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Disordered eating behaviors and experiences of violence among Mexican youth with different sexual orientations: A population-based study. Ortiz-Hernandez, Luis; Rosas, Jesus Abrahan Ruiz; Ayala-Hilario, Carolina May 1, 2021 7491
Self-confidence and Disordered Eating amongst Martial Artists: A Cross-sectional Study. Mickelsson, Tony Blomqvist; Thylin, Maxine; Hansson, Erika Dec 1, 2020 5184
Coronavirus chaos has made children 'regress' back into nappies; Worrying findings by Ofsted suggest kids hit hardest by school closures lack stamina in reading and writing, are forgetting how to eat with a knife and fork, or are self-harming or developing eating disorders. By, Eleanor Busby & Dan Bloom Nov 10, 2020 833
Impact of weight stigma on preadolescents' and adolescents' disordered eating behaviors: Testing two mediation models. Chen, Hao; Ye, Yiduo; Guo, Jichang Oct 1, 2020 7248
Eating Disorders and Body Image Concerns in Men of Color: Cultural Considerations. Stewardson, Laurel; Nolan, Jessica; Talleyrand, Regine Apr 1, 2020 7179
Psychological Diagnoses and Weight Loss among Appalachian Bariatric Surgery Patients. Barr, Makenzie L.; Brode, Cassie; Tabone, Lawrence E.; Cox, Stephanie J.; Olfert, Melissa D. Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 5446
The Mediating Role of Body Image Concern in Relationship between Celebrity Worship and Avoidance of Forbidden Foods in Students of Sport Sciences. Shabahang, Reza; McCutcheon, Lynn E.; Chirani, Benyamin Mokhtari; Sheykhangafshe, Farzin Bagheri Mar 1, 2020 5138
Researchers find brain circuit linked to eating disorders. ANI Dec 16, 2019 376
Researchers find brain circuit linked to eating disorders. ANI Dec 15, 2019 388
Study says sexual orientation linked to eating disorders. ANI Dec 1, 2019 275
Sexual orientation linked to eating disorders: Study. ANI Nov 17, 2019 271
Pressuring Kids to Diet Can Backfire, Damaging Long-Term Health. Hirsch, Deborah DiSesa Report Oct 8, 2019 917
Research highlights eating disorder signs. Sep 16, 2019 516
Individual's sexual orientation associated with eating disorders: Study. Sep 1, 2019 301
Teens Might Develop Eating Disorders While Trying To Build Muscle, Study Suggests. Jul 11, 2019 593
Associations between night eating syndrome and metabolic parameters in pregnant women/Gebelerde gece yeme sendromu ve metabolik parametreler arasindaki iliski. Deniz, Cigdem Damla; Ozler, Sibel; Sayin, Fatma Kubra; Eryilmaz, Mehmet Ali Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2019 3655
Eating disorders linked to long-term depression risk for mothers: Study. May 14, 2019 373
Comfort Food: More Weight Gain During Stress. Apr 28, 2019 684
High-calorie food causes more weight gain during stress: study. Report Apr 28, 2019 353
COLLEGE STUDENTS' DISORDERED EATING, SUBSTANCE USE, AND BODY SATISFACTION. Perryman, Mandy; Barnard, Marie; Reysen, Rebekah Report Dec 22, 2018 3263
Apple donates 1000 Apple Watches for eating disorder research study. Oct 16, 2018 462
Vanity Purge: True confessions of a former gym bunny. Curry-McGrath, Tyler Oct 1, 2018 760
Eating disorders and associated risk factors among Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal university preparatory year female students in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alwosaifer, Aisha M.; Alawadh, Salwa A.; Wahab, Moataza M. Abdel; Boubshait, Leila A.; Almutairi, Ba Sep 1, 2018 7020
Association of mindfulness and impulsivity with obesity. Bal, Ufuk; Celikbas, Zekiye; Batmaz, Sedat Report Sep 1, 2018 4406
Testing carer skill training programs in Spanish carers of patients with eating disorders. Marcos, Yolanda Quiles; Sebastian, Maria Jose Quiles; Herrera, Marta Escolano; Sanmartin, Ricardo; T Jul 1, 2018 7379
Family-Based Treatment of Teen Eating Disorders Helpful; Findings based on mothers' and teens' perception of helpfulness and outcomes of family-based treatment. Apr 27, 2018 187
Relationship between Social Anxiety and Eating Attitudes among Young Girls. Report Mar 31, 2018 1218
Diet-Treated Chronic Illness May Lead to Disordered Eating; In most studies examined, diet-treated chronic illness preceded disordered eating in children. Mar 1, 2018 173
DANGEROUS CURVES: The shape of a man's favorite organ might be pointing in a negative direction. Artavia, David Feb 1, 2018 556
Reliability and Validity of the Diabetes Eating Problem Survey in Turkish Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Altinok, Yasemin Atik; Ozgur, Suriye; Meseri, Reci; Ozen, Samim; Darcan, Sukran; Goksen, Damla Report Dec 1, 2017 4495
Blood clotting drug may regulate food intake, body weight. Sep 6, 2017 361
The Relationship of Disordered Eating Attitudes with Stress Level, Bone Turnover Markers, and Bone Mineral Density in Obese Adolescents. Gunes, Asli Okbay; Alikasifoglu, Mujgan; Demirdogen, Ezgi Sen; Erginoz, Ethem; Demir, Turkay; Kucur, Report Sep 1, 2017 6321
The Latent Class Structure of Chinese Patients with Eating Disorders in Shanghai. Zheng, Yuchen; Kang, Qing; Huang, Jiabin; Jiang, Wenhui; Liu, Qiang; Chen, Han; Fan, Qing; Wang, Zhe Report Aug 1, 2017 4445
Prevalence of symptoms for eating disorders, overweight and obesity in schoolchildren from the city of Bom Jesus-RS/PREVALENCIA DE SINTOMAS PARA TRANSTORNOS ALIMENTARES, SOBREPESO E OBESIDADE EM ESCOLARES DO MUNICIPIO DE BOM JESUS-RS. Martins, Fernando dos Santos; Rech, Ricardo Rodrigo; Halpern, Ricardo; Pedroni, Josue Luis; Julianot Jan 1, 2017 4165
Weight conversations in romantic relationships: what do they sound like and how do partners respond? Berge, Jerica M.; Pratt, Keeley; Miller, Laura Report Sep 1, 2016 5016
When the diagnosis is hard to swallow, take these management steps. Jain, Shailesh Report Aug 1, 2016 897
Imposing treatment on patients with eating disorders: what are the legal risks? Thom, Robyn P.; Mossman, Douglas Report Mar 1, 2016 2378
Self-focus mediates the relationship between body dissatisfaction, depression and disordered eating behaviors. Wolfe, Wendy L.; Hewitt, Kaitlyn Report Mar 1, 2016 3610
A girl refuses to eat solid food because she is afraid of choking. Leipsic, John; Correia, Danielle C.S.; Palmer, Ross Report Jan 1, 2016 1946
Evaluation of eating attitude in patients with migraine. Demirci, Kadir; Demirci, Seden; Akpinar, Abdullah; Demirdas, Arif; Atay, Inci Meltem Report Dec 1, 2015 3191
Mothers' use of blogs while engaged in family-based treatment for a child's eating disorder. LaMarre, Andrea; Robson, Jane; Dawczyk, Anna Report Dec 1, 2015 3090
A review of eating disorders and disordered eating amongst nutrition students and dietetic professionals. Mahn, Heather Mciver; Lordly, Daphne Report Mar 1, 2015 3947
Tseng MC, Fang D, Lee MB. Comparative validity of the chinese versions of the bulimic inventory test edinburgh and eating attitudes test for DSM-IV eating disorders among high school dance and nondance students in Taiwan. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Report Oct 1, 2014 272
J Child Fam Stud.: Parental influences on elite aesthetic athletes' body image dissatisfaction and disordered eating. Francisco, R.; Narciso, I.; Alarcao, M. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 226
Effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral therapy for dysfunctional eating among patients admitted for bariatric surgery: a randomized controlled trial. Gade, Hege; Hjelmesaeth, Joran; Rosenvinge, Jan H.; Friborg, Oddgeir Report Jan 1, 2014 3765
Eating disorders among women over 50: a recent study has found that American women aged 50 and older are exhibiting symptoms related to eating disorders, dispelling the myth that only young women suffer such conditions. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 159
Eating Disorder Concerns High in Women Over 50 Years: Study. Jun 24, 2012 409
Study: Eating Disorders Common in Older Women. Jun 22, 2012 933
Eating disorder risk may be lower in vegetarians than in 'flexitarians'. Mangels, Reed Brief article Apr 1, 2012 237
Self-concept in overweight adolescents. Pisk, Sandra Vuk; Mihanovic, Mate; Silic, Ante; Bogovic, Anamarija; Vidovic, Vesna Report Feb 1, 2012 4262
The impact of self loathing on disordered eating attitudes among obese females. Edman, Jeanne L.; Yates, Alayne; Araguete, Mara; Draeger, John Report Nov 1, 2011 3554
Body size perceptions in racially/ethnically diverse men and women: implications for body image and self-esteem. Gillen, Meghan M.; Lefkowitz, Eva S. Report Nov 1, 2011 8210
The relationship between eating attitudes, body image and perceived family-of-origin climate among college athletes. Blackmer, Victoria; Searight, H. Russell; Ratwik, Susan H. Report Nov 1, 2011 3885
Body dissatisfaction and disordered eating among men who have sex with men in Canada. Brennan, David J.; Crath, Rory; Hart, Trevor A.; Gadalla, Tahany; Gillis, Loralee Report Sep 22, 2011 8125
The ABCDEs of identifying eating disorders. Micula-Gondek, Weronika; Lackamp, Jeanne Report Jul 1, 2011 492
The female athlete triad: a current concepts review. George, Christopher A.; Leonard, James P.; Hutchinson, Mark R. Report Jun 1, 2011 6234
The association of binge eating disorder with glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes/Tip 2 diyabet hastalarinda tikinircasina yeme bozuklugu ve glisemik kontrol arasindaki iliski. Canan, Fatih; Gungor, Adem; Onder, Elif; Celbek, Gokhan; Aydin, Yusuf; Alcelik, Aytekin Report Jun 1, 2011 1334
Finding a reason: exploring motivational interviewing as a technique for treating eating disorders. Cassin, Stephanie Report Mar 22, 2011 1291
Signaling path in brain may prevent "fullness" message. Dec 22, 2010 403
Workplace stress can lead to disordered eating. Pillet, Susan Dec 1, 2010 657
How to recognize eating problems in older adults: weight loss, dizziness, and lack of interest in meals are signs that an older person may have an eating problem. Sep 1, 2010 719
Welsh study links magazines to teenage eating disorders. Jun 19, 2010 203
The Use of Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 169
The Use of Hypnosis with Eating Disorders. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 138
Dissociative States Presenting as an Eating Disorder. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 112
Hypnosis as an Adjunct to CBT: Treating Self-defeating Eaters. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 147
Hypnobehavioral Approaches for School-age Children with Dysphagia and Food Aversion: A Case Series. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 138
Casting light: campaign takes on women's body image and the media. Gerrard, Signy Mar 22, 2010 1281
It would begin with a fairly healthy looking meal, like a giant salad. Mar 1, 2010 1906
Body dissatisfaction and eating disorders in a sample of gay and bisexual men. Siconolfi, Daniel; Halkitis, Perry N.; Allomong, Timothy W.; Burton, Charles L. Report Sep 22, 2009 4879
Anorexia impairs bone development in teens, shows study. Dec 3, 2008 320
Eating pathology and social comparison in college females. Lindner, Danielle; Hughes, Alan; Fahy, Rebecca Report Dec 1, 2008 6669
Anorexia impairs bone development in teens, shows study. Nov 25, 2008 320
The influence of men's self-objectification on the drive for muscularity: self-esteem, body satisfaction and muscle dysmorphia. Grieve, Rick; Helmick, Adrienne Report Sep 22, 2008 4920
Study seeks new criteria to avert eating disorders. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 581
Masculine gender role stress and the pursuit of muscularity. Mussap, Alexander J. Mar 22, 2008 7859
Remuda East: Milford, Virginia. Jan 1, 2008 408
Measuring up in the bedroom: muscle, thinness, and men's sex lives. Filiault, Shaun M. Jun 22, 2007 6522
Relations among weight control behaviors and eating attitudes, social physique anxiety, and fruit and vegetable consumption in Turkish adolescents. Bas, Murat; Kiziltan, Gul Mar 22, 2007 4876
Eating attitudes, perfectionism and body-esteem of elite male judoists and cyclists. Filaire, Edith; Rouveix, Matthieu; Pannafieux, Christelle; Ferrand, Claude Report Mar 1, 2007 6468
8 ways to control stress eating: these common-sense tips can help you resist the urge to eat when you're feeling anxious, and learn to substitute healthier behaviors to calm your nerves. Mar 1, 2007 824
Employment counseling with clients who have eating disorders. Williams, Meris Dec 1, 2006 7694
Eeek! Don't eat that! Dealing with dogs with pica or coprophagia. Puotinen, C.J. Dec 1, 2006 3108
Topiramate tried in sleep-related eating disorders. Worcester, Sharon Oct 15, 2006 390
Anorexia, bulimia prove gene related. Oct 1, 2006 309
Depressive symptoms, coping strategies, and disordered eating among college women. VanBoven, Amy M.; Espelage, Dorothy L. Jun 22, 2006 5568
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. Apr 1, 2006 345
The many ironies of eating disorders. Mahoney, Diana Statistical data Apr 1, 2006 1124
Development and use of an Eating Disorder Assessment and Treatment Protocol. Huebner, Lois A.; Weitzman, Lauren M.; Mountain, Lisa M.; Nelson, Kris L.; Oakley, Danielle R.; Smit Mar 22, 2006 3252
Eating troubles. Sohn, Emily Feb 8, 2006 1122
Weighty issues. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 87
Eating disorders may have autoimmune roots. Brief Article Oct 22, 2005 204
The eating disordered lifestyle: imagetexts and the performance of similitude. Jensen, Robin E. Jun 22, 2005 9035
Continuum of eating disorders seen. Brief Article May 15, 2005 183
Psychological correlates of help seeking for eating-disorder symptoms in female college students. Meyer, Dinah F. Mar 22, 2005 4694
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology: "Epidemiological Studies on Adverse Dieting Behaviours and Eating Disorders Among Young People in Hungary.". Tolgyes, T.; Nemessury, J. Reprint Jan 1, 2005 217
Disordered eating in girls: weight status is key. Worcester, Sharon Dec 1, 2004 579
Family meals affect eating disorders. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 136
Research suggests that food may be addictive. MacReady, Norra Dec 1, 2004 607
Eating disorders in adolescent males. Ray, Shannon L. Oct 1, 2004 2961
Eating disorder Tx: men and women not equal. Evans, Jeff Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 252
With anxiety, bingeing is top eating disorder. McNamara, Damian Oct 1, 2004 548
Eating and Weight Disorders: "Maladaptive Eating Attitudes of Elite and Amateur Turkish Dancers: Are They at Risk?". Batur, S.; Kabakci, E.; Gulol, C. Reprint Oct 1, 2004 166
Clinics in Sports Medicine: "Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Elite Athletes is Higher than in the General Population.". Sundgot-Borgen, J.; Torstveit, M.K. Reprint Oct 1, 2004 290
Early food restriction can set stage for eating disorders. Worcester, Sharon Aug 15, 2004 571
Personality may affect eating disorder treatment. Worcester, Sharon Aug 1, 2004 386
Psychopathology: "Eating Disordors and Body Image Disturbances among Ballet Dancers, Gymnasium Users and Body Builders.". Ravaldi, C.; Vannacci, A.; Zucchi, T.; Mannucci, E.; Cabras, P.L.; Boldrini, M.; Murciano, L.; Rotel Reprint Jul 1, 2004 392
Assessing bulimia. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 168
The continuum versus categorical debate on eating disorders: implications for counselors. Perosa, Linda M.; Perosa, Sandra L. Mar 22, 2004 3028
Night eating syndrome: common, 'neglected': prevalence rises with obesity. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2003 813
Overlap observed in obesity, eating disorders: specialists urged to join forces. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2003 606
Body dissatisfaction in college women: identification of risk and protective factors to guide college counseling practices. Cook-Cottone, Catherine; Phelps, LeAdelle Mar 22, 2003 4402
Validating picky eating. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 183
Swedish research links eating disorders to immune system problem. Brief Article Dec 11, 2002 113
PNAS reports on Swedish treatment of anorexia and bulimia. Brief Article Jun 28, 2002 164
College women: eating behaviors and help-seeking preferences. Prouty, Anne M.; Protinsky, Howard O.; Canady, Donna Jun 22, 2002 4198
Evaluation of an upper elementary school program to prevent body image, eating, and weight concerns. Kater, Kathy J.; Rohwer, John; Londre, Karen May 1, 2002 5273
Exploring young women's perceptions of the effectiveness and safety of maladaptive weight control techniques. Tylka, Tracy L.; Subich, Linda Mezydlo Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 8580
Eating Disordered Adolescent Males. Eliot, Alexandra O.; Baker, Christina Wood Sep 22, 2001 3407
Relationships Among Body Satisfaction, Social Physique Anxiety, and Eating Behaviors in Female Athletes and Exercisers. Krane, Vikki; Waldron, Jennifer; Stiles-Shipley, Julie A.; Michalenok, Jennifer Sep 1, 2001 7037
What's behind eating disorders? (Journal Scan). Splete, Heidi Aug 1, 2001 158
Media Not Totally to Blame. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 677
Response of Pakistani sample to eat and body shape questionnaire: an exploratory study. Minhas, Fareed Aslam; Hans, Shazia Report Dec 22, 1999 2899
Social Physique Anxiety and Eating Disorder Correlates Among Female Athletic and Nonathletic Populations. Hausenblas, Heather A.; Mack, Diane E. Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 1999 4688
ANOREXIC EATING ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS OF MALE AND FEMALE COLLEGE STUDENTS. Nelson, Wendy L.; Hughes, Honore M.; Katz, Barry; Searight, H. Russell Sep 22, 1999 4596
Eating Disorders Increasing Among Minority, Poor Girls. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article Sep 15, 1999 352
Biopsychopathologic risk profile of adolescents with eating disorder symptoms. Canals, Josepa; Carbajo, Gentzane; Fernandez, Joan; Marti-Henneberg, Carles; Domenech, Edelmira Jun 22, 1996 2860
The relationship of gender and family environment to eating disorder risk in adolescents. Felker, Kenneth R.; Stivers, Cathie Dec 22, 1994 4511
The beauty myth and female consumers: the controversial role of advertising. Stephens, Debra Lynn; Hill, Ronald Paul; Hanson, Cynthia Jun 22, 1994 6787
Self-reported eating disorders of black, low-income adolescents: behavior, body weight perceptions, and methods of dieting. Balentine, Margaret; Stitt, Kathleen; Bonner, Judith; Clark, Louise Nov 1, 1991 3089

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