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Research news from the IPNRC.

One of the research projects identified by the IPNRC Research Committee was to describe the practice of parish nursing. A Working Group of the committee, composed of Myrna Cassimere, Paulette Golden, Sheila Grigsby, Tammy Kiser, JoVeta Wescott, and Ruth Williams, finalized a survey designed to obtain information from practicing parish nurses describing their practice. Members of the Working Group reviewed the literature for surveys related to parish nursing practice but none were found that specifically matched the goal and objectives of this study. As content experts, the group brainstormed specific items that they felt should be included in a survey. This process took place over several months. Once the survey items were decided on, the survey was put on Survey Monkey and sent to all the members of the Research Committee for review and comment. After comments were received, the survey was revised and refined. Changes were reviewed by an outside expert for content, clarity, and completeness to determine if the survey would meet the goal of describing the practice of parish nursing. The last step in the process was to have several parish nurse educators review the survey for clarity. The survey project was approved by the Institutional Review Board at Webster University in St. Louis.

Although some may think more should have been added to the survey, it was the intent of the Working Group to design a survey that was brief but yet would provide sufficient data to describe the practice of parish nursing. Additional studies may follow.

The survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Any parish nurse who is actively practicing can take the survey and all are encouraged to do so. A notice of the survey will appear in IPNRC eNotes, a handout explaining the project will be available at the Westberg Symposium, and information with a link to the survey will be posted on the IPNRC website at .

We do not know how many parish nurses there are nor what their practice looks like. This is the first study designed to obtain data from parish nurses nationally and internationally. Please spread the word to other parish nurses and parish nurse groups that you are associated with.

The survey can be accessed now. The letter addressing all the elements of informed consent is on the opening page of the survey. All responses are anonymous and confidential. Only aggregate data will be reported and findings will be shared. The link to the survey is: sm=R9_2feQWRh9uyItUvZfyiJsw_3d_3d

Thank you to the members of the Working Group and to all those faculty on the Research Committee who have contributed hours to discussing and designing parish nursing research. If you have problems accessing the survey or have any questions, please contact Barbara Wehling

Barbara Wehling, RN, PhD

Director of Curriculum and Research
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Title Annotation:International Parish Nurse Resource Center
Author:Wehling, Barbara
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2008
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