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Research team looks to develop new catalyst for biodiesel.

Clemson University student newspaper The Tiger recently reported that a team of researchers led by chemical engineering department chair James Goodwin is currently conducting research into a more economically sound process for the production of biodiesel fuel.

According to the paper, Goodwin, who was awarded a $900,000 grant for his research last year, is hoping to develop a new catalyst to be used in production of the alternative fuel, as the commonly employed lye, a liquid, is only effective once per batch.

The paper said Goodwin is looking to formulate a solid catalyst, which would not react in the presence of liquids and therefore enable continuous production of the fuel.

"We hope by the end of three years to have a well-defined way to produce biodiesel economically," said Goodwin.

(THE TIGER: 2/11)
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Publication:Alternative Transportation Fuels Today
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Date:Feb 22, 2005
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