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ABSTRACTS: SECTIONS III & IV: SECTION III - PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS: Joint with SECTION IV. ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE: Paper Session: Thursday Morning, 9:00-11:30 AM: KCC Room B. Blake, Mel Author abstract Mar 1, 2019 2285
Solvent Replacement. Schoff, Clifford K. Feb 1, 2019 825
Analysis in displacement of liquid chromatography changing density and viscosity as a function of temperature and pressure for Malathion. Salazar, Jorge Eliecer Buitrago; Sandoval, Olga Lucia Ramos; Hurtado, Dario Amaya Report Dec 1, 2016 3326
Investigation of engine oil base stock effects on low speed pre-ignition in a turbocharged direct injection SI engine. Andrews, Arthur; Burns, Raymond; Dougherty, Richard; Deckman, Douglas; Patel, Mrugesh Technical report Jun 1, 2016 5487
Gooey mantle boundary discovered: region resists movement of magma plumes, sinking plates. Sumner, Thomas Jan 9, 2016 530
Influence of magnetic field on blood viscosity. Kadhim, Alia Ahmed; Seah, Baidaa Taher; Zubair, Alauldeen Mudhafar Report Jan 1, 2016 1780
Bacteria eliminate fluid's viscosity: E. coli's synchronized swimming produces superfluid solution. Grant, Andrew Brief article Aug 8, 2015 300
Modeling the Rheology of SR1500 and LY556 Epoxies Under Manufacturer's Recommended Cure Cycles after Viscosimetry and Rheometry Characterization. Faria, Hugo; Pires, Andrade F.M.; Marques, Torres A. Report Apr 1, 2014 5590
An evaluation of the pressure-dependent melt viscosity of polyphenylsulfone. Sedlacek, Tomas; Hausnerova, Berenika; Filip, Petr Report Mar 1, 2014 2758
Viscosity and thermodynamic properties of alkali metal bromides in the presence of acetonitrile, 3-hydroxypropionitrile and acetonitrile + 3-hydroxypropionitrile mixture at various temperatures. Shama; Uddin, Fahim; Ahmed, Tehseen; Zamir, Talat Report Dec 31, 2013 8790
Effect of Boscia albitrunca (Omukunzi) root on the bacteriology and viscosity of Omashikwa, traditional fermented buttermilk from Namibia. Bille, Peter George Report Sep 1, 2013 5076
Strong convergence of modified viscosity approximation in CAT(0) spaces. Wu, Yu Jing; Chen, Ru Dong; Shi, Luo Yi Report Jul 1, 2013 315
Effects of Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose and Edible Cow Gelatin on Physico-chemical, Textural and Sensory Properties of Yoghurt. Andic, Seval; Boran, Gokhan; Tuncturk, Yusuf Report Apr 30, 2013 6348
Influence of viscosity modifying agent on some rheological properties, segregation resistance and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete. Grabiec, Anna M. Report Feb 1, 2013 5710
The effect of synthetic zeolite on the viscosity of cement paste/Sintetinio ceolito priedo itaka cemento teslos klampumui. Girskas, Giedrius; Nagrockiene, Dzigita Report Dec 1, 2012 2115
Sealed gravitational capillary viscometry of dimethyl ether and two next-generation alternative refrigerants. Cousins, Dylan S.; Laesecke, Arno Report Sep 1, 2012 12545
An engineering approach to pipeline transport of biomass. Massoudi, Mehrdad; Sanchez, Gin; Vaidya, Ashwin Report Jun 22, 2012 2344
Dynamic gray-box modeling for on-line monitoring of polymer extrusion viscosity. Liu, Xueqin; Li, Kang; McAfee, Marion; Nguyen, Bao Kha; McNally, Gerard M. Report Jun 1, 2012 6852
An area minimizing scheme for anisotropic mean curvature flow. Eto, Tokuhiro; Giga, Yoshikazu; Ishii, Katsuyuki Report Jan 1, 2012 3379
Mixed convection over an isothermal vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium with magnetic field, radiation and variable viscosity with heat generation. Rani, T. Raja; Rao, C.N.B. Report Jan 1, 2012 3887
Cyanate ester-alumina nanoparticle suspensions: effect of alumina concentration on viscosity and cure behavior. Ament, Katherine A.; Kessler, Michael R.; Akinc, Mufit Report Jul 1, 2011 4656
Importance of coupling between specific energy and viscosity in the modeling of twin screw extrusion of starchy products. Berzin, Francoise; Tara, Ahmed; Tighzert, Lan; Vergnes, Bruno Report Sep 1, 2010 3831
Study of solution properties of poly(deamino-tyr-tyr carbonate hexyl ester) by light scattering and viscometry in dilute and semidilute regime. Aschi, Adel; Trabelsi, Saber; Gharbi, Abdelhafidh Report Aug 1, 2010 5392
An analytical model for steady coextrusion of viscoplastic fluids in thin slit dies with wall slip. Kalyon, Dilhan M. Report Apr 1, 2010 6666
Effects of loading rate on viscoplastic properties of polymer geosynthetics and its constitutive modeling. Peng, Fang-Le; Li, Fu-Lin; Tan, Yong; Kongkitkul, Warat Report Mar 1, 2010 5981
Toughening effects of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers with different vinyl acetate content and viscosity on nylon 1010 blends. Yu, Haiyang; Zhang, Yong; Ren, Wentan Report Dec 1, 2009 3509
On modeling the composition dependence of the bulk viscosity of immiscible polymer blends. Han, Chang Dae Report Sep 1, 2009 10718
Influence of viscosity enhancing agent on rheology and compressive strength of superplasticized mortars/Klampa didinanciu priedu itaka superplastifikuotu skiediniu reologijai ir stipriui gniuzdant. Golaszewski, Jacek Report Jun 1, 2009 3570
Viewpoints regarding the influence of temperature on determination of the oil limit viscosity in hydrodynamic bearings. Motomancea, Adrian; Popa, Constantin Report Jan 1, 2009 1655
Influence of particle shape on the viscosity of kaolin suspensions. Gregorova, Eva; Pabst, Willi; Bouchet, Jean-Baptiste Report Jan 1, 2009 2378
Electromagnetism could ease the flow in oil pipelines. Brief article Oct 28, 2006 186
Relating fresh concrete viscosity measurements from different rheometers. Martys, Nicos S. May 1, 2003 3671
NIST experiment's data acquired before space shuttle tragedy. (General Developments). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 337
Rheology of concentrated solutions of hyperbranched polyesters. Andrady, Anthony L.; Nunez, Carlos M.; Chiou, Bor-Sen; Khan, Saad A. Nov 1, 2002 2285
Influence of side-chain structures on the viscoelasticity and elongation viscosity of polyethylene melts. Lin, Gwo-Geng; Shih, Hsi-Hsin; Chai, Ping-Chang; Hsu, Shio-Jin Nov 1, 2002 3077
Influence of the processing conditions on a two-phase reactive blend system: EVA/PP thermoplastic vulcanizate. Joubert, Catherine; Cassagnau, Philippe; Michel, Alain; Choplin, Lionel Nov 1, 2002 4433
Measurement and prediction of LDPE/[CO.sub.2] solution viscosity. Areerat, Surat; Nagata, Takefumi; Ohshima, Masahiro Nov 1, 2002 5765
Effect of the dispersed phase fraction on particle size in blends with high viscosity ratio. Cho, Y.G.; Kamal, M.R. Oct 1, 2002 6566
Influence of elasticity on dispersed-phase droplet size in immiscible polymer blends in simple shearing flow. Lerdwijitjarud, Wanchai; Sirivat, Anuvat; Larson, Ronald G. Abstract Apr 1, 2002 6168
Effect of Starch Content on Viscosity of Starch-Filled Poly(Hydroxy Ester Ether) Composites. ZHOU, GENWEN; WILLETT, J.L.; CARRIERE, C.J. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 3617
Diffusion-Induced Bubble Growth in Viscous Liquids of Finite and Infinite Extent. VENERUS, DAVID C. Aug 1, 2001 5876
Dispersion in High Viscosity Ratio Polyolefin Blends. HUNEAULT, MICHEL A.; MIGHRI, FREJ; KO, GLEN H.; WATANABE, FUMINAO Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4811
Quantitative Trait Loci for Flour Viscosity in Winter Wheat. Udall, J. A.; Souza, E.; Anderson, J.; Sorrells, M. E.; Zemetra, R. S. Jan 1, 1999 4118
Shear viscosity of rubber modified thermoplastics: dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers and ABS resins at very low stress. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. Apr 1, 1998 2261
Shear viscosity of carbon black filled polypropylene at very low shear stresses. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. Apr 1, 1998 2740
The effect of the polymer melt viscosity. Goot, A.J. van der; Hettema, R.; Janssen, L.P.B.M. Mar 1, 1997 4458
Chemorheology of poly(urethane/isocyanurate) formation. Sun, Xiudong; Toth, James; Lee, L. James Jan 1, 1997 4458
Chemorheology of a highly filled epoxy compound. Spoelstra, A.B.; Peters, G.W.M.; Meijer, H.E.H. Aug 1, 1996 4885
Effects of variable viscosity on the steady melting of thermoplastics during spin welding. Stokes, V.K.; Poslinski, A.J. Mar 15, 1995 10889
Shear and elongational behavior of linear low-density and low-density polyethylene blends from capillary rheometry. Muller, A.J.; Balsamo, V.; Da Silva, F.; Rosales, C.M.; Saez, A.E. Oct 15, 1994 4884
Elongational flow properties of low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene from nonisothermal melt spinning experiments. Bailey, L.E.; Cook, D.G.; Pronovost, J.; Rudin, A. Oct 15, 1994 3993
Interrelationship of strength and flow characteristics of polystyrene. Crowder, Mark L.; Ogale, Amod A.; Moore, Eugene R.; Dalke, Brian D. Oct 15, 1994 5320
On the pressure dependency of the viscosity of molten polymers. Kadijk, S.E.; Brule, B.H.A.A. van den Oct 1, 1994 7523
Cascades from a dripping faucet. Brief Article Jul 30, 1994 311
Predicting IM part toughness from melt viscosity. Song, James H.; Racanelli, Paolo Aug 1, 1991 1558
Putting the squeeze on liquid films. Peterson, Ivars Apr 1, 1989 476

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