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Eelgrass grains is a potential superfood that may also help fight the climate crisis. May 6, 2021 269
Ticks thriving in Western Isles because of mild climate, study suggests; Ticks could be surviving in the Western Isles due to its mild oceanic climate, a new study has found. Rachel Mackie Report Mar 29, 2021 323
Research uses ancient lake sediments to extend climate record. Oct 20, 2020 231
Developing Solutions and Informing Irish Policymakers across the Pillars of Climate, Water, and Sustainability. Stewart, Dorothy Report Jan 1, 2020 3169
Climate affects development of human speech: Study. Dec 21, 2019 241
Selective breeding may save oysters from climate threat; GENETICS. KEITH FINDLAY Sep 28, 2019 281
PAGASA, Manila Observatory, DOST work with NASA on climate study. Report Aug 27, 2019 712
NASA works with Philippine agencies to intensify study on weather, climate science. Aug 27, 2019 258
A STANDARDIZED ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT DATA ARCHIVE FOR DISTRIBUTED CLOUD AND PRECIPITATION PROCESS-ORIENTED OBSERVATIONS IN CENTRAL EUROPE: A multitude of cloud and precipitation observations in Germany are now available in the new Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data archive. Lammert, Andrea; Hansen, Akio; Ament, Felix; Crewell, Susanne; Dick, Galina; Grutzun, Verena; Klein- Jul 1, 2019 9151
Research: Canadian Arctic island coast collapsing due to warming climate. Jun 12, 2019 243
Climate extremes play crucial role in global crop yield: Study. May 3, 2019 530
Melting ice sheets may cause 'climate chaos': study. Feb 7, 2019 712
Climate of Nearby Star's Worlds. Nov 26, 2018 1134
Climate, Life and the Movement of Continents. Nov 18, 2018 760
Kuwaiti scientists study minimizing climate adverse impact on agriculture. Oct 11, 2018 264
Hot climate reduces survival of tropical birds, study finds. Jun 26, 2018 351
CLIMATE IMPACTS ON DENSITY ALTITUDE AND AVIATION OPERATIONS. Goodman, Christopher J.; Griswold, J.D. Small May 1, 2018 431
Climate affects development of human speech: study. Apr 10, 2018 235
Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenges and Opportunities. Cassou, Christophe; Kushnir, Yochanan; Hawkins, Ed; Pirani, Anna; Kucharski, Fred; Kang, In-Sik; Cal Report Mar 1, 2018 8735
Climate affects development of human speech: Study. Jan 30, 2018 241
Climate affects development of human speech: Study. Jan 30, 2018 241
Design and Climate-Responsiveness Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Envelope for Modular Prefabricated Buildings. Li, Junjie; Lu, Shuai; Wang, Wanlin; Huang, Jie; Chen, Xinxing; Wang, Jiayi Jan 1, 2018 6987
Scientists Say Climate Shows Why Humans Left Africa. Oct 6, 2017 575
Updating the ASHRAE Climate Design Data for 2017. Roth, Michael Report Jul 1, 2017 3652
How will rising water affect road performance? UNH researcher studies impact of climate on pavement. Rajala, Liisa Feb 17, 2017 1008
Reexamining the volcanic influence on climate. Feb 1, 2017 300
Climate affects development of human speech: Study. Aug 30, 2016 241
Western U.S. climate proves complex. Jun 1, 2016 422
Assessing the correlation between climate signals and monthly mean and extreme precipitation and discharge of Golestan Dam watershed. Ruigar, Hossein; Golian, Saeed Report Jun 1, 2015 6131
Warming climate adding to Co2 levels released by oceans: Study. Jun 9, 2014 241
Bioclimatic study for broiler production and posture in the of coastal, agreste and semi arid regions of Sergipe state, Brazil/ Estudo bioclimatico das regioes litoranea, agreste e semiarida do estado de Sergipe para a avicultura de corte e postura. Santos, Gleicianny de Brito; de Sousa, Inaja Francisco; Brito, Claudson Oliveira; Santos, Vanicleide Jan 1, 2014 3174
Evaluation of climatic factors based on the mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide/Klimato veiksniu vertinimas pagal mechanini-empirini keliu dangu projektavimo vadova/Klimatisko faktoru ietekmes izvertejums mehaniski empiriskas segu projektesanas rokasgranata/Klimaatiliste tegurite hindamine lahtudes mehhanistlik-empiirilisest katendite projekteerimise juhendist. Zilioniene, Daiva; De Luca, Mario; Dell'Acqua, Gianluca Report Sep 1, 2013 3608
Evaluation of a Climate Modelling Procedure Against Observed Meteorological Data. Qiu, Xin; Yang, Fuquan; Roth, Michael; Slusarczyk, Jason; Corbett-Hains, Hamish Jun 22, 2013 3925
Geochemical investigation of lacustrine oil shale in the lunpola basin (Tibet): implications for paleoenvironment and paleoclimate. Sun, Tao; Wang, Chengshan; Li, Yalin; Wang, Licheng; He, Jianglin Report Jun 1, 2013 6005
There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing: climate, weather and active school transportation in Toronto, Canada. Mitra, Raktim; Faulkner, Guy Report Nov 1, 2012 4989
Experimental and computational investigation of flow regimes and thermal patterns in a subway station. Khalil, Essam E.; El-Bialy, Esmail M. Report Jan 1, 2012 1971
Toward net-zero energy labs in northern climate - montreal examples. Charneux, Roland Report Jan 1, 2012 1610
EFFICACY OF INSECTICIDES AGAINST ARMY WORM (Spodoptera mauritia) ON MUNG BEAN (Vigna radiata L.) UNDER ARID CLIMATE. Abbas, Ghulam; Khattak, Jabar Zaman Khan; Abbas, Zafar; Aslam, M.; Khokhar, M. Bakhsh; Malik, Asmat Report Dec 31, 2011 2994
Radial-growth response of forest-tundra trees to climate in the western Hudson bay Lowlands. Mamet, Steven D.; Kershaw, G. Peter Report Dec 1, 2011 7322
Scientists to probe Indian Ocean to find clues to global climate. Sep 23, 2011 237
Tillage and residue management effect on durum wheat [Triticum turgidum (L.) thell. ssp. turgidum conv. durum (desf.) mackey] growth and yield under semi arid climate. Chennafi, Houria; Hannachi, Abderrahmane; Touahria, Omar; Fellahi, Zine El Abiddine; Makhlouf, Mahfo Report Sep 1, 2011 7040
Germy with a chance of hail: aerial microbes can influence weather, and maybe climate. Raloff, Janet Jun 18, 2011 644
Variation of radio refractivity with height above ground/Atmosferos luzio rodiklio kitimas didejant auksciui. Valma, E.; Tamosiunaite, M.; Tamosiunas, S.; Tamosiuniene, M.; Zilinskas, M. Report May 1, 2011 2045
Modeling a net-zero energy residence: combining passive and active design strategies in six climates. Stephens, Brent Report Jan 1, 2011 4659
Towards net zero energy buildings in hot climates: part 1, new tools and methods. Garde, Francois; David, Mathieu; Lenoir, Aurelie; Ottenwelter, Eric Report Jan 1, 2011 3920
Towards net zero energy buildings in hot climate, part 2: experimental feedback. Lenoir, Aurelie; Thellier, Francoise; Garde, Francois Report Jan 1, 2011 3565
Study of unglazed transpired solar collector installations in the twin cities Minnesota climate. Tebbe, Patrick A.; Moaveni, Saeed; Schwartzkopf, Louis; Dobmeier, Joseph; Gehrke, Joseph; Simones, M Report Jan 1, 2011 3941
On the paleoclimate and paleogeography of Permian rocks of the Salt Range, Pakistan. Iqbal, Nayyer Report Dec 31, 2010 231
Siberian lake yields climate record: winter drilling project also penetrates ancient impact crater. Witze, Alexandra Nov 20, 2010 415
Bioclimate-vegetation interrelations in northwestern Mexico. Peinado, Manuel; Macias, Miguel A.; Aguirre, Juan L.; Rodriguez, Jose Delgadillo Report Sep 1, 2010 8345
Is the SPI sufficient for monitoring meteorological droughts in extreme costal climates of Iran? Bazrafshan, Javad; Hejabi, Somayeh; Nokhandan, Majid Habibi Sep 1, 2010 3023
Updating the ASHRAE climatic data for design and standards. Thevenard, Didier; Gueymard, Christian A. Report Jul 1, 2010 8195
Melting at the microscale: studying sea ice close-up may improve climate models. Witze, Alexandra Jun 19, 2010 2271
The geoscience of climate and energy 7. The oceanic climate capacitor. Stott, Lowell Report Jun 1, 2010 2362
The wave climate and its seasonal variability in the northeastern Baltic Sea/Laanemere kirdeosa lainekliima ja selle sesoonne muutlikkus Eesti rannavetes. Raamet, Andrus; Soomere, Tarmo Report Mar 1, 2010 8043
Ozone laver, wind shift may create 'moment of grace'. de Blas, Alexandra Feb 1, 2010 645
Predicting impacts from climate variations. Comis, Don Nov 1, 2009 596
Phytoliths as climate clues. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jun 20, 2009 199
Tracking bigger wave action. Macaulay, Craig Feb 1, 2009 1057
Cave stalagmites provide new clues to Australian climate. Pyper, Wendy Dec 1, 2008 666
WALES: Scientist can probe ocean depths. Oct 3, 2008 162
For graduate student, research is gas: well, two gases actually, and both affect climate. Dodd, Scott Sep 1, 2008 1105
Reading climate signatures in the Southern Ocean. Aug 1, 2008 1423
The development of knowledge about the climate of Illinois. Changnon, Stanley A. Report Jul 1, 2008 3694
Ancient hot spell is linked to copious carbon dioxide. Brief article Oct 14, 2006 211
Climate Action Network. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 106
Celestial climate driver: a perspective from four billion years of the carbon cycle. Veizer, Jan Mar 1, 2005 10586
Blast from the past. Stewart, Melissa Brief Article Oct 11, 2004 159
Shifting continents and climates. Carlowicz, Mike Sep 22, 2004 435
Conflicts of a giant conifer: long a valuable economic resource and now a tool for climate research, Chile's alerce tree endures ongoing controversy. Warren, Timothy Sep 1, 2004 2803
Of winds, worms and mana: the traditional calendar of the Torres Islands, Vanuatu. Mondragon, Carlos Jun 1, 2004 13164
Historical analysis of sea ice conditions in M'Clintock Channel and the Gulf of Boothia, Nunavut: implications for ringed seal and polar bear habitat. Barber, D.G.; Iacozza, J. Mar 1, 2004 9145
Implications of warm temperatures and an unusual rain event for the survival of ringed seals on the coast of southeastern Baffin Island. Stirling, Ian; Smith, Thomas G. Cover Story Mar 1, 2004 6745

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