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Leader-member exchange mediates the relationship between workplace fun and employee creativity. Fang, Yuan; Meng, Bin; Liu, Yitong; Liu, Jinhua Oct 1, 2021 3386
The positive effect of perceived leader humor on negative workplace gossip. Shi, Xiaojuan Report Oct 1, 2021 4299
'Double, double, triple-checking': How do registered nurses with disabilities or impairment manage their work and ensure they practise safely? Hughes, Margaret E.; Rose, Gayle M.; Trip, Henrietta Report Jun 1, 2021 1423
Count of Steppe Eagles witnesses steep decline in Oman's Dhofar region. By: Times News Service Feb 7, 2021 918
Ethnic minority groups 'clinically extremely vulnerable', study says; There should be priority access to vaccine and changes in work environment, experts say. By, Neil Shaw Jan 15, 2021 654
Sexually harassed worker might kill themselves: Study. Sep 19, 2020 477
Study shows Apac SMEs adapt to remote work setup amid Covid. Sep 15, 2020 981
Research Explores How Dietary Supplements Affect Work Performance: Nutrition expert says future analysis could help promote a 'nutrition-driven economy'. Apr 1, 2020 364
Malay Validation of Copenhagen Psychosocial Work Environment Questionnaire in Context of Second Generation Statistical Techniques. Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam; Javaid, Muhammad Umair; Abbasi, Amir Zaib; Bano, Sobia; Zahid, Muhammad; Mar 1, 2020 6896
ROAD AMBULANCES: WORKING CONDITIONS OF PARAMEDICS--PILOT STUDIES. Beczkowska, Sylwia; Grabarek, Iwona; Pilip, Slawomir; Szpakowski, Leszek; Galazkowski, Robert Jan 1, 2020 7983
Effects of Lighting Quality on Working Efficiency of Workers in Office Building in Tanzania. Katabaro, Justine Mushobozi; Yan, Yonghong Nov 30, 2019 8559
82 per cent of Indians feel technology is making workplaces efficient: Lenovo study. ANI Nov 29, 2019 144
Workers and ventilation system pollute office space: Study. ANI Oct 6, 2019 429
A Survey of Music Teachers' Working Conditions. Sanderson, David N.; Buzza, Timothy D.; Jannings, Christopher S.; Kim, Kangwon; Maurer, Bryan D.; So Sep 1, 2019 8244
BUILDING A Better Workplace: Women + increasingly abandon technical theatre over lack of parity and equity. Garrity, Caitlyn Survey Jun 22, 2019 4194
Study shows female workers are more productive when it's warmer -BYLN- Jena McGregor The Washington Post WP Bloomberg. May 26, 2019 898
AROUND THE TABLE: Academic medical centers are creating translational settings designed to foster knowledge-sharing between clinicians, researchers, and others to improve care outcomes, offering best practices for all. Crane, Jon Mar 1, 2019 1103
How a 'Sharing' Workplace Can Undermine Leadership. Feb 8, 2019 659
Health and Safety Tips for Desktop 3D Printing: RECENT RESEARCH FINDS THAT THE MACHINES GIVE OFF ULTRAFINE PARTICLES. Kloepple, Sarah Feb 1, 2019 782
THE IMPACT OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY (OH&S) MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ON RISK MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. Vulanovic, Srdan; Zizakov, Marina; Vasic, Stana; Delic, Milan; Sremcev, Nemanja Jan 1, 2019 3915
60% of foreign workers feel discrimination in Korea: research. Sep 8, 2018 160
Stanford Study Links Medical Errors to Physician Burnout. Aug 20, 2018 871
THE CREATIVE MIND: A research study identifies the creativity traits healthcare design professionals possess and what work environments best fuel the imagination. Zilm, Frank Aug 1, 2018 1082
Psychosocial Workplace Factors and Healthcare Utilization: A Study of Two Employers. Williams, Jessica Allia; Buxton, Orfeu; Hinde, Jesse; Bray, Jeremy; Berkman, Lisa Report Jul 1, 2018 8217
Attributes of an effective nurse manager in New Zealand: An analysis of nurse manager perceptions/Nga pumanawa o tenei mea te kaiwhakahaere tapuhi whaitake i Aotearoa: He tataritanga o nga whakaaro o nga kaiwhakahaere tapuhi. Hughes, Kerri-Ann; Carryer, Jennifer; Boldy, Duncan; Jones, Mark; Gower, Shelley Jul 1, 2018 5124
Assessing the Risks that Interns Meet in the Working Environment/ Intornlerin Calisma Ortaminda Karsilastiklari Risklerin Degerlendirilmesi. Terzi, Ozlem; Peksen, Yildiz Apr 1, 2018 3787
Workforce carries load of cultural misunderstanding: Nurses from different cultures are struggling to work together well in teams, and need time and help to improve, according to new research into the New Zealand workforce. Stodart, Kathy Report Feb 1, 2018 1464
Workplace Incivility: Perceptions Of Urologic Nurses. Ward-Smith, Peggy; Hawks, Jane Hokanson; Quallich, Susanne A.; Provance, Jeremy Report Jan 1, 2018 5095
TERRITORIALITY, MOTIVATIONAL CLIMATE, AND IDEA IMPLEMENTATION: WE REAP WHAT WE SOW. Huo, Wei Wei; Yi, Huang; Men, Chenghao; Luo, Jinlian; Li, Xianmiao; Tam, Kwok Leung Report Dec 1, 2017 4468
Aspects of precarity among employees of the Polish health care system. Grajek, Z.; Ejsmont, A.; Milewska, E.; Kleszczewska, E. Report Dec 1, 2017 3929
The Demographic Effect of Work Values and their Management Implication. Ahmed, Rasheed Report Jul 1, 2017 5378
Perceptions of territoriality in open office environment: impact on situated learning. Kasuganti, Aneetha Rao; Purang, Pooja Oct 1, 2016 6140
Taking the right steps: design research can play an important role in change management, as seen in one academic medical center's transition from a centralized to decentralized care model in its medical/surgical unit. Freihoefer, Kara; Cypher, Sarah; Scherff, Pamela Sep 1, 2016 2001
Status affects which coworkers get help. Jul 1, 2016 381
Interactional justice and employee silence: the roles of procedural justice and affect. Huang, Liang; Huang, Wenfeng Report Jun 1, 2016 6280
The relevance of the organizational environment in workplace bullying processes. Nica, Elvira; Hurjui, Ioan; Stefan, Ionela Georgiana "Iftimie" Report Apr 1, 2016 2397
Jazz libre : << musique-action >> ou la recherche d'une praxis revolutionnaire au Quebec (1967-1975). Fillion, Eric Report Mar 22, 2016 12207
Shining a light on nursing: a recent road trip by two NZNO staff shows nurses continue to provide innovative and high quality care to their patients, despite increasing demands and ongoing workplace pressures. MacGeorge, Jane Report Dec 1, 2015 898
Servant leadership and team performance: the mediating role of knowledge-sharing climate. Song, Chanhoo; Park, Kwangseo Ryan; Kang, Seung-Wan Report Nov 1, 2015 4363
Interpersonal and societal mattering in work: a review and critique. Jung, Ae-Kyung Sep 1, 2015 7310
Recording and interpreting work-related daydreams: effects on vocational self-concept crystallization. Pisarik, Christopher T.; Currie, Lacy K. Sep 1, 2015 6979
Effect of Chinese employees' emotional creativity on their innovative performance. Wang, Guomeng; Huang, Huiming; Zheng, Quanquan Report Aug 1, 2015 5191
Genre, age, categorie professionnelle, secteur economique et sante mentale en milieu de travail: les resultats de l'etude SALVEO. Marchand, Alain; Blanc, Marie-Eve; Durand, Pierre Report May 1, 2015 5960
Workplace behaviours. D'Souza, Natalia Brief article Apr 1, 2015 226
Proactive employees provide big benefits. Dec 1, 2014 360
Prefabricated privacy at work. Sep 1, 2014 339
The influence of workplace ostracism on counterproductive work behavior: the mediating effect of state self-control. Yan, Yanling; Zhou, Erhua; Long, Lirong; Ji, Yang Report Jul 1, 2014 4097
The work environment of intensive care nurses. Breau, Myriam; Rheaume, Ann Report Mar 22, 2014 1283
Can there really be joy at work? Middaugh, Donna J. Report Mar 1, 2014 1624
Study shows out-of-date workplace. Forstein, David Nov 1, 2013 461
The differences between work engagement and workaholism, and organizational outcomes: an integrative model. Choi, Youngkeun Report Nov 1, 2013 4126
Continuity and change in the Community Development Employment Projects Scheme (CDEP). Hunter, Boyd; Gray, Matthew Report Sep 22, 2013 9070
Ethnicity, workplace bullying, social support and psychological strain in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Gardner, Dianne; Bentley, Tim; Catley, Bevan; Cooper-Thomas, Helena; O'Driscoll, Michael; Trenberth, Report Jul 1, 2013 5334
Factors affecting employee creativity in Taiwan's Hakka clothing industry. Hsu, Hsiu-Ju Report Mar 1, 2013 4446
Ratios lead to lower re-admissions: a study published in the American journal Medical Care has found that increased nurse-to-patient ratios and good work environments for nurses are linked to lower, 30-day readmission rates for patients suffering from heart failure, myocardial infarction and pneumonia. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 189
Occupational hazards, illness and injuries faced by child labourers. Javad, Salman; Shah, Naima; Memon, Mohammed Yousuf Report Jan 31, 2013 2937
What's your frequency?: preliminary results of a survey on faculty and staff perspectives on writing center work. LaFrance, Michelle; Nicolas, Melissa Report Jan 1, 2013 2921
Approaches to assessment of hot environment. Kralikova, R.; Sokolova, H.; Wessely, E.; Polak, J. Report Jan 1, 2013 3280
Relationship between lighting and noise levels and productivity of the occupants in automotive assembly industry. Akbari, Jafar; Dehghan, Habibollah; Azmoon, Hiva; Forouharmajd, Farhad Report Jan 1, 2013 3337
The mood is upon me (December 1966). Martinez, Elizabeth "Betita" Sutherland Brief article Jun 22, 2012 347
Burnout in social workers treating children as related to demographic characteristics, work environment, and social support. Hamama, Liat Report Jun 1, 2012 7965
Is your boss a bully? Janusz, Barbara D. Sep 22, 2011 2271
Prevention interventions of alcohol problems in the workplace: a review and guiding framework. Ames, Genevieve M.; Bennett, Joel B. Report Sep 22, 2011 8156
Employee engagement and EAPs: creating a meaningful workplace. Taranowski, Chester J. May 1, 2011 2112
Smart Phone's Sweatshop App. Mar 22, 2011 481
Workplace experiences of young workers in Ontario. Lewko, John H.; Runyan, Carol W.; Tremblay, Cindy-Lynne S.; Staley, John A.; Volpe, Richard Report Sep 1, 2010 4570
Beyond "opting out:" dissecting the barriers affecting women's entrance and success in business. Jones, Thomas O., Jr.; Schneider, Beth Z. Report Jun 22, 2010 11181
Work life balance in Australian legal firms. McGraw, Peter; Heidtman, Danielle Report Oct 1, 2009 7977
Social support in the workplace for working-age adults with visual impairments. Papakonstantinou, Doxa; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Jul 1, 2009 5032
Hurdles in deploying liquid cooling in NEBS environment. Chu, Herman Report Jul 1, 2009 3794
Prima donnas in the workplace: UNH research finds employee 'entitlement issues' growing. May 8, 2009 717
Workplace mobbing: are they really out to get your patient? Consider that coworkers' hostile behavior could be causing paranoid symptoms. Hillard, James Randolph Case study Apr 1, 2009 2780
Mediating effects: a study of the work environment and personality in the quick-service restaurant setting. Crawford, Alleah; Hubbard, Susan S.; O'Neill, Martin; Guarino, Anthony Survey Jan 1, 2009 6142
Clearing the hurdles. Leaver, Erik Aug 20, 2008 2509
Four paths to spirit at work: jurneys of personal meaning, fulfillment, well-being, and transcendence through work. Kinjerski, Val; Skrypnek, Berna J. Report Jun 1, 2008 5939
Final Report on the Mississippi Project CLEAR Voice Teacher Working Conditions Survey. Berry, Barnett; Fuller, Ed Report Jan 31, 2008 612
Workplace Incivility: Worker and Organizational Antecedents and Outcomes. Bartlett, James E., II; Bartlett, Michelle E.; Reio, Thomas G., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2008 145
Petit Apartheid in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands: an analysis of community organization data documenting work force abuses of the undocumented. O'Leary, Anna Ochoa Critical essay Dec 22, 2007 14962
Nurses left to pick up the slack: research reveals nurses are left to pick up the slack across a system that has reached a critical point. Holmes, Brett Editorial Dec 1, 2007 644
Nurses' responses to workplace verbal abuse: a scenario study of the impact of situational and individual factor. Martin, Angela; Gray, Cynthia; Adam, Andrea Report Dec 1, 2007 10485
Surviving blue asbestos: mining and occupational disease in South Africa and Australia. McCulloch, Jock Report Sep 1, 2007 10428
Definition of standard office environments for evaluating the impact of office furniture emissions on indoor VOC concentrations. Carter, Randal D; Zhang, Jianshun S Technical report Jul 1, 2007 8343
Indoor temperature, productivity, and fatigue in office tasks. Tanabe, Shin-ichi; Nishihara, Naoe; Haneda, Masaoki Report Jul 1, 2007 4112
Nurse working conditions, organizational climate, and intent to leave in ICUs: an instrumental variable approach. Stone, Patricia W.; Mooney-Kane, Cathy; Larson, Elaine L.; Pastor, Diane K.; Zwanziger, Jack; Dick, Jun 1, 2007 7609
Nurse-physician collaboration: a comparison of the attitudes of nurses and physicians in the medical-surgical patient care setting. Thomson, Stacy Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 3624
Evaluation of thermo humidity microclimate in hot working environment. Kralikova, Ruzena; Wessely, Emil Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1686
CEO Experiences as Proteges: An Interactional Richness Perspective. Rosser, Manda H.; Egan, Toby Marshall Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 144
Maintaining wellbeing during unemployment. Hoare, P. Nancey; Machin, Anthony M. Survey Sep 22, 2006 4899
Improving work situations during pregnancy may help improve outcome. Hollander, D., Sep 1, 2006 785
Loneliness in the workplace: construct definition and scale development. Wright, Sarah L.; Burt, Christopher D.B.; Strongman, Kenneth T. Jul 1, 2006 8249
Perceived nursing work environment of acute care pediatric nurses. Kotzer, Anne Marie; Koepping, Dianne M.; LeDuc, Karen Jul 1, 2006 4144
Pre-schoolers on the farm at risk of injury. Brief article Jun 19, 2006 200
The nurse's responsibility in creating a 'nurse-friendly' culture in the workplace. Grindel, Cecilia Jun 1, 2006 1090
Perceived exclusion in the workplace: the moderating effects of gender on work-related attitudes and psychological health. Hitlan, Robert T.; Cliffton, Rebecca J.; DeSoto, M. Catherine Jun 1, 2006 7264
Organizational characteristics and their effect on health. Way, Mary; MacNeil, Melanie Mar 1, 2006 8417
Arizona Teacher Working Conditions: Designing Schools for Educator and Student Success. Results of the 2006 Phase-In Teacher Working Conditions Survey. Hirsch, Eric; Emerick, Scott Jan 1, 2006 343
The impact of hearing protection on sound localization and orienting behavior. Simpson, Brian D.; Bolia, Robert S.; McKinley, Richard L.; Brungart, Douglas S. Mar 22, 2005 5520
Warm offices linked to higher productivity. Lang, Susan S. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 303
Work-group and organizational support: a test of distinct dimensions. Self, Dennis R.; Holt, Daniel T.; Schaninger, William S., Jr Mar 1, 2005 3373
Using empowerment to build trust and respect in the workplace: a strategy for addressing the nursing shortage. Laschinger, Heather K. Spence; Finegan, Joan Jan 1, 2005 5131
Lessons from a comparison of work domain models: representational choices and their implications. Burns, Catherine M.; Bisantz, Ann M.; Roth, Emilie M. Dec 22, 2004 7784
Manage time effectively by putting an end to interruptions. Jacobs, Chuck Dec 1, 2004 429
Temporal strategies and fear in the workplace. Skinner, Janne Dec 1, 2004 6780
Informal relationships in the workplace: associations with job satisfaction, organisational commitment and turnover intentions. Morrison, Rachel Nov 1, 2004 11524
Focus on Basics: Connecting Research and Practice: Workplace Education, Volume 7, Issue B. Report Nov 1, 2004 190
Working conditions of the nursing workforce excerpts from a policy roundtable at AcademyHealth's 2003 Annual Research Meeting. Hope, Hollis A. Jun 1, 2004 5980
Where you work does matter. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 190
Organizational factors contributing to worker frustration: the precursor to burnout. Lewandowski, Cathleen A. Dec 1, 2003 3463
Application of Holland's theory to a nonprofessional occupation. Miller, Mark J.; Bass, Connie Mar 1, 2003 2601
Finnish study finds optimal office temperature. Brief Article Jul 12, 2002 105
Patient-focused redesign and employee perception of work environment. Ingersoll, Gail L.; Wagner, Lois; Merck, Sonna Ehrlich; Kirsch, Janet C.; Hepworth, Joseph T.; Willi Jul 1, 2002 6207
When Somebody's Watching: Researching the Workplace Impact of Academic Audit. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Palermo, Josephine Jun 1, 2002 218
Organizational reforms, 'ideal workers' and gender orders: a cross-societal comparison *. Tienari, Janne; Quack, Sigrid; Theobald, Hildegard Mar 1, 2002 13821
Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces. A Background Paper for Canadian Policy Research Networks' National Roundtable (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, October 29, 2001). CPRN Work Network Discussion Paper. Koehoorn, Mieke; Lowe, Graham S.; Rondeau, Kent V.; Schellenberg, Grant; Wagar, Terry H. Discussion Jan 1, 2002 281
Thinking differently: Assessing nonlinearities in the relationship between work attitudes and job performance using a Bayesian neural network. Somers, Mark John Mar 1, 2001 6341
No es como mi: Relational demography and conflict in a Mexican production facility. Pelled, Lisa Hope; Xin, Katherine R.; Weiss, Allen M. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 9152
Within-occupation sources of variance in Incumbent Perception of Job Complexity. Ganzach, Yoav; Pazy, Asya Mar 1, 2001 5930
Testing reciprocal relationships between job characteristics and psychological well-being: A cross-lagged structural equation model. de Jonge, Jan; Dormann, Christian; Janssen, Peter P. M.; Dollard, Maureen F.; Landeweerd, Jan A.; Ni Mar 1, 2001 8404
Setting The Example. Madsen, Jana J. Feb 1, 2001 1621
Well-being at work: a cross-national analysis of the levels and determinants of job satisfaction. Sousa-Poza, Alfonso; Sousa-Poza, Andres A. Nov 1, 2000 10366
Classroom Interaction Patterns of Instructors with Students. Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 221
"A wild feminist at her raving best": Reflections on studying gender bias in the legal profession. Brockman, Joan Sep 22, 2000 8342
Culture and Procedural Fairness: When the Effects of What You Do Depend on How You Do It. Brockner, Joel; Chen, Ya-Ru; Mannix, Elizabeth A.; Leung, Kwok; Skarlicki, Daniel P. Jun 1, 2000 10327
Ergonomics Then and Now. EMANOIL, PAMELA Mar 22, 2000 1824
Perceptions of organizational responses to formal sexual harassment complaints. DuBois, Cathy L.Z.; Kustis, Gary A.; Faley, Robert H.; Knapp, Deborah Erdos Jun 22, 1999 6101
"Flexible" workplace practices: evidence from a nationally representative survey. Gittleman, Maury; Horrigan, Michael; Joyce, Mary Oct 1, 1998 8364
Wage compensation for dangerous work revisited. Dorman, Peter; Hagstrom, Paul Oct 1, 1998 9444
Dysfunctional mentoring relationships and outcomes. Scandura, Terri A. May 1, 1998 8603
Out on a limb: the role of context impression management in selling gender-equity issues. Ashford, Susan J.; Rothbard, Nancy P.; Piderit, Sandy Kristin; Dutton, Jane E. Mar 1, 1998 17276
The experiences of women in a public relations firm: a phenomenological explication. Krider, Diane S.; Ross, Peter G. Oct 1, 1997 7589
Another ceiling? Can males compete for traditionally female jobs? Atwater, Leanne E.; Van Fleet, David D. Sep 1, 1997 10304
Using ethnography in contextual design. Simonsen, Jesper; Kensing, Finn Jul 1, 1997 4192
Person-environment fit and creativity: an examination of supply-value and demand-ability versions of fit. Livingstone, Linda P.; Nelson, Debra L.; Barr, Steve H. Mar 1, 1997 11797
Men's and women's organizational peer relationships: a comparison. Fritz, Janie Harden Jan 1, 1997 6777
Gender issues embedded in the experience of student teaching: being treated like a sex object. Miller, Judith Harmon Interview Jan 1, 1997 7654
Gender and cohort differences in university students' decisions to become elementary teacher education majors. Montecinos, Carmen; Nielsen, Lynn E. Jan 1, 1997 4522
Workplace characteristics and health care cost containment practices. Blum, Terry C.; Milne, Stuart H.; Spell, Chester S. Sep 1, 1996 12123
Production lines and innovative work practices. Phipps, Polly A. Jun 1, 1996 821
Effects of shared governance on perceptions of work and work environment. Kennerly, Susan M. Mar 1, 1996 3239
Walkmans, Mick Jagger, and hearing losses: can the use of personal stereo equipment at work pose a potential for permanent hearing losses? Jan 1, 1996 420
Women in nontraditional occupations: information-seeking during organizational entry. Holder, Teresa Jan 1, 1996 6696
The determinants of substance abuse in the workplace. Garcia, Federico E. Jan 1, 1996 5534
'Having fun'?: humor as resistance in Brazil. Rodrigues, Suzana B.; Collinson, David L. Dec 22, 1995 11459
Gender segregation in small firms. Carrington, William J.; Troske, Kenneth R. Jun 22, 1995 12475
On duty - off guard: cultural norms and sexual harassment in service organizations. Folgero, Ingebjorg; Fjeldstad, Ingrid H. Mar 22, 1995 6031
Job stressors, job involvement and employee health: A test of identity theory. Frone, Michael R.; Russel, Marcia; Cooper, M. Lynne Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 1995 4835
The effects of environment and technology on managerial roles. Gibbs, Barrie Sep 22, 1994 9134
Work environment of college teachers. Imam, Syed Sohail Report Dec 22, 1993 3403
Feeling good, working hard: employers care more about employees' health. Sep 1, 1993 339
Sex-role identity and discrimination against same-sex employees. Sundvik, Lilli; Lindeman, Marjaana Mar 1, 1993 5386
Employees' perceptions of work environment in certain setting of Hyderabad City. Haq, Abdul; Sheikh, Huma Report Dec 22, 1992 2130
Organizational commitment: the key to successful implementation of disability management. Gates, Lauren B. Sep 22, 1990 4040

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