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EXAMINING THE INFLUENCE OF SELF-EFFICACY AND SELF-REGULATION IN ONLINE LEARNING. Bradley, Rachel L.; Browne, Blaine L.; Kelley, Heather M. Report Dec 22, 2017 5676
SPORT MANAGEMENT CAREER DECISION-MAKING SELF-EFFICACY. Lumpkin, Angela; Franco, Dan; Multon, Karen; Achen, Rebecca M. Report Dec 22, 2017 5460
Exploring How Pedagogical Strategies Change Student Perceptions of Writing Apprehension. Fischer, Laura M.; Meyers, Courtney A.; Dobelbower, Sinclaire E. Report Oct 1, 2017 7726
The relationship between employee psychological empowerment and proactive behavior: Self-efficacy as mediator. Huang, Jiatao Report Aug 1, 2017 3232
Do entrepreneurial alertness and self-efficacy predict Chinese sports major students' entrepreneurial intention? Ye, Yinghua; Hu, Rui Report Aug 1, 2017 3800
Latina/o college students' perceptions of career barriers: influence of ethnic identity, acculturation, and self-efficacy. Mejia-Smith, Brenda; Gushue, George V. Report Apr 1, 2017 8097
Recognition in social media for supporting a cause: involvement and self-efficacy as moderators. Kim, Sojung; Um, Nam-Hyun Report Dec 1, 2016 5620
Effects of public-service employee age and performance of emotional labor on job pride. Lee, Hyun Jung Report Sep 1, 2016 4121
Supervisors' paternalistic leadership influences college English teachers' teaching efficacy in China. Song, Chang Report Sep 1, 2016 5131
Employee training as a predictor of self-efficacy in financial institutions of Pakistan: A note. Bakar, Abou; Ali, Asad; Zaki, Waqas Report Jul 1, 2016 3409
Creative self-efficacy mediates the relationship between knowledge sharing and employee innovation. Hu, Bei; Zhao, Yidan Report Jun 1, 2016 4534
Effects of emotional intelligence and self-leadership on students' coping with stress. Wang, Yefei; Xie, Guangrong; Cui, Xilong Report Jun 1, 2016 4121
Proactive personality as a moderator between work stress and employees' internal growth. Zhao, Xin; Zhou, Mi; Liu, Qian; Kang, Hua Report May 1, 2016 5916
Gender moderates firms' innovation performance and entrepreneurs' self-efficacy and risk propensity. Yu, Jiarong; Chen, Shouming Report May 1, 2016 4258
Career decision-making self-efficacy change in Italian high school students. Chiesa, Rita; Massei, Fabio; Guglielmi, Dina Report Apr 1, 2016 11166
Core self-evaluation, regulatory emotional self-efficacy, and depressive symptoms: testing two mediation models. Dou, Kai; Wang, Yu-Jie; Li, Jian-Bin; Liu, Yao-Zhong Report Apr 1, 2016 3061
Self-efficacy pathways between relational aggression and nonsuicidal self-injury. Buser, Trevor J.; Peterson, Christina Hamme; Kearney, Anne Oct 1, 2015 6542
Relationship between self-efficacy and counseling attitudes among first-year college students. Tirpak, David M.; Schlosser, Lewis Z. Oct 1, 2015 6034
Relationships among future time perspective, career and organizational commitment, occupational self-efficacy, and turnover intention. Park, In-Jo; Jung, Heajung Report Oct 1, 2015 5729
Validating personal well-being experiences at school: a quantitative examination of secondary school students. Phan, Huy P.; Ngu, Bing H. Report Sep 22, 2015 8674
Gender self-confidence and social influence: impact on working alliance. Anderson, Ruthann Smith; Levitt, Dana Heller Report Jul 1, 2015 7216
Differences in buying behavior of self-lovers according to the form of self-love. Hwang, Jae Won; Kim, Seo Young Report Jul 1, 2015 6687
Social support, social comparison, and career adaptability: a moderated mediation model. Wang, Zhongming; Fu, Ying Report May 1, 2015 4353
Reading and teaching in an urban middle school: preservice teachers' self-efficacy beliefs and field-based experiences. Rogers-Haverback, Heather; Mee, Molly Report Mar 22, 2015 7633
Exploring the relationship between self-efficacy and career commitment among early career agriculture teachers. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J. Report Jan 1, 2015 6003
The effect of manipulated and accurate assessment feedback on the self-efficacy of dance students. Garcia-Dantas, Ana; Quested, Eleanor Report Jan 1, 2015 6392
Can perfectionism affect career development? Exploring career thoughts and self-efficacy. Andrews, Lindsay M.; Bullock-Yowell, Emily; Dahlen, Eric R.; Nicholson, Bonnie C. Report Jul 1, 2014 7549
Psychometric evaluation of the clinical skills self-efficacy scale. Oetker-Black, Sharon L.; Kreye, Judy; Underwood, Sherrie; Price, Andrea; DeMetro, Nancy Report Jul 1, 2014 3135
The influence of college students' coping styles on perceived self-efficacy in managing inferiority. Shi, Changxiu; Zhao, Xiaojun Report Jul 1, 2014 3189
Teacher candidates speak out: exploring concerns related to pupil learning and efficacy when learning to teach. Derosier, Sharline; Soslau, Elizabeth Report Jun 22, 2014 3507
An exploration of complimentary factors in career and student development in the liberal arts. Luke, Chad; Diambra, Joel F.; Gibbons, Melinda Report Jun 1, 2014 7021
The impact of organizational identification on the relationship between procedural justice and employee work outcomes. Ma, Bing; Liu, Shanshi; Liu, Donglai Report Apr 1, 2014 2437
An evaluation of teachers' attitudes and beliefs levels on classroom control in terms of teachers' sense of efficacy (the sample of biology teachers in Turkey). Kurt, Hakan Report Mar 22, 2014 7108
A comparison of preservice teachers' responses to cyber versus traditional bullying scenarios: similarities and differences and implications for practice. Boulton, Michael J.; Hardcastle, Katryna; Down, James; Fowles, John; Simmonds, Jennifer A. Report Mar 1, 2014 9509
Evaluating corrective feedback self-efficacy changes among counselor educators and site supervisors. Motley, Veronica; Reese, Mary Kate; Campos, Peter Report Mar 1, 2014 5435
Influential factors in academic and career self-efficacy attachment, supports, and career barriers. Wright, Stephen L.; Perrone-McGovern, Kristin M.; Boo, Jenelle N.; White, Aarika Vannatter Report Jan 1, 2014 8379
Cross-domain effects of work-family conflict on organizational commitment and performance. Li, Chaoping; Lu, Jiafang; Zhang, Yingying Report Nov 1, 2013 4663
The impact of students' perceptions of assessment tasks on self-efficacy and perception of task value: a path analysis. Alkharusi, Hussain; Aldhafri, Said; Alnabhani, Hilal; Alkalbani, Muna Report Nov 1, 2013 3867
Effect of personal characteristics on Chinese high school students' internet self-efficacy. Li, Yan; Zhao, Qianziang Report Nov 1, 2013 3112
The study of managers self esteem relationship with their effectiveness at Marand high schools in terms of teachers' perspectives during 2013 educational year. Jafari, Nayer; Nezhad, Akbar Soleimani Report Nov 1, 2013 3647
Caregivers' self-efficacy and burden of managing behavioral problems in Taiwanese aged 65 and over with dementia. Uei, Shu-Lin; Sung, Huei-Chuan; Yang, Mei-Sang Report Oct 1, 2013 3740
The relationships among workaholism, proactivity, and locomotion in a work setting. Falvo, Rossella; Visintin, Emilio Paolo; Capozza, Dora; Falco, Alessandra; De Carlo, Alessandro Report Oct 1, 2013 5381
Alteration of adolescent self-efficacy when applying brief counseling at school. Rakauskiene, Vinga; Dumciene, Audrone Report Jul 1, 2013 2524
Balance and self-efficacy of balance in children with CHARGE syndrome. Haibach, Pamela S.; Lieberman, Lauren J. Report Jul 1, 2013 6041
Factor analysis of the regulatory emotional self-efficacy scale of Chinese college students. Zhao, Xiaojun; You, Xuqun; Shi, Changxiu; Yang, Xiufei; Chu, Kaiwen; Peng, Zhengmin Report Jun 1, 2013 3321
What do teaching qualifications mean in urban schools? A mixed-methods study of teacher preparation and qualification. Eckert, Sarah Anne Report Jan 1, 2013 11468
Teachers' content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge: the role of structural differences in teacher education. Kleickmann, Thilo; Richter, Dirk; Kunter, Mareike; Elsner, Jurgen; Besser, Michael; Krauss, Stefan; Report Jan 1, 2013 11272
The role of the mother-daughter relationship in Taiwanese college students' career self-efficacy. Mao, Ching-Hua; Hsu, Ying-Chu; Fang, Tzu-Wei Report Oct 1, 2012 4379
Field instructors' perceptions of evidence-based practice in BSW field placement sites. Wiechelt, Shelly A.; Ting, Laura Report Sep 22, 2012 7609
Playing time between senior rugby players of different ethnic groups cross all levels of South African rugby, 2007-2011. du Toit, Jacques; Durandt, Justin; Joshua, Jonathan; Masimla, Herman; Lambert, Mike Sep 1, 2012 3929
Analyzing peer pressure and self-efficacy expectations among adolescents. Kiran-Esen, Binnaz Report Sep 1, 2012 3197
Effects of college students' video gaming behavior on self-concept clarity and flow. Lee, Chiawen; Aiken, Kirk Damon; Hung, Huang Chia Report May 1, 2012 2836
Context and creativity: the theory of planned behavior as an alternative mechanism. Choi, Jin Nam Report May 1, 2012 4510
Multi-site analyses of special education and general education student teachers' skill ratings for working with students with disabilities. King-Sears, Margaret E.; Carran, Deborah T.; Dammann, Stacey N.; Arter, Patricia Sullivan Report Mar 22, 2012 7077
Unemployed adults' career thoughts, career self-efficacy, and interest: any similarity to college students? Bullock-Yowell, Emily; Andrews, Lindsay; McConnell, Amy; Campbell, Michael Report Mar 1, 2012 6152
What's new in pedagogy research. Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Feb 1, 2012 889
The effects of on-going consultation for accommodating students with disabilities on teacher self-efficacy and learned helplessness. Gotshall, Christine; Stefanou, Candice Report Dec 22, 2011 4880
Social self-efficacy of adolescents who participate in individual and team sports. Dinc, Zeynep Report Nov 1, 2011 2677
Self-efficacy, self-rated abilities, adjustment, and academic performance. Brady-Amoon, Peggy; Fuertes, Jairo N. Essay Sep 22, 2011 6675
Goal orientation and self-efficacy as predictors of male adolescent soccer players' motivation to participate. Cetinkalp, Zisan Kazak; Turksoy, Ayse Report Aug 1, 2011 3774
Student and teacher self-efficacy and the connection to reading and writing. Corkett, Julie; Hatt, Blaine; Benevides, Tina Report Jul 1, 2011 8342
The influence of self-efficacy on flight dispatchers' stressor-strain relationships. Liu, Haihua; Song, Guoping; Wang, Dengfeng Report Jul 1, 2011 4350
Agricultural education perceived teacher self-efficacy: a descriptive study of beginning agricultural education teachers. Wolf, Kattlyn J. Report Apr 1, 2011 6427
Constructivism and career decision self-efficacy for Asian Americans and African Americans. Grier-Reed, Tabitha; Ganuza, Zoila M. Report Mar 22, 2011 5022
Teachers' perceptions of self-efficacy, English proficiency, and instructional strategies. Yilmaz, Cevdet Report Feb 1, 2011 3777
The development and validation of the golf self-efficacy scale. Hayslip, Bert, Jr.; Raab, Carlin M.; Baczewski, Philip C.; Petrie, Trent A. Report Nov 25, 2010 5109
Self-efficacy, social support, and coping strategies of adolescent earthquake survivors in China. Yang, Jun; Yang, Yebing; Liu, Xufeng; Tian, Jianquan; Zhu, Xia; Miao, Danmin Report Oct 1, 2010 3800
Student satisfaction and self-efficacy in a cooperative robotics course. Liu, Eric Zhi Feng; Lin, Chun Hung; Chang, Chiung Sui Report Sep 1, 2010 4351
An application of belief-importance theory with reference to the Big Five and trait emotional intelligence. Petrides, K.V. Report Jun 1, 2010 4884
Demographic variables and self-efficacy as factors influencing career commitment of librarians in federal university libraries in Nigeria. Adio, Gboyega; Popoola, S.O. Report Feb 1, 2010 6726
The relationship between self-efficacy and conflict-handling styles in terms of relative authority positions of the two parties. Ergeneli, Azize; Camgoz, Selin Metin; Karapinar, Pinar Bayhan Report Feb 1, 2010 6455
Knowledge workers' interpersonal skills and innovation performance: an empirical study of Taiwanese high-tech industrial workers. Tsai, Ming-Tien; Chen, Cheng-Chung; Chin, Chao-Wei Report Feb 1, 2010 4506
Teacher Leadership: Leading the Way to Effective Teaching and Learning. Berry, Barnett; Daughtrey, Alesha; Wieder, Alan Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 345
Student reactions to assignment structure: examining the influence of cognitive style. DePaolo, Concetta A.; Sherwood, Arthur Lloyd; Robinson, David F. Report Dec 1, 2009 8875
Jordanian parental efficacy about the reduction of adolescent behavior problems. Simadi, Fayez A.; Olimat, Hmoud; Momani, Fawwaz Report Sep 1, 2009 3089
Relations among temptations, self-efficacy, and physical activity. Nigg, Claudio R.; McCurdy, Dana K.; McGee, Kelly A.; Motl, Rob W.; Paxton, Raheem J.; Horwath, Carol Report Jun 1, 2009 5505
The relationship between self-compassion, self-efficacy, and control belief about learning in Turkish University students. Iskender, Murat Report Jun 1, 2009 3760
Stressors and burnout: the role of employee assistance programs and self-efficacy. Yu, Ming-Chu; Lin, Chiu-Chuan; Hsu, San-Yuan Report Apr 1, 2009 5163
Value judgments and perceived self-efficacy of biology teacher candidates. Oztas, Fulya; Dilmac, Bulent Report Apr 1, 2009 1736
An exploratory examination of the effects of coaches' pre-game speeches on athletes' perceptions of self-efficacy and emotion. Vargas-Tonsing, Tiffanye M. Report Mar 1, 2009 7336
Business student computer self-efficacy: ten years later. Karsten, Rex; Schmidt, Dennis Report Dec 22, 2008 6288
The effects of anxiety and self-efficacy on finance students. Sizoo, Steve; Jozkowskia, Robert; Malhotra, Naveen; Shapero, Morris Report Dec 1, 2008 4461
The role of gender, self-efficacy, age and extroversion on smoking behaviour among Ambrose Alli University Students, Ekpoma, Nigeria. Momoh, S.O.; Imhonde, H.O.; Omagbe, E. Report Nov 1, 2008 3374
Gender effects on bias in complex financial decisions. Endres, Megan Lee; Chowdhury, Sanjib K.; Alam, Intakhab Jun 22, 2008 6636
Emotional intelligence and self-efficacy in a sample of Italian high school teachers. Di Fabio, Annamaria; Palazzeschi, Letizia Report Apr 1, 2008 4479
Work-family conflict and job satisfaction: the mediating effects of job-focused self-efficacy. Mathis, Christopher J.; Brown, Ulysses J., III Report Jan 1, 2008 4673
A study of factors that influence unemployed persons. Aviram, Arie Dec 1, 2006 7255
Development of the RoBE self-efficacy scale for people with breathing pattern disorders. Rowley, Janet; Nicholls, David Nov 1, 2006 8012
The influence of role models on women's career choices. DeSantis, Angela M. Jun 1, 2006 4792
Adult Learners and Academic Achievement: The Roles of Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation, and Motivation. Semmar, Yassir Author abstract May 15, 2006 182
Self-Efficacy Beliefs: From Educational Theory to Instructional Practice. Artino, Anthony R., Jr. Report Apr 5, 2006 240
Preservice Teachers' Help-Seeking Tendencies and Self-Regulation of Learning. Bembenutty, Hefer Report Apr 1, 2006 196
The impact of self-efficacy and prior computer experience on the creativity of new librarians in selected universities libraries in Southwest Nigeria. Tella, Adeyinka; Ayeni, C.O. Mar 22, 2006 3361
The effects of a stress management program on knowledge and perceived self-efficacy among participants from a faith community: a pilot study. Bushy, Angeline; Stanton, Marietta P.; Freeman, Holly K. Report Sep 22, 2004 3490
Self-Efficacy in Mathematics and Students' Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies during Assessment Events. Tanner, Howard; Jones, Sonia Report Jul 1, 2003 208
Promoting the will and skill of students at academic risk: an evaluation of an instructional design geared to foster achievement, self-efficacy and motivation. Alfassi, Miriam Mar 1, 2003 6831
New self-efficacy scale. (Horizons). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 170
Skills-based training and counseling self-efficacy. (Counselor Preparation). Urbani, Steve; Smith, Michael Robert; Maddux, Cleborne D.; Smaby, Marlowe H.; Torres-Rivera, Edil; C Dec 1, 2002 5816
The impact of motivational imagery on the emotional state and self-efficacy levels of novice climbers. Jones, Marc V.; Bray, Steven R.; Mace, Roger D.; MacRae, Alexander W.; Stockbridge, Claire Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 6882
Beyond Self-Efficacy: Interactive Effects Of Role Conflict And Perceived Collective Efficacy. Zellars, Kelly L.; Hochwarter, Wayne A.; Perrewe, Pamela L.; Miles, Angela K.; Kiewitz, Christian Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 5991
Description and Use of the Neuroscience Nursing Self-Efficacy Scale. DiIorio, Colleen; Price, Mary Elizabeth Jun 1, 2001 4397
Flexible Short-term Goals and Basketball Shooting Performance. Getz, Glen E.; Rainey, David W. Mar 1, 2001 4349
A comparison of two measures of computer self-efficacy. Karsten, Rex Report Jan 1, 2000 5355
A Psychotherapy Assessment Battery Based on Outcomes as Opposed to Efficacy (A Paradigm Including Internal Harmony). Cassel, Russell N. Sep 1, 1999 3016
High School Health Teachers' Perceived Self-Efficacy in Identifying Students at Risk for Suicide. King, Keith A.; Price, James H.; Telljohann, Susan K.; Wahl, Jeffrey May 1, 1999 5113
Informational support, equity and burnout: the moderating effect of self-efficacy. VanYperen, Nico W. Mar 1, 1998 2131
The effects of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and audience presence on soccer penalty shot performance. Geisler, Guido W.W.; Leith, Larry M. Sep 1, 1997 5728
The effects of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and audience presence on soccer penalty shot performance. Geisler, Guido W.W.; Leith, Larry M. Aug 1, 1997 5734
A study of agentic self-efficacy and agentic competence across Britain and the USA. Sadri, Golnaz Jan 1, 1996 5101
Perceived health and self-efficacy among adults with cerebral palsy. Schaller, James Apr 1, 1995 4571
Self or group? Cultural effects of training on self-efficacy and performance. Earley, P. Christopher Mar 1, 1994 10532
Re-conceptualizing the self-efficacy paradigm: analysis of an eight-year study. DeMoulin, Donald F. Dec 22, 1993 9205
Mainstreaming students with disabilities using self-efficacy. Kendall, Robbie M.; DeMoulin, Donald F. Dec 22, 1993 2001

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