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Research program.

Visiting Research Fellow--Intellectual Property, Dr Jane Anderson, has finished her current tenure with AIATSIS. Successful launches of the AIATSIS reports on cultural institutions and IP and community protocols were held in the Mabo Room on 16 June 2006, and the legal primer was launched on 19 June at the University of Melbourne. Dr Anderson, Professor Martin Nakata and Mr Lester-Irabinna Rigney (member of the Research Advisory Committee) presented papers at the AIATSIS launch.

Visiting Research Fellow--Indigenous Social Health, Ms Kerry Arabena, has developed further her doctoral research design, resulting in a paper entitled 'The Universal Citizen: an Indigenous and ecological citizenship framework for the twenty-first century'. Ms Arabena is working on the Prisons and Resilience Project, is participating in the social and emotional wellbeing stream of the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health, and has made multiple public presentations over the last period.

Toni Bauman, Visiting Research Fellow, Native Title Research Unit, has completed the three-year Indigenous Facilitation and Mediation Project (IFaMP) within the Native Title Research Unit. She has given a final seminar at AIATSIS and produced a final report summarising the work undertaken and setting out best practice findings and implementation issues. Discussions are ongoing regarding the implementation of IFaMP's findings with a range of government and other stakeholders. Toni has also completed Aboriginal Darwin: a guide to exploring important sites of the past and present, which has been published by Aboriginal Studies Press, and is currently working on joint management of Nitmiluk National Park in Katherine as part of a broader study into successful Aboriginal organisations, which is sponsored by the Australian Collaboration and the Poola fund.

Research Fellow--History, Tradition and Transformation, Dr Geoff Gray, has had his book on the history of Australian anthropology accepted by Aboriginal Studies Press for publication in mid-2007, and is currently carrying out archival research concerning the early career of the late Professor Ronald Berndt and Catherine Berndt with the possibility of a biography as an outcome of this research. Dr Gray and Steve Kinnane are compiling and editing a volume on 'Narrating Indigenous history' and anticipate its publication in 2007.

Visiting Research Fellow--Indigenous Social Health, Dr Graham Henderson, has been working collaboratively over the past 12 months with colleagues at AIATSIS, the Australian National University, Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service, Armidale Regional Centre for Social and Emotional Wellbeing/Aboriginal Medical Service, and the Muuji Regional Centre for Social and Emotional Wellbeing (a consortium of three Community Controlled Aboriginal Medical Services in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory) on various research projects with the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health. These projects include: developing a best-practice model for the delivery of health services to Indigenous inmates of the new ACT prison, their families, and Aboriginal Health Workers; developing an evidence-based approach for the activities of the Regional Centres; and supporting the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program History Project led by Dr Gordon Briscoe, Ms Jilpia Nappaljarri Jones, Ms Leila Smith and Dr Geoff Gray. Together with Dr Heather McDonald, Ms Kerry Arabena and Dr Graeme Ward, he edited contributions for the current thematic issue of Australian Aboriginal Studies.

Visiting Scholar--Education, Dr Sujatha Kalimili, is working on a comparative study of educational policies and programs for Australian Aborigines and Indian tribes. In November 2006, she made a presentation on 'Approaches and strategies for tribal education in India' to the Indigenous Justice Policy section of the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination.

Visiting Research Fellow--Social Organisation and Expressive Culture, Mr Steve Kinnane, has made presentations on sustainability and Indigenous natural resource management at national Indigenous policy conferences in Brisbane and Perth, and carried out further fieldwork on sea country with the Kimberley Land Council. He played a lead role in the penultimate draft of the Department of Environment and Heritage National Oceans Office Southwest Marine Zone Report.

Visiting Research Fellow--Language and Society, Dr Patrick McConvell, was Visiting Scientist at the Max-Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, working on the 'Australian society in the last 10,000 years: evidence from Indigenous languages' project (with Barry Alpher) and the Loanword Typology project (Gurindji), from June to August. He also gave talks in Marseilles, Nijmegen and Bucharest. In October he began his work with the Victoria River District endangered languages and cultures project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, and carried out fieldwork in the District. He has also completed a paper with Ian Keen on Australian Indigenous kinship, which was presented by Keen at the American Anthropological Association meeting in November 2006.

Dr Kazuko Obata has been continuing her work on AUSTLANG, a web-based Australian Indigenous Languages Database. She is reviewing and updating the list of Indigenous languages/dialects and collaborating with Dr Harold Koch on the classification of languages and dialects.

Dr Lisa Strelein, Visiting Research Fellow and Manager, Native Title Research Unit, produced several papers, articles and book chapters, and saw published her new book, Compromised jurisprudence: native title cases since Mabo (Aboriginal Studies Press). Dr Strelein has begun a three-year collaboration (as part of an ARC Linkage grant) with the University of Melbourne, RioTinto and the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination to examine the implementation of agreements and treaties with Indigenous and local peoples in post-colonial states.

Dr Patrick Sullivan, acting Director of Research, completed co-editing a volume of The Australian Journal of Anthropology (with Ms Toni Bauman) focusing on the limits to the use of the term 'culture'. He also began work with the Demand-Responsive Service Delivery project of the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre and is initiating research on the Indigenous Land Corporation in the Kimberley region (a Council-funded project). Dr Sullivan's Visiting Research Fellowship terminated during this period. A new position was advertised and after a competitive selection process and interviews Dr Sullivan was appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow in Indigenous Regional Organisation, Governance and Public Policy for a three- to five-year term.

Dr Colin Tatz, Honorary Visiting Fellow, has completed an AIATSIS Research Discussion Paper entitled Aborigines and uranium--monitoring the health hazards. His co-authors are Drs Alan Cass, John Condon and George Tippett. This exploratory research arose out of the Institute's original commission to monitor the social impact of uranium mining on Aboriginal people in the Alligator Rivers region of the Northern Territory, the report on which was submitted to federal parliament in 1984. Dr Tatz has co-edited (with Peter Arnold and Sandra Tatz) Genocide perspectives III, a volume in which several essays deal with Aboriginal history. He has a chapter on 'Sacralising the profane, profaning the sacred' in the book, Negotiating the sacred, published by the Australian National University this year. Dr Tatz joined Tony Kalma and Kate George in a keynote presentation on social impacts at the Creating Futures conference in Cairns in September 2006. He gave a seminar at the ANU on 'Science versus sociology' in October 2006, citing the domains of Aboriginal suicide and of uranium health hazards as case studies of such conflict.

Deputy Principal, Research and Information, Dr Luke Taylor, completed three weeks fieldwork with Aboriginal artists in Arnhem Land in July 2006. He wrote up this work and presented a keynote address to the Re-materialising Colour symposium at the Centre for Cross-cultural Research, Australian National University, on 7-8 September 2006, and presented a paper in the AIATSIS 'Aboriginal Art and Identity' seminar series on 18 September. In November 2006 he produced an article 'Negotiating form among Kuninjku bark painters' for the Mumeka to Milmilngkan: innovation in Kurulk art catalogue, edited by Professor Jon Altman, to accompany the exhibition of the same name held at the Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University. He also assisted with floor talks at the exhibition.

Visiting Research Fellow--Education, Dr Jo Taylor, has successfully completed the first year of a three-year ethnography including fieldwork in Western Australia with Indigenous children in two kindergarten settings.

Director of Research, Dr Peter Veth, has finalised a major co-authored report for the Department of Environment and Heritage relating to the National Heritage Listing of the Aboriginal rock-art of the Dampier Archipelago, and has finished a manuscript for the British Archaeological Review International Monograph Series. Dr Veth is currently visiting the University of California at Berkeley.

Research Fellow--Human Relationships with Landscapes, Dr Graeme Ward, continued his research in Wadeye and surrounding areas (Northern Territory) in heritage places subject to tourism initiatives, and is collaborating with traditional owners and the Wadeye Aboriginal Languages Centre on publications relating to cultural heritage matters. In the last year, he saw into print two issues of Australian Aboriginal Studies and two Research Discussion Papers.
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