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Research on the design of computer measurement and evaluation system of sports competitive psychology.

1. Introduction

1.1. The Meaning of Computer Psychological Assessment

Computer psychological assessment is an important way of modern psychological test information. With the rapid development of computer information technology, the way of psychological testing has also been developed. In the evaluation of the media, from the manual evaluation of paper to the computer without paper evaluation and development; in function, from the professional, local, single measurement to a simple, wide area, multiple psychological assessment system development; in the data processing, from the manual statistical analysis to the development of computer intelligence processing. The modern psychological test is based on Internet network, and has a strong information processing function, which provides a scientific theoretical guidance and technical support for the evaluation of the competitive psychological adaptability of athletes. At the same time, it makes the evaluation of the psychological adaptability of the athletes from the traditional paper experience evaluation to the standardization, rapid scientific evaluation. (Hunter, J. E., Leslie, J., & Perkins, N. D., 2016; Velmeshev, D., Lally, P., Magistri, M., & Faghihi, M. A., 2016).


1.2. The Status Quo and Characteristics of Computer Psychological Assessment

From the current development of view, the psychological evaluation includes: network psychological testing and evaluation, psychological software testing, the traditional scale evaluation, etc. (Pavlova, N. N., & Thompson, C. B., 2016) However, there are some problems, such as network psychological test and assessment: only limited to some small social psychological evaluation, no physical and other professional evaluation of the site; there is no single psychological test platform. (Shao, Y., Li, M., Wu, M., Shi, K., Fang, B., & Wang, J., 2015) And as a psychological evaluation software evaluation: can not carry out network remote measurement. And the traditional measurement: human and material resources is very big, and the speed is slow. (showed in Fig.2) (Yuan, L., Zhi, W., Liu, Y., Smiley, E., Gallagher, D., Chen, X., ... & Zhang, H., 2016).


Compared to the traditional manual evaluation method, the use of computer evaluation has the following characteristics: first, centralized management, multi environment operation; two is efficient and intelligent; three is a breakthrough time and geographical constraints; four is the feedback information is intuitive and objective. So people pay more and more attention to the evaluation of the use of computer (XinXin, C., YongSheng, N., & Zheng, L., 2015).

1.3. The Value of Competitive Psychological Adaptability

The definition of competitive psychological adaptation is: when the external environment changes, the main body of the main body through self adjustment system to make a dynamic response, so that their mental activity and behavior more in line with the requirements of environmental change and its own development, so that the main body and the training, the competition environment to achieve a new balance process." (Rusli, R. K., Wiryawan, K. G., Toharmat, T., & Mutia, R., 2015; Lee, J., & Price, N., 2016).

In the technical and tactical level to reach the top of today, the competition between high level athletes is often no longer limited to the impact of training level and their own strength, to a greater extent, by their psychological quality, psychological skills. (Runa, A. I. D. N. F., & Miranda, G. L., 2015) Foreign athletes have a strong physical fitness and skills at the same time, we also have a lack of training and competition in some of the psychological qualities and skills, such as how to control the tension in the training and competition, focus and other aspects of psychological control. (Wade, A., & Stabb, S., 2015) At present, a lot of high level coaches will be psychological training as an indispensable part of daily training, and this is also the new characteristics of modern sports training, is the inevitable trend of its development. The psychological training of modern athletes throughout the body and technical and tactical training process, mainly is to cultivate athletes' motivation, perception ability, reaction ability, frustration tolerance, emotional adjustment ability, will power, tactical coordination ability and collective sense of responsibility, etc., in addition to athletes personality psychological tendencies of the correction and training. (Din, A., Abd Rashid, S., & Awang, M. I., 2015) Individual psychological training is also taking short-term psychological training, the main task is to make the athletes have the special psychological qualities necessary for the sport, or to make the athletes to form the best psychological preparation for the specific game. At the same time, in the field of sports research, the application of psychology is more and more attention (Gabrielli, E., Fulle, S., & Pietrangelo, T., 2015).

2. The Feasibility of Computer Test Automation of Competitive Psychological Adaptability

Through the test of the psychological adaptability of athletes, according to the feedback information, it is an important part of the research on the psychological adaptability of the athletes. At present, in the process of testing and evaluation of the adaptability of sports, the process of collecting data is to take the test under the guidance of the psychological counseling expert. (Cranmer, G. A., & Sollitto, M., 2015) It makes us more difficult to collect the data. In the collection of information preservation, because it is a paper collection, easy to wear and loss. All the above, the reliability of the psychological counseling experts or coaches in the research evaluation. Because of the difference of the psychological consultation, the experts themselves with the same test, the same test of the same time, the psychological counseling experts themselves with a more subjective, resulting in the evaluation is not objective and accurate. At the same time, because of the different time interval, the test data can not be guaranteed (Dos Santos, A. L., 2015).

The test of the adaptability of athletes' psychological adaptability is not only applied in the daily training of athletes, but also is more advantageous to the athletes' competitive state, which makes them play the best level. But before the competition, if the use of artificial paper testing, will not be able to timely feedback the psychological state of the athletes, which requires us to solve the test process control, score statistics speed and accuracy, feedback information and other issues (Avalos1, T., Maximiliano, S., Davila, B., Jesus, C., & Lopez-Walle, J. M., 2015).

With the rapid development of computer science and network technology and the wide application of psychological testing, computer technology, with its own accuracy, fast, intelligent, and other characteristics, which has been integrated into other areas of research, and become an important tool for researchers. The rise of computer and network psychological assessment provides the basis for the computer measurement and evaluation of athletes' psychological adaptability (Cooper, J. N., & Dougherty, S., 2015).

3. The Construction of the Computer Measurement System of the Adaptability of Competitive Psychology

3.1. Analysis of the Demand of the Computer Test System of Competitive Psychological Adaptability

Role analysis is to distinguish between the test and the test, to ensure the safety and accuracy of the test results of the computer test system of competitive psychological adaptability, the paper test and evaluation process of the competitive psychological adaptability of the participants. According to the different division of participants in the competition, the competitive psychological adaptive scale computer evaluation system will be operated by the following three roles: firstly, the system administrator is the manager of the computer testing system of the adaptive capacity of the competitive psychological adaptability. The system administrator is responsible for the basic content of the computer measurement system of competitive psychological adaptability and the daily maintenance of the database, which has the authority to manage all the psychological consulting experts; scondly, psychological counseling expert refers to the need to use competitive psychological adaptive measurement system of the computer measurement system to conduct research, analysis and study of the athletes' psychological guidance; Thirdly, the test subjects were the main participants in the computer measurement system using the competitive psychological adaptability scale. According to the test object and range of the scale of competitive psychological adaptability, the computer test system of competitive psychological adaptability is only suitable for athletes of 15 years old.

The work flow of the computer measurement system of competitive psychological adaptability is mainly reflected in the work flow of the system (shown in Fig.3). The system is composed of JS, JSP, Servlet Java, Javabean and so on. Which JS and JSP is mainly response to action. Servlet Java is mainly to receive and return to the upper response event data, and to return the results back to the upper level, it is the middle layer, the main connection between the functional class and the upper level. Javabean is mainly to achieve the specific functions of the class, which also includes the operation of the database, the formation of statements, MD5, display debugging information and other special features.


The overall goal of the computer test system of competitive psychological adaptability is the computer background operation ofthe test and evaluation process of the athletes' psychological adaptability. Specifically, there are five functional requirements:system administrator management functions; the management function of psychological consultation expert; test user test function; print report function; historical information query.

3.2. The Design of Computer Test System for Competitive Psychological Adaptability

The design principle of the computer test system of competitive psychological adaptability includes simple operation, administration of unity, system specification, information security, functional modularity, the system can be expanded.

The hierarchical structure is a reasonable structure, and the reasonable structure is the premise of the system is smooth operation and is widely used. Through the systematic analysis of the participants and the evaluation process, the evaluation system of competitive psychological adaptive computer evaluation system is composed of a registered login subsystem, system management subsystem, test management system, psychological counseling expert subsystem. (as shown in Fig.4).


The evaluation system and the main module function of the competitive psychological adaptabilityscale:thesystemconfigurationmanagementmoduleofthesysteminformation management subsystem is composed of the system administrator, which is mainly for the whole system, and the authority management of the psychological consultation expert users; the psychological consultation expert system, which is composed of the psychological consultation expert, provides the data for the psychological consultation. The manual input can be used to check the information of the test; test management sub system table questions database module is provided for user testing operation interface, mainly in order to meet the different needs of psychological counseling expert research, providing complete competitive psychological adaptability test, 12 epistatic factor of each factor test, test users choose different questions to answer and submit the answer sheets; the statistical evaluation analysis module is the module which is used to test the user's answer. The main factors are given by the test of the user's answers; after the test record query and the condition filter query module psychological consulting experts, the query is able to query all the test data in the test user management. The operator can filter all kinds of information through different conditions; the data entry module psychological counseling expert can test the user's paper test option, and carry out the manual input. (1234 instead of the option ABCD); the report displays and print module test users answer all questions, the system can display contains the test user basic information, test time, each item option score, factor classification statistics, comparison of normal mode, psychological analysis evaluation, comparison of linear maps and other common mode, can be printed, preview and print. Psychological counseling experts can test the results of each user's management in the test of different time.

Database is the storage of data, the Access database is not just the storage of data, all data processing operations related information is also stored in the database. Therefore, the database is a data management system is an indispensable part. the design of the database table structure of the computer test system of the adaptability of competitive psychology.

According to the analysis of the basic information of the standard, the system needs to have the data table of the object of the system, which is the name of the sports events, the name of the sports, the sports level of the test. In order to facilitate the user to enter the basic information is to be able to choose to fill in, so that information standardization.

According to the analysis of the content of the standard competitive adaptability, the system database needs to have the data table of the score of each item and the option. In order to facilitate the system to test the user to submit the answer, the corresponding assignment. According to the analysis of the statistical and evaluation process of the standard competitive adaptive scale, the data table of the system database needs to be divided and the psychological evaluation and feedback information. Through this table, the system can test the results of the test users.

In the database, the management data table of the test users should be recorded to record the basic information of the test users and the test information of different time. At the same time, it should also have a management table of special psychological consultation expert, which is easy to be created and managed by the system administrator.

Query on the database of the computer test system of the adaptability of competitive psychology includes three parts: firstly, psychological counseling expert query psychological consultation with experts in test user information according to test user basic information, such as user login name, gender, sports level, to attend the Games in the class, sports events, sports projects from the database table in the transfer of data, query classification screening. Psychological counseling experts in the test of user management in the view of the history score, can be logged in user name, test questions, such as the conditions of the existing data stored in the database query query, and can query the results of test users to test the results. Scondlythe system administrator can inquire into the basic information of each user and each test information, through different conditions for the implementation of system management settings.Thirdly, testing the user's query test users can according to different testing purposes, through the choice of test questions library of the corresponding factors of the test content.

3.3. Implementation of the Computer Test System of the Competitive Psychological Adaptability

Based on the analysis of the test and evaluation process, the database table structure of the computer test system of the adaptive scale of competitive psychological adaptability is determined. The database is composed of the system administrator information table, the scale factor classification management table, the psychological consultation expert information management table, the question answer management table and so on. All test data and system basic information will save in the corresponding data in the table, between tables is the main index value and value in the foreign key to establish correspondence. All test data and system basic information will save in the corresponding data in the table, between tables is the main index value and value in the foreign key to establish correspondence. In this paper, we show only two tables.

The table is the basic information for system administrators to manage, and save the system administrator login authority and time information. Mainly includes three fields: adminid, adminpwd, lastlogintime (shown in Table.1).

The table of the psychological consultation expert information management table mainly includes fourteen fields: coach-name, coachpwd, coachsex, coachage, coachmetier, coachsportname, sportitem, tiptoplevel, coachid, tiptopplay, ledteamname, Tel, loginlockflag, lastlogintime. Through the table, to the psychological consultation expert personal basic information management.

3.4. Analysis Method

In this paper, we use the method of analytic hierarchy process to calculate the weight of data. The main methods are as follows:

Formule Cholesky:


Calculation steps:

Step 1: the elements of the a are multiplied by a new vector;

Step 2: to open a new vector to each component of the n;

Step 3: the resultant vector is normalized to the weight vector.

Arithmetic average method: Because the judgment matrix A in each column are approximately reflects the allocation of weights, so it can be used all column vector arithmetic to estimate the average weight vector, then

[W.sub.i] = 1/n [n.summation over (j=1)] [a.sub.ij]/ [n.summation over (k=1)][a.sub.kj] i = 1,2,..,n (2)

Calculation steps:

Step 1: the elements of A are normalized by column, that is [a.sub.ij] / [n.summation over (k=1)] [a.sub.kj] ;

Step 2: the normalized sum of the columns;

Step 3: the sum of the vector divided by the N weight vector.

Feature vector method: Weighted W right weight ratio matrix A, there is

AW = [[lambda].sub.max]W (3)

As above, the [[lambda].sub.max] is the largest eigenvalue of the matrix, and the only one is the existence and uniqueness of the matrix.

Least square method: The weight vector is determined by fitting method, and the average of the residuals is minimum:

min Z = [n.summation over (i=1)] [n.summation over (j=1)] [([a.sub.ij] [w.sub.j]-[w.sub.i]).sup.2] (4)

s.t. [n.summation over (j=1)][w.sub.i] = 1 [w.sub.i] > 0,i = 1,2,... m (5)

4. Competitive Psychological Adaptability Table Computer Test System Performance Verification Results and Analysis


4.1. Test Results and Analysis of the Stability of the Test System

Select 2014 graduate students in a university, and at the same time on different computers for the evaluation system for the installation, registration, login, management, modification, testing and other operations, in order to verify the system's function and fluency of each module, statistical verification results are shown as follows (showed in Table 3).

Through the above table 3, the competitive psychological adaptability of the computer measurement system in the installation, operation, registration, evaluation and verification, showing a stable state; Test users can operate smoothly; the function of the evaluation system is fully in line with the design requirements of the system function; At the same time, the paper makes the evaluation process of the psychological adaptability of the paper in the computer test system.

4.2. Evaluation System Accuracy Verification Results and Analysis

In 2014 (including 2014) has been tested on the test of the Chinese ice and snow project athletes test answer tab (original) 5, select a university education department students 80 people, each of the answers to each of the Options tab of the options, factor statistics. Repeated comparison, the 80 selected for the 5 answers to the statistical results for the same answer card and statistical results, which is defined as the standard answer card and statistical results. Then the standard answer tab of the options are entered into the computer evaluation system, the evaluation system of statistical reports, and then compare the results of computer statistics and the consistency of the results, verify the accuracy of the evaluation system. The verification results are as follows (showed in Table.4):

Through the above table.4 shows that the competitive psychological adaptability of the computer test system in comparison to the standard answer option statistical results of the process, the comparison of each test item 80 passengers no error, the accuracy of the evaluation system is very high.

4.3. Comparison Results and Analysis of Computer Measurement System and Paper Test

80 students from the Department of physical education, the evaluation system and the paper evaluation are carried out, and then according to the process of operation, the accuracy, data collection, data collection, data storage, test can be operated separately, the test can be used alone, the evaluation of the number, the ability to test the factor, the results are as follows (showed in Table.5):

Through the above table 5 shows that the competitive psychological adaptability of the computer measurement system and the paper competitive psychological adaptability of the measurement of the comparison, the computer measurement system in the data acquisition and statistical aspects of the paper is better than the paper evaluation; the same time, the speed of the evaluation should be faster than the paper evaluation; The paper test can not be separated from the guidance of psychological professional, and the evaluation system of competitive psychological adaptive scale computer can guide the test to carry out the test; The computer measurement system of competitive psychological adaptability can be measured by the network, which not only improves the information collection, but also breaks the geographical restrictions of information acquisition.

5. Conclusions

In order to improve the accuracy and save the human resources as the starting point, this paper uses the method of system analysis and experimental method to study the test and evaluation process of the psychological adaptability of athletes. The research and development of the system has a test platform for sports psychological assessment, and provides help for sports psychological researchers and coaches to carry out competitive psychological research.

Recebido/Submission: 11/9/2015

Aceitacao/Acceptance: 22/11/2015


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Hou Yingfeng (1)

(1) Department of Physical Education, Tianjin University of Science &Technology,300222,Tianjin,China

DOI: 10.17013/risti.18B.270-283
Table 1--System Manager Information

Table    Function        Include      Data     Illustration
name                     field        type

admin    System          adminid      text     Administrator
         administrator                         login ID
         management      adminpwd     text     Administrator login

                         Last login   Date /   Administrator
                         time         time     login time

Table 2--Psychology Consultancy Expert Information Management

Table    Function         Include field    Data     illustration
name                                       type

coach    Psychological    coachid          text     Psychological
         consultation                               counseling
         expert                                     expert ID
         management       coachname        text     Full name

                          coachpwd         text     Password

                          coachsex         figure   Gender

                          coachage         figure   Age

                          coachmetier      text     Occupation

                          coachsportname   figure   Engaged in
                                                    sports life

                          sportitem        figure   The project

                          tiptoplevel      figure   Maximum
                                                    movement level

                          tiptopplay       figure   The highest
                                                    level led to
                                                    participate in
                                                    the Games

                          ledteamname      text     With the team

                          tel              figure   Contact phone

                          loginlockflag    figure   Lock flag (5

                          lastlogintime    Date /   Last login
                                           time     time

Table 3--System Stability Confirmation

Test items                                      Normal    Abnormal
                                                rate(%)   rate(%)

Install and run                                 100       0
Login                                           100       0
Administrator management settings               100       0
Psychological consultation expert management    100       0
The transfer of the test scale selection        100       0
Assignment of the answer                        100       0
Meter report display print                      100       0
Historical data entry                           100       0
Classification query                            100       0
Data transfer                                   100       0
Factor constant modulus contrast                100       0

Table 4--Evaluation System Accuracy Confirmation

                                 Computer test system statistics

Contrast verification project    Number     Correct   Percent(%)
                                 of tests   number

Scale Test submission            80         80        100
Option assignment                80         80        100
Factor statistics                80         80        100
Constant modulus phase and       80         80        100
Contrast curve diagram           80         80        100
Report display                   80         80        100
Report printing                  80         80        100

Table 5--Computer Evaluation System and Paper Evaluation Contrast

Contrast project                Manual test   System test
                                manual        computer

Evaluation of convenience       Poor          Strong

Accuracy of measurement         Error         Error free

Data collection                 Small         Big

Data preservation               Easily lost   Can be long-term

Can test be operated alone      No            Sure

At the same time, the number    Less          Many
of people

Evaluation of the time to       Difficult     Easy

Can be tested by factor         Not           Sure

Can be tested through the       Not           Sure
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