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Busy clinicians should develop a reading habit and learn time management-Dr. Masood Jawaid. Jul 4, 2021 623
Nurses' Health Risk Perception on the Influence of Professional and Personal Time Management: A Cross-Sectional Descriptive Study. Recio, Guillermo Molina; Ariza-Montes, Jose A.; Ruiz, Manuel Rich; Rodriguez, Vicente Fernandez; Mun Nov 1, 2020 6466
Under Pressure: Time Management, Self-Leadership, and the Nurse Manager. Goldsby, Elizabeth; Neck, Christopher B.; Neck, Christopher P. Sep 1, 2020 11197
Exploring Teachers' Time Management Practices and their impact on Students' Academic Achievement at the University level in KP. Abdur Rashid, Iffat Ara Hussain and Iqbal Amin Khan Dec 31, 2019 3282
The self-confrontation with own time as an analytical perspective in the study of relations between teams and health. Pereira, Audrey Vidal; Oliveira, Simone Santos; Rotenberg, Lucia Jul 1, 2018 6143
Coexisting Needs: Paradoxes in Collegial Reflection--The Development of a Pragmatic Method for Reflection. Nilsson, Marie; Andersson, Ingemar; Blomqvist, Kerstin Report Jan 1, 2017 9669
An Investigation of the Impact of Time Management on Personal Life and Study of Students. A Case Study of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Sindh. Report Dec 31, 2016 2097
Auditor's participation in time budget setting towards perceived time budget attainability and job satisfaction. Yahya, Nurhidayah; Zakaria, Nor Balkish Report Feb 1, 2014 5954
Lone mothers' time allocations: choices and satisfactions. Le, Anh T.; Miller, Paul W. Report Sep 22, 2013 12242
The relationship between time management and job stress in teachers of physical education and non physical education. Abbasnejad, Esmaeel; Farahani, Aboalfazl; Nakhaei, Aazam Report Aug 1, 2013 5470
Mind-numbing media. Brief article May 23, 2013 151
Development through agriculture & effects of time value management system over productivity of agriculture industry. Muftah, Ahnaish Report Jun 1, 2012 3906
Preparing LIS professionals for leadership. Jange, Suresh Report Jan 1, 2012 4603
Work sampling of a professor during "off-contract" periods. Brink, Jan; McDonald, Dale Report Sep 1, 2011 2849
Learning styles and effective learning habits of university students: a case from Turkey. Gogus, Aytac; Gunes, Hatice Report Sep 1, 2011 6531
Time-use surveys: issues in data collection on multitasking. Drago, Robert W.; Stewart, Jay C. Aug 1, 2010 11257
Time Is of the Essence. Issues in PreK-3rd Education. Number Five. Ritchie, Sharon; Crawford, Gisele Report Jan 1, 2009 181
The experience of time and nursing practice. Davis, Lisa A. Report Jan 1, 2006 3907
Investigating schedule slippage. White, Edward D., III Apr 1, 2005 5410
More than clocks and calendars: the construction of timekeepers by eleven kindergarten children in Mexico and the United States. Figueras, Olimpia Mar 22, 2005 10433
Interruption management: the use of attention-directing tactile cues. Hopp, Pamela J.; Smith, C.A.P.; Clegg, Benjamin A.; Heggestad, Eric D. Mar 22, 2005 6294
Synchronizing time for work and family: preliminary insights from qualitative research with mothers. Morehead, Alison Dec 1, 2001 6691
Where Does All the Time Go? Ellwood, Mark Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 1233
On the relationship between time management and time estimation. Francis-Smythe, J.A.; Robertson, Ivan T. Aug 1, 1999 6665
Temporal dimensions of opportunistic change in technology-based ventures. West, G. Page, III; Meyer, G. Dale Dec 22, 1997 11540
Time, growth, complexity, and transitions: entrepreneurial challenges for the future. Slevin, Dennis P.; Covin, Jeffrey G. Dec 22, 1997 7769
On the interaction of time and money invested in new ventures. Levesque, Moren; MacCrimmon, Kenneth R. Dec 22, 1997 11887
Time allocation patterns of craftsmen and administrative entrepreneurs: implications for financial performance. Cooper, Arnold; Ramachandran, Mohan; Schoorman, David Dec 22, 1997 6930
Will changing times change the allocation of faculty time? Singell, Larry D., Jr.; Lillydahl, Jane H.; Singell, Larry D., Sr. Mar 22, 1996 6512
Time perceptions and time allocation preferences among adolescent boys and girls. Bruno, James E. Mar 22, 1996 5009
Management development and managers' use of their time. Oshagbemi, Titus Aug 1, 1995 6428
Finding the time: a survey of managers' attitudes to using and managing time. May 1, 1995 1183
A methodology for assessing time-based competitive advantage of manufacturing firms. Kumar, Ashok; Motwani, Jaideep Feb 1, 1995 5138
Family time use: leisure, home production, market work, and work related travel. Solberg, Eric J.; Wong, David C. Jun 22, 1992 9554
Leveraging CEO time. McLean, Robert J.; Stuckey, John A.; Barton, Dominic Sep 22, 1991 2280
How American use time; an interview with sociologist John P. Robinson. interview Sep 1, 1991 2383

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