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19 Philippine rivers among top 50 ocean polluters in the world-study. Jun 10, 2021 744
Scientists find strange creature in oceans. Jun 7, 2021 223
Composition of macroplastic waste type in Ternate island ocean, Indonesia. Al Muhdhar, Mimien Henie Irawati; Sumberartha, I. Wayan; Hassan, Zainudin Bin; Rahmansyah, Muhammad Aug 1, 2020 4294
New study finds Ocean acidification does not affect behaviour of coral reef fish. Mohammed El-Said Jan 15, 2020 552
World's oceans were the warmest in 2019: Study. Jan 15, 2020 457
'Ocean currents could wreck UK arable farming' Research: How climate change could affect rainfall. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 14, 2020 302
Mystery humming noises heard around the world from underwater volcano, scientists say; A study has found the low 'hum' was caused by the formation of a new underwater volcano in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the island of Mayotte, near Madagascar. By, Talia Shadwell Jan 10, 2020 748
Smart Sea Gliders improve Ocean Observation and Ocean Prediction. Parry, Daniel Jan 1, 2020 1005
Scientists Find Oceans To Be Acidifying, More Rapidly Off California Coast. Siddharth Nair Dec 17, 2019 382
Study suggests animals could help humans monitor oceans. ANI Nov 28, 2019 497
Asia's Merchant Ships Pollute World's Oceans With Plastic Bottles. FreightWaves Oct 10, 2019 1753
Human impacts on oceans nearly doubled in recent decade: Study. Aug 15, 2019 478
Nuclear Bomb Testing: Residue in Ocean Animals. May 9, 2019 1126
Researchers unravel ocean mystery. May 9, 2019 595
Ocean activity is the key controller of summer monsoons, find study. Report May 8, 2019 643
New Species That Breathe Arsenic Discovered In The Pacific Ocean. May 7, 2019 444
Arsenic-Breathing Life Discovered in Ocean. May 6, 2019 761
New study shows how ocean carbon cycle could help in predicting climate change. Apr 26, 2019 852
Arctic Ocean A Virus Hot Spot, Global Survey Says. Apr 26, 2019 386
Research shows large buildup of heat in the world's oceans. Nov 5, 2018 818
Researchers Say Heating of Oceans Underestimated. Nov 1, 2018 858
Untouched ocean habitats rapidly shrinking: study. Jul 27, 2018 288
Is anywhere on Earth safe from the menace of plastic pollution? Pristine Antarctic fjords contain similar levels of microplastics to open oceans near large industrial societies, alarming new research has found. What are the implications for the delicate ecosystems in our oceans? Jul 23, 2018 889
Polar bears will be extinct in 40 years thanks to global warming, study warns; Climate change that is warming up the ocean will kill off the arctic predators and other marine species like penguins in four decades without emergency action to bring down emissions, according to research. Report May 7, 2018 351
THE [O.sub.2]/[N.sub.2] RATIO AND C[O.sub.2] AIRBORNE SOUTHERN OCEAN STUDY. Feb 1, 2018 13367
Low oxygen levels, coral bleaching getting worse in oceans. Jan 5, 2018 734
Hot spots in a frigid ocean. Sep 13, 2017 1007
Do changing Atlantic Ocean temperatures affect Pacific cyclones? Jul 1, 2017 304
Study Finds Most Ocean Pollution Comes From Asian Rivers. Jun 10, 2017 582
Communicating under sea ice: engineers use ocean channel to relay sound efficiently. Madin, Kate Mar 22, 2017 2154
Study finds ocean circulation spurred ice age temperature changes. Oct 1, 2016 407
College of DuPage (Ill.) graduate Julianne Fernandez recently dove deep into the Atlantic Ocean aboard a high-tech submergence vehicle to which few have access. Sep 12, 2016 1014
Loss of ocean oxygen to become widespread by 2030: Study. Apr 29, 2016 336
Global cleanup: Ocean garbage scoop study to start off Japan coast. Jun 16, 2015 443
Five teams Vie for ocean sensor X prize. Jun 1, 2015 331
Warming climate adding to Co2 levels released by oceans: Study. Jun 9, 2014 241
NIWA Scientists Find Bigger Waves Cause Arctic Ice Break; Trillions of 'Microplastics' to be Released in World's Oceans. May 29, 2014 336
Study Says California Kelp Bears No Signs of Ocean-Borne Radiation from Japan's Fukushima; Worst of Fears Could Be Over. May 15, 2014 339
Warmer oceans may up mercury levels in fish: study. Oct 5, 2013 219
Study into oceans' past raises concern about its future. Jun 15, 2013 317
The iron hypothesis: new research finds that adding iron to the oceans to capture more carbon isn't worth the risk. Santisi, Jennifer Mar 1, 2013 590
Pacific Ocean Vitamin B Deficiency Threatens Food Chain: Study. Jul 25, 2012 330
NASA Discovery: Sea Life Burgeoning Under Thinning Ice Of Arctic Ocean. Jun 7, 2012 507
Warm ocean currents behind majority of ice loss from Antarctica. Apr 26, 2012 721
Carbon Dioxide Was Hidden in Ocean during Last Ice Age. Mar 30, 2012 656
Ocean currents and sulfur haze deliver global warming hiatus: but increasing temperatures remain in long-term forecast. Witze, Alexandra Aug 13, 2011 790
Mighty oceans--font of life. Chappell, John Jan 1, 2011 3135
The oceans and climate change: unprecedented threats for marine life. Dunbar, Robert B. Report Jan 1, 2011 2969
Influence of ocean conditions on the timing of early life history events for blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) off California. Laidig, Thomas E. Report Oct 1, 2010 4436
Oil spills increase arsenic levels in the ocean: Study. Report Jul 3, 2010 419
Oceans face acid test; Scientific team leads research. Jun 24, 2010 429
Qantas announces its support of climate research initiative in Southern Ocean. Jun 7, 2010 135
The geoscience of climate and energy 7. The oceanic climate capacitor. Stott, Lowell Report Jun 1, 2010 2362
Winds open window onto the deep sea. van Ditzhuyzen, Anais Apr 1, 2010 696
Scientists discover deepest undersea erupting volcano below Pacific Ocean. Dec 18, 2009 425
New ocean to split Ethiopia? A gigantic rift broke open the desert ground in Ethiopia in 2005, and now scientists have found proof that it is the first step in a process that will split eastern Ethiopia and Somalia from the African continent by a new ocean, reports Afrol News. Afrol Dec 1, 2009 976
Drop in oceanic nickel may have set stage for atmospheric oxygen: banded iron formations point to changes in early seawater. Barazesh, Solmaz May 9, 2009 391
Scientists discover mysterious microbe that plays important role in ocean ecology. Dec 3, 2008 443
Scientists discover mysterious microbe that plays important role in ocean ecology. Nov 25, 2008 443
WALES: Scientist can probe ocean depths. Oct 3, 2008 162
The ocean--captured in a box: an "experimentalist" encapsulates ocean fluid dynamics in the lab. Lippsett, Lonny Apr 1, 2008 1107
Ocean ups and downs--the long view. Perkins, Sid Brief article Mar 8, 2008 133
Researchers develop process for making oceans better able to combat global warming. Roach, Ronald Nov 29, 2007 450
Venting concerns: exploring and protecting deep-sea communities. Raloff, Janet Cover story Oct 7, 2006 2237
Krill kick up a storm of ocean mixing. Milius, Susan Brief article Oct 7, 2006 258
Mystery of the missing heat: upper ocean has cooled slightly in recent years, despite warming climate. Perkins, S. Sep 30, 2006 456
MLTs sail on the high seas and explore the ocean's treasures. Long, Allison Sep 1, 2006 1536
North Atlantic gulf stream salt spray ocean current conveyor belt boost--globalwarming--Canada research. Dobie, Monica Feb 1, 2006 159
The forecast for 'marine snow'. Lippsett, Lonny Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 276
Human activity heating the sea. Mills, Julie Taylor Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 216
The Coastal Ocean Institute: at the coast--where air, sea, land, and people meet. Anderson, Donald M. Mar 22, 2005 904
Rising sea levels and moving shorelines: new tools and techniques show promise for better predictions and decisions about coastline change. Evans, Rob L. Mar 22, 2005 2704
Shaping the beach, one wave at a time: new research is deciphering how currents, waves, and sands change our shorelines. Raubenheimer, Britt Mar 22, 2005 1854
The new wave of coastal ocean observing: shore stations and seafloor nodes provide connections for long-term studies of coastal processes. Carlowicz, Mike; Trowbridge, J. T.; Edson, James; Sosik, Heidi Mar 22, 2005 1446
The grass is greener in the coastal ocean: coastal waters teem with life, but sometimes scientists can't explain why. Brink, Kenneth H. Mar 22, 2005 1429
Where the rivers meet the sea: the transition from salt to fresh water is turbulent, vulnerable, and incredibly bountiful. Geyer, Rocky Mar 22, 2005 2076
Red tides and dead zones: the coastal ocean is suffering from an overload of nutrients. Solow, Andrew R. Mar 22, 2005 1653
Which way will the wind blow? Marine scientists have a key role to play in the debate over wind farms in the coastal ocean. Hoagland, Porter Mar 22, 2005 3122
Where are mines hiding on the seafloor? New research reveals how waves, currents, and swirling sands can bury mines. Lippsett, Lonny Mar 22, 2005 582
The cacophony on the coast: the Navy's deep-ocean acoustic detection methods don't apply in complex shallow waters. Lippsett, Lonny Mar 22, 2005 615
New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered. Feb 1, 2005 1048
Revealing the wealth of our oceans. Sep 1, 2004 590
Dead waters: massive oxygen-starved zones are developing along the world's coasts. Raloff, Janet Jun 5, 2004 2235
Asphalt deposits cover parts of Gulf of Mexico. Perkins, S. May 15, 2004 500
Hurricanes churn up life-nurturing brews. Brief Article May 1, 2004 231
Under the sea: Marine products continue to gain in popularity as they're being touted for a wide range of health benefits. Wright, Tim Jul 1, 2003 5099
Planetary oceans. Stevenson, David J. Nov 1, 2002 3063

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