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Researchers find way to make cancer cells self-destruct. Jul 4, 2019 279
Researchers Develop Mini Kidneys From Urine Cells. Mar 7, 2019 441
Researchers develop drug to rejuvenate muscle cells. Feb 16, 2019 423
Supply Of Biochemistry Analyzer At Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital And Research Centre , Nagpur (last Call). Dec 12, 2018 166
Israel : BGU Researchers Find New, Protein-based Path to Understanding, Treating Some Cancers and Other Diseases. Oct 18, 2018 424
Supply And Installation Of Binocular Research Microscope For Biochemistry. Oct 3, 2018 148
Supply Of Biochemistry Analyzer At Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital And Research Centre , Nagpur. Sep 29, 2018 170
Supply Of Biochemistry Analyzer At Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital And Research Centre , Nagpur. Sep 24, 2018 170
Ionic Mobility Mass Spectrometer For Protein Research. Jun 27, 2018 180
Reagents And Control Supplies For Biochemical Studies On Bs-200 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer. Apr 4, 2018 138
Effects of Aerobic Training versus Resistance Training on Body Composition and Systemic Biochemical Parameters of Overweight or Obese Adults. Pereira, Aline Aparecida; Santos, Gabriel Ferreira Souza e; Baganha, Ronaldo Julio; de Oliveira, Jos Report Apr 1, 2018 5666
United States : NIH researchers find a potential treatment for disorders involving excess red blood cells. Feb 28, 2018 290
Researchers Discover New Lead-Free Perovskite Material for Solar Cells. Feb 14, 2018 778
Researchers Find 'Internal Clock' within Live Human Cells. Sep 12, 2017 377
Relation of Biochemical Parameters with Flow-mediated Dilatation in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Sipahioglu, Nurver; Ilerigelen, BarıS; Gungor, Zeynep; Ayaz, Gulsel; Ekmekci, Hakan; Gurel, Cig Report Jul 5, 2017 4609
Ultracentrifugation instrument designed for protein research. Apr 1, 2017 125
A 4-Week Repeated-Dose Oral Toxicity Study of Bojungikgi-Tang in Crl:CD Sprague Dawley Rats. Yoo, Sae-Rom; Ha, Hyekyung; Lee, Mee-Young; Shin, Hyeun-Kyoo; Han, Su-Cheol; Seo, Chang-Seob Report Jan 1, 2017 6143
Research finds clues about neuronal identity in RNA-binding proteins. Dec 19, 2016 459
Researchers develop more efficient reprogramming technique. Dec 19, 2016 695
Researchers Discover 'Parking Garages' In Neutron Stars And Human Cells. Nov 2, 2016 435
United States : NIH researchers unveil new wound-healing role for protein-folding gene in mice. Oct 28, 2016 822
CAAT researchers uncover genetic variability in cell culture lines. Sep 22, 2016 383
Endless supply of kidney precursor cells results from new technology. Sep 5, 2016 558
Endless supply of kidney precursor cells results from new technology. Sep 5, 2016 558
United States : NASA's DNA Sequencing in Space is a Success, UCSF Researchers Confirm. Aug 31, 2016 565
Endless supply of kidney P recursor cells results from new technology. Aug 29, 2016 539
Evaluation of types of pre-analytical errors in clinical chemistry laboratory. Barapatre, Amit Ramesh; Jadhao, Avinash Namdeo; Lokhande, Manoj Chandrakant Report Aug 18, 2016 3267
Microfluidic chip platform grows, studies adipose cells. Jul 25, 2016 459
Microfluidic chip platform grows, studies adipose cells. Jul 25, 2016 463
Microfluidic chip platform grows, studies adipose cells. Jul 18, 2016 455
Proteins of the past: reconstructing tiny pieces of history deepens understanding of evolution. Michalowski, Jennifer Jun 11, 2016 3132
Purchase and delivery of reagents with the lease of analyzers for performing research in the field of biochemistry. Jun 9, 2016 355
Purchase and delivery of reagents with the lease of analyzers for performing research in the field of biochemistry. May 20, 2016 351
United States : Stanford researchers improve understanding of Silly Putty protein that could improve bioengineered tissues. May 3, 2016 713
Purchase and delivery of reagents with the lease of analyzers for performing research in the field of biochemistry. Apr 21, 2016 349
A periodic table of proteins: researchers have devised a periodic table of proteins, bringing order and visual understanding to the messy world of protein complexes. Taylor, Michelle Feb 1, 2016 1085
Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells. Oct 19, 2015 709
Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells. Oct 19, 2015 709
Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells. Oct 12, 2015 709
Researchers discover progenitor cell that exclusively forms heart muscle. Jul 6, 2015 637
Japanese scientists advance kidney organ regeneration research. Dec 8, 2014 546
Molecular signaling network motifs provide a mechanistic basis for cellular threshold responses. Zhang, Qiang; Bhattacharya, Sudin; Conolly, Rory B.; Clewell, Harvey J., III; Kaminski, Norbert E.; Report Dec 1, 2014 11062
The effect of proline cistrans isomerization on p53MDM2 binding. Zhan, Yingqian Ada; Ytreberg, F. Marty Abstract Dec 1, 2014 137
Researchers discover the key to cancer cells' survival. Oct 15, 2014 831
Central Biobank for drug research. Sep 22, 2014 814
Central biobank for drug research. Sep 22, 2014 814
Central biobank for drug research. Sep 15, 2014 815
Study identifies new protagonist in cell reprogramming. Sep 15, 2014 395
A scientometric study of journal of bio-chemistry and bio-physics (IJBB). Bala, Madhu; Singh, Mahender Pratap Report Aug 1, 2014 2961
Researchers find new way to identify gene-enhancers. Apr 7, 2014 565
Researchers find new way to identify gene-enhancers. Apr 7, 2014 565
Researchers find new way to identify gene-enhancers. Mar 31, 2014 565
Researchers Discover New Depths of Complexity in Nerve Cells. Mar 27, 2014 473
Japanese researchers report discovering new method (STAP) to grow cells into mature tissue. Feb 1, 2014 168
France,United States : Crowdsourced RNA Designs Outperform Computer Algorithms, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Researchers Report. Jan 28, 2014 428
Biochemical evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles in Wistar Rats. Adeyemi, Oluyomi Stephen; Adewumi, Ifeoluwa Report Jan 1, 2014 3197
Why the shrinkage? Ferril, William Essay Dec 1, 2013 2358
Study identifies essential molecule in formation of differentiated blood cells. Report Oct 14, 2013 534
Blood vessel cells can repair, regenerate organs. Oct 14, 2013 953
Reminiscences of research on the chemistry and biology of natural sterols in insects, plants and humans. Ikekawa, Nobuo; Fujimoto, Yoshinori; Ishiguro, Masaji Report Aug 1, 2013 8986
Research report describes LifeMap Discovery. Jul 29, 2013 548
Research report describes LifeMap Discovery. Jul 29, 2013 518
Improving past excellence: a groundbreaking building in 1981, the Sherman Fairchild Biochemistry Building received a 2012 sustainable, flexible, and bright face lift from Payette. Hock, Lindsay Jun 1, 2013 794
Effects of high-intensity endurance exercise on epidermal barriers against microbial invasion. Eda, Nobuhiko; Shimizu, Kazuhiro; Suzuki, Satomi; Lee, Eunjae; Akama, Takao Report Mar 1, 2013 6110
Soy and dairy proteins 'promote muscle protein synthesis post exercise'. Jan 25, 2013 627
Your teams aren't good enough. Spencer, Robin W. Column Jan 1, 2013 1564
Studies on hydrogenase. Yagi, Tatsuhiko; Higuchi, Yoshiki Report Jan 1, 2013 11111
Serum biochemistry and serum cortisol levels of immobilized and hunted muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) from northern Canada. Harms, N. Jane; Elkin, Brett T.; Gunn, Anne; Tracz, Boyan; Adamczewski, Jan; Flood, Peter; Leighton, Report Dec 1, 2012 7836
NIH researchers provide detailed view of brain protein structure. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 205
Eye Proteins Have Germ-Killing Power. Sep 25, 2012 725
Scientists discover genes crucial to development of pluripotency in single cells. Sep 24, 2012 769
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Report Sep 22, 2012 1492
Scientists discover genes crucial to development of pluripotency, in single cells. Sep 17, 2012 769
Scientists find that control of siRNA could aid regenerative medicine. Sep 17, 2012 463
Scientists find that control of siRNA could aid regenerative medicine. Sep 10, 2012 464
Radiolabeling and Bioevaluation of Dextran Cysteamine Mannose for Sentinel Lymph Node Detection. Dar, Ume Kalsoom; Khan, Irfan Ullah; Javed, Muhammad; Ali, Muhammad; Hyder, Syed Waqar; Murad, Sohai Report Aug 31, 2012 2814
United States : Immunological Genome Project Researchers Probe Every Type of Immune Cell. Aug 30, 2012 436
Scientists say new molecule can grow heart cells. Aug 9, 2012 289
Scientists say new molecule can grow heart cells. Aug 7, 2012 292
Mars Snowflakes Are Size Of Human Red Blood Cells, MIT Researchers Find. Jun 25, 2012 498
A simple confidence band for the Michaelis-Menten equation. Brown, Simon; Muhamad, Noorzaid; Pedley, Kevin C.; Simcock, David C. Report Jun 1, 2012 3122
Less food for thought. van Niekerk, J.P. de V. Report May 1, 2012 954
Biochemical and Nutritional Evaluation of Unleavened Flat Breads Fortified with Healthy Flaxseed. Hussain, Shahzad; Anjum, Faqir Muhammad; Butt, Masood Sadiq`; Alamri, Mohammad Saleh; Khan, Moazzam Report Apr 30, 2012 6642
Integrating cell health analysis into everyday workflow: by making cell health analysis and analyzers simple and affordable, cell-based experiments can be made more consistent and reproducible, enabling more productive research. Gillis, Katherine; Clor, Julie; Khan, Asima; Tyagarajan, Kamala Apr 1, 2012 1390
Correcting Human Mitochondrial Mutations. Mar 13, 2012 854
NIH researchers discover new method to label cells for tracking by MRI. Brief article Mar 6, 2012 118
Biochemical Profile Indicative of Insulin Resistance in Non- diabetic and Diabetic Cardiovascular Patients. Aslam, Nosheen; Sheikh, Munir Ahmad; Khalil-ur-Rehman; Nawaz, Haq Report Feb 28, 2012 4183
Researchers discover critical role played by one enzyme in ES cell differentiation. Feb 6, 2012 575
Biochemical Studies on Siphonaria (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) From the Karachi Coast of North Arabian Sea. Ali, Syed Abid; Ayub, Zarrien; Bano, Azra; Fatima, Habib Report Dec 31, 2011 3919
Scientists develop technique for creating Melanocytes in vitro: skin cells will aid transplantation, cancer, drug discovery research. Nov 7, 2011 549
Determination of biochemical changes in cow manure during the process of vermicopost with the usage of earthworms (Eisenia Fetida. Report Nov 1, 2011 2947
Scientists develop technique for creating melanocytes in vitro: skin cells will aid transplantation, cancer, drug discovery research. Oct 31, 2011 550
Researchers report massive increase in efficiency in cell reprogramming. Oct 24, 2011 398
Researchers report massive increase in efficiency in cell reprogramming. Oct 17, 2011 399
Researchers discover transcription factor critical to transdifferentiation. Oct 17, 2011 445
Researchers show how human body rids itself of damaged cells. Oct 3, 2011 412
Researchers find that hESC-, iPSC-derived cells are developmentally immature. Sep 5, 2011 810
Effects of Ramadan fasting on biochemical and anthropometric parameters in physically active men. Trabelsi, Khaled; Abed, Kais el; Trepanowski, John F.; Stannard, Stephen R.; Ghlissi, Zohra; Ghozzi, Report Sep 1, 2011 7704
Researchers find new role of protein that causes deaf-blindness in humans. Aug 16, 2011 417
Researchers find genetic changes in genome of mitochondria of human iPSCs. Aug 8, 2011 608
Researchers find genetic changes in genome of mitochondria of human iPSCs. Aug 1, 2011 581
Residents of the brain: scientists turn up startling diversity among nerve cells. Sanders, Laura Jul 30, 2011 2490
Scientists find better way to transplant neural stem/progenitor cells for SCI. Jul 18, 2011 759
Engineered cells alive and lasing: coherent light generated with green fluorescent protein. Powell, Devin Jul 16, 2011 441
Researchers can watch protein action in brain cells using "unnatural" amino acids. Jul 11, 2011 852
Mushroom research. Feeney, Marry Jo Reprint Jul 1, 2011 691
Researchers warn that ban on hESC research would hurt iPS cell research. Jun 13, 2011 1509
New genetic technique converts skin cells into brain cells. Jun 13, 2011 543
iPS cells not impervious to immune rejection problems--study. Jun 6, 2011 227
Seasonal evolution of the biochemical composition of the Moroccan Mediterranean cost anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus). Hannachi, Ouafa; Bouakka, Mohammed; Melhaoui, Mohammed; Hakkou, Abdelkader Report Jun 1, 2011 4889
iPS cells not impervious to immune rejection problems--study. May 30, 2011 491
Some nerve cells that make us itch also make us feel pain, finds study. Report May 3, 2011 617
Evaluation of biochemical and histological effectiveness of Pleurotus citrinopileatus on plasma, feces and liver in hypercholesterolemic rats. Alam, Nuhu; Yoon, Ki Nam; Lee, Jae Seong; Lee, Min Woong; Lee, Tae Soo Report May 1, 2011 5305
Integration of biosensors and associated electronics on lab-on-chip devices/ Biojutikliu ir specializuotos elektronikos integracija "laboratorijos mikroschemose" jrenginiuose. Giannitsis, A.T.; Parve, T.; Min, M. Report Apr 1, 2011 3884
Preying for answers on family tree; Researchers examining DNA of goshawks. Feb 11, 2011 461
Study maps how T cells discriminate pathogens. Feb 1, 2011 320
Effects of cooling and exogenous bovine somatotropin on hematological and biochemical parameters at different stages of lactation of crossbred Holstein Friesian cow in the tropics. Chaiyabutr, N.; Boonsanit, D.; Chanpongsang, S. Report Jan 13, 2011 7292
Effect of antioxidants on physio-biochemical and hematological parameters in broiler chicken at high altitude. Biswas, A.; Ahmed, M.; Bharti, V.K.; Singh, S.B. Report Jan 13, 2011 2647
Biochemical response in piglets after application of essential oils from Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and Oregano (Origanum vulgare L.). Poracova, J.; Maity, S.; Blascakova, M. Report Jan 1, 2011 2452
Study of how certain genes are activated yields surprising discovery. Dec 6, 2010 479
New Findings Detail How Virus Prepares to Infect Cells. Dec 3, 2010 453
Electrical stimulation. Sep 1, 2010 831
Biology may not be so complex after all. Sep 1, 2010 466
Scientists Discover Protein Shuttling RNA into Cell Mitochondria. Aug 9, 2010 702
Gene Associated with Rare Adrenal Disorder Appears To Trigger Cell Death, According to NIH Study. Jul 13, 2010 106
Reprogrammed human blood cells could help in disease research. Jul 2, 2010 501
Modern people carry around Neandertal DNA, genome reveals: Team uncovers long-sought evidence of interbreeding. Saey, Tina Hesman Report Jun 5, 2010 925
Researchers study protein essential for successful pregnancy. May 30, 2010 237
Haematological and biochemical study on Albino rats infected with 70 [+ or -] 10 cercariae Schistosoma mansoni. Al-hroob, Amir Report May 1, 2010 2798
Nano Scientists Develop Probing Device to Realize Inner Activity of Cells. Apr 3, 2010 932
Scientists Use Nanotechnology in Cancer Research. Mar 29, 2010 921
Scientists find AaemotherAAE of all skin cells. Mar 15, 2010 496
Study sheds light on fundamental DNA repair mechanism. Mar 5, 2010 518
Researchers Discover How Platelets in Blood Form Clots. Jan 16, 2010 414
All adult cells can be reprogrammed into becoming stem-like cells: Study. Nov 9, 2009 487
New view of genome reveals how cell packs DNA neatly into place: model of 3-D structure shows that fractal folding is key. Sanders, Laura Nov 7, 2009 373
New Findings Improve Knowledge about Learning Process in Brain. Sep 14, 2009 814
Effect of culture age and biomass concentration on heavy metal uptake by three axenic bacterial cultures. Odokuma, L.O. Report Sep 1, 2009 4227
The effects of docking on growth traits, carcass characteristics and blood biochemical parameters of Sanjabi fat-tailed lambs. Sarvar, E. Nooriyan; Moeini, M.M.; Poyanmehr, M.; Mikaeli, E. Report Jun 1, 2009 4793
Advance in cell research. May 29, 2009 350
Scientists model 3D structures of body clock-controlling proteins. Apr 11, 2009 617
Correlations among shearing force, morphological characteristic, chemical composition, and in situ digestibility of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) stem. Liu, L.; Yang, Z.B.; Yang, W.R.; Jiang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.G. Report Apr 1, 2009 4075
Study sheds light on egg cells' unique ability to ensure that sperm don't get too old. Mar 26, 2009 358
Lab-on-a-Chip may help study how cancer cells detach from neighbouring tissue to spread disease. Mar 19, 2009 467
Biochemical and minerals studies of K-134 variety groundnut (Arachis hypogaea. L) grown in municipal water. Girisha, S.T.; Niranjan, M.H.; Raghavendra, Vinay B.; Raju, N.S. Report Mar 1, 2009 3683
Researchers Find Abnormal Cells in the Blood Years before Leukemia is Diagnosed. Feb 12, 2009 160
EU researchers study sourcing medicines from plant cells. Nuthall, Keith Feb 1, 2009 107
Fluorescent proteins are transforming biomedical research. Jan 26, 2009 649
Scientists studying how asbestos fibres cause cancer. Dec 19, 2008 492
Protein research; In association with the NHS North of Tyne. Dec 15, 2008 197
Evaluation of urinary nitrogen excretion from plasma urea nitrogen in dry and lactating cows. Kume, S.; Numata, K.; Takeya, Y.; Miyagawa, Y.; Ikeda, S.; Kitagawa, M.; Nonaka, K.; Oshita, T.; Koz Report Aug 1, 2008 3447
Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) attached to native mussels (unionidae) or inanimate substrates: comparison of physiological rates and biochemical composition. Baker, Shirley M.; Hornbach, Daniel J. Report Jul 1, 2008 3945
Seasonal variations in reproductive activity and biochemical composition of the cockle Fulvia mutica (Reeve) from the eastern coast of China. Liu, Wenguang; Li, Qi; Yuan, Yundang; Zhang, Shaohua Report Apr 1, 2008 5250
Acetylcholine release and choline uptake by cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) optic lobe synaptosomes. Nunes, M. Alexandra; Santos, Sofia; Cordeiro, J. Miguel; Neves, Paulo; Silva, Virgilia S.; Sykes, An Report Feb 1, 2008 3164
True digestibility of phosphorus in different resources of feed ingredients in growing pigs. Wu, X.; Ruan, Z.; Zhang, Y.G.; Hou, Y.Q.; Yin, Y.L.; Li, T.J.; Huang, R.L.; Chu, W.Y.; Kong, X.F.; G Report Jan 1, 2008 12185
Will ocean iron fertilization work? Getting carbon into the ocean is one thing. Keeping it there is another. Powell, Hugh Report Jan 1, 2008 1958
Lessons from nature, models, and the past: other lines of evidence inform the debate on ocean iron fertilization. Powell, Hugh Report Jan 1, 2008 1928
Lead hepatotoxicity & potential health effects. Mudipalli, Anuradha Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2007 6447
Chemical defenses: from compounds to communities. Paul, Valerie J.; Arthur, Karen E.; Ritson-Williams, Raphael; Ross, Cliff; Sharp, Koty Report Dec 1, 2007 21656
Has vertebrate chemesthesis been a selective agent in the evolution of arthropod chemical defenses? Conner, William E.; Alley, Kerensa M.; Barry, Jonathan R.; Harper, Amanda E. Report Dec 1, 2007 3810
Researchers discover moisturising protein that protects skin from sun damage. Dobie, Monica Jun 1, 2007 159
Scientists make breakthrough on stem cell research. Jan 8, 2007 336
Scientists get pounds 200k for cancer research. Dec 28, 2006 273
Researchers study receptor with possible link to relapse. Nov 1, 2006 262
Two more prominent US stem cell researchers take talents to Singapore. Brief article Apr 30, 2006 245
J Wildl Dis: Hematologic, protein electrophoresis, biochemistry, and cholinesterase values of free-living black stork nestlings (Ciconia nigra). Lanzarot, M.P.; Barahona, M.V.; San Andres, M.I. Reprint Mar 1, 2006 143
UA researchers garner DNA grants. Sparkman, Worth Sep 26, 2005 203
Part of placenta may be source of cells capable of regenerating tissues as embryonic stem cells - Pitt researchers. Sep 16, 2005 466
Kyoto University researchers find stem cells in human heart. Sep 12, 2005 256
Pitt researchers to conduct trial using patient's own bone marrow-derived stem cells in heart bypass surgery. Aug 31, 2005 362
Digital archiving in the twenty-first century: practice at the national library of the Netherlands. Steenbakkers, Johan F. Jun 22, 2005 8793
Is it better to use radiation as a salvage therapy than as an adjuvant therapy after radical prostatectomy? Sandler, Howard M.; Pollack, Alan May 1, 2005 919
Biochemical sociology: correlates of aggression. Marsh, Mitchell Mar 1, 2005 2213
The successful use of case studies in Nutritional Biochemistry. Davis, C. Michele Jun 22, 2004 3202
VAMP2 dependent activation and exocytosis of TRPC3 [CA.sup.2+] channel protein. Bollimuntha, Sunitha; Singh, Brij B. Report Apr 1, 2004 281
New generation of biologic agents for rheumatoid arthritis targets IL-1. (Cytokine Traps). Walsh, Nancy May 1, 2003 427
Revolutionary DNA computing device. (Data Management & Analysis). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 222
Modeling microbial consortiums as distributed metabolic networks. Vallino, Joseph J. Apr 1, 2003 3744
Human oral cavity as a model for the study of genome-genome interactions. Foster, Jamie S.; Palmer, Robert J., Jr.; Kolenbrander, Paul E. Apr 1, 2003 2186
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. (Abstracts-2003 Annual Meetings). Mar 22, 2003 3101
Iron-dependent hydrogenases of Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia: activity of the recombinant entamoebic enzyme and evidence for lateral gene transfer. Nixon, Julie E.J.; Field, Jessica; McArthur, Andrew G.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Yarlett, Nigel; Loftus, Feb 1, 2003 5113
A Kinetic and spectroscopic investigation of Amphitrite ornata dehaloperoxidase. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Osborne, Robert L.; Dawson, John H. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 168
Crystal structure determination of an unknown protein with putative acetyltransferase function. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Qin, Jie; Lovelace, Leslie; Phan, Jason; Dunlap, R. Bruce; Lebioda, L. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 221
Structure-function relationships in photosynthetic systems as studied by electron magnetic resonance. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Seabrook-Comfort, Alesia; Mac, Michele; Rockford, Jean Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 124
Preparation of 5-Aryl-5-methyl-4,5-dihydroisoxazoles from dilithiated C(alpha),O-oximes and select ketones. (Withdrawn). Walters, Matthew J.; Dunn, S. Patrick; Choi, Emily; D'Elia, Amanda N.; Warner, Morgan E.; Beam, Char Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 141
Bad brain chemistry triggers violence. (Behavior). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 412
Learning how neurons communicate. (Biochemistry). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 522
Communications: professional. Calendar Apr 1, 2002 294
Biophotons--background, experimental results, theoretical approach and applications. Popp, Fritz-Albert Mar 22, 2002 4934
Localization and quantification of gonad serotonin during gametogenesis of the surf clam, Spisula solidissima. Masseau, Isabelle; Bannon, Pierre; Anctil, Michel; Dube, Francois Feb 1, 2002 5267
The Transmutation of Species. Jueneman, Frederic B. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 807
DNA Produces Its Own "Sunscreen". Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 485
"Pickle Gene" May Hold Clue to Cancer. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 397
Purification of a photoaffinity labeled proteolytic fragment from cloned human dopamine transporter. (Professional Communications). Lowe, Margaret Jean; Vaughan, Roxanne A. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 537
Temperature Effects on Hemocyanin Oxygen Binding in an Antarctic Cephalopod. ZIELINSKI, S.; SARTORIS, F. J.; PORTNER, H. O. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 6841
The Preparation of N-H Pyrazoles from Dilithiated Carbo-tert-butoxyhydrazones and Aromatic Esters. Embree, Mildred C.; Grant, Sally P.; Downs, Jennifer R.; Bear, Jennifer J.; Choi, Emily; Sahn, James Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 134
The Preparation of N-Carboalkoxydihydrobenzindazoles and Related Materials from Dilithiated Carbalkoxyhydrazones of 1- and 2-Tetralone and Aromatic Esters or Lithiated Salicylate Esters. Grant, Sally P.; Embree, Mildred C.; Downs, Jennifer R.; Townsend, Jessica D.; Overby, Jason S.; Bea Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 146
Kidney Function and Sulfate Uptake and Loss in the Freshwater Bivalve Toxolasma texasensis. DIETZ, T. H.; UDOETOK, A. S.; CHERRY, J. S.; SILVERMAN, H.; BYRNE, R. A. Aug 1, 2000 5101
Molecules Leave Their Mark. WU, CORINNA Mar 18, 2000 1596
Another face of entropy: particles self-organize to make room for randomness. Weiss, Peter Ulrich Aug 15, 1998 2260
Biochemist uses protein engineering to create new therapeutic drugs. Mar 1, 1996 670
Neurodegeneration: a chemical conspiracy? Pennisi, Elizabeth Mar 26, 1994 1001
Chemistry at the University of Alberta is a diverse and world-renowned field of study. Harrison, D.J.; Jordan, R.B.; Kopecky, K.R.; Kotovych, G.; Armour, M.A. May 1, 1992 4269
Thicker than water: biochemistry blends with fluid dynamics to yield a vascular science. Pennisi, Elizabeth Cover Story Oct 5, 1991 3654
Memories might be made of this: closing in on the biochemistry of learning. Ezzell, Carol May 25, 1991 2938
Intimate chemistry of a symbiotic odd couple. Pennisi, Elizabeth Mar 9, 1991 506
Stuck on mussels: a mollusk's natural grasp of adhesive science captivates biochemists. Amato, Ivan Jan 5, 1991 1843
New enzyme synthesized from scratch. Amato, Ivan Jun 23, 1990 530
Making molecules that copy themselves. Amato, I. Feb 3, 1990 490
Building up better synthetic receptors. Amato, I. May 27, 1989 362
Redesigning molecules nature's way. Miller, Julie Ann Sep 28, 1985 2187
Lignin's orderly structure. Jun 1, 1985 169

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