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Empowering teachers with low-intensity strategies to support academic engagement: implementation and effects of instructional choice for elementary students in inclusive settings. Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Royer, David J.; Messenger, Mallory L.; Common, Eric Alan; Ennis, Robin Parks; Nov 1, 2015 11751
Comprehensive and critical review of middle grades research and practice 2000-2013. Yoon, Bogum; Schaefer, Mary Beth; Brinegar, Kathleen; Malu, Kathleen F.; Reyes, Cynthia Report Mar 22, 2015 8555
Design thinking by accident and design: how one school developed a model for 21st-century learning (and a librarian and technology teacher led the way). Faust, Susan; Howland, Jenny Essay Jun 1, 2013 3169
The teacher as the main factor influencing the welfare of a child at school: perspectives from Estonian families. Tiko, Anne Report Nov 1, 2012 4104
Relationships of homework motivation and preferences to homework achievement and attitudes in Turkish students. Sep 1, 2012 430
Les effets de deux programmes d'entrainement sur le developpement d'habiletes de comprehension, de dechiffrement et de fluidite en lecture d'eleves francophones de deuxieme annee du primaire du Quebec. Lessard, Andree; Bolduc, Jonathan Report Jul 1, 2012 8376
Overcoming Exclusion through Quality Schooling. Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 65. Govinda, R.; Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita Report May 1, 2011 275
Double Jeopardy: How Third-Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation. Hernandez, Donald J. Report Apr 1, 2011 570
State Test Score Trends through 2008-09, Part 3: Student Achievement at 8th Grade. Chudowsky, Naomi; Chudowsky, Victor Report Apr 1, 2011 399
The Calm and Alert Class: Using Body, Mind and Breath to Teach Self-Regulation of Learning Related Social Skills. McGlauflin, Helene M. Report Jul 29, 2010 276
Advocating for the Visual Arts in the Era of No Child Left Behind. Daniel, Christine Report Jun 30, 2010 219
Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K): Combined User's Manual for the ECLS-K Eighth-Grade and K-8 Full Sample Data Files and Electronic Codebooks. NCES 2009-004. Tourangeau, Karen; Nord, Christine; Le, Thanh; Sorongon, Alberto G.; Najarian, Michelle Report Feb 1, 2009 184
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 State Snapshot Report. Washington. Grade 4, Public Schools. Report Jan 1, 2009 355
The Examination of the Basic Skill Levels of the Students in Accordance with the Perceptions of Teachers, Parents and Students. Hotaman, Davut Report Jul 1, 2008 285
Accountability in K-12 Education. Education Policy Brief. Armour-Garb, Allison Report Jun 1, 2008 135
The Condition of K-12 Public Education in Maine: 2008. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 327
Raising Questions for Binational Research in Education: An Exploration of Mexican Primary School Structure. Jensen, Bryant Report Jan 1, 2008 196
Math and Science Education for the California Workforce: It Starts with K-12. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 406
Synergizing Pedagogy, Learning Theory and Technology in Instruction: How can it be Done? Balakrishnan, Muniandy; Rossafri, Mohammad; Soon Fook, Fong Report Sep 1, 2007 213
Elementary Science Literature Review. Gustafson, Brenda; MacDonald, Dougal; d'Entremont, Yvette Report Sep 1, 2007 423
The "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001": Benefits to Private School Students and Teachers. Report Jul 1, 2007 210
Comparison of readability and decodability levels across five first grade basal programs. Maslin, Pamela Report Jun 22, 2007 7657
Fluency Formula[TM]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jun 11, 2007 373
The Condition of Education, 2007. NCES 2007-064. Planty, Michael; Provasnik, Stephen; Hussar, William; Snyder, Thomas; Kena, Grace; Hampden-Thompson, Report Jun 1, 2007 302
Highlights From the TIMSS 1999 Video Study of Eighth-Grade Science Teaching. NCES 2006-017. Report Jan 1, 2006 228
Parents' Satisfaction with Their Children's Schooling. Facts from OSEP's National Longitudinal Studies. Newman, Lynn Author abstract Jun 1, 2005 719
A comparative assessment of constructivist and traditionalist approaches to establishing mathematical connections in learning multiplication. Chung, Insook Dec 22, 2004 2560
Cooperative learning on academic achievement in elementary African American males. Caston, Marlene Cain Dec 1, 2004 1789
Developing an understanding of the pedagogy of writing in the middle years (age 8-11). Huxford, Laura Oct 1, 2004 4501
Text Talk, Body Talk, Table Talk: A Design of Ratio and Proportion as Classroom Parallel Events. Abrahamson, Dor Report Jul 1, 2003 190
Paraprofessionals in reading. Ediger, Marlow Mar 1, 2003 2188
A Topographical Analysis of Research, 1990-99. Fleming, Thomas (American writer); Raptis, Helen Jun 1, 2000 4962
Choosing Books for Reading: An Analysis of Three Types of Readers. Kragler, Sherry Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 4167
Children's Pitch Matching, Vocal Range, and Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Kim, Jinyoung Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 5363
"I Believe in Inclusion, But ...": Regular Education Early Childhood Teachers' Perceptions of Successful Inclusion. Smith, Kenneth E. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 12507
Teacher Interpersonal Behavior and Elementary Students' Outcomes. Fraser, Barry J. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 8379
What Do You Mean "Think Before I Act"?: Conflict Resolution With Choices. Resta, Virginia Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 3177
Volunteers provide a special, personalized program to meet self-concept, reading, and writing needs of elementary children. DeMoulin, Donald F.; Sawka, Jack Jun 22, 1998 840

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