764
Antifreeze for crops to bring rich rewards. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 129
Recurrent selection in a synthetic brachiariagrass population improves resistance to three spittlebug species. Miles, J.W.; Cardona, C.; Sotelo, G. May 1, 2006 5212
Inheritance of resistance to gray leaf spot disease in perennial ryegrass. Han, Yuanhong; Bonos, Stacy A.; Clarke, Bruce B.; Meyer, William A. May 1, 2006 5946
Response of bentgrass cultivars to Sclerotinia homoeocarpa isolates representing 10 vegetative compatibility groups. Chakraborty, Nanda; Chang, Taehyun; Casler, Michael D.; Jung, Geunhwa May 1, 2006 6995
Management of switchgrass-dominated conservation reserve program lands for biomass production in South Dakota. Mulkey, V.R.; Owens, V.N.; Lee, D.K. Mar 1, 2006 7458
Aegilops species from semiarid areas of Lebanon: variation in quantitative attributes under water stress. Baalbaki, R.; Hajj-Hassan, N.; Zurayk, R. Mar 1, 2006 6663
AFLP diversity within and among hardinggrass populations. Mian, M.A. Rouf; Zwonitzer, John C.; Chen, Yiwu; Saha, Malay C.; Hopkins, Andrew A. Nov 1, 2005 5609
Rapid and effective germination methods for overcoming seed dormancy in annual canarygrass. Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P. Sep 1, 2005 7822
Evolution of genome size in the grasses. Caetano-Anolles, Gustavo Sep 1, 2005 5196
Agronomic performance of timothy germplasm from forage and turf sods under two harvest managements. Casler, M.D. Sep 1, 2005 5680
Grazing management and nitrogen fertilization effects on vaseygrass persistence in limpograss pastures. Newman, Y.C.; Sollenberger, L.E. Sep 1, 2005 4739
Germination and early seedling growth of chaffy-seeded grasses at negative water potentials. Springer, T.L. Sep 1, 2005 3505
Registration of 'Bowie' buffalograss. Severmutlu, S.; Rodgers, C.; Riordan, T.P.; Shearman, R.C. Sep 1, 2005 1271
Registration of 'Cody' buffalograss. Severmutlu, S.; Riordan, T.P.; Shearman, R.C. Sep 1, 2005 1159
Responses to divergent phenotypic selection for fiber traits in Timothy. Claessens, Annie; Michaud, Real; Belanger, Gilles; Mather, Diane E. May 1, 2005 5732
Biomass yield and stand characteristics of switchgrass in south central U.S. environments. Cassida, K.A.; Muir, J.P.; Hussey, M.A.; Read, J.C.; Venuto, B.C.; Ocumpaugh, W.R. Mar 1, 2005 6488
Biofuel component concentrations and yields of switchgrass in south central U.S. environments. Cassida, K.A.; Muir, J.P.; Hussey, M.A.; Read, J.C.; Venuto, B.C.; Ocumpaugh, W.R. Mar 1, 2005 7118
Overseeding buffalograss turf with fine-leaved fescues. Severmutlu, S.; Riordan, T.P.; Shearman, R.C.; Gaussoin, R.E.; Moser, L.E. Mar 1, 2005 4336
Determination of ergot alkaloid content in tall fescue by near-infrared spectroscopy. Roberts, C.A.; Benedict, H.R.; Hill, N.S.; Kallenbach, R.L.; Rottinghaus, G.E. Mar 1, 2005 4331
Effects of soil chemistry on restoration of warm-season grasses for wildlife. Reichard, Larry Brief article Jan 1, 2005 161
Establishment of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass by seed. Patton, Aaron J.; Hardebeck, Glenn A.; Williams, David W.; Reicher, Zachary J. Nov 1, 2004 5997
Determination of the level of variation in polyploidy among Kentucky bluegrass cultivars by means of flow cytometry. Eaton, T.D.; Curley, J.; Williamson, R.C.; Jung, G. Nov 1, 2004 5013
Eastern bottlebrush grass yield, persistence, and nutritive value in the northeastern USA. Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R. Howard; van der Grinten, Martin; Kujawski, Jennifer Nov 1, 2004 4867
Registration of 'FMC-6' bermudagrass. Rodgers, C.A.; Baltensperger, A.A. Nov 1, 2004 567
Registration of 'Cache' meadow bromegrass. Jensen, K.B.; Waldron, B.L.; Larson, S.R.; Peel, M.D. Nov 1, 2004 1148
Registration of 'Nu Destiny' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. Nov 1, 2004 903
Registration of 'Beyond' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. Nov 1, 2004 806
Registration of 'Chicago II' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. Nov 1, 2004 785
Stability of nonflowering orchardgrass. Casler, M.D.; Barker, R.E.; Cherney, J.H.; Papadopolous, Y.A. Sep 1, 2004 5728
Nitrogen rate and mowing height effects on turf-type buffalograss. Frank, K.W.; Gaussoin, R.E.; Riordan, T.P.; Shearman, R.C.; Fry, J.D.; Miltner, E.D.; Johnson, P.G. Sep 1, 2004 5858
Investigations on the influence of Neotyphodium endophytes on plant growth and seed yield of Lolium perenne genotypes. Hesse, U.; Hahn, H.; Andreeva, K.; Forster, K.; Warnstorff, K.; Schoberlein, W.; Diepenbrock, W. Sep 1, 2004 5740
Cytokinin-containing seaweed and humic acid extracts associated with creeping bentgrass leaf cytokinins and drought resistance. Zhang, Xunzhong; Ervin, E.H. Sep 1, 2004 7204
Plant responses and characteristics associated with dollar spot resistance in creeping bentgrass. Bonos, Stacy A.; Casler, Michael D.; Meyer, William A. Sep 1, 2004 5536
Selection for deep root production in tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. Bonos, Stacy A.; Rush, Debra; Hignight, Kenneth; Meyer, William A. Sep 1, 2004 3848
Diurnal effects on nutritive value of alley-cropped orchardgrass herbage. Burner, D.M.; Belesky, D.P. Sep 1, 2004 4184
RAPD-based genetic relationships in Kentucky bluegrass: comparison of cultivars, interspecific hybrids, and plant introductions. Curley, J.; Jung, G. Jul 1, 2004 5951
Physiological adaptation of Kentucky bluegrass to localized soil drying. DaCosta, Michelle; Wang, Zhaolong; Huang, Bingru Jul 1, 2004 5491
Differential sowing time of turfgrass species affects the establishment of mixtures. Larsen, Soren U.; Andreasen, Christian; Kristoffersen, Palle Jul 1, 2004 8025
St. Augustinegrass response to plant growth retardants. McCarty, Lambert B.; Weinbrecht, Jan S.; Toler, Joe E.; Miller, Grady L. Jul 1, 2004 5638
Tolerance of seedling bermudagrass to postemergence herbicides. McCalla, J.H., Jr.; Richardson, M.D.; Karcher, D.E.; Boyd, J.W. Jul 1, 2004 4260
Carbon dioxide content in golf green rhizosphere. Chong, S.-K.; Boniak, Richard; Indorante, S.; Ok, C.-H.; Buschschulte, D. Jul 1, 2004 2949
The fate of nitrogen-15 ammonium sulfate applied to Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass turfs. Engelsjord, M.E.; Branham, B.E.; Horgan, B.P. Jul 1, 2004 5354
Nitrogen fertilization and stocking rate affect stargrass pasture and cattle performance. Garay, A. Hernandez; Sollenberger, L.E.; McDonald, D.C.; Ruegsegger, G.J.; Kalmbacher, R.S.; Mislevy Jul 1, 2004 6932
Biomass and carbon partitioning in switchgrass. Frank, A.B.; Berdahl, J.D.; Hanson, J.D.; Liebig, M.A.; Johnson, H.A. Jul 1, 2004 4911
Inflorescence sampling improves effective population size of grasses. Johnson, R.C.; Bradley, V.L.; Evans, M.A. Jul 1, 2004 5409
Assessing regional impacts of Conservation Reserve Program-type grass buffer strips on sediment load reduction from cultivated lands. Das, C.; Capehart, W.J.; Mott, H.V.; Zimmerman, P.R.; Schumacher, T.E. Jul 1, 2004 6458
Genetic differentiation of tetraploid creeping bentgrass and hexaploid redtop bentgrass genotypes by AFLP and their use in turfgrass breeding. Vergara, Georgina V.; Bughrara, Suleiman S. May 1, 2004 5384
Use of germination curves to describe variation in germination characteristics in three turfgrass species. Larsen, Soren Ugilt; Bibby, Bo Martin May 1, 2004 5633
Physical properties of three sand size classes amended with inorganic materials or sphagnum peat moss for putting green rootzones. Bigelow, Cale A.; Bowman, Daniel C.; Cassel, D. Keith May 1, 2004 6568
Total nonstructural carbohydrate assessment in creeping bentgrass at different mowing heights. Narra, Siddhartha; Fermanian, Thomas W.; Swiader, John M.; Voigt, Thomas B.; Branham, Bruce E. May 1, 2004 4441
QTL analysis of morphological, developmental, and winter hardiness-associated traits in perennial ryegrass. Yamada, T.; Jones, E.S.; Cogan, N.O.I.; Vecchies, A.C.; Nomura, T.; Hisano, H.; Shimamoto, Y.; Smith May 1, 2004 7768
Variation among and within smooth bromegrass collections from rural cemeteries. Casler, M.D. May 1, 2004 8278
Variation in seed production traits of reed canarygrass germplasm. Sahramaa, Mia; Hommo, Leena; Jauhiainen, Lauri May 1, 2004 6371
Registration of Cucharas green needlegrass germplasm. Jones, T.A.; Nielson, D.C.; Young, S.A. May 1, 2004 742
Registration of Ribstone Indian ricegrass germplasm. Jones, T.A.; Nielson, D.C.; Young, S.A.; Phan, A. May 1, 2004 839
C-banding analyses of Bromus inermis genomes. Tuna, Metin; Vogel, Kenneth P.; Gill, Kulvinder S.; Arumuganathan, K. Jan 1, 2004 5770
Spatial analysis of forage grass trials across locations, years, and harvests. Smith, K.F.; Casler, M.D. Jan 1, 2004 5432
Characteristics of timothy genotypes divergently selected for fiber traits. Claessens, A.; Michaud, R.; Belanger, G.; Mather, D.E. Jan 1, 2004 7396
Boron fertilization of bentgrass. Guertal, E.A. Jan 1, 2004 4856
Endogenous cytokinin levels and growth responses to extended photoperiods for creeping bentgrass under heat stress. Wang, Zhaolong; Xu, Qingzhang; Huang, Bingru Jan 1, 2004 3737
AFLP variation in four blue grama seed sources. Fu, Yong-Bi; Ferdinandez, Yasas S.N.; Phan, Anh T.; Coulman, Bruce; Richards, Ken W. Jan 1, 2004 4669
Latitudinal adaptation of switchgrass populations. Casler, M.D.; Vogel, K.P.; Taliaferro, C.M.; Wynia, R.L. Jan 1, 2004 8596
Registration of 'Shiwasuaoba' annual ryegrass. Kindiger, B.; Mizuno, K.; Fujiwara, T.; Kobashi, K. Jan 1, 2004 1067
Registration of 'Citation Fore' perennial ryegrass. Fraser, M.L.; Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R. Jan 1, 2004 1360
Registration of 'Manhattan 4' perennial ryegrass. Fraser, M.L.; Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R. Jan 1, 2004 1030
Registration of 'Transcontinental' bermudagrass. Fraser, M.L.; Rose-Fricker, C.A. Jan 1, 2004 557
Registration of 'Showcase' Kentucky bluegrass. Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L. Jan 1, 2004 624
Registration of 'Greenwich' velvet bentgrass. Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Bonos, S.A. Jan 1, 2004 963
Registration of 'Applaud' perennial ryegrass. Bonos, S.A.; Hignight, K.; Stapp, R.; Smith, D.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R. Jan 1, 2004 916
Effect of two different burn treatments on the vegetation of a successional tallgrass prairie site. Rushin, John Jan 1, 2004 2238
Agriculture senior section. Wilson, Mack Jan 1, 2004 1663
Cultural management of weeds in turfgrass: a review. Busey, Philip Nov 1, 2003 11576
Early plant selection effects on crown traits in pensacola bahiagrass with selection cycle. Blount, A.R.; Gates, R.N.; Pfahler, P.L.; Quesenberry, K.H. Nov 1, 2003 2652
Cold hardiness of saltgrass accessions. Shahba, M.A.; Qian, Y.L.; Hughes, H.G.; Christensen, D.; Koski, A.J. Nov 1, 2003 2960
Relationships of soluble carbohydrates and freeze tolerance in saltgrass. Shahba, M.A.; Qian, Y.L.; Hughes, H.G.; Koski, A.J.; Christensen, D. Nov 1, 2003 3595
Genome introgression of Festuca mairei into Lolium perenne detected by SSR and RAPD markers. Wang, J.P.; Bughrara, S.S.; Sleper, D.A. Nov 1, 2003 4812
AFLP analyses of genetic diversity in bentgrass. Vergara, G.V.; Bughrara, S.S. Nov 1, 2003 8577
Interspecific hybridization as a potential method for improvement of Agrostis species. Belanger, F.C.; Plumley, K.A.; Day, P.R.; Meyer, W.A. Nov 1, 2003 4081
Estimation of pollen viability, shedding pattern, and longevity of creeping bentgrass on artificial media. Fei, S.; Nelson, E. Nov 1, 2003 3770
Shade and airflow restriction effects on creeping bentgrass golf greens. Koh, K.J.; Bell, G.E.; Martin, D.L.; Walker, N.R. Nov 1, 2003 6386
Inheritance of dollar spot resistance in creeping bentgrass. Bonos, Stacy A.; Casler, Michael D.; Meyer, William A. Nov 1, 2003 13966
How does plant population density affect the forage yield of eastern gamagrass? Springer, T.L.; Dewald, C.L.; Sims, P.L.; Gillen, R.L. Nov 1, 2003 3996
Cultivar x environment interactions in switchgrass. Casler, M.D.; Boe, A.R. Nov 1, 2003 6360
Does blocking affect experimental efficiency on sand-based putting greens? Karcher, Douglas E.; Goss, Ryan M.; Richardson, Michael D.; Guassoin, Roch E.; Secks, Margaret E. Nov 1, 2003 1894
Nutrient removal by grass components of vegetated buffer systems receiving swine lagoon effluent. Hubbard, Robert K.; Newton, G. Larry; Gascho, G. J. Sep 1, 2003 9575
Native warm-season grass establishment on spotted knapweed-infested gravel mine spoils. MacDonald, Neil W.; Koetje, Mitchell T.; Perry, Brenda J. Sep 1, 2003 6012
Divergent selection for two measures of intake potential in smooth bromegrass. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Casler, M.D. Sep 1, 2002 5516
Russian wildrye seedling development under three temperature regimes. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Berdahl, J.D.; Ries, R.E. Sep 1, 2002 2980
Fresh versus field-cured grass quality, mineral, and nitrate concentration at different nitrogen rates. (Forage & Glazing Lands). Singer, Jeremy W. Sep 1, 2002 5267
Stability and yield of cool-season pasture grass species grown at five irrigation levels. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Waldron, Blair L.; Asay, Kay H.; Jensen, Kevin B. Abstract May 1, 2002 6650
Osmotic inducement to cryopreserved clones. (Senior Division). George, Shannon R. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 140
Cupule removal and caryopsis scarification improves germination of eastern gamagrass seed. (Seed Physiology, Production & Technology). Tian, X.; Knapp, A.D.; Moore, K.J.; Brummer, E.C.; Bailey, T.B. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 3290
Species and nitrogen effect on growth rate, tiller density, and botanical composition in grass hay production. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Singer, Jeremy W. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 5474
A model of lamina digestibility of orchardgrass as influenced by nitrogen and defoliation. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Duru, M.; Ducrocq, H. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 7039
Seedling development and field performance of prairiegrass, grazing bromegrass, and orchardgrass. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R.H.; Elwinger, Gerald F. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 4824
Grass hedges to curb soil runoff. (January/2002). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 241
Freezing Tolerance of Six Cultivars of Buffalograss. Qian, Y. L.; Ball, S.; Tan, Z.; Koski, A. J.; Wilhelm, S. J. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 3762
Dollar Spot and Brown Patch Fungicide Management Strategies in Four Creeping Bentgrass Cultivars. Settle, Derek; Fry, Jack; Ned, Tisserat Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 5504
Engineers and farmers collaborate to make plastic car parts out of elephant grass. Brief Article May 1, 2001 309
Combining Ability of Binary Mixtures of Native, Warm-Season Grasses and Legumes. Springer, T. L.; Aiken, G. E.; McNew, R. W Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 4997
Responses of Tall Fescue Cultivars to an Irrigation Gradient. Asay, Kay H.; Jensen, Kevin. B.; Waldron, Blair L. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 5109
Tracing the Phylogeny of the Hexaploid Oat Avena sativa with Satellite DNAs. Li, Cheng-Dao; Rossnagel, Brian G.; Scoles, Graham J. Nov 1, 2000 6595
Growth and Carbohydrate Metabolism of Creeping Bentgrass Cultivars in Response to Increasing Temperatures. Huang, Bingru; Gao, Hongwen Jul 1, 2000 3650
Genetic progress from 40 years of orchardgrass breeding in North America measured under hay management. Casler, M.D.; Fales, S.L.; McElroy, A.R.; Hall, M.H.; Hoffman, L.D.; Leath, K.T. Jul 1, 2000 6892
Growth and carbohydrate metabolism of creeping bentgrass cultivars in response to increasing temperatures. Huang, Bingru; Gao, Hongwen Jul 1, 2000 4039
Inheritance of restriction amplification fragment length polymorphisms in perennial ryegrass. Sweeney, Patricia; Danneberger, Karl Jul 1, 2000 3142
Adaptations of endophyte-infected cool-season grasses to environmental stresses: mechanisms of drought and mineral stress tolerance. Malinowski, Dariusz P.; Belesky, David P. Jul 1, 2000 16296
Quantitative Description of the Phytomers of Big Bluestem. Boe, A.; Bortnem, R.; Kephart, K. D. May 1, 2000 4781
Salinity Tolerance Mechanisms of Grasses in the Subfamily Chloridoideae. Marcum, Kenneth B. Jul 1, 1999 5071
Digestibility Analysis of Undried, Unground, and Dry Ground Herbage by Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. Griggs, T. C.; Lobos, K. B.; Kingery, P. E. Jul 1, 1999 6253
Cadmium phytoavailability in some New Zealand soils. Gray, C. W.; McLaren, R. G.; Roberts, A. H. C.; Condron, L. M. May 1, 1999 9526
Early Plant Development in `Emerald' and `UM67-10' Creeping Bentgrass. Cattani, D.J. May 1, 1999 7837
Growth Responses and Performance of Kentucky Bluegrass under Summer Stress. Bonos, Stacy A.; Murphy, James A. May 1, 1999 4175
Fiber Digestion Dynamics of Sward Components within Switchgrass Populations. Redfearn, Daren D.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Vogel, Kenneth P.; Waller, Steven S.; Mitchell, Robert B. May 1, 1999 5869
Vegetation biomass dynamics and patterns of sexual reproduction in a northern mixed-grass prairie. Karl, Michael G.; Heitschmidt, R.K.; Haferkamp, Marshall R. Apr 1, 1999 3745
Response of Zizia aurea to seasonal mowing and fire in a restored prairie. Howe, Henry F. Apr 1, 1999 4493
Field Performance of Cell Suspension-Derived Tall Fescue Regenerants and Their Half-Sib Families. Stadelmann, F. J.; Kolliker, R.; Boller, B.; Spangenberg, G.; Nosberger, J. Mar 1, 1999 4898
Phenotypic Recurrent Selection Methodology for Reducing Fiber Concentration in Smooth Bromegrass. Casler, M.D. Mar 1, 1999 7917
Cutting Frequency and Nitrogen Fertilization Effects on Yield and Nitrogen Concentration of Switchgrass in a Short Season Area. Madakadze, I. C.; Stewart, K. A.; Peterson, P. R.; Coulman, B. E.; Smith, D. L. Mar 1, 1999 4015
Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration from Suspension Cultures of Switchgrass. Gupta, S. Dutta; Conger, B. V. Jan 1, 1999 2372
Stand Persistence and Seedling Recruitment for Eastern Gamagrass Grazed Continuously for Different Durations. Aiken, G. E.; Springer, T. L. Nov 1, 1998 3972
Importance of arbuscular mycorrhizae to drymass production of a native Texas [C.sub.3] and [C.sub.4] grass. Van Auken, O.W.; Brown, S.C. Nov 1, 1998 5011
Selection response and developmental basis for early and late panicle emergence in Alamo switchgrass. Van Esbroeck, G.A.; Hussey, M.A.; Sanderson, M.A. Mar 1, 1998 4094
Mitotic and ultrastructural changes in root meristems of grass seedlings treated with alaninyl-alanine. Unruh, J.B.; Christians, N.E.; Horner, H.T. Nov 1, 1997 2750
Effects of seed density on germination and establishment of a native and an introduced grass species dispersed by granivorous rodents. McMurray, Michael H.; Jenkins, Stephen H.; Longland, William S. Oct 1, 1997 3738
Partitioning the effects of plant biomass and litter on Andropogon gerardi in old-flied vegetation. Foster, Bryan L.; Gross, Katherine L. Oct 1, 1997 7254
Inheritance of somatic embryogenesis in orchardgrass. Tar'an, B.; Bowley, S.R. Sep 1, 1997 5312
Aerenchyma: lifelines for living underwater. Comis, Don Aug 1, 1997 2412
Significance of gravimetric versus volumetric measurements of soil quality under biodynamic, conventional, and continuous grass management. Reganold, John P.; Palmer, Alan S. May 1, 1995 7017
Canopy structure and photon flux partitioning among species in a herbaceous plant community. Hirose, Tadaki; Werger, Marinus J.A. Mar 1, 1995 4610
Corn's comeback cousin. Hardin, Ben Apr 1, 1994 1669
Variation in reaction norms among populations of the grass Bouteloua rigidiseta. Miller, Richard E.; Fowler, Norma L. Oct 1, 1993 5030
Reed canarygrass survival under cyclic inundation. Rice, J.S.; Pinkerton, B.W. Mar 1, 1993 2320
Finding the right rangeland grass. Senft, Dennnis Jul 1, 1992 1065
Oldest African savanna identified. Mar 24, 1990 145
Laser beefs up livestock digestion. Jan 13, 1990 188
Stems and seeds: grasses in the fossil record; scientists are beginning to use the broken bits of ancient grasses as important clues in the fossil record. Davis, Lisa Oct 25, 1986 1627

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