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Refurbishment And Refurbishment Of Premises Of The National Center For Research On Human Evolution. Jun 15, 2019 112
Humans cooked, ate starchy plant tubers 120,000 years ago: Study. Report May 19, 2019 446
Chinese scientists create monkeys with human brain genes. Apr 13, 2019 510
Stone Age Migrants Transform DNA! Mar 28, 2019 589
Refurbishment And Refurbishment Of Premises Of The National Center For Research On Human Evolution. Mar 27, 2019 112
Research shows humans tamed Sri Lankan jungle 45,000 years ago. Feb 20, 2019 585
Determination of Sex Based on the Morphometric Evaluation of the Proximal Tibia/Determinacion del Sexo Basada en la Evaluacion Morfometrica de la Tibia Proximal. dos Santos, Elizabete Regina Silva Lucena; de Albuquerque, Pedro Paulo Feitosa; de Albuquerque, Pris Mar 1, 2018 2506
Caesarean Births "Affecting Human Evolution". Brief article Dec 7, 2016 216
The hybrid factor: the physical effects of interbreeding among animals may offer clues to Neandertals' genetic mark on humans. Bower, Bruce Oct 15, 2016 3126
Hobbit history gets new beginning: fossils of potential ancestor fuel debate over Homo floresiensis. Bower, Bruce Jul 9, 2016 746
HUMAN EVOLUTION: THE UNSOLVED MYSTERY. Yaseen, Aamir Jun 19, 2016 1723
Climate shift altered primate evolution: fossil finds may explain why humans arose in Africa, not Asia. Bower, Bruce Jun 11, 2016 636
Hobbits died out earlier than thought: disappearance coincided with Homo sapiens' arrival in region. Bower, Bruce Apr 30, 2016 793
Raw meat, tools drove facial evolution: advantages of slicing food led to H. erectus' small teeth, jaws. Bower, Bruce Apr 2, 2016 452
Star turn. Jan 1, 2016 4206
United States : Stem Cell Research Hints at Evolution of Human Brain. Sep 25, 2015 948
Oldest known human DNA analyzed: genome narrows down time of mating with Neandertals. Bower, Bruce Nov 29, 2014 574
Neandertals evolved in fits and starts: fossil treasure trove shows nuances in hominid family tree. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 26, 2014 578
You've got to "hand" it to Homo Erectus. Jun 1, 2014 429
Human noses can sniff 1 trillion odors: smell may have played an underappreciated role in evolution. Bower, Bruce Apr 19, 2014 633
Oldest hominid DNA muddles family tree: evolutionary questions emerge about links between European, Asian forerunners to humans. Bower, Bruce Dec 28, 2013 620
4 New discoveries reshape debate over human ancestry: relationships among early hominids disputed. Bower, Bruce Dec 28, 2013 658
Notorious bones: South African finds enter fray over origins of the human genus. Bower, Bruce Aug 10, 2013 2737
Cholera spurs human evolution: in Bangladesh, genetic variations might protect people. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Jul 27, 2013 228
Kissing, and missing, human cousins: DNA paints a contested picture of Stone Age interbreeding. Bower, Bruce Dec 29, 2012 692
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): an ancient nutrient for the modern human brain. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 243
Early humans were not alone. le Roux, Mariette Sep 22, 2012 549
Tangled roots: mingling among Stone Age peoples muddies humans' evolutionary story. Bower, Bruce Aug 25, 2012 3037
Animal Planet's 'Mermaids: The Body Found' Attempts To Answer Question: Are Mermaids Real? May 29, 2012 359
Ancient oddballs in Indonesia. Quill, Elizabeth Apr 7, 2012 366
A short review of the chronology for human evolution. Leonard, William H. Editorial Mar 1, 2012 647
Becoming human: could newly discovered fossils belong to a long-lost human ancestor? Crane, Cody Cover story Jan 23, 2012 1662
Debate anew on long-dead bones: ancient species may have initiated rise of Homo genus. Bower, Bruce May 7, 2011 322
Major selective sweeps did not drive human evolution, says study. Feb 19, 2011 419
Cloning the Neanderthals. Sep 22, 2010 456
Experts debate hominid habitat: discoverers dispute claim that Ardi roamed savannas. Bower, Bruce Jun 19, 2010 418
New species found of early man. Jun 1, 2010 308
Were australopithecines ape--human intermediates or just apes? a test of both hypotheses using the "Lucy" skeleton. Senter, Phil Report Feb 1, 2010 2789
Ardi puts new spin on hominid evolution. Brief article Jan 2, 2010 188
Modern man in potential: human evolution as viewed from a new perspective. Lieber, Michael M. Report Sep 22, 2008 1175
An evolutionary paradigm for literary study. Carroll, Joseph Jun 22, 2008 15206
What are the chances of turning Neanderthal? Brief article Jun 1, 2008 227
2007, Journal of Human Evolutuion: The 'human revolution' in lowland tropical Southeast Asia: the antiquity and behavior of anatomically modern humans at Niah Cave (Sarawak, Borneo). Barker, G.; Barton, H.; Bird, M.; Daly, P.; Datan, I.; Dykes, A.; Farr, L.; Gilbertson, D.; Harrisso Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 459
Hybrid-driven evolution: genomes show complexity of human-chimp split. Bower, B. May 20, 2006 573
Earth's wobbles drove human evolution. Edwards, Chris Brief article Jan 1, 2006 315
Reservoirs of evolution: rainy periods linked to human origins in Africa. Bower, B. Aug 20, 2005 497
The human wave: people may have evolved fluidly, with lots of interbreeding. Bower, Bruce Aug 6, 2005 2051
Disease gene linked to evolution. Feb 1, 2005 452
Evolution's buggy ride: lice leap boldly into human-origins fray. Bower, B. Oct 9, 2004 507
Neanderthals may not be human ancestor. Shirley, Heather Mar 22, 2004 303
Our challenge in the 21st century: conscious, self-guided evolution. (Guest Editorial). Banathy, Bela H. Jul 1, 2003 625
Self-guided/conscious evolution. (Research Paper). Banathy, Bela H. Jul 1, 2003 7402
Ancestral split in Africa, China. (Behavioral Evolution). Bower, B Brief Article May 10, 2003 194
Improving Adult Literacy Outcomes: Lessons from Cognitive Research for Developing Countries. Directions in Development. Abadzi, Helen Jan 1, 2003 257
Homoerotic behavior in human evolution. (Essay). Muscarella, Frank Nov 1, 2002 4508
DNA diaspora: humanity may share tangled genetic roots. Bower, B. Brief Article Mar 9, 2002 575
Human evolution put brakes on tooth growth. (Science News of the week). Bower, B. Brief Article Dec 8, 2001 717
The biologic evidence for human evolution. (Evolution Symposium Abstracts). Miller, Susanne J. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 267
Gene, fossil data back diverse human roots. Bower, B. Brief Article Jan 13, 2001 610
A Darwinian Theory of Ethnicity, "Race," and Nationality. WALLACE, WALTER L. Critical Essay May 1, 2000 22737
Salvaged DNA adds to Neandertals' mystique. Bower, B. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 578
The human journey. Jan 1, 2000 1222
Human Growth Displays Ancient Roots. Brower, B. Brief Article Apr 3, 1999 613
Racial Differences May Be Nonexistent. Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 456
Asian DNA enters human origins fray. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Oct 3, 1998 470
Language origins may reside in skull canals. Bower, Bruce Brief Article May 2, 1998 539
Ancient human saunters into limelight. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Aug 23, 1997 309
Humanity's Imprecision Vision. BOWER, BRUCE Jul 12, 1997 1958
Spanish fossils enter human ancestry fray. Bower, Bruce Brief Article May 31, 1997 509
Brawn of humanity. Bower, Bruce Brief Article May 24, 1997 404
African fossil pushes back human ancestry. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Nov 30, 1996 396
Peking Man grows much older in new study. Bower, Bruce Brief Article May 11, 1996 401
Hominids' back-and-forth bodies. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Apr 27, 1996 232
Pruning the family tree: a controversial study sends many hominid species packing. Bower, Bruce Cover Story Sep 2, 1995 1038
Kenyan fossils unveil new hominid species. Bower, B. Brief Article Aug 19, 1995 604
Humans made early European entry. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Aug 12, 1995 508
When did Eve live? An evolutionary detective story. Wills, Christopher Aug 1, 1995 10801
Genetic evidence for a Pleistocene population explosion. Rogers, Alan R. Aug 1, 1995 6051
Human genetic origins go nuclear. Bower, Bruce Jul 22, 1995 558
South African fossil surprises. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Apr 22, 1995 301
Modern humans linked to single origin. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Apr 2, 1994 384
Neanderthal tot enters human-origins debate. Bower, Bruce Jan 1, 1994 632
Human evolution. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 167
DNA and human evolution. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 128
African Eve gets lost in the 'trees.' (mitochondrial DNA research) Feb 22, 1992 374
Darwin's minds. Bower, Bruce Cover Story Oct 12, 1991 2752
Neandertals' disappearing act: in the caves of Israel, some see these long-extinct hominids and some don't. Bower, Bruce Cover Story Jun 8, 1991 2201
Fossil primates emit elusive species clues. Bower, Bruce Apr 13, 1991 702
Fossil finds expand early hominid anatomy. Bower, Bruce Mar 23, 1991 529
Tasmanian clues to human evolution. Feb 16, 1991 581
The great brain drain: a controversial theory takes ancestral brain growth in vein. Bower, Bruce Oct 13, 1990 2476
Biographies etched in bone: chimpanzee skeletons reveal memoirs of life in the wild. Bower, Bruce Aug 18, 1990 2026
Ancient skull spurs rift over hominid ties. Bower, Bruce Jun 23, 1990 591
Lucy's weighty stare. Bower, Bruce Apr 21, 1990 236
Human roots in India. Bower, Bruce Apr 21, 1990 153
Modern humans may need redefining. Bower, B. Apr 14, 1990 700
How Neanderthals chilled out. Mar 24, 1990 425
Hominid skull has human-like drainage plan. Bower, B. Feb 17, 1990 529
New evidence ages modern Europeans. Bower, B. Dec 16, 1989 639
Asian human-origin theory gets new teeth. Bower, B. Aug 12, 1989 566
Modern humans take a spin back in time. Bower, B. Apr 29, 1989 510
Pelvic angle to Neanderthal dispute. Bower, Bruce Apr 9, 1988 422
Hominid evolution: a tale of two trees. Bower, Bruce Jul 4, 1987 422
Family feud: enter the 'black skull;' an ancient African skull has stepped into a dispute over the purported 'common ancestor' of hominids, including humans. Bower, Bruce Jan 24, 1987 1445
Skull gives hominid evolution new face. Bower, Bruce Aug 16, 1986 854

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