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Eli Lilly announces results from OVERCOME study at MTIS 2020. Clinical report Oct 9, 2020 306
Eli Lilly Reyvow demonstrated superior pain freedom at two hours versus placebo. Oct 6, 2020 654
Amgen's Migraine Treatment Aimovig Reinforced By Five Year Study. Clinical report Oct 5, 2020 320
Amgen announces results from 5-year data of Phase 2 study in Episodic Migraine. Clinical report Oct 4, 2020 281
Research gives green light for migraine relief. Oct 2, 2020 432
Comparison of Electrocochleography and Video Head Impulse Test findings in Vestibular Migraine and Meniere Disease: A Preliminary Study. Martines, Francesco; Dispenza, Francesco; Montalbano, Calogero; Priola, Roberta; Torrente, Angelo; G Report Aug 1, 2020 4184
Theranica reveals positive study results for migraine device Nerivio. Jul 16, 2020 228
Theranica reveals positive study results for migraine device Nerivio. Jul 16, 2020 232
Population study supports migraine-dementia link. Kirkner, Richard Mark Jul 1, 2020 712
Effects of Cold Band Application Treatment on Pain and Quality of Life in Migraineurs: A Self-Controlled Study. Cura, Sengul Uzen; Acaroglu, Rengin Report Jun 1, 2020 4150
Study proves acupuncture has an effect on migraine; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 22, 2020 409
Study proves acupuncture has an effect on migraine. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 22, 2020 409
Is Migraine an MPV-Related Disease? An Observational Study of Polish Neurological Patients. Brzeiniakiewicz-Janus, Katarzyna; Lance, Marcus D.; Tukiendorf, Andrzej; Rupa-Matysek, Joanna; Brzoz Dec 31, 2019 4164
Researchers find increased cardiovascular response to nitroglycerin injection in migraine patients. ANI Dec 28, 2019 460
Sleep disturbance linked to migraine risk: Study. Clinical report Dec 21, 2019 364
Ubrogepant Relieves Pain, Symptoms of Acute Migraine; More patients receiving ubrogepant 50 mg, 100 mg versus placebo report freedom from pain at two hours. Dec 4, 2019 273
Inhaled Cannabis Cuts Headache, Migraine Severity; Findings based on self-reports from actual medical cannabis users. Clinical report Dec 3, 2019 226
Trevena expects to report topline data from TRV250 PoC study in 2H20. Clinical report Nov 4, 2019 109
Circadian Variation of Migraine Attack Onset: A Review of Clinical Studies. Baksa, Daniel; Gecse, Kinga; Kumar, Sahel; Toth, Zsuzsanna; Gal, Zsofia; Gonda, Xenia; Juhasz, Gabri Clinical report Sep 30, 2019 6141
Some triptan nonresponders find relief with ubrogepant. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Sep 1, 2019 656
Teva publishes Phase 3b FOCUS study results. Aug 21, 2019 382
Pregnant Women With Migraine At Greater Risk Of Miscarriage, Low Birth Weight, Study Says. Aug 13, 2019 385
How Much Coffee Is Too Much for Migraine Sufferers? Aug 8, 2019 566
Eli Lilly presents new findings on stigma faced by people with migraine. Jul 14, 2019 211
Girls with early puberty may develop migraine: Study. Jul 13, 2019 559
The Effects of Atorvastatin on the Migraine Pathophysiology in Nitroglycerin Induced Migraine in Ovariectomized Rats. Hicyilmaz, Ahmet Can; Akgun-Dar, Kadriye Jun 1, 2019 8340
APR Applied Pharma Research unveils Diclofenac 50 mg powder oral solution for the treatment of migraine and other pain areas in Russia. Apr 3, 2019 235
APR Applied Pharma Research unveils Diclofenac 50 mg powder oral solution for the treatment of migraine and other pain areas in Russia. Apr 3, 2019 239
Migraine raises risk of dry eyes: Study. Mar 9, 2019 316
Wet Cupping Reduces Pain and Improves Health-related Quality of Life Among Patients with Migraine: A Prospective Observational Study. Kaki, Abdullah; Sawsan, Rohaiem; Samiha, Mourad; Jaouni, Soad Al; Elalah, Mohsen Abdul; Ibrahim, Nah Report Mar 1, 2019 3510
CoQ10 Targets the Cause of Migraine Headache. Carter, Stephanie Mar 1, 2019 2100
Zosano says Qtrypta long-term study shows 'well-tolerated safety profile'. Clinical report Feb 21, 2019 246
MIGRAINE EXPANDING OUR TX ARSENAL: Beyond tried-and-true therapies are new therapeutic targets on the horizon--giving you a bigger toolbox to help patients abort and prevent migraine episodes. McGrath, Kathryn; Rague, Allison; Thesing, Claire; Collins, Elizabeth; Seecof, Olivia; Liantonio, Jo Jan 1, 2019 7152
Association Between Mitral Valve Prolapse, Migraine, and White Matter Hyperintensities on Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Mitral Kapak Prolapsusu, Migren ve Manyetik Rezonans Goruntulemede Beyaz Cevher Hiperintensiteleri Arasindaki Iliski. Avci, Aynur Yilmaz; Toprakl, Miinire Kilinc; Lakadamyali, Hatice; Akinci, Sinan Dec 1, 2018 4883
Prospective study of factors associated with migraine and tension- type headache. Rajput, Saurabh Singh; Tiwari, Dharmendra Report Dec 1, 2018 2687
Migraine three times more common in women: Study. Aug 30, 2018 399
New Research Shows Increase in Anxiety and Depression with Higher Migraine Frequency Among Tens of Thousands of US Migraine Patients. Aug 22, 2018 460
Study finds reason why women get more migraines. Aug 14, 2018 333
MIGRAINE AND MENOPAUSE: Longitudinal study shows what to expect. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 664
Approach to the Identification and Differentiation of Migraine. Diamond, Merle L.; Hutchinson, Susan Report Aug 1, 2018 3069
Migraine and menopause: Longitudinal study shows what to expect. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 665
Effect of abdominal obesity on migraine features in Indian population. Ojha, Pooja; Malhotra, Varun; Pandey, Nitin; Singh, Seema Report Jun 1, 2018 2526
Chronic Migraine: Burden, Comorbidities, and Treatment/Kronik Migren: Hastalik Yuku, Komorbidite ve Tedavi. Ozge, Aynur; Uluduz, Derya; Yalin, Osman Ozgur; Demirci, Seden; Karadas, Omer; Uygunoglu, Ugur; Siva Report Jun 1, 2018 7222
Adapting to the cold gave us the migraines: Study. May 7, 2018 343
BASILAR MIGRAINE PRESENTING AS ALEXIA. Adarsh, K. A.; Sajeeth Kumar, K. G. Case study Feb 26, 2018 1027
Migraines linked to heart disease: Study. Feb 5, 2018 369
Migraines linked to heart disease: Study. Feb 5, 2018 369
Migraines related to heart problems: Study. Feb 3, 2018 638
Migraine, a 'risk factor' for heart disease. Feb 3, 2018 877
Association between Body Mass Index and Migraine: A Survey of Adult Population in China. Huang, Qingqing; Liang, Xiping; Wang, Shiqiang; Mu, Xiaosong Jan 1, 2018 3916
Migraine Pain Location and Measures of Healthcare Use and Distress: An Observational Study. Loder, Elizabeth; Weizenbaum, Emma; Giddon, Donald Jan 1, 2018 8263
New treatment spells hope for migraine sufferers. Dec 1, 2017 525
New treatment spells hope for migraine sufferers. Dec 1, 2017 521
The Association Between Childhood Traumatic Events and Headache-Related Parameters in Patients with Migraine: A Cross-Sectional Study in Turkish Population. Demiryurek, Esra Ozdil; Demiryurek, Bekir Enes; Tekin, Atilla; Aras, Yesim Guzey; Gungen, Belma Doga Author abstract Dec 1, 2017 2923
Comparison of Audiological Findings in Patients with Vestibular Migraine and Migraine. Kirkim, Gunay; Mutlu, Basak; Olgun, Yuksel; Tanriverdizade, Tural; Keskinoglu, Pembe; Guneri, Enis A Dec 1, 2017 3036
Chronic migraine cases are amplified by jawbone disorder. Sep 25, 2017 647
MIGRAINE Headache: A Clinical Primer and Homeopathic Options in Treatment. Medhurst, Robert Report Sep 22, 2017 1638
Controlled temperature change inside ears can cure migraine: Study. Jul 7, 2017 349
The latest news on pediatric migraine. Qubty, William Jul 1, 2017 1136
Clinical features and risk factors for irritable bowel syndrome in Migraine patients. Report Jun 30, 2017 3704
Eli Lilly meets primary endpoint in three phase three studies of Galcanezumab migraine drug. May 16, 2017 150
Eli Lilly meets primary endpoint in three phase three studies of Galcanezumab migraine drug. May 16, 2017 146
Relief from migraines with diet: some foods may trigger migraines; some foods may prevent them. Webb, Densie Report Apr 1, 2017 542
Associations between unconventional natural gas development and nasal and sinus, migraine headache, and fatigue symptoms in Pennsylvania. Tustin, Aaron W.; Hirsch, Annemarie G.; Rasmussen, Sara G.; Casey, Joan A.; Bandeen-Roche, Karen; Sc Report Feb 1, 2017 9102
Tyrosine Phosphorylation of NR2B Contributes to Chronic Migraines via Increased Expression of CGRP in Rats. Liang, Xiping; Wang, Sha; Qin, Guangcheng; Xie, Jingmei; Tan, Ge; Zhou, Jiying; McBride, Devin W.; C Report Jan 1, 2017 4105
Migraine associated with nutritional deficiencies. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 189
A report of three patients in whom the surgical closure of terminal branches of the external carotid arteries for treatment of migraine resulted in significantly reduced frequency of epileptic attacks. Shevel, E. Nov 1, 2016 1114
The clinical management of menstrual migraine and headache by the herbal medicine practitioner. Villella, Sandra Sep 1, 2016 3432
Elevated interictal serum HSP-70 levels as an indicator of neurodegeneration for chronic migraine. Jun 30, 2016 3906
New research appears to confirm that the menopausal transition is associated with an increase in migraines. May 1, 2016 145
Beyond sex, birth, and breastfeeding: promising clinical uses for oxytocin. Larsen, Pushpa Feb 1, 2016 4706
Why migraines can follow bouts of constipation or diarrhea. Report Jan 1, 2016 897
Clinical trial of subcutaneous steroid injection in patients with migraine disorder. Nikkhah, Karim; Ghandehari, Kavian; Jouybari, Ali Ghabeli; Mirzaei, Mohammad Mousavi; Ghandehari, Ko Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 2066
Evaluation of eating attitude in patients with migraine. Demirci, Kadir; Demirci, Seden; Akpinar, Abdullah; Demirdas, Arif; Atay, Inci Meltem Report Dec 1, 2015 3191
Head pain and psychiatric illness: applying the biopsychosocial model to care: integrating neurologic, cognitive, and psychological aspects of this condition enhances clinical assessment. Ramezani, Amir; McCarron, Robert M.; Lashai, Mehrbanoo; Lenaerts, Marc E.P. Report Sep 1, 2015 3880
The prevalence of magnetic resonance imaging hyperintensity in migraine patients and its association with migraine headache characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors. Toghae, Mansoureh; Rahimian, Elham; Abdollahi, Mohammad; Shoar, Saeed; Naderan, Mohammad Report May 1, 2015 3268
Acupuncture may improve chronic pain and other symptoms of multiple sclerosis when performed by a practitioner experienced in neurological diseases. Shryer, Donna Report Mar 22, 2015 1915
Effectiveness of behavioural management on migraine in adult patients visiting family practice clinics: a randomized controlled trial. Aug 31, 2014 6772
Chronic migraine affects education, employment. Sullivan, Michele G. Jul 1, 2014 337
Applications of hypnosis and hypnotherapy: a compilation of brief monographs. Zimberoff, Diane; Hartman, David Report Mar 22, 2014 13570
Study: Thinking positive helps migraine drug work. Jan 15, 2014 588
Sublingual delivery of frovatriptan: an indication of potential alternative route. Verma, Hitesh; Verma, Surajpal; Prasad, Shyam Baboo; Singh, Harmanpreet Report Jan 1, 2014 6618
Infrared diode laser retinal treatment for chronic headache. Rao, B. Subba; Shalini, B.; Teja, B. Krishna; Kalpana, B. Clinical report Dec 16, 2013 1478
Paid Migraine Clinical Trial Now Enrolling at Achieve Clinical Research Near Birmingham, Alabama; Accepting M/F Patients Suffering from Migraines Age 18 - 75. Oct 18, 2013 510
Losing Weight May Prevent Frequent Migraines, Says Study. Sep 12, 2013 347
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase and angiotensin converting enzyme gene polymorphisms in migraine patients/Migren hastalarinda endotelyal nitrik oksit sentaz ve anjiyotensin donusturucu enzim gen polimorfizmleri. Sispahi, Tammam; Guldiken, Baburhan; Kabayel, Levent; Palabiyik, Orkide; Ozkan, Hulya; Kilic, Tulay Report Sep 1, 2013 3701
Special issues in managing migraine in women: a review article. Myint, A.A.; Loh, N.K.; Aung, Z. Report Jun 1, 2013 4013
Oral Magnesium; Migraine Prophylaxis. Talebi, Mahnaz; Goldust, Mohamad Report Feb 28, 2013 397
Comparison of efficacy and safety of topiramate with gabapentin in migraine prophylaxis: randomized open label control trial. Zain, Syeda; Khan, Moosa; Alam, Rafique; Zafar, Irfan; Ahmed, Shakil Clinical report Jan 31, 2013 3739
Migraine-associated brain changes not related to impaired cognition. Brief article Nov 13, 2012 103
An open-label clinical study on the efficacy of melatonin prophylaxis in migraine: a preliminary report/Migrende melatonin proflaksisinin etkinligine yonelik acik uclu klinik calisma: on rapor. Karadas, Omer; Odabasi, Zeki Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 2330
Chemical composition and therapeutic effects of Lippia alba (Mill.) N. E. Brown leaves hydro-alcoholic extract in patients with migraine. Conde, Raul; Correa, Valeria S.C.; Carmona, Fabio; Contini, Silvia H.T.; Pereira, Ana M.S. Report Nov 15, 2011 4319
Data mining finds new disease links: migraines and hair loss among unexpected connections. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Oct 8, 2011 290
Migraine auras are as unique as each migraine patient. Sullivan, Michele G. Conference notes Oct 1, 2011 624
More evidence links migraine, endometriosis. Mcnamara, Damian Oct 1, 2011 594
Scientists discovered genes to migraine headaches. Sep 9, 2011 345
Heavier kids may need more migraine meds. McNamara, Damian Sep 1, 2011 638
High migraine frequency doesn't impair cognitive function. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Aug 1, 2011 660
Analgesic effect and mechanism of the three TCM-herbal drug-combination Tou Feng yu pill on treatment of migraine. Li, Jia-chuan; Shen, Xiao-fei; Meng, Xian-li; Zhang, Yi; Lai, Xian-rong Report Jun 15, 2011 6077
Alcohol drinks not main culprit for migraine headaches, claims study. Clinical report Jun 14, 2011 279
Emerging oral therapies for multiple sclerosis. Miller, Colleen E.; Umhauer, Margaret A. Report Feb 1, 2011 7701
Sleep quality and depression in episodic and chronic migraine sufferers/Episodik ve kronik migrenlilerde uyku kalitesi ve depresyon. Selekler, H. Macit; Sengun, Esra; Altun, Nur Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 4164
Postinjury headaches persist in TBI patients: most patients in the study had migraine with or without aura, or tension-type headache. Boschert, Sherry Aug 1, 2010 780
Over-the-counter medication may help ease migraine pain: a new study shows that acetaminophen may help treat migraine symptoms. Jun 1, 2010 719
Migraine headaches may increase stroke risk, study finds: people with visual symptoms of migraines are particularly vulnerable; women are especially at risk. Laskowitz, Daniel Mar 1, 2010 647
Allergan Inc's (Irvine CA) Botox, given in the doses used to reduce facial wrinkles, may stop certain kinds of migraines that patients describe as crushing or "eye-popping" more than other types, a study found. Feb 22, 2010 295
Migraines, B vitamins, and homocysteine. Gaby, Alan R. Report Jan 1, 2010 336
Child and adolescent migraine. Charles, James A. Report Jan 1, 2010 643
Valproate teratogenicity highlighted. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 163
Pharmacological management for the adult migraine sufferer. Meyer, Heidi Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2009 3050
Migraine may be risk factor for cervical artery dissection. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Nov 15, 2009 369
Q: what are the best prophylactic drugs for migraine? Fimhaber, Jonathon M.; Rickett, Katherine Report Nov 1, 2009 1319
Botox may reduce frequency of migraines. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Nov 1, 2009 549
Epidemiologic study to explore links between Meniere syndrome and migraine headache. Gopen, Quinton; Viirre, Erik; Anderson, John Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 2004
Migraine tied to increased risk of CV complications: two large studies yield similar findings. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Oct 15, 2009 842
Migraine associated with risk of deep brain lesions and infarcts. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Oct 15, 2009 480
For women there may be one good thing about having migraines: a reduced risk of breast cancer. Brief article Jul 13, 2009 218
Newer drugs no better for migraine prophylaxis. Wachter, Kerri Aug 1, 2008 881
Effective migraine prophylaxis remains elusive. Wachter, Kerri Jul 1, 2008 891
Migraine and apnea may be linked in kids. Wendling, Patrice May 1, 2008 393
CoQ10 may prevent migraine in kids and teens. Kiefer, Dale Brief article Jan 1, 2008 161
Migraine brains 'are different'. Bateman, Chris Brief article Jan 1, 2008 114
Combination treatment reduces migraine events. Wachter, Kerri Sep 15, 2007 559
Migraine patients may benefit from magnesium or CoQ10. Sabbagh, Leslie Aug 1, 2007 505
Sumatriptan + naproxen: better than either alone for acute migraine? Brandes, J.L.; Kudrow, D.; Stark, S.R. Clinical report Jul 1, 2007 397
Migraine associated with psychiatric disorders. Ault, Alicia Jul 1, 2007 417
Depression rates may reach 30% in transformed migraine. Ault, Alicia Jul 1, 2007 420
Migraines may foretell bigger trouble; diet and supplements might help. Ward, Elizabeth M. Jul 1, 2007 1294
Sumatriptan-naproxen combo beats either alone. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2007 523
Migraine with aura linked with hemorrhagic stroke. Worcester, Sharon Apr 1, 2007 721
OCs pose risk in women with migraine/aura. Worcester, Sharon Apr 1, 2007 562
Migraine treatment hampered by poor interviews. Dixon, Bruce K. Feb 1, 2007 540
Migraine in teens may warrant prophylaxis. Bates, Betsy Report Nov 15, 2006 487
Triptan use for teen migraineurs lacks evidence. Abramoff, Ben Brief article Nov 1, 2006 279
Migraines spike, last longer during menstruation. Bates, Betsy Clinical report Oct 1, 2006 617
Migraine rate soars with deployment in Iraq. Abramoff, Ben Report Oct 1, 2006 381
FDA permits major changes to prominent PFO-Migraine Study. McNamara, Damian Clinical report Oct 1, 2006 709
Migraine traced to nickel allergy after PFO closure. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Oct 1, 2006 454
Migraines with aura linked with cardiovascular disease. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 136
Structured sleep eases transformed migraines. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2006 598
Study: 44% of patients had visual auras with migraine attacks. Bates, Betsy Brief article Aug 1, 2006 301
Open-ended question can reveal impact of migraine. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2006 566
Big headache: auras may add risk to migraines. Seppa, N. Jul 22, 2006 451
Trial data awaited on PFO closure for migraine relief. McNamara, Damian Jun 1, 2006 503
Too many migraineurs shortchanged. Loder, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2006 604
PFO closure may benefit some migraine patients. Tanzola, Melinda Statistical data Apr 1, 2006 592
Improvements in sleep hygiene benefit chronic migraine. Lerman, Debbie Mar 1, 2006 548
Botox may be effective for transformed migraine. Lerman, Debbie Sep 1, 2005 632
Subclinical brain lesions in migraine mimic MS. Lerman, Debbie Sep 1, 2005 628
Migraineurs at higher CVD risk. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 216
Butterbur (Petadolex). Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 157
Against the migraine: a procedure's serendipitous success hints that some headaches start in the heart. Harder, Ben Feb 19, 2005 1913
Red-tinted contact lenses may offer fast migraine relief. Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2005 827
Research suggests existence of true sinus headache. Kirn, Timothy F. Dec 1, 2004 400
Injectable sumatriptan relieves migraine after oral form fails. Brief Article Nov 15, 2004 313
Transformed migraine responds to levetiracetam. Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2004 593
Menstrual migraines are real--and treatable. Mahoney, Diana Oct 15, 2004 601
Migraine underdiagnosed in an HMO population. Kirn, Timothy F. Sep 15, 2004 328
Weather change is major trigger of migraines. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article Sep 15, 2004 309
Another use of coenzyme Q10: migraine prevention. Maurer, Richard Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 246
Levetiracetam may avert transformed migraines. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2004 564
Phyto-Technologies awarded grant. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 88
For tension headache, 100 mg of sumatriptan far exceeds placebo. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2004 435
Weather change triggers migraine in half of patients. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 310
Weather triggers migraine in half of patients: change in pattern. Kirn, Timothy F. Jul 15, 2004 355
Most tension headache diagnoses meet migraine criteria: sumatriptan relieves attacks. Jancin, Bruce Jul 15, 2004 439
Stratified care best plan for acute migraine: beats stepped care. Finn, Robert Jul 1, 2004 499
Migraine with aura appears to increase stroke risk in women. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 306
Norwegian study shows link between chronic migraine and analgesic overuse. Brief Article May 19, 2004 146
Manipulate estrogen to treat hormonal headache. Finn, Robert May 1, 2004 700
Nonpain symptoms signal migraine for some. Norton, Patrice G.W. Apr 1, 2004 359
For acute migraine, stratified care is good Tx strategy. Finn, Robert Apr 1, 2004 497
Preventive regimens may spare patients the misery of migraines. Macready, Norra Apr 1, 2004 337
Drug for migraines helps some patients. Brief Article Mar 20, 2004 238
The patient with a sinus headache may actually have a migraine. MacReady, Norra Mar 15, 2004 537
Comorbidities are common in patients with migraine. MacReady, Norra Mar 15, 2004 691
Many migraineurs are awakened by their headaches. (Case for Parenteral TX). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 152
New migraine medication. (Horizons). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 179
Up to 44% of migraineurs are awakened by pain. (Oral Agents Less Effective). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Oct 15, 2002 158
Does H. pylori cause migraine headaches? Brief Article May 1, 2002 212
Other Pains Trouble Kids With Migraines. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 131
Consortium Issues Migraine Treatment Guidelines. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article Jun 15, 2000 533
Wider Use of Alternative Tx For Migraine Encouraged. BAKER, BARBARA Sep 15, 1998 348
Recent advances in migraine management. Cady, Roger K.; Shealy, C. Norman Jan 1, 1993 4192
Migraines linked to childhood anxiety. Bower, Bruce Sep 29, 1990 379

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