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Outcomes from Returning Individual versus Only Study-Wide Biomonitoring Results in an Environmental Exposure Study Using the Digital Exposure Report-Back Interface (DERBI). Brody, Julia Green; Cirillo, Piera M.; Boronow, Katherine E.; Havas, Laurie; Plumb, Marj; Susmann, H Report Nov 1, 2021 14031
Invited Perspective: Most Affected by Climate Change; Least Studied. Ebi, Kristie L.; Luchters, Stanley Report Nov 1, 2021 1312
Scientist works wholeheartedly for environmental research. Oct 29, 2021 736
Youth in Action: Local Teens Help Assess Chemical Exposures from Household Cleaning Products. Nicole, Wendee Report Oct 1, 2021 1059
Well Water Radium Study: The Story of Howard County, Maryland. Collins, Sarah E.; Nixon, Bertram F.; Curtis, Johnia Report May 26, 2021 3805
A Web-Based Database on Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants in China. Dong, Zhaomin; Fan, Xiarui; Li, Yao; Wang, Ziwei; Chen, Lili; Wang, Ying; Zhao, Xiaoli; Fan, Wenhong Report May 1, 2021 1499
Azerbaijani vessel to conduct environmental research in Caspian Sea. Nov 18, 2020 172
Guidelines for Modeling and Reporting Health Effects of Climate Change Mitigation Actions. Hess, Jeremy J.; Ranadive, Nikhil; Boyer, Chris; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Anenberg, Susan C.; Aunan, Report Nov 1, 2020 9032
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
Biggest North Pole mission back from 'dying Arctic'. Oct 14, 2020 737
How to Create a Tidal Symphony. Oct 1, 2020 162
Unavoidable Errors: A Weather Warnings Perspective on Climate Attribution. Durran, Dale R. Oct 1, 2020 2506
Current Societal Views about Sustainable Wildlife Management and Conservation: A Survey of College Students in China. Miao, Zhen; Wang, Qiang; Chen, Dongxiao; Song, Zhifan; Zhang, Wei; Zhou, Xuehong; MacMillan, Douglas Oct 1, 2020 7916
The Wonders of Water. Lindman, Sylvia Sep 1, 2020 1098
Soft Release Translocation of Texas Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) on an Urban Military Installation in Oklahoma, United States. DeGregorio, Brett; Moody, Raymond; Myers, Hannah Aug 1, 2020 6063
Improve Pasture or Feed Grain? Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Profitability, and Resource Use for Nelore Beef Cattle in Brazil's Cerrado and Amazon Biomes. Molossi, Luana; Hoshide, Aaron Kinyu; Pedrosa, Lorena Machado; de Oliveira, Andre Soares; de Abreu, Aug 1, 2020 13118
Forest degradation assessment of Ratargul Special Biodiversity Protection Area for conservation implications/Ratargul Ozel Biyoesitlilik Koruma Alanindaki koruma onerileri kapsaminda ormandaki bozulmanin degerlendirilmesi. Humayun-Bin-Akram, Md.; Masum, Kazi Mohammad Report Jul 1, 2020 5420
Quality of pedunculate oak Provenances in Bosnian--Herzegovinian provenance test based on branching angle and stem form/Dallanma aisi ve govde formuna dayali koken belirleme testine gore Bosna-Hersek'teki sapli meselerin kalitesi. Hodzic, Mirzeta Memisevic; Ballian, Dalibor Report Jul 1, 2020 4153
Effect of coppice forest clearance on soil moisture, temperature and certain selected soil characteristics/Baltalik ormaninda traslama kesiminin toprak nem, sicakligi ve belirli bazi toprak ozellikleri zerindeki etkisi. Aytekin, Mustafa; Gokbulak, Ferhat Report Jul 1, 2020 4223
Modeling the non-spatial structure of Gmelina arborea Roxb Stands in the Oluwa Forest Reserve, Nigeria/Nijerya Oluwa koruma ormaninda Gmelina arborea Roxb meserelerinin mekansal olmayan yapi modellemesi. Ogana, Friday Nwabueze; Ekpa, Nsisong Ette Report Jul 1, 2020 4727
Effects of forest roads on species composition of trees regeneration in selection cutting management of high forests/Orman yollarinin farkli rakimlardaki degisik yasli seme isletmesi ormanlarinda bulunan genligin tr karisimi zerindeki etkileri. Zamani, Marzieh; Nikooy, Mehrdad; Tavankar, Farzam Report Jul 1, 2020 5721
Changes in vegetation diversity of temperate forests in central Mexico under different levels of reforestation/Farkli agalandirma tiplerinde orta Meksika iliman ormanlari bitki orts esitliligindeki degisiklikler. Guzman-Mendoza, Rafael; Calzontzi-Mar!n, Josefina; Salas-Araiza, Manuel Dar!o; Leyte-Manrique, Adria Report Jul 1, 2020 4910
Potential of Black Soldier Fly Production for Pacific Small Island Developing States. Shelomi, Matan Jun 1, 2020 16489
Methane Emissions and Milk Fatty Acid Profiles in Dairy Cows Fed Linseed, Measured at the Group Level in a Naturally Ventilated Housing and Individually in Respiration Chambers. Poteko, Jernej; Schrade, Sabine; Zeyer, Kerstin; Mohn, Joachim; Zaehner, Michael; Zeitz, Johanna O.; Jun 1, 2020 14147
Map-A-Mole: Greenspace Area Influences the Presence and Abundance of the European Mole Talpa europaea in Urban Habitats. Fellowes, Mark D.E.; Acquaah-Harrison, Kojo; Angeoletto, Fabio; Santos, Jeater W.M.C.; Leandro, Dele Jun 1, 2020 5310
Biomonitoring of Heavy Metal Pollution Using Acanthocephalans Parasite in Ecosystem: An Updated Overview. Mehana, El-Sayed E.; Khafaga, Asmaa F.; Elblehi, Samar S.; El-Hack, Mohamed E. Abd; Naiel, Mohammed May 1, 2020 8037
Simultaneous Removal of Pollutants and Recovery of Nutrients from High-Strength Swine Wastewater Using a Novel Integrated Treatment Process. Shim, Soomin; Reza, Arif; Kim, Seungsoo; Ahmed, Naveed; Won, Seunggun; Ra, Changsix Report May 1, 2020 9397
Mitigation of Rumen Methane Emissions with Foliage and Pods of Tropical Trees. Canul-Solis, Jorge; Campos-Navarrete, Maria; Pineiro-Vazquez, Angel; Casanova-Lugo, Fernando; Barros May 1, 2020 7833
NEHA Releases UNCOVER EH Visual Abstract. Gustafson, Maddie Mar 1, 2020 1086
Oil Spill Monitoring of Shipborne Radar Image Features Using SVM and Local Adaptive Threshold. Xu, Jin; Wang, Haixia; Cui, Can; Zhao, Baigang; Li, Bo Report Mar 1, 2020 5215
Concerted Efforts Are Needed to Control and Mitigate Antibiotic Pollution in Coastal Waters of China. Xie, Huaijun; Du, Jing; Chen, Jingwen Report Feb 1, 2020 4473
Low-flying plane keeps residents awake at night; ANGER OVER CESSNA'S 'ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH MISSION' IN SMALL HOURS. ERYL CRUMP Daily Post Chief Reporter Jan 9, 2020 307
Analysis of plant material in roadside landscapes: The Trabzon case/Yol peyzajlarinda bitkisel materyalin incelenmesi: Trabzon ornegi. Eren, Emine Tarakci iD; Duzenli, Tugba iD; Alpak, Elif Merve iD Report Jan 1, 2020 4180
An Environmental Research Project is Open for Crowdfunding on Kickstarter! Oct 30, 2019 436
Essential wood oil of Cupressus sempervirens varieties (horizontalis and pyramidalis)/Cupressus sempervirens (Servi) varyetelerinin (horizantalis ve pyramidalis) odunlarindaki ucucu bilesikler. Ucar, Mualla Balaban; Ucar, Gunes; Ozdemir, Hasan Report Jul 1, 2019 3919
TREES ON THE MOVE: As Tree Species Migrate, the Forests We Care about Transform. Weiss, Miranda Jun 22, 2019 2195
Sweet Science. Jun 22, 2019 349
BORE-ING INTO NOCTURNAL CONVECTION. Haghi, Kevin R.; Geerts, Bart; Chipilski, Hristo G.; Johnson, Aaron; Degelia, Samuel; Imy, David; Pa Report Jun 1, 2019 12314
Smoke Alarm. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 284
Greenland is Melting Faster than Ever. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 164
Knowledge Co-production in Contested Spaces: An Evaluation of the North Slope Borough-Shell Baseline Studies Program. Kettle, Nathan P. Report Mar 1, 2019 11760
Removal of heavy metals and total organic carbon from wastewater using powdered activated carbon/Raskmetallide ja kogu orgaanilise susiniku eemaldamine reoveest pulbrilise aktiivsoe abil. Lember, Erki; Pachel, Karin; Loigu, Enn Technical report Mar 1, 2019 5310
Interpretive Opportunities in Citizen Science. Abugattas, Alonso Mar 1, 2019 1312
No Safe Cocoon. Jan 1, 2019 332
SOLAR GEOENGINEERING RESEARCH IN INDIA. Bala, G.; Gupta, Akhilesh Jan 1, 2019 3806
Geology and woods of a new fossil forest from the Early Miocene of Gokceada (Turkey)/Gokceada'nin Erken Miyosen doneminden yeni bir fosil ormanin jeolojisi ve agaclari. Gungor, Yildirim; Akkemik, Unal; Kasapci, Cem; Basaran, Ece Report Jan 1, 2019 6542
Estimating diameter at breast height (DBH) from diameter at stump height (DST) in triple mixed stands in the region of Artvin in Turkey/Artvin yoresindeki uclu karisik mescerelerde kutuk capi ile gogus capi iliskisi. Sahin, Abdurrahman; Kahriman, Aydin; Gokturk, Askin Report Jan 1, 2019 3933
Microfinance for environmental projects: the FNCV Environment Fund, 2003-2017. Burns, Barbara Report Dec 1, 2018 5750
Forest ecosystem services in Nepal: a retrospective synthesis, research gaps and implications in the context of climate change. Lamsal, P.; Kumar, L.; Atreya, K.; Pant, K.P. Dec 1, 2018 21075
CHILEAN WILDFIRES: Probabilistic Prediction, Emergency Response, and Public Communication: This paper details the design, development, and initial testing of a prototype probabilistic wildfire warning system for Chile. Dacre, H.F.; Crawford, B.R.; Charlton-Perez, A.J.; Lopez-Saldana, G.; Griffiths, G.H.; Veloso, J. Vi Report Nov 1, 2018 9637
THE BENEFITS OF GLOBAL HIGH RESOLUTION FOR CLIMATE SIMULATION: Process Understanding and the Enabling of Stakeholder Decisions at the Regional Scale: A perspective is given on current and future capabilities in global high-resolution climate simulation for assessing climate risks over the next few decades. Roberts, M.J.; Vidale, P.L.; Senior, C.; Hewitt, H.T.; Bates, C.; Berthou, S.; Chang, P.; Christense Report Nov 1, 2018 12779
Louis Bromfield and the Pursuit of Agroecological Abundance: The Use and Limits of an Environmentalist Alternative. Hall, Randal L. Report Nov 1, 2018 11891
The International Biological Program in Eastern Europe: Science Diplomacy, Comecon and the Beginnings of Ecology in Czechoslovakia. Olsakova, Doubravka Report Nov 1, 2018 11589
What's the Recipe to Make a Harmful Algal Bloom? A LOT OF INGREDIENTS MIX IN THE OCEAN TO SERVE UP A BED OFTOXIC SHELLFISH. Clark, Suzi Report Sep 22, 2018 1929
These tiny air bubbles are singing songs. Glowacki, Oskar Brief article Sep 1, 2018 303
Arctic Sea Routes: Potential New Pathways for Nonindigenous Species Spread. Nong, Duy; Countryman, Amanda M.; Warziniack, Travis; Grey, Erin K. Report Sep 1, 2018 9917
Growing-Season Temperature Change across Four Decades in an Arctic Tundra Pond. McEwen, Daniel C.; Butler, Malcolm G. Report Sep 1, 2018 8319
Forests in the Desert. Noyes, Lydia Aug 1, 2018 455
Exploring the Effect of Personal Norms and Perceived Cost of Water on Conservation. Ali, Amanda D.; Ramey, Cameron N.; Warner, Laura A. Report Jul 1, 2018 7474
Climate Warriors [??] Eco Warriors. Jun 22, 2018 358
Research Highlights. Downing, Jim Jun 1, 2018 1754
Summer Climatic Moisture Balances for Yukon Xerophytic Grassland Slopes and Their Late-Wisconsinan Counterparts: Are Present-Day Grasslands Beringian Relicts? Strong, Wayne L. Report Jun 1, 2018 7577
EFFECT OF LINEAR INVESTMENT ON NATURE AND LANDSCAPE--A CASE STUDY. Lisiak, Marta; Borowiak, Klaudia; Kanclerz, Jolanta; Adamska, Anna; Szymanczyk, Janusz Case study Jun 1, 2018 4948
BIOGEOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF EPIPHITIC LICHEN LOBARIA PULMONARIA OF THE BARGUZIN NATURE RESERVE (THE REPUBLIC OF BURYATIA, RUSSIA). Bolshunova, Tatiana; Rikhvanov, Leonid; Mezhibor, Antonina; Zhornyak, Lina; Baranovskaya, Natalia; E Report Jun 1, 2018 4260
12 QUESTIONS TO... ... JAKOB VON UEXKULL. Interview May 1, 2018 1509
Environmental Research and Development Requirements for the Dense Urban Area. Staley, Jim; Knapp, David; Randall, Robb Apr 1, 2018 2719
Air, Water and Soil: Which Alternatives? Alternative Models in Environmental Toxicology. Sambuy, Yula; Alloisio, Susanna; Bertanza, Giorgio; Ferretti, Donatella; Letasiova, Silvia; Mazzolen Report Mar 22, 2018 1915
Too Hot for Males. Mar 22, 2018 433
Worse Than We Thought. Mar 22, 2018 348
UC groundwater research: A survey. Downing, Jim Report Mar 1, 2018 6479
THE "DIRT" ON GLOBAL WARMING. Mcneil, Maggie Mar 1, 2018 1108
STEAMING TO THE LAKE. Crane, Misti; Girder, Pam Frost Mar 1, 2018 975
Algal Bloom Prevention. Mar 1, 2018 807
In pursuit of peak animal welfare; the need to prioritize the meaningful over the measurable. Author abstract Mar 1, 2018 257
Empfehlungen fur die Forderung und Weiterentwicklung von Reallaboren: Erkenntnisse aus der Arbeit der BaWu-Labs. Parodi, Oliver; Ley, Astrid; Fokdal, Josefine; Seebacher, Andreas Mar 1, 2018 1213
Modellregionen und Reallabore im Kopernikus-Projekt ENavi: Energiewende im Praxistest. Schaefer-Stradowsky, Simon; Venjakob, Johannes; Fischedick, Manfred Mar 1, 2018 947
Using Measured Hydrology and Vegetation Performance from a Reference Natural Area to Design Wetland Restoration Plant Communities in the Soil Saturation Zone: West Chicago Prairie Nature Preserve, DuPage County, IL. Apfelbaum, Steven I.; Kobal, Scott; Reklau, Rachel; Lampa, Wayne A. Report Jan 1, 2018 4987
An Excel Spreadsheet Tool for Exploring the Seasonality of Aedes Vector Hazard for User-Specified Administrative Regions of Brazil. Foley, Desmond H.; Pecor, David B. Report Jan 1, 2018 4132
QBG to host environmental research contest for pupils. Dec 30, 2017 367
Qur'Anic Botanic Garden Organizes Environmental Research Contest. Dec 26, 2017 386
Qur'anic Botanic Garden to host environmental research contest for secondary school students. Dec 25, 2017 353
Top design role for shipshape students; Help on environmental research project. Dec 20, 2017 392
Characterizing and Monitoring the Water Properties and Dynamics of Lhu'aan Man (Kluane Lake), Yukon, in the Face of Climate Change. McKnight, Ellorie Report Dec 1, 2017 3453
Why Are American Trees Moving West? Noyes, Lydia Dec 1, 2017 450
Environmental history in Russia and about Russia. Lajus, Julia Report Nov 1, 2017 1591
Plasma Metal Concentrations and Incident Coronary Heart Disease in Chinese Adults: The Dongfeng-Tongji Cohort. Yuan, Yu; Xiao, Yang; Feng, Wei; Liu, Yiyi; Yu, Yanqiu; Zhou, Lue; Qiu, Gaokun; Wang, Hao; Liu, Bing Report Oct 1, 2017 10783
Longer-Term Impact of High and Low Temperature on Mortality: An International Study to Clarify Length of Mortality Displacement. Armstrong, Ben; Bell, Michelle L.; Coelho, Micheline de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio; Guo, Yue-Liang Leo Report Oct 1, 2017 7028
Peas in a Pod? The Similarities between UFPs and Nanoparticles Yield Research Opportunities. Arnold, Carrie Report Oct 1, 2017 930
Feeling the Heat: The Health Effects of Hot Days Vary across the Globe. Konkel, Lindsey Report Oct 1, 2017 1073
Warm, Cozy Woodstoves ... and the PM They Produce: Home Interventions Show Mixed Results in Protecting Children with Asthma. Barrett, Julia R. Report Oct 1, 2017 1482
Online Serum PFOA Calculator for Adults. Bartett, Scott M. Report Oct 1, 2017 3051
Nanomaterials Versus Ambient Ultrafine Particles: An Opportunity to Exchange Toxicology Knowledge. Stone, Vicki; Miller, Mark R.; Clift, Martin J.D.; Elder, Alison; Mills, Nicholas L.; Moller, Peter; Report Oct 1, 2017 19287
SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW ON ECO-INNOVATION DETERMINANTS. Pacesila, Mihaela; Ciocoiu, Carmen Nadia Report Sep 1, 2017 6043
Lifelong Residential Exposure to Green Space and Attention: A Population- based Prospective Study. Dadvand, Payam; Tischer, Christina; Estarlich, Marisa; Llop, Sabrina; Dalmau- Bueno, Albert; Lopez-V Report Sep 1, 2017 7878
Modelling stormwater runoff, quality, and pollutant loads in a large urban catchment. Maharjan, Bharat; Pachel, Karin; Loigu, Enn Report Sep 1, 2017 11768
Diurnal variation of TRMM/LIS lightning flash radiances. Chronis, Themistoklis; Koshak, William J. Report Jul 1, 2017 9344
Urbanization and Environmental Kuznets Curve in Pakistan: A Cointegration Analysis. Shareef, Fareed; Sheikh, Muhammad Ramzan; Jahangir, Muhammad Report Jul 1, 2017 5997
The ScaleX campaign: scale-crossing land surface and boundary layer processes in the TERENO-preAlpine observatory: augmenting long-term ecosystem-atmosphere observations with multidisciplinary intensive campaigns aims to close gaps in spatial and temporal scales of observation for energy and biogeochemical cycling and stimulate collaborative research. Wolf, B.; Chwala, C.; Fersch, B.; Garvelmann, J.; Junkermann, W.; Zeeman, M.J.; Angerer, A.; Adler, Report Jun 1, 2017 11011
ITEEA member takes part in NSF-sponsored study in remote arctic environment. Brief article May 1, 2017 310
Modern occurrence of and size data for Quadrula aurea (Mollusca: Unionidae) from the Medina River of Texas. Ford, David F.; Oliver, Ashley M. Report Mar 1, 2017 4841
Northernmost record and notes on the natural history of Rheomys Mexicanus (Goodwin, 1959). Caviedes-Solis, Itzue W.; Solano-Zavaleta, Israel; Gomez-Jimenez, Yire A.; Leon-Paniagua, Livia Report Mar 1, 2017 1488
Humans have altered the climate faster than natural forces. Knight, Nika Jan 1, 2017 589
Changes and trends of seasonal total rainfall in the province of Istanbul, Turkey. Yurtseven, Ibrahim; Serengil, Yusuf Report Jan 1, 2017 6686
Effect of rotational grazing on some soil properties in Duzce of Turkey. Ozcan, Mehmet Report Jan 1, 2017 4172
Sediment-bound soil nutrient loss under simulated rainfall. Sheikh, Vahed Berdi; Shalamzari, Masoud Jafari; Farajollahi, Asghar Report Jan 1, 2017 5488
Pollen morphology of Cornus mas L. and Cornus sanguinea L. Kilic, Nurgul Karlioglu; Tuttu, Gamze Report Jan 1, 2017 2751
An Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters of Selected Industrial Effluents in Nepal. Shrestha, Abhinay Man; Neupane, Sanjila; Bisht, Gunjan Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5885
Impact of Kishnica and Badovci Flotation Tailing Dams on Levels of Heavy Metals in Water of Gracanica River (Kosovo). Gashi, Fatbardh; Franciskovic-Bilinski, Stanislav; Bilinski, Halka; Shala, Agron; Gashi, Anile Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6987
Valorization of Toxic Weed Lantana camara L. Biomass for Adsorptive Removal of Lead. Saini, Vipin Kumar; Suthar, Surindra; Karmveer, Chaudhari; Kumar, Kapil Technical report Jan 1, 2017 7364
Seasonal Changes and Spatial Variation in Water Quality of a Large Young Tropical Reservoir and Its Downstream River. Ling, Teck-Yee; Gerunsin, Norliza; Soo, Chen-Lin; Nyanti, Lee; Sim, Siong-Fong; Grinang, Jongkar Report Jan 1, 2017 13482
N[O.sub.x] Removal from Simulated Marine Exhaust Gas by Wet Scrubbing Using NaClO Solution. Han, Zhitao; Liu, Bojun; Yang, Shaolong; Pan, Xinxiang; Yan, Zhijun Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6458
Effect of C/N on Water State during Composting of Kitchen Waste and Vegetable Waste Mixture. Long, Yuyang; Liu, Weijia; Yang, Yuqiang; Shen, Dongsheng Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5300
Vegetation Dynamics and Their Response to Climatic Variability in China. Zhang, Bowen; Cui, Linli; Shi, Jun; Wei, Peipei Report Jan 1, 2017 5588
Effect of Climate Change on Butterfly Population of Selected Coniferous Forests of Murree Hills and Adjacent Areas, Pakistan. Saadat, Hassaan Bin; Nawaz, M.; Manzoor, Farkhanda; Nasim, Ghazala Report Dec 31, 2016 4913
Stakeholder sialogue for sustainability: the challenge of thinking between boxes. Ejderyan, Olivier; Carabias-Hutter, Vicente; Klay, Andreas; Moschitz, Heidrun Conference notes Dec 1, 2016 2147
Cumulative effects of environmental change on culturally significant ecosystems in the inuvialuit settlement region. Tyson, William; Lantz, Trevor C.; Ban, Natalie C. Report Dec 1, 2016 9957
Exploring the relationship between critical thinking style and water conservation behavior: implications for extension. Owens, Courtney T.; Lamm, Alexa J. Report Oct 1, 2016 5261
Green herons (Butorides virescens) in an urbanized landscape: does recreational disturbance affect foraging behavior? Moore, Amanda A.; Green, M. Clay; Huffman, David G.; Simpson, Thomas R. Report Oct 1, 2016 6475
Blue whirl \bloo werl\ n.: a swirling flame that appears in fuel floating on the surface of water and glows blue. Conover, Emily Brief article Sep 17, 2016 289
Volcanic rock can quickly store C[O.sub.2]: basalt injections offer benefits over other disposal schemes. Sumner, Thomas Jul 9, 2016 353
Household energy conservation from elementary science teacher candidates' perspective. Sahin, Elvan Report Jun 1, 2016 5709
Central Waianea access road improvement project supports research and conservation efforts near Schofield Barracks. Olind, Johannes K.; Stuart, Collin T. May 1, 2016 838
Human waste as a tool in biogeoohemioal surveys from mangampeta barite mining area, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Raghu, Vangeepuram Report May 1, 2016 3690
Science Committee sends another request to NOAA. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 162
Heavy Metal Accummulation in Muscles and Total Bodies of Mullus barbatus, Trachurus trachurus and Engraulis encrasicolus Captured from the Coast of Sinop, Black Sea. Gundogdu, Ayse; Culha, Saniye Turk; Kocbas, Fatma; Culha, Mehmet Report Feb 29, 2016 6675
Will climate change ruin your sex life? Global warming could cool sexual passions and reduce birth rates. Bailey, Ronald Feb 1, 2016 1240
Science Committee and NOAA battle continues. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 159
Changes in physico-chemical parameters at different sites of Manasbal Lake of Kashmir, India. Naik, Gulzar; Rashid, Mudasir; Balkhi, M.H. Report Dec 1, 2015 3530
The AMS positions on climate change and advocacy. Seitter, Keith L. Nov 1, 2015 593
Bias in environmental cohort studies: the example of bone lead and mortality. Potera, Carol Nov 1, 2015 942
Identification and prioritization of relationships between environmental stressors and adverse human health impacts. Bell, Shannon M.; Edwards, Stephen W. Report Nov 1, 2015 6444
Desert dig uncovers big carbon cache: aquifers may keep huge amount of C[O.sub.2] out of the atmosphere. Sumner, Thomas Sep 5, 2015 433
Environmental assessment in the Arctic: a gap analysis and research agenda. Noble, Bram; Hanna, Kevin Report Sep 1, 2015 12490
Estimated public health impacts of changes in concentrations of fine particle air pollution in Canada, 2000 to 2011. Stieb, David M.; Judek, Stan; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Martin, Randall V.; Brand, Kevin; Shin, Hwashin Report Sep 1, 2015 5537
Frequency and risk factors related to smoking in cars with children present. Montreuil, Annie; Tremblay, Michele; Cantinotti, Michael; Leclerc, Bernard-Simon; Lasnier, Benoit; C Report Sep 1, 2015 5499
Contribution to the study of groundwater quality in the region of el Oued (Southeast of Algeria). Bouchelaghem, Sabrina; Djaballah, Ibrahim Report Aug 1, 2015 2137
Current research and opportunities to address environmental asbestos exposures. Carlin, Danielle J.; Larson, Theodore C.; Pfau, Jean C.; Gavett, Stephen H.; Shukla, Arti; Miller, A Conference notes Aug 1, 2015 4930
A novel littoral habitat from a riparian invader: implications on stream secondary production and riparian management. Jayawardana, J.M.C.K. Report Aug 1, 2015 4661
Prevalence of risk and protective factors associated with heat-related outcomes in Southern Quebec: a secondary analysis of the NuAge study. Laverdiere, Emelie; Genereux, Melissa; Gaudreau, Pierrette; Morais, Jose A.; Shatenstein, Bryna; Pay Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 5627
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Budget for FY2016. Upton, Harold F. Report Jul 1, 2015 7210
TOTAL ANNUAL RAINFALL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS IN PAKISTAN USING METHODS OF L-MOMENTS AND TL-MOMENT. Ahmad, Ishfaq; Abbas, Aamar; Aslam, Muhammad; Ahmed, Iftikhar Report Jun 30, 2015 4277
A simple approach to constraining a rock failure criterion. Imam, Hassan F.; Ahmed, Mohamed I. Sayed Report Jun 15, 2015 3036
Reproductive toxicity of a mixture of regulated drinking-water disinfection by-products in a multigenerational rat bioassay. Narotsky, Michael G.; Klinefelter, Gary R.; Goldman, Jerome M.; DeAngelo, Anthony B.; Best, Deborah Report Jun 1, 2015 6390
Current rate of C[O.sub.2] rise unparalleled: human activity dwarfs all other increases since dino extinction. Sumner, Thomas May 30, 2015 740
Seeing the environment through the humanities: a new window on grand societal challenges. Hall, Marcus; Foret, Philippe; Kueffer, Christoph; Pouliot, Alison; Wiedmer, Caroline Report May 1, 2015 2058
Elimination of organic matter effluents from chemical laboratory of anatomy, pathology of a hospital. Bjijou, W.; Asali, O.; Azzouzi, E. EL.; Elyahyaoui, A.; Fekhaoui, M. Report May 1, 2015 2331
Environmental research from here and there: numerical modelling labs as heterotopias. Laborde, Sarah Apr 1, 2015 9510
Sea level rise continues to accelerate. Apr 1, 2015 347
Ernest Hemingway's description of the mountaintop in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and climate change research. Helama, Samuli Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 2281
Hush, humans: we're trying to survive here: prey and predators have their issues with noisy humankind. Milius, Susan Feb 21, 2015 3346
What's out there? How do scientists use technology to help them discover what lives where? Feb 1, 2015 392
Robotic gliders help study Antarctic waters. Feb 1, 2015 420
The trash man. Rosen, Julia Jan 24, 2015 482
Carbon quakes: an escape hatch from global warming may do some harm while doing good. Petit, Charles Jan 24, 2015 3705
ToxCast[TM] wants you: recommendations for engaging the broader scientific community. Arnold, Carrie Jan 1, 2015 1107
Environmental impact assessment of trace metal deposition around the petrol filling stations. Hashmi, Durdana Rais; Shareef, Akhtar; Khan, Farooq Ahmad; Munshi, Alia Bano Report Jan 1, 2015 5551
Communications breakdown: to move the masses, speak boldly and carry a big schtick. Stoddart, Mark C.J.; Ramos, Howard Jan 1, 2015 1483
Assessment of Floristic Microbial Composition and Growth of Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst Ex A. Rich) in Soil from Two Dumpsites in Benin City Nigeria. Report Dec 31, 2014 5409
Mitochondria, energetics, epigenetics, and cellular responses to stress. Shaughnessy, Daniel T.; McAllister, Kimberly; Worth, Leroy; Haugen, Astrid C.; Meyer, Joel N.; Doman Report Dec 1, 2014 8525
Research caps, not rebound. Alcott, Blake Dec 1, 2014 1403
Strengthening water governance research. Impulses from research in the field of integrated water resources management/Starkung der wasser-governanceforschung. Impulse aus der forschung zum integrierten wasserressourcen-management. Kirschke, Sabrina; Hagemann, Nina Dec 1, 2014 3429
Engineered plants demolish waste: modified vegetation could clean up toxic pollution. Mole, Beth Nov 29, 2014 505
Environmental health research recommendations from the inter-environmental health sciences core center working group on unconventional natural gas drilling operations. Penning, Trevor M.; Breysse, Patrick N.; Gray, Kathleen; Howarth, Marilyn; Yan, Beizhan Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2014 6009
Effect of porosity and hydraulic conductivity coefficient on contamination penetration depth in soils. Pousti, Shahrouz; Vafaeyan, Mahmmod; Hajiannia, Alborz Report Nov 1, 2014 1407
Sea trash defies ocean boundaries: plastic garbage swirls around globe, obscuring its sources. Mole, Beth Oct 4, 2014 438
UNESCO Nile River basin projects & resources. Oct 1, 2014 770
UNESCO World Water Assessment Program. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 121
The most important current research questions in urban ecosystem services. Salzman, James; Arnold, Craig Anthony; Garcia, Robert; Hirokawa, Keith H.; Jowers, Kay; Lejava, Jeff Sep 22, 2014 19936
Little critter with big influence: how one tiny salamander affects an entire forest's carbon cycle. Howell, Betsy L. Sep 22, 2014 2356
Two oceans implicated in warming lull: along with Pacific, Atlantic and Southern may stash missing heat. Mole, Beth Sep 20, 2014 580
Dead zone shrank as winds declined: warming may not enlarge North Pacific low-oxygen region. Sumner, Thomas Sep 6, 2014 484
Persistent organic pollutants and inflammatory markers in a cross-sectional study of elderly Swedish people: the pivus cohort. Kumar, Jitender; Lind, P. Monica; Salihovic, Samira; van Bavel, Bert; Ingelsson, Erik; Lind, Lars Report Sep 1, 2014 8521
Pesticide threatens bug-eating birds: neonicotinoids' collateral damage may extend beyond bees. Mole, Beth Aug 9, 2014 482
Assessment of relationship between mechanical states of the solid and gas-dynamic factors in relation to development of methods for calculating parameters of methane drainage boreholes in coal deposits exploitation. Valeryevich, Leisle Artem Report Aug 1, 2014 2208
Supporting citizen science in southern California: California naturalist and NHM's nature lab. Drill, S.; Higgins, L. Report Aug 1, 2014 286
Salinity variation of ground water and hydro chemical characteristic of brines origin of salts and brine evolution of Borazjan, Iran. Hemmati, Farshid; Sajadi, Zahra Report Jul 23, 2014 3560
Noise pollution modeling using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industrial complex of Karoon oil & gas production company, Ahwaz--Iran. Kordani, Farzaneh; Rafeei, Masoud; Rasekh, Abdelrahman; Raouf, Farzaneh Fakheri Report Jul 23, 2014 3864
Determining best empirical relation in order to measure monthly potential evapotranspiration of Qazvin in Iran. Mohsenabadi, Saeed Kazemi; Biglari, Mohammad Reza Report Jul 1, 2014 2603
Bracing for rising seas. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 180
Sustainable consumption-an unwieldy object of research. Defila, Rico; Di Giulio, Antonietta; Kaufmann-Hayoz, Ruth Report Jul 1, 2014 6867
Systems approaches for understanding environmental toxicology. Miao, Zewei Editorial Jul 1, 2014 1241
Violent storms may shatter sea ice: high waves' impact on frozen ocean hints at future trouble. Mole, Beth Jun 28, 2014 470
Geological settings of the protected Selisoo mire (northeastern Estonia) threatened by oil shale mining/Polevkivikaevanduse ohustatud kaitsealuse Selisoo raba geoloogia. Hiiemaa, Helen; Mustasaar, Mario; Kohv, Marko; Hang, Tiit; Joeleht, Argo; Lasberg, Katrin; Kalm, Vol Report Jun 1, 2014 6259
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Evaluation with stream characteristics of downstream flood problems after dam construction. Bagatur, Tamer; Hamidi, Nizamettin Report Jun 1, 2014 5553
The secret of water, pure architecture (an analysis on Anahita Temple, Bishapoor). Shahpasandzadeh, Babak Report Jun 1, 2014 5888
Pathology of environmental graphics in Gorgan city, Iran: areas for improvement. Miridozeini, Seyedeh Mohaddaseh; Hasanpour, Mohsen Report Jun 1, 2014 3638
How pastures affect climate change. White, Wayne A. Jun 1, 2014 632
Environmental burden of disease in Europe: assessing nine risk factors in six countries. Hanninen, Otto; Knol, Anne B.; Jantunen, Matti; Lim, Tek-Ang; Conrad, Andre; Rappolder, Marianne; Ca Report May 1, 2014 9290
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Association between maternal serum perfluoroalkyl substances during pregnancy and maternal and cord thyroid hormones: Taiwan maternal and infant cohort study. Wang, Yan; Rogan, Walter J.; Chen, Pau-Chung; Lien, Guang-Wen; Chen, Hsiao-Yen; Tseng, Ying-Chih; Lo Report May 1, 2014 7008
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Chinks in the armor? Filaggrin-depleted skin could increase environmental exposures. Konkel, Lindsey Report Apr 1, 2014 1121
Wind shelter index's effective distance determination in non snowy watershed basins. Farokhzadeh, Siamak; Sharifi, Mohammad Reza; Moradi, Shahab; Ali, Ali Mohammad Akhond Report Apr 1, 2014 5236
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Sustainable national park management using multidimensional scaling: study of Palung Mountain National Park (Pmnp) in West Kalimantan. Santosa, Agus Budi; Marsono, Djoko; Susanto, Sahid; Sadono, dan Ronggo Report Apr 1, 2014 4445
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Identifying sources of fecal contamination in shellfish waters in two tidal rivers. Hagedorn, Charles; Lawrence, Annie Hassall; Crozier, J. Brooks Report Apr 1, 2014 9092
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Changes in climate, catchment vegetation and hydrogeology as the causes of dramatic lake-level fluctuations in the Kurtna Lake District, NE Estonia/Muutused kliimas, valgla taimkattes ja hudrogeoloogias kui dramaatiliste veetaseme koikumiste pohjused Kurtna jarvestikus Kirde-Eestis. Vainu, Marko; Terasmaa, Jaanus Report Mar 1, 2014 10200
Drones in the clouds. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 151
Redwoods provide clues to coastal climate. Mar 1, 2014 339
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Spread in Trinidad of the South American fire ant Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Report Mar 1, 2014 1719
Psyllid host-plants (Hemiptera: Psylloidea): resolving a semantic problem. Burckhardt, Daniel; Ouvrard, David; Queiroz, Dalva; Percy, Diana Report Mar 1, 2014 3307
New species of Deuteraphorura (Collembola: Onychiuridae) from Romania. Weiner, Wanda Maria; Fiera, Cristina Report Mar 1, 2014 3961
Possibilities to recycle auto glass waste in building ceramics. Malaiskiene, Jurgita; Maciulaitis, Romualdas; Mikalauskaite, Raminta Report Mar 1, 2014 5836
Equilibrium Modeling of Removal of Drimarine Yellow HF-3GL Dye from Aqueous Solutions by Low Cost Agricultural Waste. Nausheen, Sana; Bhatti , Haq Nawaz; Sadaf, Sana; Farrukh, Zobia; Noreen, Saima Report Feb 28, 2014 9415
Trees' growth keeps climbing with age: oldest specimens pack on weight fastest, making them excellent carbon collectors. Rosen, Meghan Feb 22, 2014 468
Methane leaks endanger cities. Feb 1, 2014 413
Radionuclides in fracking wastewater: managing a toxic blend. Brown, Valerie J. Report Feb 1, 2014 4026
Fish consumption caveat: advisories may not help with long-lived contaminants. Betts, Kellyn S. Abstract Feb 1, 2014 1001
Enriched environments, epigenetics, and offspring. Klotter, Jule Report Feb 1, 2014 541
Present-day nearshore pH differentially depresses fertilization in congeneric sea urchins. Frieder, Christina A. Report Feb 1, 2014 5160
Value added of economy sectors and Environmental Performance Index (EPI): evidence from developing countries. Kheirollahi, Farshid; Noori, Abdollah; Rahmanian, Moslem; Doborjy, Ali Maleky; Mirzaei, Behzad Report Feb 1, 2014 3067
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Agent orange footprint still visible in rural areas of central Vietnam. Banout, Jan; Urban, Ondrej; Musil, Vojtech; Szakova, Jirina; Balik, Jiri Report Jan 1, 2014 7375
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Elastic information management for air pollution monitoring in large-scale M2M sensor networks. Ma, Yajie; Guo, Yike; Silva, Dilshan; Tsinalis, Orestis; Wu, Chao Report Jan 1, 2014 9054
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Public alerts on landslide natural disaster using vehicular communications. Jalooli, Ali; Hussin, Nornazlita; Noor, Rafidah; Jung, Jason J. Report Jan 1, 2014 4365
Seasonal variations in dissolved heavy metals in Pompom River, Itakpe, Nigeria. Amune, Christiana Omono Matthews; Kakulu, Samuel Report Jan 1, 2014 4222
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Home range and seasonal movements of Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) during their inshore residency at a reef in the mid-Atlantic Bight. Fabrizio, Mary C.; Manderson, John P.; Pessutti, Jeffrey P. Report Jan 1, 2014 11304
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Human disturbance of grouse--why and when? Storch, Ilse Report Dec 1, 2013 8442
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Soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus distribution in grassland systems, important for landscape and environment. Slepetiene, Alvyra; Liaudanskiene, Inga; Slepetys, Jonas; Stukonis, Vaclovas; Jokubauskaite, Ieva Report Dec 1, 2013 7317
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Water quality modeling in Berze River catchment. Abramenko, Kaspars; Lagzdins, Ainis; Veinbergs, Arturs Report Dec 1, 2013 3699
Determination of the homogeneous groups using different fuzzy logic systems. Golestani, M.; Hedayatizadeh, M.; Kavianpour, M.R. Report Dec 1, 2013 4819
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Restored wetlands can support mammalian assemblages comparable to those in nonmitigated reference wetlands. Kurz, David J.; McGinty, Nicholas A.; Stankavich, Sarah A.; Nowakowski, A. Justin; Smith, Gregory A. Report Oct 1, 2013 5722
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White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) facilitate the development of nonnative grasslands in Central Illinois. Batzli, George O.; Dejaco, Carrie E. Report Oct 1, 2013 4463
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Uncertain inheritance: transgenerational effects of environmental exposures. Schmidt, Charles W. Report Oct 1, 2013 4009
Analysis of the effectiveness of polypropylene fibers usage as sorbents of oil spills resulting from the transport accidents/Polipropileno pluosto naudojimo efektyvumas issiliejus naftai transporto objektuose. Sek, Jerzy; Shtyka, Olga; Szymczak, Kamila Report Oct 1, 2013 2943
CO2 embodied in trade between Poland and selected countries. Mizgajski, Jan T. Report Oct 1, 2013 5485
Phosphorous desorption kinetics under saturated and field capacity condition in a calcareous soil. Khanmirzaei, Ali; Akbari, Hossein; Rezaei, Shekoofeh Report Oct 1, 2013 2603
IMPACT OF URBANIZATION ON POTABLE WATER QUALITY: A BACTERIOLOGICAL CASE STUDY OF BANNU CITY. Khan, Afed Ullah; Iqbal, Qaiser; Khan, Fayaz Ahmad; Ashraf, Shahida Report Sep 30, 2013 1813
Developing African novice researchers into career investigators: innovative options. Tumwijukye, Henry; Motevalli, Mahnaz; Nambi, Sophia; Kyeyune, Isaac Sep 22, 2013 6509
Science in the public square: global climate alarmism and historical precedents. Lindzen, Richard S. Essay Sep 22, 2013 2553
Environmental factors having an impact on the noise induced by motor vahicles/Aplinkos veiksniu itaka automobiliu keliamam triuksmui. Akelaityte, Rasa; Janusevicius, Tomas Report Aug 1, 2013 3259
Research on emerging and descending aircraft noise/Kylanciu ir besileidzianciu orlaiviu keliamo triuksmo tyrimai. Bartkeviciute, Monika; Grubliauskas, Raimondas Report Aug 1, 2013 2679
Evaluation of biogenic substances in the river sventoji/Biogeniniu medziagu koncentraciju neries intake sventojoje vertinimas. Butkute, Simona; Zigmontiene, Ausra Report Aug 1, 2013 2720
Qualitative research and evaluation of landfill leachate/Kokybiniai savartyno filtrato tyrimai ir vertinimas. Kacinskaja, Irina; Baziene, Kristina; Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Aug 1, 2013 3346
Qualitative assessment of roadside polluted soils/Kokybinis uzterstu pakeles dirvozemiu vertinimas. Kiaunyte, Egle; Pranskevicius, Mantas Report Aug 1, 2013 2791
Experimental research on aplying lavsan in the air biofiltration process/Lavsano taikymo oro biofiltracijos procese eksperimentiniai tyrimai. Zagorskis, Alvydas; Milaknyte, Aleksandra Report Aug 1, 2013 3058
Removal of S[O.sub.2] from contaminated air using a peat biofilter/S[O.sub.2] salinimas is uztersto oro naudojant biofiltra su durpiu ikrova. Skemundryte, Kristina; Vaiskunaite, Rasa Report Aug 1, 2013 3506
Research into the impact of bishopfit used for melting snow and ice on plant germination and ground component/Bisofito, naudojamo sniegui ir ledui tirpinti, poveikio augalu daigumui ir antzemines dalies augimui tyrimas. Strelkute, Asta; Braduliene, Jolita Report Aug 1, 2013 3846
Awareness regarding biomedical waste management among interns in a tertiary health care hospital, Khammam. Madhavi, K.V. Phani; Reddy, B. Chandrasekhar; Ravikumar, B.P. Report Jul 22, 2013 1705
Assessing the changes in drought conditions during summer in the Republic of Moldova based on RegCM simulations. Potop, Vera; Boroneant, Constanta; Caian, Mihaela Report Jul 1, 2013 4488
Effective monitoring of arboreal giant weta (Deinacrida heteracantha and D. mahoenui; Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae) using footprint tracking tunnels. Watts, Corinne; Thornburrow, Danny; Rohan, Maheswaran; Stringer, Ian Report Jul 1, 2013 6055

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