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Investigating the structure and stratigraphy of the Carboniferous onshore-to-offshore Bay St. George subbasin, Western Newfoundland, Canada, using seismic data and potential field modeling. Shano, Miguel; Welford, J. Kim Jan 1, 2021 311
Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference 2019. Jan 1, 2019 7166
Ediacaran and Cambrian stratigraphy in Estonia: an updated review/Ediacara ja Kambriumi stratigrafia Eestis: ajakohastatud ulevaade. Meidla, Tonu Report Sep 1, 2017 6283
Geochemical and palaeontological evidence for the definition of the Silurian/Devonian boundary in the Changwantang section, Guangxi province, China. Zhao, Wen-jin; Jia, Guo-dong; Zhu, Min; Zhu, You'an Report Mar 1, 2015 2479
An updated stratigraphic and environmental framework for the distribution of Silurian vertebrates on Gotland. Bremer, Oskar; Blom, Henning Report Mar 1, 2015 2544
Calibrating water depths of Ordovician communities: lithological and ecological controls on depositional gradients in Upper Ordovician strata of southern Ohio and north-central Kentucky, USA. Brett, Carlton E.; Malgieri, Thomas J.; Thomka, James R.; Aucoin, Christopher D.; Dattilo, Benjamin Report Mar 1, 2015 2385
[delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy of the Middle and Upper Ordovician succession in the Tartu-453 drillcore, southern Estonia, and the significance of the HICE. Bauert, Heikki; Ainsaar, Leho; Poldsaar, Kairi; Sepp, Siim Report Dec 1, 2014 3228
The stratigraphic imprint of a mid-Telychian (Llandovery, Early Silurian) glaciation on far-field shallow-water carbonates, Anticosti Island, Eastern Canada. Clayer, Francois; Desrochers, Andre Report Dec 1, 2014 3198
Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Llandovery in northern peri-Gondwana: new data from the Barrandian area, Czech Republic. Fryda, Jiri; Storch, Petr Report Dec 1, 2014 3339
[delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy in the upper Tremadocian through lower Katian (Ordovician) carbonate succession of the Siljan district, central Sweden. Lehnert, Oliver; Meinhold, Guido; Wu, Rongchang; Calner, Mikael; Joachimski, Michael M. Report Dec 1, 2014 4417
Upper Wenlock [delta][sup.13]C chemostratigraphy, conodont biostratigraphy and palaeoecological dynamics in the Ledai-179 drill core (Eastern Lithuania). Radzevicius, Sigitas; Spiridonov, Andrej; Brazauskas, Antanas; Norkus, Audrius; Meidla, Tonu; Ainsaa Report Dec 1, 2014 3191
Biostratigraphy of the eocene sediments in Alborz province, Iran. Gravand, Ronak; Golgir, Zahra Report Apr 1, 2014 2179
Stratigraphic evolution of provenance in a thick conglomerate-dominated Carboniferous succession in the southern Isle Madame area, Nova Scotia, and paleogeographic implications. Force, Eric R. Report Jan 1, 2014 6593
Numerical simulation and optimization of hole spacing for cement grouting in rocks. Fu, Ping; Zhang, Jinjie; Xing, Zhanqing; Yang, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2013 6109
Meor H. Amir Hassan, Howard D. Johnson, Peter A. Allison, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, 2013, Sedimentology and stratigraphic development of the upper Nyalau Formation (Early Miocene), Sarawak, Malaysia: A mixed wave- and tide-influenced coastal system. Report Jan 1, 2013 324
Vertical variability and lateral distribution of late Wisconsinan sediments parallel to the axis of the buried valley of Mud Brook North of Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Szabo, John P.; Huth-Pyscher, Christine G.; Kushner, Vaughn A. Report Jan 1, 2013 5740
Microbiostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of Fahliyan and Gadvan formations in Kuh-e-Surmeh (Zagros Basin, Southwest Iran). Abyat, Ahmad; Baghbani, Darius; Afghah, Massih; Ghadimvand, Nader Kohansal; Feghi, Amir Report Nov 1, 2012 2768
Pridoli carbon isotope trend and upper Silurian to lowermost Devonian chemostratigraphy based on sections in Podolia (Ukraine) and the East Baltic area/Susinikisotoopide suhte arengutrend Pridolis ja Ulem-Siluri ning Devoni alguse kemostratigraafia Podoolia (Ukraina) ja Baltikumi andmetel. Kaljo, Dimitri; Martma, Tonu; Grytsenko, Volodymyr; Brazauskas, Antanas; Kaminskas, Donatas Report Sep 1, 2012 11118
Revised lithostratigraphy of the Pishin Belt, northwestern Pakistan. Kasi, Aimal Khan; Kassi, Akhtar Muhammad; Umar, Muhammad; Manan, Razzaq Abdul; Kakar, Muhammad Ishaq Report Jun 30, 2012 5050
Linkage of diagenesis to depositional environments and stratigraphy in the northern part of the Baltic basin/Diageneesiprotsesside seostatus settetingimuste ja stratigraafiaga Balti basseini pohjaosas. Kleesment, Anne; Kirsimae, Kalle; Martmaa, Tonu; Shogenovaa, Alla; Urtson, Kristjan; Shogenova, Kazb Report Mar 1, 2012 8175
Devonian stratigraphy in Estonia: current state and problems/Eesti Devoni stratigraafia: hetkeseis ja probleemid. Mark-Kurik, Elga; Poldvere, Anne Report Mar 1, 2012 9614
Microfacies study of Asmari Formation in the Northwest and Southeast of Shiraz, Iran. Dehghanian, Mohammad Sadegh; Khosrotehrani, Khosro; Afghah, Massih; Keshani, Farideh Report Feb 1, 2012 3468
The initial India-Asia continental collision and foreland basin evolution in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet: Evidences from stratigraphy and palaeontology. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 478
The sedimentary sequence from the Lake Kuzi outcrop, central Latvia: implications for late glacial stratigraphy/Kuzi jarve (Kesk-Latis) kaldalahedase paljandi setted: lisateave Hilis-Glatsiaali stratigraafiale. Koff, Tiiu; Terasmaa, Jaanus Report Jun 1, 2011 5682
New IGCP projects launched. Kaljo, Dimitri; Hints, Olle Jun 1, 2011 726
First record of Telephina (Trilobita) from the Ordovician of northeastern Estonia and its stratigraphical implications/Telephina (Trilobita) leid Kirde-Eesti Ordoviitsiumist ja selle stratigraafiline tahendus. Parnaste, Helje; Popp, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2011 3802
Water quality in Derajat Legahri, Dera Ghazi Khan. Goher, Aqeel; Ashraf, Mohammed; Khan, Mohammed Arshad Report Dec 31, 2010 358
Geophysical modeling of a part of Potwar (Missa Keswal) area by using seismic and well data. MonaLisa; Satti, Iftikhar Ahmed Author abstract Dec 31, 2010 200
New dimensions to play fairway evaluation within a sequence stratigraphic framework: Eocene carbonate play, southwestern part of the Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. Ahmad, Nadeem Author abstract Dec 31, 2010 471
Geological and stratigraphical studies of dimension and cutstone around Khanu Brohi and Khadhar areas, district Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2010 286
Composition and origin of the Middle Weichselian interstadial deposit in Veskoniemi, northern Finland/ Kesk-Weichseli interstadiaalsed setted Veskoniemi labiloikes Pohja-Soomes. Sarala, Pertti; Pihlaja, Jouni; Putkinen, Niko; Murray, Andrew Report Jun 1, 2010 3922
Hirnantian (latest Ordovician) bio- and chemostratigraphy of the Stirnas-18 core, western Latvia/Hirnantia lademe (Ulem-Ordoviitsium) bio- ja kemostratigraafia Stirnas-18 puursudamikus Laane-Latis. Hints, Linda; Hints, Olle; Kaljo, Dimitri; Kiipli, Tarmo; Mannik, Peep; Nolvak, Jaak; Parnaste, Helj Report Mar 1, 2010 12947
Chitinozoan dynamics and biostratigraphy in the Vao Formation (Darriwilian) of the Uuga Cliff, Pakri Peninsula, NW Estonia/Vao kihistu (Darriwili lade) kitiinikute dunaamika ja biostratigraafia Uuga pangal Pakri poolsaarel. Tammekand, Mairy; Hints, Olle; Nolvak, Jaak Report Mar 1, 2010 5798
Climato-chronostratigraphic framework of Pleistocene terrestrial and marine deposits of Northern Eurasia, based on pollen, electron spin resonance, and infrared optically stimulated luminescence analyses/Oietolmu-, elektron-paramagnetresonants- ja infrapunase kiirgusega optiliselt stimuleeritud luminestsentsanaluusi andmetel pohinev Pohja-Euraasia Pleistotseeni maismaa ning mereliste setete klimato-kronostratigraafiline skeem. Molodkov, Anatoly; Bolikhovskaya, Nataliya Report Mar 1, 2010 9143
Stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic Goldenville and Halifax groups in southwestern Nova Scotia. White, Chris E. Report Jan 1, 2010 12911
2-Dimensional soil and vadose-zone representation using an EM38 and EM34 and a laterally constrained inversion model. Triantafilis, J.; Santos, F.A. Monteiro Report Dec 1, 2009 7085
Palaeolimnological assessment of environmental change over the last two centuries in oligotrophic Lake Nohipalu Valgjarv, southern Estonia/Nohipalu Valgjarve kahesaja-aastase perioodi keskkonnaseisundi muutuste paleolimnoloogiline hindamine. Heinsalu, Atko; Alliksaar, Tiiu Report Jun 1, 2009 4476
Application of gravimetry and electric tomography methods to obtain stratigrafic profiles: case study at University of Quindio and Puerto Espejo area, Armenia-Colombia. Giraldol, Erika Cristina Jaramillo; Manchola, Ximena Vega; Jaramillo, Hugo Monsalve Dec 1, 2005 4185
Stratigraphy and structure of the Horton Group, Lochaber-Mulgrave area, northern mainland Nova Scotia. Teniere, Paul J.; Barr, Sandra M.; White, Chris E. Mar 1, 2005 7309
Geology of the Walnut Miss.-Tenn. 7.5 minute topographic quadrangle. Swann, Charles T. Oct 1, 2003 6175
Arenig volcanic and sedimentary strata, central New Brunswick and eastern Maine. Poole, W.H.; Neuman, Robert B. Jul 1, 2002 20471
Ice Over Earth. Defant, Marc J. Nov 1, 2001 3512
Minimum age of the Neoproterozoic Seven Hundred Acre Island Formation and the tectonic setting of the Islesboro Formation, Islesboro block, Maine. Stewart, David B.; Tucker, Robert D.; Ayuso, Robert A.; Lux, Daniel R. Mar 1, 2001 14241
Stratigraphy and geochemistry of Ordovician volcanic rocks of the Eel River area, west-central New Brunswick. Fyffe, L.R. Mar 1, 2001 13528
Stratigraphy, structure, and mafic sills in a section through the Halifax Group, Black River area, Kings County, Nova Scotia. (Atlantic Universities Geological Conference 2000). Gladwin, K. Jul 1, 2000 520
The Use of Test Pits to Investigate Subsurface Fracturing and Glacial Stratigraphy in Tills and Other Unconsolidated Materials(1). CHRISTY, ANN D.; MCFARLAND, LOUIS A.; CAREY, DUANE Jun 1, 2000 4968
Climate's Long-Lost Twin. MONASTERSKY, RICHARD Feb 26, 2000 2508
Popsicle planet: the king of all ice ages may have spurred animal evolution. Monastersky, Richard Cover Story Aug 29, 1998 2581
Strata. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 170
Signs of an ancient worldwide wallop. Monastersky, Richard Mar 4, 1989 515
Sea cycle clock. Weisburd, Stefi Mar 7, 1987 2132
The banded iron formation theory. Weisburd, Stefi Dec 6, 1986 305
Iridium spike not a comet strike? Weisburd, Stefi Dec 6, 1986 301
Volcanos and extinctions: erupting of the impact idea? Weisburd, Stefi Mar 16, 1985 1200

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